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Oracle News
Oracle Unveils Suite of Breakthrough Services to Help Simplify Cloud Adoption by Global Corporations
First-of-a-kind services enable organizations to bring the Oracle Cloud Platform inside their own datacenter
Oracle launched a new family of offerings designed to enable organizations to easily move to the cloud and remove some of the biggest obstacles to cloud adoption. These first-of-a-kind services provide CIOs with new choices in where they deploy their enterprise software and a natural path to easily move business critical applications from on-premises to the cloud.

While organizations are eager to move their enterprise workloads to the public cloud, many have been constrained by business, legislative and regulatory requirements that have prevented them from being able to adopt the technology. Today, Oracle is making it easier for organizations in every industry to make this transition and finally reap the performance, cost and innovation benefits of Oracle Public Cloud Services and run them wherever they want-in the Oracle Cloud or in their own datacenter...

Oracle Launches New SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS Cloud Services to Help Organizations in their Journey to the Cloud
Powerful new cloud services help organizations leverage the latest in business transformation trends, including big data, social and mobile
Oracle announced that it has expanded its cloud portfolio, releasing new Oracle Cloud services over the past several months to help companies transition to the cloud. The new services enhance the breadth and depth of Oracle's extensive cloud portfolio across all layers of the stack - SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.

With these new advancements, Oracle provides all of the cloud-based services that organizations need to capitalize on key transformative technologies such as big data analytics, social, mobile, and IoT, as well as continue to extend foundational use cases that enable organizations to move enterprise workloads to the cloud. Oracle continues to help organizations drive innovation and business transformation by increasing business agility, lowering costs, and reducing IT complexity. The new PaaS and IaaS services can be deployed wherever an organization chooses - in the Oracle Cloud or in their own data center via the Oracle Cloud at Customer offering.

Big Data SQL 3.0 Expanded Across All Platforms
By Thanos Terentes Printzios
Thanos Terentes blogs, "The unprecedented explosion in data that can be made useful to enterprises - from the Internet of Things, to the social streams of global customer bases - can create tremendous value. However, with the enormous possibilities of Big Data, there can also be enormous complexity.

Oracle Big Data Appliance was introduced by Oracle addressing the complexity and bringing big data solutions to mainstream enterprises. With Oracle BDA came Big Data SQL, as Oracle's unique approach to providing unified query over data in Oracle Database, Hadoop, and select NoSQL datastores..."

New ways of input still on the verge of the enterprise
By Kathy Miedema
Kathy writes, "When the Oracle Applications User Experience (OAUX) team is researching emerging technologies, we want more than just the cool factor. Enterprise use cases can be hard to come by for some technologies, such as voice and gesture as input, but we need to keep up with the latest developments in those fields anyway so that we're ready when an enterprise use case comes up..."
Finally, A Thoughtful Choice In Where The Cloud Runs Best
Forbes, March 24th, 2016
"Steve Daheb is a thoughtful man. 'Every journey starts with where we stand today,' he says.

Daheb is discussing cloud computing, a topic to which he's given considerable thought as senior vice president of Oracle Cloud. In particular, he's talking about Oracle's newest, most innovative, most audacious cloud services offering, known collectively as Oracle Cloud at Customer. 'This is unique technology,' he says..."

Eric Schmidt Sees A Huge Future For Machine Learning
CIO, March 23rd, 2016
"The man who helped build Google from a search engine into one of the biggest and most influential companies in the world has predicted the emergence of a new computing architecture based on crowd-sourced data and machine learning.

Speaking at Google's GCP Next cloud computing conference in San Francisco, Alphabet Chairman Eric Schmidt said the combination of crowd-sourced data and machine learning will be the basis of "every successful huge IPO" in five years."

He said the adoption of machine learning will allow companies to mine crowd sourced data, which already provides a mass of information not previously available to companies, and improve on it..."

How Machine Learning Will Take Off In The Cloud
ComputerWorld, March 24th, 2016
"A company that helps users to create their own websites now knows what kind of sites their 80 million users are building without pestering them with repeated questions.

Wix, a Tel Aviv-based web development company, is using machine learning on Google's cloud platform to learn more about its users so it can help them find the images they need to build interesting and useful websites.

That's just the beginning of how machine learning will be used in the cloud, according to industry analysts who say machine learning will be the biggest thing that's ever hit the cloud.

David Zuckerman, head of developer experience for Wix, said machine learning in the cloud will be a boon to companies that don't have a major research division..."

Mycroft - The World's First Truly Open Home AI
Freedom Pemguin, March 25th, 2016
"If you haven't heard of Mycroft, there's a good chance you've been living under a rock. And not one of those fancy under-a-rock condos either - the kind of under a rock without - horrors! - wifi! Mycroft is a project over at Indiegogo and Kickstarter that has the distinction of being the first truly open source, open hardware home AI to grace the technological landscape. And, of course, it runs GNU/Linux..."
Fujitsu M10 World Record Performance
Carl Hill, Business Development Manager, Fujitsu-Oracle Center of Excellence
Carl blogs, "The Fujitsu M10 server world record count has increased dramatically, from 7 to 11 world records, as of February 2016. We regularly run industry standard and application benchmarks to provide customers with estimates of how the Fujitsu M10 server will perform on various workloads. The four new world records demonstrate that the Fujitsu M10 business server provides extremely responsive performance on enterprise class workloads. Customers are thus able to process more transactions or data queries on a single Fujitsu M10 system than on other systems..."
Yahoo Cloud Serving Benchmark: SPARC T7-4 with Flash Storage and Oracle NoSQL Beats x86 E5 v3 Per Chip
Brian blogs, "Oracle's SPARC T7-4 server delivered 1.8 million ops/sec on 1.2 billion records for the Yahoo Cloud Serving Benchmark (YCSB) 95% read/5% update workload. Oracle NoSQL Database was used in these tests. NoSQL is important for Big Data Analysis and for Cloud Computing.

In the run comparing the performance of a single SPARC M7 processor to one Intel Xeon Processor E5-2699 v3 for the YCSB 95% read/5% update workload, the SPARC M7 processor was 2.6 times better per chip than the x86 processor and on a per core basis, 1.4 times better than the x86 processor..."

Siebel PSPP: SPARC T7-2 World Record Result, Beats IBM
"Oracle set a new world record for the Siebel Platform Sizing and Performance Program (PSPP) benchmark using Oracle's SPARC T7-2 server for the application server with Oracle's Siebel CRM Industry Applications and Oracle Database 12c running on Oracle Solaris...

The SPARC T7-2 server running the application tier achieved 55,000 users with sub-second response time and with throughput of 457,909 business transactions per hour on the Siebel PSPP benchmark.."

Friday Spotlight: Celebrating Easter and a Week of Great Announcements
By Zeynep Koch
Zeynep blogs, "For us it was a busy week with announcement of Oracle Cloud Machine yesterday. Oracle Cloud Machine is the newest Oracle engineered systems offering. It allows customers to deploy and consume Oracle Cloud IaaS and PaaS in data centers 'behind their own firewalls'. This is interesting primarily because it diverges from the traditional 'private cloud' strategy. Nirav Mehta, Oracle's VP of Product Management, candidly discussed some of the issues in trying to build a true private cloud. The underlying OS is Oracle Linux, of course!..."
Oracle VM 3.4.1 and new performance features
By Jeff Savit
Jeff writes, "Oracle VM 3.4.1 was just released - a substantial release with multiple new features like storage live migration, support for virtual appliances, FCoE and UEFI boot support, and upgrades to system software components. Please refer to the preceding link and to the What's New page in the Release Notes. Also, Oracle VM 3.3.4 was recently released. This maintenance release corrects bugs, and also adds new features for performance. Customers who want to stay on the Oracle VM 3.3 release should move to this level for these improvements..."
Announcing Oracle VM 3.4 - Engineered for Open Cloud Infrastructure
By John Priest
John blogs, "Oracle VM Release 3.4, Oracle's latest server virtualization product, delivers many important new features and enhancements to enable rapid enterprise application deployment throughout public and private cloud infrastructure. The new release continues expanding support for both Oracle and non-Oracle workloads - providing customers and partners with additional choices and interoperability - including the capability to enable OpenStack support..."
IT - Storage
Six Reasons IoT Storage Should Be Object-Based
SearchCloudStorage, March 24th, 2016
"Internet of Things data requires a storage system that can scale, as well as support analytics projects. Find out how object storage systems meet those needs.

Internet of Things devices generate incredible amounts of data that is primarily in the form of unstructured files. While these IoT files are small, they can quickly add up to petabytes. That makes an object storage system or private cloud, object storage in a public cloud, and a hybrid object storage cloud all ideal IoT storage platforms..."

The Future Of Disk Storage
Enterprise Storage Forum, March 22th, 2016
"Taller hard drives with multiple actuator arms supplied in multi-drive packages - these are just a few of Google's suggestions as it calls for a complete rethink of storage disk design.

In a white paper called 'Disks for Data Centers,' published last month, the company gives some hints as to how the hard disk drive might evolve in the coming years..."

