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Oracle News
Oracle Utilities Leverages the Cloud to Deliver Advanced Metering Capabilities and Enables Utilities to Reduce IT Cost and Risk, Meet Evolving Business and Technology Goals
Oracle, February 9th, 2016
As advanced metering and device technology continues to transform the industry, utilities need meter solutions that prepare them to take advantage of the additional benefits of this technology and optimize investments in it. To assist in this effort, Oracle Utilities announced a new utilities solution delivered through Oracle Cloud to empower utilities with advanced metering capabilities. This new cloud service enables utilities to meet evolving business and technology trends faster and with less risk, while reducing IT cost and workload. With the new solution, utilities can support grid and customer service optimization with robust metering capabilities that scale and flex as needs change.
New Network Management Solution Enables Water Utilities to Improve Customer Satisfaction with Effective Network Analysis
Oracle, February 9th, 2016
Globally, water utilities are facing rising water demands and energy costs, shrinking resources, and deteriorating infrastructure. And, water loss and leakage are still rampant across water distribution networks even as large parts of the world are coping with severe drought. Tasked with addressing this array of challenges on shrinking or flat budgets, water utilities must implement smarter processes and control systems across their water distribution networks. To meet this need, Oracle introduced a new solution designed to help water utilities increase their speed and accuracy of response, reduce water loss and its impact on customers, and improve customer satisfaction with effective network analysis.
Oracle Empowers Utilities to Identify and Implement New Asset Maintenance Strategies with Asset Management Solution
Oracle, February 9th, 2016
As utilities continue to juggle changing customer expectations and tighter budgets, they are increasingly reliant on maximizing the investment they have made in their existing assets. Oracle Utilities announced a management software solution to help electric, gas, and water utilities better manage asset performance. This new release provides utilities with the capacity to identify and implement effective asset maintenance strategies which enable utilities to achieve mission-critical business objectives - reducing operating costs, increasing reliability, and minimizing risk.
Swisscom Delivers Higher Service Quality to Customers on New All-IP Network with Oracle Solutions
Oracle, February 9th, 2016
As the largest telecommunications operator in Switzerland, more than 2 million consumers count on Swisscom to deliver communications services. So when it decided to transition them from fixed line telephony to Voice over IP (VoIP)-based services, Swisscom needed a better view into its network performance-both so that it could maintain service quality through the transition, and so that it could understand the limits of its network and position it for growth. Swisscom has deployed the Oracle Communications Operations Monitor to get this complete, real-time view of the network, enabling it to be proactive in how it uses its network and identify potential issues before services are affected.
Utilities are Embracing Cloud, Almost All Currently Use or Plan to Use Cloud Technologies
Oracle, February 9th, 2016
People talk about the cloud in terms of the distant future and many think utilities are slow to get on board - but new research shows 45 percent of utilities currently use the cloud, and 52 percent plan to use the cloud. What's more, 69 percent of utilities already use or plan to use cloud technologies for their customer information systems in the next three years.
    Oracle Health Sciences to Provide Clinical E-Monitoring Solution to Bayer HealthCare
    Oracle, February 10th, 2016
    Boosting clinical development productivity and efficiency is a top priority for life sciences organizations. To that end, Oracle today announced that two of its core Health Sciences offerings - Oracle Siebel Clinical Trial Management System and Oracle Health Sciences Clinical Development Analytics - have been selected by Bayer HealthCare, to oversee and manage the company's clinical monitoring processes. Bayer HealthCare, a subgroup of Bayer AG researches, develops, manufactures, and markets pharmaceutical and medical products.
    Oracle Empowers MKB Bank to Offer Customers More Personalized Banking Services at a Reduced Time to Market
    Oracle, February 10th, 2016
    MKB Bank, one of Hungary's leading banks is migrating its core banking system to Oracle FLEXCUBE to improve its go-to-market time for new products, reduce operational costs and drive growth. MKB chose Oracle FLEXCUBE to achieve faster processing times in key areas such as loan origination, account opening and account processing, as well as due to the flexibility of responding to customers new product needs.
    Oracle Enables Leading Global Transfer Agency to Launch New Retirement & Life Products to Meet Strategic Customer Demands in South Africa
    Oracle, February 10th, 2016
    Maitland, a global independent third-party fund administrator has launched its new investor servicing Retirement and Life products to the South African market with the help of Oracle FLEXCUBE Investor Servicing.

    'This is the first critical delivery of the revitalization program for of our Transfer Agency business and it is wonderful that we can now service Retirement and Life products, a complement to our long-standing capabilities for unit trusts,' said Jim Clark, Head of Transfer Agency Services at Maitland. 'Maitland is now able to provide investor record-keeping services for South Africa pension funds, annuities, endowment and certain types of discretionary portfolios. This is the first step on the journey to offer our clients a multi-product, multi-currency, multi-domicile platform to support their distribution and investor servicing.'

    Oracle Enables Telefonica Spain to Power New Services
    Oracle, February 11th, 2016
    In a move to evolve its network to provide converged communications, leading European communications service provider (CSP) Telefónica Spain has chosen Oracle as a supplier of session border controller and will use the Oracle Communication Session Border Controller for its full portfolio of services which include residential services, mobile rich communication services (RCS), business services including SIP trunking, interconnection to support agreements with other CSPs, and Voice over LTE (VoLTE).
    Lenox Uses Oracle to Lift E-Commerce Sales 26 Percent During the Holiday Season
    Oracle, February 12th, 2016
    This holiday was a bit different for luxury dinnerware retailer Lenox, long known for its name brand as well as Dansk, Marchessa, kate spade new york and other designer lines. E-Commerce sales were up 26 percent over previous years with the help of Oracle Commerce. The company implemented new Oracle solutions earlier this year to boost sales with improved search results, recommendations, and targeted promotions.

    The true test of the rollout came at the beginning of the holiday season when Oracle enabled Lenox to target promotions for customer segments and respond faster to market demand with more complex pricing strategies.

    IT - AI
    How artificial intelligence is driving the next industrial revolution
    Information Age, February 10th, 2016
    "Artificial intelligence (AI) is a critical factor as business leaders look to navigate the challenges and opportunities that will come forth from the 'fourth industrial evolution'...

    If anyone needed evidence that the 'AI winter' is long over, they need only to look to the snowy mountain town of Davos this January.

    Convening for the World Economic Forum, along with important geo-political issues, the world's movers and shakers had the 'fourth industrial revolution' at the top of the agenda..."

      Artificial intelligence in the enterprise: It's on
      ComputerWorld, February 10th, 2016
      "After a long winter frozen in the technological permafrost, it's springtime again in the field of artificial intelligence.

      A.I. is poised to take off in 2016 as enterprises begin figuring some element of it into their application portfolios. By 2018, artificial intelligence will be incorporated into about half of all apps developed, according to research firm IDC, and by 2020, savings fueled by A.I. -- in reduced people costs and increased workflow efficiencies, for example -- are expected to total an estimated $60 billion for U.S. enterprises..."

      Big Data Makes for Exceptional Machine Learning
      Virtual-Strategy Magazine, February 11th, 2016
      "As a new year kicks off, the words 'big data' continue to be spoken in multiple industries all over the world. 2015 was a tremendous year for big data analytics as more businesses and organizations than ever before adopted data science in order to grasp some of the benefits it provides. In much the same way, 2016 look to continue that trend, with more in-roads being made for big data in areas such as finances, health care, manufacturing, and even sports organizations. At the same time, machine learning is quickly catching on..."
      SAS and Oracle SPARC M7 Silicon Secured Memory
      By Parnian Taidi
      Parnian writes, "In an earlier blog we talked about Solaris /SPARC features that enable you to increase end-to end security of your applications. One of the key security risk areas in applications is memory corruption.

      Applications are vulnerable to memory corruption due to both common software programming errors as well as malicious attacks that exploit software errors. 317 million new malicious programs and 24 zero-day vulnerabilities were reported in 2014 alone*.

      Memory corruption causes unpredictable application behavior and system crashes..."

      Top Exastack ISV headlines: Gruter Tajo
      By Javier Puerta
      Javier blogs, "Gruter achieves Oracle Exastack Big Data Appliance Optimized status with app Gruter Tajo Platform. Gruter Tajo, a scalable, cost-efficient SQL-on-Hadoop system for enterprise data warehousing, gains 15~50% performance increase running with Oracle Big Data Appliance..."
      IT - Storage
      Flash memory's density surpasses hard drives for first time
      ComputerWorld, February 8th, 2016
      "NAND flash memory has surpassed hard disk drive (HDD) technology in areal density for the first time, according to a new report from a market research firm.

