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Oracle News
BT and Oracle Collaborate to Make It Easier for Global Organizations to Move to the Cloud
BT becomes the first global network services provider to offer direct access to the Oracle Cloud
BT and Oracle announced that they are working together to help organizations across the world take advantage of performance, cost and innovation benefits of the cloud. Oracle customers will be able to leverage the high performance, reliability, and security features of the BT Cloud Connect environment to gain direct connectivity to the Oracle Cloud.

While organizations understand the promise and many benefits of the cloud, many are concerned about security and performance issues associated with cloud technologies. This is especially true for business-critical enterprise workloads that frequently demand high levels of availability, security and performance. Together, BT and Oracle are aiming to remove those barriers to cloud adoption by providing options for connectivity from hybrid enterprise data centers to the Oracle Cloud.

New Cloud-based Banking Solution Targets Default Debtors, Improves Customer Experiences
Oracle Banking Collections
Financial institutions looking to recoup delinquent accounts while maintaining a positive association with their brands have a powerful new tool: Oracle Banking Collections. The cloud-enabled solution announced today provides lenders a more comprehensive look at debtors' total financial pictures and features so they can more easily repay their loans.

While credit card and mortgage delinquencies are currently stable, there is a significant rise in student and auto loan defaults. In fact, Fitch Ratings stated that the 60-plus day delinquency rate for subprime car loans climbed to 5.16% in February of this year, the highest level in nearly two decades. The collections process is complex, inefficient riddled with fraudulent activity.

Oracle Brings SPARC to the Cloud
New SPARC S7 Products with Software in Silicon now available in Oracle Cloud, Engineered Systems and Servers
Oracle announced major new additions to the SPARC platform that for the first time bring the advanced security, efficiency and simplicity of SPARC to the cloud. Built on the new SPARC S7 microprocessor, the latest additions to the SPARC platform include new cloud services, engineered systems and servers.

While the business benefits of the public cloud are increasingly clear, many organizations have yet to move enterprise workloads to the cloud due to performance, security and management concerns. To help eliminate those concerns and enable organizations to confidently move enterprise workloads to the cloud, the new SPARC platform is designed from the ground up to economically improve on cloud computing delivery of the most critical business applications and scale-out application environments.

Oracle Cloud Improves Financial Process Visibility and Cuts Upgrade Costs for University of Kansas
Oracle, June 30th, 2016
The University of Kansas (KU) has paired its top-notch educational programs with the technology to advance them. With Oracle Cloud , KU will drive strategic student educational initiatives, focus on operational efficiencies and reduce costs associated with lengthy upgrade cycles.

KU selected Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud, Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud, and Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud to integrate with its existing Oracle's PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM) and PeopleSoft Campus Solutions applications.

Oracle Pledges 'X86 Economics' With New SPARC Servers
Oracle also launched the MiniCluster, an 'engineered system' for the rest of us
James Niccolai, "Larry Ellison doesn't do 'cheap.' The Oracle chairman isn't interested in selling the low-cost one- and two-socket servers that make up a huge slice of the server market but yield little profit for the companies that make them. Even if he did, that business is pretty much sewn up by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Dell, and the 'white box' makers from China and Taiwan.

But Ellison's also a realist, and he knows customers are gradually turning away from his pricey Unix systems in favor of x86 boxes to build scale-out private and hybrid clouds. So to keep customers interested in SPARC, Ellison needs to come downmarket and provide more affordable options..."

Geertjan Wielenga
By Juergen Kress
Juergen blogs, "Gain new data-driven insights and drive actions from IoT by connecting, analyzing and integrating device data into your business processes and applications, enabling your business to deliver innovative new services faster and with less risk.

At the SOA Community Workspace (SOA Community membership required) we posted an IoT partner kit:..."

Artificially Intelligent: A Brief Glossary Of The Ideas Behind AI
CNET, June 29th, 2016
"What if the scariest thing about AI is the vocabulary test?

Sure, some people worry about machines putting an end to humanity as we know it, but that may be no more likely than a Mayan-predicted apocalypse. Artificial intelligence, though, may actually bring us lots of things we'll like: self-driving cars, caregivers for the sick, personal assistants that know exactly what you need, when you need it..."

    Are We About To Enter A New 'Golden Era' In Technology?
    Re/code, June 30th, 2016
    "Voice-based assistants and bots - plus enhanced sound and audio - will have a dramatic impact on the man-machine interface...

    At the recent Code Conference, Jeff Bezos made a rather provocative statement when he said that when we talk about technology, we are on 'the edge of a golden era.'..."

      Can AI And Machine Learning Transform The Entertainment Industry?
      Information Age, June 30th, 2016
      "Machine learning and speech-based commands could form an 'entertainment brain' that understands and learns from the customer's desires...

      For many years, effective voice-based search technologies have eluded businesses that have tried to bring next-generation input methods to customers. Confined to basic navigation and so-called 'magic words', command-based speech systems have been ineffective and hard for consumers to use..."

        10 Ways Machine Learning Is Revolutionizing Manufacturing
        Business 2 Community, July 2nd, 2016
        "Bottom line: Every manufacturer has the potential to integrate machine learning into their operations and become more competitive by gaining predictive insights into production.

        Machine learning's core technologies align well with the complex problems manufacturers face daily. From striving to keep supply chains operating efficiently to producing customized, built- to-order products on time, machine learning algorithms have the potential to bring greater predictive accuracy to every phase of production. Many of the algorithms being developed are iterative, designed to learn continually and seek optimized outcomes. These algorithms iterate in milliseconds, enabling manufacturers to seek optimized outcomes in minutes versus months..."

          AI, Frankenstein? Not So Fast, Experts Say
          CNET, June 30th, 2016
          "Ask Apple's Siri digital assistant if she's evil, and she'll respond curtly, "Not really."

          Repeat a famous line from the movie '2001: A Space Odyssey," in which a computer on a spaceship kills nearly all the human crew, and Siri groans. "Oh, not again.'

          And who can blame her? We humans have a morbid fascination with machines rising up to wipe us out or to enslave us as cocooned, flesh-and-blood battery packs. You can see that vision of the future streaming over Netflix whenever you want..."

          Oracle Aims To Broaden SPARC's Reach Via Cloud Service
          Oracle launched its SPARC S7 processor and it'll be offered on Oracle Cloud as a way to handle more workloads.
          Oracle rolled out its SPARC S7 processor in servers, its engineered systems and as a cloud service.

          SPARC is the RISC-based processor brought to Oracle in the purchase of Sun Microsystems. The processor has typically been used to run Unix workloads. Oracle offers SPARC in its servers and various engineered systems.

          According to Oracle, the SPARC S7 processor is 4.27 GHz with 8 cores and 64 threads. The additions to SPARC S7 are designed to improve security, efficiency and simplify architecture. Oracle added that commercial and custom applications will run on SPARC via its cloud services.

          New SPARC S7 Products With Software In Silicon Now Available In Oracle Cloud, Engineered Systems And Servers
          By Ramona Costea
          Ramona blogs, "Announcing major new additions to the SPARC platform that for the first time bring the advanced security, efficiency and simplicity of SPARC to the cloud. The new SPARC S7 processor-based cloud services and systems deliver commodity x86 economics and significant enterprise-class functionalities for security and analytics with Software in Silicon. They include new Oracle Cloud Compute platform services, the Oracle MiniCluster S7-2 Engineered System and Oracle SPARC S7 servers. These new products are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure and include fully integrated virtualization and management for cloud..."
          Here's Why Oracle Still Engineers Its Own Chips
          By Chris Murphy
          Chris Murphy writes in Forbes, "Oracle's John Fowler took the stage at Oracle OpenWorld Latin America June 29 and laid out why the company thinks it's important - especially in the cloud era - to keep engineering its own microprocessors.

          The occasion was the launch of Oracle's SPARC S7 chip, which is designed to bring Oracle's most powerful microprocessor innovations to smaller workloads for the price of a commodity server. In addition to making its own processors, Oracle partners with Intel to help optimize performance of Oracle systems that run on Intel x86 processors..."

          Oracle's New Processor for 'Scale-Out' Environments
          Doubles Down on SPARC M7 Innovations
          John Soat blogs, "Oracle received widespread acclaim in 2015 for its revolutionary SPARC M7 microprocessor, which featured the most innovative design elements since Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems and its SPARC processor architecture in 2010. Now Oracle is rolling out the next iteration, SPARC S7, which reiterates that revolutionary effort with breakthrough efficiency, built-in security, competitive pricing, and a cloud-first orientation..."
          Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.0.2
          By Simon Coter
          Simon blogs, "Oracle has released VirtualBox 5.0 Maintenance Release 24.

          This release is a major improvement which include a list of improvements and bug fixes..."

          IT - Storage
          NVMe SSDs Tormented for Months in Some Kind of Sick Review Game
          The Register, June 27th, 2016
          "NVM Express (NVMe) is the next generation specification for accessing non-volatile memory such as flash. Traditional technologies such as SAS and SATA are just too slow. In order to demonstrate how much of a difference NVMe makes, Micron has provided 12 9100 NVMe flash drives, 800GB each in the HHHL (standard PCIe card) format.

          I have spent the past TWO months testing these cards, the past month of which has involved truly tormenting them. I've learned a lot of things. There's the basic "NVMe is faster" that you can get from reading about the theory behind the drives, but there have also been a lot of little practical tidbits that you only get to find out when you run face first into problems..."

          What's The Next Big Thing In Storage After Flash?
          Storage-Switzerland, June 27th, 2016
          "Flash storage is fundamentally changing the data center. It is allowing databases to meet the demands of users and virtual infrastructures to achieve new levels of virtual machine (VM) density. But what comes next after flash? Is it another advancement in memory storage, or is it something else?

          Certainly there is another wave of memory technologies to follow. These will provide DRAM type of durability with flash persistence. But these memory technologies, while faster, will not provide the step level jump in performance that flash brought over hard disk drive storage.

          Instead, the next big thing in storage is going to be mobility..."

          Scale-Out Storage: How Does It Work?
          NetworkComputing, June 28th, 2016
          "Howard Marks explains modern scale-out storage systems and how they handle networking.

          Until a few years ago, the storage market was dominated by two system architectures. Monolithic arrays served the high end of the performance and reliability spectrum while dual-controller 'modular' arrays fed the larger mid-market. The few scale-out solutions were relegated to specialty uses like high-performance computing, archiving or the large file world of media and entertainment..."

          IT - Technology
          This New Model For Quantum Circuits Is Like A 5-Decker Sandwich
          ComputerWorld, June 30th, 2016
          "Using laser beams and microwaves, scientists just gave quantum computing a big boost...

          One of the challenges on the way to realizing the benefits of quantum computing is finding a way to compactly assemble and then precisely control enough quantum bits to deliver on the technology's enormous processing potential.

          Researchers at Penn State University said they've made a big advance..."