Java Technology
Project Jigsaw: The module system
Mark Reinhold's Blog
Mark Reinhold blogs, "Project Jigsaw is an enormous effort, encompassing six JEPs implemented by dozens of engineers over many years. So far we've defined a modular structure for the JDK (JEP 200), reorganized the source code according to that structure (JEP 201), and restructured the JDK and JRE run-time images to support modules (JEP 220). The last major component, the module system itself (JSR 376 and JEP 261), was integrated into JDK 9 earlier this week and is now available for testing in early-access build 111..."
IT - Technology
Mellanox Readies First 200 Gb/S Silicon Photonics Devices
HPCWire, March 22th, 2016
"At the Optical Fiber Conference taking place from March 22-24 in Anaheim, Calif., Mellanox Technologies is announcing an 'important milestone' on the road to High Data Rate (HDR) 200 Gb/s InfiniBand and Ethernet networks. At the trade show, the company is demonstrating 50 Gb/s silicon photonics optical modulators and detectors, which will comprise key elements of 200 Gb/s and 400 Gb/s LinkX cables and transceivers.

'We are the first company to lay out a strategy for 200 Gb/s that's based on the very same QSFP form factor that 40 Gigabit networks, 56 Gb/s in the case of InfiniBand, and 100 Gigabit networks in the case of InfiniBand and Ethernet are all based on,' states Arlon Martin, senior director of marketing at Mellanox Technologies..."

9 Ways Technology Will Change Within The Next 10 Years
Network World, March 24th, 2016
"Ten years ago, there were no smartphones. It was the coffeeshop era of Wi-Fi, which meant that the Internet was just beginning to follow us out the door and into the world. Amazon first released EC2, to some confusion.

Nowadays, of course, Wi-Fi and mobile data are almost ubiquitous, smartphones have hit market saturation in the most developed nations, and EC2 is a cornerstone of modern business IT. The pace of technological progress continues to accelerate, it seems, as entire new product categories change the way we live and do business, and there's no end in sight.

Here's our look ahead to 10 years in the future, and how the tech world may change..."

Hyper-Connected Cars Can Drive You To Paranoia
Network World, March 21st, 2016
"This sounds like an ugly thing for a ham radio operator and director of a community radio station to say but: Clip your car's antenna. Or stuff a wad of chewing gum into your car's USB port, and perhaps its ODB2 port. Enough is enough.

As Andy Greenberg of WIRED wrote of a US DOT Public Service Announcement, 'it is important that consumers and manufacturers maintain awareness of potential cyber security threats' to their now hyper-connected cars..."

Should You Worry That Your Car Will Be Hacked?
ComputerWorld, March 23rd, 2016
"The federal government's warning last week about cybersecurity vulnerabilities in vehicles is a well-intentioned public service announcement that has little value for consumers.

The warning noted the highly publicized wireless vehicle hack of a Chrysler Jeep Cherokee last July, where two security experts demonstrated they could control critical functions of the vehicle. The revelation lead to Chrysler recalling 1.4 million vehicles to update software..."

The Most Momentous Tech Events Of The Past 30 Years (Slideshow)
Network World, March 24th, 2016
"The tech industry mirrors what goes on in regular society - people and companies rise in power one year only to fade away the next. That kind of change is the one constant in the high-tech industry. We have seen some spectacular successes and some incredible flame-outs. In 30 years the tech industry has seen many such transformations from companies such as IBM and Cisco to Nortel (remember them?) to technologies like SNA and Token Ring to Ethernet. Here we try to focus on the most important happenings since our own inception in 1986. Enjoy the ride..."
Want Faster Systems? Grow A Laser On The Chip
Network World, March 22th, 2016
"Using lasers to communicate between microprocessors and systems will make electronics much faster. The race is on and a laser has now been grown directly on a chip, say scientists.

One of the things that has always been a bottleneck in electronics has been getting the data in and out of the chip. The silicon semiconductor, within itself, communicates faster than it does with the surrounding system.

That may be about to change, though. A laser incorporated onto the semiconductor could be the answer to solving the slowdown, think scientists. And they now believe they know how to do it: Simply grow the laser straight onto the silicon..."

    IT - Bitcoin
    Law Enforcement Continues To Invest In Bitcoin Tracking Services, March 21st, 2016
    "With malicious DDOS attacks and ransomware on the rise, it's no surprise that law enforcement wants to get a grasp on this technology. Blockchain intelligence company Elliptic has just received funding for $5 million USD to help curb cryptocurrency related crime with one of the investing firms headed by a former NSA director..."
      Bitcoin Remains Most Popular Digital Currency On Dark Web
      CoinDesk, March 21st, 2016
      "Two professors at the Department of War Studies at King's College London have published the results of their deep dive into The Onion Router, or Tor, network, which is designed to make it difficult to track the activity of online users.

      The study found that websites offered illicit goods and services in 12 categories, including finance, and that bitcoin was still the digital currency of choice for conducting a wide range of other transactions..."

      Wirex Brings Paypal-To-Bitcoin Conversion To Over 30 Countries, March 21st, 2016
      "Buying Bitcoin through more convenient and conventional payment solutions can be a struggle for digital currency enthusiasts, depending on their location. Luckily, services such as Wirex make it easier to do so, as they announced a new feature to buy Bitcoin through PayPal. What is even more important, they have come up with a way to keep the fees on the low side. This new feature will be available to Wirex in over thirty countries starting today..."
      Is Bitcoin The New Swiss Bank Account (And Is That A Problem?)
      Bitcoin Magazine, March 24th, 2016
      "Bitcoin was embraced by many for its libertarian ideals of economic liberty and individual sovereignty. But it has now effectively been dragged into the current, and very public, privacy debate between Apple and the FBI.

      Last week, President Barack Obama said he believes a balance must be sought between privacy and security. As one example of the risks of strong encryption, and seemingly referring to cryptocurrencies, Obama pointed out that if government can't access phones, 'everybody is walking around with a Swiss bank account in their pocket.'..."

      MIT Media Lab Director: How The Bitcoin Blockchain Can Unlock The Internet's Full Potential
      CryptoCoinsNews, March 24th, 2016
      "Brian Forde, MIT Media Lab's director of digital currency, explained how bitcoin and the blockchain could transform the way the world does business during a podcast interview presented by Inc. Uncensored. A team of Inc. editors, led by Editor James Ledbetter, introduced Forde and asked him to give an overview of bitcoin and the blockchain before posing questions..."
      The Role Of Bitcoin Nodes: Do Full Nodes Running In Data Centers Benefit The Bitcoin Network?
      Bitcoin Magazine, March 24th, 2016
      "Since its launch, Bitcoin Classic's node count has steadily increased. The latest release of the alternative Bitcoin implementation even topped the charts, with almost 3,000 Bitcoin Classic 0.12 nodes reachable on the network.

      But a closer look at these statistics reveal some odd details.

      First, IP-data suggests that many Bitcoin Classic nodes might not really be many Bitcoin Classic nodes at all. Instead, a single node could use multiple IP addresses to spoof total node count. This possibility appears more likely in light of the observation that very few Bitcoin Classic nodes seem to be replacing existing Bitcoin Core nodes, indicating that these are new nodes, rather than node operators actually make the switch..."

      100,000 Locations Worldwide Now Accept Bitcoin With Bitit Gift Cards, March 24th, 2016
      "Bitit, a company based in Paris, has launched a new initiative to let consumers buy bitcoins from 100,000 physical stores all over the world. Physical Bitcoin gift cards can be of major significance in the efforts of pushing digital currency adoption to new levels. Plus, Bitit provides consumers with a physical representation of Bitcoin..."
      Federal Reserve Says Bitcoin Has 'Significant Friction', March 24th, 2016
      "Researchers from the New York Federal Reserve have issued a report on the digital currency Bitcoin. The study called 'Is Bitcoin Really Frictionless?' uses some historical prices and arbitrage between three leading exchanges in the past. The analysis by the authors gives a detailed opinion on why there are different spot price ranges among each exchange concluding that the digital currency is not really frictionless..."
      IT - FOSS
      10 Facts About Open Source You Need To Know (Slideshow)
      The VAR Guy, March 22th, 2016
      "It seems open source solutions are everywhere you look these days, and the promise of easily accessible and public code has become an attractive prospect to both individual developers and big companies like Microsoft (MSFT). You may consider yourself a GNU/Linux expert, but here are some facts you probably didn't know about the world of open source..."
      What Does Open Source Software Mean To The U.S. Federal Government?
      The VAR Guy, March 21st, 2016
      "It may be five or ten years behind the curve, but the U.S. government has now declared its love for open source software -- or what it calls open source software, at least.

      On March 10 the White House published a blog post that declared a new campaign designed to increase the use of open source by the federal government. It also drafted a policy document on source code, which is open for comment on GitHub..."

