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Oracle News
Oracle Joins the White House's Advanced Wireless Research Initiative
Bringing the Power of the Cloud to 5G and Beyond
Oracle is proud to provide Oracle Cloud technology and engineering resources to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy's program Platforms Enabling Advanced Wireless Program (PAWR). The program is led by the National Science Foundation, the nonprofit organization US Ignite, and a consortium of industry and academic leaders collaborating to better understand the unique challenges and opportunities created by next generation platforms for networking.

Oracle Communications will provide core network control, analytics and network orchestration technology to researchers and help them understand the impact of subscriber behavior, enhance orchestration, and bolster security.

Social Media In A Regulated Industry: How Yorkshire Building Society Does It
By Chris Murphy
Chris writes in 'url "" "Forbes"', "It's easy enough to set up a company Twitter or Facebook account, but Richard Bassinder had to answer a tough question first: What would people want to see in their social feeds from a 152-year-old financial services company?"

'We're not a Red Bull or a Disney,' says Bassinder, social media manager for Yorkshire Building Society, the UK's second-largest building society, with more than 3.3 million customers...

3 Keys to Modernizing University Operations
By Margaret Harrist
Margaret writes in 'url "" "Forbes"', "When I went to college in the 1980s, I was able to pay most of my way and graduate with just a small loan balance. Today, the average student loan debt is more than $25,000; Americans hold more such debt than credit card debt - $1.2 trillion and $714 billion, respectively, as of last fall.

So while I contemplate taking on a side job as an Uber driver when my second child heads to college next year, I also understand that universities face challenges on multiple fronts. Like many organizations I write about, they're struggling to streamline operations and at the same time they must innovate to stay competitive - or perhaps catch up..."

AI Expanding In The Enterprise (Whether Or Not You Know It)
CIO, July 21st, 2016
"Many organizations are already using technologies that rely on artificial intelligence, according to a recent study, and many more will adopt AI technologies within the next two years.

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are already proliferating in the enterprise. However, many business leaders don't realize they're leveraging technologies that rely on AI, according to a new study by natural language generation (NLG) specialist Narrative Science. Despite the confusion, adoption is imminent..."

    Darpa's All-Machine Cyber Challenge
    GCN, July 21st, 2016
    "The automation of cyber defense will take center stage at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's Cyber Grand Challenge next month.

    During the 10-hour Aug. 4 event, seven teams and their high-performance machines will compete to 'capture the flag,' a computer security challenge that demonstrates hackers offensive and defensive skills..."

    Google Sprints Ahead In AI Building Blocks, Leaving Rivals Wary
    Information Management, July 21st, 2016
    "There's a high-stakes race under way in Silicon Valley to develop software that makes it easy to weave artificial intelligence technology into almost everything, and Google has sprinted into the lead.

    Google computer scientists including Jeff Dean and Greg Corrado built software called TensorFlow, which simplifies the programming of key systems that underpin artificial intelligence. That helps Google make its products smarter and more responsive. It's important for other companies too because the software makes it dramatically easier to create computer programs that learn and improve automatically. What's more, Google gives it away..."

    Google Uses AI To Cut Energy Used To Cool Its Data Centers
    TechWorm, July 22nd, 2016
    "Data centers are a large group of networked computer servers typically used by organizations for the remote storage, processing, or distribution of large amounts of data. They power most of our day-to-day life services, apps and systems that we depend upon. However, running thousands of hard drives, processors, networking equipment and magnetic tapes takes a real toll on the grid, which results in poor energy efficiency in data centers. To make things worse, all of that equipment also needs a powerful cooling system to keep it running..."
      Machine Horizon: Three Of The Most Exciting Ai Developments
      ITProPortal, July 21st, 2016
      "As a topic, AI's popularity tends to rise and fall. Some have even argued that it rises at times when there's a lull in tangible technological innovations, perhaps to give the geeks something to talk about.

      In the past, AI has often been a blank sheet onto which we project our fears and fantasies of the future. We get excited about artificial intelligence or we get fearful about it, yet those hopes or threats have always felt abstract and faraway...."

        Many Businesses Using AI Without Realizing It
        InformationWeek, July 21st, 2016
        "Businesses see AI as a future investment, even though most organizations are actually already using it, a study finds.

        While only about a quarter of surveyed business executives say they're currently using artificial intelligence in the workplace to automate manual tasks, a vast majority of those who said they weren't using AI actually were without realizing it..."

          Outlook On Artificial Intelligence In The Enterprise 2016
          insideBIGDATA, July 23rd, 2016
          Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn't new. It has been around for decades, but AI technologies are only making headway now due to the proliferation of data and the investments being made in storage, tracking and analytics technologies. The infographic below summarizes the results of a new research report surveying 235 business executives - 'Outlook on Artificial Intelligence in the Enterprise 2016.' The second annual report was developed by Narrative Science, a leader in advanced natural language generation (Advanced NLG) for the enterprise. Partnering with National Business Research Institute (NBRI), Narrative Science surveyed the executives to understand the use, value, and impact of AI-powered business applications within their organizations..."
          IBM GSKit using SPARC S7 Hardware Encryption 5X faster than Xeon E5
          By Eric Reid
          Eric blogs, "More good news for users of IBM software products on SPARC and Solaris!

          Oracle's new SPARC S7-based servers make use of the exact same hardware cryptographic silicon as the current SPARC M7-based products, and, as such, provide 'always on' HW-based data encryption. GSKit, the software layer used by IBM in many of its software products has supported SPARC hardware encryption since late 2015, and SPARC S7 is no exception..."

          Enhanced Oracle VM Utilities
          Oracle VM Release 3.4 is Oracle's latest server virtualization product
          John Priest write, "Oracle VM Release 3.4, Oracle's latest server virtualization product, delivers many important new features and enhancements to enable rapid enterprise application deployment throughout public and private cloud infrastructure. The new release continues expanding support for both Oracle and non-Oracle workloads - providing customers and partners with additional choices and interoperability - including the capability to enable OpenStack support. .."

          "In April 2016 Oracle VM 3.4 was released. To accompany the Oracle VM for x86 release the Oracle VM utilities (patch ID 13602094 available from My Oracle Support) was updated.

          Version 2.1.0 is the latest version of the utilities and is supported with Oracle VM Manager 3.3.x and 3.4.x.

          Version 2.1.0 delivers the following enhanced functionality from the previous 2.0.1 version:..."

          Friday Spotlight: Easily Create 3rd Party Hardware Driver for Oracle VM Server
          By Simon Coter
          Simon blogs, "Oracle VM Server for x86 is engineered for open cloud infrastructure. More and more partners are endorsing Oracle VM to help customers transform their legacy data centers to cloud, and there are great demands to support a broad range of hardware platforms. Oracle VM Server 3.4 is the latest release which has been updated to Oracle Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 4 to bring not only performance improvements; but also rapid driver availability and streamlined partner certifications with Oracle Linux.

          As many of you know that the run-time of Oracle VM Server dom0 (management domain) only contains a minimum set of packages, and it does not provide the additional development packages needed for building modules and/or drivers..."

          Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.1.2
          By Simon Coter
          Oracle has released VirtualBox 5.1 Maintenance Release 2. This release is a major improvement which include a large number of improvements and bug fixes from first release of Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.1.

          See all the details here with a complete list of bug fixes; here you can find all the links to download the software.

          The Oracle VirtualBox Team

          IT - Storage
          A Big Data, IoT Project Brings Unique Storage Demands
          SearchDataCenter, July 19th 2016
          "With the proliferation of IoT and big data, the amount of data in the enterprise increases every day. Find out how to meet storage demands for these new IT initiatives...

          The internet of things involves the placement of sensors on everything from cars to refrigerators to humans and transmitting that data via an internet connection to a central repository for storage. Once there, it becomes part of big data, which is the analysis of all that information..."

          Migration - The Storage Refresh Killer
          Storage-Switzerland, July 21st, 2016
          "At some point in a storage administrators tenure, they will have to navigate the organization through a storage refresh. Actually they may have to guide the organization through several of these refreshes. It is a huge task that requires information gathering, nonsense filtering, vendor negotiations and tough decision making. Often the forgotten part of the storage refresh is how to migrate data to the shiny new storage system you just purchased. It is more than just copying data from point A to point B..."
            This Tiny Storage Breakthrough Could Hold 10 Terabytes Of Data In One Square Centimeter
            ZDnet, July 19th 2016
            "The system is based on chlorine atoms at -198 degrees -- but it could have a future in the cloud...