      During a presentation at the 2016 IEEE International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) in San Francisco last week, Micron shared data showing NAND flash has moved past HDDs in areal density, according to Coughlin Associates.

      At last year's ISSCC, Samsung white papers indicated that its 3D NAND flash products had reached 1.19Tbits per square inch (Tbpsi) and said in 2016 they would reach 1.69Tbpsi..."

      SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor Review
      Storage Review, February 10th, 2016
      "Being able to see into one's storage can be critical in some cases and at least helpful in most. This becomes even more beneficial when dealing with multi-vendor NAS and/or SAN arrays. SolarWinds' Storage Resource Monitor (SRM) is a relatively in-expensive way for organizations to gain insight into their arrays. SolarWinds SRM gives administrators insight into all storage layers including virtualization and applications and supports several of the large vendors with a support list that continues to grow..."
      Six Trends That Will Change How You Think About Data Storage
      Information Management, February 8th, 2016
      "After decades of dominance by 'big box' storage vendors, storage technology is undergoing a transformation. Indeed, the entire data center is evolving. Five years from now, every organization of any size will look at its data center in a completely different light.

      In this article, we will identify six trends driving this transformation in the data center and propose ways for companies to prepare themselves to meet the challenges of data storage in the twenty-first century..."

        Scale-out NAS design now rivals object storage
        SearchStorage, February 12th, 2016
        "Jeff Kato takes a closer look at ideal scale-out NAS design principles and vendors that are emerging with modern scale-out NAS designs.

        Life was much easier in the 90s. We had block storage and file storage, and each had their place: block for highly transactional data and file for unstructured and departmental storage..."

        Data protection systems for primary storage
        SearchStorage, February 12th, 2016
        "Snapshots, mirroring, replication and erasure coding are among the data protection systems that help keep data safe -- see how and when to use them.

        IT planners tend to focus on performance and scale when selecting a primary storage system, but another important consideration is data protection. But data protection is no longer the sole domain of the backup process..."

        Debunking Myths About Software-Defined Storage (Slideshow)
        eWeek, February 12th, 2016
        "Software-defined storage has been hailed as the answer to handling the data deluge of the 21st century. The ultimate goal of SDS is to provide a single, unified set of storage services across all storage devices for maximum availability, performance and efficiency, as well as to ensure the overall health and protection of vital storage assets. SDS also provides synchronous mirroring and metro clusters for high availability and business continuity. Asynchronous data replication for remote site disaster recovery is also high on the list..."
        IT - Technology
        Google car software attains 'driver' status
        SC Magazine, February 10th, 2016
        "The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) gave Google an impressive win, with conditions, by stating the software that controls self-drivng Google car can be defined as the driver.

        Google had requested the NHTSA interpret the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards in regards to the company's self driving car project. The NHTSA in a letter gave Google the thumbs up on several points, including considering the Self Driving System software, and not any of the occupants, the vehicle's driver..."

        World's largest solar plant goes live, will provide power for 1.1M people
        ComputerWorld, February 9th, 2016
        "The world's largest solar power plant, now live in Morocco, will eventually provide 1.1 million people with power and cut carbon emissions by 760,000 tons a year.

        The $9 billion Noor Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant could eventually start exporting energy to the European market..."

          Oracle Big Data 2016 Implementation Boot Camp (19 Feb to 04 March)
          By Thanos Terentes
          The Oracle Big Data 2016 Implementation Boot Camp delivers detailed, in-depth information about the Oracle Big Data solution, features and best practices. It also covers the current version of the Big Data Appliance. Partners will learn how the Oracle Big Data Solution is able to deliver extreme performance through software and hardware features. It is a combination of lecture and hands-on exercises.
          NEW OTN Virtual Technlogy Summit Sessions Coming!
          Database, Middleware, Java, Systems
          Join us for free Hands-On Learning with Oracle and Community Experts! The Oracle Technology Network invites you to attend one of our latest next Virtual Technology Summits on March 8th, 15th and April 5th. Hear from Oracle ACEs, Java Champions and Oracle Product Experts, share their insights and expertise through Hands-on-Labs (HOL), highly technical presentations and demos. This interactive, online event offers four technical tracks:..
          IT - Bitcoin
          Tips To Avoid Getting Scammed With Bitcoin
, February 6th, 2016
          "Many people associate the world of Bitcoin and digital currency with a part of the world wide web where outlaws are running rampant. Nothing could be further from the truth, though, as Bitcoin is far from a safe haven for internet criminals. However, there have been certain scams in the past that cost people a lot of money. But if people use common sense, and take the time to do some research, they will have nothing to worry about..."
          Have We Reached Peak Blockchain Hype?
          CoinDesk, February 10th, 2016
          "Not so long ago, there was an almost constant flow of stories on digital currency's many use cases, its acceptance by notable merchants and its role in dark web payments, but like the tales of Silk Road's rise or the "Bitcoin Millionaires", those days seem to have passed.

          The industry, as well as those seeking to help it grow, are increasingly interested not in bitcoin's use in payments, but in its underlying technology, the blockchain, a distributed ledger that provides real-time insight into asset ownership in the $5.6bn bitcoin market..."

          Princeton Releases Bitcoin Textbook
          CryptoCoinsNews, February 10th, 2016
          "Princeton University's first complete draft of the Princeton Bitcoin textbook, all 308 pages of it, is now available ahead of the book that is due to be published by the Princeton University Press in 2016.

          The first draft of the Princeton Bitcoin textbook, is now freely available 'PDF'..."

          Latest IRS 'Software Blunder' Proves Bitcoin's Edge
, February 7th, 2016
          "February 4th, the IRS reported that its systems were experiencing a hardware failure that was halting tax-processing systems. Their systems are technologically obsolete since their centralized architecture offers inferior security and a single point of failure compared to Bitcoin's decentralized nature..."
          Bitcoin, Online Payments and the Scourge of PayPal
          CoinDesk, February 8th, 2016
          "Richard MacManus is the founder and former editor of ReadWriteWeb, a popular tech blog that was launched in 2003 and later acquired by SAY Media in 2011. He now publishes a tech newsletter called Augment Intelligence and authored the book "Health Trackers".

          In this opinion piece, MacManus talks about the difficulties of running a web-based business, and why he believes bitcoin offers a platform for potential solutions..."

          How To Use Bitcoin For Uber
          CryptoCoinsNews, February 8th, 2016
          "Uber and Bitcoin are among the most groundbreaking technologies currently on the market. Uber, part of the so-called sharing economy, has created jobs and helped people arrive at their destination safely.

          The company has grown, attracting the attention of governments worldwide. The issue for Uber circles on the fact that, in order to drive a taxi or become a taxi company, regulations ensure you keep your customers safe. Uber is not governed by similar regulations. This has unfortunately led to many cities throughout the world to try and ban the new technology startup. Yet, it remains..."

          Alternative Finance Takes the Fight To Traditional Banks
, February 9th, 2016
          "Banks find themselves in a very awkward position right now, as they are facing very stiff competition from various sectors and projects. Based on the findings of a recent UK bank study, there is a chance of losing close to 1 in 2 customers to alternative financial services. Even though the report does not mention Bitcoin specifically, the popular digital currency is one of the key drivers of the FinTech revolution..."
          Bitcoin: A 21st Century Currency Explained By a Wall Street Veteran
          CoinDesk, February 8th, 2016
          "It has been described as a "techno tour de force" by Microsoft founder Bill Gates, and as a 'remarkable cryptographic achievement that has enormous value' by Google CEO, Eric Schmidt. It was even predicted by Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman in 1999 when he said, "The one thing that's missing, but will soon be developed, is a reliable e-cash."

          Friedman was a visionary, and in this instance he was a decade ahead of the rest, foreseeing the advent of digital currency, and more specifically, bitcoin.

          Bitcoin's rise to prominence is causing a global rethink of the concept of money..."

          IT - FOSS
          The Document Foundation Announces LibreOffice 5.1
          The Document Foundation, February 10th, 2016
          "The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 5.1, a full featured open source office suite which compares head-to-head with every product in the same category, while standing out with superior interoperability features.

          LibreOffice 5.1 offers a completely reorganized user interface, and several improved features targeted at enterprise deployments: better support for ODF 1.2, interoperability with proprietary document formats and file management on remote servers..."

          The best desktop office suite, LibreOffice, gets better
          ZDNet, February 10th, 2016
          "OK, so maybe Microsoft's Office 2016 for Windows is perfect for Windows 10 users, but for the rest of us, LibreOffice 5.1, the full-featured, open-source office suite, is a better choice...

          I make my living from writing and poring over data in spreadsheets. For me, LibreOffice has long proven to be the best desktop office suite choice..."

