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Oracle News
Oracle Cloud Solves Undiscovered Stadium Revenue Growth as Sports Fans Desire Mobile Food & Beverage Ordering
Oracle, July 12th, 2016
More than 40% of sports fans worldwide abandoned concession lines in the past 12 months - without making a purchase - because of excessive waiting, according to a just-released Oracle Hospitality Sports and Entertainment research report The Fan Experience: Changing the Game with Food and Beverage, published in partnership with Turnkey Intelligence, an industry-leading market research provider.

The global study surveyed more than 3,500 sports fans in eight countries - Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom and United States - and focused on uncovering their top priorities. Most importantly, the survey aids venue operators by identifying 'pain points' and solutions designed to trigger greater attendance and spark sales.

Predicting Energy Demand using IoT
By Mark Hornick
Mark blogs, "The Internet of Things (IoT) presents new opportunities for applying advanced analytics. Sensors are everywhere collecting data - on airplanes, trains, and cars, in semiconductor production machinery and the Large Hadron Collider, and even in our homes. One such sensor is the home energy smart meter, which can report household energy consumption every 15 minutes. This data enables energy companies to not only model each customer's energy consumption patterns, but also to forecast individual usage. Across all customers, energy companies can compute aggregate demand, which enables more efficient deployment of personnel, redirection or purchase of energy, etc., often a few days or weeks out..."
Pfizer Taps Cloud Services To Boost Efficiency Of Clinical Trials
By Rob Preston
Rob Preston writes in Forbes, "Looking to reduce the length and cost of the more than 300 clinical trials it conducts each year, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is turning to a cloud platform to manage and monitor every aspect of that process, from trial creation to data collection, cleansing, and submission.

The logistics of clinical trials, which are designed to evaluate the efficacy and safety of new drugs or other treatments in test subjects, are highly complex. They can involve multiple phases; the screening of thousands of patients; the training of various personnel in tens or hundreds of countries, each with their own acceptable-care and safety practices; shipments of perishable goods to sites in those countries; coordination with various contract research organizations (CROs) and other partners; and the analysis of a variety of original and third-party data..."

6 Ways To Help Head Off Customers' Tech Support Nightmares
By John Soat
John Soat writes in Forbes, "To such classic nightmare scenarios as having your liver devoured by an eagle or being turned into a giant beetle, technology has contributed its own unique twist: the tech support call. Almost every in-distress tech user has had a surreal experience involving number trees, canned music, and a maddeningly affectless voice repeating the phrase 'I understand.'

The New York Times published an article recently about the angst typical with many tech support and other customer service engagements - and companies' complicity in this sorry state of affairs. It's a pretty damning piece, but there are also lessons to be gleaned about how to improve customer service that all companies must take to heart..."

Using Ceph with MySQL
By Yves Trudeau
Yves writes, "Over the last year, the Ceph world drew me in. Partly because of my taste for distributed systems, but also because I think Ceph represents a great opportunity for MySQL specifically and databases in general. The shift from local storage to distributed storage is similar to the shift from bare disks host configuration to LVM-managed disks configuration.

Most of the work I've done with Ceph was in collaboration with folks from RedHat (mainly Brent Compton and Kyle Bader). This work resulted in a number of talks presented at the Percona Live conference in April and the RedHat Summit San Francisco at the end of June. I could write a lot about using Ceph with databases, and I hope this post is the first in a long series on Ceph. Before I starting with use cases, setup configurations and performance benchmarks, I think I should quickly review the architecture and principles behind Ceph..."

Cloud Computing
Migrate Your Applications to the Oracle Cloud
By Ramona Costea
Ramona blogs, "Join us Tuesday, July 26, 2016 at 10:00 AM PDT for a quick online overview and learn how Oracle Cloud makes it fast and simple to migrate your applications and workloads - including both Java and Windows based apps - to the cloud. Learn how to rapidly provision dev and test environments, and speed up your development cycles with our intuitive, built-in tools and capabilities e.g. mobile and BI.
Cloud is Everywhere
By Gwen Surgeoner
Gwen writes, "Earlier this year, International Data Corporation (IDC) released a report entitled Worldwide Semiannual Public Cloud Services Spending Guide that gave a snapshot of where global cloud market currently stands - and where it's headed. The facts? The worldwide cloud market will grow at six times the rate of overall IT spending, doubling in size by 2019 to an estimated US$141 billion..."
Oracle Linux 7 - What's New Training from Oracle University
By Diana H. Gray
Diana blogs, "Oracle Linux 7: What's New for Administrators Ed 1 explores the expanded possibilities Oracle Linux 7 brings system administration. Utilize new and modified tools, task flows, and options within installation, networking, management, storage and more.

This course addresses system administration topics that are different in Oracle Linux 7 than they are in previous versions of Oracle Linux.

