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Oracle News
Businesses Take Note: Less Than Half of Employees Say They Have the Right Technology to Do Their Jobs
New Oracle Global Engagement Study states that digital technology, leadership and company values rank among top distinguishers for employee success
Oracle Corporation released a Global Engagement Study conducted by global market research company Kantar TNS, today including feedback from nearly 5,000 full-time employees at organizations with 250 or more employees. The study indicated that equipping employees with the latest technology and having accessible leaders and strong company values are important factors that can ultimately reflect an employee's success or failure within the company.
Larry Ellison, Oracle Cloud, And The Power Of Three
By John Soat, October 5th, 2016
John Soat writes in Forbes, "Larry Ellison, Oracle executive chairman and chief technology officer, has outlined the major technology advances that will let Oracle compete much more aggressively in infrastructure as a service, and even leapfrog Amazon in cost, performance, and other ways.

In doing so, Ellison may have inadvertently proved the power of three - sometimes used in mathematics and other disciplines - and its relationship to cloud computing. That proof has nothing to do with Pythagoras or number theory, but with the completeness of Oracle's cloud vision and strategy and its ability to offer customers a unique, secure, and highly functioning cloud environment that delivers on the promise of agility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness for companies of every size and in every market..."

Oracle Database Cloud Service: A DBA's First Experience with the Cloud
By Ramona Costea, October 4th, 2016
"What does 'Moving to the Cloud' mean for databases as well as for database administrators?" writes Ramona Costea, "Dr. Christoph Burandt, Senior Principal Instructor at Oracle University, tells us of his first experiences. He feels he is still working as a database administrator, but with changing tasks.

Dr. Christoph Burandt, Senior Principal Instructor at Oracle University, tells us of his first experiences. He feels he is still working as a database administrator, but with changing tasks..."

Key Capabilities for Big Data Analytics using R
By Mark Hornick, October 6th, 2016
Mark blogs, "There are several capabilities that data scientists benefit from when performing Big Data advanced analytics and machine learning with R. These revolve around efficient data access and manipulation, access to parallel and distributed machine learning algorithms, data and task parallel execution, and ability to deploy results quickly and easily. Data scientists using R want to leverage the R ecosystem as much as possible, whether leveraging the expansive set of open source R packages in their solutions, or leveraging their R scripts directly in production to avoid costly recoding or custom application integration solutions..."
Austan Goolsbee On Getting Back To 'Normal' And Other Economic Delusions
By Rob Preston, October 6th, 2016
Austan writes in Forbes, "Don't count on a new housing boom, reignited consumer spending, an end to Washington gridlock, or any other single 'savior' to push the US economy beyond this modest recovery. Only one set of economic factors truly matters going forward - but it's a long-term proposition, not a quick fix.

Speaking at the Leaders Circle forum at Oracle OpenWorld 2016, Austan Goolsbee, professor of economics at the University of Chicago's Booth School of Business, cautioned business leaders not to expect a sharp uptick in GDP growth as the US limps into year seven of the current recovery. The housing and consumption bubbles that carried the previous recovery, in the years before the 2008 financial crisis, were a historical aberration, he said..."

Mark Hurd Predicts the Future of IT: Round 2
By John Soat, October 5th, 2016
John Soat blogs, "Much to the delight of this year's Oracle OpenWorld attendees, CEO Mark Hurd offered up a few more of his long-term IT prognostications. They once again revolved around cloud computing, its impact on IT having only increased since Hurd's first predictions a year ago..."
AI Beats Humans At Doom
TechEye, October 6th, 2016
"Two students at Carnegie Mellon University have designed an artificial intelligence program that is capable of beating human players in a death match game of 1993's Doom..."
    How AI Will Impact The Global Economy
    CIO Insight, October 7th, 2016
    "Artificial Intelligence systems are poised to transform business in ways not seen since the impact of computer technology in the 20th century...

    Since the dawn of computing, artificial intelligence (AI) has always seemed like it was just around the corner. Despite significant and ongoing advances in machine learning and algorithms, it wasn't quite ready for prime time..."

      Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Points To Machine Learning As Key Battleground For Cloud Computing
      ComputerWorld UK, October 7th, 2016
      "Microsoft has plenty of competition as it focuses intently on providing machine learning building blocks to developers and incorporates the technology into its software as a service suite...

      Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has identified machine learning as the firm's key focus as cloud computing usage becomes more widespread.

      It is an area that is fast becoming the battleground for the big cloud providers. Google and Amazon Web Services both offer a range of tools that make it easier for developers to create 'intelligent' applications, while the likes of Salesforce are keen to incorporate artificial intelligence into their software services..."

      Royal Bank Of Scotland To Use AI Platform For Customer Services
      ComputerWeekly, October 6th, 2016
      "The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is using IBM Watson technology to provide a robot that will answer customer questions and pass requests on to the right agents...

      The Luvo cognitive chat bot, which uses IBM's cloud-based Watson Conversation service, will be available to around 10% of RBS's customers in Scotland in December as part of its first customer pilot.

      Luvo will answer simple questions in under a second and direct customers to the right human agent if the question is more complex. If the pilot is successful, Luvo will be rolled out to the bank's NatWest customers..."

      Friday Spotlight: Managing Oracle VM 3.4 from an upgraded Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.2
      By Simon Hayler, October 7th, 2016
      Simon blogs, "In a previous blog we discussed building private clouds with Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.2. This blog will discuss the high level steps to upgrade Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.2 from 13.1 and manage Oracle VM 3.4.

      Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.2 delivers many new and exciting features which are discussed here. The following collateral is available: EM13.2 Documentation and Download. With respect to the upgrade the following blog discusses the key drivers to upgrade to 13.2..."

      IT - Storage
      Hypervisor Virtualization Manages, Supports Data Storage
      SearchStorage, October 4th, 2016
      "Chris Evans looks at the latest efforts by storage virtualization vendors to handle hypervisor storage and data management functionality...

      Server virtualization is the de facto standard way to deploy applications today, and part of the process of implementing an efficient virtualized environment is to ensure the data storage layer delivers the required availability and performance. Accordingly, hypervisor vendors continually evolve their products to improve storage interaction and management with external appliances or arrays and, more recently, internal storage offerings..."

      The Storage-As-A-Service Option
      Network Computing, October 4th, 2016
      "Is renting storage right for your business? Here's a look at the benefits and potential drawbacks.

      The cloud has caused IT to rethink many of the ways business is done. Enterprises are shifting workloads out to the cloud, with a whole variety of structures, such as PaaS and IaaS, that divide the total IT shop into bought versus rented. Cloud models are now being translated into the data center domain, with innovative ways to pay for services replacing the old models of outright purchase of hardware and software licensing fees..."

      Storage Managers Seek Storage Answers With A Storage Purchase
      SearchStorage, October 4th, 2016
      "Capacity and bandwidth are key reasons for new storage purchases, with SAN arrays that offer flash storage, data reduction and storage virtualization popular among buyers.

      With the inexorable march of more and more data into storage shops, storage managers are perpetually on the prowl for a storage purchase that includes new arrays to park that data. And, with big data analysis reaching a fever pitch and the internet of things threatening to channel billions of additional bits onto storage systems, there's little relief in sight for weary storage pros..."

      Java Technology
      Java Hub Promotes Code You Can Touch
      By Carol Hildebrand, October 5th, 2016
      "Software developers tend to deal in the intangible - characters on a screen that disappear into the guts of a computer (or the cloud). Java Hub, on the other hand, was all about showing rather than telling," writes in Carol Hildebrand Forbes.

      "Designed as an interactive demo space at JavaOne 2016, Java Hub let attendees actually see and touch physical manifestations of code, as developers showcased a variety of projects that leveraged Java, Oracle Cloud, and the Internet of Things..."

      IT - Technology
      Move Over Raspberry Pi, Here Are A Dozen, Better Alternatives (Slideshow)
      ZDNet, October 4th, 2016
      "The Raspberry Pi might be the name that springs to mind when people think of single board computers for homebrew projects, but there are other boards out there worth considering.

      • BeagleBone Black
      • Udoo Quad
      • C.H.I.P.
      • Arduino INDUSTRIAL 101
      • VoCore
      • Banana Pi M3
      • cloudBit
      • Parallella
      • NanoPC-T3
      • NanoPi 2 Fire
      • Intel Edison with Kit for Arduino
      • PixelPro

      Read on for details.