          Open Source Desktop: Good News and Bad News
          Datamation, February 10th, 2016
          "The good news is that open source has become the leader on the desktop. The bad news is that a single desktop is not the leader, and that leadership on the desktop may no longer matter.

          Obviously, the first statement needs qualifications. It clearly does not refer to the number of users, since officially Linux has yet to break 2%, although, depending on your logic, the actual figure might be several times higher..."

          Open source in the enterprise brings opportunities and challenges
          CIO, February 11th, 2016
          "When large IT organizations embrace open source software, good things can happen. And with any kind of shift in methodology, there are obstacles to overcome. When it comes to adopting open source, though, enterprises may longer have a choice.

          I've long been a believer in open source for the enterprise (indeed, my first book was called Succeeding with Open Source and was targeted at an enterprise audience). When I first encountered open source and grasped its characteristics, I was struck by an epiphany: once this was available, who was going to stick with the old way of doing things?..."

          IT - DevOps
          8 more cool tools for devops success
          JavaWorld, February 11th, 2016
          "Devops has been gaining steam at organizations of all stripes thanks to its ability to bridge the gap between software development and operations -- and to smooth rifts between developers and systems administrators. These two groups have historically butted heads over software development, testing, and deploying the apps into production, but devops aims to save the day..."
          How DevOps Can Effect Culture Change to Improve Business
, February 10th, 2016
          "The rift between Dev and Ops teams has long been one of the main obstacles for organizations managing their IT capabilities. Overcoming it can be crucial for a successful business. In fact, every company should be able to achieve harmony by improving process automation, implementing better procedures and refining workflow regulations. This is where DevOps culture steps in.

          To be successful, your DevOps approach must include a detailed understanding of your culture and learned behaviors that will influence the changes you want to see in your organization..."

          For DevOps Success, Embrace Culture Change
          Business 2 Community, February 9th, 2016
          "Out of the gate, I want you all to know that I'm not a tech expert. I'm happy that I'm able to navigate the typical business software and email on my laptop to get through my workweek. That said, at the Seattle Interactive Conference a couple of months ago, I attended a presentation by Lucas Welch, Director of Communications at Chef, a Seattle-based tech firm that provides an IT automation platform to brands such as Target, Nordstrom and Facebook. Lucas' presentation was on the topic of 'DevOps.' I enjoy attending conferences that are outside of my area of expertise namely because they help me to expand my thinking..."
          QA in The DevOps Era
, February 9th, 2016
          "In software approaches that produce monolithic applications, it is not uncommon to find siloed teams, with development, testing and operations each an island unto themselves. The responsibilities of test and development are distinct from each other and are not meshed into a hybrid team as you might see in advanced DevOps shops..."
          In DevOps, Business and Operations Metrics Both Matter
, February 8th, 2016
          "Proponents of adopting a complete DevOps approach to application delivery and deployment often note that DevOps includes a change in culture. And not just a change in lateral change in culture - improvements in the way teams across (and within) silos communicate and collaborate - but also horizontal change that permeates every aspect of the organization, from the top down..."
          How do you measure DevOps? What does that even mean?
, February 8th, 2016
          "What are some of the metrics you should be monitoring to track your DevOps efforts, and which metrics should you abandon?

          Last Tuesday I participated in an online panel on the subject of Measuring DevOps, as part of Continuous Discussions (#c9d9), a series of community panels about Agile, Continuous Delivery and DevOps. Watch a recording of the panel:..."

          MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.1.2
          Adds significant enhancements in the areas of security and performance tuning
          Andy Bang blogs, "We are pleased to announce that MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.1.2 is now available for download on the My Oracle Support (MOS) web site. It will also be available via the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud in a few weeks. This is a maintenance release that includes a few new features and fixes a number of bugs. You can find more information on the contents of this release in the change log.

          You will find binaries for the new release on My Oracle Support. Choose the "Patches & Updates" tab, and then choose the "Product or Family (Advanced Search)" side tab in the "Patch Search" portlet..."

          IT - Cloud
          The pros and cons of hybrid cloud migration explainedHow to plan for the cost of cloud computing
          SearchCloudComputing, February 10th, 2016
          "Choosing a multicloud solution can save up to 74%, if you review the cost of cloud computing first.

          How much is that app you run in Azure? Or Amazon Web Services, Google, Rackspace or other cloud computing platform? As cloud app solutions fragment, with compute, storage, analytics and other services running in clouds from various providers with different pricing structures, getting a grip on the actual cost of cloud computing is no easy task..."

          The pros and cons of hybrid cloud migration explained
          Information Age, February 10th, 2016
          "In the quest to remain competitive within the market, businesses are introducing more and more innovative applications to improve processes and efficiency. However, maintaining this progress requires companies to have full control of spending on data centers - something that is often challenging for many businesses..."
            IT Innovators: Navigating the Challenges of Integrating Cloud Technologies into Your Organization
            Data Center Knowledge, February 10th, 2016
            "IT Innovators: Navigating the Challenges of Integrating Cloud Technologies into Your Organization

            Has the cloud cast a shadow on your IT organization? Research firm IDC predicts that by 2016 there will be an 11 percent shift of IT budget away from traditional in-house IT delivery, toward various versions of cloud computing as a new delivery model..."

            Containers vs. VMs: Which should you use for cloud?
            SearchCloudComputing, February 9th, 2016
            "Before going all in with containers, it's critical to understand how the technology differs from VMs in terms of private, public and hybrid cloud deployment...

            The majority of cloud deployments today are based on virtual machines, but it's become clear that containers offer significant benefits to cloud users. However, before choosing one technology over the other, it's important to understand the key differences between containers vs. VMs..."

            As cloud computing spreads, survey shows IT managers getting more resourceful
            ZDNet, February 9th, 2016
            "RightScale's latest survey of 1,000-plus IT managers finds hybrid cloud rules, and IT is at the center of the action. They are turning to DevOps and containers to make things happen.

            Not too long ago, cloud computing lurked in the shadows, seen as a workaround to bottlenecky IT departments. Lately, however, that perception seems to have turned around almost entirely. Organizations are almost pleading with IT managers to help them navigate the new cloud world..."

            Overcoming Cloud Storage Challenges
            Network Computing, February 9th, 2016
            "As a use case, backup is probably the most obvious way to consume cloud storage. The nature of backup -- sequential access, less of a focus on performance, infrequent read access, not latency sensitive - makes it the ideal type of data to be placed in what appears to be nothing more than a large data repository. This single use case, however, limits opportunities to use cloud storage for other workloads and to take advantage of the operational benefits that result from not having to manage infrastructure. So how can we exploit the characteristics of cloud storage for other use cases?"
            Top Cloud Security Trends for 2016
            The Data Center Journal, February 8th, 2016
            "More organizations of all sizes are moving their business-critical operations and workloads to the cloud, and as we head 2016, these trends will only to intensify. According to a report from Gartner, public-cloud services will see growth of 13.5% during 2015, and spending on cloud services will continue to increase through 2019. Gartner also found that 80% of IT organizations expect to increase their investments in cloud computing in the years to come. This trend makes it more important than ever for IT organizations to use a cloud-specific security strategy that employs cloud-native solutions - those developed exclusively for cloud environments..."
            Most enterprises plan to boost cloud use this year
            ComputerWorld, February 12th, 2016
            "The cloud market shows no signs of slowing down, with 90% of enterprises planning to maintain or boost spending on cloud computing this year, according to a survey from Washington, D.C.-based research firm Clutch.

            The majority of enterprises in the U.S. said they would increase cloud spending in 2016, with 42% eyeing increases of between 11% and 30% and 14% looking to boost cloud spending by 31% to 50%. Another 7% plan to increase spending by more than 50%..."

            IT - CxO
            10 things that keep CMOs up at night
            CIO, February 10th, 2016
            "A group of high-profile and up-and-coming CMOs share insights on their biggest digital marketing concerns in 2016, along with strategies for coping with the challenges.

            The chief marketing officer (CMO) role has become ever-more important in modern organizations and enterprises around the world, propelled by the rise of digital marketing, big data, and the need to engage customers across multiple platforms, on a more personal, interactive levels.

            But hey, no pressure..."

            Why IT Spending Is All About the Business (Slideshow)
            CIO Insight, February 9th, 2016
            "While most CIOs, IT execs and senior managers agree that it's important to link tech investments to key business outcomes, relatively few feel their organization does a very good job of doing so, according to a recent survey from Datalink. The report, titled 'The Importance of Linking Business Outcomes to IT Investment Strategy,' indicates that these leaders clearly believe that tech spending is all about supporting the business these days - as opposed to merely benefiting IT operations..."
              How CIOs can survive and thrive at hypergrowth businesses
              CIO, February 10th, 2016
              "All IT leaders need to balance business growth, current needs and future demands when creating an IT strategy, but at companies in hypergrowth mode CIOs need to shift into overdrive.