You'll develop an understanding of how the boot process differs in Oracle Linux 7 with the GRUB 2 bootloader and the system system and service manager.

Expert Oracle University instructors will show you how to use the new tools to configure networking, storage, and security in Oracle Linux 7..."

Learn About Exadata Database Machine 12c through Oracle Training
By Diana H. Gray
Diana blogs, "Oracle Exadata provides the highest-performing and most-available infrastructure for running Oracle Database, whether it's in the Oracle Cloud, on premises, or a combination of both.

Oracle Exadata architecture features a scale-out design with industry-standard servers and intelligent storage, including state-of-the-art flash technology and a high-speed InfiniBand internal fabric.

This architecture provides 100 percent Oracle Database portability from on premises to Oracle Public Cloud and back..."

vBeers @ Boca - Biergarten Boca
Wednesday, July 20th: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Come out and connect with other professionals in your industry!

  • Wednesday, July 20th
  • Biergarten Boca
  • Royal Palm Place, 309 Via De Palmas #90
  • Boca Raton, FL 33432
  • $5 burger and fries

vBeers is a great event meant to promote growth of the IT industry here in South Florida. vBeers events happen four times a month, once per county:

  • vBeers @ Palm Beach Gardens 1st Wednesday of Month
  • vBeers @ Broward 2nd Wednesday of Month
  • vBeers @ Boca 3rd Wednesday of Month
  • vBeers @ Miami 4th Wednesday of Month


Sponsorships for the vBeers events are through the South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA).

John Mclaughlin, SFTA

SPARC M7 [and now S7]: Are You Kidding Me!?
By Mike Mulkey
Mike writes, "Our ISV partners are beginning to ask us if we ARE kidding, as we continue to produce a plethora of evidence demonstrating the performance, security, throughput and many other advantages of Oracle's SPARC M7 systems, including the newly announced SPARC S7 systems. Hearing things like 2x more cores, 2x more threads, 4x larger cache per core, 4x more I/O bandwidth... can tend to lose their meaning after awhile.

Does combining software and silicon really amount to that big of a difference!? And just what do those "x" factors equate to when it comes to real world application of these new SPARC M7/S7 systems?

We'll let you be the judge -- here is a compilation of what evidence we have to date..."

Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Vol 221 Issue 1; Vol 220 Issue 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5; Vol 219 Issues 3 and 4
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

  • Announcing Oracle Private Cloud Appliance Refresh
  • OTN Middleware And Java Summit July 2016
  • Friday Spotlight: Oracle VM 3.4 Ease of Use Enhancements
  • Oracle, Fujitsu team up in enterprise cloud push
  • Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.1 Release Candidate 1
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c Training
  • FRIDAY SPOTLIGHT: Code Faster, More Securely with the Oracle Developer Studio
  • SPECjEnterprise2010: Oracle Server X6-2 Top x86 Result
  • Oracle Matches Its Middle East Momentum with Investment
  • Why Businesses Need CIOs Today More Than Ever

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    FRIDAY SPOTLIGHT: New VirtualBox 5.1 and Private Cloud Appliance Refresh
    By Zeynep Koch
    Zeynep blogs, "This week had been a busy one for us. We had several exciting announcements that we would like to inform you about.

    Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.1

    To enable organizations and developers to more easily and flexibly create and deploy on premises and cloud applications, we are pleased to announce the general availability of Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.1, the latest release of the world's most popular free and open source, cross-platform virtualization software....

    Announcing Software and Compute Enhancements to Private Cloud Appliance

    This week we have also announced key software and hardware enhancements to Oracle Private Cloud Appliance, a fully configured Engineered System optimized for running a mix of general-purpose Oracle and non-Oracle workloads. With the refresh of Private Cloud Appliance software release 2.2, IT organizations and providers can deliver enhanced security and flexibility with full tenant isolation at both the server and network levels. PCA customers now have the flexibility to customize and assign servers and networks to different tenant groups based on business need... "

    Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.1.0
    By Simon Coter
    "Latest release provides improved multimedia support, increased Linux integration and new bug reporting helper tool.

    To enable organizations and developers to more easily and flexibly create and deploy on premises and cloud applications, we are pleased to announce the general availability of Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.1, the latest release of the world's most popular free and open source, cross-platform virtualization software..."

    JSX in NetBeans IDE 8.2
    By Geertjan
    Geertjan blogs, "JSX is a XML-like syntax extension to ECMAScript without any defined semantics. Many more details about it can be found here.

    JSX is popular in the React community which "recommend[s] using JSX because it is a concise and familiar syntax for defining tree structures with attributes. It's more familiar for casual developers such as designers." Many more details about that can be found here.

    Many NetBeans IDE users have been asking for JSX support in NetBeans IDE, since they are using React:..."

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