          Update Webcast - Oracle's Next Generation SPARC-Based Systems - July 6 & 7
          By Ramona Costea
          Ramona Costea blogs, "Join Senior Product Management and Partner Enablement to learn about the latest news and announcements regarding our SPARC-Based Systems offerings, both on-premise and in the Cloud.

          The topics in this hour-long session are targeted for Sales and Presales technical representatives.

          • July 6, 2016 session (5:00 p.m. PT)
          • July 7, 2016 Session (7:00 a.m. PT)

          Read on to Register

          IT - Bitcoin
          As Block Size Debate Flares, Bitcoin Scaling Solution Enters Next Phase
          CoinDesk, June 30th, 2016
          "As attacks against the group intensify, the volunteer community that develops the code for bitcoin's open-source software has entered a new phase of testing for Segregated Witness, its proposed scaling solution.

          The merge, which took place last weekend, comes nearly seven months after the proposal was by Pieter Wuille, co-founder of bitcoin startup Blockstream and a major contributor to the Bitcoin Core open-source development community, during the Scaling Bitcoin conference in Hong Kong..."

          OTC Trading: An Inside Look At How Whales Move Bitcoin
, June 30th, 2016
          "A recent conversation shone a new light on over-the-counter, or OTC, bitcoin trading - suggesting much of the large-scale movements between fiat and cryptocurrencies happens away from the exchange books.

          Entrepreneur and well-known bitcoin investor Vinny Lingham - co-founder and CEO of Civic Technologies, and former CEO of Gyft - highlighted the issue with a blog post on June 27 titled, 'The 1% Don't Use Bitcoin Exchanges.'..."

          Are AML, KYC And Other Regulations Really Important For Bitcoin?
          NEWSBTC, June 29th, 2016
          "There has been some debate on the need of blanket Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations for Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Even though it is a long-standing debate, it was further fueled by a recent blog post by Tim Swanson, the Director of Market Research at R3CEV, where he calls for such regulations by giving examples of few frauds and Ponzi schemes in the cryptocurrency sector..."
          Citi: Bitcoin Is An Opportunity For Banks, Not A Threat
          CoinDesk, June 30th, 2016
          "A new research report by Citi Research asserts that bitcoin and other digital currencies should not be viewed as a disruptive threat to banks, credit card networks or traditional remittance providers, but rather as a potential complement to existing services.

          Published today, the 56-page report argues bitcoin and digital currencies are better equipped to open up new markets and reach new consumers, and that today's centralized payment systems are already efficient enough for today's commerce.

          Still, Citi does see opportunity in using a public blockchain..."

          How Governments Subsidize Bitcoin's Usefulness And The Bitcoin Price
          Bitcoin Magazine, June 30th, 2016
          "Bitcoin Core contributor, Peter Todd, was recently interviewed on Bitcoin Uncensored by co-hosts Chris DeRose and Joshua Unseth. Ethereum, The DAO, private blockchains and many other topics were discussed but DeRose turned the conversation toward an often-discussed concept (at least on Bitcoin Uncensored) near the end of the show: The idea that governments essentially subsidize the usefulness of Bitcoin and the bitcoin price through their various regulations..."
          Bitcoin Contest: Tell Ideapod How Blockchain Can Change The World
, July 1st, 2016
          "The two influential thinkers, Don and Alex Tapscott, are launching a killer-app competition for Bitcoin users.

          As described on the competition's Ideapod page, participants must answer one important question from Don and Alex to win the beautiful sterling silver BTC ring that contains $500 USD in bitcoin, and one of ten specially-signed Blockchain Revolution books.

          What's this important question? Here's what the Tapscotts want to know..."

          IT - DevOps
          Real-World Devops Failures -- And How To Avoid Them
          Javaworld, June 28th, 2016
          "Everything about devops sounds great. It's a practice that emphasizes collaboration and communication between software developers and other IT staffers and management, while automating tasks such as software delivery and infrastructure updates.

          With devops, the development, testing, and release of software can be accelerated and made more reliable, and that's vital for companies looking to survive in an ultracompetitive market..."

          The Benefits Of Adopting Devops In Your Enterprise
          Datamation, June 30th, 2016
          "There are times when the tech industry moves so fast that an idea gains significant ground before it's clearly defined to the masses it's meant to reach. Such is the case for the benefits of DevOps. The technically-hip may know what understand, but its mass appeal is still a bit limited because we shot right past defining it for many people.

          'DevOps' is simply a compounding of 'development' and 'operations.' It is a methodology that advocates a significant change in the manner in which applications are developed in-house at a firm because it changes the way apps are developed and who is involved..."

          TASC Powers Up DevOps Pipeline
, July 1st, 2016
          "Technology team members at TASC, a leading administrator of employee health benefits, were feeling the chains of manual processes that kept them from moving software out at more than a snail's pace. Development, operations, quality assurance (QA), project managers (PMs) and business analysts who were pushing code to test, staging and production environments or performing user accepted testing (UAT) tests needed to forward features through the pipeline much more quickly..."
          MySQL for Visual Studio 2.0.3
          By Alfonso Penunurl
          Alfonso blogs, "The MySQL Windows Experience Team is proud to announce the release of MySQL for Visual Studio 2.0.3 m2. Note that this is a development preview release and not intended for production usage.

          MySQL for Visual Studio 2.0.3 M2 is the second development preview release of the MySQL for Visual Studio 2.0 series. This series adds support for the new X DevAPI. The X DevAPI enables application developers to write code that combines the strengths of the relational and document models using a modern, NoSQL-like syntax that does not assume previous experience writing traditional SQL..."

          Training Thursdays: Momentum Around Oracle Linux 7
          By Antoinette O'Sullivan
          Antoinette blogs, "The momentum continues to grow around Oracle Linux 7. Are you ready to get the most out of this operating system. If you already have experience of a previous version of Linux, bridge your knowledge gap by taking the Oracle Linux 7: What's New for Administrators course.

          This this 3-day course, will teach you to:..."

          Friday Spotlight: Re-Cap Of RedHat Summit 2016
          By Zeynep Koch
          Zeynep blogs, "This Friday we want to give you a quick snapshot from Red Hat Summit where Oracle was one of the silver sponsors. At our booth, we have showcased Oracle Linux, OpenStack, Oracle VM, VirtualBox, Private Cloud Appliance and Software Defined Networking products. Our engineers and experts talked about the building blocks needed for Cloud; Linux, OpenStack, Engineered Systems and virtualization solutions from Oracle..."
          IT - Cloud
          Comparing Cloud Storage: Big Vendors Forge Ahead
          Enterprise Storage Forum, June 29th, 2016
          "File sharing company Box put the spotlight on a massive problem for global enterprises that want to use cloud storage providers when it recently introduced geographic storage zones for its service.

          The problem, put simply, is that data protection laws and regulatory requirements in many industries such as insurance and healthcare - particularly in the EU and Asia - mean that certain types of data must be stored within specific regions or national boundaries..."

          Amazon's Elastic File System Is Now Generally Available
          Information Week, June 30th, 2016
          "Amazon announced that it is moving its Elastic File System out of preview and offering it for general use. The new file system offering is available in three AWS regions.

          In the cloud, data is often stored in files that can come in many sizes and capture many data types. However, the cloud file system is often more rudimentary than the one back in the enterprise data center.

          As the use of files in the cloud grows, so does the need for an effective file system, which can deal with multiple queries at a time and keep files synchronized..."

          IT - CxO
          Four Paths To A Cloud Bursting Architecture
          Search Data Center, June 27th, 2016
          "The lack of capable infrastructure hinders a typical cloud bursting architecture. Choose one of these four paths to better implement cloud bursting.

          While most CIOs like the hybrid cloud approach, pesky realities are sneaking in issues that are anything but minor -- such as underinvestment in fiber connections by U.S. and some E.U. telco operations. Welcome to the network limbo that a cloud bursting architecture experiences..."

          3 Ways To Screw Up Data Security In The Cloud
          InfoWorld, June 28th, 2016
          "Securing the cloud doesn't mean you've secured your data in the cloud

          The cloud data security issue usually gets lost in the general discussion on cloud security. But there are key differences around securing cloud data that you should understand.

          Many enterprises believe that if they have cloud security covered generally, they have data security covered specifically in the narrow. That's not true..."

          CISO Challenges: Addressing Cybersecurity Blind Spots
          SeachSecurity, June 28th, 2016
          "Every enterprise has cybersecurity blind spots that it fails to recognize and address. Sean Martin explains what they are and how they create more CISO challenges.

          There is a long list of common problems that plague CISOs and their enterprise security teams. But compliance requirements, patch management and basic password hygiene are just some of the widely-known CISO challenges. There are many more cybersecurity blind spots that lurk under the radar. At RSA Conference 2016, several CISOs and security experts discussed some of the cybersecurity blind spots that enterprises often don't see until it's too late. Here's what they had to say..."

          Developers Will Cheat On Their Cloud Provider For Better Security
          TechRepublic, June 28th, 2016
          "Security is the top reason developers consider jumping to a new cloud, along with better reliability and a better user experience, according to a new survey by Evans Data...

          Remember when enterprises were skittish about the cloud? Security was one of the top concerns blocking developers from embracing the public cloud. That may be changing..."

          Why CIOs Should Care About Click Fraud
          CIO, June 29th, 2016
          "Click fraud is more than just a marketing problem. It presents a real security risk to your organization, experts say. CIOs need to know their enemy...

          The ancient Chinese military strategy guide The Art of War says that if you want to have a chance of prevailing in battle, you need to know your enemy. It's good advice for the battlefield, and it's also good advice if you want to beat hackers in their constant attempts to take over your network..."

          How CISOs Can Work With The C-Suite To Define The Cybersecurity Risk Level
          Help Net Security, June 30th, 2016
          "Defining the cybersecurity risk level for any organization should be a collaborative effort that balances the need for risk mitigation with fiscal responsibility. Although the CISO is primarily focused on cybersecurity, the ultimate goal is to run a successful business. As a result, the CISCO will be reliant on the cooperation of their C-Suite colleagues to strike the right balance between operational business needs and security to derive a successful outcome.

          A truly effective CISO understands that defining the cybersecurity risk level for both current and desired levels requires a holistic view of the enterprise with buy-in and support from each functional team. The collaboration process should be similar to large-scale enterprise risk management programs requiring input from internal teams to determine a rating for the enterprise as a whole..."

          Innovation & Sustainability Architecture
          Business 2 Community, June 30th, 2016
          "The modern corporation coexists with others in an ever changing and dynamic landscape. In order to remain a viable and sustainable business leadership must co-create a shared vision that identifies & leverages opportunities, skills, and resources. Even when these exist, an unlimited wealth of knowledge and business tools will not change a business' path for the better unless the prerequisite culture, architecture, values, and competencies are already in place. It is not the purpose of this article to highlight how to build these prerequisites but instead to illuminate that the execution of these assets requires a systemic approach in order to be successful..."
            There's a 'C Change' Underway: CMOs and CIOs Are Aligning for Digital Disruption
            Business 2 Community, June 28th, 2016
            "The phrase 'sea change' is used to indicate significant transformation, usually for the better, and is derived from William Shakespeare's work 'The Tempest' ('nothing of him that doth fade; but doth suffer a sea change; into something rich and strange'). Today, it's often used in business to describe a change in strategy or direction of a company, or a new disruptive product or business model that instigates growth.

