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Oracle News
Forbes Media Selects Oracle Marketing Cloud to Increase Advertising Revenue
Global publisher to leverage high-quality data and superior analytics capabilities to help advertisers reach and engage new audiences
Forbes Media has selected the Oracle Marketing Cloud to take advantage of new digital channels to increase advertising revenue. The deep insights delivered by the Oracle Marketing Cloud's data analytics and management platform will enable Forbes Media to help advertisers increase audience reach and engagement. Digital technologies have transformed the competitive landscape in the publishing industry. Free, easily accessible content makes it more difficult for publishers to grow paid subscriptions; new digital publishing platforms have increased the number of publishers by eliminating many of the traditional barriers to market entry; and an explosion of digital channels such as search, social and video have created new competition for ad buys. These changes have forced publishers to rethink how they work with advertisers to reach and engage audiences.
SUPERVALU Uses Oracle Cloud to Provide Expanded Service Offerings to its Customers
Oracle Cloud to enable SUPERVALU to deliver new capabilities, reduce costs, and provide more efficient service offerings to retailers
SUPERVALU INC., one of the largest grocery wholesalers and retailers in the United States, announced it has selected the Oracle Cloud as its new technology platform that will enable the company to deliver more robust business management and data analytics capabilities to its customers. With Oracle Cloud, SUPERVALU will be able to provide an integrated portfolio of enterprise-grade cloud services to enhance the performance of its Human Resources and Finance functions.

'We have a terrific opportunity to deliver more professional services and back-end support to our existing wholesale customers, as well as leverage our scale and expertise to reach new customers,' said Randy Burdick, SUPERVALU's Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer. 'The Oracle Cloud provides us with a more robust infrastructure and a comprehensive solution that we believe will help us drive increased efficiencies, speed decision-making, and enhance the overall customer experience. We're excited to offer this solution to our customers as another example of how we're using technology to further enhance their businesses for the future.'

Artificial Intelligence Takes Centre Stage In Cyber Security
ComputerWeekly, August 5th, 2016
"Artificial intelligence-led cyber security technology has been in the spotlight at two major industry conferences in Las Vegas, signalling a firm trend in cyber defence research...

Artificial intelligence has taken centre stage in the cyber security conferences being held in Las Vegas at the start of August, indicating a clear trend in future cyber defence technologies..."

Local Council Workers Prepare To Meet Their New Colleague - And She'S Not Human
Information Age, August 3rd, 2016
"Enfield Council is the world's first public sector organisation to deploy an artificially intelligent agent. But what does it mean for employees and residents?

Local council workers are preparing to welcome an unusual new colleague. Enfield Council will become the world's first public sector organisation to deploy a cognitive agent to improve local service delivery..."

    What Is Artificial Intelligence?
    Government Technology, August 2nd, 2016
    "There's great difficulty in finding a satisfying definition for AI because the definition of intelligence itself conjures big questions of consciousness and being that have not yet been resolved by science and philosophy.

    As we previously reported, artificial intelligence (AI) is not some Asimovian fantasy, nor an extravagance best left to starch-smocked scientists clinking beakers together in an underground laboratory. It is an opportunity to create tools that save money, save lives and improve life in ways that can't be measured..."

      SPARC S7 & Java - Wake Up and Smell the Coffee!
      By Mike Mulkey
      Oracle's recently announced SPARC S7 server (Next Gen Oracle SPARC) has gained BIG news on its screaming performance and cloud infrastructure capabilities, while offering x86 commodity cost points (Not KIDDING!). But a bit more under the radar with SPARC S7 for our ISVs, is what happens when you run Java applications on it. Let's just say its worth pouring a cup of Java and reading on.
      IT - Storage
      Conquer Unstructured Data: Scale-Out NAS Vs. Object Storage
      SearchStorage, August 4th, 2016
      "Learn how scale-out NAS and object storage systems work, their pros and cons, manageability and how they integrate with your storage infrastructure...

      The growth of unstructured data continues unabated, with no end in sight. Over the last decade, email, videos, tweets, photos and more -- all created by human hands -- have been key generators of all this unstructured information. As smartphone adoption reaches maturity worldwide, you'd think unstructured data growth would start to moderate. Think again..."

      Aligning Data Demands To Storage Supply
      Storage-Switzerland, August 1st, 2016
      "Today's applications have varying storage needs, including performance, protection, and long term retention. In a perfect world, you would store data on the storage system that best meets each of these needs. But the real world delivers a lot of complications.

      Consider an OLTP database. Its performance and protection needs are both high, and long term retention needs are typically pretty low. What if the storage that best meets its performance needs is a cutting-edge flash storage system that does not have built-in data protection features, such as snapshots and replication? Would you sacrifice performance in order to guarantee proper protection? Probably not..."

      Simplifying Data Storage Technologies Is Hard
      SearchStorage, August 4th, 2016
      "All-flash arrays and hyper-converged storage are two technologies that make it tough to simplify data storage technology.

      I once thought that data storage was a straightforward technology, with fairly logical alternatives. To quote Bob the Bard, however, "I was so much older then. I'm younger than that now." When I look around at the current data storage landscape, I wonder how I could've been so naive. This stuff is getting pretty damned complicated..."

      SNIA:2016 Data Storage Innovation Conference Presentations
      SNIA, August 3rd, 2016
      Owned and produced by SNIA, the Data Storage Innovation Conference (DSI) took place in San Mateo, CA, June 13-15, 2016, and its breadth and depth of topics are of interest for IT professionals focused on data and storage.

      The conference was conducive for quality networking and education experience for IT departments, cloud service providers, solution architects, storage technology specialists, product and solution vendors, system integrators, and traditional channel communities.

      80+ PDFs of the talks from this conference are now on-line.

      The 7 Best File Sharing Tools
      Business 2 Community, August 2nd, 2016
      "Sharing large files like videos or graphic-intensive documents used to be painful. Depending on the size of the file, email was impractical if not downright impossible. FTP sites were the most common alternative, but these were often cumbersome to access and use.

      Fortunately, a number of file sharing tools and services have been rolled out over the past few years which speed and simplify the process. These tools make it easy and (relatively) secure to share large files with another individual, co-workers, outside vendors, or any ad hoc group for collaboration..."

        Use Resource Control To Address Costly Storage Issues
        Search Server Virtualization, August 4th, 2016
        "With resource control, you'll not only be able to overcome storage resource challenges, but you'll be able to effectively support an expanding infrastructure.

        Resource control can be a great alternative to the usual options for supporting an expanding infrastructure, especially if you're in the process of cutting back costs. Resource control can be tricky, though, and requires a great deal of caution, as it can greatly affect reliability and performance. Application needs and growth won't slow down just because money and resources are tight. With so many requests stacking up, what's an administrator to do? To work within these parameters, you have to address some of your costlier infrastructure points, including storage..."

        IT - Technology
        Hololens Points The Way To The Augmented Reality Future
        InfoWorld, August 3rd, 2016
        "Virtual reality is fine for games, but the true game-changer will be the interaction between the real and virtual worlds

        Virtual reality is all the rage, with pioneers like the Oculus Rift now facing competition, especially around gaming, from companies like HTC, Lenovo, Samsung, and Sony. So it's easy to forget Microsoft's HoloLens, which (like the Meta 1 and Meta 2 devices from startup Meta Co.) does more than show you a virtual world -- it lets you interact with it in what's called augmented reality..."

        Japan Broadcasts 8K
        TechEye, August 3rd, 2016
        "The Land of the Rising Sun began the world's first regular 8K television broadcasts this week, five days ahead of the opening of the Olympic Games so that you will be able to watch people being infected with a Zita virus in super high res.

        8K are broadcasts with a resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 pixels. That's 16 times the resolution of today's full high-definition (FHD) broadcasts and four times that of the 4K standard, which is only just emerging in many other countries..."

        The Doctor Will See You Now - Virtually
        CIO, August 1st, 2016
        "Seeking to reduce patient traffic without sacrificing care quality, New York-Presbyterian hospital is offering second opinions and consultations via digital technologies...

