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Oracle News
Thomas Kurian Outlines What's Next in Oracle Cloud
By John Foley
"Oracle is developing new capabilities in infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS), as it continues to build and expand its integrated stack of cloud services," writes John Foley.

"As it does, Oracle is making it easier for developers everywhere to access and take advantage of the full range of tools and technologies available in Oracle Cloud, including Oracle software as well as non-Oracle and open source software.

In advance of the Oracle OpenWorld 2016 and JavaOne conferences in San Francisco, September 18 to 22, we asked Thomas Kurian, president of product development at Oracle, to discuss the many new capabilities and innovations that will be of interest to Oracle customers, developers, and partners..."

Oracle OpenWorld 2016 Summaries
By Juergen Kress
Juergen writes, "In case you missed the Oracle OpenWorld 2016 PaaS Partner Update webcast it's now available on-demand here. Slides from the community webcasts are published here (community membership required)

Thanks to the whole community for the excellent summaries:

  • Sven Bernhardt's OOW 16: My thoughts and experiences
  • Phil Wilkins Open World - Key Messages
  • Remco Cats Oracle OpenWorld 2016
  • Rolando Carrasco's Oracle Open World 2016
  • Debra Lilley's My OOW16 - Write Up
  • imo Hahn's posts Day one & Day 2 & Day 3 & Day 4 & Day 5

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Oracle's Latest Database: Right Technology, Right Time
By John Soat
John Soat writes in Forbes, "Database technology is evolving rapidly, particularly in three areas - in-memory technology, big data analytics, and the cloud - according to Andy Mendelsohn, executive vice president for database server technologies at Oracle. Mendelsohn, during a presentation at Oracle OpenWorld 2016 in San Francisco this week, introduced the next iteration of Oracle's flagship technology, Oracle Database 12c Release 2. And he used the opportunity to illustrate not only the changing database landscape but also the evolution of Oracle's own priorities and strategies..."
The World's Fastest, Most Scalable and Reliable Database in the Cloud
By Jeff Erickson
Jeff writes, "Organizations large and small are always on the watch for new technologies that will give them an advantage. Sometimes, however, a fundamental change occurs that shifts the technology landscape and forces everyone to react. This is one of those times, say industry watchers. Businesses are" ... 'shifting from computing in separate, company-run data centers to reliance on cloud computing services,' says Andy Mendelsohn, executive vice president of database server technologies at Oracle.
What's New with Oracle MiniCluster
By Ramona Costea
Ramona blogs, "Have you heard about the latest offering in our Engineered Systems portfolio? Like Oracle SuperCluster, MiniCluster is an integrated server, storage, networking, and software system that provides maximum end-to-end database and application efficiency, and security while reducing complexity and delivering the lowest total cost of ownership..."
Oracle's Bare Metal Cloud Services Now Available for Enterprise Use
By John K. Waters
John K. Waters writes in EST, "The next generation of Oracle Corp.'s Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings -- the new Bare Metal Cloud Services -- is now generally available.

Being interoperable with existing Oracle Public Cloud services, these IaaS offerings can be provisioned on-demand, by console or API, with pay-for-what-you-use billing. The "bare metal" moniker means they can run on servers with no Oracle software running on them. That's because they run in a virtualized network environment that delivers accompanying functionality such as high-performance Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS), network block storage, object storage and VPN connectivity..."

Oracle Fixes 253 Security Flaws in October Update
By Sean Michael Kerner
Oracle's latest Critical Patch Update, which fixes 253 vulnerabilities, is the company's second-largest CPU ever. Oracle's patching updates have been growing in recent years.

Sean writes in eWeek, "Oracle released its October Critical Patch Update, fixing 253 different vulnerabilities across the company product portfolio. The update, released Oct. 18, is the second-largest ever issued by Oracle, outpaced only by the company's July CPU in which 276 vulnerabilities were patched.

Overall, Oracle's patching updates have been growing in recent years, with 2016 set to be larger than in past years..."

Oracle Exadata and Oracle VM Best Practices
By Honglin Su
Honglin writes, "Many customers have been using Oracle Exadata that provides the highest-performing and most-available infrastructure for running Oracle Database, whether it's in Oracle Cloud, on premises, or a combination of both. Oracle VM, engineered for open cloud, is supported on Exadata so that consolidated environments can achieve a high level of workload isolation using Oracle VM while taking advantage of ultra-fast InfiniBand networking. Virtual machine-based licensing brings customers more benefits to run Oracle software..."
AI Expert: Super-Smart Cars Are Just A Glorious Beginning
CNET, October 21st, 2016
"Sebastian Thrun, who led Google's self-driving car effort, believes newly powerful computers will free us from drudgery...

Prepare for your car to become an intellectual giant -- and for you to like it.

In a highly optimistic forecast at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit in San Francisco, computer scientist Sebastian Thrun said artificial intelligence will radically reshape our lives for the better..."

Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence Technology: Revolutionising How Hotel Rooms Are Priced
Information Age, October 19th, 2016
"The use of machine learning and artificial intelligence technology can transform the hospitality industry

The hospitality industry has not always been at the forefront of high-tech innovation or implementation.

Until recently, most of the bookings, transactions and administrative tasks at a hotel were handled manually.

Revenue management - the process by which a revenue manager determines the best room rate at a given time, in order to maximise bookings and revenue - was a particularly difficult task..."

Stephen Hawking Warns AI Could Be The Greatest Disaster In History
ITProPortal, October 20th, 2016
"Stephen Hawking warned that AI has the potential to either destroy humanity or cure poverty and disease, depending on how it is managed...

According to Stephen Hawking, artificial Intelligence (AI) and its possible implementations need to be managed with the utmost care in order to prevent its power from falling into the wrong hands or being used in a way that does not benefit mankind as a whole..."

    VirtualBox 5.1.8 Out Now, Oracle Adds Linux Kernel 4.8 Support in VirtualBox 5.0
    Softpedia, October 19th, 2016
    Marius Nestor blogs, "The VirtualBox 5.1.8 point release is the most advanced Oracle VM VirtualBox version you can get right now, and it promises a month's worth of bug fixes and improvements to further stabilize the application for all supported platforms, including GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows.

    There are numerous changes implemented in VirtualBox, and among the most interesting ones we can mention support for using Audio Queues on Mac OS X hosts, the ability to parse port-forwarding rules that contain slashes, better keyboard handling for Windows and Mac OS X hosts, as well as improved support for deleting snapshots..."

    IT - Storage
    DCIG 2016-17 Midrange Unified Storage Array Buyer's Guide Now Available
    DGIG, October 20th, 2016
    "DCIG is pleased to announce the availability of the DCIG 2016-17 Midrange Unified Storage Array Buyer's Guide developed from the enterprise storage array body of research.

    The DCIG 2016-17 Midrange Unified Storage Array Buyer's Guide weights, scores and ranks more than 100 features of twenty-three (23) products from eight (8) different storage vendors. Using ranking categories of Best-in-Class, Recommended and Excellent, this Buyer's Guide offers much of the information an organization should need to make a highly informed decision as to which high end storage array will suit their needs..."

    How Software Defined Storage Strengthens Data Protection
    ITProPortal, October 22nd, 2016
    "In an age where data has become the lifeblood for business, data protection is the single most important factor for organisations...

    In an age where data has become the lifeblood for business, data protection is the single most important factor for organisations no matter what sector they operate in. The onus is on them to keep sensitive data safe, but it isn't as simple as they would like it to be..."

      Java Technology
      Java SE 8 Certification: Make sure you are ready
      By Ramona Costea
      Ramona blogs, "Are you wanting to get certified in Java SE 8 but you are having difficulty finding the time to prepare? Certification Exam Prep Seminars will save you time by giving you a structured study plan: you can review exam topics, identify and close knowledge gaps and build confidence before you take the exam. These seminars are delivered by streaming video and can be accessed for repeated review during 6-months for maximum flexibility..."
      IT - Technology
      6 Industries That Will Be Affected By Virtual Reality (Slideshow)
      Network World, October 19th, 2016
      "There is a greater opportunity for organizations to adopt the technology at a wider scale...

      2016 has been a defining moment for virtual and augmented reality. From Pokemon GO to Facebook's newly announced standalone VR headset, the virtual reality market has taken off and we've just scratched the surface in terms of innovation. Previously, virtual reality seemed to be a technology that was reserved only for tech enthusiasts and extreme gamers. However, we are now starting to see its mainstream application. As virtual reality becomes more common in business and personal settings, less expensive equipment is becoming available, providing an opportunity for organizations to adopt the technology at a wider scale..."

      How Will Silicon Photonics Technology Affect Data Center Connectivity?
      SearchDataCenter, October 21st, 2016
      "Silicon photonics technology has been around for over a decade, but its integration into the data center is still in its infancy. Will the connectivity benefits be worth the wait?

      Silicon photonics technology has been on the horizon since Intel first announced its initiative at the dawn of the 21st century. The goal was to develop components that finally integrated optical and electronic signaling on the same silicon device, allowing high-bandwidth data communication over distances that copper conductors simply could not reach..."

      The Walkcar Is Like A Macbook-Sized Hoverboard
      CNET, October 19th, 2016
      "Announced last year, the WalkCar will sell for $1,280 and ship late next year.

      Need to get somewhere and don't want to use your legs like a sucker? Move over Hoverboard, Walkcar's got this.

      The WalkCar is a laptop-sized transporter similar to the Segway, as you'll use body control to operate the powerful yet compact platform. Tilt left and it'll turn left, tilt right and it'll turn right, and so on. If you lose control, stepping off WalkCar stops it in its tracks..."

        Get a FREE Preview of the Oracle Systems Learning Subscription!
        By Diana.H. Gray
        Diana blogs, "When you purchase products from Oracle, learning from actual product experts helps you gain valuable insights about new and developing features that can directly benefit your business... This learning channel is continuously updated with new lessons and videos. Open yourself up to a wealth of learning options: dive into training lessons, discover best practices and develop the latest skills using Oracle hardware and operating systems..."
        IT - Bitcoin
        From Blockchain to RPA: A Look At Cutting-Edge Tech and the Enterprise
        Search CIO, October 19th, 2016
        "In this CIO Essential Guide, learn about four cutting-edge technologies that could give your company the upper hand over industry competitors...