            There's a change underway in the world of marketing right now - a 'C change': the CMO, continuing to rise in prominence, is now interacting with the CEO and CIO in more strategic, meaningful ways..."

            SFTA July Networking/Social event - IoB - The Internet of Beer!
            Thursday, July 21st, 2016: 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM
            FAU Tech Runway - Boca Raton - 5:30 pm - 9:00 pm

            This summer, join the SFTA July Networking/Social event as we present the IoB - The Internet of Beer!

            We'll be offering beer tasting from a variety of local micro breweries for your delight!


            IT - Wireless
            New WiFi Features Promise Greater Speeds, Performance
            eWeek, June 29th, 2016
            "The Wi-Fi Alliance unveils its certification for 802.11ac Wave 2 devices, with features like MU-MIMO that could improve speeds by up to three times.

            WiFi connectivity is about to get faster.

            The Wi-Fi Alliance has officially unveiled its certification for 802.11ac Wave 2, which officials said will deliver greater speeds, more capacity and greater efficiency to WiFi networks. That will become increasingly important as the Internet of things (IoT) - with its growing numbers of connected home appliances, mobile devices, TVs and other consumer and commercial systems - continues to expand and put more pressure on wireless networks for greater performance..."

            SFTA/vBeers - Weekly, Informal, IT Networking Events in South Florida
            July 2016 Schedule - Starts Wednesday, July 6th @ Palm Beach Gardens
            Come out and connect with other professionals in your industry! vBeers is a great event meant to promote growth of the IT industry here in South Florida. vBeers events happen four times a month, once per county:

            • vBeers @ Palm Beach Gardens 1st Wednesday of Month
            • vBeers @ Broward 2nd Wednesday of Month
            • vBeers @ Boca 3rd Wednesday of Month
            • vBeers @ Miami 4th Wednesday of Month

            The July Schedule is:

            • Wed July 6th, Twisted Trunk, Palm Beach Gardens
            • Wed July 13th, Funky Buddha, Oakland Park
            • Wed July 20th, Biergarten Boca, Boca Raton
            • Wed July 27th, MIA Beers, Doral

            RSVP at

            Sponsorships for the vBeers events are through the South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA).

            John McLaughlin, Nicole Ciccone/SFTA

            Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition 7.0
            By Michael Schulman
            Michael blogs, "Berkeley DB JE continues to enable the most powerful embedded database solutions

            Berkeley DB JE continues to enable the most powerful embedded database solutions:

            • Pure Java library
            • Handle TBs of data with a small, lightweight, embedded library
            • Flexible, transactional data management engine
            • Runs on a variety of operating systems and platforms.
            • Over 50 open source software projects embed BDB -- check them out on Wikipedia
            • Various options for APIs
            • Industrial quality and battle tested

            Read on for details.

            IT - PM
            Top 10 Project Management Tools For 2016
            TechWorm, July 2nd, 2016
            "Project management is one of the high-responsibility tasks in modern organizations. Project management is used in several types of projects ranging from software development to developing the next generation fighter aircrafts.

            In order to accomplish a project successfully, the project manager or the project management team should be supported by a set of tools. These tools can be specifically designed tools or regular productivity tools that can be adopted for project management work.

            Usually, the use of such tools makes the project managers work easy as well as it regulates the work and the routine of a project manager..."

            IT - Networks
            How IPv6 Lays the Foundation for a Smarter Network
            Network World, June 27th, 2016
            "IPv6 will help the internet grow. Potentially more exciting, though, is how the modern version of the internet protocol will make the internet smarter...

            By now we all know that IPv6 is a powerful solution to a pressing problem. The world has run out of new IPv4 addressing space, and the internet needs IPv6 to grow. What's less widely discussed - but potentially more exciting - is how the modern version of the internet protocol won't just make the internet bigger, but it will make it smarter..."

            Network Design And Second Opinions
            NetworkComputing, June 27th, 2016
            "Getting an external review of your design plans can help catch oversights and provide fresh ideas.

            Producing a great network design requires balancing many factors: You'll have to identify the best technologies for the task(s), and also factor in technology maturity, risk, cost, technical skills needed, staffing impact, and ease of management. It also requires a holistic view of how the proposed design interacts with all the other components in the network or datacenter..."

            Wireless Needs to Be 10 to 100 Times Faster, Says FCC Chair
            CIO Today, June 27th, 2016
            "Proponents of the move to 5G wireless data speeds got a big boost from the government last week. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler announced his support for a rapid move toward fifth-generation wireless technology at a speech at the National Press Club.

            In his 'The Future of Wireless: A Vision for U.S. Leadership in a 5G World' speech, Wheeler laid out a list of the advantages of moving to 5G communication infrastructure..."

            25 Gigabit Ethernet Adoption: 3 Drivers
            Network Computing, June 29th, 2016
            "Several factors will speed adoption of the new Ethernet specification in the data center.

            Industry analysts, including Alan Weckel of Dell'Oro Group, have predicted that the adoption of 25 and 50 Gigabit Ethernet will be the fastest ever for a new networking technology. Oftentimes, such analyst predictions prove to be overly optimistic and the actual adoption of new speeds is slower than predicted. This is what I call the 'shift right problem;' however, in this case, I think the analysts have gotten it correct..."

            How IPv6 Enables The Connected Home
            Network Computing, June 30th, 2016
            "IPv6 is ushering in the next-generation of home networking by providing seamless IoT connectivity.

            Every day a new gadget hits the market, promising to connect another aspect of home life to the Internet. These new devices range from garage door openers, thermostats and lightbulbs to home security systems. They include wearables such as smart watches, fitness trackers, and even connected onesies. Dogs and cats even have some new exciting products to try such as GPS trackers and wearable cameras..."

            What Security Pros Can Learn From The Networking Team (Slideshow)
            CSO Online, July 1st, 2016
            "It's a familiar scenario: your security team wants-needs-to lock down part of your enterprise's network. And yet the network team resists you at every turn. Don't they understand that security is paramount? Do they want to get hacked?

            But in fact, they're feeling just as frustrated as you are. Just as you're being yelled at to make sure the network is safe, they're being yelled at to make sure the network is available and traffic is flowing quickly.

            In truth, your security team has a lot to learn from the networking team about how to keep the whole organization running smoothly. We spoke to networking experts to find out what they most wanted security pros to know..."

            IT - IoT
            9 Ways IoT Will Change Enterprise Technology
            Network Computing, June 29th, 2016
            "The Internet of Things will impact factory floors, asset tracking, marketing, networking, and more.

            According to Gartner, 5.5 million new things will get connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) every day during 2016. The market-research firm also predicts that 6.4 billion connected things will be in use worldwide in 2016, up 30% from 2015.

            Many of the items currently associated with IoT -- things like connected thermostats, fitness trackers, connected cars and automated home appliances -- are primarily for consumers..."

            From Technology First To Business First: It's Time For The IoT To Get Strategic
            Information Age, June 29th, 2016
            "The time is right for the C-Suite to determine how best to embed IoT within the overall corporate strategy

            The Internet of Things (IoT) is clearly gaining momentum - a testament to its potential to improve customer experience, drive down costs, and transform business operations. As organisations evolve from successful, one-off pilots into broader IoT deployments new thinking is required to ensure IoT truly delivers..."

            IoT Already At Work In 65% Of Enterprises
            Datamation, June 30th, 2016
            "Well, that was fast.

            A majority of enterprises, 65 percent in fact, have already incorporated Internet of Things (IoT) technologies into their environments, gathering data from sensors, equipment and other devices and using it for business purposes, according to 451 Research's inaugural Voice of the Enterprise: Internet of Things report. The most common type of data collected is of the machine sensing type (71.5 percent), followed by environmental data (20 percent) and biological data from people and animals (8.5 percent)..."

            IT - Linux
            Automotive Grade Linux Wants To Help Open Source Your Next Car
            TechRepublic, June 27th, 2016
            "The Linux Foundation is bringing open source to the auto industry, thanks to Automotive Grade Linux. Jack Wallen gets you up to speed on what's new with the project and why this is important...

            There are times I wonder how the auto industry has managed to fall so far behind in the realm of technology. Only within the past year or so have we seen the rise of commercially available wireless options in mass production vehicles. Take a look at the standard options for mobile displays within car dashboards and you will see nothing to truly impress you. Consider that a low-spec smartphone is more impressive (and offers far more features and services) than does that console of a high-end automobile..."

            Fedora 24 Debuts In Workstation, Cloud And Server Editions (Slideshow)
            eWeek, June 28th, 2016
            "The Fedora Linux community released Fedora 24 on June 21, providing the first new release from the group since the debut of Fedora 23 on Nov. 3. Fedora is a community Linux project backed by Red Hat that often has served as a place where new capabilities land first before later being integrated to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Fedora 24 comes in three editions: Workstation, Cloud and Server, each targeted for specific deployment use-cases. Fedora 24 Workstation's big new update is the integration of the GNOME 24 desktop environment, which provides users with an enhanced experience that includes improved search and usability features. Fedora 24 Cloud, meanwhile, now includes the OpenShift Origin platform..."
            5 SSH Hardening Tips
  , June 29th, 2016
            "When you look at your SSH server logs, chances are they are full of attempted logins from entities of ill intent. Here are 5 general ways (along with several specific tactics) to make your OpenSSH sessions more secure..."
            Hands On With KaOS Linux: Not Just Another Derivative Distro
            PC World, June 29th, 2016
            "The U.S. Federal Communications Commission will move to open up high-frequency spectrum to not-yet-available 5G mobile services in an effort to bring the superfast wireless connections to U.S. consumers.

            The FCC, during its July 14 meeting, will vote on a proposal to open up a whopping 14 gigahertz of high-band spectrum to unlicensed wireless use, Chairman Tom Wheeler said Monday. Wheeler didn't offer a lot of details about the proposal during his speech..."

            IT - Operations
            The Blind Spot Between The Cloud & The Data Center
            Dark Reading, June 27th, 2016
            "Ask most enterprise security analysts responsible for detection and response about their visibility into identity access risks and you're likely to get some confused looks. Here's why.

            Account compromise and misuse have emerged as the root cause of most of today's data breaches. Using basic phishing and social engineering techniques, attackers can easily acquire the credentials they need to hijack identities and walk undetected through the digital front door of a victim organization. To make matters worse, hybrid environments that span both on-premises and cloud apps create a significant blind spot that makes it even more difficult to detect account compromise threats..."