              The audit, tax and consulting firm of RSM US LLP has had three consecutive years of double-digit growth, so when CIO Troy Cardinal develops his strategic vision, he says he must have a plan for keeping up with the company's unprecedented rapid growth.

              To date, that has meant growing his IT group from 170 in mid-2014 to 220 people today and devising a project portfolio that increased about 50 percent year-over-year in the past few years..."

              How to convince the CFO of the budgetary security need
              CSO Online, February 9th, 2016
              "It had been custom for organizations to think of cybersecurity in terms of an information technology (IT) problem best left to IT people to address and fix. However, as more prolific breaches were publicized exposing a variety of sensitive personal, financial, and intellectual property-related data, it became clear that this was a rather myopic view in today's increasingly interconnected world..."
                South Florida Technology Alliance: Cracking the Code on Tech Talent
                @Citrix, W. Cypress Creek Rd
                Hear from Leading CEOs and Student Interns who have worked at Google, VMware, Modernizing Medicine and 3Cinteractive! Learn about implementing company internship programs; the hottest skill sets; companies and talent in South Florida; the real deal behind internships - and how to crack the code on tech talent.
                IT - Wireless
                6 things you need to know about 5G
                Information Age, February 10th, 2016
                "5G will have a catalytic effect on a wide range of IT technology and services, impacting almost all parts of industry and society far beyond mobile technologies and business models.

                Any supplier touched by the mobile internet, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud services, consumer electronics or automation needs to assess the coming impact of 5G, according to 451 Research.

                'IT players need to think about IoT now and 5G soon,' said Ken Rehbehn, principal analyst, mobile telecom, at 451 Research. 'Whether it is real-time analytics, data centre design, location-based web services, or social networks and digital currencies, 5G will affect demand patterns as early as 2018.'

                The Expanding Choices in Wireless Connectivity
                Re/code, February 10th, 2016
                "Sometimes in order to see the big picture, you have to start with a deep dive.

                At a recent two-day workshop on connectivity hosted by modem and radio chipmaker Qualcomm, I was bombarded with technical minutiae on everything from the role of filters in the RF front end of a modern modem to the key elements of 3GPP Release 13 and the usage of carrier aggregation-like functions in upcoming technologies that leverage unlicensed 5 GHz spectrum..."

                  This new Terahertz radio transmitter lets you surf the Internet at 100 Gbps
                  TechWorm, February 12th, 2016
                  "Surfing the Internet at breakneck speeds now possible as Japanese scientists fire up 100Gbps wireless broadband connection

                  Surfing the Internet or playing online games in a jiffy may now be possible as Japanese scientists have developed a new technology which will allow data transmissions of upto 100Gbps.

                  The Japanese National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Panasonic and Hiroshima University claim to have developed a terahertz (THz) transmitter that can achieve wireless data connections of up to 100Gbps (gigabits per second)..."

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                    FLUX: Linux and the Internet of Things - Jim Wildman, Redhat
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                    • 6:00 PM to 7:00 snacks/networking
                    • 7:00 PM to 8:30 - Talk

                    The Internet of Things is Coming!! Or not. A discussion of challenges and issues as industries rush to the cloud of things....

                    The speaker for our February meeting will be Jim Wildman of Red Hat. Jim is a Field Engineer and a true FOSS evangelist.

                    Please RSVP at

                    IT - PM
                    Making a meal out of project management
                    CIO, February 9th, 2016
                    "Project management lessons can be found in the strangest places. Lessons in communication, transparency, planning, control, task management, process, negotiation, leadership and much more can all learnt from one bad meal out...

                    Sometimes, as a project manager, you can feel that you are in the loneliest of places, up late at night sweating over a project that is running late, working long weekends when everyone else is at the game. You can feel like you are the only person on the planet facing your challenges..."

                    The Top 5 Online Project Management Software and Why it Rocks
                    Business 2 Community, February 11th, 2016
                    "Choosing an online project management software for your small business can be like wandering into a candy store. There's a dazzling choice of bright and shiny apps, and everyone's keen to recommend a different flavor - but you can start to feel a bit queasy if you try too many. Thankfully though, there are some simple things to look out for that can help you sort the juicy fruits from the sour apples..."
                    5 dangers that comprise project management
                    ITProPortal, February 13th, 2016
                    "As a leader in your workplace, it's your duty to plan and organise resources, to stay within budget, to meet requirements of the business and to make sure people finish projects on time. Even if you are great at delegating tasks and juggling several different jobs at once, ensuring your project is a success can still be a challenge.

                    And in today's fast-paced world of business, often times being a 'project manager' is just another necessary skill in your overall job title. However, the more work you take on and the more projects you undertake, the harder it is to manage the project correctly..."

                      IT - Networks
                      SDN training priorities for enterprises
                      SearchSDN, February 12th, 2016
                      "SDN promises to change how networking pros work. Analyst Shamus McGillicuddy shares the top priorities of enterprises tackling SDN retraining.

                      The software-centric nature of software-defined networking will fundamentally alter network engineering and management practices, which have evolved over the years to support a more hardware-centric paradigm. Consequently, enterprise IT organizations will need to retrain their networking teams when they implement SDN..."

                      Rethinking DNS traffic management
                      ITProPortal, February 11th, 2016
                      "Deploying applications and websites is far less expensive and complex than it used to be. Cloud computing providers are distributed worldwide, and the use of deployment automation and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is increasing. Uptime and performance have improved as users take advantage of the ability to deploy servers across the globe in minutes and benefit from decentralised environments by using an abundance of software frameworks, databases, and automation tools. This equates to nothing less than a revolution in modern computing practices: applications are now distributed by default..."
                      How SDN Interest Has Evolved
                      Network Computing, February 11th, 2016
                      "In 2012, I conducted original market research into what network professionals thought would drive them to deploy SDN. Late last year, I published an ebook with updated SDN market research. Comparing the 2012 results with the 2015 results provides insight into how the thinking about SDN has and hasn't changed over the last few years..."
                      IT - IoT
                      Data Security Concerns Remain Top Obstacle to IoT Initiatives
                      Information Management, February 10th, 2016
                      "Despite the rapid growth of the Internet of Things, concerns over data security remain the number one obstacle to further development.

                      That is the conclusion of a recent study by TEKsystems on the state of Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives. More than 200 IT and business leaders were polled by the Hanover, MD-based firm on project ownership, implementation status, risks, required skill sets and organizational preparedness..."

                      Driving growth with IoT
                      ITProPortal, February 9th, 2016
                      "Leading industry visionaries are forecasting major disruptions to how we work as a consequence of the Internet of Things (IoT). Consider that, currently, there are around 4.1 billion IoT devices 'in play' across the globe, with experts forecasting this will explode to approximately 26 to 50 billion M2M and IoT devices by 2020 across the business and consumer landscape.

                      So, as businesses re-engineer themselves and develop suitable IoT strategies, they will need to evaluate the possibilities for these applications within their respective sectors..."

                      7 Ways IoT Will Impact Your Data Center
                      Network Computing, February 9th, 2016
                      "All too often, discussions surrounding the topic of the Internet of Things (IoT) revolve around the exponential increase in IoT devices that are expected to be deployed around us. We're often bombarded with statements from research firms such as Gartner, which predicts that by 2020, there will be 26 billion IoT devices deployed globally.

                      Impressive? Absolutely. But at the same time, it doesn't paint the entire IoT picture..."

                      Internet of hackable things? Why IoT devices need better security
                      The Enterprisers Project, February 8th, 2016
                      "The Internet of Things is amazingly powerful and useful - but not always safe to use, and most organizations with IoT implementations need to do a better job of keeping them secure. That's a message that Jerry Irvine, CIO of the Chicago IT services company, Prescient Solutions, would like his fellow CIOs to take to heart. In an interview with The Enterprisers Project, he explains why..."
                      The ultimate IoT survival guide for businesses
                      ITProPortal, February 12th, 2016
                      "It has been dubbed the fourth industrial revolution, and for many, the arrival of the internet of things (IoT) will be one of the most disruptive technological shifts of all time.

                      Beyond the media hype and talk of connected fridges and household appliances that alert you when you are running out of food, the IoT is going to transform the way businesses think about their manufacturing processes and the way they manage data to make key decisions..."