            A team of physicists in the Netherlands have developed a storage device composed of chlorine atoms on a tiny metal surface that could one day be scaled up to hold about 10 terabytes of data on a 1cm square space.

            Delft University of Technology (DUT) physicist Sander Otte and his team developed a 1-kilobyte storage device by arranging chlorine atoms in a series of terrace-like square grids on a copper surface..."

              Your Next Storage Will Be Invisible (For A While)
              The Register, July 15th 2016
              "Use old hardware and inexpensive, even free, storage software...

              In the last two or three years I've talked a lot about "Flash & Trash." A two-tier storage strategy to best cope with the increasing demand of high IOPS and low latency from primary applications on the one hand, and high capacity, associated with throughput at times, on the other.

              This kind of need depends on the type of applications you are running but also on the fact that it is quite difficult to find a balance between $/IOPS and $/GB on a single system..."

              IT - Technology
              Accelerating Category 8 Cable Adoption
              Data Center Journal, July 22nd, 2016
              "Category 8 Ethernet cable will play a major role in meeting today's burgeoning needs for high-speed communications, whether in the data center, voice, video or other high bandwidth applications that run on copper cable for distances up to 30 meters.

              To ensure that Category 8 adopters will effectively reach data speeds of up to 40 Gb/s..."

              All You Need For Quantum Computing At Room Temperature Is Some Mothballs
              The Register, July 21st, 2016
              "Much of the current research on the development of a quantum computer involves work at very low temperatures. The challenge to make them more practical for everyday use is to make them work at room temperature.

              The breakthrough here came from the use of some everyday materials, with details published today in Nature Communications.

              A typical modern-day computer represents information using a binary number system of discrete bits, represented as either 0 and 1..."

                Everyone And Their Mother Is Building A 360-Degree Camera
                recode, July 22nd, 2016
                "A year ago, those wanting to shoot content for virtual reality had few options.

                Those on a budget could use a relatively low-resolution camera from Japan's Ricoh while high-end crews often used a custom rig composed of multiple GoPro cameras.

                But with VR all the rage these days, a host of companies big and small have rushed to fill the void..."

                  Experimental Technology Stores A Kilobit Of Data On A Single Atom
                  eWeek, July 19th 2016
                  "Researchers in the Netherlands have discovered how to put binary data on a stable matrix of atoms so a kilobit of data can be stored on a single atom.

                  Long ago in another life, I was taken into a laboratory run by the Department of Defense to see the future of data processing, which is what IT was called back then.

                  Inside a room in that lab was a device that looked something like a washing machine. My guide said that I should be impressed, and speaking in hushed tones, he said, 'This holds 5 megabytes!'

                  Things have changed enormously since then, but probably not as much as they're going to change. Right now the future of storage is in the Kevli Institute of Nanoscience at Delft University in the Netherlands..."

                    Here's Video Of Facebook'S Internet-Beaming, Solar-Powered Airplane In Flight
                    recode, July 21st, 2016
                    "It's been almost exactly one year since Facebook first announced it was building an airplane to beam internet access to remote locations. In late June, that plane finally took flight, and on Thursday Facebook shared video to prove it.

                    The company launched Aquila - a 140-foot, solar-powered, unmanned plane - on June 28 from a military testing facility in Yuma, Ariz. CEO Mark Zuckerberg was on hand to see the plane take its inaugural flight, which lasted for 96 minutes..."

                    IT - Bitcoin
                    Bitcoin: The Trust Anchor In A Sea Of Blockchains
                    CoinDesk, July 23rd, 2016
                    "Bitcoin has a number of properties that give it utility (and thus value)&#8202; such as &#8202;trustlessness, permissionlessness, transparency, and immutability.

                    When you broaden your perspective of bitcoin from a currency and payment system to that of a secure historical ledger, it becomes clear that these properties, in conjunction with each other, can enable powerful applications..."

                    Ernst & Young Report: Prepare For Blockchain 'Critical Mass'
          , July 22nd, 2016
                    "Ernst & Young (EY), the third largest multinational professional services firm, believes blockchain technology is poised for critical mass. In its latest report, 'Blockchain Reaction: Tech companies plan for critical mass,' the company explains how tech firms will experience impact through the blockchain's 'potential-rich, but still immature, technology'..."
                      Hardware Bitcoin Wallets: A Comparison
                      NEWSBTC, July 21st, 2016
                      "Gartner offers insights into how cloud is disrupting traditional IT spending habits...

                      Market watcher shines a light on how the adoption of off-premise technologies is shaking up enterprise IT spending trends...

                      Gartner predicts that more than $1tn in IT spending will be directly or indirectly targeted away from traditional IT delivery models and to the cloud between now and the year 2020..."

                      Zurich Falls Behind In Bitcoin Adoption And Fintech Development
                      NEWSBTC, July 21st, 2016
                      "Zurich doesn't have any intention of promoting the use of Bitcoin and other digital currencies in the world, says the City Council...

                      Switzerland's Zug is a model city for Bitcoin adoption, especially after its City Hall decided to allow people to pay fees and bills in Bitcoin. But the same can't be said about Zurich. The authorities in Zurich are reportedly neither interested in promoting nor adopting Bitcoin - at least in near-term.

                      According to reports, the city council has cleared the air by saying that it has no intention of following the footsteps of Zug anytime soon by relaxing the norms to accommodate digital currencies. The city council's stand was announced in response to a request raised by Martin Luchsinger and Matthias Weismann, two GLP Councilors..."

                      IT - FOSS
                      How I Use Linux For Theoretical Physics
            , July 22nd, 2016
                      "In 2008, I started studying physics and got in contact with Linux, since a bunch of people used it for data analysis and simulations. Comprehension came fast and easy with such people around, and I was strongly encouraged to get things done with Linux. I installed Ubuntu on my notebook, and soon got familiar with Bash and the standard tools.

                      After some years I turned to theoretical physics. While I was writing my master's thesis I gained access to a workstation running Scientific Linux, and a cluster system with a few hundred cores..."

                      50 Top Open Source Marketing Applications
                      Datamation, July 19th 2016
                      "Clearly, open source marketing apps have their place. These days, marketing departments are responsible for a sizable percentage of enterprise application purchases and deployment decisions. In fact, Gartner has predicted that by 2017 chief marketing officers (CMOs) will spend more on IT than chief information officers (CIOs) do.

                      While the accuracy of that forecast is open to debate, marketing teams are certainly becoming more involved in the selection of software. The marketing automation industry alone is now worth an estimated $1.62 billion per year, and many marketing teams are also involved in choosing content management systems, customer relationship management, ecommerce software and other solutions..."

                      Intro To LimeSurvey: An Open Source, Feature-Rich Polling Platform
            , July 22nd, 2016
                      "If you need to take a survey or poll, for just about any reason, you've got a lot of choices. And if you only need to answer one or two questions, only one time, then offline polling or simple mechanisms such as Google Forms may work fine. If you want a robust polling platform, deeply customizable, with a solid set of features for complicated surveys and a useful statistical analysis and summary system, then take a gander at LimeSurvey..."
                      IT - DevOps
                      How DevOps Can Help Improve Security
            , July 21st, 2016
                      "Automation and standardization along with development-inspired reviews can address the three top risks to IT security.

                      The term 'DevOps' these days tends to evoke images of automation and push-button application deployments whenever app dev wants. It's anarchy, it's chaos, and it's a frightening notion to those for whom stability and security of the core business network is their top priority. After all, folks in the DevOps camp routinely cheer on a 'Chaos Monkey,' whose sole purpose is to break things in the production network. On the surface, that hardly seems conducive to stability or security..."

                      Why Leading DevOps May Get You A Promotion
                      ZDNet, July 22nd, 2016
                      "Is leading or engaging in DevOps a career booster?

                      Gene Kim, author of The Phoenix Project and leading DevOps proponent, seems to think so. In a recent interview with TechBeacon's Mike Perrow, Kim notes that of 'the nearly 100 speakers at DevOps Enterprise Summits over the last two years, about one in three have been promoted.'..."

                      The Value of Database Support
                      By Peter Zaitsev
                      Peter writes, "In this post, I'll discuss how database support is good for your enterprise.

                      Years ago when I worked for the MySQL Support organization at the original MySQL AB, we spoke about MySQL Support as insurance and focused on a value proposition similar to that of car insurance. You must purchase car insurance before the incident happens, or insurance won't cover the damage. In fact, most places around the world require automobile insurance. Similarly, many organizations that leverage production-use technology have their own 'insurance' by means of 24/7 support.

