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Oracle News
New Oracle HCM Cloud Solutions to Help Further Drive HR Transformation
Oracle, April 5th, 2016
Oracle announced new additions to its Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud portfolio that help organizations drive HR transformation. Designed to enable HR departments to embrace modern best practices, the new offerings include a comprehensive self-service solution that helps HR and employees streamline issue resolution, a new work-life application that helps employees identify volunteer services in which to participate and updated corporate learning solutions that help support the demands of the digital workforce...
Businesses See Big Benefits to Offering Individualized Customer and Employee Experiences
But Struggle to Deliver, Says New Study
Oracle announced the findings of its report 'The Era I Enterprise: Ready for Anything' - which surveyed 300 C-level executives across 10 industries to understand how prepared organizations are to address the fact that consumers increasingly expect, and even demand, to have it their way-whether transacting, communicating, working, or simply enjoying leisure time.

The new report revealed that most organizations are dealing with this shift - 84 percent of respondents say their organization has experienced a trend toward customers wanting a more individualized experience and 70 percent have experienced this trend from employees-but fewer than 20 percent give their organization an 'A' in its ability to offer those experiences.

What Everyone Gets Wrong about Digital Disruption
By Paul Sonderegger
Paul blogs, "Being digital doesn't make a billion-dollar startup. Being a platform does. But not the way you think.

Mary Meeker, venture capitalist superstar, in her 2015 Internet Trends presentation, listed the top global publicly-traded internet companies by market value. At first glance, the list looks diverse. There's a consumer electronics company (Apple), a search engine (Google), two ecommerce companies (Alibaba and Amazon, at #3 and #5, respectively), and a social media network (Facebook, #4)..."

Facebook's AI Technology Describes Photos To Visually Impaired Users
Information Week, April 5th, 2016
"Visually impaired Facebook users will now find it easier to catch up with their friends' and family's photos with automatic alternative text for iOS. The new feature is based on the social network's AI technology.

Facebook is reaching out to the more than 280 million visually impaired people on the planet with a new technology called automatic alternative text, which promises to help the blind community experience the social network in the same way others enjoy it..."

How AI Really Makes History: Beyond Hype
insideBIGDATA, April 7h, 2016
"Significant advances in computing technology can yield less significant, yet still more successful and practical applications for businesses. And yet, it's easy to become enamored with technology for technology's sake. Successfully applied artificial intelligence requires taking small steps to learn and adapt..."
    Nvidia Goes All In On AI
    ZDNet, April 6h, 2016
    "The idea of using GPUs for more than just fun and games is nothing new. It started with niche high-performance computing applications such as seismic data processing for oil and gas, fluid dynamics simulations and options pricing. But now Nvidia thinks it has found its killer app in the form of deep learning..."
    Salesforce Investing In AI, Deep Learning
    Information Week, April 6h, 2016
    "Salesforce's recent acquisitions of AI startups including MetaMind will enable it to keep pace with the functions that consumer-focused companies such as Facebook and Google have offered.

    Salesforce has quietly been amassing talent in the artificial intelligence domain, most recently with the acquisition of MetaMind this week, a company working on deep learning for automated image recognition..."

    Why AI is Well-Suited for Business Communications
    Business 2 Community, April 6h, 2016
    "Business communications have traditionally been person to person - someone answers the phone, sends an email, etc. But in recent years, business communications have started incorporating automation in their IVRs, live chats and call routing. In fact, 53.6% of contact centers today use IVRs.

    However, some businesses have moved beyond using automation in their business communications - they're using artificial intelligence..."

      Oracle VM 3.4 Dom0 Enhancements
      By John Priest
      John blogs, "This is another blog in the series to give the Oracle VM community some additional information on the 3.4 release that we announced on March 24. This week, we are going to share a little more information on the Dom0 kernel enhancements that were delivered with this updated version of Oracle VM..."
      Java Technology
      JavaOne Registration Now Open
      By Juliana Souza
      Juliana blogs, "The waiting is over! JavaOne Brazil will take place on June 28-30 in São Paulo at the Transamerica Expo Center, and now you can sign up for the largest Java event in Latin America.

      The full conference pass gives you the most access. With the pass, you have access to all the keynote speakers and exhibition halls, 220 JavaOne sessions at both JavaOne and Oracle OpenWorld..."

      IT - Technology
      Eye Tracking Technology Is Here, and It's About to Present a Whole New Vision for Industry
      Information Age, April 5th, 2016
      "For decades the keyboard and the mouse have been our traditional tools for operating computers. With the arrival of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, new techniques, such as touchscreens and speech recognition, were required to communicate efficiently and intuitively with these mini-computers which have neither a keyboard nor a mouse..."
        Move over Raspberry Pi, Here is a $20, Coin-Sized, Open-Source Linux Computer
        Information Age, April 5th, 2016
        "Looking for a small, cheap Linux-powered computer to put at the heart of your project? Take a look at the VoCore. This is a small, low-cost, totally open-source (both the hardware and software) computer that's ideal for projects such as IoT or building your own custom router.

        Don't think that for $20 you're getting a poor-quality bit of kit. You're not. The VoCore features a 360MHz MIPS CPU, 32MB of RAM, 8MB of flash memory, and comes ready equipped with header pins for sound, USB 2.0, Ethernet, and even Wi-Fi..."

        What Do I Need For 4K?
        CNET, April 8th, 2016
        "What do you need to get 4K in your home? I'll give you a hint: it's more than just a TV.

        While the 4K-compatible TV is the most obvious part -- and prices on those TVs have never been lower -- there's also content, external devices, cables, and more to consider.

        So here, in five easy steps, is what you need to get 4K in your home and to your eyeballs..."

          Free and Open Source S/W
          12 Memes of Open Source Software
, April 6h, 2016
          "What does open source software mean? When you are explaining it to someone else, how do you convey the value and essence of open source without reinventing it? There have been many hard won lessons in open source since the phrase was first coined in 1997, and we should not forget those lessons.

          To help with that, I've collected 12 memes that are meaningful to me to help share the history, set the stage, and provide context for what open source software is and what it means to the software industry at large..."

          IT - Bitcoin
          Why Bitcoin is Better for Crime Fighters Than Criminals
          CoinDesk, April 4th, 2016
          Jason Weinstein is a partner at Steptoe & Johnson LLP and a former deputy assistant attorney general in the Department of Justice in charge of cybercrime and organized crime. He is the Director of the Blockchain Alliance and a member of the advisory boards of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, Coin Center and BitFury

          In this opinion piece, Weinstein discusses why he believes the misconception that bitcoin is "anonymous" has hidden the fact that the technology actually better meets the needs of law enforcement...

          Coinbase Co-Founder Fred Ehrsam on Two Key Roadblocks to Bitcoin's Mainstream Moment
          Bitcoin Magazine, April 4th, 2016
          "Coinbase co-founder Fred Ehrsam recently appeared on the 1776 Podcast, where he was asked about the adoption of Bitcoin in the United States and international markets. While there has been a lot of noise related to merchant acceptance and use cases in developing countries, the reality is there still aren't as many people using Bitcoin today as some expected..."
          Panama Papers Scandal Shows How Bitcoin Could Stop Corruption
, April 4th, 2016
          "A global scandal has erupted with the release of the Panama Papers implicating world leaders, billionaires, dictators, drug kingpins, famous athletes, and even movie stars. Meanwhile, Bitcoin could be a solution to the wide-scale corruption by providing privacy for the masses and transparency for the mega-rich..."
          OpenBazaar Released: Decentralized Bitcoin Marketplace Now Live and Ready for Business
          Bitcoin Magazine, April 4th, 2016
          "Almost two years ago, a group of Bitcoin developers, including Amir Taaki, developed an early prototype of a decentralized marketplace during the Toronto Bitcoin Expo Hackathon. The team behind the project, which also included developers from Airbitz, won the hackathon for their work on DarkMarket, but they had no intention of working on the concept once the expo was over..."
          Venture Capitalists Inject Nearly Half a Billion in Bitcoin throughout 2015
          NEWSBTC, April 4th, 2016
          "The year 2015 has been a particularly good one for Bitcoin startups all over the world, as a lot of money was raised over the course of 12 months. A recent report by Consultancy in the Netherlands shows how FinTech, in general, has been booming last year, with close to US$19 bn invested in total. What is of particular interest is the US$474m venture capitalists put into Bitcoin and blockchain startups..."
          Top 10 Biggest Bitcoin Villains to Date
, April 5th, 2016
          "As the world's first ever, truly-global, decentralized, peer-to-peer currency, Bitcoin has certainly had its share of ups and downs. Some of Bitcoin's most memorable moments have involved individuals who have used or smeared the technology for their own personal interest at the expense of the community at large. But while these individuals could certainly be called 'villains' by many, it is also important to keep in mind that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technology as a whole does not care: there's no central control, no CEO, it is apolitical, interest-agnostic, and, at the end of the day, just a convenient protocol to transfer value online..."
          Beyond Digital Study: A Fifth of UK Businesses to Trade in Digital Currencies by 2020
          Bitcoin Magazine, April 8th, 2016
          "Since its introduction in 2009, Bitcoin has grown exponentially. Now, however, it seems as though its rise in popularity is due to continue in the the United Kingdom after a new report found that a fifth of U.K. employees believe that their organizations will be accepting Bitcoin and similar digital currencies as payment by 2020.