                      IT - Linux
                      Analysis Of The Top 10 Linux Distributions Of 2015
                      Everyday Linux User, February 10th, 2016
                      "For the past couple of years I have been producing analysis guides for the top 10 Linux distributions as listed on Distrowatch.

                      The point of this article is to look at the top 10 Linux distributions as listed on Distrowatch for the year 2015 and analyse their suitability for the average Joe.

                      The criteria for an Everyday Linux distribution is as follows:.."

                      Unikernels, Docker, and Why You Should Care
                      LINUX Journal, February 10th, 2016
                      "Docker's recent acquisition of Unikernel Systems has sent pulses racing in the microservice world. At the same time, many people have no clue what to make of it, so here's a quick explanation of why this move is a good thing.

                      Although you may not be involved in building or maintaining microservice-based software, you certainly use it. Many popular Web sites and services are powered by microservices, such as Netflix, eBay and PayPal. Microservice architectures lend themselves to cloud computing and 'scale on demand', so you're sure to see more of it in the future..."

                      4 open source tools for Linux system monitoring
            , February 9th, 2016
                      "Information is the key to resolving any computer problem, including problems with or relating to Linux and the hardware on which it runs. There are many tools available for and included with most distributions even though they are not all installed by default. These tools can be used to obtain huge amounts of information.

                      This article discusses some of the interactive command line interface (CLI) tools that are provided with or which can be easily installed on Red Hat related distributions including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora, CentOS, and other derivative distributions..."

                      Long Term Support vs Rolling Linux Release
                      Datamation, February 8th, 2016
                      "Over the years, I've had the opportunity to try a lot of different Linux releases. As the time passed, I found myself gravitating more toward the Ubuntu-based Long Term Release model. Obviously there are advantages and disadvantages to using an LTS distro release. That said, when it comes to current software packages, control and speed - rolling releases are a solid option.

                      In this article, I'll offer a candid view between the two options by examining the core differences between running a rolling release and using an LTS type release distribution..."

                      Are you interested in making a $40 PC that runs Android or Linux!
                      TechWorm, February 8th, 2016
                      "If investing in an expensive personal computer is way above your budget line, then you might want to invest $40 in a Raspberry Pi 2 rival, which is called Hardkernel's Odroid-C2 computer. While Raspberry Pi 2 costs $5 cheaper, Hardkernel states that its latest product delivers more horsepower compared to its rival. To get a better idea of what the computer is capable of, the specifications have been listed below:.."
                        IT - Operations
                        Bridging the Gap Between Application Performance and Infrastructure Management
                        The Data Center Journal, February 10th, 2016
                        "Application performance is critical to accomplishing business objectives, and data center managers are tasked with optimizing application performance to the fullest. But application performance depends on infrastructure support, and application - and infrastructure-management teams typically reside in different organizations and use separate, nonintegrated tool sets - there is no system that monitors application performance and analyzes from the application down into the supporting infrastructure such as network, storage, compute resources and, especially, virtualization..."
                        What's behind most data center outages?
                        GCN, February 9th, 2016
                        "The rising cost of unplanned data center outages will further constrain already tight government budgets, increasing the need for carefully considered risk mitigation strategies and disaster recovery plans.

                        According to a recent study by Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a data center outage rose to $740,357 in 2015 -- an increase of 38 percent since 2010. The increase in the maximum downtime cost ($2,409,991) was even greater, climbing 81 percent over that same time period.

                        The most expensive cost was business disruption, followed by lost revenue and end-user productivity. IT productivity, detection, recovery, ex-post activities and equipment were next..."

                        Open Source DCIM Software Project Combats Spreadsheet-Based Data Center Management
                        Data Center Knowledge, February 8th, 2016
                        "You cannot improve what you cannot measure. It may be a persuasive argument, but it hasn't been persuasive enough to deliver the explosion in adoption of Data Center Infrastructure Management tools vendors were promising a few years ago, when DCIM software was considered a big 'emerging' market.

                        While few doubt its usefulness today, many companies have found it to be very expensive to implement. As a result, adoption has been growing, but perhaps not as quickly as the hype would lead you to expect several years ago..."

                        IT - Security
                        10 Things Employees Can Do to Improve IT Security in 2016 (Slideshow)
                        eWeek, February 10th, 2016
                        "In 2015, the borders between personal and professional use of apps and devices became less defined than ever. People constantly use whatever device they have at the time to do either personal or business tasks - that's the real world. In 2016, the line between how employees use data in and outside of work will continue to blur and will drive important trends that IT needs to consider when building a security strategy. To help CIOs better understand how their workforces are accessing and securing data - and where IT can help fill the gap - Ping Identity surveyed 1,000 employees at U.S. enterprises..."
                        What's the real cost of a security breach?
                        Help Net Security, February 10th, 2016
                        "The majority of business decision makers admit that their organisation will suffer an information security breach and that the cost of recovery could start from around $1 million, according to NTT Com Security.

                        While 54% of those surveyed say information security is vital to their business and 18% agree that poor information security is the single greatest risk, 65% predict that their organisation will suffer a data breach some time in the future..."

                        7 Must-Haves for Effective Data Security Policies (Slideshow)
                        The VAR Guy, February 12th, 2016
                        "Do your data security policies have "teeth"? Identity theft expert Robert Siciliano recently examined some of the must-haves for effective data protection. Here's a closer look at seven items every business should include in its data security policies..."
                        IT - Careers
                        75% of companies now have flexible working policies - and say they boost their profits
                        Information Age, February 10th, 2016
                        "Three quarters of companies worldwide have introduced flexible working policies that allow employees to vary their hours and work from home, new research has found.

                        In one of the largest global surveys on flexible working to date, Vodafone quizzed 8,000 small and medium-sized businesses, public sector organisations and multinational corporations - and their employees - across ten countries..."

                          How high will IT salaries climb?
                          CIO, February 10th, 2016
                          "Average technology salaries in the U.S. saw the biggest year-over-year leap ever, jumping 7.7 percent to $96,370 annually, according to the annual 2015-2016 salary survey by careers site Bonuses and contract rates also rose in 2015, and tech salaries in seven metro areas reached six-figures for the first time since the survey began more than a decade ago. The question is, how high can they go?..."
                            Invest in people or risk 'digital culture shock', says Accenture
                            ComputerWeekly, February 9th, 2016
                            "Organisations need to invest in their people first if they want to reap the benefits of digital technology, research by Accenture claims.

                            Businesses are facing what the management consultancy calls a 'digital culture shock' as they try to keep up with innovative technology.

                            But high-performing companies will adapt by using technology to rethink the structure of their organisations, said Marc Carrel-Billiard, Accenture's global director of technology R&D..."

                            IT - Virtualization
                            VMware Updates vRealize Cloud Manager, vSAN Storage Suite
                            eWeek, February 10th, 2016
                            "Virtualization market leader also launches Workspace ONE, which gives enterprise employees self-service access to cloud, mobile, Windows apps.

                            VMware is well known for its vSphere hypervisor, Horizon virtual desktops, AirWatch mobile management and plenty of other items. However, vRealize, the company's automated cloud management platform, and vSAN, its virtual storage area network suite, have never been accused of being high-profile products..."

                            What are containers and microservices?
                            Computerweekly, February 8th, 2016
                            "Independently deployable bits of code can be used to build agile applications. We look at some of the main players

                            Containers encapsulate discrete components of application logic provisioned only with the minimal resources needed to do their job.

                            Unlike virtual machines (VM), containers have no need for embedded operating systems (OS); calls are made for OS resources via an application programming interface (API)..."

                            Comparing Virtualization and Hypervisor Tech Across Vendors
                            ServerWatch, February 11th, 2016
                            "VMware is typically considered the biggest name in server virtualization, with Microsoft's Hyper-V virtualization technology a close second. But these are not the only two server virtualization games in town - they just tend to shout the loudest marketing messages.

                            There are of course other less shouty server virtualization technology vendors, and these include Citrix, IBM, Red Hat and several others..."

                            IT - Backup
                            Data protection technologies: Experts offer predictions
                            SearchDataBackup, February 9th, 2016
                            "Predictions for data protection in 2016 include the resurgence of tape, rise of copy data management, special optimized options and software-defined storage for backup data...

                            Data protection technologies are more mature than emerging storage trends, such as flash, software-defined storage and hyper-convergence, and are less likely to change significantly in 2016..."

                            Don't be duped by dedupe: Understanding data deduplication for backup
                            ITProPortal, February 9th, 2016
                            "Too much data, not enough time, not enough storage space, and not enough budget. Sounds familiar? Since the first mainframes, IT teams have worked hard to optimise storage capacity requirements and data protection processes.

