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White Paper: Defense-in-Depth for Cloud Databases

Toyota Selects Oracle Cloud to Analyze Ha:mo Sharing Service in Verification Project.

6 Business Insights From Oracle And San Francisco Giants CEOs.

Friday Spotlight: Get Trained on Simplified Cloud Management

LibreOffice celebrates its 6th anniversary with bug fixes and minor improvements

Oracle News
Toyota Selects Oracle Cloud to Analyze Ha:mo Sharing Service in Verification Project
Using Oracle's cloud-based data visualization service to analyze usage trends of Ha:mo RIDE sharing service
Oracle announced that Toyota Motor Corporation selected Oracle Cloud to analyze the usage trend of Ha:mo RIDE, an ultra-small mobility sharing service that it deploys in the Ha:mo low-carbon transportation system verification project.

Ha:mo is a transportation system that connects personal transportation modes and public transportation for seamless and enjoyable local mobility. The verification project was launched in Toyota City in October 2012. Using a vehicle management system connecting users, cars and parking stations, Toyota currently offers the Ha:mo RIDE sharing service with Toyota Auto Body's COMS.

Oracle Report Shows Smart Devices Fueling Rise in LTE Network Traffic
New Oracle Index Provides Communications Professionals a Road Map to Better Plan For and Manage Global Growth in LTE Diameter Signaling
Oracle announced the 'Oracle Communications LTE Diameter Signaling Index, Fifth Edition,' highlighting the explosive growth in LTE Diameter Signaling traffic as a result of advancements in consumer technologies such as streaming video and connected devices. Diameter signaling is a protocol or language critical network functions use to communicate across core LTE networks. The report demonstrates that Diameter signaling shows no sign of slowing and is expected to generate 565 million messages per second (MPS) by 2020. As 5G implementations begin to roll out in years to come, Diameter growth will only accelerate as the signaling technology for 5G as well.
Oracle Marketing Cloud Extends Leadership with Next Generation of Cross-Channel Orchestration Canvas
Marketers are able to more quickly and easily deliver personalized experiences at scale
Oracle announced industry-first innovations to the Oracle Marketing Cloud that will transform the way consumer marketers interact with customers across channels. First to market in 2009 with the 'Program Canvas', these new enhancements make it easier for marketers to develop personalized customer experiences across web, mobile web, display, mobile apps and email, and to deliver these experiences based on unified consumer identities from different channels. For the first time, brands will be able to orchestrate a consistent and personalized experience to consumers at scale.
Defense-in-Depth for Cloud Databases
By Dinesh Rajasekharan
"Cloud computing is revolutionizing Information Technology through its cost and operational flexibility. Organizations are rapidly adopting cloud computing, but the transition is still in progress with many organizations keeping their mission-critical applications on-premises. Even though migrating to the cloud can be a cost-effective option, some organizations are concerned about the availability of their applications, network latency, and network throughput. For some organizations, lift and shift of their on-premises applications is not trivial due to several platform and application components. But there is one common concern cutting across all organizations and that is 'security.' Shared infrastructure and lack of direct control fueled by increasing data breaches are the top concerns for organizations considering cloud adoption.

Whether on-premises or in the cloud, databases are the repositories of sensitive data and therefore are attractive targets for attackers. This paper describes a methodology to protect sensitive information in cloud databases and yet retain control on-premises..."

Friday Spotlight: Get Trained on Simplified Cloud Management
By Antoinette O'Sullivan
Antoinette blogs, "The Oracle Private Cloud Appliance delivers on the promise of simplified cloud management. This converged infrastructure solution consists of preconfigured Oracle server, network, and storage hardware and Oracle software, to create a highly configurable pool of memory, CPU, and storage resources for running applications in a virtualization environment.

To learn about the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance, take the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance: Overview. You can take this course in the following formats:.."

2016 Oracle Excellence Awards... and the Winners for the Data Integration & Governance Category are...
By Sandrine Riley
Sandrine writes, "Every year at OpenWorld, Oracle announces the winners to its most prestigious awards, the Oracle Excellence Awards. This year, as we have in previous years, we celebrated in style! In an Oscars-like ceremony on Tuesday, September 20th, customers were highlighted for their innovative solutions. Congratulations to all winners!

Let me introduce this year's 2016 Data Integration & Governance category winners:..."

Future Of Connected Cars, According To Industry Software Visionary
Forbes, September 29th, 2016
Rob writes, "As CEO of Connexion Media, the company whose software powers General Motors' Commercial Link vehicle management service, George Parthimos is at the forefront of the movement known as the 'connected car.' It's a market with almost endless possibilities, one whose data and mobility services by themselves could generate as much as $1.5 trillion in revenue by 2030, according to McKinsey..."
Oracle CEO Safra Catz: SMBs 'Propel The Future'
Forbes, September 29th, 2016
John Soat writes, "Cloud computing gives small and medium-size businesses a 'phenomenal opportunity' to take advantage of sophisticated enterprise technology -historically the purview of only large companies - at low cost and with relative ease, Oracle CEO Safra Catz told an enthusiastic audience of SMB owners at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco last week. But companies need to act now, Catz warned, because the pace of change is only accelerating..."
6 Business Insights From Oracle And San Francisco Giants CEOs
Forbes, September 28th, 2016
Margaret Harrist writes, "It was a golden opportunity for hundreds of small-business leaders to get sage counsel from one of Silicon Valley's most successful startups and a World Series-winning baseball franchise.

Oracle CEO Safra Catz and San Francisco Giants President and CEO Larry Baer dispensed advice for thriving despite a range of wild pitches and curve balls that are sure to come their way, during their joint keynote at biztechSF, an event presented by the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by Oracle..."