          The study, Beyond Digital, by Infomentum looked at the feedback from 1,000 office workers examining how they believe office technology is set to evolve over the next few years..."

          Make no Mistake, Bitcoin and Blockchain Will Disrupt Financial Technology in a Big Way
          memburn, April 8th, 2016
          "Bitcoin and Blockchain technology has surged forward as the potential for the next biggest disrupter in the finance industry. Last year Wall Street showed just how serious it was about using their tech when larger financial institutions like Citi, Nasdaq, Visa and others invested in, a Bitcoin Blockchain services provider.

          Bitcoin started off as a digital currency, it was a convenient way to transfer money without a 'middleman'. However the tech that forms the foundation of Bitcoin, Blockchain, emerged to be the real disrupter..."

          Why OpenBazaar is Not Your Average Bitcoin Marketplace
          NEWSBTC, April 5th, 2016
          "OpenBazaar is one of those projects Bitcoin and blockchain enthusiasts have been looking forward to for quite a long time. Although the software was available in beta form for general testing as well, the marketplace solution is not officially released to the public. This decentralized peer-to-peer trade network has a lot of potential to shake up the world as we know it, as it cuts out any middleman, and there are no fees..."
          How Inflation Is Stealing Your Money: Can Cryptocurrency Solve Inflation on a Global Scale?
          Bitcoin Magazine, April 7h, 2016
          "Inflation is one of those read-the-small-print kind of taxes that people don't often think about even though it can have a major impact on their finances and, thereby, on their lives.

          Rising long-term inflation is more insidious than you might think because it can steadily and most assuredly decrease the value of your earnings/savings - especially, if your taxes aren't indexed to compensate you for the cost of inflation. Inflation has always been the bane of many businesses and individuals alike. .."

            Money Laundering Is Facilitated By Banks Rather Than Bitcoin
            NEWSBTC, April 7h, 2016
            "Many people often tout Bitcoin as a perfect tool to launder money and sluice funds to offshore bank accounts. But if there's one thing the Panama Papers leak has taught the world, it is that people won't go through all of that trouble when the traditional financial ecosystem offers a far more convenient solution to perform money laundering on a global scale..."
            IT - FOSS
            Open Source Replacements for Expensive Applications
            Datamation, April 4th, 2016
            "In recent years, cloud computing has transformed the ways that people purchase software, but it hasn't necessarily made it more affordable.

            Today, many applications are available on a software as a service (SaaS) basis and require a monthly fee. Over time, these fees add up, and in many cases, software companies earn more from these subscriptions than they did from boxed or downloadable software. In fact, IDC estimates that by 2018, just the enterprise portion of the SaaS market will generate $22.6 billion in annual revenue..."

            Top 25 free apps for Windows 10 (Slideshow)
            InfoWorld, April 4th, 2016
            "Windows 10 represents a bifurcation of sorts in the free Windows tool ecosystem. Thanks to 'Universal Windows Programs,' recommending an essential toolkit of free Windows apps isn't so universal anymore. Folks opting to stick with Windows 7 and 8.1 will have their own set of must-have free tools, and those who embrace Windows 10 -- which presents its own priorities, advantages, and quirks -- will have another..."
            LibreOffice 5.1.2 Available for Download
            LibreOffice, April 7h, 2016
            "The Document Foundation (TDF) announces LibreOffice 5.1.2, the second minor release of the LibreOffice 5.1 family.

            LibreOffice 5.1.2 is targeted at technology enthusiasts, early adopters and power users. For more conservative users, and for enterprise deployments, TDF suggests the 'still' version: LibreOffice 5.0.5. For enterprise deployments, The Document Foundation suggests the backing of professional support by certified people..."

            IT - DevOps
            DevOps and ITaaS: Two Sides of the Same Coin
  , April 6h, 2016
            "It seems IT practitioners haven't realized yet the scale of digital disruption. Mired in the old IT thinking, they firmly believe that sophisticated tools are all businesses need to survive the ongoing digital disruption waves. Most of them warn, 'Digital transformation is changing the way we do business, the way we deliver IT services must change, businesses need to adapt the way they work.' The problem is, there's nothing new in what they offer to help businesses work the 'right' way..."
              DevOps: The Good, The Bad and The Inevitable
              Information Age, April 7h, 2016
              "DevOps allows organisations to unite software development and operations teams, do away with organisational silos, and encourage teams to work towards a shared objective.

              As a result, many that take the plunge are seemingly reaping the rewards and leaping ahead of competitors in almost every relevant metric, thanks to its ability to speed up software delivery times, produce greater stability and reliability for customers, and free up valuable business time..."

              IT Operations Pros Contend with DevOps Culture
              SearchDataCenter, April 4th, 2016
              "Plenty of tools exist to ease the technical challenges of DevOps, but you can't abstract away or automate cultural requirements like teamwork and trust.

              It's said that DevOps is 90% culture and 10% tooling -- that is, if you can agree on what DevOps means in the first place..."

              DevOps and Continuous Delivery: Not the Same
    , April 8th, 2016
              "We live in an era of apps. More and more of our personal, social and work life is governed by apps - communicating with one another through social apps, booking cinema tickets through your mobile device or scheduling a business trip through the airline app. This digitization of services has arrived. Organizations that understand this sea change have a unique opportunity to jump ahead of their competitors, acquire customers more quickly and grow revenues..."
                Puppet, Like DevOps, Continues to Mature
      , April 8th, 2016
                "Over the course of the last several years we have seen the DevOps movement continue to mature and evolve. It has moved beyond the early adopter, visionary stage into the mainstream of the market. Therefore, it should be no surprise that some of the leading solutions in the DevOps space should likewise mature and evolve as well. Yesterday Puppet (formerly Puppet Labs) made several announcements as part of a broader message that they are ready, willing and able to continue to be a leader in this space for years to come.

                There are several parts of the Puppet announcement yesterday, lets have a look at each of them:.."

                Register for the MySQL Innovation Day on April 25
                by Oracle MySQL Group
                MySQL Innovation Day is taking place on April 25 at Oracle Conference Center in the San Francisco Bay Area.

                Attend the event to gain technical innovation and insight into MySQL. Get a snapshot of the latest MySQL development in the keynote, and then hear the new and exciting MySQL features that enable you to innovate in the next-generation applications during digital transformation.

                • Hear the latest and greatest of MySQL directly from leading MySQL engineers at Oracle.
                • Meet with your fellow MySQL professionals and learn from their real-world experiences.
                • Enhance your MySQL knowledge and sharpen your skills.

                Location: Oracle Conference Center

                MySQL Data at Rest Encryption
                By Alexander Rubin
                Alexander blogs, "This blog post will discuss the issues and solutions for MySQL Data at Rest encryption.

                Data at Rest Encryption is not only a good-to-have feature, but it is also a requirement for HIPAA, PCI and other regulations.

                There are three major ways to solve data encryption at rest:

                • Full-disk encryption
                • Database-level (table) encryption
                • Application-level encryption, where data is encrypted before being inserted into the database

                I consider full disk encryption to be the weakest method, as it only protects from someone physically removing the disks from the server..."