        New technologies are coming to market at an unprecedented rate, and CIOs are often faced with the daunting task of determining what's relevant to the business -- and what isn't. Today, how a company leverages cutting-edge technology -- and how quickly -- can create a distinct advantage over the competition..."

        Fujitsu Develops Blockchain Technology For Confidential Data Transfer
        CryptoCoinsNews, October 20th, 2016
        "Blockchain technology provides information sharing with high transparency and reliability, without management by a specific trusted organization. Financial trading applications, however, have operational issues related to safely executing trades, such as key management. Document management applications bring issues in creating a system that limits which people are allowed to reference information recorded in the blockchain.

        Fujitsu Laboratories of America, Inc. and Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. have developed blockchain-based technologies to securely handle confidential data among multiple organizations..."

        The Chinese Government Publishes An Official Blockchain Whitepaper
        CryptoCoinsNews, October 20th, 2016
        "China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has published the country's first official guiding document on blockchain technology and its applications in the country.

        China, which sees a significant majority of the world's bitcoin trading, is a notable example of a major government's foray into understanding cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, and its underlying technology, the blockchain. Just a month ago in September, the Chinese government was revealed to be working on developing and eventually using blockchain-based solutions for social security payments..."

        IT - FOSS
        JavaScript Projects Regroup Under A New Foundation
        JavaWorld, October 17th, 2016
        "The JQuery Foundation gives way to the JS Foundation, which will take projects such as Dojo Toolkit and Grunt..

        The JQuery Foundation is morphing into the JS Foundation to provide mentoring and technical governance for a multitude of JavaScript-based open source development projects.

        The JS Foundation is a project of the Linux Foundation and has backing from organizations, including IBM, Samsung, and Sauce Labs. It will take over current jQuery Foundation projects and add a few more, said Kris Borchers, JS Foundation executive director..."

        IT - DevOps
        What Is DevOps?
        jaxenter, October 20th, 2016
        "It seems that everyone in IT these days is talking about DevOps. From conferences, to articles and books, the term DevOps has taken the IT world by storm. The buzz is understandable, as many IT groups are looking for a way out of the morass of delayed projects, questionable quality and missed deliveries in which they often find themselves..."
        Why You Must Care About DevOps
        jaxenter, October 21st, 2016
        "DevOps is becoming the de facto standard for software development. A quick look at case studies reveals early successes and tremendous potential. Companies that have adopted DevOps principles are disrupting industries, innovating faster and leaving competitors behind. By adopting a DevOps culture, these companies have aligned all stakeholders - from development and operations teams to management and more - around the common objective of delivering quality software rapidly and reliably..."
        Three Things to Consider When Thinking About Containers
        By Jon Tobin
        John writes, "Containers like Docker and Rocket are getting more popular every day. In my conversations with customers, they consistently ask what containers are and how they can use them in their environment. If you're as curious as most people, read on. . .

        From what I understand, containers grew out of Google's (and others') need for massive horizontal scale. Now, this is hardly a unique problem..."

        MySQL Workbench 6.3.8 GA has been released
        By MySQL Release Team
        The MySQL developer tools team announces 6.3.8 as our GA release for MySQL Workbench 6.3.

        MySQL Workbench is a graphical tool for working with MySQL Servers and databases. MySQL Workbench fully supports MySQL Server versions 5.1 and above. It is also compatible with MySQL Server 5.0, but not every feature of 5.0 may be supported. It does not support MySQL Server versions 4.x.

        MySQL Cluster 7.5 Is Now GA
        By Matt Lord
        Matt blogs, "The MySQL team at Oracle are excited to announce the immediate availability of the MySQL Cluster 7.5.4 GA release!

        The development focus has been on improving overall performance and ease of use, combined with improved SQL support and the introduction of read optimized and fully replicated tables, all of which allow for better support of a variety of use cases.

        Use Case: Hadoop Performance Records Smashed by Hops and MySQL Cluster--delivers over 1.2 million operations per second..."

        Cloud Computing
        Oracle in the cloud: The analyst conversation
        ZDNet, October 19th, 2016
        Michael writes, "Last month, Oracle presented OpenWorld, its annual confab of enterprise software, in San Francisco. OpenWorld gives Oracle the opportunity to showcase the latest technology, products, and future directions of this huge company. It also creates a nexus of customers, prospects, press, and analysts who converge to study the company and its plans.

        As part of the CXOTALK series of interviews with leaders, I invited three important analysts to examine Oracle and read between the lines of what the company said. Part of this mandate included looking at Oracle's position in the market relative to important competitors..."

        Oracle's Safra Catz: How Finance Can Lead Cloud Transformation
        By Margaret Lindquist
        Margaret writes in Forbes, "Modern, cloud-based finance systems can generate significant growth for businesses because they can empower more employees to make better decisions, Oracle CEO Safra Catz said during a luncheon at Oracle OpenWorld 2016. However, as her experience at Oracle illustrates, new technologies have their greatest impact when they are part of an overall corporate transformation.

        According to Catz, when she first came to Oracle, in 1999, Larry Ellison asked her to help with a massive undertaking - the complete information technology transformation of the company, taking it from multiple, disparate systems spread across the globe, to a single source of truth for the business..."

        6 Dangers Of 'Frankensteining' Your Cloud Environment
        By Margaret Harrist
        Margaret writes in Forbes, "Many companies move incrementally to the cloud, with different groups chasing their own dream of simplicity and lower costs using department budgets and decision-making - but instead the overall organization finds itself living with a monster of kludged-together parts that keep the IT department (yet again) focused on maintenance rather than innovation..."

        'Cloud helps you to simplify, but it does not change the laws of physics,' says Jon Chorley, Oracle chief sustainability officer and group vice president of supply chain management product strategy. 'The more unrelated elements you have in a system, the more issues and problems you'll have in the implementation and operation - and the more headaches you'll face every time you do an update.'

        Larry Ellison's 10-Point Plan: How Oracle Will Beat Amazon In The Cloud
        By Bob Evans
        Bob writes, "Eager to help Oracle customers around the globe innovate and grow, founder Larry Ellison says his company's surging efforts in Oracle ERP Cloud applications and cloud infrastructure have reshaped the competitive dynamics of the industry such that Oracle's top two competitors are now Workday and Amazon Web Services.

        Oracle can provide its customers the maximum possible benefit in the ERP cloud space - including financials, procurement, performance management, project management, and much more - Ellison says, because this application affects so many business processes..."

        Oracle Linux 7 Advanced Administration Now Available On-Line
        By Antoinette O'Sullivan
        Antoinette blogs, "The popular Oracle Linux 7: Advanced Administration course is now available in the Training-on-Demand format. With the Training-on-Demand format, you can watch recorded classroom delivery by an expert instructor, following lectures at your own pace by accessing streaming video from your desktop or tablet. You can fast-forward, pause, rewind and search the material..."
        IT - Cloud
        Cloud Security: Where To Get Started, Part 1
        Business 2 Community, October 18h, 2017
        "If you look at how and when different companies implement security, it's clear the approach runs the gamut. Some go all in from day one while many others wait until the need is on top of them.

        Of course, companies who get security off the ground as early as possible have many advantages, but that can be a daunting undertaking. This especially rings true in organizations that don't have security pros on staff.

        No matter where you are today, there are steps you can take to get more secure. And rather than succumb to analysis paralysis, it's a good idea to just bite off what you can chew and start somewhere. So - where to start?..."

        Clueless CIO Cloud Confusion Continues
        ComputerWorld, October 20th, 2016
        "Top CIOs are still puzzled about what the cloud is. What rock have they been hiding under for the last decade?

        You have got to be kidding me. At the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, the research company's annual enterprise IT conference, Gartner vice president David Mitchell Smith said, "In many ways we're nowhere nearer understanding what cloud is." Oh, come on! ..."

        The Five Rules Of Security And Compliance In The Public Cloud Era
        CloudTweaks, October 18h, 2017
        "With technology at the heart of businesses today, IT systems and data are being targeted by criminals, competitors and even foreign governments. Every day, we hear about how another retailer, bank or Internet company has been hacked and private information of customers or employees stolen. Governments and oversight organizations are responding to these attacks with calls for tighter control and regulations, from the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) beefing up its requirements for members to new proposed regulations targeting financial institutions in the State of New York. It is no wonder that as enterprises embrace the public cloud to run their critical applications, (See image) compliance remains one of the top concerns..."
          Which Is Cheaper: Public Or Private Clouds?
          Network World, October 19th, 2016
          "That depends on how good you are at managing infrastructure. 451 finds labor efficiency and utilization severely impact total cost of ownership for private clouds

          It's a debate that's raged on for years: Which is cheaper, public or private clouds?

          A new report from 451 Research finds that two of the most critical factors that influence the cost of a public versus a private cloud deployment are an organization's ability to efficiently manage infrastructure and utilization of hardware resources..."

          IT - CxO
          56% Of Employees Don't Have The Latest Tech Needed To Do Their Job Well
          TechRepublic, October 17h, 2017
          "Leadership, digital tools, and company values now drive employee engagement, according to a new Oracle study. Here's how your company can keep employees happy...

          An enterprise's digital tools, leadership, and company values are now the top drivers of employee engagement, according to a recent study from Oracle Corporation and Kantar TNS..."

          Using The Right Technology For The Business
          CIO Insight, October 21st, 2016
          "Too much time and energy is often lost making the business conform to specific technology rather than ensuring the technology fits the business...

          Digital technology creates opportunities, but it also introduces new and sometimes vexing challenges. By now, it's fairly apparent that the pace of business is accelerating and IT systems are struggling to keep up. What's more, the accumulation of solutions introduces new problems..."