        Telehealth, the practice of providing care services remotely using digital technologies, took a big step forward at New York-Presbyterian last week. The hospital system, which sees more than two million people a year, is now offering patients the option to receive second opinions, urgent care and consultations via online portals and video conferencing services..."

          Take Oracle Solaris 11.3 Training - Deliver Security, Speed & Simplicity
          By Diana.H. Gray
          Diana blogs, "Oracle Solaris Training empowers DevOps engineers and system administrators with the skills you need to administer and build efficient, secure, and compliant cloud environments.

          Oracle Solaris 11.3 is the world's most advanced enterprise operating system.

          Taking these Oracle University courses will teach you how to deliver security, speed, and simplicity for enterprise cloud environments and DevOps..."

          Partner Webcast: Enterprise Database Backup on Oracle Cloud - Aug 11th
          By Ramona Costea
          Ramona blogs, "Join us as we explain how Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) best practices are evolving using Oracle Cloud Services, such as Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service, significantly reducing the cost and complexity of database high availability deployments..."
          IT - Bitcoin
          Coinsource Becomes The Largest BTM Provider In The U.S.
, August 5th, 2016
          "The BTM network Coinsource has recently become the largest cryptocurrency automated teller operator in America. The Dallas-based firm founded in 2015 has continuously added machines across the U.S. since its inception and has just added four new machines New York, Nevada, and Pennsylvania.

          The National Bitcoin-ATM network Coinsource ( is growing fast with now 42 automated teller machines across seven states. The firm's machines are currently deployed in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, Nevada, Louisiana, California, and have plans to expand further. Coinsource believes that it is the most geographically diverse ATM network in operation in the U.S..."

          Deloitte Imagines Bitcoin Betting In Stadiums Of The Future
          CoinDesk, August 5th, 2016
          "A new paper from Deloitte re-imagines the sports stadium concept in light of a number of developing technologies.

          Notably, Deloitte gives the example of a fantasy sports-style interaction - a 'game within the game' - where bets are placed using bitcoin 'on in-game events, or use stadium-provided technology for other micro-transactions'.

          The consultancy sees the sports stadium experience as one ripe for technological innovation, building on what's already taking place on the court or field.

          The paper explains:.."

          What CIOs Should Know About Blockchain
          Datamation, August 4th, 2016
          "Another day, another technology trend. Before diving in head first, here's what Gartner has to say about the blockchain revolution.

          Blockchain is all the buzz, particularly in financial technology (fintech) circles.

          Better known as the distributed ledger technology that serves as the foundation for the peer-to-peer Bitcoin cryptocurrency, innumerable startups and a fair share of big banks are exploring how to put blockchain to work. A big part of blockchain's appeal is that it is extremely resistant to tampering. Good luck trying to make changes without all the other nodes in the network catching wind of it..."

          IT - FOSS
          Slideshow: LibreOffice Ups Its Enterprise Game In This Major New Release (Slideshow)
          ITWorld, August 3rd, 2016
          "LibreOffice is a free and open source alternative to Microsoft's Office productivity software that boasts some 120 million users around the globe. Version 5.2 made its debut on Wednesday, and it's packed with new business features. Here's a look at what you'll find..."
          Oracle Solaris Overview and Strategy (1hr Video)
          By Markus Flierl
          Markus Flierl, vice president of Oracle Solaris Core Technologies, speaks about Oracle Solaris and where it is headed.

          Markus Flierl is vice president of Solaris Core Technology Development and Product Management at Oracle. Markus has over 15 years of product development experience, most of which is in systems software development. Under Markus' leadership the Solaris Core Technology team has grown by over 50% and the charter of Solaris has been substantially expanded and now includes virtualization and cloud orchestration.

          IT - DevOps
          The Big Shift: The State Of Continuous Delivery
, August 2nd, 2016
          "I wanted to call out a new report that we have just released here at The State of Continuous Delivery: The Big Shift by George Hulme, contributing editor here at In this report George takes a look at the current state of Continuous Delivery and how it is helping to transform software development and deployment..."
          Delivering DevOps' Business Value
, August 3rd, 2016
          "DevOps is an interesting space to be operating in right now. More than just culture or a set of tools and processes, DevOps delivers speed and agility that can be truly meaningful for the business. Unfortunately, for most large enterprises, the path to the benefits isn't always well-known and isn't assured.

          Over the last five to 10 years, a number of DevOps tools and solutions have emerged: Puppet, Chef, Jenkins, Git, SaltStack, Elasticsearch - and the list keeps growing. Originally, these tools were sought by developers and system engineers for their ease of use and low cost of ownership: You could download it, use it the same day and solve your specific problem..."

          Good News: DevOps Is Not One-Size-Fits-All
, August 5th, 2016
          "Want to try something fun? Ask different groups around your organization what 'DevOps' means. It's fun because the odds are good you're going to get very different answers, many of which will be vague, if not outright contradictory. This is perhaps unsurprising when even industry-recognized DevOps luminaries tout varying definitions, approaches, tools and methods..."
          How Major Cloud Platforms Support DevOps
          Business 2 Community, August 2nd, 2016
          "Jeff Sussna, founder and principal of Ingineering.IT, succinctly states the interdependence of the Internet cloud and Devops and its continuing evolution: 'Cloud computing, Agile development, and DevOps are interlocking parts of a strategy for transforming IT into a business adaptability enabler. If cloud is an instrument, then DevOps is the musician that plays it. Together, they help IT shift its emphasis from asking questions like 'how long can we go without an outage?' to 'how often can we deliver new functionality?' or 'how quickly can we deploy a new service?''
          Centreviews Relies on MySQL to Offer SaaS-based Finance and Accounting Services
          By Wei-Chen Chiu
          Founded in St. Paul, Minnesota, API Outsourcing is a technology company and provider of Centreviews Business Intelligence Suite, a simple, scalable, and secure solution for back office departments and professionals to automate their accounts payable, accounts receivable and document management processes. Many enterprises adopt finance and accounting technologies not only to drive efficiency, improve business performance, and reduce operating costs, but even more importantly, to allow their resources to focus on core competencies in products and service offerings.

          Centreviews Business Intelligence Suite is available to customers or business partners on a SaaS only model or as a BPaaS model where API provides outsourced labor to process accounts payable, accounts receivable, document management on its Centreviews Business Intelligence Suite.

          MySQL Utilities release-1.6.4 GA
          By Dr Charles Bell
          Chuck blogs, "The MySQL Utilities Team is pleased to announce a new GA release of MySQL Utilities. This release includes a number of improvements for usability, stability, and a few enhancements for better compatibility with MySQL 5.7. A complete list of all improvements can be found in our release notes..."
          MySQL Notifier 1.1.7 has been released
          By Javier Trevino
          Javier blogs, "Dear MySQL users,

          The MySQL Windows Experience Team is proud to announce the release of MySQL Notifier version 1.1.7.

          MySQL Notifier enables developers and DBAs to easily monitor, start and stop all their MySQL database instances. It provides a familiar Microsoft SQL Server look and feel and integrates with MySQL Workbench.

          MySQL Notifier is installed using the MySQL Installer for Windows..."

          Cloud Computing
          3 Practical Tips for a Smoother Cloud Project: Oracle's Steve Miranda
          By Chris Murphy
          Chris blogs, "Speed of implementation is one of the big advantages companies get from cloud software. In a recent appearance on the interview program CXOTalk, Steve Miranda, Oracle executive vice president of application development, bluntly described why that speed is so important.

          'The mess isn't going to get any smaller,' Miranda said, explaining to CXOTalk host Michael Krigsman how the problems you're trying to solve keep evolving, too, if a project drags on.

          In the course of the 45-minute conversation, Miranda shared three best practices he sees in companies that effectively and efficiently implement cloud systems:.."

          IT - Cloud
          AWS, Microsoft Seen Rated Top Dogs In IaaS In Gartner's Magic Quadrant
          ZDNet, August 4th, 2016
          "But Google Cloud Platform is garnering props for its vision. Multiple players such as CenturyLink, IBM, and Rackspace are lumped together.

          Amazon Web Services and Microsoft placed No. 1 and No. 2, respectively, in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for cloud infrastructure services, with Google moving up to visionary status..."