                Cloud Computing
                What's Really Driving The Cloud
                By Chuck Hollis
                Chuck writes in Forbes, "Mark Hurd, Oracle's CEO, makes the point that digital disruption can make business leaders - or break them. He presents ample evidence that digital disruption is in full swing in virtually every industry sector around the globe.

                Further evidence comes from research firm Russell Reynolds Associates, whose recent survey shows that a surprising number of executives expect significant digital disruption in their industry within the next 12 months - an alarmingly short timeframe..."

                Don't Move To The Cloud Just To Improve Your Cost Structure
                Forbes, April 4th, 2016
                Tim writes, "A lot has been rightly made of the cost-savings benefits of cloud computing. But if that's why you're considering moving your applications, hardware, development tools - or any combination thereof - into the cloud, you're going to be in for a surprise.

                Here's the thing: Cloud computing saves organizations a lot of money by allowing them to shift the cost of maintaining hardware, databases, and applications to the tech provider experts. It also forces companies to stop customizing software to suit outdated, idiosyncratic business processes, and at the same time it reduces the cost of supporting that software - an activity that often costs more than the original software itself did..."

                Oracle Cloud Machine: Oracle Cloud At Your Datacenter
                By Edgar Haren
                Edgar blogs, "Over the last few years there has been a flood of marketing around the explosion of data, and the resulting growth of cloud based services. In fact, industry analyst Gartner indicates that the worldwide public cloud services market will reach $204 Billion in 2016. However, there are sub-segments of the market that have been under served by cloud services, and many workloads that are primed for migration to the cloud remain on-premise..."
                IT - Cloud
                How to Accelerate Cloud Adoption in the Most Cost-Effective and Secure Manner
                Virtual-Strategy Magazine, April 4th, 2016
                "Organizations from all industries - even the highly regulated ones - have been adopting cloud-based apps and services at a brisk pace, taking advantage of the productivity, sharing and cost benefits that the cloud offers. But this rapidly growing interest has created challenges for IT departments, who are scrambling to keep up with the onboarding process...."
                  The 5 phases of Overcoming Hybrid Cloud Data Integration
                  Information Age, April 4th, 2016
                  "Industry experts estimate that data volumes are doubling in size every two years. Managing all of this is a challenge for any enterprise, but it's not just the volume of data as much as the variety of data that presents a problems. With SaaS and on-premises applications, machine data, and mobile apps all proliferating, we are seeing the rise of an increasingly complicated value-chain ecosystem..."
                  Cloud Computing Reaches Co-opetition Stage
                  ZDNet, April 3rd, 2016
                  "Enterprise cloud computing rivals are teeing off on each other, but the reality is much more nuanced relative to vendor propaganda and a simple tally of wins and losses.

                  I touched on this point last week in an interview with Workday co-president Phil Wilmington and the week before when I noted that Google Cloud Platform's big enterprise wins were also sticking with Amazon Web Services to a large degree..."

                  10 Best Cloud SLA Practices
                  Network World, April 8th, 2016
                  "Getting and enforcing a service level agreement is paramount when employing cloud services - that was the chief conclusion reached in a report out this week by the federal watchdogs at the Government Accountability Office.

                  "Purchasing IT services through a provider enables agencies to avoid paying for all the assets such as hardware, software and networks that would typically be needed to provide such services..."

                    How Cloud Drives Continuous Delivery
                    ZDNet, April 7h, 2016
                    "We investigate how Continuous Delivery has been powered by cloud management software...

                    Once upon a time we received new software 'builds' every year. For major releases at least, this annual cycle was the standard (or 6-month cycles at the most) and software firms would usually name the new iteration after the year it had appeared.

                    Somewhere around the turn of the millennium this annual trend started to erode..."

                    The State of The Cloud And The Software-Defined Data Center
                    Help Net Security, April 6h, 2016
                    "We've long been moving toward cloud-based and virtualized infrastructures, but in some ways 2016 might just be the year in which the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) really becomes a fixture in corporate America, according to HyTrust.

                    There's belief that optimal SDDC strategies and deployment can drive up virtualization ratios and server optimization. All this because even though data breaches will surely happen, concerns over security and compliance will be far less an obstacle..."

                    Does Your Cloud Security Strategy Include These 5 Things?
                    Business 2 Community, April 9h, 2016
                    "There are a few things you just don't leave home without - your keys, your wallet and usually, a large cup of coffee. These are the daily tools you use to get in and out of places, acquire things you need and keep you alert and energized. This is not much different from your daily cloud security needs. Your organization needs to be fully equipped and protected across all aspects of your cloud environment to be prepared for whatever life throws at it..."
                    IT - CxO
                    CIOs Must Have a Strategy to Communicate IT Changes to The Business
                    The Enterprisers Project, April 4th, 2016
                    "Whether migrating to the cloud, replacing a legacy system, or adopting a DevOps approach, IT departments these days often initiate major changes. Part of planning those changes should be a marketing strategy to communicate how the changes will benefit the business. That advice comes from Chris Borkenhagen, vice president of IT at Concur, a travel expense management company..."
                    C-Suite Champion: What is the CIO's Position in the Business Today?
                    Information Age, April 5th, 2016
                    "As CIOs move to the forefront of the c-suite, they face new challenges in the way they purchase IT, transform the workplace and tackle skills gaps...

                    Ten years ago, with the advent of cloud technology and business transformation, the role of the CIO moved from head of IT to the position of key executive and business leader..."

                    Strategic CIOs Embrace Emerging Technologies for Competitive Advantage
                    The Enterprisers Project, April 4th, 2016
                    "78 percent of the CEOs responding to PwC's 2016 US CEO Survey said they were somewhat or extremely concerned about the rapid pace of technology change...

                    They're right to be. Four macro technology trends - social, mobility, cloud and information (or data) - have formed a perfect storm. A leading information technology research company even has a name for it: the 'Nexus of Forces,' the 'convergence and mutual reinforcement of four interdependent trends which empower individuals as they interact with each other and their information.'..."

                    Don't Let Embarrassment About a Data Breach Cost You Even More
                    ComputerWorld, April 5th, 2016
                    "Nobody likes to be embarrassed. That goes for company executives. This fact of human nature helps explain why the breach-disclosure laws that have been adopted by many states can be leveraged by data thieves for even more profit than they could realize before..."
                      3 Ways CIOs Can Adapt to The New Normal
                      The Enterprisers Project, April 7h, 2016
                      "The CIO role is no longer a steady state. Technology and digital disruption are changing our roles and our industries so rapidly, it's increasingly harder to keep up. It requires a mindset shift to stay relevant and innovative while in this state of constant flux. If CIOs want to remain adaptable, I think they need to hone three essential skills..."
                      The Ever-Expanding Role of the CIO
                      ITProPortal, April 6h, 2016
                      "When people hear Chief Information Officer (CIO), they think of information technology (IT) and data. While all executive positions are vital to an organisation's success, one of the most important is the CIO.

                      The job description far exceeds public perception of their responsibilities..."

                      How Great Leaders Earn Followers
                      Business 2 Community, April 9h, 2016
                      "The Epic of Gilgamesh is one of mankind's earliest surviving pieces of literature, and one of our earliest attempts as a species to identify what makes a human being great. 4000 years later and it seems we're still trying to figure it out. While we've come a long way since the days of heroes and god-kings, it seems we still value many of the same traits in our present leaders as were evident in the leaders of the past..."
                        IT - Wireless
                        7 Keys To Better Enterprise WiFi (Slideshow)
                        Network Computing, April 5th, 2016
                        "Managing a poorly designed and maintained wireless WLAN is a frustrating and time-consuming task. Employees get irritated, work processes suffer, and there's an overall sense of dissatisfaction company-wide when WiFi performance is poor. But the good news is that it doesn't have to be that way. Enterprise-class wireless hardware and software has the ability to perform as advertised as long as you follow some best practice guidelines..."
                        VBeers @ Broward - Funky Buddha Brewery
                        Wednesday, April 13th: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
                        Come out and connect with other professionals in your industry! vBeers is a great event meant to promote growth of the IT industry here in South Florida.

                        Register today so you can be a part of this great monthly event! Feel free to invite all of your friends and co workers who work in the IT industry!

                        Funky Buddha

                        RSVP at

                        Sponsorships for the vBeers events are through the South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA).