            Keeping Big Data Cool at SDSC
            HPCWire, June 28th, 2016
            "When most people think of a supercomputer center, they may think of one massive computer performing a single task. Inside the data center at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) at the University of California San Diego, however, there are several large supercomputer systems, each performing multiple tasks simultaneously across a wide range of science domains that include genome sequencing to help pave the way to personalized medical treatment, coming up with new drug designs for conditions such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease, or creating detailed fluid dynamics simulations for hypersonic aircraft..."
            IT - Security
            Not So Fast: Some Security Defaults Shouldn't Change
            InfoWorld, June 28th, 2016
            "Contrary to popular belief, changing default settings doesn't always improve security -- and often backfires

            There's an old security mantra that says "always change the defaults!" Although this seems like a good general rule, in fact it's true only for certain kinds of settings. Changing the defaults in other cases will just end up biting you in the end with little increased security to show for it..."

            6 Tips To Prevent Ransomware Attacks
            HelpNet Security, June 27th, 2016
            "Hospital extortions, ransomware for Macs, and more - 2016 appears to be the year of ransomware. This malicious software allows attackers to access your computer, encrypt sensitive data and demand payment to decrypt. Ransomware is one of the most serious threats you face, whether you're an employee at a Fortune-500 company or a self-employed contractor. And, you don't have to be a high-profile executive to fall victim to ransomware, it can happen to anyone.

            That's why taking precautions to avoid infections in the first place is critical. Can your business afford to be down for hours or days? If the answer is no, check out the below tips to help prevent a ransomware disaster:.."

              11 Ways To Fight Off Ransomware (Slideshow)
              CSO Online, June 28th, 2016
              "Just like evolution from viruses, to botnets and malware families that we've seen over the past decade, bad actors continue to find new ways of reinventing old threats. Today, the top trend in modern malware is the proliferation of ransomware. Ransomware has come a long way from the non-encrypting lockscreen FBI scare warnings like Reveton. In 2016, there has been a constant flow of new ransomware families popping up, like Locky, Cerber, Madeba and Maktub, and this is only expected to pick up steam over the summer. Ransomware is very damaging. Nick Bilogorskiy , senior director threat operations at Cyphort, shares seven tips to help fend off ransomware attacks. More tips are provided near the end of the slideshow by Alert Logic..."
                If All Else Fails, Start With The IT Basics
                InfoWorld, June 29th, 2016
                "Or start from the beginning in the first place to save a lot of hassle

                It's true in IT, and it's true in any profession: To be good at the job, one must master troubleshooting. But as one experience I had demonstrates, it's critical to actually gather all of the pertinent information on the nature of the problem before running off half-cocked trying to fix it. Knowing some basic fundamentals of IT troubleshooting is helpful, too..."

                  The Attribution Question: Does It Matter Who Attacked You?
                  Dark Reading, June 29th, 2016
                  "Everyone will ask whodunnit, but how can an organization put that information to practical use during disaster recovery and planning for the future?

                  In normal life crises, the jump to assess blame is often the emotional reaction, but rarely the appropriate reaction. Assessing blame for who hit you with a cyberattack, however -- if not the individual, at least the general classification -- could be effective, if not essential to your recovery efforts, according to speakers at a Dark Reading Virtual Event Tuesday.

                  We asked speakers flat-out, 'does attribution matter?'..."

                  The Top 5 Security Threats, And How To Defend Against Them
                  v3 co uk, June 29th, 2016
                  "Security vulnerabilities have existed for as long as we've had software, but what's often surprising is how simply some can be mitigated or eliminated completely.

                  Despite the number of safeguards that exist, however, many firms still suffer catastrophic data breaches, and end up in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

                  V3 now brings you the top 5 security threats today, and how to guard your organisation against them..."

                  Free Wi-Fi Connections Put Business Travellers At Risk - Kaspersky
                  ZDNet, June 30th, 2016
                  "A Kaspersky Lab survey of almost 12,000 international business travellers reveals that four out of five use free Wi-Fi services, and that senior managers assume their work devices are secure. If they fall victim to cybercrimes, it's the IT department's fault...

                  About 30 percent of senior business managers 'have been hit by cybercrime while abroad', according to a survey of 11,850 employed individuals who had travelled abroad for business and leisure in the past year. The research - which was done by the Toluna research agency for security company Kaspersky Lab - covered 23 countries including the USA and Russia..."

                  Managed Security Monitoring: Selecting A Service Provider
                  Securosis, June 30th, 2016
                  "Based on the discussion in our first post, you have decided to move toward a managed security monitoring service. Awesome! That was the easy part. Now you need to figure out what kind of deployment model makes sense, and then do the hard work of actually selecting the best service provider for you.

                  That's an important distinction to get straight up front. Vendor selection is about your organization. We know it can be easier to just go with a brand name. Or a name in the right quadrant to pacify senior management. Or the cheapest option. But none of those might be the best choice for your requirements. So the selection process requires an open mind and doing the work. You may end up with the brand name. Or the cheapest one. But at least you'll know you got the best fit..."

                  As Threats Evolve, Faster Response Times Are Essential
                  Help Net Security, July 1st, 2016
                  "Two thirds of respondents to a global survey by the Business Continuity Institute reported that they had experienced at least one cyber incident during the previous twelve months, and 15% reported they had experienced at least ten incidents during the same period.

                  The report found that there was a wide range of response times for cyber incidents. Almost a third of organizations (31%) stated that they responded within one hour. However, one fifth (19%) take a worrying four hours or more in responding to a cyber event, and almost half (44%) take more than two hours to respond. This has clear implications for the time taken to return to business as usual, and the ultimate cost of the incident to the organization..."

                  The Impact Of Password Failure On The IT Security Industry
                  ITProPortal, July 1st, 2016
                  "Passwords have been the pillar of securing data since IT began. However, our recent survey revealed that 77 per cent of IT professionals believe passwords are inadequate for IT security. The study looked at the attitudes of nearly 200 cybersecurity professionals. It also found that 53 per cent of those surveyed thought that modern hacking tools could easily crack passwords within their company. Given that only IT professionals were questioned, it is fair to say that the findings reflect the attitude of the industry - and maybe it is time to rework the way in which passwords are handled..."
                  IT - Careers
                  15 Highest Paying Programming Languages In 2016
                  TechWorm, June 28th, 2016
                  "The world of technology is expanding more than before due to which different kind of jobs, skills and programming languages are on the rise too. With new languages being written, frameworks being created, some riding the ladder of popularity while others failing, the world of programming is full of action. There are some lists that suggest that there are close to 300 different languages one can learn.

                  Since, it is difficult to learn all those languages, as a programmer, it is very important to keep one's eyes and ears open to the emerging trends so that one doesn't lose out on the potential opportunities. As the tech industry continues to evolve and progress, it's important to know how to select a programming language to learn, what the best way to learn that language is, and how your choice might affect your employment future..."

                    Is The IT Talent Shortage Fact Or Fiction?
                    Business 2 Community, June 29th, 2016
                    "We remain convinced that the perfect IT candidate is extremely difficult to find - not to mention recruit. But the reasons behind this predicament are arguable. In particular, many experts in the industry blame a tech talent shortage, but this compelling argument is often met with strongly opposing views. We decided to take a deeper look to determine whether the proposed IT talent shortage is fact or fiction. (If you want to know why we even care, skip to the end!)..."
                      Your Brain Is On Autopilot More Than You Think - Here's How To Wake It Up
                      Fast Company, June 29th, 2016
                      "Wednesday. Hump Day. The part of the week when we're over the hill and begin sliding toward the weekend. If hitting midweek feels even a little bit better than slogging through Monday or Tuesday does, well, you're not alone. According to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, the worst day of the week goes to Tuesday - but just barely. It turns out that all the weekdays are rated about equally badly compared with the weekend...":
                        Managing Tech Teams: Study Reveals Four Leadership Rules For Success
                        Information Age, July 1st, 2016
                        "Through extensive interviews and surveys, researchers Joseph Grenny and David Maxfield identified the four culture challenges tech managers need to master in order to affect change in their organisations...

                        Every industry swears it is unique - that its business environment requires a distinct set of leadership skills and practices. But no sector can make the case for uniqueness better than tech..."

                          10 Simple Rules For Finding And Keeping Great Technology Talent
                          ZDNet, July 2nd, 2016
                          "Let's face it, when it comes to hiring technology talent, you're not just competing with the company down the block or with your nearest industry competitor. You're competing with everybody, everywhere.

                          Worse yet, corporate IT shops are competing with the likes of Google, Apple and Amazon, who are scooping up talent right and left to keep their behemoth operations humming and innovating..."

                          Why Is It So Hard To Find The Perfect IT Candidate?
                          Business 2 Community, July 2nd, 2016
                          "Hopefully, you're not experiencing what so many other employers are finding right now, which is an average of 28 days to fill an open position. But if you are, it's likely you're chasing down a dream candidate who doesn't actually exist - or, at least, doesn't exist in large quantities. Sorry to break it to you; we know it can be a tough pill to swallow. But the truth is, if your list of required skills, experience and qualities resembles the average family's weekly grocery list, then you're in trouble. Below, we look at why it's so hard to find the perfect IT candidate..."
                            IT - Virtualization
                            Virtualbox 5.0.24
                            Softpedia, June 28th, 2016
                            "Oracle has announced the general availability of the VirtualBox 5.0.24 virtualization software for all supported platforms, including GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows.

                            VirtualBox 5.0.24 arrives less than two weeks since the debut of the previous maintenance update, VirtualBox 5.0.22, which means that it's a small release fixing some of the regressions introduced by VirtualBox 5.0.22, as well as various other bugs reported by users..."

                            Container Drawbacks: When Not To Use Docker
                            Container Journal, June 30th, 2016
                            "Containers from Docker and other vendors are trending pretty spectacularly right now. But they're not a perfect solution for every type of infrastructure challenge. Like any other technology, they have their drawbacks. Here's a look at times when you should not use containers.

                            Like 'the cloud' before them, containers might seem to be the perfect answer to all of your life's problems. But also like the cloud, containers come with some pitfalls and rough edges..."

                            IT - Backup
                            Can You Recover From Ransomware With Frequent Data Backups?
                            SearchDataBackup, June 29th, 2016
                            "Ransomware is becoming a serious security threat. A proper backup strategy lets administrators recover data from ransomware attacks without major disruption to the organization.

                            Ransomware is a relatively new phenomenon in which an organization's data or computer systems are held ransom by hackers. In a typical scenario, hackers gain access to the firm's IT systems in stealth mode and install malware or encrypt data on servers, making the organization's applications unusable. If the IT department pays up, the hackers release encryption keys and allow the hacked organization to regain access to its data..."

                            IT - Big Data
                            Big Data's Big Role In Keeping You Entertained
                            Business 2 Community, June 30th, 2016
                            "Social media users have become increasingly aware that any incriminating content they post online can come back to haunt them. The heightened risk of controversial material jeopardizing employment prospects or having other social ramifications has led many users to proceed with caution before posting on the web.

                            However, despite the enhanced understanding of the implications of social media use, many users are still unaware of the ways that the Big Data inherent in our online activity is used to shape the world around us..."