      IT - DevOps
      CIOs Need To Avoid A Mistaken Path To DevOps
      CIO, March 24th, 2016
      "DevOps is the completion of the Agile methodology and creates an engineering environment in which developers can achieve speed. How fast is the difference? Agile is like a person running fast - about 20 miles per hour tops. DevOps is like a person driving a Ferrari who can exceed 200 miles per hour. Often as I talk with CIOs, I learn they focus on automated provisioning as an important aspect of DevOps. And it is. But it's only a small component. Achieving the engineering environment similar to the acceleration of a Ferrari requires fundamental operating changes..."
      How To Kick-Start Your DevOps Adoption, March 25th, 2016
      "A recent survey by CA Technologies found Australian organizations are below par in terms of implementing measures to adopt and achieve successful DevOps strategies.

      According to Ashok Vasan, vice president of DevOps Solutions Strategy at CA Technologies Asia Pacific and Japan, organizations are generally aware of the DevOps methodology and its value, but they either don't know how to start or they've begun but then failed to move to rapid or broad adoption.

      A lot of companies ask CA about the prerequisites for a successful DevOps adoption, he said. It needs to be considered as more than just an IT change, and success requires an understanding and acknowledgement that the business side must lead the transition..."

      Why Chef's Approach To DevOps Substantiates The ItaaS Delivery Model
      CIO, March 24th, 2016
      "How Adam Jacob, CTO of Chef, articulates a perspective of DevOps that shows that DevOps and the IT as a Service (ITaaS) delivery model are two sides of the same coin: the lean and agile IT organization businesses need to succeed in the digital economy.

      Adam sees DevOps as a system of people, principles and practices shared across the organization and purposely assembled to achieve specific goals. "DevOps is about taking the behaviors and beliefs that draw us together as people, combining them with a deep understanding of our customers' needs, and using that knowledge to ship better products to our customers."

      Cloud Computing
      Security Guidelines Within MCS
      By Stefan Victor Oprea
      Stefan Victor Oprea writes, "Today, almost every successful business had already enhanced mobility. If you have any doubts, take a quick glimpse at your Smartphone.

      Building loyalty, increasing sell-through, reinforcing your brand and increasing the visibility and accessibility are just a few of the most important benefits that your business can have by going mobile.

      Let's not forget that your customers or users will have their benefits as well. Having the information at their finger tips and one-touch access, offline availability and being fast and the list can go on according to your business domain..."

        Announcing Oracle Cloud Machine: Can you have your cake and eat it too?
        By Zeynep Koch
        Zeynep blogs, "The appeal of public cloud services is undeniable and unstoppable. But, a vast majority of applications are constrained from moving to the public cloud due to data residency and privacy laws, intellectual property concerns, and sensitivity to latency of the traffic to and from the public Internet.

        If the phrase 'Private Cloud' sounds like an oxymoron to you, you are not alone..."

          Hybrid Cloud Integration
          By Stephen Read
          Stephen blogs, "The new reality of Cloud introduces a whole new dimension of complexity to integration. Over the past 2 years I have come to the conclusion that there are four things that we as integration architects should take into consideration which are generally overlooked..."
            NEW PODCAST: Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux
            By Zeynep Koch
            Zeynep Koch writes, "This week we have released a new podcast - quick summary of the Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux - that we think you will find interesting. It provides an overview of the key features, key MySQL components and availability enhancements..."
            Get Up to Speed on Oracle Linux 7! Take Interactive Training Courses
            By Diana.H. Gray
            Diana blogs, "Oracle Linux 7 builds on Oracle's approach to providing support for emerging technologies, such as OpenStack.

            It delivers the latest Linux innovations, tools, and features customers and partners need to deliver enterprise-grade solutions for the modern data center.

            To discover what Oracle Linux 7 has to offer, Oracle University offers courses to get you started as an Oracle Linux system administrator.

            Learn about XFS, Btrfs, Linux Containers (LXC), Dtrace, Ksplice, Xen enhancements and the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 3..."

            IT - Cloud
            Cloud Security: Understanding New Risks, Rising To New Challenges
            Dark Reading, March 21st, 2016
            "In a business world dominated by the cloud, security ops has to change the way we play the game in order to accomplish our strategic goals.

            During the course of my travels, there is one topic that comes up in nearly every meeting I attend: organizations moving to the cloud. Whether we like it or not, cloud migration is upon us, and the pace at which it is occurring seems to increase with each passing day. Many organizations I work with have already moved a number of business functions to the cloud, are in the process of doing so, or are seriously evaluating or planning for a move in this direction..."

            Growing Up Hybrid: The Hybrid Cloud Comes Of Age
            InformationWeek, March 23rd, 2016
            Hybrid cloud is now the standard for getting the most out of your IT infrastructure. How important is it to your organization's digital future?

            Hybrid cloud is no longer a new approach to getting the most out of your IT infrastructure -- it's the standard. In fact, IDC predicts that 80% of all enterprise IT organizations will commit to hybrid cloud architectures by 2017, blending heritage systems with cloud-based environments.

            Hybrid Cloud Strategies That Work
            Datamation, March 21st, 2016
            "Enterprises are getting the message when it comes to cloud computing - get on board. While few may be engaging in an outright full move away from a traditional on-premise datacenter to off-premise cloud computing, the so-called hybrid cloud strategy is gaining in popularity.

            A recent survey by cloud management company Rightscale of organizations with at least 1,000 employees showed that a whopping 95 percent already have a hybrid cloud strategy that involves moving at least some business applications and data to both public and private environments..."

            Is A Cloud Bursting Architecture Difficult To Implement?
            SearchCloudComputing, March 21st, 2016
            "Cloud bursting helps organizations use the public cloud to manage sudden spikes in demand. But what challenges or issues might it introduce?

            Cloud bursting is the process of moving workloads between a private cloud and a public cloud to accommodate changing workload demands..."

              Making The Business Case For Cloud
              Network Computing, March 25th, 2016
              "IT leaders need to fully understand costs and business need of the DIY model when considering cloud.

              IT managers are often caught in a tough position when exploring cloud as a viable alternative to traditional infrastructure and application service methods. On one hand, it's widely accepted that cloud services are a crucial enabler to being innovative, agile and cost efficient..."

              Resilient Cloud Network Architectures: Fundamentals
              Securosis, March 25th, 2016
              "As much as we like to believe we have evolved as a species, people continue to be scared of things they don't understand. Yes, many organizations have embraced the cloud whole hog and are rushing headlong into the cloud age. But it's a big world, and millions of others remain paralyzed - not really understanding cloud computing, and taking the general approach that it can't be secure because, well, it just can't. Or it's too new. Or some for other unfounded and incorrect reason. Kind of like when folks insisted that the Earth was the center of the universe..."
              IT - CxO
              7 Things No One Tells A New CIO
              FWC, March 21st, 2016
              "The role of federal agency CIOs, like most senior government positions, has always been a high-pressure, high-turnover job. And with the two-term administration of President Barack Obama winding down, CIO departures are all but certain to increase as political appointees cycle out and career executives choose to retire before a new team cycles in..."
              Why A Strategic IT Plan Is A Cio'S Best Asset
              The Enterprisers Project, March 22th, 2016
              "As we embark on a new year, I think it's important to have a strategic, forward-looking plan in place for IT. The role of an institutional IT organization is to identify those systems, services and capabilities that can best be performed centrally and to deliver them robustly at scale.

              Faced with ever increasing expectations and what can feel like ever decreasing resources, it can be challenging to pick up your head and look past the crisis du jour. The urgent, by virtue of classical risk management, can squeeze out the important..."

              Why you need a CSO/CISO
              CIO, March 24th, 2016
              "When it comes to security, you're better off employing a specialist. However, according to recent research, less than half of companies employ a CSO/CISO.

              Your CIO has enough on her/his plate without taking on responsibility for security, too. While there's plenty a CIO (or a CTO) can tackle when it comes to security, these roles are 'generalists.' What you really need is a chief security officer or a chief information security officer (CSO/CISO) -- a security specialist..."

              IT - DR
              Business Continuity RPO and RTO: Why Should I Care?
              SmartDataCollective, March 22th, 2016
              "Disaster recovery is pretty important, right? You need to be able to work at some point if your network goes down because of a major disaster, whether it's a natural disaster or a result of some sort of network invasion or massive failure. While there are a lot of acronyms in the technology management industry, when it comes to disaster recovery and continuity, the most important two are RPO and RTO. RPO is the Recovery Point Objective, or the point in time in the past that you will recover to. Recovery Time Objective refers to the point in the future when you'll be up and running once again. ..."
              Disaster Recovery: 3 Lessons From The HBO Playbook
              Virtual-Strategy Magazine, March 25th, 2016
              "When HBO dropped the bombshell in October that they would be launching a standalone streaming service, I'm sure I wasn't the only one who said, 'about time.' Like so many other consumers, I jumped on the 'cord cutting' bandwagon because the cable companies weren't meeting my media consumption needs.

              I also couldn't help but think of the parallels between the upheaval in cable industry and the sea change that's quietly occurring in the disaster recovery industry. It's a cautionary tale for legacy DR vendors and a directive for IT buyers to look for disaster recovery vendors capitalizing on new cloud technology. In short, they should be looking for the 'HBO or Netflix' of the disaster recovery industry..."