                            Backups are failing, taking too much space, and costing way too much. In the open systems world, these are the same issues we had years ago, when the first data deduplication technology first entered the mainstream..."

                              Data backup hardware buyers get good deals from vendors
                              SearchDataBackup, February 12th, 2016
                              "Buying data backup hardware has never been easy, but companies are leveraging vendor relationships to get discounts and other benefits.

                              When storage pros go shopping for data backup hardware gear, they're most likely to check out the big boys of backup first, with vendors like Dell, EMC, HPE, IBM and NetApp getting most of the attention..."

                              When Should I Buy Readzilla/L2ARC?
                              To L2ARC or not to L2ARC?
                              Matthew blogs, "Like every page in the Storage Ops blog, my opinions do not necessarily reflect those of Oracle or its affiliates. And quite frankly, while I have plenty of operational experience with this stuff, I write in large part so I can better understand what it is I'm writing about!

                              To L2ARC or not to L2ARC?

                              This is one of the most challenging, data-dependent questions I receive on a routine basis. I'll try to outline a few general principles below -- and a little math -- to help one decide whether or not to buy "Read Cache SSD" (Readzilla or L2ARC SSD) for your Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance. To end up persisting very long in L2ARC, blocks have a few hurdles to overcome. Rather than re-hashing them fully here, I'll summarize two important parts of the balancing act, then refer you over to the Solaris L2ARC Eligibility Rules:.."

                              IT - Big Data
                              How Open Source is Driving New Innovations in Data Analytics
                              insideBIGDATA, February 10th, 2016
                              "It wasn't long ago when open source software was on the fringe of cutting edge technology. The software then was rough, untested and insecure. No longer is this the case. From tiny startups to the largest Fortune 20 companies, open source technology is permeating every corner of the business world.

                              But how did this happen? Why is open source now viewed as a viable, and even advantageous, way of bringing new innovations to the market?..."

                              A Look into Big Data Applications for Law Enforcement
                              SmartDataCollective, February 10th, 2016
                              "Ever-growing security threats coupled with shrinking budgets are putting enormous pressure on law enforcement agencies worldwide to improve their efficiency with limited resources. This is why many of these agencies are turning to big data to help them make the most of their resources and to address all the pressing issues within their respective communities.

                              Before going into the power of big data analytics, it's important to briefly understand what big data is all about..."

                              Big Data Is A Verb (Not A Noun)
                              SmartDataCollective, February 10th, 2016
                              "Big Data (BD) is not a 'thing' (noun). Big Data is a set of actions (verb), orchestrated by people, using specialized tools (software, hardware, algorithms) to organize data streams for the purpose of gaining additional insight. The quantity of data, in unto itself, does not equate to Big Data. The processes used to correlate and draw inferences from (potentially) disparate data streams, ultimately leading to insight, is the soil from which BD thrives..."
                              Big Data's Big Problem? Most Companies Don't Realize they're Already Using It
                              Business 2 Community, February 12th, 2016
                              "It turns out that no one knows what the heck big data is, and about the same number of companies are actually doing anything meaningful with it, according to a new study from Dresner Advisory Services.


                              You shouldn't be. After all, despite years of big data prognostication, most companies still struggle to even put little data to use.

                              This isn't to suggest that big data isn't a big deal, or that companies aren't deriving massive value today from their data. It is and they are. But, to get value from big data, companies first need to get real..."

                              IT - Mobile
                              45 Phenomenal Email and Mobile Marketing Stats
                              Business 2 Community, February 9th, 2016
                              "Email remains the most effective digital marketing tool for both B2B and B2C marketers. But the majority of email activity now takes place on mobile devices, and not all marketers have effectively adapted to this rapid shift.

                              Those are just a couple of the findings in the nearly four dozen email and mobile marketing facts and statistics from 15 different sources compiled below. Five more key takeaways from this research:..."

                                As mobile apps for employees proliferate, CIOs get involved
                                Search CIO, February 8th, 2016
                                "As mobile apps for employees, clients and customers alter how enterprise work gets done, the role of the CIO and IT deepens...

                                The directive for the IT team at Carolinas HealthCare System is to put patients first, so, not surprisingly, its first mobile app was geared toward patients.

                                Additional mobile apps for patients followed, but the technology staff early on also turned its attention to mobile apps for employees, said senior vice president and CIO Craig Richardville..."

                                Mobile security Q&A: Securing the mobile minimum viable app
                                CSO Online, February 12th, 2016
                                "As enterprises struggle to keep up with their internal demand for mobile apps, more are turning to rapid development workflows. What does this mean for security? As enterprises struggle to keep up with their internal demand for mobile apps, more are turning to more speedy development workflows, such as the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) , which essentially calls for mobile development teams to focus on the highest return on effort when compared to risk when choosing apps to develop, and features to build within them. That is: focus on apps and capabilities that users are actually going to use and skip those apps and features they won't..."
                                IT - BYOD
                                How the IoT and BYOD Increase Business Agility
                                CIO Insight, February 11th, 2016
                                "It's understandable why many companies are initially reluctant to embrace what's outside the typical scope of what is considered "acceptable." There was a time when car seatbelts were considered radical, when bars and restaurants allowed smoking and when working from home was a remote idea. But policies change. Common sense, one hopes, eventually prevails. What was once considered foreign becomes rote. Using a personal smartphone for work-critical tasks is now commonplace. Buckling up is automatic. Smoking indoors has been snubbed out..."
                                  Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                  Vol 216 Issue 1; Vol 215 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 214 Issues 3, 4 and 5
                                  We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                  • The Best UNIX Operating System Out There
                                  • Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c
                                  • Troubleshooting I/O Load in a Solaris OpenStack Cloud
                                  • IBM Java Applications Taking Advantage of SPARC Hardware Encryption
                                  • Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service
                                  • Lessons Learned: IPv6 Addressing
                                  • Oracle Building New Cloud Partner System
                                  • How To Save $150 Billion: Move All App Dev And Testing To The Cloud
                                  • Digital Transformation Becomes Mainstream: Profit Magazine 2016 Trends
                                  • Focus on Oracle Solaris Security at the OTN VTS Event

                                  The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                    IT - Server
                                    79% of Enterprises to Increase Spending on Converged Infrastructure in 2016 - 451 Research
                          , February 9th, 2016
                                    "Upcoming refresh projects are driving 2016 enterprise investments in servers and converged infrastructure, according to the latest 451 Research's Voice of the Enterprise: Servers and Converged Infrastructure study.

                                    Among enterprises in the study, 60% plan to increase spending on servers, and 79% plan to spend more on converged infrastructure in 2016. Spending on hyper-converged infrastructure will be particularly strong in 2016 with 86% of respondents planning to increase spend and over 32% planning a major server and storage refresh project..."

                                    Ten server deployment checklist considerations
                                    SearchDataCenter, February 12th, 2016
                                    "Use this server deployment checklist to make sure you're covered all your bases. From power distribution outlets to available network connectivity, server deployment can be an arduous process...

                                    A comprehensive server deployment checklist involves a lot more than buying adequate computing resources at an attractive price.

                                    It takes talented IT administrators and other personnel to source, acquire, prepare, install, configure, manage and support a fleet of servers -- whether in the tens, hundreds or thousands -- in a data center..."

                                      IT - Encryption
                                      Survey: The state of encryption is strong, but mind the gaps (Slideshow)
                                      Network World, February 8th, 2016
                                      "A recent survey of 1,700 IT decision makers from network and endpoint security provider Sophos finds that while many companies take the security of their customer data seriously and the use of encryption is growing, employee data is not protected to the same level.

                                      For example, 31 percent of the companies surveyed that store employee bank data admit that the details are not always encrypted. Forty-three percent of the companies holding sensitive employee HR files don't always encrypt them, and nearly half of those that store employee healthcare information (47 percent) fail to consistently encrypt these records.

                                      The slides that follow highlight these and other key findings from the survey..."

                                      The Document Foundation Announces LibreOffice 5.1
                                      The Document Foundation, February 10th, 2016
                                      The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 5.1, a full featured open source office suite which compares head-to-head with every product in the same category, while standing out with superior interoperability features.

                                      LibreOffice 5.1 offers a completely reorganized user interface, and several improved features targeted at enterprise deployments: better support for ODF 1.2, interoperability with proprietary document formats and file management on remote servers.