                      In my opinion, this is a very one-sided view that does not capture the full value (and ROI) that a database support contract with Percona provides. With a Percona support contract, you are assured that your database environment (virtual, physical, or in the cloud) is fully covered - whether it's one server or many..."

                      MySQL Partner Quarterly Update - July 2016
                      By Ramona Costea
                      Ramona blogs, "Great news: the latest MySQL Partner Update is here.

                      Get the latest news on events and products, discover MySQL sales opportunities, check out the newest case studies, learn about upcoming trainings and events, and have all resources at your fingertips.

                      Find out how to register for MySQL Session and Demopod at Oracle OpenWorld, how MySQL is used for Internet of Things, as well as how Mobile Network Operators take advantage of MySQL Cluster to connect users worldwide.

                      Don't forget to check out and download the latest versions of MySQL Database, Cluster, Enterprise Monitor and Enterprise Backup to get the best out of MySQL.

                      Learn more here."

                      IT - Cloud
                      Why Cloud Workload Portability Is A Pipe Dream
                      InfoWorld, July 18th 2016
                      "Nobody likes lock-in, the risk of which has dogged the public cloud from the start. But even in the container era, can it really be prevented? At last week's AWS event in Santa Clara, California, Amazon GM of product strategy Matt Wood gave a rousing recapitulation of the abundant services offered by the world's leading public cloud, from good old Elastic Map Reduce to Kinesis to AWS Lambda to the ruggedized AWS Snowball box for shipping data via UPS 80TB at a time. When you hear this litany, it's hard to avoid wondering how other clouds can catch up in the sheer number and variety of services, let alone in market share..."
                      7 Cloud Migration Considerations
                      Network Computing, July 19th 2016
                      "Don't overlook these steps when moving production applications to the cloud...

                      The business case has been made and you've appointed your project resources for cloud migration. It's now time to scope and plan your migration. Far too frequently, organizations do not take the time to plan how they will migrate from an on-premises or hosted infrastructure environment, onto a cloud platform..."

                      Cloud Shift Will Affect $1 Trillion In It Spending
                      Help Net Security, July 22nd, 2016
                      "More than $1 trillion in IT spending will be directly or indirectly affected by the shift to cloud during the next five years, said Gartner, Inc. This will make cloud computing one of the most disruptive forces of IT spending since the early days of the digital age..."
                      Is Your Workload Cloud-Ready? Ask These 3 Questions
                      InfoWorld, July 19th 2016
                      "Application workloads that migrate to the cloud often need some work before the move, but IT usually opts to get the workloads to the cloud as expeditiously as possible, which means the workloads often go to the cloud as is.

                      If you don't modify or refactor the application or data, you will probably not take advantage of some cloud-native features that could really improve your ROI. However, when you do modify the application, you must consider portability trade-offs..."

                        CIOs: Shadow IT Is Actually Great For Your Cloud Strategy
                        InfoWorld, July 22nd, 2016
                        "The three reasons that departments' own adoption of cloud technologies benefits CIOs' goals..

                        In a survey, cloud security broker vendor CipherCloud found that 86 percent of cloud applications used at workplaces are unsanctioned. That's a big percentage. Obviously, the security vendors have an incentive to raise such fears about shadow IT, so take this claim with much salt. However, the issue merits attention.

                        I don't see shadow IT as that big of deal. Moreover, I believe that CIOs can embrace, rather than fight, the rise of shadow IT for their own benefit. How?..."

                        IT - CxO
                        3 Ways To Cut Software Costs - Gartner
                        Information Age, July 19th 2016
                        "Analyst firm says organisations can cut software costs by 30% using three best practices..

                        Many organisations can cut spending on software by as much as 30% by implementing three software licence optimisation best practices, according to Gartner.

                        The keys to reducing software licence spending are application configuration optimisation, recycling software licenses and software asset management (SAM) tools, the analyst firm said..."

                        5 Ways to Become a CIO 2.0
                        CIO Insight, July 22nd, 2016
                        "The furious rate of business and IT change taking place is creating waves of disruption that couldn't have been imagined only a few years ago. CIOs are at the center of the storm. Here are five things CIOs can do to take their stature - and their organization - to a new and better level:..."
                          Gartner Offers Insights Into How Cloud Is Disrupting Traditional IT Spending Habits
                          ComputerWeekly, July 21st, 2016
                          "Market watcher shines a light on how the adoption of off-premise technologies is shaking up enterprise IT spending trends..

                          Gartner predicts that more than $1tn in IT spending will be directly or indirectly targeted away from traditional IT delivery models and to the cloud between now and the year 2020..."

                          What To Look For When Hiring Remote Workers
                          TLNT, July 20th, 2016
                          "Due to a lack of accountability, maintaining tabs on off-site workers is necessary, but difficult. If your company is hiring a large number of these employees, you'll want to look out for specific traits that can key you in to how much success they'll have in an often challenging environment..."
                            Why Engineers Make Great IT Leaders
                            IT World, July 19th 2016
                            "If you're looking to cultivate new IT leadership, consider promoting from the ranks of your engineers and developers...

                            Finding good IT talent is tough - keeping it is even tougher. If you already have a stable of skilled, engaged IT workers, consider promoting from their ranks to foster trust, engagement and a competitive advantage..."

                              vBeers @ Miami - M.I.A Beers
                              Wednesday, July 27th: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
                              Come out and connect with other professionals in your industry!

                              • Wednesday, July 27th
                              • M.I.A. Beer Company
                              • 10400 NW 33rd St Suite 150
                              • Doral, FL 33172

                              vBeers is a great event meant to promote growth of the IT industry here in South Florida. vBeers events happen four times a month, once per county:

                              • vBeers @ Palm Beach Gardens 1st Wednesday of Month
                              • vBeers @ Broward 2nd Wednesday of Month
                              • vBeers @ Boca 3rd Wednesday of Month
                              • vBeers @ Miami 4th Wednesday of Month

                              RSVP at

                              Sponsorships for the vBeers events are through the South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA).

                              John Mclaughlin, SFTA

                              IT - PM
                              5 Steps To Avoid Overcommitting Resources On Your IT Projects
                              TechRepublic, July 18th 2016
                              "A new survey sheds light on the risks of inaccurately evaluating the demand for project resources. Get tips on effectively planning for your IT project's capacity...

                              Appleseed Partners, a marketing strategy and execution services company, and Planview, a portfolio and resource management company, both headquartered in Austin, TX, released a new survey today that shares key findings on the pain points that IT feels with overcommitted resources in product development and IT projects..."

                              IT - Networks
                              The 10 Coolest Network Security Products Of 2016 (So Far) (Slideshow)
                              CRN, July 18th 2016
                              "The market for network security continues to rise alongside the security market overall, but it is also starting to evolve with a host of new solutions to help companies take their security efforts to the next level. In 2016 so far, we have seen both legacy and startup security vendors launching new solutions around advanced persistent threats, threat isolation, software-defined security and the cloud. Companies also launched new systems to take enterprise-grade network security capabilities downstream to SMB customers. While the year isn't over yet, here's our roundup of coolest, and more importantly channel friendly, network security products in the year so far..."
                              Wifi Troubleshooting Using Wireshark
                              Network Computing, July 19th 2016
                              "Learn how to use the popular network analyzer to track down WiFi problems.

                              When it comes to open-source tools for network engineers, a top choice is Wireshark, created in 1997 by Gerald Combs, who needed a tool to track network problems. Originally named Ethereal, the network analyzer is supported by a community that has added additional dissectors, features, and bug fixes.

                              Wireshark isn't just for wired networks; wireless network engineers can utilize the tool to help them troubleshoot and diagnose various WiFi issues. Before getting into the details of using Wireshark to capture WiFi traffic, let's go over the particular requirements..."

                                More Than Half The World Is Still Offline
                                CIO, July 22nd, 2016
                                "While it may seem like half the world is chasing Pokemon right now, the other half is not even on the Internet.

                                About 3.9 billion people, or 53 percent of the population, will still be offline at the end of this year, the International Telecommunication Union estimates. Even in Europe, the most connected region, 20.9 percent of all people aren't online. In Africa, the least connected continent, 74.9 percent are offline..."