              Friday Spotlight: OTN Virtual Technology Summit, April 5th
              By Simon Coter
              Simon blogs, "OTN Virtual Technology Summit is coming and we are going to attend this important virtual-class meeting.

              Hear from Oracle ACEs, Java Champions, and Oracle product experts as they share their insight and experience (through technical demo's/presentations and hands on labs) in meeting today's IT challenges in the upcoming Oracle Technology Network Virtual Technology Summit. These interactive, online events offers four technical tracks, each with a unique focus on specific tools, technologies, and tips. Between them you can find:

              • Database Track
              • Java Track
              • Middleware Track
              • Operating Systems and Virtualization Track

              Operating Systems and Virtualization Track covers best practices for implementing, optimising and securing your operating system, management tools and hardware. In addition we will also discuss best practices related to Oracle VM and Oracle VM Templates..."

              IT - Networks
              5 Reasons To Move To An SD-WAN
              Network World, March 21st, 2016
              "The enterprise WAN has transitioned from dedicated TDM circuits with Frame Relay and ATM, to Packet-over-SONET and MPLS, and now to Ethernet-access services. However, two things have remained constant, WAN bandwidth is still expensive and provisioning WAN services can take a long time.

              In addition, WANs have challenges with backup link utilization, security of remote sites, traffic engineering, Quality of Service (QoS), touchless provisioning, and traffic visibility. These issues and many business drivers are causing companies to re-evaluate their WAN design and deployment and look for opportunities for improvement.

              Software-Defined WANs (SD-WAN) offer many advantages that make them compelling..."

              A Quick Look At The 2016 Ethernet Roadmap
              insideHPC, March 22th, 2016
              "The Ethernet Alliance unveiled its 2016 Ethernet Roadmap at OFC 2016. The roadmap highlights Ethernet's breadth of speeds, current and next-generation modules and interfaces, PoE, and innovations like the OIF's FlexEthernet, and offers an overview of existing and future modules including QSFP-DD, microQSFP, and OBO; interfaces; and nomenclature at speeds from 10 Mb/s to 400GbE. The roadmap also addresses Ethernet's rapidly diversifying markets, including consumer, residential, enterprise, data centers, and service providers, and the expanding roster of applications like PoE, Power over Data Line (PoDL), and automotive..."
              Draw Up A Data Center Network Diagram You'll Actually Use
              SearchDataCenter, March 24th, 2016
              "Creating a data center network diagram is time-consuming but necessary work. Keep the scope narrow and know the priorities of your diagram to save time and energy.

              Ask any network engineer what their least favorite task is, and most will refer to documentation. Documentation, particularly the data center network diagram, is often hard to create and, many times, even harder to maintain..."

                Managing The Software-Defined Wan
                Network World, March 22th, 2016
                "In previous articles I discussed how SD-WAN is an attractive step forward from simple IPsec VPNs as well as multi-vendor, multi-technology hybrid WANs, driving new functionality and quality levels into these networks. One important question is how next-generation WANs are managed - and by whom..."
                  Network Security Operations Becoming More Difficult
                  Help Net Security, March 23rd, 2016
                  "One hundred and fifty enterprise IT security professionals from a wide range of industries were surveyed by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) to gain a better understanding of their plans for adopting software-defined networking (SDN) in the near future, as well as their opinions on the increasing level of difficulty in managing heterogeneous network environments..."
                  Networking Then and Now: 1986 Vs 2016
                  Network World, March 24th, 2016
                  As Network World celebrates its 30th anniversary, we took a look back at the scene in 1986 ... and had a chuckle.
                    SDNs Come To The Branch Office, With Risks
                    CIO, March 24th, 2016
                    "Looking to save on networking costs, some CIOs are extending SDN capabilities to the WANs that connect remote offices. The challenge is that the fledgling SD-WAN market is unpredictable and driven largely by startups.

                    Companies have been implementing software-defined networking (SDN) in an effort to make their networks more responsive to cloud services that require flexibility to accommodate scaling traffic loads. Now CIOs hoping to shave dollars off of their costly networking bills are looking to extend SDN capabilities to their wide area networks (WANs)..."

                    Three Barriers To Introducing Unified Communications To Your Business (And How To Solve Them)
                    ITProPortal, March 24th, 2016
                    "So far in this series we have explored what unified communications means in today's connected world and what benefits introducing a UC system brings to your business, from staff training to securing budget

                    In this piece we will explore three of the most common barriers to replacing a siloed communications system with a UC package..."

                    Why Network Disaggregation Isn't For The Enterprise
                    NetworkComputing, March 21st, 2016
                    "There's a lot of talk today in the industry about network disaggregation. Internet giants like Facebook say it provides the flexibility that traditional networking equipment doesn't. Networking vendors like Dell and Juniper are jumping on the disaggregation bandwagon, saying they want to provide their customers with more choice.

                    But I'm not going to beat around the bush: Despite what you've been told and sold, there is no compelling case to migrate to a disaggregated network in the enterprise..."

                    IT - IoT
                    Internet Of Things: Platforms And Programs You Need To Know
                    Business 2 Community, March 21st, 2016
                    "IoT development projects are everywhere, and affordable, advanced technology is the driving force behind this fast-growing phenomenon. Smaller, more accessible hardware and the flexibility to use common programming languages make it easier than ever before to develop these embedded IoT systems. From hobbyists programming their own single-board computers to companies developing devices we can control from our mobile devices, the IoT is rapidly expanding..."
                    Gartner Warns Of Approaching Apocalypse For IoT Data Management
                    SmartDataCollective, March 24th, 2016
                    "The unprecedented expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) has led to a rapidly expanding amount of generated data. Industry experts are warning that at the current rate of growth, unstructured data will inevitably become an unmanageable tsunami. Data management overload is a near-certainty.

                    Citing a recent Gartner report, Enterprise Tech reports that the impact of IoT on enterprise infrastructure will be serious. The report says that 'due to a lack of information capabilities adapted for the IoT' an estimated 25% of attempts to use IoT data will have to be abandoned prior to successful deployment..."

                    Consumers Worried About Iot Security, Survey Finds
                    eWeek, March 21st, 2016
                    "A recent survey by mobile security technology vendor BullGuard highlighted not only how popular the Internet of things is becoming, but the security issues it raises.

                    The survey of more than 6,000 residents in the UK found a disconnect between the growing number of people interested in buying Internet of things (IoT) devices and their abilities to secure those devices. More than a quarter of respondents said they are planning to buy IoT devices in the next 12 months. However, 66 percent of them are concerned about attacks against their devices, and 57 percent are worried about privacy breaches..."

                    IoT 101 - Explained So Even My Grandmother Can Understand
                    Business 2 Community, March 25th, 2016
                    "IoT described so my grandmother can understand...

                    If you're reading this, then you probably already know IoT stands for The Internet of Things.

                    Even armed with this knowledge some basics can still be uncovered. The Internet of Things is also referred to as the Internet of Everything, but we'll address that later..."

                    Searching For A Path To IoT Security
                    CIO, March 25th, 2016
                    "We probably see 5-10 Internet of Things (IoT) security posts or news feeds every day. I read one last week that said that 'real IoT security is over 10 years away.' The article was an accounting of a panel discussion between experienced security experts so their analysis was a downer for someone like me who believes that the IoT has so much potential in everyday human endeavors. Panelist Eugen Kaspersky summarized the problem from the point of view of critical infrastructure security: 'I am waiting for any government to introduce a cyber&#8209;resilience strategy.' But then he later adds 'Lawyers are late and regulators are late. Government regulators typically take 10 years to recognize a problem'..."
                    IT - Linux
                    Linux Best Bets: There's A Desktop Distro Just Right For You
                    ZDNet, March 23rd, 2016
                    "There are hundreds of Linux desktop distributions. What's a would-be Linux desktop user to do? Luckily for you, you don't have to try them all out to find a good fit.

                    The key question is: 'What do you want to use Linux for?' Once you know that, everything else is easy..."

                    IT - Operations
                    Why Google Doesn't Outsource Data Center Operations
                    Data Center Knowledge, March 24th, 2016
                    "Human error is the root cause of most data center outages. It is the data center industry's maxim backed by data, collected and published by companies that study it.

                    At Google data centers, however, it simply doesn't apply. Why? Because Google data centers are operated by the one percent..."