      Watch An Uber Self-Driving Car Give Two Pittsburgh Steelers A Ride
      TechCrunch, October 6th, 2016
      "Uber's self-driving cars are operating on Pittsburgh streets, so it's only natural they'd pick up some professional athletes along the way. Defensive ends Cam Heyward and Stephon Tuitt likely max out the passenger capacity of the back of that Uber-tech equipped Ford Fusion that picks them up, but they do manage to get in and take the trip.

      My favorite moment here might be when Tuitt basically says what every person contemplating a first ride in one of these is thinking before they actually get picked up by the car..."

        13 Ways Virtual Reality Could Take Off Beyond Gaming
        TechWorld, October 4th, 2016
        "Virtual reality and augmented reality technologies have dominated technology news in 2016 so far.

        HTC Vive, Facebook's Oculus Rift, Microsoft's Hololens and Playstation's gaming-focused headset have all launched to huge demand.

        So far, much of the commentary has focused on its appeal to gamers. But could it take off in other sectors too?

        Here are just a few sectors where VR and AR could have a huge impact..."

        'Atomic Sandwiches' Could Make Computers 100X Greener
        Science Daily, October 4th, 2016
        "Researchers have engineered a material that could lead to a new generation of computing devices, packing in more computing power while consuming a fraction of the energy that today's electronics require.

        Known as a magnetoelectric multiferroic material, it combines electrical and magnetic properties at room temperature and relies on a phenomenon called 'planar rumpling'..."

          Gallery: 15 Unique Analog And Mechanical Computers From Throughout History
          TechRepublic, October 2nd 2016
          "Long before electricity (or even running water) humans were seeking ways to make math easier. Whether you love mathematics or hate it you have to admit that your smartphone sure makes it easier to do even the simplest of calculations.

          As soon as humans could move beyond counting knucklebones the abacus was invented. Archeologists have been able to trace a basic form of the abacus all the way back to 2700 BC in Mesopotamia..."

            This Breakthrough Number-Changing Credit Card May Help Eliminate Fraud
            ZDNet, October 6th, 2016
            "The rotating three-digit security code on the back changes every hour, making it almost impossible for anyone without the card to use it...

            Imagine a world without credit card fraud. Impossible, you might say. And you'd probably be right. But any effort to rein it in helps.

            Every time your bank card is cloned or skimmed from an ATM or by scammer, or stolen from a website or a phishing attack, your credit card is wide open for a thief to use until you catch on and cancel it.

            That might soon be a thing of the past..."

            Wheego And Valeo Get California Road Driverless Testing Permits
            TechCrunch, October 7th, 2016
            "Self-driving car testing in California is becoming a badge of progress for companies working in the space. Only 17 companies in total have the honor, including two just added to the list: Wheego Electric Cars and Valeo North America.

            The Wall Street Journal reports that both of these new companies now have approval to run tests with a single vehicle each and four drivers per team..."

              PaaS 4 SaaS webcast on-demand
              By Juergen Kress, October 7th, 2016
              Juergen blogs, "With Oracle CX Cloud, companies not only get the most comprehensive CX offering, but also an innovative and powerful cloud platform to extend, analyze and integrate these applications with the rest of the enterprise resources, as well as to optimize them for every user. This session outlines the Cloud Platform (PaaS & IaaS) solutions that Oracle provides to streamline cloud development and empowers you to deliver enterprise-grade solutions rapidly and cost effectively. Join this event if you are interested in the most advanced way to extend, analyze and integrate the Oracle CX solutions. In subsequent webinars, we will drive you through further Integration Solutions' details..."
              IT - Bitcoin
              Bitcoin: Welcome To The Fourth Industrial Revolution
    , October 7th, 2016
              "The Fourth Industrial Revolution is profoundly altering everything around us, even the way we live. This revolution promises to create greater efficiencies in all industry sectors and to spectacularly maximize human wellbeing. However, for the Fourth Industrial Revolution to be successful, an open, borderless, payment protocol must be in place. This protocol is Bitcoin..."
              IT - DevOps
              7 Ways DevOps Benefits CISOs And Their Security Programs (Slideshow)
              CSO Online, October 4th, 2016
              "If there's ever been a wake-up call for the security industry to change their outdated ways - DevOps is it.

              Organizational culture and its processes and technology are evolving at a pace we have never experienced before. As a result, we can't just sit back and wait for the 'DevOps fad' to fade away because it isn't going to. It's not a fad - it's an evolved way of software development. Furthermore, security cannot be the elephant in the room that everyone avoids because it gets too complicated. Security must evolve, as well, segueing into SecDevOps.

              Many organizations are regularly pushing out tens if not hundreds of releases and updates on a daily basis. With help and guidance from the security team, organizations can push secure releases on the first try and save lots of money and time along the way.

              Checkmarx explains why DevOps can end up being a major benefit to security..."

              Getting Ready For All Day DevOps
    , October 7th, 2016
              "On Nov. 15, we'll be broadcasting 54 live sessions across 15 hours and 15 time zones. The All Day DevOps conference will be live, online and free. Anyone who registers can watch.

              We have invited some top-notch practitioners from around the world to speak at the event on topics ranging from DevOps transformations, to CI/CD, to automated security, to modern infrastructure (think serverless, microservices and containers). The speaker lineup will include:..."

              K-Rise Systems EASYProcess Achieves Oracle Validated Integration with Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
              By Ramona Costea, October 5th, 2016
              Ramona blogs, "K-Rise Systems, Inc., a provider of enterprise business solutions and a Gold-level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), today announced that it has achieved Oracle Validated Integration for EASYProcess 4.8 with Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2.

              The EASYProcess platform for enterprise development facilitates the creation and ongoing modifications of business applications across the business landscape through a collection of tools that leverage XML interactions, SOAP and REST API, proprietary workflow, and the creation of HTML or mobile app interfaces. By achieving Oracle Validated Integration, EASYProcess can provide an additional level of confidence to K-Rise customers..."

              MySQL for Visual Studio 2.0.4
              By Javier Trevino, October 7th, 2016
              Javier writes, "The MySQL Windows Experience Team is proud to announce the release of MySQL for Visual Studio 2.0.4 m3. Note that this is a development preview release and not intended for production usage.

              MySQL for Visual Studio 2.0.4 m3 is the third development preview release of the MySQL for Visual Studio 2.0 series. This series adds support for the new X DevAPI. The X DevAPI enables application developers to write code that combines the strengths of the relational and document models using a modern, NoSQL-like syntax that does not assume previous experience writing traditional SQL..."

              MySQL 5.7 And Administration
              By Lalit, October 7th, 2016
              Lalit blogs, "MySQL 5.7 improved as compare to previous releases in terms of transnational capabilities, performance with high load, high Availability, Security and it's defaults.

              Check my blog post : MySQL 5.7 features

              This blog post will describe End to End implementation of MySQL on Linux distributions Which will cover MySQL Installation, configuration and administration in production environment with proper configuration. So you can start using your application by implementing following setup and in future you can change it if requires..."

              MySQL Group Replication OOW Tutorial
              By Ronald Bradford, October 5th, 2016
              Ronald writes, "The second MySQL tutorial session at Oracle Open World was 'MySQL Group Replication in a Nutshell' by MySQL Community Manager Frederic Descamps. This is succinctly described as:

              'Multi-master update anywhere replication for MySQL with built-in conflict detection and resolution, automatic distributed recovery, and group membership.'

              MySQL Group Replication (GR) is a virtually synchronous replication solution which is an integral component of MySQL InnoDB Cluster announced at the MySQL keynote. You can download a labs version of MySQL InnoDB cluster which includes three components.

              • MySQL Router
              • MySQL Shell
              • MySQL Group Replication

              While included as part of MySQL InnoDB cluster, MySQL Group Replication can be run standalone..."

              Cloud Computing
              Oracle Policy Automation Cloud Service Knowledge Zone launched!
              By Ramona Costea, October 7th, 2016
              Ramona writes, "Check out our new Knowledge Zone for Oracle Policy Automation Cloud Service!

              Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) enables business users to personalize customer experiences using dynamic online omni-channel interviews. OPA automates business decisions by empowering organizations to easily automate business processes, rules, regulations and policies..."