            How To Ace Vendor Audits (Slideshow)
            CIO Insight, October 19th, 2016
            "A majority of companies have received software and hardware audit requests from vendors over the last 18 months - and many have undergone these audits several times during this time frame, according to a recent survey from BDNA. The resulting findings summary, titled the 'BDNA State of the Enterprise Report: Breaking Away from the Vicious Vendor Audit Cycle,' indicates that most companies run an IT asset management (ITAM) practice, but few have the right tools in place to prove that they're compliant during audits..."
            5 Ways To Make The Most Of A New CIO Role
            The Enterprisers Project, October 21st, 2016
            "When I joined Ellucian six months ago, I was fortunate to step into a very well-functioning IT organization. However, the business needs of our enterprise are growing, so many challenges of scale are in front of us. I took some specific actions to ease my transition into the new role and ensure I could hit the ground running. This approach worked well for me, and it may spark some ideas for other CIOs who are just starting out in a new role..."
              Gartner 2016: A Grand Vision, Through CIOs' Eyes
              Search CIO, October 22nd, 2016
              "Research outfit Gartner laid out its vision for CIOs Monday at its annual Symposium/ITxpo: IT leaders will build a new type of digital platform called 'civilization architecture," said analyst Peter Sondergaard to the thousands gathered in an Orlando, Fla., ballroom. 'It will forever change the way people engage -- socially, digitally, physically'..."
              Know How to Handle IT Incident Management to Avoid Chaos
              Search IT Operations, October 20th, 2016
              "When an important application goes down, you'd better have the right IT incident management processes and procedures in place to fix it...

              Help! An IT system has gone down and it's affecting the business. What happened, and what needs to be done to get everything back on steady footing?..."

              Not All It Incidents Are Created Equal: How To Manage Escalations
              TechRepublic, October 17h, 2017
              "IT requests range in severity and priority, but sometimes support incidents must be escalated for the sake of the user and the company...

              One of your users is frustrated with IT because their sticky S key is making the morning data entry difficult and nobody has shown up to fix it. Another user needs to send a proposal to a prospect and Excel refuses to save the formulas. Frustrating, ill-timed moments like these will happen in everyone's day-to-day enterprise computing, and it's up to the IT support staff to prioritize just how soon each issue can be addressed and resolved. The IT incident management hierarchy may not be the most popular in your organization, but it can definitely aid in optimal information systems performance..."

              Rules For The CTO In The New Technology Dawn
              ITProPortal, October 23rd, 2016
              "In this new technological dawn, what are the rules that CTOs - and their teams - need to live by?

              The role of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is evolving. Historically, the CTO was very technology centric and seen as pointy headed, but now the role has become centre stage for organisations transforming and disrupting. Some might say that 'Chief Transformation Officer' is a more apt title, given the pace of change that businesses need to go through in order to remain competitive..."

              The Case For Blowing This Year's IT Budget
              Information Age, October 20th, 2016
              "How do you take a successful approach to systems integration? - By including 4 critical KPIs to the project...

              System integration (SI) projects, if done right, can provide a big boost to enterprise productivity. Eliminating repetitive data entry and putting the right information needed in front of the user improves efficiency and customer service..."

                These Are The Top 10 Strategic Tech Trends For 2017, According To Gartner
                ITProPortal, October 21st, 2016
                "During the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, taking place in Orlando, Florida, the company announced what it thinks are top ten strategic technology trends for next year. It curated a list of technology solutions with 'substantial disruptive potential', that are just emerging into broader use. A couple of these technologies have been around for some time, and have been talked about quite often, while others are just beginning to grab some limelight..."
                Why IT And Agile Don't Get Along
                CIO Insight, October 20th, 2016
                "Even though agile practices may work effectively for a startup, it often works disastrously within a large corporation.

                Complaints about IT's speed aren't particularly new, but one thing is new - there appears to be a solution. Over the last 15 years, new approaches to service development and delivery have emerged in the technology world. They largely come out of the Silicon Valley startup scene, and they tend to express some variation on agile methodology..."

                  Gartner: IT Spending Will Hit $3.5 Trillion In 2017
                  InformationWeek, October 20th, 2016
                  "At its Symposium/ITxpo show, Gartner released new worldwide IT spending numbers that predict enterprises will spend up to $3.5 trillion on technology in 2017. That's an increase of about 3% over 2016, with much of that money going toward software and services.

                  Global IT spending is slated to rise slightly in 2017, with enterprises looking to invest about $3.5 trillion on technology in the next year -- an increase of 2.9% compared to the estimated figure for 2016, according to Gartner, which released its latest forecast on Wednesday at its Symposium/ITxpo show in Orlando..."

                  What Can Organisations Learn From Big Data Breaches?
                  Information Age, October 21st, 2016
                  "Too much time and energy is often lost making the business conform to specific technology rather than ensuring the technology fits the business.

                  Digital technology creates opportunities, but it also introduces new and sometimes vexing challenges. By now, it's fairly apparent that the pace of business is accelerating and IT systems are struggling to keep up. What's more, the accumulation of solutions introduces new problems..."

                    Why It May Be Time To Stop Outsourcing IT
                    TechRepublic, October 18h, 2017
                    "IT matters more than ever, and may signal a need to keep it in house. Here's why...

                    Thirteen years ago Nick Carr published a seminal article in Harvard Business Review arguing that IT doesn't matter. As the thinking went, enterprise IT spent far too much time and money rebuilding the same applications and infrastructure that was essentially commoditized. The rise of cloud computing and open source seemed to confirm his suspicions, leading many to conclude that outsourcing was the right way to minimize investments in such commodity code..."

                    SFTA Presents: South Florida Tech Solving IoT challenges
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                    IT - Wireless
                    Wi-Fi Troubleshooting Remains A Challenge For Most Organizations
                    Network World, October 18h, 2017
                    "With Wi-Fi now the primary network for most users, they need better tools to reduce issues and fix problems faster Bring your own device (BYOD), digital transformation and other trends have raised the bar on Wi-Fi. A decade or so ago, Wi-Fi was a 'nice to have' for most organizations, and users understood the tradeoff: high-quality, consistent access through the wired connection or freedom of movement coupled with spotty quality with wireless access..."
                    Wi-Fi, LTE Ambient Signals to Replace, Augment GPS
                    Network World, October 19th, 2016
                    "Signals of Opportunity (SOP), such as Wi-Fi, TV and LTE cellular radio signals, could provide stronger and more secure location services than satellite GPS...

                    Future self-driving cars and up-and-coming commercial drone aviation are behind a mad scramble to find a better solution for location services than the satellite Global Positioning System (GPS).

                    Advances in Signals of Opportunity (SOP), along with software-defined radios, could be the solution..."

                    vBeers @ Miami (Doral) - M.I.A. Beers
                    Wednesday, October 26th, 2016: 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM
                    Please join us for the next SFTA vBeers at the M.I.A. Beers in Doral (Due West of the MIA airport, and just East of the Turnpike).

                    Please register at the South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA) events page.. I try to be at the venue by 5:30PM. Most people arrive around 6pm and depart by 9PM.

                    Sponsorships are available starting at $100 and can be purchased from on the registration page. Sponsors will get 10 tickets for free beers to distribute to attendees!

                    John J. McLaughlin

                    IT - Networks
                    Comparing Dynamic Routing Protocols
                    NetworkComputing, October 17h, 2017
                    "Learn about popular enterprise routing protocols, including EIGRP and BGP, and how they differ.

                    All dynamic routing protocols serve a single purpose: to direct data traffic down the optimal path toward a destination when given the choice between multiple paths. The 'dynamic' part refers to the protocol's ability to recalculate and re-route traffic when more optimal paths become available or when links along the most optimal path fail. That said, not all dynamic routing protocols are alike. Let's examine four of the most popular routing protocols used within enterprises today to see how they differ and where they are best used within network infrastructures..."

                      How Can Good Guys Take Advantage Of DNS (Slideshow)
                      CSO Online, October 18h, 2017
                      "It is often used by the bad guys to compromise an enterprise network...

                      DNS is a core infrastructure component that is often overlooked when thinking about security. It is often used by the bad guys to compromise an enterprise network. DNS Security is generally perceived as either securing DNS architecture and infrastructure from various attack vectors or maintaining a black and white website list to control access to malicious domains - while that is certainly an important part, there are far more security controls, intelligence and benefits that can be obtained from DNS which can be used by the good guys to their advantage. Humayun Wahab, a product marketing manager at Bluecat Networks, lists the various advantages of internal and external DNS to the enterprises that can proactively mitigate known and unknown threats..."

                      World's First Open Source Hack-Proof Wi-Fi Router Launched
                      TechWorm, October 22nd, 2016
                      "Turris Omnia WiFi Router, the world's first hack-proof router with open source firmware launched yesterday at the CES Unveiled Show in Prague, Czech Republic.

                      WiFi Routers are the gateway for every home and business Internet network. Though they are the mainstay behind your Internet connection so little has been done or thought about their security. In most of the cases, the only security feature enabled on your WiFi router is its default password. Any hacker with basic Internet language and right tools can hack your home/business Wi-Fi router, providing him/here complete access to your PC/data..."

                      Docker Networking Fundamentals
                      Information Management, October 20th, 2016
                      This excerpt from "Learning Docker Networking" covers the container technology's networking elements..

                      "Each Docker container has its own network stack. This is due to the Linux kernel NET namespace, where a new NET namespace for each container is instantiated and cannot be seen from outside the container or from other containers.

                      Docker networking is powered by the following network components and services..."

                      IT - IoT
                      7 Imminent IoT Threats
                      Dark Reading, October 21st, 2016
                      "Attacks against smart home products, medical devices, SCADA systems, and other newly network-enabled systems signal the beginning of a new wave of attacks against the IoT...

                      Recent distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks involving the use of thousands of compromised digital video recorders and IP cameras have highlighted the looming security threat posed by the Internet of Things (IoT)..."

                      IoT And The Future Of Data Center Network Architectures
                      Information Management, October 20th, 2016
                      "No one denies that the volume of information traversing the Internet is growing at a rate faster than the rabbit population at your local pet store. A 2014 study conducted by Cisco attempted to quantify the volume this activity and arrived at the following estimates: - Annual Global IP traffic will pass a zettabyte - that's a one followed by 21 zeros this year - and surpass 1.6 zettabytes by 2018 - By 2018 over half of the traffic will be generated by non-PC devices, the number of which will be double the global population..."
                      Is The Internet Of Things A Developer's Dream Or A Million New Headaches?
                      ZDNet, October 22nd, 2016
                      "With The Internet of Things, software development enters a whole new dimension...

                      As the IT world explodes into millions of points of contact thanks to the Internet of Things, it's creating new opportunities and challenges for the people that will be building solutions accordingly. The question is -- will it be more opportunity or more challenge?

                      The number of developers currently working on IoT applications has increased 34% since last year to just over 6.2 million, according to estimates from Evans Data. The analyst firm adds that in addition, the increase of development for mobile devices, up 14% since last year, has led to smartphones being the most commonly connected IoT platform..."