          Dissecting The Data Center: What Can - And Can't - Be Moved To The Cloud
          Data Center Knowledge, August 4th, 2016
          "According to the results of a recent survey of IT professionals, 43 percent of organizations estimate half or more of their IT infrastructure will be in the cloud in the next three to five years. The race to the cloud is picking up steam, but all too often companies begin implementing hybrid IT environments without first considering which workloads make the most sense for which environments..."
          Be Smart, Prepared On Cloud Service Agreements
          Search CIO, August 4th, 2016
          "Cloud service agreements can be difficult to understand; therefore negotiations with cloud providers can be thorny. A customer advocacy group has several tips.

          Organizations looking to put any portion of their IT operations in the public cloud need to sign a cloud service agreement with a cloud service provider. This pact determines what services the provider is responsible for and what it will do in case of problems such as an outage..."

            Centrify And Cloudera Extend Open Data Model For Cybersecurity
            insideBIGDATA, August 4th, 2016
            "Cloudera, the global provider of the data management and analytics platform built on Apache Hadoop and the latest open source technologies, and Centrify, a leader in securing enterprise identities, announced that Centrify has joined the Open Network Insight (ONI) project. ONI is an open source, Apache 2.0 licensed cybersecurity project that leverages big data and machine learning to detect advanced threats. ONI provides an open data model for Network and with the addition of Centrify to the project will be extended to include identity...."
            Cloud Denial Sliding Into Oblivion
            InfoWorld, August 1st, 2016
            "Which IT leader can honestly say today that their organization does not use the cloud?

            No organization today, even the most conservative and secretive ones, can pretend that they are 100% cloud-free. The range of cloud-based solutions, from virtual machines hosting backend IT systems to Software as a Service, from IT-sanctioned platforms to user-provisioned consumer services, is simply too great for an organization to completely avoid..."

              Creating The Hybrid Bridge Between Data Center And Cloud
              Data Center Knowledge, August 1st, 2016
              "Maturity around cloud computing has allowed organizations to focus on their specific cloud strategies and deployment models. Currently, hybrid cloud architectures is one of the most dominant models and offers the most benefits for IT, your data center and the business.

              Plus, there are real-world numbers to back this up. According to IDC, the big drivers for increased implementation of hybrid clouds are: IT's continuing quest for optimized infrastructure, and the ability of solution builders to source application and infrastructure components from multiple providers to construct a hybrid cloud-based solution..."

              Half Of All Cloud Services Outside Of It Departments, But It Is Getting Wiser
              ZDNet, August 6th, 2016
              "Latest Ponemon survey of 3,400 IT managers finds more confidence in tracking shadow cloud adoption in enterprises. But security and governance lags...

              A new study from the esteemed Ponemon Institute says we still aren't doing nearly enough to protect enterprises in the cloud. For starters, the survey of 3,476 IT and IT security practitioners, commissioned by Gemalto, a digital security vendor, finds that half of all cloud services and corporate data stored in cloud are not controlled by IT departments. So, there's a lot of cloud activity among business units that's potentially not vetted or governed..."

              Top 10 Cloud Computing Companies (Slideshow)
              Datamation, August 1st, 2016
              "According to IDC the public cloud computing market is on pace to double over the next four years, climbing from around $70 billion in 2015 to more than $141 million by 2019. That huge market offers a tremendous opportunity for those companies that establish themselves as leaders in the cloud computing space.

              We've sorted through financial reports and market research to generate a list of the ten top cloud computing companies. While many technology companies offer cloud-related products and services, we concentrated on infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and software-as-a-service vendors for this slideshow..."

              What Can - And Can't - Be Moved To The Cloud
              Data Center Knowledge, August 4th, 2016
              "According to the results of a recent survey of IT professionals, 43 percent of organizations estimate half or more of their IT infrastructure will be in the cloud in the next three to five years. The race to the cloud is picking up steam, but all too often companies begin implementing hybrid IT environments without first considering which workloads make the most sense for which environments.

              The bottom line is your business's decision to migrate workloads and/or applications to the cloud should not be arbitrary. So how do you decide what goes where?..."

              IT - CxO
              3 Tips For Playing Nice With Your CMO
              InformationWeek, August 1st, 2016
              "In his role as EVP and Chief Marketing Officer at HCL Technologies, Matt Preschern knew he needed to collaborate with his CIO in order to move forward a big customer engagement project. Here, he shares how they did it, and provides three steps any IT leader can use to form a productive bond with his or her company's CIO..."
              Ransomware Rises To Strike Almost 40 Percent Of Enterprise Companies
              ZDNet, August 3rd, 2016
              "Almost 40 percent of enterprise players have been hit by ransomware in the last year -- and many of them had to stop trading as a result.

              Ransomware is on the rise and the enterprise is feeling the pressure -- with almost 40 percent of businesses experiencing a ransomware attack last year alone. A new study conducted by Malwarebytes suggests that 34 percent of businesses lose revenue because of such attacks..."

                10 Reasons Your Data Vision Will Fail (Slidehow)
                InformationWeek, August 3rd, 2016
                "Even as they aspire to be data driven, organizations are failing to align their vision with execution. Pitfalls lurk everywhere. We've uncovered 10 of the most common culprits...

                Data-first companies represent the biggest competitive threat to more traditional players. Unlike their older counterparts, data is integrated into their DNA, so they think and operate differently. The disruptive effects of such companies are causing more mature businesses to redefine "business as usual." However, transformation is often more difficult and more complex than business leaders may anticipate..."

                  The Best Way To Deliver Bad News To Employees
                  Fast Company, August 3rd, 2016
                  "No one likes bad news - neither the giver nor the receiver - but there is a way to make it a little easier on everyone involved. While words matter, your tone has a bigger influence on the way the information is received, according to a new study from Saarland University in Germany.

                  Researchers reviewed 400,000 employment tribunal cases, half of which were layoff-related, and found that employees were far more likely to react in a confrontational manner when managers used an aggressive tone instead of taking time to explain the situation and its underlying causes..."

                    Why Do You Wait So Long To Train Your Managers?
                    TLNT, August 3rd, 2016
                    'Just want to acknowledge and thank you so much for all you are accomplishing, always, but especially as of late. You are a rock for our office, always steady, calm, transparent, real helpful, etc. - many more adjectives could be used to describe you and your performance - but just a simple note of appreciation for your production, energy and enthusiasm.'
                    vBeers @ Broward - Funky Buddha Brewery
                    Wednesday, August 10th, 2016: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
                    Come out and connect with other professionals in your industry!

                    The South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA) vBeers events happen four times each month, once each in these cities: Palm Beach Gardens, Oakland Park, Boca Raton and Miami.

                    These informal networking/social events provide a relaxed environment to meet with other IT professionals and promote the growth of IT in South Florida.

                    vBeers start at 6PM.

                    Pleaase register @

                    John Mclaughlin, SFTA

                    IT - PM
                    11 Compelling Reasons To Turn Down A Project
                    TechRepublic, July 31st, 2016
                    "While all of these factors may not always be reasons to turn down a project, they should be factored into your decision about whether to say "yes" to a PM job offer.

                    • 1: Conflict of interest/ethics
                    • 2: Unrealistic goals
                    • 3: The wrong fit
                    • 4: Lack of experience or knowledge
                    • 5: Commitment issues
                    • 6: Poor leadership and/or sponsorship support
                    • 7: Stakeholder conflict and buy-in issues
                    • 8: The absence of required tools/software
                    • 9: Insufficient compensation
                    • 10: Wrong career direction
                    • 11: Insufficient interest

                    Read on for details.

                      Oracle OpenWorld 2016 - First Look
                      By Zeynep Koch
                      Zeynep blogs, "We are starting our countdown to Oracle OpenWorld which will take place in San Francisco on September 18-22, 2016. If you have attended one of these events in the past you would know that it is packed 5 days- full of sessions, hands-on labs, demos, keynotes, networking events and fun! Here are some of the reasons why you should be part of this experience:

                      • Take advantage of an opportunity to present and demo your products or services to more than 60,000 business and technology professionals from around the world
                      • Choose from more than 2,500 business and technology sessions, covering cloud applications, such as marketing, social, service, sales, and HCM as well as big data, database, middleware, and engineered systems
                      • Share notes in special interest groups and product and industry sessions
                      • Participate in onsite certification testing
                      • Learn from experts in hundreds of interactive demos and hands-on labs
                      • Share best practices with peers during countless networking opportunities

                      As Oracle Linux and Virtualization teams, we are preparing an amazing experience for you that will feature 13 sessions, 5 Hands-on Labs, 8 demo pods and numerous mini theatre sessions..."