                    Is Hyperconverged Worth The Hype?
                    Storage-Switzerland, March 23rd, 2016
                    "Hyperconvergence is capturing the attention of IT professionals. The apparent simplicity of the technology is certainly appealing to an IT staff that is often stretched too thin to properly manage the environment. As a result the IT staff is often responding to requests for more IT resources by haphazardly applying more hardware. Hyperconvergence promises to change all that. Each node incrementally increases the compute, networking and performance capabilities of the environment. For an over-worked IT team, the hyper-converged approach probably seems ideal but hyperconvergence is not without its issues. IT needs to evaluate both the good and the bad of hyperconvergence to see if the technology will meet the demands of the organization..."
                    What Enterprise Data Center Managers Can Learn From Web Giants
                    Data Center Knowledge, March 25th, 2016
                    "This month, we focus on the open source data center. From innovation at every physical layer of the data center coming out of Facebook's Open Compute Project to the revolution in the way developers treat IT infrastructure that's being driven by application containers, open source is changing the data center throughout the entire stack. This March, we zero in on some of those changes to get a better understanding of the pervasive open source data center..."
                    IT - Security
                    27% Of US Office Workers Would Sell Their Passwords
                    CSO Online, March 21st, 2016
                    "In a survey released today, 27 percent of of U.S. office workers at large companies would sell their work password to an outsider, compared to a global average of 20 percent.

                    And despite all the recent media attention on data breaches, password hygiene is actually deteriorating, said Juliette Rizkallah, CMO at SailPoint Technologies, which sponsored the survey..."

                      Advanced Persistent Bot Activity On The Rise
                      Help Net Security, March 25th, 2016
                      "Bad bots are used by fraudsters and are the key culprits behind web scraping, brute force attacks, competitive data mining, online fraud, account hijacking, data theft, unauthorized vulnerability scans, spam, man-in-the-middle attacks, digital ad fraud, and downtime.

                      In their annual report that identifies statistically significant data on global bot traffic, Distil Networks identified an influx of Advanced Persistent Bots (APBs). These can mimic human behavior, load JavaScript and external assets, tamper with cookies, perform browser automation, and spoof IP addresses and user agents..."

                      9 Biggest Information Security Threats Through 2018 (Slideshow)
                      CIO, March 22th, 2016
                      "Each year, the Information Security Forum, a nonprofit association that researches and analyzes security and risk management issues, releases its 'Threat Horizon' report to provide a forward-looking view of the biggest security threats over a two-year period. Here are the top nine threats to watch for through 2018..."
                      How To Manage IT Access For External Users
                      ComputerWeekly, March 23rd, 2016
                      "Identity and access management has extended from being solely an internal IT management process to focus on external business engagement too

                      Quocirca research published in 2015 showed that all organisations now interact online with external users. To manage these relationships and provide controlled access to applications businesses need to know who the individual users are.

                      Identity access management (IAM) systems have had to scale up to cope with this, and their use has been extended into lines of business. With these shifts, information stored in IAM systems now holds real business value..."

                      People Are (Still) The Biggest Security Risks
                      CIO, March 25th, 2016
                      "We're battling thousands of years of evolution," says Kevin Epstein, vice president of the Threat Operations Center at Proofpoint. "It's natural to be curious about things. Unfortunately, with email scams, it's better to think before you click."

                      One more reason we - the collective 'we,' that is - continue clicking on malicious links or downloading bogus attachments, despite being told not to: hackers have gotten much better at pretending to be someone they're not, using social engineering to slip past our guard by masquerading as someone else.

                        This Bag Of Tricks May Help Stop A Locky Ransomware Infection
                        Network World, March 22th, 2016
                        "A malware researcher has found a few tricks to stop one of the latest types of ransomware, called Locky, from infecting a computer without using any security programs.

                        Ransomware is malware that encrypts a computer's files. Users are shown instructions for how to pay a fee to get the decryption key. The costs can range from a few hundreds dollars to thousands, payable to cybercriminals in bitcoin..."

                        Why Are Employees Shunning Security?
                        Continuity Central, March 22th, 2016
                        "Information security often seems to be an internal battle ground, with the organization attempting to impose ever more restrictive security and employees continually looking for ways round it to make their jobs easier and more productive. Per Stritich explains why this situation occurs and what to do about it.

                        Security procedures are vital in many areas of everyday life. Across the globe, busy airports ensure crew and passengers alike go through thorough and strict security checks. This may be time-consuming and inconvenient but is absolutely necessary to ensure passenger safety and the consequences of skipping such processes have the potential to be extremely dangerous..."

                        Banks Failing With Password Management, But Why?
                        Help Net Security, March 25th, 2016
                        "A recent study shows some terrifying results: banks in the U.S. often have less secure password policies in place than do social media websites. Specifically, the study found that 35 percent of the test group appear to have a significant weakness in their password policies used by their customers to access their accounts and manage their money..."
                          Chip-And-PIN Adoption Still Slow
                          CSO Online, March 24th, 2016
                          "The 'chip-and-PIN' credit card system is more secure than the legacy 'swipe-and signature.' But adoption of the new system remains slow - many small merchants find the cost of upgrading more significant than the increased liability risk from fraud..."
                            IT - Careers
                            It's The Talent, Stupid
                            Business 2 Community, March 21st, 2016
                            "Six presidential campaigns later, I've still got Bill Clinton's iconic 1992 slogan running through my head: It's the economy, stupid. But it's not the economy that I'm thinking about - it's corporate relocation that's on my mind. What was so effective about Clinton's irresistible one-liner is the way it redirected American attention. He not-so-politely told us that, when it came to diagnosing national unrest, we were getting it wrong..."
                              Are Apprenticeships The Solution To London's Digital Skills Problem?
                              ComputerWeekly, March 21st, 2016
                              "With the technology skills shortage holding back London's burgeoning tech startup scene, can a commitment to apprenticeships help?

                              London's tech sector faces a significant shortage of talent. From the fintech pioneers of Level39 in Canary Wharf to the digital media startups of BBC Labs in Shepherd's Bush, the story is the same..."

                                Didn't Get Your Dream Job? 8 Tips For Handling Rejection
                                CIO, March 23rd, 2016
                                "Even in the booming IT industry with unemployment at historic lows, landing a tech job isn't a given. Making it through several rounds of interviews and technical screenings can make you feel as though you're a shoe-in for the role, only to discover the company's decided you're not the right fit..."
                                  The Best Tech Training: Pros & Cons
                                  Network Computing, March 25th, 2016
                                  "You've seen all the headlines: Technology professionals are in huge demand, and salaries outpace almost every other field. But employers are more demanding than ever, requiring long lists of skills to even make it through the resume filter. Many IT pros are looking to additional training to help boost their chances.

                                  JPMorgan Chase recently studied the hype around the boom in tech hiring and the gap between open positions and skills development. The resulting report, Tech Jobs for All? Exploring the Promise and Pitfalls of Technology Training in the United States, explored the growing number of available training programs and the unique obstacles they face in developing the workforce we need..."

                                    The Future Looks Bright For IT Workers
                                    CIO, March 21st, 2016
                                    "Business are starting to invest more in IT, and that means they're also investing in IT workers. A study from Brilliant found that Q4 hiring for IT has remained steady, as businesses search for qualified tech workers. The IT skills gap and talent shortage remains an ongoing business challenge as technology becomes the cornerstone of nearly every industry. That shift means there is a bigger demand for tech pros with specific skill sets; and companies are hiring qualified individuals faster than schools can graduate candidates with the right skills..."
                                      What To Do And Say When Asked To, 'Describe Yourself'
                                      Business 2 Community, March 21st, 2016
                                      "'Tell me a little about yourself,' is often the one of the first question you hear during a job interview.

                                      The hiring person may be stalling because they have not had the proper time to study your resume or they may realize that an open-ended question, such as this can be an effective way to identify candidates who can fit in with their culture and perform well. In either case, they are often deciding whether it is worth continuing the interview based on how you answer this seemingly innocent and casual ice-breaker.

                                      But, there is a lot at stake, and you can make the situation work to your advantage. Learn how to describe yourself quickly and compellingly so you can land more job offers, and advance when you are hired..."

                                        IT - Social Media
                                        7 Questions To Ask Before Engaging Customers With Push Notifications
                                        Business 2 Community, March 24th, 2016
                                        "How to connect and engage with customers is on the minds of most every business owner. Companies know they need to reach customers in real-time with personalized messages to remain competitive. Though we're just beginning to tap the potential of the mobile market, businesses are seeing mobile apps as an effective way to build customer loyalty and improve engagement. How so?..."
                                          What To Tell Your Legal Department About The Risks Of Social Media
                                          Business 2 Community, March 26th, 2016
                                          "This is an old topic - it predates even the term social media. I remember being asked about what to say to lawyers years ago about the 'risks of blogging.' But apparently, it's a topic that has legs, because someone recently asked me this very same question again. She seemed a bit sheepish about asking, so maybe that's progress, telling me that their legal department is 'very conservative.'

                                          The first place to start is with the word risk. Social media actually does not pose a risk..."

                                            IT - Email
                                            How Can A DMARC Policy Improve Email Security?
                                            Search Security, March 23rd, 2016
                                            "Many large email providers are adding or expanding on their use of DMARC policy to combat email fraud. How does DMARC protect against email threats, and how strict should an enterprise DMARC policy be?