                            Cycling 2.0 - How The Tour De France Is Reinventing Itself Using Big Data
                            TechWorld, June 30th, 2016
                            "Something extraordinary is happening to cycle sport and the famous three-week Tour de France, which starts this weekend, is right at the heart of it.

                            Exhibit number one is a smallish black telemetry sensor that will be fitted under the saddles of each of the race's 198 riders as they traverse 21 stages and 3,535 kilometres of wearying racing in an anti-clockwise direction around the countryside of France with short detours into Spain and Switzerland..."

                              Three Areas Of Business To Optimize With Big Data
                              SmartDataCollective, July 2nd, 2016
                              "Data is great isn't it? It's nice to look at all those amazing dashboards that your business application offers you. If you've taken any time to analyze the data available to you, you probably have some interesting analytics on your business delivery. Whether you're in manufacturing, accounting, customer service, or another line of work - having all that data available to you is invaluable for helping you figure out how to optimize your organization. But what areas can you most easily optimize using the data available to you? Depending on what types of tools and software your employees are using, there are a few different areas of business that you can optimize with big data:.."
                              20 Top Master Data Management Solutions For 2016 (Slideshow)
                              Information Management, June 27th, 2016
                              "If you're on the market for a top shelf master data management solution, this newly-released listing from The MDM Institute offers great insights on products you should include in your search..."
                              IT - Mobile
                              Tensions Rise Over Delay In LTE Using Wi-Fi Channels
                              ComputerWorld, June 28th, 2016
                              "The fight over LTE networks sharing channels with Wi-Fi appears to be heating up.

                              The Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA) says that by September there will be a way to test whether an LTE device can get along with Wi-Fi. But Qualcomm, one of the biggest backers of LTE-U (LTE-Unlicensed), is demanding those tests immediately.

                              The latest disagreement arose after a workshop held last Wednesday, the latest in a series aimed at crafting a test plan for coexistence between the two technologies. That test plan, designed for new products that use LTE in unlicensed bands, will be finished and verified by late September, WFA said..."

                              IT - BYOD
                              Why Instilling A BYOD Culture In Your Business Could Be The Best Move You Make
                              Business 2 Community, June 27th, 2016
                              "The Bring Your Own Device culture (or 'BYOD', as it is more commonly referred to) has long been seen as something of a risk by IT departments. Today, I'm going to argue that instilling such a culture is, in fact, one of the best moves any business can make.

                              BYOD refers to the increasing trend for employees to bring their own smartphones, laptops and tablets into the office in order to get work done. And IT departments are right - this is inherently risky with such devices capable of inadvertently transferring harmful malware and viruses onto the business network..."

                              How BYOD Could Lead To Nasty Cost Shock For Businesses
                              ITProPortal, June 29th, 2016
                              "An employee uses properly licensed home software on her personal laptop. Later, she uses the same laptop and software for her work. Suddenly, her employer faces a penalty once an audit by the software vendor takes place. This is a risk that companies, often unknowingly, are operating under in the modern workplace.

                              New working practices, such as working from home and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) bring many advantages for both the employee and the employer. Employees having the choice to work remotely with flexible hours and pick their own device - this can increase employee satisfaction and productivity..."

                              Can A Tablet Security Policy Help Protect Enterprise Users?
                              SeachSecurity, June 30th, 2016
                              "BYOD isn't a new trend, but tablet security policy is increasingly important as users choose them over laptops for work. Expert Mike O. Villegas discusses tablet security policies...

                              I read that tablets are one of the least secure devices, but many employees use them for work. Are tablets really less secure than laptops, which are still more prevalent in organizations? I'm trying to decide if the device policy for my company should restrict tablet use, or perhaps limit usage to a specific vendor or OS through a specific tablet security policy..."

                              Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                              Vol 202 Issue 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 219 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4
                              We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                              • Larry Ellison: Oracle Has 2 Focus Points For Fiscal Year Ahead
                              • Why is Java the Most Popular Programming Language?
                              • Oracle VM Server for SPARC - virtual HBA (vHBA) enhancements
                              • Training Thursdays: BTRFS in Oracle Linux 7
                              • Migrate from MS SQL Server to MySQL
                              • SPARC Solaris Virtualization ROCKS in SAS Analytics
                              • LibreOffice 5.1.4 available for download
                              • OTN Community Managers Speak Out About OTN Summit
                              • Tiny Werkbank Wants To Help Big Banks Avoid Fintech Disruption
                              • That's a Wrap! FY17 Global Partner Kickoff Webcast Replay Available

                              The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                IT - Encryption
                                Finance, Healthcare And Tech Firms Lead Encryption Drive
                                IT Portal, June 28th, 2016
                                "Encryption has never been this widely used across various industries, especially among financial services, healthcare and pharmaceutical, and technology and software companies, a new report claims.

                                The report, released by critical information systems and cybersecurity company Thales e-Security, says that extensive use of encryption among companies jumped seven per cent this year, to a total of 41 per cent. This represents 'the largest increase in the 11-year history of this report', the company said..."

                                Companies Are Embracing An Enterprise-Wide Encryption Strategy
                                Help Net Security, June 30th, 2016
                                "The biggest users of encryption are companies in financial services, healthcare and pharmaceutical, as well as technology and software industries, according to Thales.

                                A new study, which is part of an annual survey of more than 5,000 individuals covering 14 major industry sectors and 11 countries, focuses on how encryption is being used in conjunction with business applications in order to protect data and allows companies to benchmark their use of encryption against companies in similar industry sectors and geographies..."

                                House Committee Releases Encryption Report, Laying Foundation For A National Dialogue
                                Homeland Security News Wire, June 30th, 2016
                                "Terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino have sparked a public debate on the use of encryption in the United States because the attackers used encrypted communications to evade detection, a phenomenon known as 'going dark.' Earlier this week, the Majority Staff of the House Homeland Security Committee released a new report, titled Going Dark, Going Forward: A Primer on the Encryption Debate. The summarizes the committee's findings, based on more than 100 meetings and briefings committee staff and members have held with key stakeholders over the past year..."
                                PSA: Encrypt Your PC, Phone, and Tablet Now. You'll Regret It Later If You Don't
                                How-To Geek, July 3rd, 2016
                                "Imagine you go on your dream European vacation and all your things are stolen after your hotel room is burgled or your car is broken into. Clothes and toothbrushes are easy to replace, but your devices are a potential treasure trove for thieves to exploit.

                                Unfortunately, this story is all too real-in fact, it happened to our editor just last week..."

                                  IT - Tape
                                  Keeping Magnetic Tape Storage Relevant In The Flash Era
                                  ITProPortal, June 30th, 2016
                                  "As technology advances, so too do storage methods. However, that does not mean legacy storage solutions should be left to gather dust on the shelf. Methods such as tape storage still have a place in enterprise in conjunction with new methods such as flash storage, as many organisations still depend on legacy solutions to manage the ever-growing volumes of data..."
                                  Tape Archiving Tips For A Better Storage Strategy
                                  SearchDataBackup, June 30th, 2016
                                  "Studies show that tape archives are a comparatively cheaper method of long-term data retention. Explore how to use active archive and other storage technologies with a tape system...

                                  The key advantage of using tape for the lion's share of storage is its low cost of ownership..."

                                  IT - Java
                                  The Debate Continues: Where Is Java EE Headed To?
                                  jaxenter, June 30th, 2016
                                  "Where does the future of Java EE lie? After Oracle reduced its activities concerning Java EE 8, community members created a group called 'Java EE Guardians'. Then came MicroProfile, an open forum which aims to bring microservices to Enterprise Java. What's next? We asked Java Champion Lukas Eder and Payara's Mike Croft to comment on the current state of Java EE and its future..."
                                  Key Promoter Plugin for NetBeans IDE 8.1
                                  By Geertjan Wielenga
                                  Geertjan blogs, "I've reworked the Key Promoter plugin a bit.


                                  The status bar (assuming you're using NetBeans IDE 8.1 and have installed the plugin for NetBeans IDE 8.1) now displays the keyboard shortcut of the most recently used action. In the screenshot below, notice the green display area in the status bar, i.e., at the bottom of the screenshot below, which is provided by the plugin, displaying info about the most recently used action:..."

                                  Veritas News
                                  'State of the Hybrid Cloud' Research Suggests IT Pros Should Focus on Information - Not Infrastructure - Management
                                  Global Survey of 1,800 IT Leaders Reveals 74% Currently Use Multiple Cloud Infrastructures, Stressing the Need for Heterogeneous, Cloud-Ready HA/DR and Data Protection Strategies
                                  Veritas Technologies, the leader in information management, announced the results of a global survey indicating that nearly three-quarters of enterprises continue to adopt multiple private and public cloud strategies. The findings highlight the need for organizations to adopt solid information management and security strategies.

                                  The study, commissioned by Veritas and conducted by Cicero Group, surveyed 1,800 global IT decision makers in organizations with at least 500+ employees and at least 75TB of data under management. Overall, the research revealed that business-critical workloads in the public cloud are set to double in the next 24 months - roughly the same rate as non-critical workloads - putting pressure on IT departments to ensure their entire business services, not just their infrastructure, are highly available and secure.

                                  Cisco News
                                  IBM and Cisco Tap Into the Power of IBM Watson and Cisco Spark to Transform the Way People Work
                                  Two companies unite to redefine everyday work for millions of people
                                  IBM and Cisco announced they will partner to combine the market-leading strengths of each company to transform how knowledge-workers collaborate and work. The companies will form a suite of cloud-based workplace tools and applications infused with IBM Watson.

                                  As part of the transformation, the highly secure Cisco Spark and WebEx collaborative workspace platforms will be integrated with IBM's leading cloud collaboration solutions, including Verse and Connections, and underpinned by IBM's cognitive computing capabilities...

                                  Swisscom Brings Live, Immersive 4K Experiences With Cisco UHD Encoding Solutions
                                  Cisco, June 30th, 2016
                                  Swisscom TV2.0, the leader of the Swiss digital TV market with over 1.4 million subscribers, has deployed the Cisco Ultra High Definition (UHD) Live Encoding solution for its UHD viewing experience for the European Football Championship 2016.

                                  With Cisco's live encoding solutions in place, Swisscom can offer its subscribers immersive, 4K content, including live sports, available for 24-hour programming.

                                  Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire CloudLock
                                  Cisco, June 28th, 2016
                                  Cisco announced its intent to acquire CloudLock Inc., a privately held cloud security company based in Waltham, Massachusetts. CloudLock specializes in cloud access security broker (CASB) technology that provides enterprises with visibility and analytics around user behavior and sensitive data in cloud services, including SaaS, IaaS and PaaS. The acquisition will further enhance Cisco's security portfolio and build on Cisco's Security Everywhere strategy, designed to provide protection from the cloud to the network to the endpoint.
                                  OVH Enhances Its Global Networks to Deliver Best-in-Class Customer Experience With Cisco DWDM Technology
                                  OVH is the world's third-largest hosting provider
                                  OVH announced plans to enhance and expand its high-speed global network with Cisco optical technology to enable greater capacity for cloud and hosted services between its data centers.