                                  What Is Li-Fi? How Does Li-Fi Work?
                                  TechWorld, July 19th 2016
                                  "The market for network security continues to rise alongside the security market overall, but it is also starting to evolve with a host of new solutions to help companies take their security efforts to the next level. In 2016 so far, we have seen both legacy and startup security vendors launching new solutions around advanced persistent threats, threat isolation, software-defined security and the cloud. Companies also launched new systems to take enterprise-grade network security capabilities downstream to SMB customers. While the year isn't over yet, here's our roundup of coolest, and more importantly channel friendly, network security products in the year so far..."
                                  Toward 25 Gigabit Ethernet Standardization
                                  Network Computing, July 21st, 2016
                                  "Spurred by hyper-scale data center requirements, 25 GbE is on its way to becoming an industry standard.

                                  Without betraying the core characteristics that have fueled its growth over the last four decades, Ethernet is in a period of historic innovation. Development and deployment all along the Ethernet value chain have exploded, and as a result, an unprecedented range of standardization efforts is simultaneously underway within the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group. Standardization of IEEE 25 Gigabit per second Ethernet is one such effort..."

                                  IT - IoT
                                  Analytics Driving Enterprise Iot Deployments
                                  Datamation, July 20th, 2016
                                  "Most enterprises are already familiar with the Internet of Things (IoT), and for some, that familiarity is breeding at least a little contempt.

                                  A majority of businesses, 70 percent in fact, have already deployed IoT solutions according to the latest survey from Strategy Analytics. Within the next three to 12 months, that figure will climb to 80 percent.

                                  While IoT is already having a major impact on the IT market, its effects aren't as wide reaching at individual organizations. Strategy Analytics discovered that just 25 percent of enterprises are operating full-scale IoT deployments..."

                                  Businesses Are Blindly Rushing Into IoT
                                  ComputerWorld, July 19th 2016
                                  "Companies are rapidly adopting IoT even though many don't know if they're getting a good return on their investment.

                                  Two-thirds of companies are now using or planning to use IoT, according to a global survey by research firm Strategy Analytics. That's up from just 32 percent last year.

                                  But 51 percent of those aren't sure whether the new technology is paying off, said Laura DiDio, an analyst at the firm..."

                                  How Much Do You Really Know About The Internet Of Things? Take The Quiz
                                  Information Age, July 21st, 2016
                                  "The Internet of Things is one of the most important technology trends facing business today. Put your knowledge to the test in the IoT quiz...

                                  The Internet of Things (IoT) has steamrolled its way into businesses around the world, presenting itself as a golden opportunity for creating value and generating new revenue streams..."

                                  Java Is The Go To Language For IoT Applications
                                  jaxenter, July 20th, 2016
                                  "The Eclipse Foundation released an IoT developer survey earlier this year in which it showed that five percent or more of the respondents mentioned more than 14 programming languages. Although the IoT universe appears to be polyglot, there is one language which topped the Eclipse survey and that is Java..."
                                  Lost Underground? IoT Beacons Help Subway Riders Find Their Way
                                  Network World, July 19th 2016
                                  "Bluetooth-enabled beacons running on ambient light, along with an augmented reality mobile app, help commuters navigate confusing subway stations...

                                  Navigating through a subway is like a scavenger hunt: You have to look for clues on where to go next.

                                  And GPS, though it works well above ground where satellites provide coordinates to find your bearings, can't help..."

                                    The Internet Of Things Demands A New Identity Management Approach
                                    Business 2 Community, July 21st, 2016
                                    "A study conducted by BI Intelligence predicts there will be 24 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices by the year 2020. It's a staggering growth rate that signals dramatic changes for the way we live, how brands connect with customers, and how businesses manage operations..."
                                    IT - Linux
                                    7 Differences Between Linux And Windows: User Expectations
                                    Datamation, July 20th, 2016
                                    "When I was a boy, I imagined that other languages were codes, whose words had a one-to-one correspondence to English. In the same way, many Windows users expect Linux to be an exact equivalent.

                                    The reality, of course, is quite different. Both Windows and Linux are operating systems -- the programs used to run other applications -- but they often fulfill basic functions in different ways. Like any application, they have their own unspoken logic, and part of learning either is to learn their logic.

                                    For example, here are seven differences to watch for when you move to Linux:..."

                                    IT - Operations
                                    4 Tips To Achieve Power And Cooling Success
                                    StateTech, July 22nd, 2016
                                    "Organizations can maximize data center per-rack utilization by helping everything run more smoothly and efficiently.

                                    As computing services shift to the cloud and data centers consolidate, physical space remains at a premium.

                                    Data center administrators face ongoing pressure to maximize the utilization of each rack - and server, electrical and cooling densities are increasing as a result. Where 5 to 6 kilowatts per rack were common in the past, current trends are toward 20kW to 30kW per rack, with extreme environments exceeding 50kW..."

                                      Beyond Data: Why Cisos Must Pay Attention To Physical Security
                                      Dark Reading, July 18th 2016
                                      "Information security professionals are missing the big picture if they think of vulnerabilities and threats only in terms of data protection, password hygiene and encryption.

                                      Battered by a nearly constant onslaught of attacks and revelations of security breaches, IT businesses and departments have doubled down on securing their organizations' data. Better password hygiene, data access restrictions and encryption are all fundamental to preventing a data breach. However, physical security is often overlooked..."

                                      Ten Simple Ways To Fine-Tune Your Data Center Cooling System
                                      Data Center Knowledge, July 21st, 2016
                                      "Unless your data center cooling system was incorrectly specified, there is probably more than enough raw cooling capacity to meet the projected heat load. Yet very often there are hotspots and other airflow-related cooling issues. These usually plague smaller data centers, especially those in mixed-use buildings, as well as older data centers that pre-date or did not properly implement hot aisle - cold aisle layouts..."
                                        The CIO Is Becoming The Hvac Guy
                                        ComputerWorld, July 18th 2016
                                        "A group of CXOs and I were thinking about the future recently and started pondering this question: What will the role of the CIO be in 2030? To answer this question, we have to make some forecasts regarding what the social, political, economic and technological environment will look like..."
                                        IT - Security
                                        10 Hot Security Technologies Enterprises Need Now
                                        InformationWeek, July 21st, 2016
                                        "With security threats increasingly becoming more advanced, research firm Gartner outlines the top 10 technologies that should be deployed to take advantage of digital business opportunities while managing risk...

                                        Over the past 35 years, security technology offerings have come in five major 'waves' of development -- each aiming to protect against the ever-changing methods of hackers and cyberthieves. The waves include:..."

                                        4 Basic Security Facts Everyone Should Know
                                        InfoWorld, July 19th 2016
                                        "The bad news: It's you against an army of cybercriminals around the world. The good news: A little knowledge can provide an effective defense...

                                        Today, almost all hacking is done by professional criminals. In many countries, illegal hacking accounts for more crime, dollar-wise, than non computer crime. The United Kingdom recently joined that club..."

                                          8 Ways To Jumpstart Your IT Security Career (Slideshow)
                                          Network Computing, July 21st, 2016
                                          "IT pros have several avenues for gaining security knowledge and training...

                                          If there is one job role within enterprise IT that has the least clear-cut education path, it's security. Many information security professionals in high-level technical roles today simply ended up in security jobs after years of being experts in other areas of IT such as server administration or network architecture. But there are many paths to an IT security career outside of just falling into the profession..."

                                          DDoS, the Cloud and You
                                          The Register, July 21st, 2016
                                          "Private cloud computing can be a useful way to offload some computing overhead and manage your costs effectively. The switch to operating expenses from capital expenses, the elasticity, the business continuity benefits - they're all real. But so are the dangers of DDoS disaster.

                                          There's a problem with moving your servers and data up to the cloud: it increases your attack surface. Suddenly, you're not the only one at risk from a DDoS attack. The cloud service provider's other customers are too, and that can have implications for you..."

                                          Deconstructing Connected Cars: A Hack Waiting To Happen
                                          Dark Reading, July 19th 2016
                                          "Why your automobile's simple and reliable Controller Area Network will put you at risk in the brave new world of connected and autonomous driving.

                                          Car hacking would be as hard to explain to classic car buffs as hacking a bicycle would be to a ten year-old. But today's cars are able to drive, stop, and park with computer assistance or total control. Step on the brake and it's likely you are interacting with an invisible computerized driver rather than your car itself. If computers are really doing the driving, then they, rather than you, become hacking targets. Lose control of that computer, and dangerous things can happen..."

