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Sun, Oracle, and PricewaterhouseCoopers Team
For Digital Content Management, e-Business Planning and Integration
January 25, 2000,
Volume 22, Issue 1

Sun, Oracle, and PricewaterhouseCoopers announced a joint marketing agreement to support entertainment and media companies as they move into the digital age. The arrangement will bring together the three companies' expertise in business planning, implementation and integration to help content companies better compete in the fast-paced world of e-business.

Combined, the three companies can quickly convert the strategies, systems and processes of customer companies, thereby helping them to leverage their content across multiple publishing and distribution channels. The joint agreement gives customers one expert source for assistance in addressing challenges such as integrating digital libraries in multiple formats and readying existing supply systems for e-commerce. Future plans of the cooperation include expanding into other industries that require similar technology.

The entertainment and media sectors are under tremendous competitive pressure to manage more efficiently content in all forms, accommodate the rapid expansion of broadband into the home, and deliver any content, anywhere, anytime on a multitude of devices. The cooperation among the companies is targeted at meeting content developers' critical requirements: effective archiving and retrieval of content, support for e-business applications, improved royalties and intellectual property rights management and digital conversion to decrease production and distribution costs. Working together, the three companies aim to deliver scalable and reliable solutions that will accommodate the increasing number of distribution methods and content platforms.

The agreement is based on an open, flexible business model. Best-in-class application providers on the Sun, Java, and Oracle. platforms will play a critical role in the implementation of total business solutions to meet the requirements of global entertainment and media companies. Integration of packaged applications based on standards is a key component of a cost-effective implementation.

Banta Integrated Media, An Early Success

PricewaterhouseCoopers, Sun, and Oracle are already highlighting success with Banta Corporation, a leading provider of graphic arts software and related services. "Many of our publishing and direct marketing clients have been demanding our assistance in managing their digital content," said Preston Walklet, President, Banta Digital Group.

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