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Solaris 8
Dot-Com-Grade Operating Environment
January 10, 2000,
Volume 22, Issue 1

Solaris 8 creates a whole new class of operating environment: the dot-com-grade operating environment. Satisfying the convergent requirements of enterprises adapting to the Internet age and of dot-coms adopting the discipline of the data center, Solaris 8 provides higher service levels at a lower cost and lower risk. Solaris 8 is the only dot-com-grade operating environment available today.

Designed for IT professionals, line-of-business managers, service providers (SPs), and power desktop users, the Solaris Operating environment is intended to safely deliver information to anyone, any time, any place, on anything including PCs, workstations, and other Internet devices.

Solaris delivers what companies require today and anticipates the innovation they will require tomorrow. To make Solaris ubiquitous, unlimited binary licenses for systems of 8 processors or less are free. To spur innovation, Solaris source code can be licensed for free.

Solaris 8 builds on the rich features and stability of previous versions of Solaris, providing enhanced functionality and compatibility without compromise.

New Features

Solaris 8 introduces new features that extend its capabilities and reputation as the scalable, available, manageable, trustworthy, connected and comprehensive platform of choice for the dot-com world -- all while maintaining compatibility with previous releases of Solaris:


  • Solaris Network Cache Accelerator
  • Starfire InterDomain Networking
  • High-performance Java 2 Virtual Machine
  • Enhanced real-time support


  • Faster boot time
  • Previews of new system functionality such as Live Upgrade
  • Hot Patching and Hot Relief
  • Automatic Dynamic Reconfiguration


  • Improved GUI-based system administration tools, including graphical tools for DHCP and printer administration
  • New utilities for system management, performance monitoring and tuning
  • Sun Management Center software for system monitoring (included with media kits for Sun computer systems)
  • Support for Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) standards and technologies


  • Role-Based Access Control for finer control of system privilege access
  • IPsec on IPv4 for network security and authentication
  • Smart Card support via the Open Card Framework (OCF) 1.1 standard


  • IPv6
  • Native LDAP support
  • Kerberos v5
  • Service Location Protocol (SLP)


  • Foundation support for next-generation systems and peripherals

  • Support for new I/O devices, such as USB, IEEE 1394 (Firewire) and removable media such as DVD, Zip and Jaz drives; SCSI hotplug support

  • Popular system utilities such as Perl, Apache and gzip

  • The Solaris Companion Software CD, a convenient distribution of freely-available software

  • New audio driver architecture, supporting simultaneous output of multiple audio streams

  • Additional software CDs supplied by Oracle Corporation, including Oracle 8i and migration tools from other environments

  • iPlanet Advantage Software

  • StarOffice 5.1, a fully featured office productivity software suite including word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing, database, calendar and email applications in one integrated desktop

  • The Solaris 8 Supplement CD for Sun Computer Systems (included with media kits for Sun computer systems)

Many Solaris 8 features have already been previewed in Solaris 7 updates, including:

  • Dynamic Reconfiguration for CPU/memory boards in Sun Enterprise 3x00-6x00 systems

  • Enhanced memory and disk support for 32-bit Intel systems

  • Improved device administration

  • DNS support at system configuration

  • PDA synchronization with the Solaris desktop

  • Panoramic desktop spanning multiple monitors

  • Interoperability tools for viewing and manipulating documents from PC applications

Solaris 8 Media Pack Contents

  • Solaris 8 Installation CD
  • Solaris 8 Operating Environment Software CDs (2)
  • Solaris 8 On-line Documentation CDs
  • Start Here/Installation Instructions for Solaris 8
  • Contents card describing all the CDs in the pack
  • Solaris 8 Release Notes

A bonus software pack, containing:

  • StarOffice 5.1

  • Solaris Software Companion CD, which includes: aalib-1.2, make-3.78.1, autoconf-2.13, mpage-2.5.1, automake-1.4, mpeg_lib-1.3.1, bison-1.28, ncurses-4.2, emacs-20.4, olvwm-4.3, flex-2.5.4a, ppp-, fvwm-2.2.2, rxvt-2.6.1, gcc-2.95.2, samba-2.0.6, gdb-4.18, slang-1.2.2, ghostscript-5.10, slrn-, gimp-1.0.4, texinfo-3.12, glib-1.2.6, tiff-v3.4, gtk+-1.2.6, vim-5.5, jpeg-6b, xemacs-21.1.7, libpng-1.0.3, xpm-3.4k, lxrun-0.9.4pre6, wu-ftpd-2.6.0, m4-1.4

(The packages above are provided for ease of installation, but are not covered by Solaris support contracts)

iPlanet Advantage Software CDs: - Netscape Application Server v. 4.0 SP2 - iPlanet Certificate Management System 4.1 - iPlanet Directory Server 4.11 and Solaris Directory Extensions 1.0 - iPlanet Web Server, Enterprise Edition 4.0 SP3 - iPlanet SunScreen EFS 3.0.1 - iPlanet Webtop 2.0.1 Rev.B

(A license for 200,000 entries in iPlanet Directory Server 4.11 and a license for the Solaris Directory Extensions 1.0 product are included with Solaris 8 Operating Environment. Together these provide a very competitive LDAP directory server with legacy directory server access. This LDAP directory server can be used extensively to store names and attributes to aid in systems and network administration. Customers can also include up to 200,000 entries using their own applications programs and other naming services. For an additional fee, customers can add extra entries to the iPlanet Directory Server.

(All other packages on the iPlanet CDs are licensed for evaluation and development, not deployment.)

Software supplied by Oracle for SPARC:

- Full Oracle 8i enterprise Edition database - Migration Workbench to migrate data from MS-SQL on NT to Oracle 8i on Solaris. (2 CDs)

Software supplied by Oracle for INTEL:

- Full Oracle 8I enterprise Edition database. (1 CD)

(The above Oracle software is licensed for evaluation and development, not deployment)

The Solaris 8 Media Kit for Sun computer systems contains all of the above plus the following additions:

  • Solaris 8 Installation Library documentation
  • The Solaris 8 Supplemental Software CD for Sun Computer Systems
  • Solaris Flash PROM Update Multimedia AnswerBook CD
  • Sun Management Center 2.1 update 1
  • Solaris 8 Sun Hardware Platform Guide
  • Solaris 8 Release Notes Supplement for Sun Hardware
  • Sun WorkShop 5.0 Evaluation CD

The Computer Systems CD includes: - Sun Enterprise Server Alternate Pathing 2.3 - Sun Enterprise 10000 System Service Processor 3.2 - Capacity on Demand 1.0 - PC file viewer 1.0.1 - PC launcher 1.0.1 - Remote System Control 1.0 - ShowMe TV 1.3 - SunForum 3.0 - Java 3D 1.1.2 - Sun OpenGL for Solaris 1.2 - Solaris on Sun Hardware AnswerBook - SunATM 5.0 - SunFDDI S 7.0/P 3.0 - Sun GigabitEthernet 3.0 - SunHSI/S S 3.0 - SunHSI/P 3.0 - SunVTS 4.0

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