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Oracle News
Oracle Launches Largest B2B Audience Data Marketplace
Oracle Data Cloud's B2B Audience Solution Includes 400+ Million Business Users and 1 Million Addressable US Companies to Support Account-Based Marketing at Scale
Oracle Data Cloud today launched the largest business-to-business (B2B) audience data marketplace to help make programmatic and data-driven B2B marketing easier. To help B2B marketers improve their targeting throughout the marketing funnel, Oracle Data Cloud's B2B audience solution provides access to more than 400 million business profiles through thousands of B2B audience segments, thus creating a highly scalable and customizable targeting solution. In addition, more than one million addressable US companies add powerful account-based marketing (ABM) capabilities to a marketer's targeting toolkit.
Asahi Refining Selects Oracle Cloud to Improve Financial Visibility and Accelerate Business Growth
Modern Finance Platform Enables Asahi Refining to Embrace Industry Change
Asahi Refining, the world's leading provider of precious metal assaying, refining, and bullion products, selected Oracle Cloud Applications and Oracle Cloud Platform to streamline its procurement and financial processes to get a more comprehensive and accurate picture of its financials to provide better visibility into the business. By moving to the cloud, Asahi Refining has been able to shift its full attention to its core business of refining gold and silver and accelerate business growth.

The ongoing digitization of the refining industry means that organizations need an integrated financial platform to leverage data insights that can help evolve their business models and retain their competitive advantage. To address this market shift, Asahi Refining needed to overhaul its legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, which was difficult to maintain, had limited reporting capabilities and contained fragmented data spread across various silos. The company needed a modern, integrated system to gain the insights needed for swift approvals and decision making.

With Cloud, Irving Materials Inc.'s Financial Reporting No Longer Set In Concrete
By Chris Murphy
Chris writes in Forbes, "To succeed in the concrete business, Indianapolis-based IMI Concrete, which is part of the Irving Materials Inc. Group of Companies, must be as good at scheduling as it is at the science of mixing cement, aggregates, and water.

For example, when an IMI Concrete team was pouring concrete to repair a dam over the White River in Indianapolis, it had to bucket-lift truckloads of concrete by crane from a mixer truck on a temporary bridge, to a dry section of the dam where the water was diverted. Timing those loads to the construction schedule, as well as to the rising and falling water levels around the bridge, required precise communication between the company's dispatchers and IMI teams at the job site..."

Advanced System Administrators: Learn How to Configure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with Hands-On Training
By Diana.H. Gray
Diana writes, "Enterprises increasingly need to manage cost, reduce time to market, and improve business agility.

They need to ensure security, scalability, and reliability for deployment and simplify the management and support of their full solution stack, which most often includes Oracle Databases, Oracle applications, and Oracle Middleware.

Oracle Solaris 11 is uniquely positioned to address these needs across the Oracle stack. Oracle Solaris 11 includes a full distribution of OpenStack, the leading open source software for managing diverse cloud infrastructures."

Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Service available
By Juergen Kress
Juergen blogs, "Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service is now available! Oracle IoT Cloud Service is a secure and scalable platform to help organizations quickly build and deploy IoT applications. This new offering allows customers to gain new data-driven insights and drive actions from IoT by connecting, analyzing and integrating device data into business processes and applications like remote equipment monitoring and asset tracking..."
ORACLE OPENWORLD - Keynotes and General Sessions
By Zeynep Koch
Zeynep blogs, "As we start our countdown to Oracle OpenWorld which will take place in San Francisco on September 18-22, 2016 we want to highlight keynotes and our general sessions in this second blog.

  • General Session: Oracle Linux, Virtualization, and Networking Power the Cloud
  • Oracle Private Cloud Appliance: Directions in Converged Infrastructure

... Visit the and bookmark the Session catalog link for access to list of general sessions, conferences and demos."

MySQL Group Replication Beta 0.8
By Lefred
Lefred blogs, "As announced by Luis Soares on MySQL High Availability's blog, a new labs version of Group Replication (GR) has been released for MySQL 5.7.14!

Group Replication is the main component of the future MySQL HA solution. Even if with GR, it's possible to write simultaneously on all the member of the group, GR doesn't provide any write scaling. Indeed, if one member reached 100% of its write capabilities, adding writes to another member, won't help as both will have to write their load AND the load from the other member: remember this is (virtual) synchronous replication, all writes happening on member A will happen on member B and on all other members of the group..."

MySQL Failover, Enhanced MySQL Utilities
By Andrew Grimo
Andrew blogs, "This blog is a 2nd part of a multi-part series on areas of failover for MySQL. The first installment looked at design considerations, giving us a 'thinking' perspective on what we might want to adopt. Later I will take a look at more of a business and operational way of thinking through these details. In this installment, I'd like to 'build' something. Let's do something with that initial thinking and put it to work.