                      Testing For Vulnerable IoT Devices
                      ComputerWorld, October 22nd, 2016
                      "Brian Krebs has lately been writing a lot about DVRs and cameras made by XiongMai Technologies. He reports that they are terribly insecure and many have been hacked and herded into botnets where they participate in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks such as the one that brought down his site.

                      Poor security is standard practice with IoT, but these devices are especially bad. Even if their web interface is used to change the default password, the devices have hard coded Telnet and SSH passwords that can not be changed..."

                      IT - Linux
                      Want To Learn Linux? Follow These 10 YouTube Channels To Learn Linux Online
                      TechWorm, October 21st, 2016
                      "Do you know that you are using Linux every day? Every time you use Google or Facebook or any other major Internet site, you are communicating with servers running Linux.

                      Linux is a software used to control hardware like desktop and laptop computers, supercomputers, mobile devices, networking equipment, airplanes, and automobiles. Since, Linux is used almost everywhere, there are a lot of them who wish to learn other operating system than Mac OS or Windows but don't know where to begin.

                      In this article, we bring to you a list of best Linux Channels and Playlists that can be found on YouTube, as it is one of the best places to learn Linux online..."

                      IT - Operations
                      Getting The Most Out Of Your Service Management Software
                      ITProPortal, October 22nd, 2016
                      "Service management should be accessible, easy to understand and suitable for several devices...

                      Software should be simple if you want users to actually start using it. Service management software was previously focused on operator usability. Since this target group works with the software the most, it offered the most room for improvement.

                      In 2016, user experience is not limited to the operator. Now it's time for end users to come first. Consumers have grown accustomed to ease of use and we expect nothing less as professional users. Service management should therefore be accessible, easy to understand and suitable for several devices..."

                      IT - Security
                      Threat Response Automation: The Next Frontier For Cybersecurity
                      Information Management, October 17h, 2017
                      "Over the last couple of years, software and machines are taking up an increasingly large part of our lives. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), new applications previously considered as science fiction are now possible, such as computerized diagnosticians, automated lawyers and autonomous vehicles. The cybersecurity field is going through a similar transition..."
                        'Kevin Durant Effect': What Skilled Cybersecurity Pros Want
                        Dark Reading, October 19th, 2016
                        "For seasoned cybersecurity professionals, motivation for sticking with their current jobs doesn't mean big management promotions or higher salaries, a new Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) report finds.

                        It's not just about the money: skilled cybersecurity professionals most value a position that includes challenging work with plenty of variety, training and career development, and where they work alongside similarly highly-skilled security pros..."

                        10 Things Your Next Firewall Must Do (Firewall)
                        Information Management, October 18h, 2017
                        "Palo Alto Networks started selling next-generation firewalls in 2007 and has gathered critical and specific requirements from thousands of clients that informed this list of requirements for today's next-generation firewalls..."
                        A Proactive Approach To Vulnerability Management: 3 Steps
                        Dark Reading, October 22nd, 2016
                        "Having the tools to detect a breach is important, but what if you could prevent the attack from happening in the first place?

                        The stakes for securing an organization's infrastructure are continuing to rise. Recent research from Juniper Research predicts the cost of data breaches will rise to a whopping $2.1 trillion globally by 2019, almost four times the estimated cost of breaches last year..."

                        Cybersecurity Industry Outlook: 2017 To 2021
                        CSO Online, October 20th, 2016
                        "Key economic indicators for the cybersecurity industry over the next five years...

                        In 2004, the global cybersecurity market was worth $3.5 billion - and by 2017 it will be worth at least 35X that amount, according to numerous estimates from market researchers and analysts.

                        Cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing and largest technology sectors. Four predictions from Cybersecurity Ventures frame the cybersecurity economy over the next five years, from 2017 to 2021..."

                          Murphy's Law: The Security Version
                          Network World, October 19th, 2016
                          "Murphy's Law - anything that can go wrong, will go wrong - is alive and well in cybersecurity...

                          Since the first of the month, I've heard colleagues and others report each of the 10 security variants to Murphy's Law listed below. Murphy is not only alive but has been reincarnated..."

                          Only Do Penetration Tests If Your Security Program Is Up To It, Say Experts
                          IT World Canada, October 19th, 2016
                          "Only do penetration tests if your security program is up to it, say experts...

                          Penetration testing is an exam that cyber security experts tout for finding out the true strengths and weaknesses of an organization's personal and technology defences.

                          However, if your organization doesn't have a mature security program pen testing is a waste of time and money, two veterans warned infosec pros Tuesday at the annual SecTor cyber security conference in Toronto..."

                          Moving Cybersecurity From Art To Science
                          GCN, October 22nd, 2016
                          "When it comes to cybersecurity and the ability to catch threats in the early stages before they can much damage, where does government stand? Effective, ineffective? Is it at least improving?

                          The picture over of the past couple of years doesn't look encouraging. The infamous breach at the Office of Personnel and Management, other noted attacks on the Pentagon and the Internal Revenue Service and minor breaches elsewhere would seem to suggest the government is overwhelmed..."

                          The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Security Operations
                          Dark Reading, October 21st, 2016
                          "Why cyber analysts spend nearly 75% if their time on false positives, and what to do about it.

                          False positives - those annoying notifications that make you panic at first, but after further investigation, turn out to be nothing to worry about. Initially, they seem like a minor inconvenience but what happens when you have hundreds, or even thousands of them occurring every day and you find yourself wasting 75% (or more) of your time on them?..."

                            IT - Careers
                            5 Tech Skills That Are In Demand And Pay Over $120,000
                            TechWorm, October 23rd, 2016
                            "According to researchers, more than 6.7 million Americans are employed in the tech industry today. Further, approximately 200,000 tech jobs were added in the year 2015.

                            What is so lucrative about these tech jobs? These tech jobs not only offer good fat salary but also lots of incentives.

                            If you have a rare tech skill and are an expert in the same, you will almost definitely be paid well. However, it may be difficult to get a job that requires that skill. Further, there may be skills that are required everywhere, but the number of people possessing those skills may be more. As a result, there would be a lot of competition for these jobs which in turn would offer lower salaries..."

                              The 12 Top Paying Data Jobs For 2017 (Slideshow)
                              Insurance Networking, October 17h, 2017
                              "Are data jobs still among the highest paid as we head into the new year? Some certainly are, especially that of big data engineer. According to the new IT salary study by Robert Half Technology, you can expect the following pay rates for the top data jobs in 2017..."
                              The Right Way To Back Out Of A Networking Conversation
                              Fast Company, October 20th, 2016
                              "Networking events give you limited time to meet people. Here's how to (gracefully) avoid letting someone monopolize your time...

                              Does this sound familiar? You're at a networking event with the sole purpose of meeting as many people as possible, when boom! You get stuck in a corner talking to a terribly nice but not terribly useful person.

                              You came to this event to build genuine connections with a number of new people who could possibly help your career, but unless you can get out of this conversation, you'll have just lost a major opportunity.

                              So you need a way out, and stat..."

                                IT - Virtualization
                                VirtualBox 5.1.8 Out Now, Oracle Adds Linux Kernel 4.8 Support in VirtualBox 5.0
                                Softpedia, October 19th, 2016
                                "Oracle announced the availability of two new maintenance updates for its popular, open-source and cross-platform VirtualBox virtualization software, versions 5.1.8 and 5.0.28.

                                The VirtualBox 5.1.8 point release is the most advanced Oracle VM VirtualBox version you can get right now, and it promises a month's worth of bug fixes and improvements to further stabilize the application for all supported platforms, including GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows..."

                                IT - Email
                                Three Email Habits That Kill Your Whole Team's Productivity
                                Fast Company, October 18h, 2017
                                "Eric, a client of mine, owned and ran a successful service firm with sales of $3.5 million per year and a healthy profit margin. But, he told me, 'We're bursting at the seams. I'm working six or seven days a week, putting in 70-plus hours a week, and my team are all regularly working 60-plus hours a week. Is it that I just need to hire more staff?'..."
                                  IT - Backup
                                  Cloud Backup Saves Data After Fire Destroys School
                                  ComputerWeekly, October 19th, 2016
                                  "Data from The Academy secondary school in the seaside town of Selsey was restored just hours after a fire destroyed most of the premises, thanks to a cloud backup agreement set up a year earlier...

                                  The decision of the IT manager at The Academy secondary school in Selsey to move data backup to the cloud paid off after a fire destroyed buildings that housed its server racks..."

                                    Exploring Risks Associated With Cloud Backup
                                    Continuity Central, October 19th, 2016
                                    "IT disaster recovery, cloud computing and information security news ...

                                    Cloud backup has been absorbed into the disaster recovery plans of many organizations; and while much has been written about its benefits, there are also potential difficulties that organizations should be aware of. Phillip de Bruyn takes a closer look..."

                                    Why It's Time To Get Smart About Recovery
                                    SmartDataCollective, October 20th, 2016
                                    "Getting information on the customer's journey is not the only thing that analytics can do for businesses. In the backup and disaster recovery industry, data analytics can automate some of the business continuity planning process. This way, IT experts can reduce the time spent on maintenance and can focus on their customers or on meeting new prospects..."
                                    IT - Big Data
                                    Big Data Security, Privacy Becomes A Concern For Marketing Analytics
                                    Search Compliance, October 19th, 2016
                                    "The proliferation of IoT devices has resulted in an upsurge in data-driven marketing, which in turn can fuel data security, privacy and ethics concerns, experts say...

                                    When Unilever's Magnum ice cream brand launched its social app M-Pulse in 2014, it was capitalizing on the idea that ice cream is best enjoyed with friends. The app, powered by NewAer's proximity platform, employs beacon technology to let Londoners locate the closest Magnum retailers and connect with nearby friends to invite them to indulge in a sweet treat. The app is aimed at creating a social experience for customers and also sends targeted ads like exclusive offers to users..."

                                    How Auto Giants Are Using Big Data: A Conversation With Ford
                                    TechRepublic, October 18h, 2017
                                    "Businesses large and small are struggling to understand huge influxes of data. In the auto world, autonomous car data is impacting the development of driverless cars. Here's Ford's approach...

                                    Autonomous driving research and the race to develop driverless vehicles has, at its core, a key: Big data. These technological advances, which are dependent on the machine learning branch of AI, rely on the data collected by car companies - data from real miles driven, such as with Tesla's Autopilot, data from simulations of autonomous driving, and data from test situations, such as Uber's driverless fleet in Pittsburgh..."