              12 Executive Views On Moving To The Cloud
              By Margaret Harrist, October 4th, 2016
              "Whether your company is transitioning key IT assets to the cloud or just considering moving a small function or two, hearing from those who have already blazed that trail can arm you with critical insights," writes Margaret Harrist. "We gathered a dozen compelling quotes from executives who presented about their cloud experiences at Oracle OpenWorld in mid-September. These quotes provide insight into considerations and benefits you may not have considered..."
              IT - Cloud
              20 Questions To Explore With Security-As-A-Service Providers
              Dark Reading, October 5th, 2016
              "This list will help you leverage the niche expertise of security-as-a-service providers, and assess which vendor can best meet your needs

              Security-as-a-service is a topic on the minds of many people these days. It's not difficult to understand why. More and more organizations are becoming aware of the need to run security operations and incident response on a continual basis, in addition to a traditional compliance-based frequency. At the same time, many organizations today are realizing that building out a mature security capability to counter the modern threat landscape is not a simple exercise; it is a complex and ongoing endeavor that requires considerable effort and continual attention as risks and threats develop and change..."

              3 Public Cloud Fallacies: Busting The Myths
              TechRepublic, October 3rd 2016
              "Recently, Cloud Foundry Foundation CEO Sam Ramji made some strong statements against public cloud adoption. Here's a fact check.

              Given the significant momentum behind public clouds like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, it's easy to forget that private cloud providers keep selling into enterprise data centers. Red Hat, for example, is making a tidy business straddling the transitional fence between private data centers and public cloud. So is Cloud Foundry, which led my friend and Cloud Foundry Foundation CEO Sam Ramji to push back on the suggestion that the cloud wars would end with Amazon controlling all..."

              Cloud Vendor Lock-In: Myth Or Reality?
              Information Management, October 7th, 2016
              "I'm often asked by clients whether they should restrict their use of the more advanced cloud features, such as certain Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) capabilities. They share a common concern: the fear of vendor lock-in and lack of portability should they want to change their cloud supplier in the future. So is this a genuine threat or an unsubstantiated barrier to achieving cloud adoption?

              In some circumstances, I believe their concerns are well founded. That's because a degree of vendor lock-in is almost unavoidable, whether it's due to complex PaaS use, or simply down to different standard compute sizing. But it is a concern that can be turned into an opportunity with a common sense approach and, above all, a well-defined exit strategy..."

              How To Migrate It To Aws In Record Time With The Extended Ec2
              CIO, October 7th, 2016
              "One of the problems with today's IT transformation is the lack of reliable engineering approaches adapted to fast-paced business environments. Much more than we think, it prevents a productive dialogue between consultants and clients.

              While CIOs expect big pictures that demonstrate changes and benefits, certain consultants continue to address IT transformation through the specifics of the solutions they plan to implement..."

                OpenStack Newton Debuts With Improved Container Features
                eWeek, October 6th, 2016
                "The latest release of widely deployed open-source cloud platform improves security, virtualization and networking.

                The open-source OpenStack project released OpenStack Newton on Oct. 6, providing the second major milestone update for the cloud platform in 2016.

                OpenStack Newton follows the Mitaka release, which debuted in April with a focus on simplifying cloud operations. In contrast, OpenStack Newton provides a long list of incremental updates and improvements, including improved security, container support and networking capabilities..."

                PwC Study Finds Greater Trust In Cloud, More Security Spend
                Dark Reading, October 6th, 2016
                "Businesses are more comfortable with the cloud and have increased their security spending, but still face a shortage of skilled cybersecurity workers.

                A new global study shows a rise in security spending and in privacy and security awareness training programs.

                The 2017 Global State of Information Security Survey, conducted by PwC, surveyed more than 10,000 business and IT execs to learn about their current and future plans for protecting digital assets amid rising security risks..."

                SaaS Growth: Why IT Support is Crucial
                InformationWeek, October 4th, 2016
                "Despite mass adoption in recent years, there is still room for SaaS to grow. IT needs to support -- not resist -- it, reports Parthenon-EY's technology practice of Ernst & Young.

                SaaS is one of the earliest forms of cloud computing, dating back about 17 years with the launch of Salesforce CRM. (Amazon Web Services didn't come along until 2006, and Microsoft Azure was not released until 2010.) But SaaS is still a relatively young software phenomenon that has a lot of marketshare to expand into, according to a survey by Parthenon-EY's technology practice of Ernst & Young..."

                Total Spending on IT Infrastructure Products for Deployment in Clouds Up 16% in 2016 to $37 Billion - IDC
      , October 7th, 2016
                "According to the International Data Corporation's Worldwide Quarterly Cloud IT Infrastructure Forecast, total spending on IT infrastructure products (server, enterprise storage, and Ethernet switches) for deployment in cloud environments will increase by 16.2% in 2016 to $37.4 billion.

                Public cloud datacenters, at 18.6% annual growth, will account for the majority (62.5%) of this spending.

                Overall spending on IT infrastructure deployed in off-premises cloud environments (public and private) will reach $28.4 billion in 2016..."

                IT - CxO
                Does the CIO Still Call the Shots When It Comes to IT Spending
                ZDnet, October 3rd 2016
                "While information technology has come to play a crucial role inside firms, we look at whether IT leaders' stock has risen in turn...

                In today's internet-centric world, IT is fundamental to the success of business.

                But while information technology has come to play a central role inside firms, that doesn't mean the CIO is equally indispensable..."

                5 Reasons The CIO And CFO Should Be Best Friends (Slideshow)
                InformationWeek, October 7th, 2016
                "An effective IT leader needs friends on the executive committee for support on key projects and initiatives. Here is why the CFO should be the CIO's executive BFF...

                The CIO's status and influence is growing in the enterprise, according to the Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey 2016, in which 3,352 CIOs and technology leaders from 82 countries participated. The survey found that 34% of respondents now report directly to the CEO, while 57% sit on the executive board or committee..."

                7 Emergency Steps For Ending Team Conflict
                Fast Company, October 6th, 2016
                "First, the good news: We're all different people with unique talents, abilities, and personalities. And now for the bad news: We're all different people with unique talents, abilities, and personalities - which often clash. Sometimes the results of all these personalities working together are great. Other times, especially under high pressure, they aren't.

                As a startup founder, I've had to mediate quite a few clashes on teams careening toward total dysfunction. Here's what I've learned about getting things back on track..."

                  7 Ways You're Leaking Leverage (Slideshow)
                  ComputerWorld, October 6th, 2016
                  "It's easy to give vendors an advantage in negotiations without even realizing it

                  Leaking leverage in negotiations is a lot like leaking oil in a car - you won't really notice it has happened until it's too late. Vendors nearly always have an information advantage when it comes to negotiations. They are experts at gathering data, compiling research, asking questions and using other techniques to ferret out useful information to gain leverage. Here are seven ways you may be leaking leverage (without even knowing it) and how to stem the flow..."

                    A Closer Look At Data Breach Preparedness
                    HelpNet Security, October 6th, 2016
                    "Learn the 13 Questions You Must Ask Your Bot Mitigation Vendor to Secure Your Website ...

                    While most organizations have a data breach preparedness plan in place, executives are not updating or practicing the plan regularly and lack confidence in its effectiveness, according to a study by the Ponemon Institute..."

                      GE CIO Shares What He Looks For In IT Talent
                      The Enterprisers Project, October 7th, 2016
                      "When GE CIO Jim Fowler gave the keynote speech at the Boston CIO Leadership Association annual awards event this year, he gave more background on the company's planned relocation of its headquarters from Connecticut to Boston. At the time, the news was still fresh, and Fowler explained that after considering 20 cities, GE chose Boston in part because of its rich technology and education communities..."
                      What CIOs Need to Know About Crisis Management
                      ZDnet, October 3rd 2016
                      "Tech chiefs are used to disaster planning: here's how they prepare for the worst...

                      A crisis can hit any organisation, large or small, and perhaps of all the executive team it's the CIO who is best placed to share best practice on dealing with disaster when it occurs. CIOs have to deal with crises on an almost daily basis, which are often unexpected and can have huge consequences in terms of business operations.

                      Here, four IT leaders share their best practice tips for crisis management..."

                      vBeers @ Broward - Funky Buddha Brewery
                      Wednesday, September 14th, 2016: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
                      Come out and connect with other professionals in your industry!

                      The South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA) vBeers events happen four times each month, once each in these cities: Palm Beach Gardens, Oakland Park, Boca Raton and Miami.

                      These informal networking/social events provide a relaxed environment to meet with other IT professionals and promote the growth of IT in South Florida.

                      vBeers start at 6PM

                      Wednesday, September 14th @ Funky Buddha Brewery

                      Pleaase register @

                      John McLaughlin, SFTA

                      IT - DR
                      Conducting A Disaster Recovery Exercise
                      ITProPortal, October 4th, 2016
                      "Whilst spending time on your Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) might not feel like a number one priority, having an IT recovery strategy has become crucial for most companies.

