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Oracle News
Oracle Completes Tender Offer for Acquisition of NetSuite
Deal to Close Monday 7th
Oracle Corporation announced that a majority of the unaffiliated shares of NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N) were validly tendered and the other conditions to the tender offer have been satisfied. The acquisition of NetSuite will be consummated by Oracle on Monday, November 7, 2016.
ITPalooza 2016 - The Fifth Annual Gathering of South Florida's IT Community - Tickets for Toys!
Thursday, December 8th, 2016
The Signature Grand - Ft. Lauderdale

Join 2000 of South Florida's top IT Professionals for a day of learning, networking and sharing.

  • South Florida's Top Tech Companies show what they've got!
  • 2 Prominent Keynote speakers: AWS and Centrify
  • 6 Speaker Tracks: Cloud, Security, IoT, Me, Agile and CIO
  • Hands-on experience sponsors: Tesla, Virtual Reality
  • Hiring Fair: Make your move

Come along for:

  • Just the day: 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Just the evening: 5PM to 8:30PM
  • The whole nine yards (7:30 AM to 8:30 PM)!

Visit the website, peruse our sponsors, stop back for updates and get your tickets early!

Get your general admission tickets by pledging to bring toys for the "Toys for Tots" charity, before midnight, Oct 31, and you'll automatically be entered into the draw to win a pair of VIP Tickets value $500!

ITPalooza 2016 Hackathon
Friday, December 2nd, 2016: 3:00 PM to Sun, Dec 4, 2016, 3:00 PM
Broward College - Ft. Lauderdale

Are you ready for the great IoT Hackathon? Registration Deadline: Black Friday (Nov 25, 2016)

Registration Deadline: Black Friday (Nov 25, 2016)

  • Cost: $0
  • Parking is FREE!
  • Meals and snacks at the event are FREE!

The Challenge:

  • You've got 48 hours to hack your way to a real-world IoT solution.

The Playing Field

  • Open to all coders/developers
  • Any level of experience with Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Swift, Python, PHP, or Go
  • Students, faculty, professionals, and start-ups

The payoff:

  • Winning team is admitted to The South Florida Accelerator Cohort including $25k, POC, MVP, mentorship, increase in valuation, etc.
  • All winners will be announced at the official awards ceremony at ITPalooza (ITP16), Dec 8, 2016
  • Your Hackathon participation gets you automatic admission to ITP16 - ITP16 badges will be distributed on Sunday, Dec 4, 2016
  • Up to $120k USD of IBM Cloud Credits for Winning Team
  • 3 Months FREE Bluemix - Top 3 Teams
  • Additional Prizes to be announced

Mark Wyllie

Data Warehousing in the Cloud - Part 3
By Keith Laker
Keith blogs, "In my last post I looked at Oracle's Cloud Services for data warehousing and described how they are based around engineered systems running the industry's #1 database for data warehousing, fully optimised for data warehousing workloads and providing 100% compatibility with existing workloads. Most importantly, Oracle customers can run their data warehouse services on-premise, in the Cloud or using hybrid Cloud using the same management and business tools.

I also looked at how Oracle's Cloud Services for data warehousing are designed to simplify the process of integrating a data warehouse with cutting edge business processes around big data. Oracle Cloud offers a complete range of big data services are available to speed up the monetisation of data sets: Oracle Big Data Cloud Service, Big Data Preparation Cloud, Big Data Discovery, IoT Cloud..."

MySQL Replication: All the Severalnines Resources
by Severalnines
Severalnines blogs, "As many of you will know, MySQL Replication has become an instrumental part of scale-out architectures in LAMP environments. MySQL offers plenty of solutions when there is a need to scale out, the most common being to add read replicas. The major bottleneck for our data is generally not so much oriented around writing our data but more around reading it back. Therefore the easiest way to scale MySQL is to add replicas for reading.

We've produced a number of resources during the course of this year aimed at helping users to get started with MySQL Replication and/or get more out of their existing setups..."

MySQLArchitecture And Components
By Lalit
Lalit blogs, "This blog post is all about new MySQL 5.7 physical, logical architecture and it's components.In this blog post, I will try to explain things in flow including data processing and SQL execution in MySQL with the help of diagrams.

Unlike the other databases ,MySQL is a very flexible and offers different kinds of storage engines as a plugin for different kinds of needs.Because of this, MySQL architecture and behavior will also change as per the use of storage engines, for example transactional 'InnoDB' and non-transactional 'MyISAM' engines data storage and SQL execution methods will be different and within the server it will use engine specific components like memory and buffers depending on type storage engine will get used for the SQL operation.

Will discuss more about InnoDB, since it's default and main storage engine for MySQL..."

Cloud Computing
Expert Instructor Insights: Manage Oracle Cloud Virtual Machines with the Command Line for Oracle Compute Cloud Service (IAAS)
by Eugene Simos, Expert Oracle University Instructor
Eugene Simos blogs, "Whenever you want to deploy, create and manage Oracle virtual machines deployed to Oracle Cloud Services, you have several interesting options that can ease day-to-day administration and management tasks.