                                    Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                    Vol 224 Issues 1 and 2; Vol 223 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 222 Issues 4 and 5
                                    We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                    • Why Oracle Cloud Is A Better Choice Than AWS Or Azure
                                    • Accelerate Your Oracle Database Performance
                                    • Disaster Recovery Demystified on Oracle Private Cloud Appliance
                                    • From DNA Mapping To Self-Driving Cars: 5 Predictions For Our Digital Future
                                    • Announcing MySQL Server 5.7.16, 5.6.34, and 5.5.53
                                    • How to Install a MySQL Cluster on Ubuntu 16.04
                                    • MySQL 5.7 Performance Tuning Immediately After Installation
                                    • KPN Subsidiary RoutIT Adds Capacity, Sets Sights on Virtualization with Oracle
                                    • The Power Of Open Source Is Customer Freedom
                                    • Oracle OpenWorld on-demand keynotes videos

                                    The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                      IT - Encryption
                                      Encryption - Still The Best Way To Protect Data From Hackers
                                      Information Management, October 20th, 2016
                                      "It's no secret that today's cyber criminals are heavily funded and technically astute - creating more methods to hack into organizations than individuals and businesses can keep up with. Because of their ever changing, advanced and growing capabilities, private organizations and governments must protect all possible gateways to information in our digital-driven society. In order to keep the data sent via email safe, email encryption remains the best protection in today's cybersecurity landscape..."
                                      Stupid Encryption Mistakes Criminals Make
                                      InfoWorld, October 20th, 2016
                                      "Writing secure code can be challenging, and implementing cryptography correctly in software is just plain hard. Even experienced developers can get tripped up. And if your goal is to swindle people quickly, not to wow them with the quality of your software, there are sure to be serious crypto mistakes in your code.

                                      Malware authors may provide significant lessons in how not to implement cryptography. Such was the upshot of research by Check Point's Yaniv Balmas and Ben Herzog at the recent Virus Bulletin conference in Denver. Malware authors may be more likely to insert crypto doozies in their code than developers working on legitimate software because they may not care as much about code quality or design, said Balmas and Herzog. These criminals are focused on getting a product that does enough to satisfy their immediate requirements -- and no more..."

                                      IT - Server
                                      Converged Systems Proliferation, Consolidation Will Shape Users' Choices
                                      SearchDataCenter, October 22nd, 2016
                                      "Industry watchers hash out the future of converged systems, the best use cases for enterprise workloads and how IT pros should plan ahead for changes in the market...

                                      The idea of convergence is compelling: Combine servers, storage, networking and software into a single, integrated product offering. When implemented well, the converged platform could eliminate most -- if not all -- of the integration, interoperability, management and performance challenges faced by typical heterogeneous data centers..."

                                      Gartner Magic Quadrant For Integrated Systems
                            , October 21st, 2016
                                      "Hyperconvergence is disrupting the integrated system market, with major system vendors joining the growing number of startups (some of which are now mature). I&O leaders should still recognize a role for solutions based on SANs and either blades or rack servers, depending on workload requirements..."
                                        IT - Java
                                        How The New Economics Of Cloud Will Make You Think Differently About Java
                                        jaxenter, October 20th, 2016
                                        "How far have you got with learning about Cloud? Got your head around Platform as a Service? Understand what IaaS means? Can spell Docker? Working in a DevOps mode? It is easy to focus on learning new technology but according to Chris Bailey and Steve Poole it is time to take a step back and look at what the technical implications are when an application is heading to the cloud..."
                                        RASP Rings In A New Java Application Security Paradigm
                                        JavaWorld, October 21st, 2016
                                        "Runtime-based technologies use contextual awareness to boost Java application security..

                                        Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) is a next-generation cyber security technology designed to redress some of the weak points of application security. Unlike firewalls or code analysis, runtime-based technologies contain application data and contextual awareness, enabling them to be both precise and preemptive..."

                                        Critical Patch Update for October 2016 Now Available
                                        By Robert Farrington
                                        Robert blogs,"The Critical Patch Update (CPU) for October 2016 was released on October 18, 2016. Oracle strongly recommends applying the patches as soon as possible.

                                        The Critical Patch Update Advisory is the starting point for relevant information. It includes a list of products affected, pointers to obtain the patches, a summary of the security vulnerabilities, and links to other important documents.

                                        Supported products that are not listed in the "Supported Products and Components Affected" Section of the advisory do not require new patches to be applied...."

                                        The Critical Patch Update Advisory is available at the Oracle Technology Network ..."

                                        IT - HPC
                                        The March Toward Exascale Computers
                                        Network World, October 19th, 2016
                                        "High-performance computing is reaching new heights, especially in China...

                                        It's good to be near the top of the list.

                                        "No one else can do some of the things we offer," says Sverre Brandsberg-Dahl, head geophysicist at Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS), a global oilfield services and seismic exploration company. His Houston installation is the second-largest commercial entry on the list and #16 overall..."

                                        Handy Tools for Working with CSS
                                        By Geertjan Wielenga
                                        Geertjan blogs, "Here's an overview of CSS tools in NetBeans that I've found to be quite useful. Below, in the first example, the value of "class" is set to "foo", which does not exist in any of the available CSS stylesheets. NetBeans offers to create the rule in a stylesheet of my choosing and to import that stylesheet into my HTML file..."
                                        Nexenta News
                                        NexentaConnect for VMware Virtual SAN Delivers Software-Defined Hyper-Convergence Solution with File Services
                                        Nexenta, October 18h, 2017
                                        Nexenta, the global leader in Open Source-driven Software-Defined Storage (OpenSDS), announced its participation in the VMware Ready for vSAN program. Within Nexenta's VMworld Europe (link is external) booth #S105, Nexenta will showcase NexentaConnect for VMware Virtual SAN, providing NFS and SMB file services for VMware Virtual SAN environments.

                                        VMware Virtual SAN powers the industry's leading hyper-converged infrastructure solutions. Whether deployed as VxRail integrated appliances or as Virtual SAN Ready, Nodes, VMware Virtual SAN runs business critical applications in enterprise environments where file services are increasingly valuable.

                                        Veritas News
                                        Veritas Technologies Appoints David Dart as Chief of HR
                                        Former Celanese vice president to lead global human resources, drive cultural transformation at Veritas
                                        Veritas Technologies, the leader in information management, today announced that human resources veteran David Dart has joined the company as chief human resources officer (CHRO). Dart will lead global human resources (HR) and is responsible for all aspects of HR for the organization, including performance management, talent development, talent acquisition and compensation, as well as benefits. With more than 20 years of human resource and leadership experience, Dart's extensive background spans all aspects of HR, including strategic change management and leadership development.
                                        Cisco News
                                        Cisco Helps Rebuild Iraqi National Backbone With Advanced High-Speed Network
                                        Cisco Multi-layer Optical Solution Selected for First 100G+ Terrestrial Optical Network Linking Middle East with Europe
                                        At the Packet Optical Network Conference (PONC) in Rome, Cisco announced its role to restore and rebuild the Iraqi National Backbone, a multi-layer IP and optical network that spans the long terrestrial route from Iraq to Turkey.

                                        The Iraqi National Backbone is a joint venture between Symphony and EarthLink JLT, reaching most major Iraqi cities. It will be available to the public as the new official Internet Service Provider for Iraq.

                                        Cisco Appoints Amy Chang to Board of Directors
                                        Cisco, October 17h, 2017
                                        Cisco announced the appointment of Amy L. Chang, CEO and founder of Accompany, Inc., to its board of directors effective today.

                                        'We are very pleased to have Amy join our board and look forward to her contributions,' said Chuck Robbins, CEO, Cisco. 'Amy is a Silicon Valley leader and she understands the power we have to reimagine the way we can do business. Her experience as an entrepreneur, an engineer, and an industry disruptor will be invaluable to Cisco and to our customers in this new digital business environment.'

                                        Dell News
                                        #1 in Storage, Servers, Virtualization = Powerful Hyper-Converged Appliances and Systems
                                        New Dell EMC VxRail Appliances and VxRack System 1000 Powered by PowerEdge Servers Broaden Use Cases, Lower Entry Price Points, Deliver Best GPU-assisted VDI and Improved All-flash Economics
                                        Dell EMC announced it has expanded its leading converged systems portfolio by integrating its industry-leading PowerEdge servers into VxRail Appliances and VxRack System 1000 hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) to address new use cases. By owning both the compute and storage layers of the hyper-converged stack and having a co-engineering relationship with VMware, Dell EMC can deliver even more customer value by innovating faster. Dell EMC's world-class supply chain provides quality, flexibility and speed of delivery and can offer new price points that allow more customers to enjoy the benefits of HCI. Now customers can partner with a single vendor for end-to-end HCI with comprehensive service and support offerings that provide a path to assisting business growth and investment protection to modernize their data center.
                                        #1 Scale-Out NAS System Dell EMC Isilon Goes All-Flash for Unstructured Data
                                        Dell EMC Isilon All-Flash Delivers Unmatched Performance and Scalability With Up To 92.4 PB of Storage Capacity And Up To 25M IOPS & 1.5TB/s of Bandwidth
                                        Dell EMC announced a new member of the Dell EMC Isilon product family, combining the high performance of flash technology with the industry's #1 scale-out NAS platform. Isilon All-Flash is designed to help IT organizations modernize their infrastructure and deliver on the capabilities of a digital business.

                                        Traditionally, All-Flash array (AFA) products have focused primarily on structured or block data sets and applications that support approximately 20% of all data in the data center. However, there is a growing imperative for IT to harness the value of unstructured data, which now accounts for 80% of all new data produced, managed and stored by enterprises today. To do this, organizations are using increasingly powerful next-generation applications and workloads that require high performance to process massive unstructured data sets and deliver the accelerated business outcomes enterprises demand. Dell EMC sees this unstructured data opportunity as the final flash frontier that requires a scale-out architecture designed to take advantage of flash media and provide the same enterprise-grade data protection, management, access and security that these unstructured data applications require today.