MySQL Utilities 1.6.4+ Latest GA tools

The MySQL Utilities are a collection of tools aimed at making various tasks simpler. They were originally introduced as a component of MySQL Workbench, but later were also offered separately as well. This allows us to install the utilities on servers in proximity to the systems we need them to work on. My intention here is to focus on the HA utilities within the collection, but we may show some others for demonstrating their general use..."

Cloud Computing
HCL Predictive Maintenance Solution based on IoT Cloud Service
By Jurgen Kress
Jurgen writes, "Luis Weir and the HCL team build an excellent PaaS showcase for predictive maintenance.

Predictive Maintenance HCL PaaS Showcase

  • Industry value proposition solving a business problem
  • PaaS services: IoT, MCS, PCS, ICS

Industries such as aeronautics, automotive, manufacturing, high-tech and even healthcare always deal with the management of thousands of assets. This activity is complex in very costly. Even more so due to manual business processes and disconnected systems (many of them legacy)..."

Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service 16.3.3 Release Announcement
By Jai Suri
Jai blogs, "We are pleased to announce new enhancements that have recently been added to the Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service. Customers will shortly see their instances upgraded to the Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service 16.3.3 release. This release includes a number of new functionalities, enhancements and performance improvements.

Oracle IoT Cloud Service Applications ('Mini-apps')

The Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service platform now offers SaaS-style applications or 'Mini-Apps' that are included with the platform and immediately runnable. Oracle Internet of Things Cloud 16.3.3 introduces the Asset Monitoring Application, which is the first in the series of built-in Mini-Apps that will be offered with the Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service. This Mini-App enables users working with both fixed and movable assets to perform tasks such as rapidly locating available assets for a job, assessing the health of their assets, and reviewing asset specifications while in the field or office..."

vBeers @ Boca - Biergarten Boca
Wednesday, August 17th, 2016: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Come out and connect with other professionals in your industry!

The South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA) vBeers events happen four times each month, once each in these cities: Palm Beach Gardens, Oakland Park, Boca Raton and Miami.

These informal networking/social events provide a relaxed environment to meet with other IT professionals and promote the growth of IT in South Florida.

vBeers start at 6PM

Wednesday, August 17th @ Biergarten Boca

Pleaase register @

John Mclaughlin, SFTA

vBeers @ Miami - M.I.A Beers
Wednesday, August 24th, 2016: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Come out and connect with other professionals in your industry!

The South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA) vBeers events happen four times each month, once each in these cities: Palm Beach Gardens, Oakland Park, Boca Raton and Miami.

These informal networking/social events provide a relaxed environment to meet with other IT professionals and promote the growth of IT in South Florida.

vBeers start at 6PM

Wednesday, August 24th @ M.I.A. Beer Company

Pleaase register @

John Mclaughlin, SFTA

Community Reception Oracle OpenWorld 2016 September 20th San Francisco
By Jurgen Kress
Jurgen blogs,"You are invited to join our traditional Fusion Middleware & PaaS Partner Community Reception at OpenWorld. The Reception will be held on Tuesday September 20th 2016 in San Francisco! Don't miss this unique opportunity to:

  • Network and exchange information with fellow Oracle Middleware & PaaS Partners & ACEs
  • Meet with members of the Global Oracle Middleware & PaaS Product Management team and Oracle EMEA Alliances and - Solutions Partner Programs team
  • Learn more about Oracle OpenWorld activities


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  • MySQL Utilities release-1.6.4 GA
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    Java Technology
    Inside Java Magazine - July/August 2016 Edition
    Guest Blogger Andrew Binstock, Editor Chief of Oracle Java Magazine
    Andrew writes, "Welcome to the July/August issue of Java Magazine, in which we look at enterprise Java - not so much at Java EE as a platform, but at individual services that can be useful as part of a larger solution, For example, we examine JSON-P, the two core Java libraries for parsing JSON data; JavaMail, the standalone library for sending and receiving email messages; and JASPIC, which is a custom way to handle security, often used with containers. For Java EE fans, one of the leaders of the JSF team discusses in considerable detail the changes being delivered in the upcoming JSF 2.3 release..."a
    JVM Language Summit Highlights
    By Yolande Poirier
    Yolande blogs, "the 9th annual JVM Language Summit took place in Santa Clara, California. The three day summit was a gathering of language designers, compiler writers, tool builders, runtime engineers, and VM architects. It was an open collaboration about current and future development of the JVM, Java language, JVM languages, different runtime and VM. The topics this year were about JDK 9, a lot about features for releases beyond Java 9 and 10, and JVM languages and tools. All the presentations were recorded and are now available online..."
    Most Unique Feature of NetBeans IDE!
    By Geertjan Wielenga
    Geertjan writes, "What's NetBeans all about, what makes it special, why would anyone use NetBeans rather than something else, what are its key features, what distinguishes NetBeans from other tools, etc etc etc. Set aside those questions for a moment and take a look at this photo taken last week at JCrete..."
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