                      The networks and systems used have not only become more complicated and powerful, but are often solely relied upon to provide services to customers and store sensitive data, increasing the severity of problems that do occur. Having the right procedures in place in the event of an emergency will mean your company will be able to resume normal activity within a documented timeline..."

                      Disaster Recovery - A Best Practice Approach
                      Information Age, October 6th, 2016
                      "Failing to have a disaster recovery plan in place could define the success or failure of a business...

                      Everyone agrees on the importance of having a disaster recovery (DR) strategy in place to safeguard against unexpected downtime.

                      DR is an organisation's ability to effectively recover business critical data, applications, networks and services after a failure. And a business needs these components in order to operate, make a profit and remain competitive..."

                      IT - PM
                      11 Tips For Achieving Project Portfolio Management Success
                      TechRepublic, October 2nd 2016
                      "Project managers are under pressure to meet even more business expectations. How will your IT project team rise to meet these challenges?...

                      Sometimes aligning project direction with strategic direction can be like navigating through a dense fog - the direction is not always clear, and obstacles can prove to be hazardous stumbling blocks if they aren't adequately anticipated. It seems having the right project and portfolio management tools and techniques might be a requirement for success..."

                      Empowering Your Virtual Team: The Impact Of Cloud-Based Project Management Software In The Future Of Work
                      Business 2 Community, October 3rd 2016
                      "The headway that remote work is making today presents no doubt that virtual employees will soon dominate the world's labor force. The Trends in Global Virtual Teams 2016 report published by consulting firm RW3 CultureWizard says:

                      'The 2016 survey indicates that corporate teams are now almost entirely virtual, and 41% never meet in person. ... In this year's survey, 48% of respondents revealed that more than half of their teams include members from other nations. In 2014, that figure was only 41%, and in 2012, it was only 33%...."

                        IT - Networks
                        Decoy Networks Are The Secret To Deflecting Hackers
                        Network World, October 3rd 2016
                        "A form of moving target defense where networks are mimicked will prove to be the best form of hacker defense, scientists from Penn State say...

                        Attackers have a time advantage over static computer networks because the bad guys can simply hover around the network for long periods, study it and look for an advantage. The computer network is usually just sitting there, dawdling like unfortunate prey silhouetted in a hunter's rifle scope..."

                          Evaluating SD-WAN Technologies
                          Network Computing, October 5th, 2016
                          "Software-defined WAN is hot. Here are some key considerations before making a purchase.

                          Evaluating next-generation network infrastructure technologies, including software-defined WAN, can be a difficult process. One must wade through the marketing rhetoric to find meaningful factors that differentiate various solutions. Most SD-WAN products available today offer simplified management, intelligent routing, and added security. But it's up to you to figure out which product most closely aligns with your specific needs..."

                          Taking Down The Internet: Possible But How Probable?
                          CSO Online, October 6th, 2016
                          "Unknown players - probably a nation state - are probing the defenses of the core infrastructure of the internet. How worried should we be?

                          The hack of the Democratic National Committee this past summer, allegedly by Russia, prompted a political firestorm, but didn't cause even a ripple in the US economy.

                          But imagine the economic firestorm that would result if online attackers brought the entire internet down, even temporarily..."

                          The Growing Network Divide: What It Means For Your Company And Your Career
                          Network World, October 4th, 2016
                          "Today's digital divide is about whether your network is designed to be a growth engine for your business or whether it's holding you back

                          We're leaving the Information Age and entering the Network Age, at least that's what Joshua Cooper Ramo argues in his compelling and thought-provoking business book, The Seventh Sense.

                          As we move to digitize everything from retail and services to cities and healthcare, networks are the secret sauce at the center of new business models. They separate the winners from the losers. They transform industries, social movements, governments and our everyday lives..."

                          IT - IoT
                          6 Considerations For A Successful Enterprise Iot Strategy (Slideshow)
                          eWeek, October 7th, 2016
                          "McKinsey's 'Unlocking the potential of the internet of things' report indicates that the market for IoT could reach $11 trillion by 2025, and stands to transform existing business models through predictive maintenance, better asset utilization and higher productivity. In today's competitive economic environment, organizations are looking for ways to make the most out of their data. Data derived from the internet of things is unique in that its value is asymmetric - meaning it is worth different things to different people..."
                          IoT Security Guidance Emerges
                          Network World, October 7th, 2016
                          "More than a year ago, an eye-opening RAND study on cybersecurity comprehensively explored just how vulnerable the Internet of Things (IoT) is and was going to be.

                          Afterthought-style patch-on-patch security, as well as significant vulnerability risks involved with slapping internet connectivity on previously non-connected objects, were among the startling findings and predictions in that report.

                          Since then, questions have arisen as to just how one should approach the security needs of the soon-to-be billions of networked, smart, cheap sensors expanding around the globe like popcorn..."

                          SANS Calls For Admins To Secure IoT Devices As Manufacturers Drag Feet
                          SC Magazine, October 5th, 2016
                          "With the timer set for a potential wave of high powered IoT-botnet fueled DDoS attacks triggered by the release of the Mirai source code, SANS Institute researchers are calling on system administrators to do their part in securing connected devices as they feel manufacturers have dragged their feet to address the issue.

                          More than two years ago, the SANS researchers approached DVR manufacturers about an attack which exploited a telnet server with a trivial default password and approached the manufacturer about the issue, according to an Oct. 10 blog post. .."

                          The Coming IoT Security Plague
                          InfoWorld, October 3rd 2016
                          "All those millions of new endpoints will add equally as many vulnerabilities if the industry fails to address the problem

                          The internet of things (IoT) is an $11 trillion opportunity, breathlessly gasps McKinsey & Co. It will change marketing, business, health care, and everything ... forever! declares Bosch executive Stefan Ferber and others.

                          Or it will, if it doesn't prove to be a gargantuan security hellhole..."

                          IT - Linux
                          Cockpit - A Powerful Tool To Monitor And Administer Multiple Linux Servers Using A Web Browser
                          Tecmint, October 6th, 2016
                          "Cockpit is an easy-to-use, lightweight and simple yet powerful remote manager for GNU/Linux servers, it's an interactive server administration user interface that offers a live Linux session via a web browser.

                          It can run on several Linux distributions including Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, RHEL, Arch Linux among others..."

                          IT - Operations
                          'Right-Sizing' The Data Center: A Fool's Errand?
                          Data Center Knowledge, October 4th, 2016
                          "Overprovisioned. Undersubscribed. Those are some of the most common adjectives people apply when speaking about IT architecture or data centers. Both can cause data center operational issues that can result in outages or milder reliability issues for mechanical and electrical infrastructure. The simple solution to this problem is to 'right-size your data center.'..."
                          Under Pressure In The Pursuit Of Zero Downtime
                          Data Center Journal, October 6th, 2016
                          "The business of data center infrastructure can often feel like carpentry or home repair, as pieces need to be monitored, replaced and modernized. So if maintaining a data center is like fixing a house, you need to choose a reliable foundation, especially for your mission-critical workloads.

                          Here's where the analogy breaks down: unlike home repair, the business of data center infrastructure becomes more important each year. Forrester Research suggests that nearly 75 percent of all applications are deemed mission or business critical..."

                          IT - Security
                          5 Ways To Lock Down Your Login
                          Dark Reading, October 4th, 2016
                          "New public awareness campaign inspired by the White House calls for users to think more carefully about stronger authentication...

                          There's a creeping sense that the hackers are winning. That there's not much average people can do to stop them. That we're all just hapless victims and just have to get used to having our privacy and sensitive accounts breached. We're in the so-called new normal.

                          It's just not true. While software makers and company security departments have a role to play, there's a lot average users can do to protect themselves that are inexpensive and fairly convenient..."

                          Data Security: Spotting A Scam Before Disaster
                          Business 2 Community, October 2nd 2016
                          "Back in the day, aspiring digital marketers in the SEO game could get away with formulaic set moves that would all but guarantee a top spot. Nowadays it's different - search engine optimization has evolved to such a degree that it very nearly emulates real world marketing; that is, marketing for the people.

                          And you know what? People are fickle.

                          But that's the beauty of it. Modern SEO is so dynamic that almost anything could work, but that's not to say that everything will..."

                            Data Leaks Evolving Into Weapons Of Business Destruction
                            CSO Online, October 3rd 2016
                            "Increasingly, attackers are using data leaks to target the companies themselves, going after proprietary or embarrassing information and releasing it in such a way as to do the most harm...

                            Most of the recent data breaches involve customer information such as user names and passwords, credit card numbers, and medical histories. The companies hacked are hurt -- they have to contact victims, pay for credit monitoring services and fines, and may lose customers, brand reputation, and market value -- but that is collateral damage.