                      IT - Networks
                      7 Educational Opportunities
                      NetworkComputing, August 3rd, 2016
                      "Find out about labs, certification programs, and training courses that offer ways to learn about software-defined networking.

                      Networking professionals hear all the time that they need to learn new skills to keep up with a rapidly changing industry. On-the-job training would be a practical option, but if your company hasn't plunged into software-defined networking - and plenty haven't -- how do you expand your knowledge when you're mired in CLI?..."

                        Explore Fiber Optic Cable Types And Their Effects On The Data Center
                        Search Data Center, August 4th, 2016
                        "When evaluating fiber optic cable types, network admins should carefully consider their bandwidth, compatibility and troubleshooting requirements.

                        Fiber optic connectivity was once reserved for special uses cases. But, it is quickly becoming the standard for high-speed connections, partially due to a consolidation in compute power. This leads to the need for higher-density network platforms that can handle the aggregation of many high-speed links..."

                          IT - IoT
                          16 Stunning Statistics That Forecast The Future Of The Internet Of Things
                          Business 2 Community, August 5th, 2016
                          "When we started this decade, the Internet of Things was a basically a buzzword, talked about by a few, acted upon by fewer, a challenge to save for the future, like 2015 or 2020.

                          But as a famous character once said in a movie that's now 30 years old, 'life moves pretty fast' and now, here we are with 2015 in the rear view mirror and our 2020 vision becoming clearer by the minute..."

                            Federal IoT Spending Hit Nearly $9 Billion In 2015
                            InformationWeek, August 4th, 2016
                            "The federal government spent 20% more on IoT in 2015 than the previous year, which could present an opportunity for IT pros developing IoT features and functionality for their products and services.

                            Federal government spending on Internet of Things (IoT) technology soared 20% year-over-year to $8.8 billion last year, but where the IoT money got spent varied widely..."

                            How To Prepare Your Business For The Iot Revolution
                            Business 2 Community, August 2nd, 2016
                            "As businesses get ready for the Internet of Things (IoT), they should understand that the rise of IoT devices is already occurring. Consumers are purchasing wearable fitness trackers, connected appliances, and myriad other products that relay information back to a company via the internet. This is not a Pokemon Go-style 'fad' that will fade in a few months, but a new reality that is shaping how businesses interact with their own internal processes and their customers..."
                            Infrastructure as destiny - How Purdue builds an IT support fabric for big data-enabled IoT
                  , August 3rd, 2016
                            "The next BriefingsDirect Voice of the Customer IT infrastructure thought leadership case study explores how Purdue University has created a strategic IT environment to support dynamic workload requirements.

                            We'll now hear how Purdue extended a research and development IT support infrastructure to provide a common and 'operational credibility' approach to support myriad types of compute demands by end users and departments..."

                            Internet Of Things: Early Adopters Share 4 Key Takeaways
                            ComputerWorld, August 4th, 2016
                            "Getting ready to launch an IoT initiative? Read these insights and advice from early adopters in aviation, transportation, manufacturing and more.

                            ARI Fleet Management manages 1.2 million things with wheels across North America and Europe, from telephone company trucks to corporate vehicles to railroad maintenance trucks. The telematics sensors on its rolling stock of vehicles capture data between every three and 30 seconds..."

                            IoT Investments Rise, But IT Pros Harbor Security Concerns
                            Information Week, August 2nd, 2016
                            "As IoT investment grows, with billions of dollars flowing into new enterprises, IT departments, as well as other parts of the business, are expressing concerns over the security risks the technology poses.

                            As IT departments begin to adopt internet of things (IoT) technologies to modernize businesses, investment is picking up, specifically benefitting the developers of innovative sensors, according to a report from Lux Research..."

                            IoT Security Suffers From A Lack Of Awareness
                            CIO, August 5th, 2016
                            "Gaining awareness of devices residing on corporate networks is the first step to building a viable security architecture for the internet of things. The problem? Most CIOs don't know what's on those networks.

                            As consumers we have become obsessed with connected devices. We like the idea of smart homes, smart cars, smart TVs, smart refrigerators or any machine that can be automated with sensors and an IP address. Yet fewer tasks in IT today inspire more fear than the prospect of protecting corporate networks from this proliferating wave of connected devices..."

                            IoT Will Surpass Mobile Phones As Most Connected Devices
                            InformationWeek, August 4th, 2016
                            "By 2018, the number of IoT devices will surpass mobile phones in the greatest number of connected devices, so putting strains on mobile networks, according to new figures from Ericsson. The increasingly rapid adoption of IoT hold several challenges for IT departments.

                            Between 2015 and 2021, the internet of things (IoT) is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23%, comprising close to 16 billion of the total forecast 28 billion connected devices in 2021..."

                            IoT: Food Service Industry Meets Technology In Arby'S Deployment
                            Internet of Things Agenda, August 3rd, 2016
                            "Arby's Restaurant Group's use of an internet of things platform has helped reduce energy consumption, while also automating its food safety initiative.

                            The continuing expansion of the industrial internet has found a new home for IoT: food service companies.

                            Arby's Restaurant Group Inc. provides one example of how IoT, food safety and operational efficiency can now converge. Arby's IoT story has its origins in the company's revenue expansion. A bit more than five years ago, Arby's began a sales turnaround, which would eventually lead to 22 consecutive quarters of same-store sales growth..."

                            Ready For The Internet Of Things Big Data Firehose?
                            The Register, August 4th, 2016
                            "Today's cities, transportation networks and even theme parks are filling up with wireless sensors designed to sniff, hear and feel what's going on in their environment. They're generating an unprecedented amount of data on everything from temperature to rainfall, vibration and location, and they're sending it all back to central systems that are supposed to do smart things with it.

                            What smart things would those be, exactly?..."

                              Why Most Enterprises Not Taking Full Advantage Of IoT Data
                              eWeek, August 4th, 2016
                              "While 51 percent of companies surveyed are collecting data from their connected products, only one-third are actually using this data for actionable insights.

                              It's only the first inning of the nascent internet of things market, but there are indications that valuable IoT-related data is already being wasted because connected-product manufacturers don't know how to use it.

                              Forrester Consulting, in conducting research commissioned by security authentication application maker LogMeIn, reported Aug. 4 that enterprises are missing a huge opportunity when it comes to their internet-connected products. Examples of these include items such as Nest temperature control, a Wi-Fi setup or a home security system..."

                              IT - Linux
                              5 Best Linux Distributions To Recover Dead Computers Data
                              Linux and Ubuntu, August 5th, 2016
                              "Hay! Linux newbies. Have you ever corrupted your Computer while you're experimenting something? I am sure you would have. It often happens that you wanna try out new commands, or install beta updates that crash your computer on the very next restart. In this article, I'll walk you through the 5 Linux distributions that can work as Linux data recovery tools. So let's get started..."
                              IT - Operations
                              7 Cool Data Center Innovations (Slidehow)
                              Information Week, August 2nd, 2016
                              "We've identified seven key innovations being integrated into data centers to further expand capabilities -- or to provide vastly improved efficiencies in terms of energy consumption. Here's what you need to know.

                              Data centers are like snowflakes -- no two are exactly the same. Sure, they may all consist of similar building blocks, but each one is put together differently -- and each is designed with different priorities in mind. As time goes on, those differences continue to grow..."

                                Evaluate Log Management Tools From Top Cloud Providers
                                SearchCloudComputing, August 2nd, 2016
                                "Log management is just as critical in the cloud as it is in the data center. Evaluate log management tools for public cloud, such as AWS CloudWatch and Google Stackdriver.

                                Log files document the actions and responses of hardware systems, enterprise services, applications and users. IT administrators analyze and review log activity to improve performance, troubleshoot problems, spot malicious activities and more..."