                                  With over one million customers and 7.4 Tbps of bandwidth across 17 countries and 32 global peering points, OVH offers an extensive portfolio of cloud, hosting, and web services, including the world's most extensive network of gaming servers.

                                  OVH continues to innovate and enhance its networks to ensure that its customers receive optimal performance and seamless service. Central to its expansion plans is the Cisco NCS 2000 Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing platform (DWDM). The NCS 2000 maximizes capacity of fiber optic trunks at a rate of 200 Gbps, and long-haul distances.

                                  Cisco And Israel Announce Partnership To Accelerate Country Digitization
                                  Key elements of the partnership include: eastern Negev as Israel's first smart region; investments in digital media and video innovation; building an ecosystem to deliver digital services to improve citizen wellbeing, create jobs and boost entrepreneurship
                                  Following a meeting between Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Cisco Executive Chairman John Chambers and Cisco Israel General Manager Oren Sagi, Cisco announces a strategic partnership to accelerate the government's Digital Agenda over the next three years.

                                  Cisco and the government will partner to accelerate innovation, promote entrepreneurship and digital skills with a focus on building inclusive communities across Israel's discrete social groups and bringing the economic opportunity of digitization to Israel's regions. The partnership will focus on key priorities for Israel and Cisco. This includes the application of innovative digital and cloud-based technologies across public sector services, education, healthcare and smart city development.

                                  Dell News
                                  Dell Services Named Leader in Everest Group's PEAK Matrix Assessment for Workplace Services
                                  Managing end users in the digital and cloud era is a challenging task
                                  Dell Services announced that Everest Group has positioned Dell Services in the Leader quartile for their 2016 PEAK Matrix for Workplace Services.

                                  The results were published in the 'Cloud & Infrastructure Services - Workplace Services - Market Trends and PEAK Matrix Assessment'. This report analyses leaders in the workplace services industry and provides insights on their workplace services vision, delivery capabilities, scale of operations and domain investments.

                                  Dell Services enhanced its leader position with high flexibility in solutioning, contracting and delivery as well as strong end-to-end capabilities for delivering workplace services covering infrastructure, software, and systems integration for large enterprises. The report also noted Dell Services' strong partnership network, supplemented with an internal suite of intellectual property and tools...

                                  Dell Teams with Securonix to Provide Advanced Security Analytics for Active Directory and Enterprise Applications
                                  Technical integration between Dell Change Auditor and Securonix offers customers a deeper level of analysis into user and administrative changes to Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, and file server activities
                                  Dell announced a technology partnership with Securonix to improve the security of data in Active Directory (AD) and other enterprise application environments. The partnership combines the unique insights delivered by the Dell Change Auditor product with actionable security intelligence capabilities provided by Securonix.

                                  AD is an attractive target for cyber criminals because it is the most widely used enterprise repository of user account and password credentials. The AD-Securonix integration means organizations can rest assured that the keys to their critical data are protected by the most advanced security analytics solution on the market.

                                  Dell Announces New Interactive Display Technologies and Dell Classroom Software at ISTE 2016
                                  to Foster Engagement and Creative Learning for Students
                                  Dell announced the debut of three new, interactive display products, purpose-built for active learning, classrooms and conference rooms. The company also revealed Dell Classroom, a Chrome-based software solution aimed at bridging the collaboration gap between students and teachers with tools that connect their devices in the classroom. These announcements come as part of Dell's participation as a Gold sponsor in the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) 2016 Conference and Expo, taking place June 26-29, at which the company is hosting a slew of sessions and activities united by the theme "What are you going to create today?" The sessions will explore student-centered learning as well as ways technology can be integrated into the classroom to make students feel empowered and more engaged.
                                  Microsoft News
                                  Microsoft announces Windows 10 anniversary update available Aug. 2
                                  Now running on more than 350 million devices
                                  Microsoft Corp. announced that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is coming to all Windows 10 devices - for free - on Aug. 2. Windows 10 continues to be the fastest-growing version of Windows ever and is now running on more than 350 million devices.

                                  The Windows 10 Anniversary Update has all-new breakthrough features that bring Windows Ink and Cortana to the mainstream; a faster, more accessible and more power-efficient Microsoft Edge browser; advanced security features for consumers and enterprises; new gaming experiences; and new tools for the modern classroom. To help protect businesses from today's modern threats, Microsoft also announced two new security features for enterprise customers: Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection and Windows Information Protection, formerly referred to as enterprise data protection.

                                  Luna Mobile and Microsoft to partner on mobile technology
                                  Microsoft, June 28th, 2016
                                  "Microsoft Technology Licensing LLC and Luna Mobile announced a new patent partnership that will expand smartphone and tablet technology for customers around the world.

                                  This patent collaboration comes as Luna Mobile prepares to release a new line of smartphones and telecommunication services later this year. While the contents of the deal are confidential, the companies said Microsoft will receive royalties from Luna under the agreement..."

                                  Jearwon Microelectronics and Microsoft to partner on cloud desktop business solutions
                                  Microsoft, June 27th, 2016
                                  Microsoft Technology Licensing LLC and Jearwon Microelectronics announced a new partnership that will expand cloud-based business solutions for enterprise customers around the world. This collaboration - which includes the delivery of patent license rights - on remote desktop technology comes as Jearwon Microelectronics, which specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-performance central processing unit (CPU) technology, unveiled its Z1 CPU and ZERO PAD products at its headquarters in Changchun, China, as well.
                                  ISTE and Microsoft collaborate to provide new school planning and professional learning resources
                                  Microsoft, June 27th, 2016
                                  At ISTE 2016 opening general session, the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) and Microsoft Corp. announced they plan to combine and expand a host of their world-class initiatives to ensure educators and school leaders around the world have access to school planning and professional development resources. This collaboration stems from a shared belief that technology has the power to transform learning, and can do so most effectively when it's embedded in how a school or educator thinks about and drives new learning opportunities.
                                  IBM News
                                  IBM announces Two New Partnerships with Melanoma Institute Australia and MoleMap to Advance Research in Melanoma Identification
                                  IBM, June 27th, 2016
                                  IBM Research in Australia has announced plans to undertake research with Melanoma Institute Australia to help further advance the identification of melanoma using cognitive technology. This planned research builds on IBM's existing research agreement with Molemap, which uses advanced visual analytics to analyze more than 40,000 data sets including images and text. IBM Research plans to analyze dermatological images of skin lesions to help identify specific clinical patterns in the early stages of melanoma. The Australian research aims to help reduce unnecessary biopsies and help clinicians more accurately understand skin cancer, which could help to improve patient care.
                                  IBM and Cisco Tap the Power of IBM Watson and Cisco Spark to Transform the Way People Work
                                  Two companies unite to redefine everyday work for millions of people
                                  IBM and Cisco announced they will partner to combine the market-leading strengths of each company to transform how knowledge-workers collaborate and work. The companies will form a suite of cloud-based workplace tools and applications infused with IBM Watson.

                                  As part of the transformation, the highly secure Cisco Spark and WebEx collaborative workspace platforms will be integrated with IBM's leading cloud collaboration solutions, including Verse and Connections, and underpinned by IBM's cognitive computing capabilities.

                                  IBM Closes Acquisition of EZSource
                                  Acquisition of application discovery company helps developers modernize mainframe environments
                                  IBM announced it has completed the acquisition of EZ Legacy Ltd. (EZSource), an application discovery and understanding company that helps developers understand and visualize software to more easily modify mainframe applications. Financial details were not disclosed.

                                  Together, EZSource and IBM will enable clients to unlock billions of lines of application code residing on z Systems to help accelerate companies' adoption of hybrid cloud.

                                  ISS Turns to IBM Watson IoT to Transform Management of 25,000 Buildings Worldwide
                                  Global Leader in Facilities Management Taps Insight from Sensors and Devices to Put the 'Human Touch' into Buildings
                                  ISS, ISS A/S (ISS.CO, ISS DC, ISSDY), a leading global provider of facility services, has signed a commercial agreement with IBM (NYSE: IBM) to use the power of Watson IoT to transform the management of over 25,000 buildings around the world.

                                  Headquartered in Copenhagen, ISS is one of the world's largest private employers with over half a million staff managing everything from concierge to cleaning, catering to technical maintenance for thousands of high profile clients including Rolls-Royce, Nordea, Novartis and the UK's Royal Air Force.

                                  IBM and Credit Mutuel Arkea Pioneer the Use of Blockchain to Manage Customer Identity and Improve Customer Satisfaction
                                  IBM, June 30th, 2016
                                  IBM and Credit Mutuel Arkea announced today the completion of their first blockchain project to improve the bank's ability to verify customer identity.

                                  The result of this successful pilot is an operational permissioned blockchain network that provides a view of customer identity to enable compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. This demonstrates the disruptive capabilities of blockchain technology beyond common transaction-oriented use cases.

                                  U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Enlists IBM's Watson in the War on Cancer
                                  Public-Private Partnership Will Help Doctors Scale Precision Medicine Access for up to 10,000 VA Cancer Patients
                                  At Vice President Biden's National Cancer Moonshot Summit, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and IBM Watson Health announced a public-private partnership to help doctors expand and scale access to precision medicine over the next two years for 10,000 American veterans with cancer.

                                  IBM's Watson for Genomics technology is expected to help in the department's precision oncology program by providing information to help physicians identify precision treatment options for almost 30 times more patients than could be previously served.

                                  IBM Opens Garage in SoHo, New York City for Cloud Developers
                                  Targets Fintech, Blockchain and Other Fast Emerging Tech
                                  IBM announced the opening of an IBM Bluemix Garage in New York City, which will help power the city's growing concentration of developers, entrepreneurs, and fintech companies with cloud and blockchain.

                                  The global developer population is projected to reach 25 million by 2020, according to Evans Data Corp. This growing community is increasingly using Bluemix Garages to tap into IBM Cloud APIs around cognitive, Internet of Things, unstructured data, social media and more to swiftly build and launch innovations. Developers are also using these Garages to accelerate the exploration of blockchain projects, which can remove friction from financial transactions and prime blockchain to fundamentally change how markets function.

                                  IBM Research Scientists Discover New Recycling Process to Convert Old Smartphones and CDs into Non-Toxic, High-Strength Plastics
                                  One-step approach converts BPA-leaching plastics into environmentally safe material for water purification and medical devices
                                  Every year, the world generates more than 2.7 million tons of a plastic, known as polycarbonates, to create common household items, such as CDs, baby bottles, eyeglass lenses and smartphones. Over time, polycarbonates decompose and leach BPA, a chemical that, in 2008, caused retailers to pull plastic baby bottles from store shelves due to concerns about the potential effects of BPA on the brain.

                                  IBM Research announced that researchers from the Almaden lab in San Jose, Calif. have discovered a new, one-step chemical process that converts polycarbonates into plastics safe for water purification, fiber optics and medical equipment.