                                        Dell EMC Delivers Software-Defined, Cloud-Enabled Data Protection For The Modern Data Center
                                        Data Domain, the #1 Purpose-Built Backup Appliance Now Available as Software on Dell EMC PowerEdge - the World's #1 Server
                                        Leveraging its market-leading portfolio of data protection software and servers, Dell EMC today announced product and service enhancements to deliver software-defined, cloud-enabled data protection for the modern data center. As customers of all sizes look to transform IT, the first step will be to modernize their data center. With a modern architecture, utilizing technologies that are software-defined and cloud-enabled is key. Today, Dell EMC is making its market-leading data protection portfolio cloud-enabled as well as enabling its market-leading Purpose Built Backup Appliance software-defined to run on the world's leading server, Dell EMC PowerEdge.

                                        At Dell EMC World this week, attendees will be the first to see the newest data protection offerings from the combined Dell EMC.

                                        Dell EMC Extends Common User Experience to SC Series
                                        Enhanced Investment Protection, Flexibility, and Choice for SC Series Customers from Integration with Best-in-Class Portfolio of Dell EMC Storage Management, Mobility and Data Protection
                                        Dell EMC announced it has boosted the capabilities of its mid-market proven SC Series (formerly Compellent) storage arrays by making them interoperable with the world's leading portfolio of storage management, mobility and data protection solutions formerly only available to EMC customers.

                                        A core tenet of Dell EMC's portfolio strategy is to provide customers with the ultimate in choice and flexibility regardless of the problem they are trying to solve. By rapidly extending key Dell EMC software capabilities to include the SC series, Dell EMC enables customers to mix and match Dell and EMC storage products and services within their enterprises while taking advantage of a common user experience with the same storage management, data protection and mobility capabilities.

                                        Dell Unveils New Endpoint Data Security and Management Portfolio for Greater IT Interoperability
                                        Optimal combination of proven security capabilities from one vendor
                                        Dell unveiled its Endpoint Data Security and Management portfolio encompassing solutions from Dell, Mozy by Dell, RSA and VMware AirWatch. This portfolio offers leading cybersecurity and endpoint management solutions to deliver robust data protection while unlocking the speed, agility and innovation of today's mobile workforce. Arming organizations with the tools they need to protect data and proactively detect threats, while reducing the complexities and administrative burden of working with multiple vendors, the new portfolio allows employees to securely work when, where and with the tools they need, without compromising security controls and protections...
                                        New Dell EMC Analytics Solution Provides Business Insight to Drive Digital Transformation
                                        Streamlines Data Analytics and Cloud-Native App Development
                                        Dell EMC announced a turnkey analytics and application developer experience to accelerate digital transformation. The new Dell EMC Analytic Insights Module delivers all of the software, hardware and services necessary to stand up an environment for both big data analytics and cloud native application development in days rather than weeks. The Analytic Insights Module helps organizations derive actionable insights that can be easily integrated into intelligent applications while ensuring security and corporate governance. The Analytic Insights Module enables the rapid searching, gathering and analyzing of data sources within the enterprise or in the cloud.

                                        Businesses are recognizing the power of data-driven applications to impact consumer behavior. However, many organizations are struggling with how to extract business value from their data. Data analysts typically spend up to 80% of their time preparing the data before they can focus on analytics. In addition, many corporate employees report having access to data they should not, resulting in major security risks. Analytic Insights Module from Dell EMC helps address these challenges.

                                        New Dell EMC ECS 3.0 Accelerates Digital Transformation, Delivers 60% Lower TCO than Public Cloud Options
                                        Multiple Consumption Choices for Software-Defined Storage Drive the Move to Cloud-Native Business
                                        Dell EMC announced a wave of significant product enhancements to the Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) platform, further enabling rapid and wide-scale digital transformation across enterprises globally. With new support for Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers, ECS 3.0 is purpose-built to help businesses navigate the shift to an increasingly digital economy, with multiple consumption models offering 60% lower TCO than public cloud storage.

                                        In the digital world, businesses and industries are being disrupted everywhere. The Internet of Things is transforming the way businesses operate. This phenomenon is propelling innovative companies forward and accelerating the demise of others. In fact, 78% of global businesses surveyed in a recent study by Dell Technologies believe that digital start-ups will pose a threat to their organization, while almost half (45%) fear they may become obsolete in the next three to five years due to competition from digital-born start-ups.

                                        New Dell EMC Innovations Lay Foundation For Digital Transformation
                                        New Products and Solutions Combine The Best of Dell EMC Technologies To Help Customers Transform IT
                                        Dell EMC this week announced a wave of products, solutions and consumption models designed to help customers transform IT on their way to becoming a digital business.

                                        Digital disruption is shaking up all types of organization in all industries. In a recent Dell Technologies study, half (48%) of global business leaders from mid-size to large enterprises confessed they don't know what their industry will look like in three years. They agreed that moving toward a cloud model, expanding software development capabilities and enabling faster innovation and deeper insights from data are key strategies to digital transformation. However companies are struggling to evolve their data centers, with 69% saying they are being held back by too many traditional applications. They are challenged with reducing sprawl and spend, while bringing systems up-to-date. New products and solutions announced this week at Dell EMC World are designed to help organizations accelerate their transformation and manage costs.

                                        New Dell EMC OpenScale Payment Solutions Portfolio Delivers Flexibility in IT Acquisition and Consumption
                                        Industry's Most Comprehensive Portfolio of Flexible Financing Solutions Addresses Full Range of Technology Consumption Use Cases
                                        Dell EMC announced availability of the innovative OpenScale Payment Solutions from Dell Financial Services (DFS), developed to span a broad range of Dell EMC products and solutions. The OpenScale Payment Solutions provide the most flexible consumption options in the industry, to help customers scale technology availability with IT demand.

                                        The Internet of Everything, also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is transforming the way every business operates, and businesses must transform to survive. However, according to recent research from Dell Technologies, insufficient budget and resources tops the list of barriers slowing digital progress.

                                        Extraordinary Dell EMC Channel Partner Program To Provide Transformational Business Value and Opportunity
                                        Developed With Partners, Lucrative Channel Program To Reward Profitable Actions
                                        Dell EMC provided a preview of the new and highly anticipated Dell EMC Partner Program, set to formally become effective in February 2017. Designed in collaboration with partners and drawing from the best aspects of the former Dell and EMC partner programs, the Dell EMC Partner Program will provide unprecedented business opportunity for partners and reaffirms Dell EMC's strong commitment to the channel. Built on three core tenets - to be Simple, Predictable and Profitable - the new program will ensure partners have ample opportunity, business confidence and commensurate profitability regardless of their program tier.

                                        In December, Dell EMC will announce tier thresholds for partners, providing a full six months for partners to ramp up to the new criteria. Program tiers, developed to elevate Dell EMC partners over competitors and establish a clear path to up-level, will include Gold, Platinum and Titanium, as well as an exclusive, Titanium Black partner tier for the highest performing partners. Tier levels align with key business models of partners, enabling flexibility where needed to meet customer needs. Benefits will include generous rebates for channel partners who drive new business, attach services, sell the full portfolio and offer the portfolio exclusively.

                                        Microsoft News
                                        Microsoft launches Brazil Transparency Center to serve governments in Latin America
                                        Microsoft, October 19th, 2016
                                        Microsoft launched in Brasília (DF) its first Transparency Center in Latin America. The facility promotes trusted and safe computing, a critical point for digital transformation, and serves the specific security needs of public sector. There are Microsoft Transparency Centers covering four regions in the world. The first was launched in 2014 in Microsoft's headquarters in Redmond, Washington, for North America. The next year, in Europe, the Transparency Center opened in Brussels, Belgium, and in the beginning of October a combined Transparency and Cyber Security Center was launched in Singapore, to support the Asia and Pacific region. Now, in Brazil, the new Transparency Center will serve governments of several countries in Latin America, including Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. A Transparency Center in Beijing, China, was also announced in September.
                                        Microsoft announces SAP's choice of Azure to help enterprises transform HR
                                        Partners with SAP to provide public cloud services for the SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite
                                        Microsoft Corp. announced an expanded partnership with SAP to provide public cloud services for the SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite. SAP will make its cloud-based human capital management solutions available on Microsoft Azure over the next five years. This is SAP's first move to supplement its own infrastructure and operate SAP SuccessFactors solutions in a third-party public cloud, recognizing the experience both companies have in supporting global enterprise clients. With the addition of Azure, SAP has a trusted, global cloud and a powerful data platform to help it drive companies' human resources transformation, and the potential to dramatically improve business outcomes.
                                        Microsoft and partners showcase cloud-enabled solutions for law enforcement at IACP 2016
                                        Microsoft, October 17h, 2017
                                        At the 123rd annual International Association of Chiefs of Police conference and exposition in San Diego, Microsoft Corp. and its partners showcased innovative solutions that demonstrate how the cloud and modern Windows devices are transforming the way law enforcement engages with citizens, improves communities and enables more effective first response.

                                        Microsoft has the largest compliance portfolio in the industry, and is committed to providing law enforcement, public safety and justice organizations with cloud services they can trust. To date, nearly 6 million users in all 50 states and federal government agencies use Microsoft Cloud for Government, which is specifically designed for use by U.S. government customers.

                                        IBM News
                                        IBM Reports 2016 Third-Quarter Earnings
                                        Continued Strong Growth in Strategic Imperatives Led by IBM Cloud, Analytics
                                        IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced third-quarter 2016 earnings results.

                                        "IBM's third-quarter performance, led by continued double-digit growth in our strategic imperatives, is a testament to our leadership in cognitive solutions and cloud," said Ginni Rometty, IBM chairman, president and chief executive officer. "Our ability to apply deep expertise and breakthrough technology, led by Watson and the IBM Cloud, to massive amounts of data is enabling us to build new markets and transform industries. Whether it is banks implementing IBM blockchain solutions, hospitals leveraging Watson to fight cancer, or retailers using cognitive apps built on the IBM Cloud to transform the customer experience, clients across all industries are tapping into a new kind of innovation value from IBM."

                                        Air Mauritius Selects IBM Cloud and Analytics to Fuel Growth Plans
                                        One of Africa's largest airlines inks five-year Software-as-a-Service deal to achieve long term market share and operational efficiency gains
                                        Air Mauritius has inked a five-year technology and services deal with IBM for Cloud and Analytics technologies delivered as services to fuel its long-term growth plans.

                                        The Mauritian national airline, the fourth largest in Africa, has been connecting the Indian Ocean Island nation of Mauritius to the rest of the world since 1967.