                            Or it has been..."

                            Incident Response A Challenge For 98% Of Infosec Pros
                            Dark Reading, October 6th, 2016
                            "Too many alerts and too little staff leave security pros swimming in threat intel and begging for automation.

                            Ninety-eight percent of IT security pros find incident response to be a challenge and 71% say it's grown more difficult over the past two years, according to a new survey by Enterprise Strategy Group, sponsored by Hexadite..."

                            Mitigating Advanced Evasion Techniques (AETs)
                            ITProPortal, October 7th, 2016
                            "Many evasion techniques are used by malicious actors to bypass solution security controls. Attackers often combine multiple techniques, such as disguising or modifying existing threats, to create a new intrusion approach that is then very difficult to detect and as a consequence block.

                            This makes it simple for malicious payloads to be slipped undetected into vulnerable systems behind a security solution. These tactics are a direct response from malware authors to combat the visibility afforded to security administrators by today's most powerful security solutions, including Next Generation Firewalls (NGFWs)..."

                            Relentless DDoS Attack Incidents Raise Alarm For Businesses
                            Dark Reading, October 4th, 2016
                            "Threat actors increasingly using DDoS tactics as a smokescreen to hide other malicious activity, Neustar report shows.

                            If there's one thing consistent about DDoS attack trends over the past few years, it is just how predictable they have been.

                            Year after year, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks have grown relentlessly in number. And despite being a thoroughly researched and well-understood problem, they haven't become any easier to handle. Recent reports from two security firms show that the situation has changed little in the past year -- and could be on the verge of becoming worse..."

                            The Toughest Question About Regulating Self-Driving Cars May Involve Data
                            Government Technology, October 4th, 2016
                            "The Department of Transportation wants autonomous car makers to share data with each other, with regulators, and with the public, but may be the department's toughest challenge...

                            (TNS) -- The Obama administration has released its first set of regulatory guidance on self-driving cars, paving a way forward for this fledgling futuristic industry. The document itself is optimistic - full of talk about the 'great potential' of autonomous cars. But it also points out important challenges for the public and for the carmakers..."

                              Why Businesses Need To Take A Layered Approach To Security
                              ITProPortal, October 6th, 2016
                              "Another day, another high profile data breach has hit the headlines. Taking a layered approach to security has never been more important - both from a business and consumer point of view.

                              The question is: if you don't know you have been hacked, what can you do about it? Quite simply, becoming aware of a breach is crucial if organisations are to respond to it and minimise the impacts. A well-defined incident response plan is important, although focusing purely on a response is not enough. If a business doesn't know an incident has occurred, how can it put a plan into action..."

                              Why Cybersecurity Spending Will Drive Business Digitization
                              CIO, October 6th, 2016
                              "As companies shift to digital technologies, they are investing more money in tools to protect their corporate networks and inviting CISOs to help plan and implement enterprise architecture...

                              The days of CEOs regarding data protection technologies and staff as a budget drain and operating tax that stifles innovation are over. Galvanized by high-profile breaches, companies are shelling out more money to shore up corporate defenses. CEOs also recognize that security is table stakes for building digital products and are entrusting their CISOs with more responsibilities..."

                              IT - Careers
                              How 'Doing A Bad Job' May Just Be 'Good Enough' To Be Great
                              TLNT, October 3rd 2016
                              "Demand for speed has overtaken all other priorities, it seems; whether it's a program, a deliverable, a result, or a change, leaders want it NOW or YESTERDAY. And that's understandable - most leaders are themselves under tremendous pressure to deliver results. Fast.

                              Understandable too is the reaction to that demand. Get busy! Do stuff! Hurry up! And many people do get busy, as fast as possible, in an attempt to respond to the demand, check the box, and move on to the next item in the pile of 'stuff to do' that has become commonplace in knowledge work..."

                                I Review Hundreds Of Cover Letters - Here's What I Instantly Reject
                                Fast Company, October 4th, 2016
                                "I've read a lot of cover letters throughout my career. When I was a fellowship program manager, I reviewed them in consideration for more than 60 open positions each year. So I saw it all - the good, the bad, and the standout examples that I can still remember.

                                As a result, I've become the go-to friend when people need feedback on their job applications. Based on my own experience putting people in the 'yes' (and 'no') pile, I'm able to give these cover letters a quick scan and immediately identify what'll turn a hiring manager off..."

                                  Relocation Packages: When To Consider Offering Them To Potential Hires
                                  Business 2 Community, October 8th, 2016
                                  "It's hard to overstate the importance of finding the right hires to fit your team dynamic and help meet the growing needs of your business. In some industries and geographical regions, however, locating highly qualified candidates who possess the right combination of skills and experience to fill specialized positions can be a real challenge at times. That's where a willingness to cover relocation costs to pave the way for skilled hires and can be a powerful way to bring new talent into the fold.

                                  Here's a look at five situations where offering relocation packages to prospective hires can help you overcome the hurdles along the path towards building your next dream team..."

                                    IT - Backup
                                    Do You Always Need To Backup?
                                    Storage-Switzerland, October 7th, 2016
                                    "Typically backup is the copying of data from one type of storage system (e.g. primary storage) into another type of storage system (e.g. backup system) for the purposes of recovery in case the first copy becomes unavailable. This definition works with a lot of different types of backup in use today. It, of course, includes traditional backup, whether that backup is sent to disk or tape. It also includes backup methodologies such as continuous data protection (CDP) and near continuous data protection (near-CDP), both of which involve replicating data out of the protected storage system into a different storage system. All of these different types of systems are based on one premise: that the original storage system is not able to protect itself. The question is: what if the storage system could protect itself? Would you still need to deploy a traditional backup regiment?..."
                                    IT - Mobile
                                    Drones Could Help With Disasters Like Hurricane Matthew
                                    ComputerWorld, October 6th, 2016
                                    "Tests by Verizon and AT&T would create flying hot spots for 4G LTE wireless service

                                    Weather disasters like Hurricane Matthew are pushing wireless carriers to test drones and other unmanned aircraft that can act as wireless hot spots for 4G LTE connections to help emergency responders.

                                    Verizon announced Thursday it had just completed a simulation in Cape May, N.J., using unmanned planes to act as flying hot spots for 4G LTE connections. First responders could use those hot spots to communicate in remote places where wireless antennas were lost or unavailable..."

                                    IT - Big Data
                                    3 Harsh Truths About Big Data
                                    SmartDataCollective, October 6th, 2016
                                    "With this year's Strata + Hadoop World conference in New York over, and after recovering from a hectic week of live demos, presentations and introducing Sisense to anyone who had half a mind to listen, I wanted to take a moment to look back at the event and mostly - how it reflects on the current big data landscape.

                                    Because before everything else, Strata is the place where people go to talk about bona fide big data: not the marketing-speak, amorphous 'big data' that vendors use to describe anything with a whiff of interactive charts or a glimmer of NoSQL; but the actual, massive, unstructured or semi-structured datasets that only a minority of businesses are dealing with today..."

                                    Big Data Machine Learning: Telco Fraud Detection Points The Way
                                    insideBIGDATA, October 7th, 2016
                                    "In this special guest feature, Padraig Stapleton, VP of Engineering at Argyle Data discusses how the use of machine learning can help mobile operators like Verizon, BT, and others use big data and machine learning technologies to help detect and stop, cyber gangs in real-time, from stealing $billions via global mobile fraud. Padraig Stapleton brings years of industry-leading management and technical expertise across a number of areas including mobile telecommunications and big data..."
                                    Big Data Spending On The Rise
                                    Datamation, October 5th, 2016
                                    "Gartner and IDC agree: Big Data spending is up. However, challenges remain and not all enterprises are boosting their investments...

                                    A growing number of businesses are bulking up their big data capabilities finds two new studies from technology research firms Gartner and IDC.

                                    In its survey of 199 IT and business leaders, Gartner found that nearly half (48 percent) had invested in big data technology this year, a 3 percent gain compared to last year. Yet in the next two years, twenty-five percent said they plan to invest in big data this year, a considerable drop from 31 percent in 2015..."

                                    The Top 5 Trends In Big Data For 2017
                                    Information Management, October 7th, 2016
                                    "Last year the big data market centered squarely on technology around the Hadoop ecosystem. Since then, it's been all about 'putting big data to work' through use cases shown to generate ROI from increased revenue and productivity and lower risk.

                                    Now, big data continues its march beyond the crater. Next year we can expect to see more mainstream companies adopting big data and IoT, with traditionally conservative and skeptic organizations starting to take the plunge..."