                        John Mclaughlin, SFTA

                        IT - DR
                        Disaster Recovery Solutions in Cloud Infrastructure
                        SmartDataCollective, April 5th, 2016
                        "What strikes your mind first when you hear about disaster recovery? One can say recovery or continuation of systems and proper functioning of systems after occurrence of any disaster. If we talk about disaster recovery in the world of cloud computing, the term Disaster Recovery is quite new. But are you aware of top cloud disaster recovery concerns? And are you sure disaster recovery in the cloud option that you have chosen is a good choice for your organization? Let's find out answers for such questions..."
                        IT - PM
                        Pros and Cons of Remote Project Management
                        CIO, April 4th, 2016
                        "As a leader of remote and virtual project teams and team members as well as an IT consultant whose office is at home, I have long been a proponent of working remotely. There is no question that it is not for everyone and that you need a good setup, a willing family and some alternative work areas should something fall through with plan A at the last minute when you're finding a very quite place for a conference call. It isn't all fun and games and I don't recommend working in your pajamas. There are pros and cons with most things - and working remotely definitely has its pros and cons. Let's consider a few of each..."
                          IT - Networks
                          Data and Identity: Two New Security Perimeters
                          CIO, April 4th, 2016
                          "CISOs tend to spend the bulk of their cybersecurity technology budgets on endpoint, server, and network security controls. Okay, this makes sense from a historical perspective but these IT assets are in a state of flux today. Endpoints are often mobile devices rather than Windows PCs while servers are virtual or cloud-based workloads. Meanwhile, networks are also moving to a virtual model composed of public and private network segments..."
                          Why Physical Network Security is a Necessity For Enterprises
                          Search Security, April 4th, 2016
                          "A typical conversation within an enterprise may go something like this: 'We don't need any physical examination of our network for our security assessment. We only need a remote scan and some consulting time to review our firewall rule set.'

                          Unfortunately, this attitude only considers half of the problem and can lead to some serious issues with an organization's physical network security -- or, at least, may give them a false sense of comfort that all's well..."

                          The Network of 2020, What Should CxOs Expect?
                          Network World, April 4th, 2016
                          "Being an analyst I'm often asked to look ahead and predict what markets will look like in three to five years. Recently, I've been asked that if I were to design a next-generation network, which would be fully operational by 2020, what would it look like? The network industry has gone through more change in the past two years than it had gone through in the previous two decades so a network in 2020 will look significantly different than the networks of today..."
                            5 Steps to Launching Software Defined Networking
                            Network World, April 8th, 2016
                            "Software Defined Networking (SDN) promises increased agility, enhanced security and automation - all while saving time and money. But the prospect of adopting SDN may seem daunting because it is still a relatively new technology and few long-term examples exist to illustrate best practices for implementation.

                            Working with government and enterprise customers, I've seen a five-step process emerge for efficient, effective SDN implementation. Follow them to reap the benefits of SDN without disrupting your IT environment..."

                            IT - IoT
                            Most powerful Internet of Things companies (Slideshow)
                            Network World, April 4th, 2016
                            "The Internet of Things (IoT) is still nascent, but growing quickly. Research firm IDC predicts it will become a $1.46 trillion international market by 2020, up from $700 billion last year. A trillion-dollar market means a lot of companies will want a slice. So who are the leaders of the IoT? We consulted with some of the leading analysts to find out. (Note: Companies are listed in alphabetical order.).."
                            The Internet of Things and Applied Digital Strategy
                            SmartDataCollective, April 4th, 2016
                            "When I speak publicly (and internally) about the Internet of Things (IOT), I prefer the term Smart, Connected Products. Yes, I know - sounds like a buzz phrase. But the words are used with intent, to shift thinking away from the tactical aspects of IOT, and focus on a strategic view of this important digital component. The term comes from a pair of HBR articles by Porter & Heppelmann. In the first - How Smart, Connected Products are Transforming Competition - the authors argue that the nature of our 'product' is changing..."
                            IoT Will Drive Tech Outside of IT
                            Re/code, April 4th, 2016
                            "For the last several decades, the locus of technological power and control within businesses has resided in the IT department. IT has bought and managed the technology that people use on their desks, as well as hardware and software that drives today's data centers, and enables connections to and services within the cloud.

                            But all of that is about to change..."

                              IoT Tech Goes From Planning Stage to Execution
                              ComputerWorld, April 5th, 2016
                              "Internet of Things technologies can be complex and fragmented, but increasing numbers of pilot projects are emerging within smart cities, farms and at a wide range of businesses and industries..."

                              "We are seeing adoption of IoT begin," said Mark Bartolomeo, vice president of IoT at Verizon, in an interview. "There are now use cases for IoT and less of an industry focus on the technology. The biggest macro trend lately is how IT can use the data [from IoT] more effectively to run a better business for customers."

                              5 IoT Trends to Expect in 2016
                              Network Computing, April 7h, 2016
                              "2015 will be remembered in the networking world as the year in which the Internet of Things began its move into the mainstream. While the concept of 'IoT' has long been predicted, it became an unavoidable part of tech parlance in the past 12 months with an estimated 4.9 billion 'things' worldwide connected to the network in 2015. The increase is not expected to slow anytime soon, with analysts now forecasting that anywhere between 25 billion and 38 billion 'things' will connect to the network by 2020..."
                              7 Reasons The IoT Will Run On PaaS
                              Information Week, April 6h, 2016
                              "Many in the IT world believe that 2016 is the year that the Internet of Things (IoT) will make a significant impact on enterprise IT. Gartner Research recently forecast that we should expect to see a massive 30% growth rate in the IoT space this year alone. While IoT will likely be deployed on any number of private data centers and cloud architectures, the most popular choice for IoT projects will likely be platform-as-a-service (PaaS).

                              Just what is Gartner's reasoning behind the predicted popularity of PaaS for IoT use? That's what today's slideshow is all about..."

                              Implementing IoT with a Three-Tier Architecture
                              The Enterprisers Project, April 6h, 2016
                              "If you aren't looking to the Internet of Things to connect the analog side of your business to the digital world, your organization is going to be left behind. As enterprises digitize their analog business, the number of devices accessing your business services is going to dwarf the total human population of the world.

                              This is going to create huge new opportunities. McKinsey estimates that the IoT market could grow up to $11 trillion dollars in the next 10 years. Adding sensors and automation to your analog business will allow you to tap new data and insights that could open up entirely new business opportunities for your organization..."

                              IT - Linux
                              Linux founder Torvalds on the Internet of Things: Security Plays Second Fiddle
                              ZDNet, April 4th, 2016
                              "For the first time, Linus Torvalds speaks at an embedded Linux conference: 'Many changes have been invisible. Even I don't see all the uses of Linux.'...

                              It's not that embedded Linux hasn't been important before. Your DVRs and Wi-Fi routers almost certainly run Linux. What has changed is that the Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming embedded Linux from being a topic only programmers could love to one everyone will be using soon..."

                              Five Linux Distros that Break the Mold
                              FOSS Force, April 5th, 2016
                              "One of the complaints we hear sometimes about the plethora of GNU/Linux distributions is that they're all 'cookie cutters.' One is just like the other, we're told, so why have so many versions of the same thing? For starters, except for a couple of rare instances, no two Linux distros are exactly alike, not even when they start with the same base. The most obvious example here would be Ubuntu, which although based on Debian, offers the user an experience completely different from the parent distro. Likewise, Linux Mint is built with Ubuntu under the hood, but as many Mint users will attest, the distro is hardly just a rebranded *buntu..."
                              50 Embedded Linux Conference Presentation Slide Decks on Tap
                    , April 7h, 2016
                              "Business communications have traditionally been person to person - someone answers the phone, sends an email, etc. But in recent years, business communications have started incorporating automation in their IVRs, live chats and call routing. In fact, 53.6% of contact centers today use IVRs.

                              However, some businesses have moved beyond using automation in their business communications - they're using artificial intelligence. Take Slack, for instance. The popular collaboration platform uses bots to onboard users and interact with them for a variety of reasons. Narrative Science, the natural language generation platform, uses artificial intelligence to draft reports that read just like a human-written report would..."

                                IT - Operations
                                Software Patching Needs Executive Sponsorship
                                ComputerWeekly, April 5th, 2016
                                "What strategies can companies adopt to keep up with, and deal with, the huge volume of software updates they face?