                                            How To Improve Your Incident-Response Plan
                                            CSO Online, July 19th 2016
                                            "Incident response plans are, in many ways, like family relics. These written instructions, which detail how firms should adequately detect, respond and limit the effects of an information security incident, are highly valued by some, and yet all too often left gathering dust in the cupboard. To many, they remain untried and untested for years, and thus most are unfit for purpose when that untimely data breach becomes reality..."
                                            Massive DDoS Attacks Becoming the New Normal, Arbor Networks Finds (Slideshow)
                                            eWeek, July 20th, 2016
                                            "It wasn't all that long ago, when a 100G-bps distributed denial-of-service attack was an outlier. Back in 2013, a DDoS of that size was considered one of the largest attacks ever. However, there have already been 274 DDoS attacks measuring 100G bps or higher in the first half of this year and 46 attacks were reported at 200G bps or higher, according to new research from Arbor Networks, the security division of NetScout. The peak attack reported by Arbor so far in 2016 came in at 579G bps, significantly higher than the 2015 peak..."
                                            Preventing Various Types Of DDoS Attacks On Your Enterprise's Systems
                                            SearchSecurity, July 22nd, 2016
                                            "The types of DDoS attacks organizations face have grown and size of these attacks has increased. Expert Michael Cobb explains how to secure systems against common DDoS methods...

                                            A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack aims to exhaust the resources of a network, application or service so that genuine users cannot gain access. There are different types of DDoS attacks, but in general a DDoS assault is launched simultaneously from multiple different hosts and can affect the availability of even the largest enterprises' internet services and resources..."

                                              Putting The NIST Cyber Security Framework To Work
                                              GCN, July 21st, 2016
                                              "Cybersecurity is essential to the nation's economic health, its critical infrastructure and its national security. It must, therefore, be a priority for the next chief executive and commander in chief of the United States.

                                              It's no surprise, then, that a number of technology industry associations recently issued an open letter to the 2016 presidential candidates stressing the need for the federal government to continue advancing cybersecurity by leveraging best practices that have proven effective within the private sector..."

                                              Security Teams Consulted Too Late On Digital Transformation
                                              CIO, July 19th 2016
                                              "A new survey finds 76 percent of IT professionals with responsibility for security feel their security teams are brought in too late to have a meaningful impact on digital transformation projects...

                                              IT decision-makers who have responsibility for security believe security teams are brought in too late to have a meaningful effect on digital transformation initiatives, according to a new study..."

                                              IT - Careers
                                              3 Myths Of Work-Life-Balance
                                              Business 2 Community, July 22nd, 2016
                                              "What WLB is and what it is not is utterly undefinable. It's so random and individualized that trying to define it would be futile. My personal definition of WLB is probably different from most, and my utopia WLB scenario is probably a little unrealistic. Why? - because competing priorities impact WLB, but I settle with a balance that works for me.

                                              Although WLB can't be definitively defined, there are many myths that surround the topic. There are three big ones working in the HR space that I hear all the time..."

                                                4 Signs It's Time To Look For A New Job
                                                ComputerWorld, July 22nd, 2016
                                                "Don't wait until it's too late. Here's how to determine if it's time to polish up your résumé and start your job search...

                                                Everyone has a bad day at work now and then, but when those bad days start to outnumber the good ones, it's time to consider looking for a new job. As the economy continues to improve, there's no reason to stay with a company that's struggling to survive, or to settle for a role in which you're not happy, says Howard Seidel, Partner at executive leadership and career consulting firm Essex Partners...."

                                                  IT Career Checkup Part 4: Face-To-Face Interviews -- The 'Eyes' Have It, Then The Ears
                                                  ComputerWorld, July 19th 2016
                                                  "Once you've earned the chance to interview new job or promotion, why not enjoy the spotlight by investing in your appearance and negotiating talents?

                                                  The most critical phase of any search for a higher rank or new, better job is dynamic, face-to-face interviews with the people who'll likely supervise you or be part of your team if you land the new position you want.

                                                  But IT is rife with communication challenges, and an interview is the last place you want to experience one. So before you press the flesh and interact in real time, take note of another IT communication challenge first: its acceptance of terse, brief, even blunt speaking habits and its corollary, the easy-going look that's an IT uniform..."

                                                    The Best Bosses Follow These 7 Rules
                                                    Smart Brief, July 18th 2016
                                                    "There is huge pressure on you, the manager, to be a great boss, one who motivates and inspires people not only to stay in the company, but also to do their best every day. Employees place enormous value on their relationship with you. People place 'a bad boss' as the No. 1 reason for leaving a job.

                                                    First, relax: know that great bosses are not born, they're made. Most people end up in a management position because they did a good job in a subordinate role, not because they possessed some innate and undeniable leadership quality. If you practice your skills, and seek to follow these seven rules, you will be well on your way to being one of the best..."

                                                    Why Your Employees Are Overworked, Burnt Out And Unmotivated
                                                    IT World, July 19th 2016
                                                    "A recent survey finds that employees are burnt out and working more than the standard 40-hour week. But it doesn't have to be that way - and inspiring them doesn't need to be expensive...

                                                    A recent study from Staples Business Advantage, done in conjunction with workplace expert Jacob Morgan, found that 91 percent of employees say they work more than 40 hours a week. However, they are not spending that time getting ahead on work -- they're using it to catch up and stay afloat..."

                                                      Your Brain Makes You A Terrible Listener - Here's How To Fix It
                                                      Fast Company, July 18th 2016
                                                      "Economics used to operate under the belief that people are rational actors. Behavioral economists came along and said that's crazy - there's no such thing as a rational actor. People make decisions for all kinds of irrational reasons. It turns out the same thing is true when we listen.

                                                      It isn't just that when you call your dad, he ignores what you're trying to say in order to reiterate his opinions. Or that your high school friends shout past you on Facebook whenever politics comes up. No one's exempt. There is no such thing as a rational listener.

                                                      But you can train your brain to get better at it. Here's how..."

                                                      IT - Virtualization
                                                      Containers Come To Hyper-Converged Systems, But Now What?
                                                      SearchDataCenter, July 22nd, 2016
                                                      "For IT pros managing virtualized, bare-metal and containerized workloads in the data center, can hyper-converged infrastructure offer what's needed?

                                                      Apple pie and ice cream are a perfect match.

                                                      IT pros may sometime soon see a similar pairing in the data center, with hyper-converged systems becoming synonymous with containers as a great way to match applications and infrastructure..."

                                                      IT - Big Data
                                                      7 Tools To Help Your Company Get Started With Big Data
                                                      TechRepublic, July 20th, 2016
                                                      "Across virtually every industry, businesses are transitioning to a data-driven approach. But while many are good at collecting data, understanding it is tougher. These seven tools can help.

                                                      Many businesses today are grappling with a big question: How can we manage our data? While collecting it is easy, analyzing and understanding big data is more complicated..."

                                                      9 Tactics For Getting A Firm Grip On Data
                                                      Information Age, July 18th 2016
                                                      "Dealing with the data deluge: a best practice approach to information management

                                                      Data today is practically a living organism. Corporate-created data is emerging, growing and evolving at a rate of unparalleled proportions.

                                                      As the volume of data multiplies, organisations are striving to glean actionable insights and value from it. But to do this effectively, a company must properly manage data to keep a record of information they can use now - or in the future..."

                                                      Comparing Big Data Solutions
                                                      Datamation, July 21st, 2016
                                                      "Big Data has become the newest and hottest means for obtaining insight into your customers and finding new ways to compete in the marketplace. But comparing Big Data solutions to chose the best one is no trivial task, and once you commit, changing course becomes very difficult and expensive.

                                                      The answer to the question of what solution to choose is indeed, remarkably complicated. The product offering for Big Data solutions has grown rapidly in the short time since Yahoo first released Hadoop in 2009 and made Big Data possible..."

                                                      For Users, Hadoop SQL Tools Go Hand In Hand With Big Data Framework
                                                      SearchBusinessAnalytics, July 21st, 2016
                                                      "SQL-on-Hadoop query engines are becoming a common companion of Hadoop in big data systems as IT managers look to ease programming for analytics applications and data integration jobs.

                                                      For now, SQL-on-Hadoop adoption remains on the low side -- but it appears to be progressing at a similar pace to adoption of Hadoop itself.

                                                      That's partly evident from technology conferences, where speakers routinely have both Hadoop and SQL-on-Hadoop software in their big data environments. And it's borne out by the results of a 2015 survey on emerging technologies conducted by IT research and education outfit TDWI..."