                                    Using Big Data For Intelligent Enterprise Security
                                    Help Net Security, October 4th, 2016
                                    "No industry remains untouched by the potential of Big Data - and the cybersecurity sector is certainly no exception. A recent MarketsandMarkets study predicted the cybersecurity analytics market would grow from $2.83 Billion US in 2016 to $9.38 Billion in 2021, a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 27.1%.

                                    This reason for this vast growth is relatively straightforward to understand. With an ever-more sophisticated and better-funded attack environment, many of the most insidious and potentially dangerous threats demand very deep insight into an organisation's data, networks, and usage for detection..."

                                    IT - BYOD
                                    How VDI Can Work In Tandem With Byod In The Workplace (Slideshow)
                                    eWeek, October 5th, 2016
                                    "Virtual desktop systems using monitor-only terminals are thought to be the best way to keep a business's data separate from private information and safe from hackers. All the data is kept in a central server and nothing in the entry terminals; the fewer attack surfaces, the better. This use case is viable for many types of enterprises, and it is still a half-billion business that Citrix, VMware, Microsoft, Dell, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and other companies continue to supply and maintain..."
                                    Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                    Vol 223 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 222 Issues 2, 3, 4 and 5
                                    We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                    • Cloud Roadmap: Hardware Strategy Is First Step in the Right Direction
                                    • MySQL 8.0 and the thread sanitizer
                                    • LibreOffice celebrates its 6th anniversary with bug fixes and minor improvements
                                    • Oracle OpenWorld 2016 Content Now Available
                                    • Business Insights From Oracle And San Francisco Giants CEOs
                                    • Oracle CEO Safra Catz: SMBs 'Propel The Future'
                                    • Future Of Connected Cars, According To Industry Software Visionary
                                    • Oracle Cloud Platform as a Service: Gain the Necessary Skills
                                    • Oracle Database Security Courses Now Available!
                                    • Defense-in-Depth for Cloud Databases

                                    The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                      IT - Server
                                      Hyperconverged Infrastructure Is Now A Data Center Mainstay
                                      Network Computing, October 5th, 2016
                                      "451 Research finds that 40% of enterprises report that hyperconverged infrastructure occupies the core of the data center.

                                      Hyperconverged infrastructure, where networking, compute, and storage are assembled in a commodity hardware box and virtualized together, is no longer the odd man out. Compared with converged infrastructure -- a hardware oriented combination of networking and compute -- hyperconverged brings three data center elements together in a virtualized environment..."

                                      LibreOffice 5.2.2 available for download
                                      The Document Foundation, October 3rd, 2016
                                      Just one day after the project 6th anniversary The Document Foundation (TDF) announces the availability of LibreOffice 5.2.2, the second minor release of the LibreOffice 5.2 family.

                                      LibreOffice 5.2.2, targeted at technology enthusiasts, early adopters and power users, provides a number of fixes over the major release announced in August. For all other users and enterprise deployments, TDF suggests LibreOffice 5.1.5 'still', with the backing of professional support by certified people.

                                      Reasons to upgrade to Enterprise Manager 13.2
                                      By Sudip Datta, October 5th, 2016
                                      "Before, during and after the Open World, I have received numerous queries on the release of Enterprise Manager 13.2," blogs Sudip. "This is an important release for Enterprise Manager 12c customers whose Premier Support expires this month and who traditionally wait for the release 2 of any product before upgrading, and for customers who have already upgraded to 13c, but want their critical issues addressed. And there are specific capabilities that are sought for by a specific set of customers, for example, security-sensitive customers have been asking for TLS 1.2 support..."
                                      Enterprise Manager 13.2 Now Available
                                      By Sudip Datta, October 5th, 2016
                                      Sudip blogs, "Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c Release 2 (13.2) is now publicly available. This release marks an important milestone in the ongoing evolution of Oracle's on-premise systems management platform, which provides a single pane of glass for customers to manage the Oracle stack, whether in their on-premises data centers or in the Oracle Cloud. Through deep integration with Oracle's product stack, Oracle Enterprise Manager provides market-leading management and automation support for Oracle applications, databases, middleware, hardware and engineered systems..."
                                      Top 5 Favorite NetBeans IDE 8.2 Features
                                      By Geertjan Wielenga , October 3rd, 2016
                                      Geertjan blogs, "With the release of NetBeans IDE 8.2, here are my favorite features! ..."

                                      • The Release Itself
                                      • Multiple Cursor Support
                                      • Oracle JET Features
                                      • Bling Bling
                                      • Darcula

                                      Read on for details.

                                      NetBeans and Apache
                                      By Geertjan Wielenga , October 4th, 2016
                                      Geertjan blogs, "Now that NetBeans is in the Apache Incubator, here are some feelings from my side on the process and on where we currently are.."

                                      • Philosophically always Apache
                                      • Continual demands for more open participation
                                      • Shared leadership, shared responsibility

                                      Read on for details.

                                      Nexenta News
                                      Designing an All-Flash Object Store
                                      Nexenta, October 4th, 2016
                                      George Crump of Storage Swiss writes, "Object storage is set to become THE way organizations will store unstructured data. As this transition occurs those same organizations are expecting more from object storage than just a 'cheap and deep' way to store information. They expect the system will deliver data as fast as their analytics applications want it. The problem is that in terms of performance most object storage systems are sorely lacking. The reality is the transition to high performance object storage will require more than simply throwing flash at the problem. Underlying object storage software needs to change..."
                                      The Big Five with Tarkan Maner
                                      Five questions on the future of data, businesses and technology with Tarkan Maner, Chairman and CEO of Nexenta
                                      Data is the new economy driving our world. Our ability to define, connect, and leverage insights is enabled by a wave of technological innovation and a profound evolution in storage architecture. We asked tech leaders five questions about their perspective on the prolific changes happening in data center technology, and where data and businesses are heading.
                                        Dell News
                                        Dell Services Federal Government (DSFG) Awarded $88M Contract with the National Science Foundation (NSF)
                                        Dell, October 3rd 2016
                                        Dell Services Federal Government (DSFG) announced it was awarded a five-year, $88 million Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) with the National Science Foundation (NSF). As part of the agreement, DSFG will provide Information Technology (IT) delivery services and help desk services for 1,850 on-site and remote users as well as first-call resolution for approximately 250,000 customers worldwide. These services will help the NSF continue advanced technology support for its worldwide researchers and staff, to fully enhance its mission.
                                        Dell Statistica Further Empowers Citizen Data Scientists With Collective Intelligence
                                        Integration with analytics marketplaces enables users to leverage power of the global data science community
                                        Dell Software Group announced the next major release of its award-winning advanced analytics platform, Dell Statistica 13.2. The latest release of Statistica helps companies transform their businesses and achieve new levels of success by embedding analytics everywhere and empowering a wider community of users and use cases. Key features include new collective intelligence capabilities to enable native integration with open source and application marketplaces, a new user interface designed to mask complexity and simplify workflows for citizen data scientists, and the ability to distribute data preparation and analytic workflows to any edge device or gateway.
                                        Microsoft News
                                        Microsoft and Advanced Energy Economy give predictive power to online advocacy platform
                                        Microsoft, October 7th, 2016
                                        Microsoft Corp. and the business group Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) announced a new predictive policy tool to support legislative advocacy in energy. Powered by Microsoft Azure integrated cloud-computing services and machine learning, AEE's PowerSuite online bill-tracking platform will now enable AEE member companies and state partner organizations to leverage data and analytics in new ways.
                                        Microsoft and Agder Energi collaborate
                                        to build an intelligent grid powered by an intelligent cloud
                                        At Nordic Edge Expo, Agder Energi, Microsoft Corp. and Powel AS announced a pilot project that will help create a more efficient, flexible and intelligent grid of the future.

                                        The project will leverage intelligent technology to create a cutting-edge smart grid solution that will prepare the grid for greater renewable integration and help keep pace with growing energy consumption. The Microsoft Azure intelligent cloud, PowerBI and Azure IoT Hub were combined with expertise from Powel to provide Agder Energi with tools to improve dispatch of new energy resources, including device controls and predictive forecasting for situational awareness.

                                        ABB and Microsoft partner to drive digital industrial transformation
                                        Microsoft, October 4th, 2016
                                        ABB and Microsoft Corp. announced a strategic partnership to help industrial customers create new value with digital solutions. Customers will benefit from the unique combination of Microsoft's intelligent cloud and ABB's deep domain knowledge and extensive portfolio of industrial solutions.