                                Organisations have continued to face the same issues around patch management for over a decade now. Leading issues include patch volumes, resources to do patching and line-of-business reluctance to have 'their' systems unavailable for any time at all..."

                                How to Pick the Best Requirements Management Tool
                                CIO, April 8th, 2016
                                "Inaccurate requirements management accounts for almost half of project failures. Aimed at helping IT and business leaders improve their odds for success, Seilevel, a business analysis and consulting company, has compiled a report evaluating 22 top requirements management tools..."
                                IT - Security
                                Cybersecurity Spending: More Does Not Necessarily Mean Better
                                CSO Online, April 4th, 2016
                                "Last week, I had a great opportunity to explore the APAC cybersecurity market and meet many brilliant people during Black Hat Asia 2016. Singapore's economic miracle made its cybersecurity market as attractive as the North American one, attracting the largest security vendors to the region..."
                                Security Think Tank: Ignoring software patching spells trouble
                                ComputerWeekly, April 4th, 2016
                                "What strategies can companies adopt to help keep up with and deal with the huge volume of software updates they are facing?...

                                Regularly servicing your infrastructure with software patches is an integral part of keeping systems safe, reliable, supportable and secure. Any company that ignores this is asking for trouble, just like ignoring those worn brake pads on your car. Sooner or later, something will go wrong in an unpatched environment..."

                                Ever Been in These Social Engineering Situations? (Slideshow)
                                CSO Online, April 4th, 2016
                                "Tim Roberts, a security consultant at Solutionary, has been on the other side of trickery. Roberts was recently hired to infiltrate a company's buildings and networks - mirroring a crook's social engineering attempts to get at sensitive personal and corporate data. This was all done for cybersecurity assessment purposes and his findings and solutions are shared in hopes you can avoid being the next victim..."
                                Over 135 Million Routers Vulnerable to Denial-of-Service Flaw
                                ZDNet, April 8th, 2016
                                "Updated: The flaw lets an attacker cut off an entire network from the internet until the owner calls their provider to restore it...

                                More than 135 million modems are said to be vulnerable to a flaw that can leave users cut off from the internet -- just by someone clicking on a trick link.

                                The vulnerability, found in a modem used in millions of US households, can allow an attacker with access to the network to remotely reset the device..."

                                  Who Owns Corporate Data? Employees Think They Can Just Take It
                                  Help Net Security, April 7h, 2016
                                  "A third of all employees believe they own - or share ownership of - the corporate data they work on, with half thinking they can take the data with them when they leave, according to Veriato.

                                  These findings likely result from a massive disconnect, or lack of education, on who owns the data or any consequences for taking it - with nearly 60 percent of the 400 random employees surveyed saying they have never signed a confidentiality agreement or they never even knew one existed..."

                                    IT - Careers
                                    3 Questions Every Interviewee MUST Be Ready to Answer
                                    Business 2 Community, April 5th, 2016
                                    "Interviews are stressful.

                                    You never know what to expect.

                                    But, you SHOULD expect these three questions.

                                    Or at least some variation of them.

                                    Be Prepared or Else..."

                                      So, You Want to be a Security Pro? Read This First
                                      Network World, April 4th, 2016
                                      "Of all the high-demand areas in IT, security stands out at the top. According to DICE, the number of security jobs skyrocketed by more than 40% from 2014 to 2015, to 50,000 openings, compared with 16.8% growth the year before..."

                                      "Security jobs are growing at a far more rapid pace than other areas of technology, which are also growing rapidly," says Bob Melk, president at DICE.

                                      Has Telecommuting Finally Become Mainstream?
                                      CIO, April 4th, 2016
                                      "As the desire for workplace flexibility continues to be an accepted fact of contemporary working life, more and more businesses are wrestling with how exactly to embrace - or curtail - telecommuting as the new normal.

                                      Work from home? Flex time? Cube farm? What's work look like in your workplace - if you have a workplace at all?..."

                                        The Ultimate Guide to Training New Employees for Success
                                        Business 2 Community, April 5th, 2016
                                        "When I was 23, I joined a new company in a new role for the first time since I started driving forklifts in college to make ends meet. It was overwhelming.

                                        I had to learn a thousand things, fast. Learning all the new policies and procedures was devastatingly confusing. I'd never felt so lost.

                                        The training process was consisted of daily shadowing for about a month, with plenty of opportunities to ask questions. The problem, I'd find out later, was that I didn't know what I didn't know - so I didn't know what to ask about..."

                                          Why IT Pros Need to Become The Right Blend of Tech Guru and Business Consultant
                                          CIO, April 5th, 2016
                                          "IT departments are in the middle of what some might call an identity crisis.

                                          Plenty of corporate IT teams still wear a number of traditional hats: they're making most of the company's technology investment decisions, resetting forgotten passwords, and ensuring that all underlying infrastructure runs smoothly..."

                                          Good Pay, Bennies and Perks Boost Data Storage Jobs
                                          SearchStorage, April 7h, 2016
                                          "Salaries for data storage jobs remain high with new techs and new responsibilities in evolving data centers...

                                          Storage might look like a marginalized technology these days as vendors hype clouds, containers, convergence and a bevy of other buzzwords. But IT departments know better. They know that you can have all the containers and clouds you want, but without data, you're not going to get very far..."

                                          IT - Social Media
                                          Social Media in Business: 10 Years on OpenBazaar
                                          Information Age, April 5th, 2016
                                          "Businesses must now consider a strong social media strategy to ensure they are prepared for changes in user behaviour

                                          The growth of social media has boomed over the past decade, with roughly a third of the world's population now actively using it. Facebook alone has over 1 billion active users whilst Twitter has around 320 million.

                                          At the same time, the past few years has seen the launch of countless new apps and tools, with Instagram and Snapchat now competing with Twitter in terms of the number of users..."

                                          IT - Virtualization
                                          Containers, Virtual Machines, or Bare Metal?
                                , April 8th, 2016
                                          "Which technology will you use to deploy your next big application?

                                          The data center is changing. Again. In the olden days, really not all that many years ago, pretty much every server that sat on a rack in a data center was fairly straightforward (if you could call it that). Each machine ran a single operating system, and often many programs, each requiring their own updates, upgrades, and patches. It was, putting it nicely, a hard situation to maintain, though many management tools emerged to help administrators keep all of their machines safe, secure, and up-to-date..."

                                          IT - Email
                                          FBI Observes Major Uptick in Business Email Compromise Scams
                                          SC Magazine, April 5th, 2016
                                          "Between October 2013 and February 2016, 17,642 global businesses collectively lost $2.3 billion to business email compromise scams, whereby cybercriminals pose as company executives, attorneys or reputable vendors to trick employees into transferring corporate funds into fraudulent accounts, according to the FBI..."
                                            IT - Backup
                                            Top 25 Cloud Data Backup Enablers - Backup Review
                                            Storage Newsletter, April 5th, 2016
                                            "The growth of the cloud backup industry, over the last one decade, has been dramatic, according to Backup that provides information to buyers of online backup and storage services.

                                            The market has witnessed the rise and fall of many start-ups and stabilization of others. Interestingly, the companies that have gained a strong foothold in the industry are not all similar..."

                                              IT - Mobile
                                              10 Terrifying Facts About Mobile Security (And What You Can Do About It)
                                              ITProPortal, April 7h, 2016
                                              "Mobility is a must for the enterprise, but phones get stolen, hackers hack stuff and, combined, these present a real challenge for the enterprises to simultaneously fulfill business goals while solving security concerns...

                                              78 per cent of enterprises agree - mobility is a strategic imperative for (their) organisation's success (Cisco) and Gartner estimates that 70 per cent of mobile professionals will conduct their work on personal smart devices by 2018. In 2014, 1.6 billion personal devices were used in the workplace. Increasingly, businesses are looking to gain competitive and operational advantage by providing mobile applications to their employees - but what kind of increased threat to the enterprise does this bring? And what can enterprises do about it?.."

                                              IT - Big Data
                                              How to Turn Big Data into an Actionable Marketing Tool
                                              insideBIGDATA, April 4th, 2016
                                              "Consumers are creating a digital footprint with every tweet, online purchase, Facebook post, Google search, and more. For marketers, these insights into the digital ecosystem have become the driving force behind the creative and messaging strategies for successful marketing campaigns.