                                            Even though there have been various methods introduced over the years to try and identify email from spoofed addresses, email fraud still remains a big problem. Spam filters are somewhat effective, but always lag behind the ever-changing tactics of spammers. Furthermore, domain administrators never know how many legitimate messages fail to arrive, or are blocked by these filters. Mechanisms such as Sender Policy Framework (SPF), Sender ID and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) have also helped to reduce email fraud by providing greater assurance of the message sender's identity, but they work in isolation from each other, which reduces their overall effectiveness..."

                                              SMTP Strict Transport Security Standard Drafted for Email Security
                                              eWeek, March 23rd, 2016
                                              "Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and others published the draft of a standard that could yield significant benefits for email security.

                                              Love it or hate it, email remains a must-have tool in the modern Internet, though email isn't always as secure as it should be. When users connect to email servers, those connections have the potential to be intercepted by attackers, so there is a need for standards, like the new SMTP Strict Transport Security (STS) standard, published March 18 as an Internet Engineering Task Force (IEFT) draft..."

                                              Accessing Cloud Storage
                                              By Pat Shuff
                                              Pat Shuff blogs, "Oracle cloud storage is not the first product that performs basic block storage in the cloud. The name is a little confusing as well. When you think of cloud storage, the first thing that you think of is dropbox,, google docs, or some other file storage service. Oracle Cloud Storage is a different kind of storage. This storage is more like Amazon S3 storage and less like file storage in that it provides the storage foundation for other services like compute, backup, or database..."
                                              IT - Backup
                                              Backup Target Features Evolve For Better Data Protection
                                              SearchDataBackup, March 24th, 2016
                                              "Disk backup targets have grown to include many new elements that can aid an organization's data protection. But traditional components remain as well.

                                              A disk backup target is the primary destination for data protection jobs. But over the years, disk-based backup targets have evolved to become far more than just cheap disk arrays. As IT professionals consider upgrading or replacing their current technology, they need to understand the different capabilities these systems can offer..."

                                                IT - Mobile
                                                3 Smart Mobile Marketing Trends To Watch
                                                ITProPortal, March 24th, 2016
                                                "2015 marked the first year that mobile traffic exceeded desktop internet use (at least in the U.S.), and 2016 is poised for even greater smartphone and tablet engagement among consumers.

                                                Given larger technology trends and developments, consumers' growing use of mobile devices is not all that surprising, but it is game-changing - especially when it comes to motivating consumers to action..."

                                                  5 Things You Need To Know About 5G
                                                  CIO, March 21st, 2016
                                                  "Most of us in the tech sector are drawn to the 'speed and feeds' - the technical specs that reveal what is better than the last dot release. We want faster processors, more solid state memory capacity and networks with lower latency. Yet, there are often Herculean jumps forward in technology that do more than just add a bit more capacity or speed.

                                                  That's the case with 5G wireless. Both AT&T and Verizon have announced limited trials for the faster cellular data connection, which will likely debut by 2020. It's important for IT leaders to know about, especially for planning and strategy purposes, but it's also easy to miss the fact that 5G wireless (according to the technical experts) is more than a speed boost..."

                                                    Blame The Cellphone: Injuries Pile Up, From Cat Bites To Shocks To Broken Bones
                                                    Network World, March 23rd, 2016
                                                    "We've all become aware of the dangers that drivers preoccupied with their cellphones cause on the roads and most have also probably seen plenty of 'pedtextrians' endangering themselves by paying way more attention to their phones than their surroundings. But phone-related injuries go way beyond these two scenarios - we're talking everything from ringing phones that supposedly scare dogs and cats into biting people to people being really dumb (and gross) about where they stick their smartphones..."
                                                      MDM Vs. MAM: Best Choice For Mobile Management
                                                      Information Week, March 22th, 2016
                                                      "When deciding between mobile device management (MDM) or mobile application management (MAM), enterprises should consider factors including number of in-house employees, compliance requirements, and data security.

                                                      Businesses can't get enough apps. Research consultancy Gartner last year predicted that by the end of 2017, demand for mobile app development services will grow at least five times faster than internal IT groups can deliver them..."

                                                      The Debate Is Over - Businesses Need Both Apps And Mobile Websites
                                                      Business 2 Community, March 24th, 2016
                                                      "Until recently, you needed to employ a custom developer at considerable expense if you wanted to create an app for your SMB. The good news is that, for your average small business operating on a tight budget, there are now cheaper options if you want provide your customers with a dedicated app.

                                                      You may still ask if it's worth it. After all, you have a website and that works just fine.

                                                      When you realize that over 80% of moms always have their mobile phone with them and make 33% of their online purchases on them, you begin to see level of disruption smartphones have caused. In the next 10 to 15 years, it's possible we'll buy from our mobile or tablet only. If you look at the large millennial demographic, 69% buy products on their smartphones, many from dedicated apps..."

                                                        IT - Big Data
                                                        5 Ways The Internet Of Things Will Change Big Data
                                                        Business 2 Community, March 24th, 2016
                                                        "Before the Internet of Things (IoT) came along-billions of networked sensors and devices capable of generating enormous amounts of new, unstructured real-time data-big data was already really, really big. To tackle this, businesses small and large have taken to the cloud and reworked their IT architectures to create more flexible, scalable ways to manage their data.

                                                        However, for those businesses and data scientists looking to capitalize on the high-value, target-rich data the IoT will be churning out over the next decade, there will be even more to consider when it comes to data architecture..."

                                                        Data Lake Governance: A Big Data Do Or Die
                                                        Search CIO, March 24th, 2016
                                                        "Data lake governance may not be a sexy undertaking, but it's become a critical component in modern data architecture, according to experts...

                                                        When Steve Cretney took a hard look at storage numbers, he noticed something that helped upend the IT strategy at Colony Brands Inc.

                                                        'We observed, almost naively, that we have a couple of hundred terabytes of storage in our [storage area network (SAN)],' said Cretney, CIO at the mail-order and electronic retailer..."

                                                        Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                                        Vol 217 Issues 1, 2 and 3; Vol 216 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 215 Issue 4
                                                        We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                                        • ZFS Data and Pool Recovery
                                                        • HammerDB: SPARC T7-1 Performance Beats IBM S824, Beats x86 E5-2699 v3
                                                        • Complex Root Complex
                                                        • Training Thursdays: Simplified Ksplice Implementation in Oracle Linux Training
                                                        • Oracle VM 3.3.4 Released
                                                        • Three ZDLRA Analyst Papers
                                                        • FRIDAY SPOTLIGHT: Saving time in a Cloud-Enabled DataCenter
                                                        • Oracle Advanced Security - Transparent Data Encryption: Secure Database on SPARC M7 Processor Performance Nearly the Same as Clear
                                                        • Increasing Security for SAP Installations with Immutable Zones
                                                        • Updated Oracle Platinum Services Certified Configurations

                                                        The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                                          IT - Encryption
                                                          Government-Backed Tor Project Supports The Strong Encryption DOJ Hates
                                                          eWeek, March 21st, 2016
                                                          "The Tor Project, which maintains the open source secure browser and networking software, published a blog March 21 saying it supported Apple's resistance to demands from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Department of Justice for encryption back doors to its mobile devices and data services..."
                                                          IT - Tape
                                                          76,000PB LTO Compressed Capacity Shipped in 2015
                                                , March 23rd, 2016
                                                          The LTO Program Technology Provider Companies (TPCs), Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM Corp. and Quantum Corp. released the total industry LTO Ultrium format tape media shipment data, announcing a record 76,000PB (compressed*) of total capacity shipped in 2015, an increase of 17.8% over the prior year.

                                                          The milestone, announced in tandem with the launch of a new report showing both 2015 and year-over-year generational data, provides a picture of the long-term viability and importance of tape in today's rapidly shifting storage environment.

                                                          Nexenta News
                                                          Nexenta Continues Support of VMware Environments via Participation and Sponsorship in Potomac VMUG UserCon
                                                          Nexenta, March 23rd, 2016
                                                          Nexenta, the global leader in Open Source-driven Software-Defined Storage (OpenSDS), announced its participation and sponsorship of the Potomac Regional VMUG UserCon presented by VMware on March 24 in Arlington, Va.

                                                          VMware-Nexenta solutions offer enterprise customers several benefits including high performance, flexibility, simplicity and lower cost of ownership for the software-defined data center, all of which empower agile, scalable and sustainable architectures. Nexenta is a proud partner of VMware and has optimized its solution suite to support VMware ecosystems and deliver additional benefits to existing VMware customers.

                                                          Intel, Wipro, and 451 Research Join Lenovo and Nexenta to Discuss and Collaborate on the Next Phase in Open Software-Defined Storage
                                                          Webinar: March 30, 2016 from 10-11 a.m. PT
                                                          Nexenta announced it will be hosting a live webinar, 'Lenovo and Nexenta's Strategic Partnership Redefines Open Software-Defined Storage Solutions,' in collaboration with Lenovo, Intel, Wipro, and 451 Research. The webinar will be streamed live from the St. Regis Hotel on March 30 in San Francisco, Calif.