                                                      IT - BYOD
                                                      The Pros & Cons Of BYOD
                                                      Business 2 Community, July 19th 2016
                                                      "For a modern-day workplace, a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy is becoming commonplace. Since many organizations are now assigning corporate devices, such as company-issued smartphones and tablets, in order to help employees keep up with work and email, it's natural that some people may want to use their own device instead. Given that some levels of work can be readily accessed through any device, it should be an easy step - except that there are security concerns. Once your employees are granted access to company servers on their personal devices, sensitive information is at an even greater risk of being leaked - especially if employees are lax on keeping their device's security measures up to date..."
                                                      Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                                      Vol 221 Issues 1 and 2 ; Vol 220 Issue 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5; Vol 219 Issue 4
                                                      We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                                      • SPARC M7 [and now S7]: Are You Kidding Me!?
                                                      • Cloud is Everywhere
                                                      • Migrate Your Applications to the Oracle Cloud
                                                      • FRIDAY SPOTLIGHT: New VirtualBox 5.1 and Private Cloud Appliance Refresh
                                                      • Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.1.0
                                                      • Using Ceph with MySQL
                                                      • Oracle Linux 7 - What's New Training from Oracle University
                                                      • Learn About Exadata Database Machine 12c through Oracle Training
                                                      • 6 Ways To Help Head Off Customers' Tech Support Nightmares
                                                      • Predicting Energy Demand using IoT

                                                      The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                                        IT - Encryption
                                                        Enterprise Encryption Adoption Up, But The Devil's In The Details
                                                        Network Computing, July 20th, 2016
                                                        "A new survey by the Ponemon Institute finds that enterprise-wide encryption strategies are accelerating but there are risks to consider...

                                                        I was talking about security with a good friend of mine who runs a software development company. He's a really smart, technology-savvy guy but his take on encryption wasn't positive. While he completely understands the need, he hates encryption (and security in general) because he says it always gets in the way when he's trying to get work done. In this respect, I don't think he's that different from most people in the high tech world or, indeed, in the business world in general. .."

                                                        Two Years After Heartbleed, An Improved OpenSSL Aims For Government Approval
                                                        FCW, July 20th, 2016
                                                        "When the Heartbleed bug was discovered in 2014, federal agencies reported no significant fallout from the OpenSSL vulnerabilities on government websites. But as that vital open-source software library has been revised and strengthened in the two years since, a different problem has emerged: the newer, more secure OpenSSL 1.1 lacks a critical federal validation for cryptographic software.

                                                        Using it in federal systems, in fact, would be against the law..."

                                                        OAuth and Oracle JET
                                                        By Geertjan Wielenga
                                                        Geertjan blogs, "OAuth is an open protocol to allow secure authorization in a simple and standard method from web, mobile, and desktop applications. Oracle JET includes a helper library for working with OAuth, though not OAuth itself, i.e., Oracle JET does not ship with OAuth. Instead, it provides a helper class that helps you manage OAuth tokens and requests, rather than including the OAuth client libraries that are needed. Also, there is documentation for the OAuth helper library in the Oracle JET Developer Guide, in a chapter named Using oj.OAuth in Your Oracle JET Application..."
                                                        IT - Developer
                                                        Agile At The Enterprise Level: Misconceptions That Jeopardise Success
                                                        ITProPortal, July 23rd, 2016
                                                        "The Agile development process promises benefits, but large enterprises are having a hard time finding an Agile approach that works within their environment. This is because enterprises have certain project criteria that must be met, such as:

                                                        • Taking audit and compliance regulations into account
                                                        • Creating business cases with a well-defined scope to secure funding
                                                        • Taking a wide swath of stakeholders beyond the user into account, such as legal, marketing and operations

                                                        'The Impacts Of Missed Requirements In Agile Delivery,' a recent study by Forrester, explored the root causes of missed requirements in Agile adoption and the tangible business benefits organisations could achieve with better management tools...

                                                        Nexenta News
                                                        Get Better Storage for Your OpenStack Implementation
                                                        Nexenta, July 20th, 2016
                                                        OpenStack enables organizations of all sizes, from startups to multinational corporations, to set up inexpensive private or public cloud infrastructure to support rapid growth. The different modes and systems available through OpenStack - whether private or public cloud - mean there's a use case for almost every type of organization. But no matter how you're planning to use it, you can get the most cost-effective OpenStack when you implement highly cost-effective OpenStack-compatible storage - such as Nexenta solutions.
                                                        All-Flash SDS: When Great Speed comes with Great Efficiency
                                                        Wednesday, August 17th, 2016 9:00AM PDT - 17:00 GMT
                                                        Do you want better performance in your storage solution? Interested in how all-flash software-defined-storage is building next-generation data centers? If so, this webinar is for you.

                                                        Global analyst Eric Burgener of IDC, and Systems Architect Brent Thumlert of Northern Backup, join Nexenta and SanDisk to share insights on All-Flash Array market trends, future outlooks, and why an increasing number of companies are adopting All-Flash SDS. As a leading IT & Managed Services Provider, Northern Backup will also share real-world performance metrics for the NexentaStor and SanDisk InfiniFlash storage solution, including their huge savings on power, cooling and space.

                                                        Hear about how the collaboration between Nexenta and SanDisk provides Northern Backup and its customers with advanced technologies to ensure the highest levels of service, performance, agility, capacity, and redundancy.

                                                        The time has come to take control of your storage destiny. Join us by registering today!

                                                        Veritas News
                                                        Get integrated backup that works for you
                                                        Veritas, July 20th, 2016
                                                        Used by tens of thousands of organizations, Veritas NetBackup simplifies and strengthens data protection throughout the enterprise. NetBackup Appliances combine turnkey backup and recovery with deduplication solutions in an easy-to-deploy form factor, providing flexibility and cost savings.

                                                        • NetBackup 5200 series: A versatile, cost-optimized, integrated backup appliance that can be deployed for a NetBackup domain as a master server, media server, or both. In addition, it supports expanded storage capacity for deduplicated and non-deduplicated data.

                                                        • NetBackup 5300 series: A performance-optimized, integrated backup media server with high-density storage to support greater performance, capacity, and resiliency in the enterprise.

                                                        Read on for details.

                                                        Cisco News
                                                        Cisco Awarded Historic 10th Certification for Excellence in Customer Service and Support by TSIA and J.D. Power
                                                        Cisco, July 18th 2016
                                                        The Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA), the leading association for today's technology and services organizations, has announced Cisco's 10th certification in the J.D. Power Certified Technology Service and Support ProgramSM. Cisco is the first company to receive 10 consecutive certifications in the global program. The certification recognizes Cisco for delivering 'An Outstanding Customer Service Experience' to their customers worldwide.

                                                        Jointly developed by TSIA and J.D. Power, this program evaluates overall customer satisfaction, helps technology support organizations increase their efficiency and effectiveness in technical service and support, and is part of TSIA's body of Operational Best Practices programs. The results of this certification also provide technology consumers with insight into which companies have demonstrated service and support excellence when making their purchasing decisions.

                                                        Dell News
                                                        New Dell Systems Management Capabilities Bolster Customer Successes for Fast-growing Dell PowerEdge FX2 Modular Infrastructure
                                                        Dell PowerEdge FX2 drives industry blade server market with triple-digit percentage growth year-over-year in revenue and unit since its launch in 2014
                                                        Dell announced updates to the systems management portfolio for the Dell PowerEdge FX2 modular infrastructure to help customers further maximize IT productivity and business continuity. The new features enhance provisioning and infrastructure visibility, plus add support for Nagios users and open source applications.

                                                        Dell's overall blade server growth is bolstered by the PowerEdge FX2, which is significantly outpacing industry blade server growth. The PowerEdge FX2 has demonstrated triple-digit percentage growth year-over-year in unit and revenue over the previous four quarters, contributing substantially to PowerEdge blade server gains, since its launch in 20141. According to IDC, Dell PowerEdge blade servers experienced 34 percent year-over-year revenue growth and grew 17 percent faster than the industry in the first quarter of 2016.2

                                                        Dell Boomi Named a Leader in iPaaS For Dynamic Integration by Independent Research Firm
                                                        Dell Boomi Top Scores Were for Integration Scenarios Supported, Added Capabilities for Non-Integration Specialists, Product Strategy, Revenue, Revenue Growth, and Commercial Partners
                                                        Dell Boomi announced it is positioned as a leader in The Forrester Wave: iPaaS for Dynamic Integration, Q3 2016. The report, by Forrester Research, Inc., a leading independent technology and market research company, ranked Dell Boomi highest in the Current Offering and Market Presence categories. Launched in 2007, the Dell Boomi iPaaS currently has 5,000 customers and handles 2.5 million integration processes per month.