                                              However, simply having access to data is not enough to execute marketing campaigns that generate incremental marketing ROI..."

                                              Big Data And RDBMS: Can They Coexist?
                                              InformationWeek, April 4th, 2016
                                              "There is a typical story cycle in IT: Every new technology destroys and replaces an older one. PCs displaced mini-computers. Smartphones unseated cameras and flip phones. Online streaming wipes out video rental and music CDs.

                                              So big data technologies should wipe out relational database management systems (RDBMS), right? That's not how the future is shaping up..."

                                              Citus 5.0 a Fully Open Source Database for Enterprise Analytics
                                              insideBIGDATA, April 5th, 2016
                                              "Citus Data, creators of solutions that horizontally scale out PostgreSQL for real-time big data, announced it is open-sourcing its new database, Citus 5.0. Citus Data is democratizing relational databases by bringing a more accessible, secure and horizontally scalable PostgreSQL database environment to enterprise users. With this release, Citus 5.0 also becomes the only distributed database in the world that does not fork the underlying project..."
                                              IT - BYOD
                                              BYOD Brings Greater Productivity-as Well as Security Issues (Slideshow)
                                              eWeek, April 8th, 2016
                                              "The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend continues to be perplexing for many enterprises. It holds the promise of greater employee productivity and mobility, but also comes with its share of security problems. Past studies and surveys note the benefits and challenges of BYOD, but also stress the need for businesses to adopt policies to manage and secure the devices coming onto the network..."
                                              Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                              Vol 217 Issues 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5; Vol 216 Issues 2, 3 and 4
                                              We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                              • The Surprising Economics of Engineered Systems
                                              • OpenStack Training Available for Oracle Solaris 11
                                              • The UNIX Standard Makes ISV Engineering's Job Easier
                                              • SPECjEnterprise2010: Oracle Server X6-2 World Record 2-Chip Single Application Server
                                              • 15 Reasons To Move Finance To The Cloud, Now
                                              • Friday Spotlight: Oracle VM 3.4 Performance Gains
                                              • 4 Useful Command Line Tools to Monitor MySQL Performance in Linux
                                              • VR And AI Will Lead The Next Major Round Of Digital Disruption
                                              • Oracle Cloud on Premises - A New Era of Choice
                                              • Last Chance! 27 Technical Sessions Delivered by Oracle and Community Experts"

                                              The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                                IT - Encryption
                                                WhatsApp Brings End-to-End Encryption to Over A Billion People
                                      , April 7h, 2016
                                                "WhatsApp's move follows a month-long battle between Apple and the FBI over a federal order to unlock the iPhone of a mass shooter in San Bernardino, CA, after Apple CEO, Tim Cook, refused to comply with the FBI, citing issues of privacy and security in the digital age. The FBI dropped the lawsuit when they reportedly cracked the phone with help from Israeli security firm Cellebrite..."
                                                IT - Tape
                                                Tape Storage Is Not Dead, Thanks to LTO7
                                                StateTech, April 5th, 2016
                                                "The rumors of magnetic tape's demise have been greatly exaggerated.

                                                Tape is one of the oldest forms of storage still in use today, and the seventh generation of Linear Tape Open (LTO 7) paves the way for upcoming revisions in the technology, giving tape storage a bright future in cloud backup and data center deployments..."

                                                LibreOffice 5.1.2 Available for Download
                                                LibreOffice, April 7h, 2016
                                                "The Document Foundation (TDF) announces LibreOffice 5.1.2, the second minor release of the LibreOffice 5.1 family.

                                                LibreOffice 5.1.2 is targeted at technology enthusiasts, early adopters and power users. For more conservative users, and for enterprise deployments, TDF suggests the 'still' version: LibreOffice 5.0.5. For enterprise deployments, The Document Foundation suggests the backing of professional support by certified people..."

                                                IT - Developer
                                                Things You Should Do To Become a Top Quality Programmer
                                                TechWorm, April 8th, 2016
                                                "How do I become a good coder and what should the ideal characteristics of a good coder?

                                                Programming is one of the better career choices available to you. One reasons that many youngsters choose programming is the pay, the high quality programmers command and other is the sheer glamour of building your own ultimate software. As we move towards a global online economy, more and more top notch programmers will be needed in future to fuel this expansion..."

                                                  Centralized Administration and Auditing of Oracle WebLogic Server
                                                  Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c
                                                  Nicole Haba blogs, "Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c enables administrators to perform administration operations against Oracle WebLogic Server as well as to view the audit records for those operations. Traditionally, administrators were required to use the WebLogic Server Administration Console or the Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control console to administer their domain. However, administration and configuration operations are available directly from the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c console..."
                                                  REST Client Generator for Oracle JET
                                                  By Geertjan Wielenga
                                                  Geertjan blogs, "Let's say you've developed some Java EE RESTful Web Services in NetBeans IDE...

                                                  How do you get from the scenario above to an Oracle JET application that consumes those REST resources?

                                                  I've updated the Knockout Client Generator today, so that an Oracle JET module is generated from the selected REST resource, get it here:.."

                                                  Nexenta News
                                                  Storage on Your Terms: Nexenta Software Defined Storage with Intel
                                                  Today's technology leaders need storage solutions that seamlessly scale up and out to meet current and future business needs.
                                                  Today's technology leaders need to tackle the big trends - cloud, big data, the Internet of Things, mobility, social media - while lowering IT spend year over year. That's a tall order. Storage cost projections are becoming unsustainable, and organizations need new, more cost-effective ways of delivering storage. Savvy storage buyers also want storage on their terms - optimized for their organization, its requirements, now and in the future.

                                                  What makes this partnership truly unique is the close collaboration of Nexenta and Intel - at the technology engineering level - so you can rest easy knowing that new and future Intel technologies will be validated by Nexenta and will provide the enterprise-class experience you need for your business.

                                                  Nexenta OpenSDx Summit 2016
                                                  Webinar Monday, April 25th 6:30PM - 9:30PM CT
                                                  You're invited to enjoy an evening with Nexenta!

                                                  In addition to visiting the Nexenta booth at OpenStack Austin, join us on Monday, April 25th at 6:30PM at the Four Seasons Hotel and enjoy an exciting evening of stellar networking opportunities, special guest speakers, delicious cocktails and dinner.

                                                  This night will continue the industry-wide dialogue on the next big thing: "Open Source" collaboration and "Software-Defined Everything" innovation. This mini Nexenta OpenSDx Summit is guaranteed to provide an entertaining evening!

                                                  Cloud Service Provider Goes All Flash to Offer Next Generation Services
                                                  Webinar April 20th, 2016 7:00AM PDT @ 15:00 GMT
                                                  GleSYS, a next-generation global cloud platform, was experiencing performance issues with its legacy storage system. By deploying a Software-Defined All-Flash storage solution from Nexenta and SanDisk, GleSYS was able to significantly decrease latency while achieving higher IOPS and a reduced server footprint. In addition, since the implementation, the GleSYS team has spent a tiny fraction of their time on administration, allowing them to focus on other business and technology issues, such as providing enhanced services to customers.

                                                  Join members from GleSYS, Nexenta, SanDisk, and Layer 8 to hear the real world testimonial and deep dive into how the NexentaStor and SanDisk InfiniFlash solution delivers the industry's best value solution for high performance mature unified block and file services, scaling up to four petabyte (PB) configurations.

                                                  Dell News
                                                  Dell Delivers Industry's Broadest Hyper-converged Infrastructure Portfolio for Flexible, Scalable and Streamlined IT
                                                  Dell, April 5th, 2016
                                                  Dell announced expansions to the industry's broadest hyper-converged infrastructure portfolio to help customers accelerate and simplify IT deployment and management to meet their goals now while also preparing for the future. New additions, from VCE VxRail appliances and VxRack systems to flexible VMware Virtual SAN Ready Nodes and next generation Dell XC Series hyper-converged appliances, help Dell offer the widest variety of world class hyper-converged solutions from reference architectures to purpose-built engineered solutions.

                                                  Hyper-converged infrastructures, which combine full-featured storage, compute and networking functions into a single solution or appliance, typically for virtualized environments, continue to gain momentum as organizations reap the benefits of faster time-to-value and more efficient operations from flexible, scalable, streamlined IT. According to research and analyst firm IDC, the worldwide hyper-converged systems market is expected to grow at a nearly 60 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) through 2019, reaching more than $3.9 billion in sales.