                                        Air Mauritius will use the IBM Cloud and analytics-enabled enterprise planning solution to better manage budgeting cycles, decrease turnaround time for processing data and boost its capacity to uncover predictive insights directly from data to enhance customer experience. The IBM solution will also harmonize Air Mauritius' data management infrastructure, providing a single platform to accommodate past, current and future data for business analysis with the same level of granularity. This means enhanced operational efficiencies and improved service delivery for customer enquiries and flight bookings.

                                        SBI SECURITIES Works with IBM to Test Blockchain Technology for Bond Trading Platform
                                        Uses Hyperledger Fabric to evaluate cycle of bond trading, more efficient and automated operations, and cost reduction of infrastructures
                                        IBM announced SBI SECURITIES is testing the potential of blockchain technology for a new type of bond trading system. Working in collaboration with IBM, SBI SECURITIES intends to make blockchain technology for securities operations commercially available in the future.

                                        SBI SECURITIES intends to verify the potential of applying blockchain technology to bond trading operations, scrutinize barriers or complexity in using the technology for its operations, and prepare to apply the technology to actual operations. Using the Hyperledger Fabric, SBI SECURITIES will test the ....

                                        TPV Turns to IBM Cloud to Help Create, Distribute New Smart TV Services
                                        New Smart TV services built on IBM Cloud to improve TPV's product offering, and extend its reach to TV manufacturers and content providers worldwide
                                        IBM announced that TPV Technology Ltd., the manufacturer of Philips-branded televisions, has adopted IBM Cloud and IoT services to more quickly and easily build new smart features and apps, such as video-on-demand and instant playback, directly into its TVs.

                                        Consumer electronics manufacturers must keep pace with ever-changing consumer demands, while coping with slim margins. The challenge has led to a surge in the development of new applications and services for smart TVs which has helped generate additional revenue streams for TV manufacturers.

                                        IBM Receives Cloud Company of the Year Award from Frost & Sullivan
                                        Award highlights IBM's ability to deliver a complete set of cloud services enabling customers to build out their hybrid cloud environments
                                        IBM announced that it has received the 2016 Cloud Company of the Year Award from leading independent technology market research firm Frost & Sullivan. The Award acknowledges IBM's market leadership in delivering a complete and fully integrated stack of cloud services including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

                                        Particularly important to CIOs and IT managers, Frost & Sullivan highlights IBM's ability to support hybrid environments via the company's extensive portfolio of connectivity tools and capabilities that allow enterprises to easily create, deploy, and manage a flexible range of applications and microservices.

                                        Report: IBM Global Business Services Ranked #1 in Thought Leadership
                                        IBM Institute of Business Value Recognized Five Times for Leading Quality
                                        IBM announced that for the fifth time, its consulting organization was named the industry's top producer of thought leadership in a White Space Report by Source Global Research, a leading research and strategy firm for the global management consulting industry.

                                        According to the most recent White Space report evaluating the quality and impact of 25 major global consulting firms in the world, IBM remains the leader for the consistent high quality of its thought leadership. The White Space rankings are based on four evaluation criteria - Resilience, Differentiation, Appeal, and Prompting Action. This is the fifth time IBM has led the ranking.

                                        Walmart, IBM and Tsinghua University Explore the Use of Blockchain to Help Bring Safer Food to Dinner Tables Across China
                                        Global retailer joins pilot project with academics and technology experts to showcase leadership in food traceability efforts
                                        As Walmart opened its new Walmart Food Safety Collaboration Center in Beijing today, IBM, Walmart and Tsinghua University announced a collaboration to improve the way food is tracked, transported and sold to consumers across China. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology designed to generate transparency and efficiency in supply chain record-keeping, this work aims to help enhance the safety of food on the tables of Chinese consumers.

                                        Food authentication and supply chain tracking is a critical step to quickly finding and helping address sources of contamination around the world. Early indications are that Blockchain presents an innovative new way to accomplish these goals. It provides a permanent record of transactions which are then are grouped in blocks that cannot be altered. It could serve as an alternative to traditional paper tracking and manual inspection systems, which can leave supply chains vulnerable to inaccuracies.

                                        Rhon-Klinikum Hospitals to Study How IBM Watson Can Support Doctors in the Diagnosis of Rare Diseases
                                        Cognitive assistant is planned to support physicians to help improve time to treatment for hundreds of patients annually
                                        RHON-KLINIKUM AG (RKA), a private hospital group in Germany, has announced, that by the end of the year, it will begin piloting a Watson-powered cognitive assistance system to help support physicians at the group's Centre for Undiagnosed and Rare Diseases located at the University Hospital Marburg.

                                        Since it opened in 2013, the renowned Center has been contacted by more than 6,000 patients to visit Prof. Dr. Jurgen Schafer, a leading expert in rare diseases, who is also known as the 'German Dr. House,' based on the character of the eponymous American medical television drama. Most of the patients he and his team meets with have year-long medical histories, which include a large amount of unstructured data, such as laboratory tests, clinical reports, drug prescriptions, radiology findings as well as pathology reports.

                                          IBM and Quest Diagnostics Launch Watson-Powered Genomic Sequencing Service to Help Physicians Bring Precision Cancer Treatments to Patients Nationwide
                                          Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to Provide Deep Knowledge Base to Augment Watson's Data Sources and Quest's Medical Reporting New Service Extends Reach to Community Oncologists Who Provide 70 Percent of Cancer Care
                                          IBM Watson Health and Quest Diagnostics announced the launch of IBM Watson Genomics from Quest Diagnostics, a new service that helps advance precision medicine by combining cognitive computing with genomic tumor sequencing. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) will supplement Watson's corpus of scientific data with OncoKB, a precision oncology knowledge base to help inform precision treatment options for cancer patients.

                                          The launch marks the first time that Watson for Genomics has been made widely available to patients and physicians across the country. Quest Diagnostics, a leader in genomic sequencing and oncology diagnostics that serves half the nation's physicians and hospitals, extends these advanced capabilities to thousands of the country's community oncologists, who provide an estimated 70 percent of cancer care in the United States. The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard will provide additional genome sequencing capabilities as part of the collaboration.

                                          First IBM Watson Education App for iPad Delivers Personalized Learning for K-12 Teachers and Students
                                          Educators at Coppell Independent School District in Texas first to use new iPad app to tailor learning experiences to student's interests and aptitudes
                                          IBM announced the first IBM MobileFirst for iOS education app. The app, IBM Watson Element for Educators, enables a new level of engagement for teachers by providing a holistic view of each student at their fingertips, including data on interests, accomplishments, academic performance, attendance, behaviors and learning activities. As a result, teachers are empowered with data-driven insights to help them address individual needs that can potentially lead to better outcomes throughout student's K-12 learning experiences.
                                          IBM Cloud Expands Bluemix Ecosystem in China to Fuel Blockchain and IoT Innovation
                                          Through a Collaboration with 21Vianet, IBM Provides Advanced Cloud Services to China's Developers, Helping Bring Transformative IoT Platform, IoT Services and Blockchain to China
                                          IBM and 21Vianet Group, a leading Internet data center services provider, today announced they will fuel greater cloud innovation in China by incorporating blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced cloud data services on Bluemix, IBM's Cloud platform.

                                          With a rapidly growing population of developers, industries in China continue to progress the ways in which they use and build with advanced technologies via the cloud. The potential is tremendous across China's vast network of enterprises and startups, including its manufacturing and financial services industries. The opportunity in China for IoT alone is expected to reach a value of $121 billion by 2022, growing at an annual 41 percent clip.

                                          The Weather Company Launches its Signature WEATHERfx Ad-targeting Platform in Germany with BurdaForward
                                          Sophisticated Weather Targeting Capabilities Now Available to Help Advertisers like Launch Partner GlaxoSmithKline Drive Consumer Action
                                          Together with BurdaForward and launch partner GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), The Weather Company, an IBM Business, has launched its industry-leading WEATHERfx marketing platform for the first time in Germany. The WEATHERfx automated platform helps marketers leverage weather data to better target their advertising. WEATHERfx by The Weather Company simplifies weather data into actionable insights for customers, allowing brands to tap into the power of real-time big data weather analytics.

                                          'BurdaForward advertisers are now able to take advantage of WEATHERfx in order to better anticipate and inform consumer decision making,' said Oliver Eckert, CEO of BurdaForward GmbH. 'We are proud to bring this advanced technology to the German market for a better connection to consumers and a more relevant user experience.'

                                          Fujitsu News
                                          Fujitsu Laboratories Develops New Architecture that Rivals Quantum Computers in Utility
                                          Fujitsu, October 20th, 2016
                                          Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. announced that it has collaborated with the University of Toronto to develop a new computing architecture to tackle a range of real-world issues by solving combinatorial optimization problems, which involve finding the best combination of elements out of an enormous set of element combinations. This architecture employs conventional semiconductor technology with flexible circuit configurations to allow it to handle a broader range of problems than current quantum computing can manage. In addition, multiple computation circuits can be run in parallel to perform the optimization computations, enabling scalability in terms of problem size and processing speed. Fujitsu Laboratories implemented a prototype of the architecture using FPGAs for the basic optimization circuit, which is the minimum constituent element of the architecture, and found the architecture capable of performing computations some 10,000 times faster than a conventional computer.
                                          Fujitsu Bolsters Blockchain Security Technology
                                          Safe operation of keys enables multiple organizations to safely handle confidential data
                                          Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. and Fujitsu Laboratories of America, Inc. (collectively "Fujitsu Laboratories") have developed blockchain-based security technologies to safely and securely handle confidential data between multiple organizations.

                                          The most prominent characteristic of a blockchain is that it provides information sharing with high transparency and reliability, without management by a specific trusted organization. On the other hand, in financial trading applications, there are operational issues related to safely executing trades, such as key management. In addition, document management applications preserving the original state of documents lead to issues in creating a system that could limit which people would be allowed to reference the information recorded in the blockchain.