                                        The two partners are committed to empowering digital transformation in customer segments such as robotics, marine and ports, electric vehicles and renewable energy. By selecting Microsoft Azure as the cloud for its integrated connectivity platform, ABB's customers will now have access to an enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure that benefits from billions of dollars of ongoing investment.

                                        Microsoft increases European cloud investment to $3 billion, unveils cloud policy recommendations
                                        Microsoft, October 3rd 2016
                                        Reflecting the significant investment Microsoft Corp. is making in cloud computing in Europe, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and president Brad Smith on Monday shared new details about how this momentum is taking shape. Nadella stated that Microsoft has more than doubled its cloud capacity in Europe in the past year, noted that the company has invested over $3 billion (USD) across Europe to date, and shared that Microsoft intends to deliver the Microsoft Cloud from datacenters in France, starting in 2017.
                                        Symantec News
                                        Symantec Selects VMware AirWatch to Build Enhanced Endpoint Security Integrations
                                        Symantec and VMware will deliver an integrated approach to mobile threat defense and remediation
                                        At Connect 2016, Symantec a global leader in cyber security, and VMware a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility, announced the development of a strategic partnership to bring together endpoint management and threat security where Symantec joins the VMware Mobile Security Alliance.

                                        Effective cyber security requires understanding and leveraging the latest in information intelligence, machine learning, behavior analysis, zero-day threats and big data. It is crucial to bring this type of intelligence into mobile security as devices and apps have increasingly become the target for cyber attacks ranging from malware to ransomware.

                                        IBM News
                                        IBM Bolsters Social Services Sector With Technology Grants
                                        Launches $18 million grant program that uses cloud computing to improve services for those most in need
                                        IBM is kicking off an $18 million grant program to put no-cost cloud hosting, customizable software, and consulting services into the hands of not-for-profit social service agencies that qualify.

                                        Called IBM SafetyNet, the software can help not-for-profits -- such as those that provide services related to behavioral health, child welfare, after school recreation, job training and senior citizen needs -- evaluate and document the success of their programs more effectively. The record keeping and analysis that can be performed with IBM SafetyNet can improve budgetary accountability, lead decision makers to design better programs, and enable staff to spend more time helping clients instead of performing paperwork. Data analysis offered by the software also enables social service providers to pinpoint and address gaps in their client service.

                                        Royal Bank of Scotland Engages IBM Watson For Cognitive Insights to Better Serve Customers
                                        'Luvo' chatbot begins helping customers in December, answering questions or quickly routing requests to advisors
                                        IBM and Royal Bank of Scotland today announced the first pilot with customers of 'Luvo' a cognitive chat bot that allows people to interact with an AI-powered platform. Luvo leverages IBM Watson Conversation, a cloud-based cognitive service, to enhance the customer service experience.

                                        The bank will begin making Luvo accessible via its webchat service in December, starting with around 10 percent of Royal Bank customers in Scotland that use webchat, helping to answer specific queries on everything from 'How do I authorise my card to be used overseas?' to 'How do I update my home address with the bank'? Luvo will be able to answer these simple questions in just a split second while directing customers to a human to answer more complex questions. Following a successful pilot, Luvo is expected to roll out to the bank's NatWest customers.

                                        New Cold and Flu Tracker from The Weather Company, an IBM Business, Provides Consumers with Real-Time Updates of Flu Activity at a Hyper-Local Level
                                        Sponsored by GSK' Consumer Healthcare's Theraflu brand, Weather's Cold and Flu Tracker Leverages Cognitive Technologies to Share Localized Cold and Flu Activity with Consumers
                                        The Weather Company, an IBM Business, announced a new cold and flu experience that will leverage real-time sentiment data to provide updates on cold and flu activity at a hyperlocal level. The Cold and Flu Tracker, sponsored by GSK Consumer Healthcare's (GSK) Theraflu brand, is available on,, and The Weather Channel app. Previously, users may not have been aware of cold and flu activity in their state until the weekly CDC flu report was released. Now, users will know in real-time when cold and flu activity is spiking in their area, and can take action to help protect themselves from the virus.
                                        IBM and AT&T Strengthen Alliance by Offering Advanced Cloud Networking to Businesses
                                        Tteaming to help businesses manage their networking services more effectively and efficiently
                                        In a world in which hybrid cloud and IT-as-a-service deployments have quickly become a business imperative, existing networks do not offer the agility and support needed to respond to the demands of today's ever-changing business climate.

                                        AT&T and IBM are working together to help businesses meet these needs. Through the expansion of their strategic relationship, IBM will take advantage of AT&T's new offering AT&T FlexWare, a transformative solution announced this summer that makes it easy to set up and manage virtual network functions (VNFs) on a single device. AT&T FlexWare, formerly called AT&T Network Functions on Demand, is available globally through the AT&T Network on Demand platform. The solution features both software-defined networking and network function virtualization technologies.

                                        Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals Plans Cognitive Hospital Rooms powered by IBM Watson Internet of Things
                                        IBM, October 4th, 2016
                                        Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals Inc., three facilities with more than 900 acute care beds and part of Jefferson Health in Center City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is working with IBM to launch cognitive hospital rooms powered by IBM Watson Internet of Things (IoT) designed to enhance the patient experience and help bring deeper levels of personalized, agile and responsive care to its patients. Jefferson is currently planning to deploy speakers in some hospital rooms, providing patients in those rooms with access to basic information, as well as more control over their surroundings to help make their stay more comfortable.
                                        IBM Invests to Lead Global Internet of Things Market - Shows Accelerated Client Adoption
                                        USD 200M Investment in Global Watson IoT Headquarters in Munich - One of IBM's Largest in Europe to Date
                                        IBM unveiled a $200 million USD investment in the new global headquarters for its Watson Internet of Things (IoT) business in Munich, new IoT capabilities around Blockchain and security and an array of clients that are driving real outcomes by using Watson IoT technologies to draw insights from billions of sensors embedded in machines, cars, drones, ball bearings, pieces of equipment and even hospitals.
                                        Aerialtronics Commercial Drones Give IBM Watson Internet of Things a Bird's Eye View
                                        IBM Watson Powered Drones Enable Cognitive Inspection with IBM Cloud, Improving Insights and Bringing New Efficiencies to Manual Inspections
                                        IBM and Aerialtronics, a Netherlands-based designer and producer of unmanned aircraft systems, today announced the first commercial drones featuring cognitive computing capabilities from the IBM Watson Internet of Things (IoT) Platform on IBM Cloud. Aerialtronics vehicles can provide high-quality inspection services for global organizations across multiple industries, from monitoring city traffic patterns to inspecting wind turbines, oil rigs and cell tower optimization.
                                        Schaeffler and IBM Sign Watson IoT Partnership for New Industrial Era
                                        German industrial heavyweight taps cognitive solutions to keep the world moving
                                        Schaeffler, one of the world's leading automotive and industrial suppliers, has signed a multi-year strategic partnership agreement with IBM to accelerate the digital transformation of its entire operations and customer solutions using Watson's cognitive intelligence and insight from billions of sensors that make up the Internet of Things (IoT).

                                        Schaeffler manufactures millions of precision-engineered products that help to keep the world's machines moving - from those that go into automotive clutch systems, to those in hybrid engines and the huge industrial bearings used in wind turbines. Through the agreement, Schaeffler will tap IBM's cloud-based Watson IoT technologies to help transform every aspect of its business from product development, through to manufacturing and its supply chain, sales and aftersales service.

                                        IBM and Majesco Form Partnership to Accelerate New Insurance Services on IBM Cloud
                                        IBM's new Industry Platform helps drive a more competitive insurance marketplace with cloud, cognitive advances
                                        IBM announced a five-year partnership with Majesco, a global provider of core insurance software, consulting and services for insurance business transformation, to jointly offer a new cognitive, cloud-based platform to help insurance carriers worldwide create new services on IBM Cloud.

                                        The global partnership is intended to help provide clients with the ability to speed the development of new customer services with predictive data analytics for insurance providers to bring new solutions to their clients. It also becomes the first in what is expected to be a wave of industry partnerships under IBM's recently announced Industry Platforms business. The new unit was formed to build open industry platforms and the first comprehensive 'as a service' solutions designed from the ground up for individual industries.