                                IT - Security
                                Enterprises Too Complacent In The Face Of Rising Mobile Threats
                                Help Net Security, August 4th, 2016
                                "Enterprises continue to fall short when it comes to protecting corporate data on mobile apps and devices, according to the Mobile Security and Risk Review released by MobileIron at Black Hat USA 2016. Mobile threats are on the rise but only 8% of companies are enforcing OS updates and less than 5% are using App Reputation or Mobile Threat Detection software..."
                                Security Analytics: Risk From The Inside Out
                                HelpNet Security, August 4th, 2016
                                "High profile security breaches are at an all-time high. The threat has finally reached the boardroom, and we're seeing increased security spending. Funds are increasingly getting channeled to security analytics platforms, which aim to bring situational awareness to security events by gathering and analyzing data.

                                With security analytics becoming a hot topic in the industry, at Black Hat USA 2016 we caught up with Ryan Stolte, co-founder and CTO at Bay Dynamics, to get his perspective on cyber security and risk from the inside out..."

                                Data Breach Cost: What Influences It The Most?
                                SearchSecurity, August 2nd, 2016
                                "Malicious or criminal attacks take a longer time to identify and contain, research shows, leading to a higher cost per breach. We look at the numbers.

                                The average total cost of a data breach climbed to $4 million, from $3.79 million in 2015, according to the Ponemon Institute's "2016 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis." Released in June, the study, sponsored by IBM, is based on independent research conducted by the Ponemon Institute...."

                                Hot Products At Black Hat 2016 (Slideshow)
                                NetworkWorld, August 3rd, 2016
                                • Endpoint Detection Investigation and Response
                                • FusionX Incident Response Services
                                • Demisto Free Edition
                                • Armor Anywhere
                                • SandBlast Agent for Browsers
                                • ThinAir
                                • Trustlook Mobile Security
                                • CISSP Test Prep Course
                                • Security Analytics

                                Read on for details.

                                In Darpa Challenge, Smart Machines Compete To Fend Off Cyberattacks
                                ComputerWorld, August 4th, 2016
                                "The first all-machine hacking competition is taking place today in Las Vegas.

                                Seven teams, each running a high-performance computer and autonomous systems, are going head-to-head to see which one can best detect, evaluate and patch software vulnerabilities before adversaries have a chance to exploit them.

                                It's the first event where machines - with no human involvement - are competing in a round of capture the flag, according to DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), which is sponsoring and running the event. DARPA is the research arm of the U.S. Defense Department..."

                                Information Security Teams Drastically Underfunded, Understaffed
                                Risk Management Monitor, August 2nd, 2016
                                "As the information security industry's hackers, IT professionals, technology developers and even Hillary Clinton's campaign descend on Las Vegas for this year's Black Hat conference, Black Hat has released the results of a survey from last year's convention, offering an insider's look at the state of cyberrisk. The report offers a failing report card for current investment on cyberrisk and some key feedback for the C-suite about current risk exposure..."
                                The Biggest Misconceptions About Single Sign-On (SSO)
                                ITProPortal, August 1st, 2016
                                "Single sign-on: log in once, all systems accessed. No need to enter credentials again. Only one password to remember. This is extremely beneficial in reducing helpdesk calls since users only have to remember one password instead of many, and probably even more secure, because passwords are not written down and pasted to computers.

                                But many IT managers and security officers remain sceptical about the implementation of an SSO solution...."

                                Want To Avoid Data Breach Lawsuits? Get Legal On Your Side
                                SearchSecurity, August 2nd, 2016
                                "The CISO's role as the protector of an organization's data intersects with responsibilities of corporate counsel. Here's how to keep the communications flowing in sticky situations.

                                It's hard to imagine a thief stealing the paper records of thousands of customers from a bank. It would take a truck to haul the physical folders away. Yet today it can be done exclusively online, in minutes, and the perpetrator does not even have to be on the same continent as the victim organization..."

                                58% Of Orgs Have No Controls In Place To Prevent Insider Threats
                                Help Net Security, August 5th, 2016
                                "More than half of organizations (58 percent) still lack the appropriate controls to prevent insider attacks, with just under half (44 percent) unaware if their organization has experienced an insider attack at all, according to a new survey of more than 500 cybersecurity professionals.

                                The Insider Threat Spotlight Report also found that nearly half of those surveyed have seen an increase in insider attacks over the last 12 months..."

                                  IT - Careers
                                  7 Ways You Force Your Employees To Quit
                                  Business 2 Community, August 2nd, 2016
                                  "you created an atmosphere where no one can be successful or appreciated.

                                  The boss is never wrong. His/her decisions are right and for all the obvious reasons; he knows better, he has the experience and he was put in charge because he's the best qualified person the company has. Come on now, you know that's B.S.!..."

                                    Five Common Mistakes To Avoid When Quitting Your Job
                                    Fast Company, August 3rd, 2016
                                    "Is there really a way to leave a company without burning a bridge? Of course there is! But many people wind up souring relationships they've spent a long time building based on the way they head out the door. Here are five of the subtler (yet all too common) blunders to avoid when it's time to give your notice..."
                                      What To Do When Your Employer Doesn't Offer Professional Development Opportunities
                                      Business 2 Community, August 2nd, 2016
                                      "Even if you're not aspiring for a spot in the C-suite, professional development is likely a major value in your career. It's how you prove yourself worthy of promotion, of salary raises, and of increased responsibility. It's also how you stay mentally stimulated and adaptive to the rapid pace of technical evolution.

                                      And if you're a Millennial, this is especially true. Studies show that one of the key motivators in a Millennial's career is professional development; they want continuous learning and growth opportunities, and, furthermore, they believe their employers should be providing that..."

                                        IT - Virtualization
                                        5 Keys To Conquering Container Security
                                        InfoWorld, August 4th, 2016
                                        "Containers present a golden opportunity to bake security into development and operations processes; let's seize it...

                                        When it comes to enterprise application development, security is still an afterthought, coming in right before a release is deployed. The rapid adoption of software containers presents a rare opportunity for security to move upstream (or in devops-speak, to facilitate its 'shift left') and become integrated early on and throughout the software delivery pipeline. However, most security teams don't know what containers are, let alone what their unique security challenges might be..."

                                        IT - Email
                                        5 Email Security Tips To Combat Macro-Enabled Ransomware (Slideshow)
                                        Dark Reading, August 2nd, 2016
                                        "Cybercriminals are increasingly looking to macro variants, leaving organizations to defend against advanced tactics like macro-based malware attacks any way they can.

                                        Email clients and web browsers top the list of applications used to trigger the ransomware payload. It's critical that organizations get a handle on their email traffic if they are going to protect against phishing and spear phishing attacks. The big problem, however, is that the ransomware threat extends well beyond the email traffic itself to encompass any file with macros - that is, embedded scripts that contain programming code..."

                                          IT - Database
                                          8 Best Practices For Keeping Your Database Secure (Slide Show)
                                          eWeek, August 4th, 2016
                                          "When there's a firehose of data pouring into a data center or cloud storage system, IT managers and storage admins must be prepared to handle it - especially when input spikes. Data analytics, business metrics and instrumentation are completely changing the way enterprises do business in 2016, due to the preponderance of devices supplying all the additional data for the firehose. Because enterprises now commonly deal with petabytes of data each year, it's becoming more labor-intensive and complicated to protect that data, even within the structured environment of a corporate database..."
                                          IT - Big Data
                                          The Making Of A Data Scientist
                                          Information Management, August 1st, 2016
                                          "Advancements in technology have disrupted nearly every industry and created career opportunities that were once implausible. So it should come as no surprise that nearly half of the 25 'Best Jobs in America' according to Glassdoor are tech-related.

                                          What may be surprising, however, is that in 2016, 'data scientist' came in at the top of the list..."

                                            Potentially Disruptive Digital Trends: Will There Be Any Big Data Without Artificial Intelligence?
                                            SmartDataCollective, August 3rd, 2016
                                            "The digital universe is expanding at a staggering rate. Right now, there are about 4.4 zettabytes of data on the internet. For reference, a zettabyte is equivalent to 1000&#8311; bytes.