                                                  Dell Ranks 50 Global Cities Enabling Innovation and Change Through Technology
                                                  Dell, April 4th, 2016
                                                  Dell recognized 50 cities around the world for embracing technology to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing and globalized future. This ranking, the Dell Future- Ready Economies Model, scores large, high-growth global metropolitan areas based on attributes that enable people and organizations to access new tools and new ideas that deliver better connectivity, better economic performance - and a greater ability to attract talent. By examining the attributes of these communities, Dell can help public as well as private organizations become more Future Ready by identifying policies and technology strategies that will foster growth.
                                                  Microsoft News
                                                  Tech Leader to Establish Roots at uCity Square: Microsoft Innovation Center comes to Philadelphia
                                                  Microsoft, April 4th, 2016
                                                  A new Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) will open to the public at uCity Square in Philadelphia this summer. The MIC, which is the result of a collaboration between Microsoft Corp., SeventySix Capital, the University City Science Center and Wexford Science & Technology, will be the first in the region and the third in the U.S., with other locations in Atlanta and Miami. The Innovation Center complements and enhances Microsoft's regional presence, which includes an office in Malvern and a Microsoft Store at King of Prussia Mall. Currently there are over 350 Microsoft employees in the Philadelphia metropolitan area.
                                                  Microsoft and R3 Partnership to Accelerate Adoption of Distributed Ledger Technologies by Global Banks
                                                  Microsoft, April 4th, 2016
                                                  Microsoft Corp. and the R3 Consortium announced a strategic partnership that will accelerate the use of distributed ledger technologies, also known as blockchain, among R3 member banks and global financial markets. Distributed ledger technologies enable enterprises and business network participants to complete financial transactions with greater speed, security, cost-efficiency and transparency relative to solutions currently used. In addition, R3 named Microsoft Azure the preferred cloud services provider for its R3 Lab and Research Center serving more than 40 member banks.
                                                  IBM News
                                                  1-800-FLOWERS.COM Partners with IBM Commerce on Cloud for Digital Transformation
                                                  IBM, April 8th, 2016
                                                  IBM announced that 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc. has chosen IBM's Commerce on Cloud solution to provide the retailer's global customers with a seamless experience that makes it easy to transact across all 1-800-FLOWERS.COM's brands, from Harry & David, to Wolferman's to Fannie May to 1800-FLOWERS.COM, and deliver customers a unified omni-channel experience across the web, mobile or call center channel.

                                                  Using IBM Commerce on Cloud order management capabilities, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM can now address the omni-channel e-commerce needs of their customers by being able to better manage the order process across all their brands.

                                                  IBM Watson Health Closes Acquisition of Truven Health Analytics
                                                  IBM, April 8th, 2016
                                                  IBM Watson Health announced it has completed the $2.6 billion acquisition of Truven Health Analytics, a leading provider of cloud-based healthcare data, analytics and insights. Truven brings more than 8,500 clients to the Watson Health portfolio, including U.S. federal and state government agencies, employers, health plans, hospitals, clinicians and life sciences companies. Data and insights from Truven inform benefit decisions for one in three Americans.

                                                  With the completion of the acquisition, IBM and Truven data scientists will begin the process of using Watson Health's cognitive capabilities to derive insights from Truven's health data...

                                                  Pfizer Taps IBM for Research Collaboration to Transform Parkinson's Disease Care
                                                  IBM, April 7h, 2016
                                                  Pfizer Inc. and IBM announced a first-of-its-kind research collaboration to develop innovative remote monitoring solutions aimed at transforming how clinicians deliver care to patients suffering from Parkinson's disease. The experimental approach will rely on a system of sensors, mobile devices, and machine learning to provide real-time, around-the-clock disease symptom information to clinicians and researchers. The ultimate goal is to obtain a better understanding of a patient's disease progression and medication response to help inform treatment decisions and clinical trial design, while also speeding the development of new therapeutic options.
                                                  IBM and Box Team Up to Drive Compelling Sales Engagements for Marketers and Sellers from iPhone and iPad
                                                  IBM, April 7h, 2016
                                                  IBM and Box introduced a new version of the IBM MobileFirst for iOS Expert Seller app that is built on Box Platform, providing the power of Box's enterprise content management capabilities, deployed at scale to any organization.

                                                  Expert Seller puts the latest product and service information at the fingertips of an organization's sales force via iPhone or iPad, enabling sellers to quickly learn about new offerings, pricing, features or promotions so they can spend more time engaged in higher-value activities with clients.

                                                  OpenPOWER Ecosystem Propels Open Innovation in Hyperscale Data Centers
                                                  IBM, April 6h, 2016
                                                  The OpenPOWER Foundation, a consortium of more than 200 leading technology companies, organizations and individuals innovating around the POWER processor, today announced more than 50 new open innovations to help companies better solve grand challenges around big data.

                                                  Many new community innovations unveiled today are designed to be incorporated into the Open Compute Project product portfolio.

                                                  U-Michigan, IBM Collaborate on Data-Centric High Performance Computing System
                                                  IBM, April 6h, 2016
                                                  The University of Michigan is collaborating with IBM to develop and deliver 'data-centric' supercomputing systems designed to increase the pace of scientific discovery in fields as diverse as aircraft and rocket engine design, cardiovascular disease treatment, materials physics, climate modeling and cosmology.

                                                  The system is designed to enable high performance computing applications for physics to interact, in real time, with big data in order to improve scientists' ability to make quantitative predictions. IBM's systems use a GPU-accelerated, data-centric approach, integrating massive datasets seamlessly with high performance computing power, resulting in new predictive simulation techniques that promise to expand the limits of scientific knowledge.

                                                  IBM and SAP Announce Plans for Major Investments to Drive Clients' Digital Transformations
                                                  Sweeping Program Aims to Combine Complementary Technologies and Services Including IBM Cognitive Capabilities, IBM Cloud and Power Systems, SAP S/4HANA and SAP HANA Cloud Platform
                                                  IBM and SAP SE announced plans across both companies to drive the modernization of clients' systems and processes and accelerate them into the digital economy.

                                                  Specifically, the companies plan to co-innovate solutions that increase customer value through cognitive extensions, enhanced customer and user experiences and industry-specific functionality -- all enabled with SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA (SAP S/4HANA) software, available on-premise and in the cloud.

                                                  IBM Security Closes Acquisition of Resilient Systems
                                                  IBM, April 6h, 2016
                                                  IBM Security announced it has completed the acquisition of Resilient Systems Inc., a privately held provider of incident response solutions. IBM Security had previously announced it had entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Resilient Systems. Financial terms were not disclosed.

                                                  The company, now known as Resilient, an IBM Company, joins the IBM Security business unit and will be part of a significant expansion of the company's capabilities in the incident response marketplace. Resilient's technology automates and orchestrates the many processes needed when dealing with cyber incidents - from breaches to lost devices.

                                                  Fujitsu News
                                                  Fujitsu to Host Fujitsu Forum 2016
                                                  Fujitsu, April 4th, 2016
                                                  Fujitsu announced that Fujitsu Forum 2016, the company's largest annual event, will be held May 19-20 at the Tokyo International Forum in Japan. The theme of this year's Fujitsu Forum will be "Human Centric Innovation: Driving Digital Transformation."

                                                  By transcending boundaries between companies and industries, and connecting people, information and infrastructure, Fujitsu believes it can contribute to creating new value for customers and strengthening their competitiveness. Fujitsu Forum 2016 will introduce the ways Fujitsu ICT can support society and companies in advanced initiatives and their digital transformations.

                                                  Fujitsu Helps Stanley Electric Cut Energy Consumption at 27 of its Main Plants Worldwide
                                                  Fujitsu, April 4th, 2016
                                                  Fujitsu announced that it has built a system for Stanley Electric Co., Ltd. that collects in real time, and centrally monitors at Stanley Electric Group headquarters, the power used by its Group companies, including 27 principal plants. As one part of its company-wide efforts to reduce power consumption, Stanley Electric has steadily deployed the new system from July 2015 at each of its plants, and has now commenced operations at all plants in Japan.