                                          VMware News
                                          VMware Introduces Kubernetes as a Service on Photon Platform
                                          Robust, Simple to Operate Cloud-Native Platform Adds Network Virtualization and Hyper-Converged Storage Services to Power Modern, Container-based Workloads
                                          At VMworld 2016 Europe, VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW) announced built-in support for Kubernetes in VMware Photon Platform to enable IT operations teams to deliver Kubernetes as a Service to development teams. VMware Photon Platform will also add networking and storage services powered by VMware NSX and VMware Virtual SAN, respectively. With the addition of these new services, Photon Platform offers an end-to-end enterprise cloud-native infrastructure platform for running modern, containerized applications in production with support provided by VMware.
                                          VMware Introduces New Workspace ONE Innovations and Showcases Continued Collaboration with Microsoft to Deliver Optimized Skype for Business Experience in Horizon
                                          The addition of VMware Workspace ONE Essentials expands the VMware digital workspace portfolio
                                          The addition of VMware Workspace ONE Essentials expands the VMware digital workspace portfolio to enable companies to standardize on digital workspaces that can extend across all end-user types and use cases; Innovations in Workspace ONE brings enhanced security for Office 365 and improved user experience with expanded mobile single sign-on (SSO) to all web applications; Continued collaboration with Microsoft introduces technology preview of optimized delivery of Skype for Business in VMware Horizon

                                          At VMworld 2016 Europe, VMware introduced an addition to its digital workspace portfolio with VMware Workspace ONE Essentials, a new standalone secure digital workspace solution for unified access to business data and applications. With this addition, the expanded Workspace ONE solution portfolio will enable companies to standardize on digital workspaces that can extend across all end-user types and use cases for company-wide deployment. In addition, innovations in Workspace ONE will include enhanced security with new data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities for Office 365 and improved end-user experiences with expanded mobile single sign-on (SSO) to all enterprise web applications. Lastly, continued collaboration with Microsoft will showcase a technology preview of optimized delivery of Skype for Business in VMware Horizon that uses peer-to-peer endpoint virtual channels and offloads media processing to the endpoints.

                                          VMware Advances Cross-Cloud Architecture with New Releases of vSphere, Virtual SAN and vRealize Solutions to Drive IT and Developer Productivity
                                          VMware vSphere 6.5 Delivers Simplified Customer Experience, Comprehensive Built-In Security and Support for Running Modern, Containerized Applications in Production Today
                                          At VMworld 2016 Europe, VMware, Inc. unveiled new releases of its industry-leading compute, storage and cloud management solutions to help IT operations teams more efficiently run, manage and secure their traditional and modern applications on- or off-premises. The new releases of VMware vSphere, VMware Virtual SAN and VMware vRealize Automation all introduce support for containers, enabling developers to become more productive and IT to easily run containerized applications in production.
                                          Red Hat News
                                          Friday Five - October 21, 2016
                                          Red Hat, October 21st, 2016
                                          "The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat blog post with 5 of the week's top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye.

                                          • Tech Pro Research - Digital transformation, the Red Hat way
                                          • 2017 Women in Open Source Award Nominations Now Open
                                          • Red Hat and Ericsson Announce Broad Alliance to Enable Pervasive Adoption of Open Source Solutions
                                          • Red Hat Expands Mobile Vision to Support Containerized Mobile App Development Based on Modern Application Technologies
                                          • Red Hat Product Security celebrates 15 years

                                          Read on for details.

                                          Nominations for 2017 Women in Open Source Awards Are Now Live
                                          Red Hat, October 19th, 2016
                                          Red Hat has opened nominations for the 2017 Women in Open Source Awards. Now in its third year, the awards recognize women who are using open source technology in innovative ways or making significant and notable contributions to open source software projects and communities.

                                          The Women in Open Source Awards include two tracks: The Community track recognizes a woman who volunteers or works on open source software projects, while the Academic track honors one full-time student currently working on open source-related projects while enrolled in a university or college...

                                          CLIMB Project Selects Red Hat Ceph Storage to Achieve Their Storage Needs to Support Medical Breakthroughs
                                          Red Hat Ceph Storage chosen to achieve large-scale bioinformatics data needs of United Kingdom-based university consortium based on ability to provide necessary object storage capacity
                                          Red Hat announced that the Cloud Infrastructure for Microbial Bioinformatics (CLIMB) has selected and implemented Red Hat Ceph Storage for their large-scale extensive research needs. Red Hat Ceph Storage offers a block and object storage platform capable of scaling to meet the demands of researchers who are sequencing large amounts of data and seeking to collaborate more efficiently.

                                          A collaborative medical research project involving University of Warwick, Swansea University, Cardiff University, and the University of Birmingham, CLIMB aims to provide free cloud-based compute, storage, and analysis tools for academic microbiologists in the U.K.

                                          Red Hat and Ericsson Announce Broad Alliance to Enable Pervasive Adoption of Open Source Solutions
                                          Telecommunications and open source software leaders join forces to drive innovation and new product offerings based on OpenStack, containers, NFV, SDN and SDI
                                          Red Hat and Ericsson share a common belief in the power of open source to transform the ICT (information and communications technology) market. Today, they announce a broad alliance to deliver fully open source and production-ready cloud infrastructure, spanning OpenStack, software-defined networking (SDN) and software-defined infrastructure (SDI). Ericsson and Red Hat are working together to enable customers to embrace the opportunity presented by the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, and other next-generation communications solutions with modern and agile solutions.
                                          HP News
                                          HPE's Journey, Progress, and Future
                                          By Meg Whitmam
                                          Meg writes, "Nearly one year ago, we launched the new Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Today, I'm in San Francisco at our annual Securities Analyst Meeting, to discuss the journey we've been on over the past five years, the progress we've made, and our strategy for the future HPE.

                                          To fully understand our progress, it's helpful to first consider our past. When I joined HP in 2011, the company was in a weak position, with significant internal and external challenges..."

                                          HPE Named One of the Best Global Brands of 2016
                                          Leading consultancy Interbrand recognizes new Hewlett Packard Enterprise for its innovative campaigns, strategic messaging and brand strength
                                          Last week, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) was named an international brand leader on Interbrand's 17th annual report. The ranking is based upon the impact of brands in motivating consumer decisions and influencing financial performance.

                                          HPE was one of three new brands to be honored in 2016. 'There're two things driving brand and business growth. The first is focus. The second is strategy.' said Henry Gomez, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at HPE.

                                          Hewlett Packard Enterprise and du announce collaboration in support of Dubai Smart City Initiative
                                          Strategic partnership to provide an impetus for IT infrastructure and operational support for citywide transformation
                                          Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced a five-year collaboration agreement with UAE-based telecommunications service provider, 'du', to support the Smart Dubai initiative - Dubai's citywide transformation into a smart city, as one of the key system integrators. This initiative supports the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, to make Dubai the happiest city on earth and accelerate the development and deployment of solutions to improve quality of life, drive economic growth and create sustainable communities.
                                            Hewlett Packard Enterprise Simplifies and Strengthens Data Protection With Analytics-Powered Suite
                                            HPE Adaptive Backup and Recovery Suite Leverages Operational Analytics to Provide Information Insight for Improved Efficiencies and Risk Mitigation
                                            Hewlett Packard Enterprise introduced the HPE Adaptive Backup and Recovery Suite, an integrated suite that uses operational and file analytics to automate and streamline data protection. Delivering on its vision to bring information insight into the end-to-end backup and recovery process, the suite combines HPE Storage Optimizer, HPE Data Protector and HPE Backup Navigator with modern information optimization, analytics, and protection tools to efficiently safeguard and backup enterprise data across disparate repositories and locations.
                                            Windstream News
                                            Windstream upgrades Georgia cable TV network to deliver 100 Mbps Internet speeds
                                            New upgrades will be available to more than 67,000 households in 8 North Georgia counties
                                            Windstream, a leading provider of advanced network communications, announced today it is upgrading its cable TV network in North Georgia to provide communities with Internet speeds of 100 megabits-per-second (Mbps).

                                            The upgrade effort, which is already underway, will allow more than 67,000 households in communities across eight North Georgia counties to access 100 Mbps...

                                              Windstream expands fiber transport network throughout western U.S.
                                              Expansion adds new fiber routes, connects major markets across the country
                                              Windstream, a leading provider of advanced network communications, is expanding its long-haul express fiber transport network throughout the western United States using Infinera's DTN-X platform. This network expansion is part of the company's existing strategic capital investment initiatives and adds new fiber routes, connecting major markets across the country.

                                              In the first phase of this project, scheduled to be complete by the end of 2016, Windstream will add four major markets to its 100G long-haul network: Salt Lake City, Reno, Las Vegas, and the Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area.

                                              Netapp News
                                              Buzinessware Fuels its On-demand Managed Infrastructure with NetApp SolidFire All-Flash Storage
                                              Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider helps customers in the Middle East transition to the next generation data center
                                              NetApp announced that Buzinessware, a leading hosting specialist in the Middle East, has become the first provider in the region to deploy NetApp SolidFire all-flash scale-out storage to underpin its hosting and cloud services. For the first time, companies in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will have access to agile, scalable, on-demand storage infrastructure that delivers predictable, cost-effective performance in the cloud, along with reliable 24/7 UAE-based support.

                                              In its 2015 Middle East Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) predictions, Deloitte expects the region's digital economy to double by 2018, reaching US$30 billion. Growing revenue in the digital economy requires on-demand infrastructure elasticity - the unique ability offered by NetApp SolidFire to independently scale capacity and performance - without impacting production workloads. With NetApp SolidFire at the core of its cloud infrastructure, Buzinessware is well positioned to support customers' cloud initiatives by enabling them to increase revenue, minimize cost and reduce risk.

                                              RapidScale Accelerates Enterprise Profitability with NetApp All Flash FAS
                                              NetApp All Flash FAS provides a solid foundation for RapidScale's 100% annual growth; preserves profit margins through storage efficiency, administration, and time savings; reclaims valuable engineering time
                                              'As a cloud solution provider, we view 'all flash, all the time' as a competitive differentiator for us against public cloud and other managed cloud providers,' said William Hiatt, CTO at RapidScale. 'Moving to NetApp All Flash FAS made a lot of sense from a business standpoint, and it also helps our technical teams because they don't have to spend time tuning individual workloads for optimal performance. It's all on flash, and it's always fast.'

                                              RapidScale provides the most comprehensive managed cloud services that are available in the industry, with a global presence, enterprise-grade infrastructure, and a team of highly knowledgeable cloud experts. As a leader in managed cloud services, RapidScale must manage extremely variable customer workloads, ranging from just a few virtual desktops to critical high-volume manufacturing and healthcare environments.

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