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Multithreaded Programming with Java
Powerful techniques, example code for improving Java apps with multithreading
January 30, 2000,
Volume 22, Issue 1

  • by Bil Lewis and Daniel J. Berg
  • First edition
  • 480 pages
  • ISBN 0-13-0107007-0

Multithreading gives developers using the Java 2 platform a powerful tool for dramatically improving the responsiveness and performance of their programs on any platform, even those without inherent mutithreading support. Multithreaded Programming with Java Technology is the first complete guide to multithreaded development with the Java 2 platform. Multithreading experts Bil Lewis and Daniel J. Berg cover the underlying structures upon which threads can be built; thread construction; and thread lifecycles, including birth, life, death, and cancellation. Next, using extensive code examples, they cover everything developers need to know to make the most of multithreading, including:

  • Thread scheduling models and synchronization--with solutions for complex, real-world synchronization problems

  • Multithreaded program design for networked and Internet applications

  • Thread-specific data: use and implementation

  • Leveraging OS libraries to make Java technology-based multithreading more effective

  • Optimizing thread performance and designing for SMP hardware

About the Authors

BIL LEWIS is a consultant who has taught multithreading to more than 3000 programmers. He has held a variety of engineering and marketing positionjs at Sun Microsystems.

DANIEL J. BERG is a Tactical Engineer for Sun Microsystems Reseller Area, specializing in multithread applications, object and distributed technologies and Java Technology.

Lewis and Berg co-authored Multithreaded Programming with PThreads (Sun Microsystems Press/Prentice Hall PTR)

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