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Finegrained JShell Integration in NetBeans IDE
By Geertjan Wielenga
September 7, 2016,
Volume 223, Issue 1

Geertjan blogs, "In addition to the generic JShell integration in NetBeans, discussed yesterday, there's more finegrained support enabling project-specific JShell snippets to be run. That means, depending on how you organize your life, no "build" will be needed anymore when you try out your code. Just hack a snippet together, run it in JShell, when/if it works, move it to your project.

Each project, whether Maven-based or Ant-based, will have an "Execute Java Shell" menu item, which is shown below. When that menu item is clicked, a new VM is created, which has access to the project's path, including project-specific JShell snippets, as discussed below..."

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