                                            According to the IDC, by 2020 there will be approximately 44 zettabytes of data. The increase is not only staggering but is scheduled to take place in a relatively short amount of time. Traditional means of handling digital information (i.e. human experts and specialized software), will no longer be enough..."

                                            8 Tips To Get More Bang For Your Big Data Convergence Bucks
                                            CIO, August 4th, 2016
                                            "CIOs can achieve cost savings and productivity gains from the convergence of development, IT ops and BI strategy...

                                            CIOs and other IT decision-makers are used to having to do more with less. In the world of big data, they may be able to achieve orders-of-magnitude cost savings and productivity gains due to the convergence of development, IT ops and business intelligence (BI) strategy, exploiting advancements in open source software, distributed computing, cloud economics and microservices development..."

                                            Big Data Security Is A Big Mess
                                            InfoWorld, August 4th, 2016
                                            "No one questions that the Hadoop/Spark ecosystem can yield business-changing insights. Yet few seem willing to face up to the sorry state of big data security...

                                            Given the pace at which big data software is released, coupled with the sheer volume of data under management, the big data market is ripe for massive security breaches. It's only a matter of time.

                                            In fact, as a Gartner survey last year uncovered, very few companies have taken security seriously for essential infrastructure like Hadoop..."

                                            Getting The Critical Role Of Data Preparation Right
                                            Information Management, August 3rd, 2016
                                            "A new report from TDWI looks at the important role of data preparation in order to best use that data to drive business decisions.

                                            In 'Improving Data Preparation for Business Analytics,' TDWI's David Stodder looks at technologies and method for establishing 'trusted data assets'. The topic is an important one to all businesses that hope to make decisions and take actions based on the data they possess..."

                                            The Benefits Of Utilizing Unstructured Data
                                            Business 2 Community, August 1st, 2016
                                            "Data that has been qualified and enters a system with some definition and parameters - AKA structured data - is an easy way to begin a data journey. However, to really get the most bang for the buck when it comes to data, enterprises should also be using its unstructured cousin.

                                            Unstructured data is less understood by companies than structured, but make no mistake: It is as vitally important and useful..."

                                              IT - BYOD
                                              4 Laptop Security Trends You Should Know About
                                              CSO Online, August 3rd, 2016
                                              "For most business users, there's one common device we all use that is still a common attack vector for hackers. We carry them with us everywhere, and we store most of our important files on the local drive, even if it's just temporary. A laptop has more storage, more connection options, and more legacy apps than any smartphone or tablet..."
                                                Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                                Vol 221 Issues 1, 2, 3, and 4 ; Vol 220 Issue 2, 3, 4, 5
                                                We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                                • On Uber's Choice of Databases
                                                • Oracle VM 3.4 - Upgrade Utilities
                                                • Thomas Kurian Outlines Java EE Next Steps
                                                • Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux is now certified as 'OpenStack Powered'
                                                • SQL Injection Detection and Alerting are Vital For Secure Data
                                                • Java Clients at JavaOne 2016
                                                • MySQL 5.7.14
                                                • Get Started With Oracle Cloud - New Pre-conference Training Sessions!
                                                • New! Enterprise Mobility for Dummies, 2nd Edition
                                                • Navigating Market Disruption with Scalable Database Technology

                                                The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                                  IT - Encryption
                                                  6 Ways To Deploy Encryption Across Your Organization Fast
                                                  Business 2 Community, August 6th, 2016
                                                  "If you're worried about company data falling into the wrong hands, then it's time for you to consider encryption. You've probably heard the term bandied about but you weren't really sure what it meant or how you could use it to benefit your organization. In literal terms, encryption is the transformation of data from plain text to ciphertext. Think of it this way: Your company's data is an easy-to-read rhyming poem written in the English language. .."
                                                  Encryption's Quantum Leap: The Race To Stop The Hackers Of Tomorrow
                                                  ZDnet, August 2nd, 2016
                                                  "Quantum computers could tear through the encryption used today, so researchers are looking at building new quantum-proof cryptography.

                                                  Quantum computers could -- theoretically -- solve problems that traditional digital computers find impossible to handle.

                                                  That means they could create an enormous security headache if they are used to crack the encryption that currently secures everything from emails and medical records to bank transactions..."

                                                  Google Initiates Customer-Supplied Cloud Data Encryption Keys
                                                  eWeek, August 2nd, 2016
                                                  "Google has initiated a service that allows its cloud service customers with the ability to use their own encryption keys to secure their sensitive data online.

                                                  Google this week announced general availability of an option that lets customers of its cloud services use their own keys for encrypting sensitive data stored online.

                                                  Google first introduced its Customer-Supplied Encryption Keys (CSEK) for Compute Engine in beta form last year. The feature basically enables enterprises to protect their data using encryption keys that are not owned or managed by Google. The company claims it will only require and hold customer keys temporarily to fulfill requests such as starting a virtual machine or attaching a disk..."

                                                  Profiles In Cryptographic Courage
                                                  InfoWorld, August 2nd, 2016
                                                  "Security problems sometimes seem depressingly intractable. The cure? Read about the fascinating people responsible for seminal breakthroughs...

                                                  I recently finished reading "Hedy's Folly" by the scholar Richard Rhodes. In it he discusses the 'most beautiful woman in the world,' 1930s and '40s superstar Hedy Lamarr. With her composer friend George Antheil, she invented frequency hopping..."

                                                  Why You Need A Strong Authentication Platform (Slideshow)
                                                  CSO Online, August 2nd, 2016
                                                  "As the security landscape is changing, so are the business challenges that organizations are facing. With data breaches and information theft on the rise, it's becoming even more crucial to protect your data from unwanted third parties. According to Symantec's annual Internet Security Threat Report, up to 80 percent of breaches could be eliminated with strong authentication.

                                                  With strong authentication, you can work securely across devices and locations, reduce IT burden and control costs, and secure consumer access to your data. Symantec's Information Protection Team offers tips for addressing common business challenges when it comes to protecting your company data..."

                                                  Nexenta News
                                                  All-Flash SDS: When Great Speed comes with Great Efficiency
                                                  Wednesday, August 17th, 2016 9:00AM PDT - 17:00 GMT
                                                  Do you want better performance in your storage solution? Interested in how all-flash software-defined-storage is building next-generation data centers? If so, this webinar is for you.

                                                  Global analyst Eric Burgener of IDC, and Systems Architect Brent Thumlert of Northern Backup, join Nexenta and SanDisk to share insights on All-Flash Array market trends, future outlooks, and why an increasing number of companies are adopting All-Flash SDS. As a leading IT & Managed Services Provider, Northern Backup will also share real-world performance metrics for the NexentaStor and SanDisk InfiniFlash storage solution, including their huge savings on power, cooling and space.

                                                  Hear about how the collaboration between Nexenta and SanDisk provides Northern Backup and its customers with advanced technologies to ensure the highest levels of service, performance, agility, capacity, and redundancy.

                                                  The time has come to take control of your storage destiny. Join us by registering today!

                                                  Veritas News
                                                  Symantec Reports First Quarter Fiscal Year 2017 Results
                                                  $550 million in net cost savings underway, as a result of cost savings initiative and synergies from Blue Coat acquisition
                                                  Symantec Corp. reported the results of its first quarter of fiscal year 2017, ended July 1, 2016. Greg Clark, Symantec CEO, said, "We are pleased to have quickly and successfully completed the Blue Coat acquisition, allowing us to begin executing our integration strategy. Symantec is now positioned to take advantage of the vast market opportunities in helping customers embrace the cloud, protecting the mobile workforce and securing enterprises, governments and consumers from advanced attacks. We have a deep bench of talent across all functions focused on executing our strategic initiatives, maintaining strong sales performance and achieving our financial targets."
                                                  Dell News
                                                  Dell Services' Innovation Lab for SAP HANA Creates Superior Customer Experience and Value
                                                  Dell, August 2nd, 2016
                                                  • Dell Services offers the largest innovation lab for SAP HANA, allowing customers to TRY before they BUY
                                                  • Lab equipped to load up to 30 terabytes (TB) of data to fully configure solutions
                                                  • Customers jumpstart and fine-tune solutions to get results that drive business transformation without having to make major investments

                                                  Dell Services introduced its innovation lab for SAP HANA, which is designed to help organizations evaluate, understand and benefit from their investments in the SAP HANA platform.