                                                          Tarkan Maner, CEO and Chairman at Nexenta, will join David Lincoln, General Manager, Storage Business Unit at Lenovo; Ran Kurup, Strategic Business Initiatives and Market Development at Intel; and Ramadurai Ramalingam, Vice President and Global Head, Hi-Tech Vertical at Wipro, to discuss how their respective companies are collaborating to deliver advanced technologies and market leading solutions for enterprise, data center and cloud environments.

                                                          Henry Baltazar, Storage Research Director at 451 Research, will provide feedback, share current market trends, and offer insights on the future of software-defined storage as it relates to broader market adoption, supporting lower cost all-flash solutions and how enterprises can leverage these technologies in their own businesses.

                                                          additional details and to register for this complimentary event

                                                          Veritas News
                                                          Veritas Unveils Dates for the Vision 2016 Conference: September 12-15
                                                          Unique Opportunities to Learn Best Practices, Gain New Insights, Advance Careers, Network; Register Early and Save Up to $300
                                                          Veritas, the leader in information management, is hosting its highly anticipated Veritas Vision 2016 conference on September 12th through 15th, 2016 at the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Thousands of the world's digital information experts will be present for the most focused, information management event of the year. This conference presents a unique opportunity for attendees to engage in conversations with experts and peers, breakout sessions, hands-on labs, technical workshops, keynote addresses, and dozens of other activities centered on making information work for business. Register now for a conference and expo pass.
                                                          Veritas Launches Information Management Solutions for Google Cloud Platform
                                                          Businesses of All Sizes Now Can Use NetBackup and Backup Exec to Achieve Data Protection within the Google Public Cloud Infrastructure
                                                          Veritas Technologies, the leader in information management, announced support for Google Cloud Platform with its market leading NetBackup 7.7 and Backup Exec 15 solutions. Organizations can use the Google public cloud as a backup destination, run back up and perform disaster recovery to or from the Google Cloud Platform. With this support, Veritas is delivering needed visibility and control for hybrid cloud environments.

                                                          "Our Hybrid Cloud research shows that 31% of organizations are already looking to the cloud for their backup and recovery workload, and that percentage will grow even more in the future," stated Ben Gibson, Veritas CMO "Integrating our market leading NetBackup and Backup Exec solutions with Google Cloud Platform gives organizations the ability to confidently and securely do this today."

                                                          Cisco News
                                                          Cisco Completes Acquisition of Jasper to Accelerate Enterprise IoT
                                                          Together Cisco and Jasper Plan to Deliver an Industry-Wide IoT Service Platform for Enterprises, Service Providers and an Ecosystem of Partners
                                                          Cisco has completed its acquisition of Jasper, a privately held company based in Santa Clara, Calif. Jasper's industry-leading cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) service platform enables companies of all sizes to rapidly and cost-effectively launch, manage and monetize IoT services on a global scale.
                                                          C&W Business to Offer Cisco Collaboration as a Service over its MPLS Networks
                                                          Includes Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) for the Contact Center, becoming the first partner to offer this service over its facilities across the Caribbean and Latin American region
                                                          C&W Business, a division of Cable & Wireless Communications Plc (CWC), announced that it will offer Cisco Unified Communications as a Service over its multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) network to its customers across the Caribbean and Latin American region.

                                                          The C&W Business portfolio will also include the Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) for the Contact Center. C&W Business will become the first supplier in the Caribbean and Latin America to offer a contact center in the cloud, which represents a more agile, efficient, flexible and scalable contact center solution.

                                                          Cisco Introduces Innovations for Transport Network Modernization
                                                          New solutions empower service providers to scale new IP services and migrate existing TDM services over IP/MPLS networks
                                                          At the Optical Fiber Communications Conference, Cisco announced innovations in its optical transport portfolio to address service providers' challenges of migrating large volumes of profitable time-division multiplexing (TDM) services to an IP/MPLS infrastructure. Until today, migrating TDM to packets has been costly and has forced some service providers deploying older transport networks to change or re-engineer their network configuration. Now, Cisco's cost-effective and scalable solutions can help service providers build a packet network of the future while still delivering their customers' TDM services at a fraction of the cost.
                                                          Dell News
                                                          Gartner Recognizes Dell Boomi as a Leader
                                                          Positioned Highest for Ability to Execute and Furthest for Completeness of Vision in 2016 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service
                                                          Dell Boomi announced that Dell Boomi has been positioned by Gartner, Inc. for its AtomSphere solution in the Leaders quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service.

                                                          'We believe that being recognized as a Leader, positioned the highest and furthest for execution and vision, reflects both the value our iPaaS brings to our customers and our ability to deliver innovative, scalable solutions to the market,' said Chris McNabb, general manager of Dell Boomi.

                                                          'Digital transformation requires companies to create end-to-end business processes by developing, managing, and rapidly deploying various types of integration flows across their best-of-breed cloud, on-premises and mobile applications. Dell Boomi AtomSphere makes this process much faster and easier to accomplish for our customers and partners.'

                                                          Dell Services Builds Momentum with Multiple $100M+ Deals
                                                          Recent signings include Dubai Health Authority, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island and others
                                                          Dell Services, recognized for its breadth and quality of offerings, recently signed ground-breaking deals with Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island (BCBSRI) as part of an impressive streak of customer wins . In addition, Dell Services beat well-entrenched competitors to sign wins with marquee brands including American Express Global Business Travel, Bombardier, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Markit and Thermo Fisher Scientific...
                                                          Dell Services Research Underscores the Business Benefits of Advanced Analytics
                                                          Approximately half of business and IT decision-makers anticipate gaining a competitive advantage in the future through predictive analytics resulting in accelerated investments in analytics solutions across organizations
                                                          "Dell Digital Business Services and the International Institute for Analytics (IIA) today released research assessing the maturity of medium and large enterprises to implement analytics solutions. The results underscore the important role analytics and big data play in enterprise operations, business processes, and how analytics is helping to speed up many business decision-making procedures. The report is the second of the annual research originally conducted in 2014, allowing year-over-year comparison..."
                                                          IBM News
                                                          Guiding Eyes Turns to IBM Cloud to Improve Access and Analysis of Canine Data
                                                          IBM, March 24th, 2016
                                                          IBM announced that Guiding Eyes for the Blind, a non-profit organization dedicated to the breeding, raising, training and placement of service dogs with people who are blind or visually impaired, is adopting the IBM Cloud for better management and faster access to its increasing canine data.

                                                          Since its founding in 1954, Guiding Eyes has graduated more than 7,300 guide dogs. But perhaps the most famous is two year-old, 'Wrangler,' a yellow Labrador Retriever who gained notoriety over the past year as a regular on NBC's The Today Show....

                                                          Tuberculosis Study Launched, Powered By Citizen Scientists on IBM's World Community Grid
                                                          IBM, March 24th, 2016
                                                          IBM's World Community Grid and scientists at the University of Nottingham are launching a study to address tuberculosis, one of the world's most deadly diseases. It is expected that hundreds of thousands of volunteers will donate vast computing resources to aid this effort facilitated by IBM.

                                                          Launched today, the new 'Help Stop TB' project on IBM World Community Grid will model aspects of the behavior of tuberculosis bacteria to better understand its potential vulnerabilities that new medicines may one day exploit. Volunteers will make the processing power on their devices available, when otherwise not being used, to perform the millions of calculations necessary for these simulations. Crowdsourcing a virtual supercomputer in this manner to study the disease will provide results significantly faster and achieve greater results than relying on conventional computational resources typically available to researchers...

                                                          IBM Opens Bluemix Garage in Europe to Fuel Cloud Development
                                                          IBM, March 22th, 2016
                                                          IBM announced the opening of a Bluemix Garage in Nice, France to help European organizations of all sizes and industries accelerate the development and design of next-generation apps on IBM Cloud.

                                                          Now spanning four locations across the globe, Bluemix Garages are physical hubs where multi-disciplinary teams, including developers, product managers and designers, can collaborate with IBM experts to rapidly innovate and deliver new technologies using IBM Cloud. Based in San Francisco, Toronto, London, and now Nice, these Garages give developers access to the tools and expertise they need to build progressive, intelligent apps...

                                                          Fujitsu News
                                                          Fujitsu Announces Modular Blade Families in 1FINITY Platform
                                                          System Disaggregation Delivers Innovation in Next-generation SDN Transport Architectures
                                                          Fujitsu, a leading provider of business, information technology, and communications solutions, unveiled the Fujitsu 1FINITY platform consisting of Transport, Lambda, Switch, and Access blades. The 1FINITY platform is a revolutionary packet optical networking solution that incorporates a fully disaggregated architecture to provide significant benefits:

                                                          Virtualization, SDN, and NFV are driving significant changes across the telecom industry, causing network operators to rethink how element convergence is achieved. Functional blades of the 1FINITY platform are uniquely independent and not limited by integration with other technologies - or with shelf constraints such as backplane performance, space, thermal considerations, power, and inputs/outputs.

                                                          Red Hat News
                                                          Red Hat Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2016 Results
                                                          Red Hat, March 22th, 2016
                                                          Red Hat, Inc., the world's leading provider of open source solutions, today announced financial results for its fiscal fourth quarter and fiscal year ended February 29, 2016.