MySQL 8.0 and the thread sanitizer
By Rik Prohaska
Rik writes, "MySQL 8.0 now supports the thread sanitizer. This is good news as the thread sanitizer provides MySQL developers another tool to help find bugs in the multi-threaded MySQL server. What happens when we build MySQL 8.0 with the thread sanitizer enabled and try to run some basic MySQL tests? Unfortunately, no MySQL tests run since the MySQL bootstrap fails with lots of data races and other issues raised by the thread sanitizer. When these issues are suppressed, some of the basic MySQL and InnoDB tests pass. Some of these issues are real bugs and need to be investigated..."
Cloud Computing
3 Top Tactics For Building A Customer-Centric Cloud Platform
Forbes, September 28th, 2016
Carol Hildebrand writes, "The cloud certainly offers a path to the customer experience Holy Grail of a 360-degree customer view. But that path isn't clearly marked..."

'Everybody thinks moving to the cloud will automatically give you a 360-degree view of the customer, but it's not going to happen unless you take the time to understand the data and what's important to the customer,' says Ratnakar Lavu, CTO of the Kohl's department store chain. Lavu, along with John Slaski, director of information technology at engineering firm TMEIC, and Denis Pombriant, managing principal of Beagle Research Group, shared their perspectives in a panel discussion at Oracle OpenWorld 2016.

Oracle Cloud Platform as a Service: Gain the Necessary Skills
By Ramona Costea
Ramona blogs, "With the Oracle Cloud PaaS training, you will learn how to use it to successfully administer and manage Oracle Cloud PaaS. The following services are included: Database, Java, Business Intelligence, Process, Mobile, SOA, Integration, Documents, Messaging, Internet of Things, Developer, Database Backup, Application Builder, Big Data Preparation, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)..."
Cloud Roadmap: Hardware Strategy Is First Step in the Right Direction
By: John Soat
John Soat writes, "As more businesses downsize their data center operations in the move to the cloud, how do they get from Point A (the data center) to Point B (the cloud)? There's no single path, but the right hardware strategy is vital to getting there.

At Oracle OpenWorld 2016, Oracle executives shared best practices and new technology advances that can help companies undertake what, for many, will be a long, gradual transition. Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison has said that on-premises systems will coexist with the cloud for at least 10 years..."

South Florida Technology Alliance vBeers @ Palm Beach (Palm Beach Gardens)
Wednesday, October 5th, 2016: 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Come out and connect with other professionals in your industry!

The South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA) vBeers events happen four times each month, once each in these cities: Palm Beach Gardens, Oakland Park, Boca Raton and Miami.

These informal networking/social events provide a relaxed environment to meet with other IT professionals and promote the growth of IT in South Florida.

vBeers start at 6PM, but I am planning to be on-site at 5:30PM.

Wednesday, October 5th @ Twisted Trunk Brewing

Pleaase register @ the SFTA website.. There is no admission fee but SFTA members will get a free beer! Sponsorships can be purchased from the registration page.

John McLaughlin, SFTA

ITPalooza 2016 - The Fifth Annual Gathering of South Florida's IT Community
Thursday, December 8th, 2016 - The Signature Grand - Ft. Lauderdale
Sponsors include AWS, Centrify and Tesla who will have a car on display

It is with great pleasure and to tremendous fanfare that we announce ITPalooza '16. Ticket and sponsorship sales are now open!

This year ITPalooza has an exciting new venue and an all-day format. We are offering an all-day VIP lounge as well as focused speakers tracks, hiring Fair and Vendor exhibit.

As always, we are offering FREE Toys for Tots tickets with a donation of unwrapped new toys. Want all-day access to our exclusive VIP lounge? Then our VIP ticket option is for you.

Visit the website, peruse our sponsors, stop back for updates and get your tickets early!

The South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA)

Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
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  • September 2016 Virtualization Newsletter
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  • OpenStack support for Oracle VM Server for SPARC
  • The #1 Open Source Database Now Available in Oracle Cloud
  • Oracle's Latest Database: Right Technology, Right Time
  • Thomas Kurian PaaS Oracle OpenWorld 2016 keynote summary
  • LibreOffice wins Bossie Awards 2016
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    LibreOffice celebrates its 6th anniversary with bug fixes and minor improvements
    What started as an OpenOffice fork has become a major open source project.
    "LibreOffice is a free and open source suite of office applications that's available for many different operating systems including BSD, Linux Desktop, macOS and Windows. LibreOffice seems to be the only open source productivity software that's available across all of these platforms... friction between The Document Foundation and Oracle led to the fork of that was named LibreOffice. A majority of developers and community members joined The Document Foundation and started working on LibreOffice..."
    Oracle Database Security Courses Now Available!
    By Diana.H. Gray
    Diana blogs, "Oracle Corporation takes computer security seriously. As a large internet-facing organization, Oracle experiences many of the challenges every other organization does. As a member of many standards communities, as well as a vendor involved in product certification, Oracle is also heavily involved in many of the security, audit, and compliance standards.

    Oracle Database, both on premises and in the cloud, has a large number of features related to data security.

    These features are flexible enough to work within the requirements of virtually any organization.

    Oracle University designed and offers Oracle Database Security courses to familiarize organizations with the capabilities and details of the security related features..."

    Your Data, More Secure in the Cloud
    By Troy Kitch
    Troy writes, "In this video, Vipin Samar, SVP of Oracle Database Security, illustrates how organizations can protect sensitive data in the cloud using a simple demonstration.

    Key requirements outlined as critical security controls include:

    • Masking sensitive data
    • Restricting access by admins
    • Encrypting data by default
    • Allowing direct control of encryption keys
    • Allowing monitoring of user activities
    • Reduced TCO

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