                                                  SAP HANA processes enormous volumes of data in seconds, providing instant business insights across industries, business functions and roles. However, deploying an environment running SAP HANA requires an investment, which most organizations must justify by proving the business value.

                                                  Microsoft News
                                                  NBC Olympics selects Microsoft Azure to provide live and on-demand streaming for its production of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio
                                                  Microsoft, August 1st, 2016
                                                  Microsoft Azure has been selected by NBC Olympics, a division of the NBC Sports Group, to provide cloud encoding and hosting with video workflows for NBC Olympics' production of the Games of the XXXI Olympiad, which take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Aug. 5-21.

                                                  Microsoft Azure will provide streaming service for NBCUniversal and's record 4,500 hours of online content, making it easier for viewers to find relevant content and recommendations on any device.

                                                  Symantec News
                                                  Symantec Completes Acquisition of Blue Coat to Define the Future of Cyber Security
                                                  Cyber Security Visionary Greg Clark Becomes CEO, Leading Industry's Largest Pure Play Cyber Security Company
                                                  Symantec Corp announced that it has successfully completed its acquisition of Blue Coat, Inc., a leading provider of web security for enterprises and governments worldwide. The acquisition of Blue Coat complements Symantec's innovative product portfolio and creates the industry's largest pure play cyber security company.

                                                  "At a time when the world faces more threats than it's ever encountered before, I couldn't be more confident in our ability to deliver what our customers need or more honored to lead Symantec's next chapter of innovation and growth," said Greg Clark, Symantec CEO. "With Blue Coat now part of Symantec, we are well positioned to solve the industry's most difficult challenges of securing a mobile workforce, protecting the cloud and stopping advanced threats."

                                                  IBM News
                                                  IBM Captures Leadership Position in Hybrid Cloud Environment Adoption, According to Research Firm
                                                  Technology Business Research (TBR) survey highlights IBM's expertise in hybrid integration and IT transformation
                                                  IBM announced that it has been named number one in hybrid cloud environments by leading independent technology market research firm Technology Business Research, Inc. (TBR). In TBR's semiannual Cloud Customer Research survey of more than 1,800 enterprise respondents, IBM was identified as the global leader in hybrid environment adoption thanks to its large enterprise customer base, brand reputation and expertise in hybrid integration and IT transformation.

                                                  'Hybrid integration is the next stage in cloud adoption and will be the end state for many enterprise IT environments,' said Kelsey Mason, Cloud Analyst at TBR. 'Enterprise hybrid adoption now matches that of public adoption a year ago, signaling a new wave of maturity in customers' cloud strategies.'

                                                  Drone Flight Operations To Improve as The Weather Company, an IBM Business, and AirMap Join to Deliver Real-time Hyperlocal Weather Data
                                                  Unmanned Aircraft To Gain Access to Precise, Real-Time Weather Data for Safer Flight
                                                  One of the largest private weather enterprises in the world, The Weather Company, an IBM Business, announced that they will be working with AirMap, a leading provider of low-altitude airspace management services for unmanned aircraft, to allow AirMap to deliver real-time hyperlocal weather data directly to drone operators. As drone technology moves toward increasingly sophisticated, autonomous operations, precise and accurate weather data will be critical for safe and efficient operations. Drone operators will be able to access the weather data from The Weather Company via AirMap's app for iOS and Apple Watch as well as AirMap's APIs for developers.
                                                  Leading Peruvian Insurance Company RIMAC Introduces IBM MobileFirst for iOS Enterprise Risk Inspect Application
                                                  RIMAC partners with IBM to develop an application customized to the needs of its field agents, significantly improving the quality and speed of insurance inspections
                                                  RIMAC, a leading Peruvian insurance company, announced it partnered with IBM to create a MobileFirst for iOS application for risk inspections designed to help RIMAC agents provide an optimized level of customer service. The Risk Inspect app designed for iPad increases the quality of the company's risk inspections and reduces the time required to process claims. Combining information and analytics with a user-friendly experience, the made-for-business app offers an enhanced level of interaction and real-time connectivity amongst RIMAC professionals...
                                                  IBM Named Leader in Private Cloud Adoption by Market Research Firm
                                                  Technology Business Research (TBR) survey highlights IBM's broad hybrid cloud portfolio and expertise in cloud migration
                                                  IBM announced that it has been named number one in private cloud by leading independent technology market research firm Technology Business Research, Inc. (TBR). In TBR's semi-annual Cloud Customer Research survey of more than 1,800 enterprises around the world, respondents identified IBM as a global private cloud leader for the breadth of its cloud portfolio and expertise in cloud migration.

                                                  'A footprint in legacy IT solutions and management is a strong predictor of private cloud vendor success, as private cloud solutions are typically the first step toward hybrid IT environments,' said TBR Cloud Senior Analyst Cassandra Mooshian. 'Private clouds appeals to enterprises looking to extend their legacy infrastructure and applications to the cloud while helping to optimize past investments.'

                                                  IBM Scientists Imitate the Functionality of Neurons with a Phase-Change Device
                                                  Technology could lead to the development of neuromorphic computers with highly co-located memory and processing units to speed up cognitive computing and analyze IoT Big Data
                                                  IBM scientists have created randomly spiking neurons using phase-change materials to store and process data. This demonstration marks a significant step forward in the development of energy-efficient, ultra-dense integrated neuromorphic technologies for applications in cognitive computing.

                                                  Inspired by the way the biological brain functions, scientists have theorized for decades that it should be possible to imitate the versatile computational capabilities of large populations of neurons. However, doing so at densities and with a power budget that would be comparable to those seen in biology has been a significant challenge, until now.

                                                  IBM Lab-on-a-Chip Breakthrough Aims to Help Physicians Detect Cancer and Diseases at the Nanoscale
                                                  IBM scientists will collaborate with the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai to test on prostate cancer
                                                  IBM scientists have developed a new lab-on-a-chip technology that can, for the first time, separate biological particles at the nanoscale and could help enable physicians to detect diseases such as cancer before symptoms appear.

                                                  As reported today in the journal Nature Nanotechnology*, the IBM team's results show size-based separation of bioparticles down to 20 nanometers (nm) in diameter, a scale that gives access to important particles such as DNA, viruses and exosomes. Once separated, these particles can be analyzed by physicians to potentially reveal signs of disease even before patients experience any physical symptoms and when the outcome from treatment is most positive. Until now, the smallest bioparticle that could be separated by size with on-chip technologies was about 50 times or larger, for example, separation of circulating tumor cells from other biological components...

                                                  IBM Named a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Center Outsourcing and Infrastructure Utility Services, NA
                                                  IBM is positioned highest in execution by key industry analysts as it evolves from systems to services integrator with hybrid cloud
                                                  IBM announced that Gartner, Inc. has positioned IBM as a leader in the July 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Center Outsourcing and Infrastructure Utility Services, North America. This year, IBM was positioned the highest in ability to execute.

                                                  IBM points to these results as reflective of the company's continued leadership in a rapidly changing environment. IBM's shift from a Systems Integrator to a Services Integrator is the future of services across the industry. The integrated and unified management of services and underlying IT infrastructure provides support for clients' wide-ranging hybrid cloud needs. Hybrid cloud, cognitive computing, and other data and analytics offerings continue to deliver differentiation and growth for companies of all sizes and industries.

                                                  IBM Announces New Security Testing Group: 'X-Force Red'
                                                  Company Expands Security Testing Team with World-Renowned Experts, Continues Expansion of Security Consulting and Services Business
                                                  Security announced the formation of IBM X-Force Red, a group of security professionals and ethical hackers whose goal is to help businesses discover vulnerabilities in their computer networks, hardware, and software applications before cybercriminals do. The team, part of IBM Security Services, will also examine human security vulnerabilities in daily processes and procedures that attackers often use to circumvent security controls.

                                                  The new team will be led by IBM's Charles Henderson, a world-renowned penetration testing expert. IBM X-Force Red is a global team with a network of hundreds of security professionals based in dozens of locations around the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Japan...