                                                  Power utilization data at each plant is measured using a variety of systems and sensors, converted to a standardized format and consolidated at a single location. It is then displayed graphically over FUJITSU Sustainability Solution Environmental Management Dashboard, which shows each plant's energy utilization, progress toward energy-saving goals, and performance relative to other plants in an easy-to-understand format.

                                                  VMware News
                                                  VMware to Announce First Quarter 2016 Financial Results
                                                  On Tuesday, April 19, 2016
                                                  VMware, a global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, plans to announce first quarter 2016 financial results after market close on Tuesday, April 19, 2016. The company will host a conference call at 2:00 p.m. PT/ 5:00 p.m. ET that day to review financial results and business outlook. A live web broadcast of the event will be available on the VMware Investor Relations website at The replay of the webcast will be available for two months.
                                                  Red Hat News
                                                  Friday Five - April 8, 2016
                                                  Red Hat, April 8th, 2016
                                                  The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat blog post with 5 of the week's top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye.

                                                  • The 2016 Red Hat Summit agenda is now live
                                                  • ZDNet - Red Hat offers free Red Hat Enterprise Linux to developers
                                                  • C.A. Mobile Increases Infrastructure Flexibility with Red Hat and Dell OpenStack Cloud
                                                  • CRN - CRN Exclusive: Red Hat CEO Says Next-Generation Open-Source Technologies Will Propel Sales To $5B
                                                  • Xchanging Malaysia trains for next-generation solutions

                                                  Read on for details.

                                                  Red Hat and QCT Collaborate on Systems for OpenStack and Ceph
                                                  Red Hat, April 5th, 2016
                                                  Red Hat the world's leading provider of open source solutions, and QCT (Quanta Cloud Technology), a global datacenter solution provider, today announced plans to combine key Red Hat offerings - including Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, Red Hat Ceph Storage, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux - with QCT's family of servers, storages and network switches. Red Hat and QCT are working together to increase private and hybrid cloud deployments, and to enable customer success on the combined offerings through joint testing, validations, reference architectures, and more.
                                                  Red Hat Introduces New DevOps Training and Certifications
                                                  Red Hat, April 5th, 2016
                                                  Red Hat announced five new Training and Certification offerings focused on improving DevOps skills of IT professionals.

                                                  The new training and certification curriculum is designed to help professionals to demonstrate expertise in technologies closely associated with DevOps such as containers, OpenShift, Ansible, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host and Puppet...

                                                  Red Hat Introduces New Partner Initiative for Blockchain Software Vendors
                                                  Red Hat, April 5th, 2016
                                                  Red Hat announced a new initiative to meet the needs of fintech startups and financial services independent software vendors (ISVs) who are developing blockchain applications and technologies. The OpenShift Blockchain Initiative is designed to help financial services industry customers build hosted blockchain solutions, while Red Hat manages container application deployment and support through OpenShift Dedicated.
                                                  Level3 News
                                                  Level 3 Provides Video Broadcast Services For Enterplay
                                                  Level(3), April 4th, 2016
                                                  Digital content distribution startup EnterPlay is leveraging Level 3 Communications, Inc.'s infrastructure, network, support and Content Distribution Network (CDN) solutions for delivery of content on users' mobile devices and the company's set-top box, EnterPlay TV.

                                                  The agreement delivers 1.1 Exabytes of data, with more than 1 billion gigabytes dedicated to video cloud broadcast.

                                                  Level 3 provides the ability to stream 30 live channels for EnterPlay's mobile platform.

                                                  Across all platforms, content is delivered by IP, which is easier and more economical for end users compared to other delivery platforms.

                                                  EMC News
                                                  EMC Opens Call For Nominations For Annual Heritage Trust Contest
                                                  EMC, April 6h, 2016
                                                  As part of the EMC Information Preservation Initiative to advance the conservation of the world's information heritage, EMC today announced that nominations for the 2016 EMC Heritage Trust Project are being accepted, effective immediately through May 20, 2016. Grants, of up to $15,000, will be awarded to projects from around the world that practice and encourage the digital stewardship of cultural information...
                                                  EMC Expands Reach For VCE Hyper-Converged Offerings With Dell Reseller Agreements
                                                  EMC, April 5th, 2016
                                                  EMC Corporation announced new reseller agreements with Dell to provide a new set of customers access to its broad portfolio of hyper-converged offerings from VCE, the Converged Platforms Division of EMC, including the recently announced VCE VxRail Appliance family, the VCE VxRack System 1000 and VxRack Node. The VCE hyper-converged appliances and systems provide Dell customers with more choice to achieve their business goals through the hallmark benefits of the VCE portfolio - increased agility, simplified operations and lower risk.

                                                  The VxRail Appliance Family is the only hyper-converged infrastructure appliance jointly engineered with VMware and is fully integrated, preconfigured, and pre-tested for VMware environments...

                                                  HP News
                                                  Hewlett Packard Enterprise Expands High-Performance Computing Server Portfolio
                                                  HPE, April 4th, 2016
                                                  Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced new workload-optimized compute platforms and solutions to help customers accelerate innovation and time-to-value with deep learning systems, high-performance computing (HPC) and financial services industry (FSI) applications.

                                                  Organizations running complex HPC and big data workloads, such as modeling, simulation, high frequency trading and deep learning are now able to modernize their data centers with infrastructure solutions that are purpose-built and optimized to analyze, massive volumes of data with speed, scale and efficiency. IDC forecasts robust growth of the worldwide HPC market from $21 billion in 2015 to $31 billion in 2019.

                                                  Brocade News
                                                  Brocade To Acquire Ruckus Wireless To Build A Networking Company For The Digital Transformation Era
                                                  Brocade, April 4th, 2016
                                                  Brocade and Ruckus Wireless announced that Brocade has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Ruckus Wireless, Inc. in a cash and stock transaction. The acquisition will complement Brocade's enterprise networking portfolio, adding Ruckus' higher-growth, wireless products to Brocade's market-leading networking solutions. It will also significantly strengthen Brocade's strategic presence in the broader service provider space, with Ruckus' market-leading Wi-Fi position.
                                                  Windstream News
                                                  Windstream launches 1-Gigabit Internet service in four market areas
                                                  Windstream, April 4th, 2016
                                                  Windstream, a leading provider of advanced network communications, announced the launch of its ultra-fast 1-Gigabit Internet service in four market areas.

                                                  Starting today 1-Gig Internet service will be available to approximately 35,000 residential and small business customers in Lincoln, Neb.; Lexington, Ky.; Sugar Land, Texas and seven North Carolina communities (China Grove, Concord, Davidson, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, Lewisville and Matthews).

                                                  With 1-Gig Internet service, customers can benefit from ultra-fast speeds. For example, users can download 100 songs in three seconds or an HD movie in just seven seconds, which is significantly faster than services currently available in each market area.

                                                    Netapp News
                                                    NetApp Names Henri Richard Executive Vice President Worldwide Field and Customer Operations
                                                    NetApp, April 4th, 2016
                                                    NetApp announced the appointment of Henri Richard as executive vice president of Worldwide ('WW') Field and Customer Operations. Richard will join NetApp at the beginning of the company's FY'17. He succeeds Rob Salmon, who is retiring following more than 22 years at the company.

                                                    Richard brings over 30 years of experience to the role. He has held senior management positions leading global sales, support, and marketing teams at prominent global technology companies. He joins NetApp from SanDisk Corporation, where he was responsible for driving the growth of the company across a diverse set of customers, products, and applications. As SanDisk's senior vice president of WW Commercial Sales and Support, Richard oversaw the rapid growth and diversification of the company in the enterprise space.

                                                    DARZ Makes Secure Hybrid Cloud and Multicloud a Reality with NetApp Private Storage
                                                    NetApp, April 5th, 2016
                                                    'NetApp Private Storage as a Service helps us meet Germany's strict data security requirements so that we can maintain the trust of our customers,' said Holger Kärcher, CEO and founder of Helpium, and a client of service provider DARZ. 'We can tell them exactly where their data lives and who is managing it. If anything should happen to one of our cloud providers, we still control our customers' data. I don't have to worry about losing control over my data, and I can scale my infrastructure as needed.'

                                                    Helpium, Germany's first IT service marketplace, connects consumers and businesses with IT experts for on-demand support. Users can search for an expert and can engage with the expert directly through Helpium's online platform. Protecting its users' data and maintaining the trust of its customers are among the company's top priorities.

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