                                  Blackboard Inc. and IBM Enter Strategic Relationship
                                  to Develop Cognitive Solutions and Manage Infrastructure Operations
                                  Blackboard Inc. and IBM announced a collaborative agreement for IBM to manage Blackboard's datacenters and cloud infrastructure. The two companies will also work together to develop innovative educational solutions, taking advantage of IBM Watson's cognitive computing technology and Blackboard's broad capabilities suite.

                                  Under the agreement, IBM will manage much of Blackboard's technology infrastructure, including the company's 28 global data centers and its existing public cloud footprint. IBM will also provide support for Blackboard's expanding use of the public cloud. Blackboard will leverage IBM's expertise and software to offer customers some of the most flexible, reliable, security-rich and resilient environments available.

                                  IBM Named Leader in Public Cloud IaaS Adoption by TBR
                                  Survey highlights IBM's traction with customers transitioning to hybrid cloud environments
                                  IBM announced that it has been named the market leader in public cloud IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) adoption by leading independent technology market research firm, Technology Business Research, Inc. (TBR). In TBR's semiannual Public Cloud Customer Research survey of 2,169 enterprise, respondents identified IBM as a leader because of its ability to provide customers with hybrid management tools while addressing data location and privacy concerns through a global network of data centers.
                                  IBM Named Hybrid Cloud Development Platform Leader in TBR Survey
                                  Recent report highlights IBM's competitive strengths with developers in helping them build out hybrid cloud environments
                                  IBM announced that it has been named the market leader in Cloud Application Development and Transformation by leading independent technology market research firm, Technology Business Research, Inc. (TBR). The recent report, Cloud Customer Research Topical Report: New vs. Legacy Applications, ranked IBM a leader in several categories including most widely adopted cloud platform, highest in customer satisfaction and leads in enterprise adoption for application transformation services.
                                  The Weather Company Launches Second Mobile Show, 'The Ari Effect,' Hosted by Meteorologist Ari Sarsalari
                                  'The Ari Effect' is Available Weekday Afternoons in The Weather Channel App
                                  Following the successful launch of the mobile morning show, The Lift in October 2015, The Weather Company, an IBM Business, has announced the launch of a second mobile show, 'The Ari Effect.'

                                  The new mobile show is hosted by meteorologist and former co-host of "The Lift,' Ari Sarsalari, and features five-to-six easily digestible clips (each under a minute) that tackle breaking weather news, the science behind cool weather phenomena, and amazing viral videos. 'The Ari Effect' is available weekdays from 4-9pm local time in The Weather Channel app.

                                  Fujitsu News
                                  Fujitsu Builds IFRS-Compliant Accounting System for the Central Bank of Myanmar
                                  Contributing to the modernization of Myanmar's financial system
                                  Fujitsu announced that it has built an accounting system that complies with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for the Central Bank of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. This construction, and subsequent launch of operations in April 2016, was based on a contract with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

                                  By systematizing journal entry and including functions for automatically generating accounting entries and all sorts of forms, the new system improves the efficiency of accounting tasks that were previously done manually. This has greatly reduced the burden on bank employees, such as by enabling them to finish inputting forms on the same day, which, during busy times, had previously taken until the next day. In addition, by revising accounting policies, chart of accounts, and processes, the system implements accounting work in compliance with IFRS.

                                  Fujitsu Cuts Pricing for its Popular Fujitsu M10-4 SPARC Server, and Sees Strong YoY Growth with the Affordable Fujitsu M10-1 SPARC Server
                                  The Fujitsu M10 SPARC server platform enables IT departments to reduce server footprint, slash energy usage and operating costs, and easily scale business operations, while maintaining continuous uptime
                                  Fujitsu, a Diamond level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), recently announced new pricing for its Fujitsu M10-4 server to help accelerate customers' datacenter modernization. Fujitsu M10-4 base units and CPU core activation pricing has been reduced by 25 percent and CPU modules by up to 75 percent. As a result, the Fujitsu M10-4 server now has an entry list price of $28,150. The state-of-the-art Fujitsu M10-4 systems are in use throughout the world, helping customers reduce datacenter footprint, improve performance and significantly reduce energy consumption and costs. The extremely dense Fujitsu M10-4 packaging results from unique self-contained Liquid Loop Cooling technology. All Fujitsu M10 models are now available with up to 1TB of memory per socket, making Fujitsu M10 one of the best solutions for any sized workload.
                                  Fujitsu Develops Energy-Saving Technology to Cool Data Centers
                                  Highly accurate predictive technology cuts air-conditioner electricity use by 20%
                                  Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. announced the development of highly accurate predictive technology for such metrics as temperature and humidity, enabling energy-saving operations of air-conditioning equipment in data centers.

                                  With the aim of preventing global warming, there is a demand for energy-saving in data centers, particularly with air-conditioning equipment, which can account for between 30% and 50% of total electricity use. Now, to flexibly respond to the dynamic status changes that are issues unique to data centers, such as moving information equipment in and out and changing rack arrangements, Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a highly accurate prediction technology that sequentially builds a model that predicts air-conditioning effects from collected data, enabling reductions in air conditioner energy use.

                                  Red Hat News
                                  Red Hat Delivers JBoss EAP 7, a Foundation for Hybrid Cloud Applications
                                  Latest release of Red Hat's industry-leading application platform aims to bridge current and future development paradigms
                                  Red Hat announced the general availability of Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7 (JBoss EAP), the leading open source Java EE 7 compliant application server, and introduced JBoss Core Services Collection, a set of technologies that provide customers with common and fundamental application components. With JBoss EAP 7, Red Hat aims to help enterprises use and extend their existing application investments as they begin to transition to emerging architectures and programming paradigms that will require a lightweight, highly modular, cloud-native platform.
                                  10th Annual Red Hat Innovation Awards Recognize Achievements in Open Source
                                  Acuity Systems, Amadeus, Atos, BSE, Genfare, and Paddy Power Betfair commended for exceptional uses of Red Hat solutions
                                  Red Hat announced the winners of the 10th annual Red Hat Innovation Awards, recognizing customers and partners for their outstanding and innovative use of Red Hat solutions. This year's winners - Acuity Systems, Amadeus, Atos, BSE, Genfare, and Paddy Power Betfair - will be honored during Red Hat Summit, the industry's premier open source technology event, taking place this week in San Francisco. Online voting is now open to select the overall 2016 Red Hat Innovator of the Year.
                                  Friday Five - July 1, 2016
                                  Red Hat, July 1st, 2016
                                  The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat blog post with 5 of the week's top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye.

                                  • InfoWorld - Red Hat opens the door to wider use of OpenShift container technology
                                  • Red Hat Blog - Go forth and transform - or, as engineers like to say, "Solve the problem."
                                  • Red Hat - 10th Annual Red Hat Innovation Awards Recognize Achievements in Open Source
                                  • CIO - Red Hat polishes JBoss EAP for a cloud-native future
                                  • Open Source Stories - The Open Patient: Healing through sharing

                                  Read on for details

                                  Red Hat and Eurotech Launch End-to-End, Fully Open Source IoT Cloud Platform Project
                                  Co-sponsored Eclipse Kapua project based on Eurotech Everyware Cloud software and driven by Red Hat's open source expertise and leadership
                                  Red Hat and Eurotech, a leading provider of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) platforms and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, today announced the launch of a new, open source Eclipse Foundation project to manage IoT edge devices, from connectivity and configuration to application lifecycle. The co-sponsored project, Eclipse Kapua, combines with the existing Eclipse Kura project to offer IoT developers and end users an open platform for end-to-end IoT implementations, helping them to avoid costly, proprietary lock-in and accelerate community-driven development.
                                  Red Hat Summit 2017 Dates Announced
                                  The industry's premier open source technology event heads back to Boston for 2017
                                  Red Hat announced that the 13th annual Red Hat Summit will take place at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, May 2 - 5, 2017. Every year, Red Hat Summit brings together thousands of industry leaders, open source contributors, and Red Hat customers and partners, for a high-energy week of innovation, education, and collaboration focused on the future of enterprise technology.

                                  As the industry's premier open source technology conference, Red Hat Summit includes visionary keynotes, hundreds of sessions, training, and more exploring how open source is enabling major innovations in areas like cloud computing, containers, application development, DevOps, big data, mobile, security, and more.

                                  Red Hat CloudForms Expands Public Cloud Management with Google Cloud Platform and Adds Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Support
                                  Red Hat's latest cloud management platform release also enables simpler automation and service delivery with Ansible integration
                                  Red Hat announced the general availability of Red Hat CloudForms 4.1, the latest version of its award-winning open hybrid cloud management solution. With support for Google Cloud Platform, Red Hat CloudForms 4.1 now supports greater choice and flexibility for customers who want to run hybrid cloud workloads on Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. In addition, Red Hat CloudForms 4.1 expands the scope of its management capabilities with software-defined networking (SDN), providing a more unified management experience for software-defined datacenters. Finally, CloudForms 4.1 makes it easier to automate complex IT processes through integration with Ansible Tower, and provides customers with a simpler, cloud-friendly subscription model.
                                  Red Hat Insights Brings Predictive Analytics to Containers, OpenStack and Virtualized Infrastructure
                                  Updated Software-as-a-Service platform now provides operational analytics across physical, virtual, containers, and private and public cloud environments
                                  Red Hat unveiled the next generation of Red Hat Insights, delivering actionable intelligence across Red Hat environments. New improvements include risk assessment and remediation planning capabilities for virtualization hosts, containers, and OpenStack-based private clouds.

                                  As existing workloads evolve and new deployments grow in size and complexity, risk management is a key challenge and a necessity for enterprise IT. Red Hat Insights provides highly scalable, prescriptive analytics across users' hybrid IT infrastructure.

                                  Red Hat Unleashes the Power of Linux Containers with Industry's Broadest Solution Set
                                  Latest Red Hat Gluster Storage release enables greater agility and efficiency for OpenShift developers deploying application containers in production
                                  Red Hat announced new storage innovations designed to enable developers to more easily provision and manage enterprise-grade persistent storage for stateful applications running in Linux containers. Today's announcement represents the next step in Red Hat's efforts to transform how enterprise applications are built, deployed and managed with containers for greater business agility.

                                  The container-native storage capability, available this summer, is integrated with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (formerly OpenShift Enterprise) to deploy applications and storage in a converged manner where storage is served from containers. This can eliminate the need to have an independent storage cluster, enabling customers to achieve greater efficiency, cost savings, and storage for production-ready container environments.