                                                  Fujitsu News
                                                  Fujitsu Creates One of Europe's Biggest ServiceNow Practices with Symfoni ESM Acquisition
                                                  Fujitsu, August 1st, 2016
                                                  • Fujitsu acquires Symfoni ESM, which has delivered more than 350 ServiceNow implementations in Northern Europe to date
                                                  • Establishes Fujitsu as one of the leading ServiceNow providers and doubles its ServiceNow consulting and delivery capabilities in Europe
                                                  • Underlines Fujitsu's significant and continued investment in growing its Digital business

                                                  Fujitsu announces the creation of one of Europe's biggest ServiceNow practices with Fujitsu Services Holdings PLC's acquisition of Symfoni ESM, one of the most well-established and experienced ServiceNow partners in Northern Europe. The deal encompasses four Symfoni companies, namely, Symfoni Finland OY, Symfoni Software Norge AS, Symfoni Software Belgium BVBA, and Symfoni Software Netherlands BV (collectively 'Symfoni ESM').

                                                  The acquisition - which effectively doubles Fujitsu's capabilities in delivering Enterprise Service Management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) consulting, implementation and managed services to enterprises - underlines Fujitsu's aspirations for further growth in its Digital Business...

                                                  Red Hat News
                                                  Friday Five - August 5, 2016
                                                  NetApp, August 5th, 2016
                                                  The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat blog post with 5 of the week's top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye.

                                                  • InformationAge - How companies must adapt to the digital revolution
                                                  • TechSeen - Red Hat Satellite 6.2 to focus on container management
                                                  • VMblog - How Containers and Virtualization Do - and Don't - Work Together
                                                  • Fastweb gains cloud flexibility, competitive advantage with Red Hat
                                                  • Forbes - Explaining Containers To Your CEO

                                                  Read on for details.

                                                  Level3 News
                                                  Level 3 To Present At The Cowen And Company 2nd Annual Communications Infrastructure Summit
                                                  Level(3), August 4th, 2016
                                                  Jeff Storey, president and CEO of Level 3 Communications, Inc., will present at the Cowen and Company 2nd Annual Communications Infrastructure Summit on August 9 in Boulder, Colorado. The investor presentation will begin at approximately 12:25 p.m. MT/2:25 p.m. ET.

                                                  Webcast information for investor presentations can be found on Level 3's Investor Relations website at

                                                  HP News
                                                  The Power of Digital Inclusion: Hewlett Packard Enterprise Announces Living Progress Challenge Winners
                                                  HPE, August 5th, 2016
                                                  Revolutionizing volunteerism, helping high school students find the mentors they need, expanding financial inclusion, and cracking down on illegal fishing - what would you do to help change the world and accelerate opportunity for millions of people around the world using software and digital services?

                                                  Hundreds of people answered that call in the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Living Progress Challenge that launched in December of 2015. On August 3, the company announced the four winners, selected from 10 finalists during the Living Progress Challenge Finals, held live in Brooklyn, New York...

                                                    Hewlett Packard Enterprise Brings Machine Learning, Open Source, Security, and Big Data to Mobile App Testing
                                                    HPE, August 3rd, 2016
                                                    HPE Mobile Center 2.0 enables developers to build secure, high-quality applications for any device through AWS Device Farm

                                                    Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced the availability of HPE Mobile Center 2.0, an integrated software development testing suite designed to help organizations rapidly build, test, and deliver high-quality mobile applications.

                                                    HPE Mobile Center leverages HPE Haven OnDemand, HPE Fortify on Demand, and open source testing tools including Selenium and Appium, allowing developers to test any app operation and cover any user scenario. To significantly scale the number of devices that are tested, HPE Mobile Center is now integrated with Amazon Web Services Device Farm (AWS Device Farm) - a service that helps mobile app developers quickly and securely test their apps on smartphones, tablets, and other devices to improve the quality of their Android and iOS apps.

                                                    Forbes: Hewlett Packard Enterprise Strategic Alliances Group Making Solid Progress
                                                    HPE, August 2nd, 2016
                                                    Patrick Moorhead writes, "I've been keeping close tabs on Hewlett Packard Enterprise lately - back in June I attended HPE Discover in Las Vegas, and published my takeaways for Day One and Day Two. Today's blog however, is a follow up to my December blog, on HPE's Strategic Alliances, which I wrote after meeting with HPE's Alliance executives at London's HPE Discover, back in December. To recap, alliances and partnerships are integral to the success of today's large IT providers - they often represent a significant, highly reliable source of revenue, and strategically enhance a company's ability to deliver products and services to their customers in a way that no one company can do by itself..."
                                                      Sharpening our Focus in Hybrid IT, Global Sales, & Storage
                                                      HPE, August 1st, 2016
                                                      Antonio Neri writes, "Last month, following the announcement of the spin-off and merger of our Enterprise Services business with CSC, we made some initial organizational changes to better address the demands of a highly competitive market, better serve our customers and partners, and ultimately position the Enterprise Group (EG) for long-term success. At the time, we promised we would announce the next level of detail around the organization on August 1. Therefore, this is an exciting day for EG as we announce changes that will strengthen the organization and help us win in the markets where we compete..."
                                                        How Rio's Airport Trained for the Summer Games
                                                        A behind-the-scenes look at the data center and networking tech powering the official airport of the 2016 Olympics
                                                        Yearly passenger traffic at RIOgaleao Airport recently reached approximately 17 million, and 1.5 million people are expected for the upcoming summer games in August 2016. With this surge of travelers, the airport knew that upgrading its network infrastructure would be a key priority. RIOgaleao's IT team undertook a major network upgrade, in concert with the Airport's 100,000 square meter construction and expansion project.
                                                        Windstream News
                                                        Windstream declares 15-cent quarterly dividend
                                                        leading provider of advanced network communications and technology solutions for consumers, small businesses, enterprise organizations and carrier partners
                                                        The board of directors of Windstream Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: WIN) today declared a quarterly dividend of 15 cents per share on the company's common stock.

                                                        The dividend is payable Oct. 17, 2016, to stockholders of record as of Sept. 30, 2016.

                                                        About Windstream

                                                        Windstream Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: WIN), a FORTUNE 500 company, is a leading provider of advanced network communications and technology solutions for consumers, small businesses, enterprise organizations and carrier partners across the U.S. Windstream offers bundled services, including broadband, security solutions, voice and digital TV to consumers. The company also provides data, cloud solutions, unified communications and managed services to business and enterprise clients. The company supplies core transport solutions on a local and long-haul fiber-optic network spanning approximately 125,000 miles.

                                                        Netapp News
                                                        UZ Leuven Speeds Collaboration of 17 Hospitals with NetApp Flash
                                                        Seventeen independent hospitals (nexuz health group) with over 25,000 named users rely on UZ Leuven's cloud services
                                                        'NetApp All Flash FAS has enabled us to quickly process radiology images, patient records, test results, and e-mail, as well as manage our 50% data growth each year,' said Reinoud Reynders. Reynders is the IT manager of Infrastructure and Operations at UZ Leuven. 'In addition, working with NetApp has strengthened our cloud services,' said Reynders, 'making it possible for us to move, manage, and protect 6PB of critical patient data, as well as roll out new features across 17 hospitals within business hours - with no downtime.'

                                                        UZ Leuven is the largest healthcare provider in Belgium and is one of the most respected medical research facilities in Europe. Access to accurate and timely patient information is critical to providing the right diagnosis, treatments, and care. Having grown from 2,000 to 9,000 beds, UZ Leuven expects to exceed 12,000 beds soon. With this expansion, new patient data must be made available across hospitals for real-time collaboration while the infrastructure handles exponential growth behind the scenes without risk of downtime.

                                                        Two NetApp Executives Recognized on CRN's List of Top 100 Executives
                                                        NetApp, August 1st, 2016
                                                        NetApp announced that CRN, a brand of The Channel Company, has named George Kurian, chief executive officer, and Bill Lipsin, vice president of Global Channel, to its 2016 list of Top 100 Executives. This annual list recognizes leaders from the technology industry who have played an integral role in shaping today's IT channel, whether by driving huge cultural shifts, creating rich new opportunities or forging innovative new routes to success.
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