The most convenient approach is to use the graphical web console, which depending on your own security profile roles, gives you the capability to manage and monitor your Oracle Compute Cloud Service instances and the associated storage and networking resources..."

Here's Why Cloud Adoption Is About To Shift Into High Gear
By Jeff Erickson
Jeff blogs, "Given all the media coverage in recent years, it would be reasonable to assume that cloud computing already dominates the IT landscape. In reality, however, tech analysts pin the number of IT workloads in the cloud at only 5 or 6%."

'Where are those other 95%?' asks Steve Daheb, executive vice president of cloud strategy at Oracle. His answer? Companies have been waiting for a cloud that better fits how their business actually runs.

Gut check on Oracle's journey to the cloud
By Keith Townsend
"Oracle's Chuck Hollis recently wrote a blog post explaining the company's cloud strategy. Here is a summary of the main points and what you can learn from the roadmap...

Larry Ellison is known for making bold claims surrounding Oracle's Cloud strategy. When VMware and AWS announced their partnership, Oracle's senior vice president Chuck Hollis was quick to dismiss the partnership and lament that neither VMware nor Dell EMC has a viable cloud strategy in his opinion. Hollis is an alumni of both EMC and VMware, and some users on Twitter had partially chalked up the retort to his competitive spirit, as during his time at VMware Hollis was known to pick fights with competitors such as Nutanix..." -TechRepublic

SFTA/vBeers @ Funky Buddha Brewery
Wednesday, November 9th, 2016: 5:30PM to 9:00PM
Get ready for some great IT, virtualization, network, software and other conversations with some of the best people in South Florida's IT community.

  • Twisted Trunk Brewery
  • 2000 PGA Boulevard #5506
  • Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33408

SFTA MEMBERS! Please sign in and register as an SFTA member to be eligible for the FREE BEER tickets! Your name badge will indicate that you are an SFTA member.

Please register at the South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA) events page.. I try to be at the venue by 5:30PM. Most people arrive around 6pm to 6:30pm and depart by 9PM.

Registration is free. SFTA members who login and register will get their first beer for free!

Sponsorships are available starting at $100 and can be purchased from on the registration page. Sponsors will get 10 tickets for free beers to distribute to attendees!

Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Vol 224 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 223 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

  • Take Action on Dirty COW
  • Why Oracle Talks More About Workday Than Salesforce (Hint: ERP Is The Crown Jewel)
  • LibreOffice 5.1.6
  • Ceph Storage for Oracle Linux, Release 2.0
  • Friday Spotlight: Disaster Recover (DR) Resources for Oracle VM and Oracle Private Cloud Appliance
  • Why Get Java SE8 Certified?
  • Oracle Private Cloud Appliance: Announcing PCA Software release 2.2.2
  • MySQL Support Engineer's Chronicles, Issue #2
  • MySQL Connector/NET 7.0.6 m5 development has been released
  • Blog Series: MySQL Configuration Management

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    LibreOffice 5.2.3
    The Document Foundation, November 3rd, 2016
    The Document Foundation (TDF) announces the availability of LibreOffice 5.2.3 'fresh', the third minor release of the LibreOffice 5.2 family, representing the bleeding edge in term of features and as such targeted at technology enthusiasts, early adopters and power users.

    For all other users and especially for enterprise deployments, TDF suggests LibreOffice 5.1.6 'still', with the backing of professional support by certified people.

    Friday Spotlight: automated installation of Oracle VM Server x86
    By Simon Coter
    Simon, "As most of you already know, Oracle VM Server x86, engineered for Open Cloud, is a fundamental component for Private Cloud solutions.

    When an Oracle VM architecture has been defined, we also need to manage it fast&easy, mostly if the architecture is in a phase of permanent expansion.

    Even if the installation of Oracle VM Server for x86 is a very easy operation, it could happen that a faster, easier and also repeatable solution, able to automate the installation of Oracle VM Server (dom0) is needed:..."

    No More Double-Clicking To Open Files In NetBeans!
    By Geertjan
    Geertjan blogs, "Probably to most NetBeans users, the need to double-click a file to open it has become part of your DNA.

    However, consider the thought of not needing to double-click anymore. Simply select a file and it opens. That's what the "One Click Open Sesame" plugin aims to achieve for you ..."

    How Secure is Your Enterprise Architecture?
    By Veronik Beyst, Senior Marketing Manager, Oracle University
    Veronik blogs, "If your organization is like many others, enterprise security is nothing more than an add-on to implementation projects and deployed systems. But as massive data breaches occur across the globe, it's time to give security a closer look.

    In addition to trying to avoid security breaches that damage the business, as well as reputations, organizations face an emerging set of national and international security regulations and policies covering data privacy and security..."

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