                                  Red Hat Offers Container Native Persistent Storage for Linux Containers
                                  Latest Red Hat Gluster Storage release enables greater agility and efficiency for OpenShift developers deploying application containers in production
                                  Red Hat announced new storage innovations designed to enable developers to more easily provision and manage enterprise-grade persistent storage for stateful applications running in Linux containers. Today's announcement represents the next step in Red Hat's efforts to transform how enterprise applications are built, deployed and managed with containers for greater business agility.
                                  Red Hat Delivers More Secure Containers with New Scanning Capability
                                  New container interface supports multiple scanner integrations, including OpenSCAP and Black Duck, and builds on partner ecosystem for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform
                                  Red Hat launched a new container scanning interface to enable security partners to easily plug into Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. As containers move from experiment to enterprise-reality, a key consideration is security. Today's news builds upon Red Hat's leadership in container security. By integrating with multiple container scanners, Red Hat and its partners enable users to more easily see what's running inside their containers and whether the latest security updates have been applied. The new container capabilities come via the latest version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host, which serves as the container operating system for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.
                                  Red Hat Launches OpenShift Primed to Accelerate Container Platform Value with New Partner Technologies
                                  Red Hat offers customers deploying containers more choice and value via access to new ISV partner-developed solutions
                                  Red Hat, Inc. introduced OpenShift Primed, a new partner designation to recognize a growing ecosystem of independent software vendors (ISVs) who are integrating solutions with Openshift, Red Hat's container application platform. As global enterprise customers explore container adoption, OpenShift Primed is designed to not only recognize partners in active development with OpenShift, but also give customers better visibility to solutions being built around OpenShift.
                                  SEAQ Servicios' Felipe Ceballos Named Red Hat's 2016 Certified Professional of the Year
                                  Ceballos honored for ingenuity, hard work, and expertise using Red Hat technologies
                                  Red Hat announced that Felipe Ceballos, the technology leader at SEAQ Servicios in Colombia, has been named the 2016 Red Hat Certified Professional of the Year. The annual award honors a Red Hat Certified Professional (RHCP) who demonstrates ingenuity, hard work, and expertise, and will be presented to Ceballos at Red Hat Summit 2016, currently taking place in San Francisco.

                                  Ceballos is a Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) with certifications in virtualization, clustering, OpenStack, and Red Hat Satellite, and is in the process of becoming a Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA). At SEAQ Servicios, a leading company focused on deploying open source solutions in Colombia and throughout Latin America, Ceballos was able to create and deploy high-availability, scalable solutions in a number of environments at SEAQ Servicios because of his mastery of Red Hat products.

                                  Red Hat Partners Rally Around JBoss EAP 7
                                  Red Hat anchors vision for the future of enterprise development with Java-based hybrid cloud applications
                                  Red Hat highlighted the breadth and depth of its global partner ecosystem around Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP) 7, the latest version of Red Hat's industry-leading open source Java EE 7 compliant application platform, and its vision for the future of Java-based hybrid cloud application development.

                                  JBoss EAP is built to be modular and lightweight, and offer high performance and security features while meeting enterprise reliability and compliance standards. With the availability of JBoss EAP 7, Red Hat pushes beyond the Java EE specification to offer additional enhancements focused on developer friendliness, high productivity, and cloud architectures to give partners and customers more flexibility, agility, and speed to deliver innovative applications.

                                  Red Hat, Codenvy and Microsoft Collaborate on Language Server Protocol
                                  Vendors adopt common protocol for programming language integration into Microsoft Visual Studio Code and Eclipse Che
                                  Codenvy, Microsoft and Red Hat, Inc. announced adoption of a language server protocol project representing a collaborative effort to provide a common way to integrate programming languages across code editors and integrated development environments (IDEs). Announced during DevNation 2016, this protocol extends developer flexibility and productivity by enabling a rich editing experience within a variety of tools for different programming languages.
                                  Level3 News
                                  Level 3 Solutions Recognized In Gartner's 2016 'Critical Capabilities For Wireline Telecom Services, U.S.'
                                  Level(3), June 29th, 2016
                                  Global telecommunications provider Level 3 Communications, Inc. has been recognized in the February 2016 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Wireline Telecom Services, U.S.1. Nine providers were evaluated on five use cases reflecting the most common networking scenarios enterprises are facing, including: Large Enterprise - Managed and Unmanaged services, Midsize Enterprise, Hybrid Core WAN Network and Branch Office wireline networking.
                                  Level 3's Sao Paulo Data Center Receives Tier III Certification From Uptime Institute
                                  Level(3), June 27th, 2016
                                  Level 3 Communications received the Tier III Certification of Design Documents from Uptime Institute for its data center in Cotia, Sao Paulo, Brazil, signifying high design standards for data center infrastructure and capability. The data center in Cotia is one of three Level 3 operates in the region.
                                  EMC News
                                  Cyber Threats' Impact Highlighted in New EMC Global Survey
                                  New Isolated Recovery Solutions Line Protects Data Against Destructive Cyber Attacks and Ransomware
                                  EMC announced the results of new research revealing that organizations are failing to appreciate the growing challenges of protecting their data and, as a result, are experiencing the economic impact of data loss. New findings from the EMC Global Data Protection Index 2016, an independent study by Vanson Bourne of enterprise backup in 18 countries around the world, revealed that, while businesses have been successful in reducing the impact of the four biggest traditional data loss risks1, they are unprepared for new, emerging threats, which are taking their toll instead. When compared to the EMC Global Data Protection Index 2014, 13% more businesses experienced data loss or disruption in the last 12 months, costing them an average of US$914,000.

                                  EMC commissioned the updated research to help organizations recognize and prepare for the rapidly changing landscape of threats to enterprise data. Survey results from the EMC Global Data Protection Index 2016 identified the following three major challenges to modern data protection:

                                  HP News
                                  RIOgaleao Airport Upgrades the Travel Experience for 30 Million Anticipated Passengers With HPE Aruba
                                  Official Airport of the 2016 Olympics Modernizes Wired and Wireless Network, Adds Indoor Navigation to Support Major Increase in Passengers for Summer Games and Beyond
                                  Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company announced that RIOgaleao-Tom Jobim International Airport, the official airport of the 2016 Olympics, has upgraded to HPE data center and Aruba campus networking solutions. The Airport is also taking a modern approach to air travel with a new mobile app powered by Aruba's Meridian platform that features wayfinding to accelerate airport operations and bring passengers an improved travel experience.
                                    HPE Boosts Momentum with Organizational Improvements
                                    Company continually becoming more efficient, agile and innovative
                                    Meg Whitman writes, "This is an exciting time for Hewlett Packard Enterprise. During the past few years, we have reignited our innovation engine, rebuilt relationships with customers and partners, and gotten our cost structure in line with our revenue. Best of all, we are now winning in the marketplace, and that feels really good!

                                    Last month, we made a major move to accelerate our business when we announced the spin off and merger our Enterprise Services business with CSC. In addition to making HPE more competitive - with faster growth, higher margins and stronger free cash flow - the move also provided a unique opportunity for us to reimagine our internal organization.

                                    After we complete the spin of our Enterprise Services business in March 2017, our goal is to create a standalone company that is more efficient, agile and innovative right out of the gate. To that end, we are implementing some organizational changes to make HPE even stronger and more successful..."

                                      Brocade News
                                      Viavi And Brocade Deliver Highly Scalable Subscriber Data Analytics Solution For Mobile Operators
                                      xSIGHT Targeted Subscriber Search, Powered by Brocade Packet Broker, In Production at U.S. Tier-1 Mobile Operator
                                      Viavi Solutions and Brocade announced a joint solution that enables mobile operators to capture and analyze subscriber data to quickly resolve quality of experience (QoE) issues. An industry-first solution, Viavi's xSIGHT Targeted Subscriber Search (TSS) leverages the Brocade Packet Broker and Brocade Session Director to filter and deliver targeted subscriber traffic so only the data required to resolve customer experience problems is forwarded to xSIGHT TSS. In addition to significantly reducing resolution time for QoE issues, the solution enables mobile operators to open up opportunities for new value-added services...
                                      Comcast News
                                      Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center Connects to University Park Data Center with 100 Gig Ethernet Service From Comcast Business
                                      Comcast Business' Largest Private Enterprise Network in Eastern U.S. Aims to Help Improve Security and Transfer of Sensitive Data Between Both Facilities
                                      Comcast Business announced it is providing a 100 Gigabits-per-second (Gbps) Ethernet connection between the recently opened University Technology Center on the campus of the Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and the university's primary data center at University Park. It is the largest network operated by Comcast Business in the Eastern United States and the third 100 Gbps Ethernet network the company has constructed across the country.
                                      Windstream News
                                      Windstream Changes Landscape Of Telecommunications Offerings In Albany With Fixed Wireless For Enterprise Customers
                                      High-bandwidth services delivered via dedicated wireless connection provide enterprise customers with more reliable telecom services, alternative to fiber solution
                                      Windstream, a leading provider of advanced network communications, has launched Fixed Wireless access in Albany, N.Y., providing enterprise customers with a path to high-bandwidth, reliable telecommunications services. Windstream's Fixed Wireless access services provide companies with Ethernet connectivity via a dedicated, microwave wireless connection. Windstream is the first major provider to bring Fixed Wireless to Albany, and its solution is designed to meet the high-availability requirements of companies that rely on the cloud for their most important software applications.

                                      Windstream's Fixed Wireless access for Albany is another example of how the company is investing in its network.

                                      Windstream Provides Companies Highly Secure, High-Performance Access To The Cloud With New Offering
                                      Windstream's Cloud Connect enables companies to connect to cloud providers and cloud-based applications with a dedicated, highly-secure, reliable solution that bypasses the public internet
                                      Windstream is making it easier for companies to access the cloud and use it as a foundational element of their IT strategy with its new Cloud Connect solution. Cloud Connect gives companies dedicated access to cloud providers and cloud-based applications, and does not rely on the public internet, delivering cloud connectivity that is far more secure and reliable.

                                      'More companies are moving mission-critical applications and business processes to the cloud to take advantage of the flexibility and cost savings that cloud infrastructure can provide, but using the public internet for such applications has a number of downsides: poor performance that affects accessibility, iffy security that puts sensitive data at risk, just to name two,' said David Works, president of Enterprise at Windstream.

                                      Netapp News
                                      LeaseWeb Accelerates Infrastructure Delivery with NetApp Flash
                                      With NetApp systems in place, LeaseWeb helps customers move to the cloud with confidence
                                      'LeaseWeb can offer a level of service that often only large enterprises can afford to deploy. With our current public cloud offering built on NetApp, we can take the extra step that we need to satisfy the customer's needs,' said Robert van der Meulen, cloud manager at LeaseWeb. 'The continuous operation, stability, and great performance that our current infrastructure offers is a winning combination.'

                                      LeaseWeb, one of the world's largest hosting brands, offers a wide variety of cloud hosting solutions, bare metal servers, CDN services, and more. The company operates with the customer at the heart of its operations.

                                      ASE Selects NetApp to Develop New Cloud Management Offerings
                                      One of Australia's most trusted cloud providers develops two new cloud management offerings based on NetApp Private Storage (NPS) and NetApp StorageGRID Webscale
                                      NetApp announced that ASE has leveraged its existing partnership with the vendor to develop two new cloud management offerings based on NetApp Private Storage (NPS) and NetApp StorageGRID Webscale solutions. As one of Australia's top-10 most trusted cloud providers, ASE sought to offer customers new ways to manage their data in a public cloud with a simple and straightforward web portal...
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