                                        Fujitsu News
                                        Fujitsu Begins Sales of City Monitoring and Parking Management Solutions that Employ AI Technology
                                        Grasps increasingly complex, real-time urban conditions with AI, supercomputer technology
                                        Fujitsu announced development of solutions that make use of images from surveillance cameras deployed throughout a city or inside a facility, using high-speed image processing technology cultivated with its Human Centric AI Zinrai artificial intelligence and supercomputer technologies. FUJITSU Technical Computing Solution GREENAGES Citywide Surveillance software, which enables a real-time understanding of urban conditions, and FUJITSU Technical Computing Solution GREENAGES Parking Analysis software for intelligent parking management, will be available for sale in Japan from today.
                                        Fujitsu Launches Resale, Deployment and Support for Cisco Retail Technology Solutions in North America
                                        Strengthened Gold Partner alliance to deliver transformation of the in-store customer experience with Cisco's latest retail store infrastructure portfolio solutions
                                        Fujitsu launched its Cisco retail technology resale, deployment and support program. As first announced earlier this year at the National Retail Federation (NRF) BIG Show on January 19, 2016, Fujitsu has expanded its Gold Partnership with Cisco providing a targeted set of in-store technology solutions to retailers across North America. This expanded partnership enables Fujitsu Americas to source, deploy and support Cisco in-store retail technology solutions ...
                                        VMware News
                                        Symantec Selects VMware AirWatch to Build Enhanced Endpoint Security Integrations
                                        Symantec and VMware Will Deliver an Integrated Approach to Mobile Threat Defense and Remediation
                                        At Connect 2016, Symantec a global leader in cyber security, and VMware a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility, announced the development of a strategic partnership to bring together endpoint management and threat security where Symantec joins the VMware Mobile Security Alliance.

                                        Effective cyber security requires understanding and leveraging the latest in information intelligence, machine learning, behavior analysis, zero-day threats and big data. It is crucial to bring this type of intelligence into mobile security as devices and apps have increasingly become the target for cyber attacks ranging from malware to ransomware. In the 2016 Internet Security Threat Report, Symantec reported that new mobile vulnerabilities increased by 214 percent in 2015. This validates the need to complement threat intelligence with comprehensive endpoint management to achieve end-to-end security from the device to inside the data center.

                                        VMware Shares Vision for Intelligent Analytics from VMware AirWatch
                                        VMware is Building AirWatch Into an Intelligent Platform That Will Deliver Smart Recommendations for IT and Businesses
                                        At Connect 2016, VMware, Inc., a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility, showcased its progress and continued vision to develop VMware AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) into an analytics platform that delivers IT and business units intelligent insights derived from deployments. VMware will demonstrate how the platform could anonymously gather information and provide insights, recommendations and automated actions to improve an organization's mobility deployment, compliance and security. Additionally, VMware will showcase on stage at Connect a tech preview of new, dynamic custom reporting engine within VMware AirWatch, one of the first steps in delivering this analytics platform to customers.
                                        VMware Outlines the Future of the Digital Workspace at Connect 2016
                                        AirWatch moves into a new category of Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), extending EMM with comprehensive cloud-based Windows lifecycle, smart glass and IoT management
                                        At Connect 2016, VMware, Inc., a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility, shared how businesses can embrace the future of mobility powered by its suite of End-User Computing solutions. The next-generation VMware AirWatch Unified Endpoint Management and VMware Workspace ONE extends VMware AirWatch into cloud-based management for traditional desktops and new-age connected devices, while providing users with the apps and services they need to work digitally.
                                        VMware AirWatch Adds Industry's First Unified Solution for Smart Glasses Management for Augmented and Mixed Reality Experiences
                                        VMware Collaborates With APX Labs, Atheer, Intel, ODG, and VUZIX Corp to Bring Enterprise Scalable Management and Security to Wearable Devices
                                        At Connect 2016, VMware, Inc., a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility, announced the addition of new smart glasses management features to VMware AirWatch. The update will bring a consistent management platform to streamlined onboarding experiences, network setup and application deployment to organizations seeking to leverage augmented and mixed reality devices to transform business processes. VMware is the first unified endpoint management solution to extend into wearables, enabling customers to manage their smart glasses alongside existing desktop and mobile endpoints. VMware is also collaborating with APX Labs, Atheer, Intel, ODG and VUZIX Corp to help deliver wearable management and app delivery solutions at scale.
                                        Red Hat News
                                        Friday Five - October 7, 2016
                                        Red Hat, October 7th, 2016
                                        "The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat blog post with 5 of the week's top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye.

                                        • ZDNet - Red Hat claims headway in Asia, bets big on container and hybrid cloud
                                        • Red Hat Blog - Considerations when planning an IoT project investment, by Carrie MacGillivray, vice president, IoT and Mobility, IDC
                                        • 1 month left to submit your organization for the 2017 Red Hat Innovation Awards!
                                        • Computer Weekly - Flytoget's digital transformation accelerates express train service
                                        • Seneca College transforms IT service delivery with Red Hat

                                        Read on for details.

                                        Level3 News
                                        Technology Has Played Important Role in Shaping Democracy
                                        Level 3 Video Series and Infographic Explore Technology's Role in U.S. Elections
                                        By recent estimates, more than 218 million people are eligible to vote in the Nov. 8 presidential election. What is on the mind of voters? Ahead of the first presidential debate, Level 3 Communications brought together leaders from academia, government, media and cybersecurity sectors for a Twitter Chat around online voting. The chat covered the pros and cons of online voting, how to secure the process and how the U.S. could implement online voting with the technology we have today.
                                          EMC News
                                          New Dell EMC InfoArchive Solutions Provide Choice While Solving Accessibility and Compliance Challenges
                                          InfoArchive as a Service (IAaaS), InfoArchive 4.1, and Clinical Archiving 2.0 Software Provide New Functionality for Enterprise and Healthcare Customers
                                          Dell EMC Enterprise Content Division (ECD), a leader in the enterprise content management industry, announced the introduction of Dell EMC InfoArchive as a Service (IAaaS), the newest addition to ECD's roster of managed service solutions, as well as the general availability of Dell EMC InfoArchive 4.1 and Dell EMC Clinical Archiving 2.0 software.

                                          InfoArchive is the next-generation enterprise archiving platform that accelerates IT transformation by securing and leveraging critical application data - both structured and unstructured. It enables large-scale application retirement, optimization of production environments and facilitates application data integration and reuse - supporting new users, cloud applications and analytics. InfoArchive enables corporations to preserve the value of enterprise information - to comply with retention and compliance requirements - in an easily accessible unified archive.

                                          HP News
                                          HPE First To Market With Persistent Memory Server Platform
                                          HPE, October 6th, 2016
                                          Meghan Ottolini writes, "Hewlett Packard Enterprise won the race to market with its persistent memory server platform offering, the first server platform of its kind in the industry.

                                          HPE Vice President Tim Peters calls the technology 'incredibly fast' and 'incredibly influential'..."

                                            Comcast News
                                            Comcast Launches Enterprise Internet of Things Trial Venture
                                            Comcast is collaborating with Semtech to provide LoRa Technology Internet of Things solutions for enterprises.
                                            Comcast announced machineQ, a new business trial venture focused on building business-to-business solutions and a platform for the Internet of Things (IoT). As a part of machineQ, Comcast will work with select commercial partners in proof of concepts to use its network to enable partners to gather, transmit, and analyze data from connected devices distributed throughout their organizations.

                                            Comcast will use Semtech Corporation's globally-proven LoRa Wireless Radio Frequency Technology to deploy network trials in Philadelphia and San Francisco later this year.

                                            Windstream News
                                            Windstream connects nearly 300 Department of Veterans Affairs locations as part of agency's efforts to consolidate services
                                            Windstream connects nearly 300 Department of Veterans Affairs locations as part of agency's efforts to consolidate services
                                            Windstream is providing voice, data and internet services to VA locations across the country that help reduce costs and provide higher-quality services to our nation's veterans

                                            Windstream, a leading provider of advanced network communications, today announced that it has connected nearly 300 Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) locations across the country within the first year of being named an authorized network services provider for the VA's National Consolidation of Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) Services Contract.

                                              Netapp News
                                              UMC New Orleans Delivers Quality Healthcare Services with NetApp
                                              Sapphire Health, CMA Technology, and NetApp build new infrastructure for New Orleans-based hospital system,
                                              'University Medical Center 'UMC' New Orleans, a public-private partnership with the State of Louisiana, was built and founded by the State and is the first of five hospitals in the LCMC Health system with Epic deployed as the EMR,' said Tanya Townsend, CIO of LCMC Health. 'Sapphire Health's understanding of our requirements, CMA Technology Solutions' delivery of the core Epic infrastructure, and NetApp All Flash FAS enabled us to meet consolidation and integration requirements. We quickly built out two new data centers capable of delivering critical patient data to thousands of clinical users.'
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