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Oracle News
Oracle Bolsters Computer Science Education in America
Part of $3.3 Billion Annual Investment to Advance Computer Science Education and Increase Diversity in Technology Fields Globally
In conjunction with The White House Science Fair 2016, Oracle and The White House today announced Oracle's plan to invest $200 million in direct and in-kind support for computer science (CS) education in the United States over the next 18 months. Oracle's pledge supports the Administration's Computer Science for All initiative and is part of the company's greater annual worldwide investment of $3.3 billion to empower CS educators and engage diverse student populations globally.
Tucson Electric Power Reduces Average Call Handling Time with Upgraded Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing System
Oracle, Cognizant, and Origin Consulting help Tucson Electric Power deliver improved customer service and streamline operations
Utilities are faced with a rapidly changing industry and increasing expectations from their customers. Adapting to these factors requires a mature, flexible, and highly-scalable customer information system, designed to improve customer service and enhance financial performance. Oracle today announced that Tucson Electric Power (TEP) - which delivers safe, reliable power to more than 414,000 customers in the Tucson metropolitan area - upgraded its customer information system in its commitment to provide superior customer service.
Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative Empowers Members and Drives Satisfaction with Modern Customer Experience
Oracle Utilities helps cooperative revolutionize its contact center operations with online self-service options
Providing unmatched customer service means going beyond offering a 24/7 contact center. In a recent Oracle study, 63 percent of utilities respondents noted that they do not offer intuitive online user experiences, yet 87 percent said they recognized a trend toward customers wanting a more individualized experience. With a keen sense of this purview, Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO) - providing power to more than 160,000 customers - integrated a customer self-service application from Oracle into its existing customer information system to help satisfy this consumer-centric trend and count itself among those offering a comprehensive user experience.
Oracle Delivers Complete Cloud Solution to Help Pharma Companies Improve Drug Safety
Oracle Industry Connect - Orlando, Florida
Pharmaceutical organizations today face increasing safety requirements when bringing drugs to market and once they're on the shelf, including properly managing limitless amounts of safety data and accurate, timely reporting.

To help medicinal product manufacturers, trial sponsors, contract research organizations (CROs), and health authorities make faster, more informed safety decisions, optimize global compliance, and manage risk holistically across the entire product lifecycle, Oracle Health Sciences has introduced a cloud version of Oracle Health Sciences Safety Suite 8.0.

Utilities Maximize Project Visibility and Governance and Boost On-Time/On-Budget Capital Initiatives with Oracle's Primavera
Alliant Energy, Ameren, Kansas City Power & Light, and South East Water Corporation successfully select, plan, and execute water and power projects with Oracle's Primavera enterprise project portfolio management solutions on-premises and in the cloud
Utilities today are looking for enterprise project portfolio management (EPPM) solutions that provide one comprehensive view of their portfolio at any given moment, connect all internal and external stakeholders, and enable them to plan ahead - and in a way that is tailored to the utility industry. Because it delivers on these requirements, and is helping organizations transition to the cloud, utilities around the world continue to select and deploy Oracle's Primavera solutions.
Bellevue University, Kentucky State University, San Bernardino Community College District, and Vanderbilt University Move to Oracle Cloud
to Drive Institutional Excellence, Enhance the Student Experience, and Support Student Success
Oracle exhibits continued momentum in the higher education market. Bellevue University, Kentucky State University, San Bernardino Community College District, and Vanderbilt University selected Oracle Cloud to help ensure operational excellence and student success by transforming the way these institutions conduct business and serve their constituents - from faculty and staff to students.
General Motors' IT Transformation: Building Downturn-Resistant Profitability
Forbes, April 14th, 2016
Rob Preston writes in Forbes, "Plenty of companies crow about their IT 'transformations,' but none of them compares in size and scope to the one General Motors initiated almost four years ago. CIO Randy Mott and team started by overhauling the giant automaker's entire approach to IT, including hiring more than 10,000 US IT pros to replace outsourcing contractors. Now they're helping GM do things like calculate the profitability of each individual vehicle it sells, in order to make sure the company stays profitable and delights customers well beyond today's boom market..."
Trip Report: IoT Tech Day 2016
By Geertjan
Geertjan blogs, "I attended IoT Tech Day 2016 in Utrecht. I don't normally go to hardware conferences, though nowadays everything is "IoT", just like everything is "Cloud", so it seemed a good place to be today.

The turnout was great, I heard the number 1300 at some point, though I don't know for sure. Seemed to be heaps of people though in the keynotes, which were in a great round room setting, with the speaker in the middle:.."

