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Netra st A1000/D1000 (18GB) Price Cut 10%
Redundant DC or AC Power, Redundant Fans
February 1, 2000,
Volume 22, Issue 1

The price of the Netra st A1000/D1000, with 18GB disks has been cut 10%.

Netra st A1000/D1000 is the carrier-grade disk array from Sun Microsystems. Now with 18GB, 10Krpm disk drives, the array supports from 36GB to 216GB.

The arrays are designed for service providers and telecom applications with its 4U (7") high, 19"-rack-mount ready chassis. The A1000 includes a hardware RAID controller, whereas the D1000 supports one or two independent UltraSCSI channels in JBOD mode.

Carrier-grade features include NEBS certification for operations in severe environmental conditions, including earthquake, high ambient temperature, humidity, dust, and corrosive gas. With its metal enclosure and UL flame rated material, the Netra st A1000/D1000 is designed to minimize fire hazards, electromagnetic emissions, and electrical discharge. The Netra st A1000/D1000 come with redundant DC or AC power, redundant fans, and LED indicators for each field replaceable units (FRU). Sensors and status are available for power level, chasis temperature, fan speed, and drive status.

With its redundant hot-swap DC or AC power options, the Netra st A1000/D1000 may be deployed in all types of power environment in the Telco or ISPs. With the optional angled-SCSI cables, the Netra st A1000/D1000 can be mounted in a 24" deep rack.

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