                                      IT - Java
                                      Building Maintainable Software, Java Edition
                                      O'Reilly, February 9th, 2016
                                      "Have you ever felt frustrated working with someone else's code? Difficult-to-maintain source code is a big problem in software development today, leading to costly delays and defects. Be part of the solution. With this practical book, you'll learn 10 easy-to-follow guidelines for delivering Java software that's easy to maintain and adapt. These guidelines have been derived from analyzing hundreds of real-world systems..."
                                      Java 8 will be introduced to Android by changing to OpenJDK
                                      jaxenter, February 8th, 2016
                                      "Google has announced its intention to use OpenJDK instead of the Apache Harmony implementation of Java Libraries in future Android versions. This came as a surprise to many developers and brought up lots of questions. We talked to Android expert Christian Meder about the consequences of Google's decision for developers..."
                                      IT - HPC
                                      Global HPC Market Report Released by ReportsnReports
                                      HPCWire, February 10th, 2016
                                      "The global high performance computing market is projected to reach USD 36.62 Billion by 2020, at a CAGR of 5.45% with higher computational power driving the HPC market growth with Asia-Pacific (APAC) expected to witness the highest growth and HPC servers to gain maximum market share during the forecast period.

                                      The HPC market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.45% during 2015-2020..."

                                      Smart Tools 4 Oracle JET
                                      By Geertjan
                                      Geertjan blogs, "I have created a small plugin for NetBeans IDE that adds several helpful features for working with Oracle JET.

                                      For example, you end up with new file templates for creating different kinds of JET modules:

                                      The idea is that you create the folder "js/viewmodels", right-click it, call up the New File dialog, and then choose one of the Oracle JET templates that you see above, which will create a JavaScript file in "js/viewmodels" and matching HTML file in "js/views"..."

                                      Design of 2nd Edition of NetBeans Community T-Shirt!
                                      NetBeans Connects
                                      "The first edition of the NetBeans community t-shirt was announced prior to JavaOne 2015. Since then, more sponsors have joined, and the quality of the graphics has been enhanced, while the t-shirt itself will be better quality too.

                                      The front of the t-shirt will be the same as before..."

                                      The Echo Chamber Talks Security
                                      Customers in the Know
                                      Jeb Dasteel writes, "Oracle is very focused on listening to our customers, building community, and taking full advantage of the collective insights of our global user base. To this end, we recently kicked off an Echo Chamber initiative, designed to assess and respond to the perspectives of user group members from around the world on critical business and technology issues and developments.

                                      The program works like this: We suggest a topic that we communicate across the network of Oracle user group leaders; we then encourage them to get a conversation going on social media. As the conversation develops, we see opportunities to take action and deliver something meaningful back to the community..."

                                      Nexenta News
                                      Nexenta Extends Support for VMware Environments via VMware Virtual SAN 6.2
                                      Nexenta, February 10th, 2016
                                      Nexenta, the global leader in Open Source-driven Software-Defined Storage (OpenSDS) announced the company has extended its support of VMware Hyper-Converged Software environments via interoperability with VMware's newly announced Virtual SAN 6.2. NexentaConnect for VMware Virtual SAN provides file services for VMware Virtual SAN environments by adding NFS and SMB access on top of an existing Virtual SAN to complete the software hyper-convergence model.

                                      Nexenta, in partnership with VMware (link is external), has also extended its exclusive promotion, allowing any validated VMware Virtual SAN customer to achieve file services via NexentaConnect. The promotion is available through June 30, 2016 and includes a NexentaConnect for VMware Virtual SAN license, unlimited raw storage capacity to match VMware Virtual SAN licenses and day-zero Nexenta technical support for 12 months...

                                      Veritas News
                                      Veritas Releases Study Results On Data Management Along With Product Announcements
                                      Storage Review, February 11th, 2016
                                      Veritas released their inaugural Data Genomics Index. This study is what Veritas is calling the 'first accurate view of the composition of enterprise data.' The study was performed with Veritas' extensive customer base of 50,000 enterprise customers worldwide, including 86% of the global Fortune 500, and analyzing tens of billions of files. Veritas is also announcing two new products, Enterprise Vault 12 and Data Insight 5.1.
                                      Veritas Enterprise Vault updated after Symantec sell off
                                      SearchStorage, February 12th, 2016
                                      Veritas Technologies updated Enterprise Vault and Data Insight with enhanced classification, review and workflow capabilities and beefed-up Box support.

                                      In its first product launches since splitting from Symantec, Veritas Technologies this week updated its Enterprise Vault archiving and Data Insight file analysis software. The vendor added enhanced classification, review and workflow capabilities and extended support for Box's online file sharing service.

                                      Cisco News
                                      Cisco Reports Second Quarter Earnings
                                      Cisco, February 10th, 2016
                                      Cisco, the worldwide leader in networking that transforms how people connect, communicate and collaborate, today reported second quarter results for the period ended January 23, 2016. Cisco reported second quarter revenue of $11.9 billion, net income on a generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) basis of $3.1 billion or $0.62 per share, and non-GAAP net income of $2.9 billion or $0.57 per share. Second quarter revenue was $11.8 billion excluding $93 million of revenue from the Customer Premises Equipment portion of the Service Provider Video Connected Devices business (SP Video CPE Business) that was divested during the second quarter on November 20, 2015.
                                      Midco Launching Field Trials for Gigabit-Speed Broadband Services With Cisco
                                      Cisco, February 9th, 2016
                                      Following successful lab trials with a DOCSIS 3.1-powered cable modem, Midco is preparing for field trials of its Midco Gig Internet service in Fargo, North Dakota, in March. The company is also announcing that the second metro area - Sioux Falls, South Dakota - will be ready for Midco gigabit Internet speeds by the end of 2016.

                                      Midco has committed to delivering gigabit to its entire service area by the end of 2017. The company serves more than 330,000 customers in nearly 350 communities across Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

                                      Last year, Midco announced that it deployed the Cisco cBR-8 converged broadband router to increase network capacity for DOCSIS 3.1 broadband and to accelerate the growth of its cable broadband network.

                                      CableLabs and Cisco Announce Open Source Software for Future of Virtualization in Cable
                                      Cisco, February 10th, 2016
                                      Cable operators around the world are faced with pressures to provide higher bandwidth transport for Internet, video and voice services. Most operators are opting for standardized, digital and fiber-based solutions that will help them reduce costs and future-proof their technology to support network demands.

                                      Several years ago, the cable industry led the effort for a Converged Cable Access Platform (CCAP), to simplify cable headend operations and to move operators toward service convergence and IP video. CCAP combines edge QAM and cable modem termination system (CMTS) functions into one unit to help operators reduce power and space...

                                        Costa Rica Government Signs Letter of Understanding with Cisco to Accelerate the Digitization of the Country
                                        Cisco, February 11th, 2016
                                        In order to exchange information and share best practices to support the digital agenda for Costa Rica, the Telecommunications Vice Ministry, a specialized unit from MICITT (Ministerio de Ciencia Tecnología y Telecommunicaciones) of Costa Rica, and Cisco signed a Letter of Understanding for a collaboration relationship.

                                        Under this Letter of Understanding, Cisco will actively collaborate by providing its global experience to support MICITT in their efforts to establish a digital government, digital education, access to telecommunications services, and cybersecurity, aligning best practices for the betterment of its citizens, and to further Costa Rica's development as an information society...

                                        Dell News
                                        Independent Research Firm recognizes Dell as a 'Leader' in North American Workplace Services
                                        Dell, February 11th, 2016
                                        Dell Services has been named a "Leader" in "The Forrester Wav: North American Workplace Services, Q4 2015" report. The Forrester Wave report evaluates workplace service providers' capabilities across three criteria - current offering, strategy and market presence.

                                        Anand Sankaran, president and global head, Infrastructure and Cloud Computing, Dell Services, said, "A workforce that is becoming increasingly mobile, social and dispersed is today's reality. Designing and managing sophisticated workplace services that leverage advancements in cloud, mobility, virtualization and security create tremendous value for enterprises and is top of the mind for CIOs across industries..."

                                        Gartner Positions Dell SecureWorks in the 'Leaders' Quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for Managed Security Services (MSS), Worldwide
                                        Dell, February 12th, 2016
                                        Dell SecureWorks, a leading provider of intelligence-driven information security solutions, announced today that it has been positioned in the "Leaders" quadrant of the Gartner Inc. Magic Quadrant for Managed Security Services (MSS), Worldwide (December 2015).&#12288;

                                        Dell SecureWorks has been named as a Leader in the past eight Gartner Magic Quadrants for MSSPs. Magic Quadrant recognitions are the result of Gartner's research into specific markets and are a graphical portrayal of the positions of the players in the market positioned according to their performance, ability to execute and completeness of vision...