Is an approximate answer just plain wrong?
By Keith Laker
Keith Laker writes, "We are starting to see a significant change in the way we analyze data as a result of the growth of interest in big data and the newer concept of Internet of Things. Ever since databases were first created everyone has been obsessed, quite rightly so, with ensuring queries returned the correct answer - i.e. precise, accurate answers. This key requirement is derived from the need to run operational, transactional applications..."
Announcing MySQL Enterprise Transparent Data Encryption
By Mike Frank, MySQL Product Management Director at Oracle
Mike Frank, writes, "We're very happy to announce release of MySQL Enterprise Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), included with MySQL Enterprise Edition.

MySQL Enterprise Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) protects your critical data by enabling data-at-rest encryption in the database. It protects the privacy of your information, prevents data breaches and helps meet regulatory requirements including the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and numerous others.

MySQL Enterprise TDE highlights:..."

MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.2 Is Now Available!
By Matt Lord
Matt blogs, "We're very happy to announce the general availability of the next release of MySQL Enterprise Monitor, version 3.2 (see the full changelog here). This is the best in class tool for monitoring and management of your MySQL assets, included with your MySQL Enterprise Edition subscription..."
Cloud Computing
Irresistible Forces Drive Legacy IT to the Cloud
By: Rob Preston
Rob Preston writes, "Enterprise migration to the cloud is a not-so-classic case of several irresistible forces meeting a movable object, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd told attendees at the company's Oracle Industry Connect conference in Orlando on April 12.

The movable object? Legacy IT applications and infrastructure, much of the stuff more than 20 years old. And the forces that will pressure CEOs into finally replacing those systems in favor of less expensive, modern, but secure cloud services? Paltry revenue growth, demographic shifts, and business model disruption..."

Larry Ellison on the Virtuous Circle of Cloud Innovation
By: Chris Murphy
Chris Murphy writes, "Cloud applications create a high-velocity, virtuous circle, according to Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison."

'It's the combination of us having a much higher frequency of new releases, adding features to HCM in the cloud, ERP in the cloud, and you've been adopting at a much higher rate,' Ellison said during a recent conversation with Oracle customers attending Modern Finance Experience and Oracle HCM World in Chicago. 'It used to be it would take us two, two-and-a-half years to get an on-prem release out, and you might not adopt it for another two or three years. So it was a five-year wait between when we decided to put this feature out and when you actually adopt it and use it.'

Latest Spacewalk Release Now Available
By Avi Miller
Avi blogs, "Spacewalk 2.4 is now available for both Oracle Linux 6 and Oracle Linux 7.

Along with support of Oracle Linux 7 as a platform for both Spacewalk Server and Spacewalk Proxy, this new release includes enhancements to the web-based user interface and to several command-line utilities.

Note that the Monitoring component of Spacewalk (that was deprecated in Spacewalk 2.2) has been removed from Spacewalk 2.4."

vBeers @ Boca - Biergarten Boca
Wednesday, April 20th: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Come out and connect with other professionals in your industry! vBeers is a great event meant to promote growth of the IT industry here in South Florida.

Register today so you can be a part of this great monthly event! Feel free to invite all of your friends and co workers who work in the IT industry!

Biergarten Boca


Sponsorships for the vBeers events are through the South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA).

John Mclaughlin, SFTA

Oracle OpenWorld 2016: Call for Proposals Is Now Open
By Juergen Kress
Juergen blogs, "The Oracle OpenWorld 2016 Call for Proposals is now open. Attendees at the conference are eager to hear from experts on Oracle business and technology. They're looking for insights and improvements they can put to use in their own jobs: exciting innovations, strategies to modernize their business, different or easier ways to implement, unique use cases, lessons learned, the best of best practices..."
SHA Digest Encryption: SPARC T7-2 Beats x86 E5 v4
BestPerf Blog
Brian writes in the BestPerf log, "Oracle's cryptography benchmark measures security performance on important Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) functions. Oracle's SPARC M7 processor with its security software in silicon is faster than current and recent x86 servers. In this test, the performance of on-processor digest operations is measured for three sizes of plaintext inputs (64, 1024 and 8192 bytes) using three SHA2 digests (SHA512, SHA384, SHA256) and the older, weaker SHA1 digest. Multiple parallel threads are used to measure each processor's maximum throughput. Oracle's SPARC T7-2 server shows dramatically faster digest computation compared to current x86 two processor servers..."
AES Encryption: SPARC T7-2 Beats x86 E5 v4
BestPerf Blog
"Oracle's cryptography benchmark measures security performance on important AES security modes. Oracle's SPARC M7 processor with its software in silicon security is faster than x86 servers that have the AES-NI instructions. In this test, the performance of on-processor encryption operations is measured (32 KB encryptions). Multiple threads are used to measure each processor's maximum throughput. Oracle's SPARC T7-2 server shows dramatically faster encryption compared to current x86 two processor servers..."
Lenovo Publishes Oracle Validated Configuration - Beyond Just Hardware Certifications
Oracle Validated Configuration - Beyond Just Hardware Certifications
Zeynep Koch blogs, "Check out the newly announced Oracle Validated Configuration with the Lenovo x3950 X6 servers and a new Lenovo Press guide titled Oracle and Lenovo X6 Validated Configuration Guide. These Oracle Validated Configurations are just some of the configurations that have been defined, tested and validated by Lenovo and Oracle.