                                                        Dell Boomi was among the select companies that Forrester invited to participate in its 2016 Forrester Wave evaluation iPaaS for Dynamic Integration. In this evaluation, Dell Boomi's top scores were for integration scenarios supported, added capabilities for non-integration specialists, product strategy, revenue, revenue growth, and commercial partners.

                                                        Dell Survey Reveals Security Teams Can Better Enable Digital Transformation Initiatives if Engaged Early in Business Planning
                                                        97 percent of global respondents say they're investing in digital technologies to transform their business, including mobile, cloud applications, cloud infrastructures and IoT
                                                        Dell announced results of a global Digital Transformation Security Survey that shows digital transformation is a fast-growing reality in business. Results reveal that security often is seen as a barrier to digital transformation, therefore brought into the process too late to make a meaningful impact. However, respondents recognized that security teams can serve as enablers in helping the business adopt digital technologies when included early in the planning process. Ninety-seven percent of respondents say they are investing in digital technologies including mobile, cloud applications, cloud infrastructures and IoT. While only 18 percent say security has been involved in all of their digital transformation initiatives, 85 percent say that if security teams are included earlier in the project &#8210; and many admit they currently are not &#8210; security can better enable those initiatives.
                                                        Dell and Intel Future Workforce Study Provides Key Insights into Technology Trends Shaping the Modern Global Workplace
                                                        More than 50 percent of employees expect to be working in a smart office in the next five years
                                                        Dell and Intel unveiled findings from the Future Workforce Study, which identifies the global technology trends shaping the modern workplace. The findings show that many employees believe their current workplace is not effectively making use of the latest technology advances, but expect them to do so as remote work is increasingly viewed as providing both quality of life and productivity benefits. Almost half of global employees believe their current workplace is not smart enough, while 42 percent of millennial employees say they are willing to quit their job if office technologies are not up to their standard. Therefore, the addition of collaborative tools and innovative technologies, such as internet of things (IoT) and Virtual Reality (VR), will soon become vital to the workplace of the near future.
                                                        Microsoft News
                                                        Ryussi Technologies and Microsoft announce new partnership in business and technology solutions
                                                        Microsoft, July 21st, 2016
                                                        Microsoft Technology Licensing LLC and Ryussi Technologies Private Ltd. announced a new partnership in business and technology solutions covering Microsoft's File Access Server Protocols for the enterprise data storage market. The agreement comes as Ryussi Technologies releases to the data storage market MoSMB V 1.0, an ANSI C implementation of the SMB 2/3 protocol on Linux, which contains customer interfaces to integrate into diverse storage stacks.
                                                        Microsoft Cloud strength highlights fourth quarter results
                                                        Microsoft, July 19th 2016
                                                        Microsoft Corp. announced the following results for the quarter ended June 30, 2016:

                                                        • Revenue was $20.6 billion GAAP, and $22.6 billion non-GAAP
                                                        • Operating income was $3.1 billion GAAP, and $6.2 billion non-GAAP
                                                        • Net income was $3.1 billion GAAP, and $5.5 billion non-GAAP
                                                        • Diluted earnings per share was $0.39 GAAP, and $0.69 non-GAAP

                                                        'This past year was pivotal in both our own transformation and in partnering with our customers who are navigating their own digital transformations,' said Satya Nadella, chief executive officer at Microsoft. 'The Microsoft Cloud is seeing significant customer momentum and we're well positioned to reach new opportunities in the year ahead.'

                                                        Symantec News
                                                        Symantec Launches Control Compliance Suite to Help Companies Move to Agile IT Process
                                                        Customers Can Now Integrate Compliance Monitoring Into Their Evolving DevOps Process
                                                        Symantec Corp. announced the next version of Symantec Control Compliance Suite, the enterprise-class IT governance, risk and compliance solution. Symantec Control Compliance Suite delivers new features to give IT and Security Operations teams the ability to implement agile business processes while remaining in compliance with regulations. As more and more companies adopt agile practices to keep up with the fast pace of innovation and change, agile compliance is a critical part of the development process.
                                                        IBM News
                                                        IBM Reports 2016 Second-Quarter Earnings
                                                        Continued Strong Growth in Strategic Imperatives Led by IBM Cloud
                                                        "IBM continues to establish itself as the leading cognitive solutions and cloud platform company. In doing so, IBM is pioneering new business opportunities beyond the traditional IT marketplace," said Ginni Rometty, IBM chairman, president and chief executive officer. "In the second quarter we delivered double-digit revenue growth in our strategic imperatives, driven by innovations in areas such as analytics, security, cloud video services and Watson Health, all powered by the IBM Cloud and differentiated by industry. And we continue to invest for growth with recent breakthroughs in quantum computing, Internet of Things and Blockchain solutions for the IBM Cloud."
                                                        CSC and IBM Expand Strategic Alliance with Collaboration Utilizing IBM Cloud for z to Enable Clients' Move to Cloud
                                                        Agreement Supports Clients' Adoption of Hybrid Cloud Environment Including Mainframe Infrastructure, Software, Storage, Monitoring and Disaster Recovery Capabilities in a Consumption-based Model
                                                        CSC and IBM announced a collaboration in which IBM will provide its Cloud Managed Services for z Systems - IBM Cloud for z - and associated mainframe hardware, software, monitoring and governance support to CSC clients who are moving to the cloud and want a more secure, scalable, flexible information technology infrastructure at significantly reduced operational costs. The expanded alliance further advances CSC's vision of the "Service-Enabled Enterprise" and IBM's "as-a-service" strategy, both designed to increase client choice and innovation in adopting emerging technologies. The as-a-service strategy provides consumption-based pricing for the IBM z Systems environment to give clients' greater capital investment flexibility.
                                                        Macy's Pilots IBM's Watson In Partnership With Satisfi For In-Store, Personalized Shopping Companion
                                                        The initial phase of the pilot program is underway at 10 locations nationwide
                                                        Macy's announced the pilot of 'Macy's On Call,' a mobile web tool that allows customers to interact with an AI-powered platform, via their mobile devices. 'Macy's On Call' taps IBM (NYSE: IBM) Watson, via Satisfi, an intelligent engagement platform, to deliver a first-of-its-kind solution that will enhance the customer in-store shopping experience at 10 test locations nationwide.
                                                        The Weather Company to Deliver Crucial Weather Data for Safety and Resource Management Solutions to Underserved Areas Around the World
                                                        More than 200,000 Personal Weather Stations Across 195 Countries Provide More Accurate and Timely Weather Data and Insights
                                                        The Weather Company, an IBM business, announced they will leverage one of the largest Internet of Things (IoT) platforms in the world to provide critical weather data to millions of people in currently underserved areas. With severe weather statistically occurring more frequently, governments and businesses are seeking supplemental weather data to better prepare for impending disasters.

                                                        For the period 2010-2015, severe weather events caused more than $100 billion in damage in the U.S., where modern warning systems exist, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

                                                        Fujitsu News
                                                        Fujitsu Begins Field Trial for AI-Based Train Delay Prediction
                                                        Providing predicted train delay times to users of Jorudan's 'Norikae Annai' App
                                                        Fujitsu Limited announced that it has collaborated with Jorudan Co., Ltd. to add a train delay time prediction function, using AI machine learning technology, to Jorudan's "Norikae Annai," a service that provides public transportation route-planning information. It is also carrying out a field trial of this service in support of public transportation users in their choice of routes across 138 train lines in the Kanto region, starting today until September.
                                                        Fujitsu and Law Firm of Fein, Such, Kahn, & Shepard Win WfMC Global Award for Excellence in Case Management
                                                        Digital transformation helps firm reduce processing time by around 50% over a period of two years
                                                        Fujitsu announced that a successful digital transformation project it implemented at the law firm of Fein, Such, Kahn, & Shepard (Fein Such) has won the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) Global Awards for Excellence in Case Management. In digitalizing a number of analog processes using an application built on the FUJITSU Software Interstage Business Operations Platform, Fein Such has experienced dramatic reductions in time spent processing paper documents, while improving accuracy of information gathering and input when performing legal transactions. The prestigious WfMC awards recognize user organizations worldwide that have demonstrably excelled in implementing innovative solutions.
                                                        VMware News
                                                        KNPC Selects VMware Network Virtualization and Cloud Management Platforms as Foundations for Cloud Transformation
                                                        IT Automation and Security Enable Faster Service Delivery to Accelerate Decision Making and Innovation, Making IT a Strategic Business Partner
                                                        VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW), a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility, announced Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) will deploy VMware NSX network virtualization and VMware vRealize Suite to deliver IT as a Service through a new multi-site private cloud. Through its cloud initiative, and with the help of VMware technologies, KNPC will accelerate service delivery, improve IT efficiency and deliver a better customer experience.