                                                          'The fourth quarter was a strong close to the year as our results exceeded our guidance. We maintained a high level of execution throughout the fiscal year which contributed to greater than 20% constant currency revenue growth in each quarter. This performance also drove a record backlog of $2.13 billion in U.S. dollars, up 15% year-over-year, and provides us meaningful visibility into future revenue,' stated Frank Calderoni, Executive Vice President, Operations and Chief Financial Officer of Red Hat.

                                                          'Our business momentum also drove record annual cash flow of $716 million, up 15% and representing the 5th straight year of operating cash flow margin of approximately 35%.'Enterprises increasingly adopting hybrid cloud infrastructures and open source technologies drove our strong results. The fourth quarter marked our 56th consecutive quarter of revenue growth, contributing to Red Hat's first fiscal year crossing $2 billion in total revenue,' stated Jim Whitehurst, President and Chief Executive Officer of Red Hat.

                                                          'Customers are demanding technologies that modernize the development, deployment and life-cycle management of applications across hybrid cloud environments. Many are relying on Red Hat to provide both the infrastructure and the application development platforms to run their enterprise applications consistently and reliably across physical, virtual, private cloud and public cloud environments.'

                                                          Level3 News
                                                          Level 3 Selected As Military Times' "Best For Vets: Employers"
                                                          Level(3), March 22th, 2016
                                                          Military Times selected global telecommunications provider, Level 3 Communications, Inc. (NYSE: LVLT), for its "Best for Vets: Employers" 2016 rankings. The selection helps veterans and their families identify corporations with a culture and policies supportive of veterans.

                                                          Level 3 actively recruits military talent at all levels by participating in job fairs, visiting military bases and partnering with numerous veteran-focused programs.

                                                          Level 3 looks for veterans transitioning into the civilian workforce for opportunities ranging from entry-level to senior leadership roles.

                                                          Level 3 offers a number of training programs, such as Ops Tech Academy and IP Bootcamp, that target veterans for their military-specific skills, attitude and aptitude, and trains them in civilian roles; more than 50 percent of these program participants are veterans.

                                                          The Veteran Employee Resource Group (VERG) advises the business on how to best meet the needs of veteran employees and hosts a variety of internal and external events enabling the more than 500 participants to create support groups and communities.

                                                            EMC News
                                                            The Pillars Of The Modern Data Center
                                                            By Jeremy Burton, President, Products & Marketing
                                                            Jeremy blogs, "On the heels of launching VMAX All Flash and DSSD D5, it's important to round back on how critical it is to implement and run a modern data center. To deliver on the capabilities of a digital business, there's no question that IT organizations must modernize and automate their infrastructure, and transform their data center operation into a cloud environment - one that is fully automated and self-service. But what infrastructure should underpin this new cloud environment?

                                                            The bad news is that the journey to digital breaks all of the traditional infrastructures that have been put in place over the last 15 or 20 years. The good news is that a rapid shift in data center technologies will enable enterprises to optimize existing IT and legacy investments to free up resources for next generation IT that will transform the business. We see these new technologies as pillars for the modern data center.

                                                            So what are the pillars of the modern data center?..."

                                                            Thoughts From Mobile World Congress: The Next Big Opportunity for Telco and Service Providers
                                                            EMC, March 21st, 2016
                                                            John Roese writes, "As I look back on my experience at Mobile World Congress (MWC) held last month in Barcelona, I'm struck by how rapidly the Telco and Service Provider industry is changing. As I mentioned in my previous post Telcos and service providers are all engaged in large, complex, multi-year infrastructure and service delivery transformations. The technology transformation is the replacement of dedicated network appliances such as routers and cellular network switches with software running on commercial off-the-shelf hardware. The industry term for this is Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). The aim of NFV is to reduce the time to service, and cost for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to deliver network services..."
                                                            HP News
                                                            Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Tsinghua Partnership Approved by Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission
                                                            HPE, March 23rd, 2016
                                                            Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPE) announced Tsinghua's subsidiary Unisplendour received approval from the Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission to move forward with its partnership with HPE in China. This regulatory approval is an important step towards the successful closing of this transaction. As stated on the Q1 2016 earnings call, HPE is on track to finalize the deal by the end of May.
                                                              Hewlett Packard Enterprise Declares a Regular Dividend
                                                              HPE, March 24th, 2016
                                                              Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPE) announced that the Hewlett Packard Enterprise board of directors has declared a regular cash dividend of $0.055 per share on the company's common stock.

                                                              This dividend, the third in Hewlett Packard Enterprise's fiscal year 2016, is payable on July 6, 2016, to stockholders of record as of the close of business on June 8, 2016.

                                                              Hewlett Packard Enterprise has approximately 1.716 billion shares of common stock outstanding.

                                                                Comcast News
                                                                Menlo College Enhances the Educational Experience with Comcast Business Ethernet
                                                                New Ethernet service provides a dynamic platform that drives application performance and increases productivity for college staff
                                                                Comcast Business announced that Menlo College, one of the top business schools in Silicon Valley, has upgraded to Comcast Business Ethernet on its campus, to deliver reliable, high-performance communications and Internet service. With the upgrade, Menlo College has more than doubled its Internet performance in response to the needs of its academic community including faculty, administration and students.

                                                                As a higher-education institution, Menlo College is acutely focused on providing its students and faculty with the resources they need to be successful. In today's digital world, having access to reliable, high-performance communications is critical. Comcast Business' Ethernet solution enables faculty to introduce more web-based curriculum and engage students in new ways. This infrastructure change adds a great deal of flexibility for the college and its plans.

                                                                Comcast Business Expands Fiber Network to City of Manvel
                                                                Comcast, March 24th, 2016
                                                                Comcast Business announced that it extended its advanced network into the city of Manvel, providing businesses in the fields of manufacturing, distribution, logistics and others, with access to a comprehensive portfolio of advanced communications services to help improve productivity and scale their operations.

                                                                Located just south of Houston in Brazoria County, Manvel has seen its population double over the past 13 years. The expansion covers an area that reaches from West of Highway 288 to County Road 99 (Pearland Sites Road) and includes a variety of businesses including restaurants, retail storefronts, day care centers, pharmacies, and a library. In addition to the expansion to the business district of Manvel, Comcast Business is also investing in expanding its fiber network to the Pomona, Sterling Lakes and Meridiana residential neighborhoods.

                                                                  Windstream News
                                                                  Windstream names president of operations for Georgia
                                                                  Windstream, March 21st, 2016
                                                                  Windstream (NASDAQ: WIN), a leading provider of advanced network communications, announced that Jarrod ('J') Berkshire has been named president of operations for Georgia.

                                                                  In his new role, Berkshire will be based in Dalton, Ga., and oversee the nearly 450 managers and technicians who operate Windstream's voice and broadband network in the state. There are about 620,000 households as well as thousands of businesses in Windstream's Georgia service areas...

                                                                    F5 News
                                                                    F5 Bolsters Sales Organization with New Hires
                                                                    Company welcomes heads of North America Sales and Worldwide Channels teams to target growth in cloud and security business
                                                                    F5 Networks (NASDAQ: FFIV) announced additions to its sales leadership team with the hires of Peter Brant, SVP of North America Sales, and David Helfer, VP of Worldwide Channels. Brant and Helfer join a growing sales organization providing targeted solutions, training, and services to customers and channel partners across all segments of application services, particularly in priority focus areas such as security and cloud.

                                                                    'We welcome Pete and David, two well-known and highly respected global sales executives, to the F5 team,' said John DiLullo, EVP of Worldwide Sales at F5. 'Their deep understanding of the security and cloud markets and their experience with traditional and emerging channels make them uniquely qualified to help F5 supercharge our sales efforts. The F5 innovation engine continues to produce powerful application delivery, traffic management, and security solutions for our customers, and with David and Pete at the helm of these two critical markets, I have full confidence that our customers and channels will be very well served.'

                                                                    Netapp News
                                                                    Mansfield Oil Delivers New Applications and Services up to 50 Percent Faster with NetApp
                                                                    Transition to new fully redundant data and disaster recovery center keeps mission-critical data safe, improves customer service by eliminating downtime for core business applications
                                                                    "We had a clear vision of what needed to change for us to become a true service provider to the business," said Hercu Rabsatt, director of infrastructure and service management at Mansfield Oil. "NetApp has been a key partner in helping us revolutionize our infrastructure for competitive advantage, tying our technology to our business strategy and remediating areas of risk. You can't put a price on that kind of relationship."

                                                                    Mansfield Oil is one of the largest privately owned companies in the United States by revenue. It delivers more than 3.5 billion gallons of petroleum products to customers annually, equivalent to about one full tanker truckload each minute of every day. In order to stay competitive and provide the best possible customer experiences, critical business applications must always be available - without exception. However, many of Mansfield's mission-critical systems were experiencing outages that made it difficult for IT to support the company's always-on objective.

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