A previous blog Powering Diverse Oracle Workloads spoke about Lenovo servers listed on the Oracle Hardware Certification Lists (HCL) that are qualified to run Oracle Linux and Oracle VM. Several Lenovo servers are Oracle HCL certified..."

New Big Data Appliance BDA X6-2
By Mike.Hallett
Mike Hallett blogs, "The Big Data Appliance X6-2 is designed to meet the demands of evolving big data workloads which are less batch-oriented and increasingly near-real-time; delivering more value at the same price as prior models.

In-memory workloads are largely driven by the emergence of Spark as a processing engine and innovative new applications and discovery tools like Oracle Big Data Discovery. With 20% more cores and twice the memory, BDA X6-2 is optimized to meet the rigorous demands of the new processing frameworks..."

Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
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We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

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  • 12 Memes of Open Source Software
  • Oracle VM 3.4 Dom0 Enhancements
  • What's Really Driving The Cloud
  • LibreOffice 5.1.2 Available for Download
  • Don't Move To The Cloud Just To Improve Your Cost Structure
  • Reduce Backup and Archive Costs Without Increasing Your Footprint
  • Oracle Launches Startup Incubator in Bengaluru
  • MySQL Data at Rest Encryption
  • Centralized Administration and Auditing of Oracle WebLogic Server

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    Overcoming Challenges on Mobile Apps vs Mobile Web
    By Maren Williams-
    Maren Williams writes, "With mobile predicted to account for 72% of US Digital Ad Spend by 2019 according to eMarketer, there's no doubt that mobile is the king of devices. But being king isn't easy - there are many challenges that come with marketing on mobile.

    Bridging the gap between mobile app and mobile web is as difficult as running two different kingdoms - the lack of communication and standardization poses a number of challenges. Yet, for advertisers, unifying the cross-screen experience for users is important..."

      Building a demo Oracle VM environment using VirtualBox
      By Simon Coter
      Simon Coter writes, "Learning a new software stack or test a new release is challenging enough without having to spend multiple cycles on the install process and, between many of possible use cases, Oracle VM VirtualBox can be used to create demo environments where to test or verify Enterprise products.

      On Oracle Technology Network website you can find a list of Appliances, deployed and pre-built by Oracle Experts at no cost, ready to deploy more solutions on top of Oracle VM VirtualBox. Due to the high interest, one of the most downloaded appliance is Oracle VM Server & Manager..."

      Java Technology
      2016 JavaOne Call for Papers Open
      By Yolande Poirier
      Yolande blogs, "Join the premier Java conference in San Francisco as a speaker. This year JavaOne will take place from September 18th to 22nd, 2016. Speakers on accepted submissions will receive a complimentary pass with access to all conference sessions. Submit a proposal today in one of the conference tracks: ..."
      Java Magazine March/April Issue
      By Yolande Poirier
      Yolande blogs, "Welcome to the March/April issue of Java Magazine in which we dig into the inner workings of Java and the JVM. This issue is pure nerd-stim: bits and bytes have never been as much fun as exploring how the JVM manages garbage collectors and code caches. All good developers are mindful of how their code executes, but due to constant advances in the language and the JVM, knowing what's going on behind the scenes is not always easy..."
      Richard Clarke On Government's Role In Shielding The Private Sector Against Cyberthreats
      Forbes, April 15th, 2016
      John Soat writes in Forbes, "What role should the federal government play in digitally securing US-based private corporations? Don't look to the current US presidential candidates for answers. 'One thing we haven't heard from 'them' is anything about cybersecurity,' said Richard Clarke, security consultant and former security advisor to several presidents, at the Oracle Industry Connect conference in Orlando on April 13..."
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