                                                        KNPC is one of the biggest oil and gas companies in the Gulf region, and is considered an agile, forward-looking and innovative player in the Gulf oil sector. The company has two main refineries, and is building one of the biggest refineries in the world.

                                                        VMware Reports Second Quarter 2016 Results
                                                        Strong momentum from newer businesses contributed to year-over-year growth
                                                        VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW), a leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility, announced financial results for the second quarter of 2016:

                                                        GAAP and non-GAAP revenues for the second quarter were $1.69 billion, an increase of 6% from non-GAAP revenues for the second quarter of 2015, and an increase of 11% from GAAP revenues for the second quarter of 2015.

                                                        License revenues for the second quarter were $644 million, an increase of 1% from the second quarter of 2015.

                                                        GAAP net income for the second quarter was $265 million, or $0.62 per diluted share, up 54% per diluted share compared to $172 million, or $0.40 per diluted share, for the second quarter of 2015. Non-GAAP net income for the quarter was $414 million, or $0.97 per diluted share, up 5% per diluted share compared to $396 million, or $0.93 per diluted share, for second quarter of 2015.


                                                        Red Hat News
                                                        Friday Five - July 22, 2016
                                                        Red Hat, July 22nd 2016
                                                        The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat blog post with 5 of the week's top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye...

                                                        • The VAR Guy - Red Hat Shoots to Solve Container Storage with Gluster and OpenShift
                                                        • CNBC - Red Hat Group: Asia is our biggest growth driver
                                                        • The Register - Red Hat redraws Ansible Tower so even enterprise managers can get it
                                                        • The Enterprisers Project - New HBR research uncovers best practices for surviving the IT talent crisis
                                                        • ZDNet - Has open source become the default business model for enterprise software?

                                                        Read on for details.

                                                        Red Hat Introduces Ansible Tower 3 with Enhanced Capabilities for Scaling IT Automation across the Enterprise
                                                        Streamlined interface, smarter notifications, and simpler permissions help DevOps teams to scale the power of automation and avoid repetitive tasks
                                                        Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT) announced the general availability of Ansible Tower 3, the latest version of its enterprise-grade agentless automation platform. Ansible Tower 3 by Red Hat gives teams the power to scale automation across the enterprise including streamlined interface, more powerful notifications, and explicit permissioning. Ansible Tower empowers users to extend their automation solutions to their entire team, so they can build, share and scale automation cross-functionally and consistently as they build out their DevOps capabilities.
                                                        Level3 News
                                                        Cloud Centric Solution For Carrier Voice Gains Acceptance
                                                        Study Commissioned by Alianza and Level 3 Finds Service Providers Willingness to Use Next-Gen Cloud Voice Platform Has Increased
                                                        Although the fundamental need for voice communications is a constant, satisfaction with existing platforms and the ongoing erosion of traditional TDM models is driving communications service providers (CSPs) to adopt new voice strategies that address cost structure, system architecture and service delivery. A Heavy Reading study commissioned by Alianza and Level 3 Communications (NYSE: LVLT) finds that 77 percent of CSPs will consider a Cloud for Voice Platform (CVP) as a solution to the challenges in the voice communication space within the next three years. The findings are shared in a new white paper, Migrating Service Provider Voice Infrastructure to the Cloud.
                                                        2016 Democratic National Convention Selects Level 3 As An Official Video Transport Services Provider
                                                        Level(3), July 19th 2016
                                                        Level 3 Communications, Inc. (NYSE: LVLT) has been selected by the Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) to serve as an Official Video Transport Services Provider for the 2016 Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia from July 25-28. Level 3 will provide a portfolio of Vyvx broadcast services to enable seamless support of this event from the Wells Fargo Center.
                                                          EMC News
                                                          EMC Shareholders Vote Strongly In Favor Of Merger With Dell
                                                          The transaction is expected to close on the original terms and within the originally announced timeframe
                                                          EMC Corporation announced that, based on a preliminary vote tally from the Special Meeting of Shareholders held earlier today, EMC shareholders approved the merger agreement among Denali Holding Inc., Dell Inc., Universal Acquisition Co., and EMC, and approved the other two proposals described in EMC's proxy statement relating to today's meeting.

                                                          Approximately 98% of voting EMC shareholders cast their votes in favor of the merger, representing approximately 74% of EMC's outstanding common stock as of the record date for the special shareholder meeting. The final results will be available on a Current Report on Form 8-K, to be filed later this week by the company.

                                                          EMC Reports Second-Quarter 2016 Financial Results
                                                          GAAP and non-GAAP EPS up 16% and 5% year over year, respectively
                                                          EMC Corporation reported second-quarter 2016 financial results. Second-quarter consolidated revenue was $6 billion. GAAP earnings per weighted average diluted share was $0.29 in the second quarter, up 16% year over year. Non-GAAP earnings per weighted average diluted share in the second quarter was $0.45, up 5% year over year.

                                                          EMC generated $1.6 billion in operating cash flow and $1.34 billion in free cash flow in the second quarter, and ended the quarter with $16.1 billion in cash and investments.

                                                          HP News
                                                          HPE's Itanium server refresh should come in mid-2017
                                                          In the wake of the Oracle trial, HPE has reaffirmed its support for Itanium
                                                          "Hewlett Packard Enterprise plans to refresh its Itanium server range around the middle of next year, employing Intel's long-promised "Kittson" successor to the current Itanium 9500 series ("Poulson") chips.

                                                          News of the server update plans comes from Ken Surplice, category manager for mission-critical solutions at HPE's EMEA server division.

                                                          Surplice told Dutch website Computable that the company is on schedule to refresh its Integrity servers for HP-UX and OpenVMS with Intel's upcoming Kittson Itanium processors in 2017, and that the servers should be with customers mid-year...." - PCWorld, July 21st, 2016

                                                          Brocade News
                                                          Brocade Delivers Industry-first Gen 6 Fibre Channel Directors For The All-flash Data Center
                                                          Digital Transformation Driven by Storage Innovation Requires a Modern Storage Network
                                                          Brocade announced the industry's first GEN 6 FIBRE CHANNEL DIRECTORS for mission-critical storage connectivity and business resiliency solutions designed for the all-flash data center. This extends the company's leadership in offering the industry's most innovative and widely deployed FIBRE CHANNEL STORAGE NETWORK SOLUTIONS, building on the first Gen 6 Fibre Channel switch that BROCADE DELIVERED IN MARCH 2016. The new Brocade X6 director family and the BROCADE SX6 EXTENSION BLADE for Fibre Channel, Fibre Connection (FICON) and IP storage replication, combined with Brocade Fabric Vision technology, enables customers to drive always-on business operations, eliminate performance bottlenecks and adapt to the requirements of digital organizations.
                                                          F5 News
                                                          F5 Names Ben Gibson as Chief Marketing Officer
                                                          Business leader with 25 years of experience at Veritas, Aruba Networks, and Cisco Systems to head global marketing team
                                                          F5 Networks, the global leader in application networking and security, announced the addition of Ben Gibson to its executive team as Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, reporting to the CEO. Gibson will be responsible for overseeing the company's global marketing strategy as F5 further expands into the growth areas of application security and cloud application deployment. Gibson will start on Monday, August 1, and be based in F5's San Jose office.
                                                          F5 Networks Announces Results for Third Quarter of Fiscal 2016
                                                          F5, July 20th, 2016
                                                          For the third quarter of fiscal 2016, F5 Networks, Inc. announced revenue of $496.5 million, up 3 percent from $483.7 million in the prior quarter and 3 percent from $483.6 million in the third quarter of fiscal 2015.

                                                          GAAP net income was $91.8 million ($1.37 per diluted share), compared to $75.4 million ($1.11 per diluted share) in the prior quarter and $93.2 million ($1.29 per diluted share) in the third quarter a year ago.

                                                            Netapp News
                                                            2016 Stratus Awards Names NetApp a Global Leader in Cloud Computing Storage Technology
                                                            NetApp, July 20th, 2016
                                                            NetApp announced that it was awarded a 2016 Stratus Award by the Business Intelligence Group in its annual contest to identify the companies, products and people that are offering unique solutions that take advantage of cloud technologies.

                                                            NetApp provides software, systems, and services to help customers manage and store their data on-premises and in the cloud. It offers the industry's broadest portfolio of all-flash arrays, providing customers with unrivaled scale, speed, and data services for the next-generation data center.

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