                                        Microsoft News
                                        Microsoft and Acer expand partnership to bring Microsoft services to more customers on more devices
                                        Microsoft, February 10th, 2016
                                        Microsoft Corp. and Acer Inc. announced the expansion of their global partnership to bring Microsoft mobile productivity services to more consumers. From the second half of 2016, Acer will begin pre-installing Microsoft services and apps on its portfolio of Android smartphones and tablets. Specifically, customers will benefit from the productivity tools including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive and Skype on select Android smartphones and tablets from Acer...
                                        IBM News
                                        IBM Selected by Consolidated Edison, Inc. for a Transformational Project
                                        IBM, February 9th, 2016
                                        IBM announced that it has been selected by Consolidated Edison Company of NY, Inc. and Orange and Rockland (O&R) Utilities, both regulated operating companies of Consolidated Edison, Inc. (NYSE: ED) to provide services to implement an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) program with the installation of more than 3.9 million electric meters and 1.3 million gas meters.

                                        Smart meters provide customers more insight and greater control over their individual energy usage and costs. In the future, such usage data will be accessible online and through mobile devices, providing customers with timely information and opportunities to take action to better manage how much energy they are using. AMI represents a new way for Con Edison and O&R to respond to customer needs, modernize energy infrastructure, and improve grid management.

                                        IBM Achieves Highest U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency Authorization for Cloud Services
                                        IBM, February 10th, 2016
                                        IBM announced that the U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) has authorized the company to deliver IBM Cloud services at the highest security levels - known as Impact Level 5 - for Controlled Unclassified Information as defined by the Department of Defense (DoD), paving the way for DoD agencies seeking to take advantage of the innovations cloud can offer and manage sensitive data.

                                        DISA has granted the company a Conditional Authority to Operate IBM Cloud services hosted at the Allegany Ballistics Laboratory data center in West Virginia, which is owned by the Department of the Navy and leased by IBM...

                                        IBM Study: Leading CEOs Aim to Transform Business with Cognitive Computing
                                        IBM, February 10th, 2016
                                        Leading CEOs are placing more weight on cognitive computing according to a new IBM study. In fact, half of leading CEOs believe cognitive computing will revolutionize their business in the next three to five years - 19 percent more than market-following CEOs and 35 percent more than all C-suite leaders combined.

                                        According to a new IBM Institute for Business Value study, 'Redefining Competition: Insights from the Global C-suite Study - The CEO perspective,' leading CEOs place less emphasis on cloud and Internet of Things as a result of early adoption of these technologies, while market-following CEOs are just beginning to stress their importance. The study highlights how emerging technologies are intersecting and combining in new ways, causing enterprises to redefine how they engage with their customers and partners. This opens up opportunities for new business models and expanded ecosystems...

                                        VMware News
                                        VMware Accelerates the Shift to Digitization and Hybrid Cloud With the Introduction of vRealize Suite 7
                                        VMWare, February 10th, 2016
                                        VMware, Inc. announced advancements to its cloud management platform with the introduction of VMware vRealize Suite 7 featuring new releases of VMware vRealize Operations and VMware vRealize Log Insight along with VMware vRealize Automation 7 and VMware vRealize Business for Cloud 7. The suite's new product updates together with pricing and packaging enhancements are designed to help customers readily address the most common use cases VMware has identified in customers' journey to the cloud.
                                        VMware Unveils Workspace ONE to Deliver Digital Workspaces With Consumer Simplicity Enterprise Security
                                        VMWare, February 9th, 2016
                                        VMware, Inc., a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility, today unveiled a new platform for delivering secure digital workspaces for flexible workstyles and bring your own device (BYOD). Using the principles of consumer simple and enterprise secure, the digital workspace delivered by VMware will address the end user and enterprise IT business mobility needs by aggregating all devices, applications and services while securely managing them through unified common access and identity.
                                        VMware Enables Industry's Fastest Easiest and Most Affordable Application and Desktop Delivery With VMware Horizon 7 and VMware Horizon Air
                                        VMWare, February 9th, 2016
                                        VMware, Inc., a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility, announced new advancements in VMware Horizon, the industry-leading digital workspace solution for delivering and managing virtual applications and desktops. VMware Horizon will deliver unparalleled speed in delivering personalized virtual applications and desktops, while offering cloud economics and a new cloud-optimized display protocol.

                                        A new hybrid-mode capability will be available in VMware Horizon Air to simplify application and desktop delivery by combining the benefits of hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) and Virtual SAN Ready Nodes with a single, cloud-based plane to manage on-premises and cloud deployments. With these advancements, VMware Horizon will offer the industry's most comprehensive application and desktop virtualization portfolio with options for on-premises, off-premises or hybrid deployments.

                                        VMware Introduces Next-Generation Hyper-Converged Software Enabling Simple, High Performance Infrastructure for the Software-Defined Data Center
                                        VMWare, February 10th, 2016
                                        VMware advanced its enterprise-proven, hyper-converged software with a new release of VMware Virtual SAN. VMware is a leader in hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) software having sold to more than 3,000 customers in 21 months since the initial release of Virtual SAN.

                                        As the optimal foundation for the software-defined data center, HCI systems are the fastest growing converged or integrated systems, and are expected to grow to $1.5 billion in revenues in 2016, according to IDC. Combining software-defined compute, storage and networking capabilities with off-the-shelf x86 hardware, HCI systems simplify IT operations and increase performance while lowering IT capital and operating expenditures.

                                        Red Hat News
                                        Friday Five - February 12, 2016
                                        Red Hat, February 12th, 2016
                                        The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat blog post with 5 of the week's top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye.

                                        • OpenShift by Red Hat Named InfoWorld Technology of the Year Award Winner for the Second Year in a Row
                                        • Secure Foundations, Part 2 | A Red Hat virtual event
                                        • CRN - Rackspace Debuts Red Hat OpenStack For Private Clouds
                                        • Forbes - The Best Cloud Computing Companies And CEOs To Work For In 2016
                                        • Tom's IT Pro - Red Hat Certification Guide: Overview And Career Paths

                                        Read for details

                                        OpenShift by Red Hat Named InfoWorld Technology of the Year Award Winner for the Second Year in a Row
                                        Red Hat, February 9th, 2016
                                        Red Hat, Inc., the world's leading provider of open source solutions, today announced that OpenShift by Red Hat, the company's cloud application platform offering, has received the Infoworld Technology of the Year award for the second year in a row. The annual awards identify the year's best and most innovative products in the IT landscape, selected by IDG's InfoWorld Test Center editors and reviewers. Winners are drawn from the products tested by InfoWorld during the past year. For the second year in a row, OpenShift was the only cloud application platform offering to receive the award.
                                        EMC News
                                        EMC Declares Quarterly Cash Dividend
                                        EMC, February 12th, 2016
                                        EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) announced that the Company's Board of Directors has declared a quarterly cash dividend of $0.115 per common share. The dividend will be payable on April 22, 2016 to shareholders of record as of April 1, 2016.
                                        HP News
                                        Hewlett Packard Enterprise Names New Senior Fellow
                                        HPE, February 10th, 2016
                                        Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPE) announced that it has named Ray Beausoleil as Senior Fellow. Senior Fellows are world-class technologists recognized as thought leaders within the company and across the industry.

                                        "We're delighted to recognize an industry pioneer like Ray for his extraordinary technology leadership and vision," said Martin Fink, EVP and CTO, Hewlett Packard Enterprise. "Ray's impressive track record of research in nonlinear and quantum optics has the potential to transform the industry in the long term and advance the fundamental state of technology."

                                        Brocade News
                                        Micron21 Relies On Brocade For Delivering Network DDSO Protection As A Service
                                        Brocade, February 9th, 2016
                                        Micron21 Datacentre Pty Ltd, one of the few vertically integrated data center-based service providers in Australia, has extended its reliance on Brocade networking solutions to deliver new points of presence, services, and capacity to its growing global network. The continued addition of Brocade MLXe Core Routers in Amsterdam, Los Angeles, and Singapore has provided Micron21 with the basis for network transformation. Today, the company has differentiated its offerings with a highly successful Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection as a Service offering. The offering is currently in operation at multiple high-profile Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Web hosting companies, as well as numerous enterprise networks and government departments.
                                        Hitachi News
                                        New York Waterway Ferries Run Safer And Smarter With Hitachi Visualization
                                        HDS, February 11th, 2016
                                        Transportation systems stand to benefit significantly from mobile optimization and digitalization, placing them squarely among the frontline use cases for smart cities. Forward-thinking organizations are now applying predictive and prescriptive analytics to video and machine data captured from connected sensors and devices, commonly known as the Internet of Things (IoT), to support a new wave of intelligent public transportation systems...
                                        Windstream News
                                        Windstream appoints Jeannie H. Diefenderfer, Larry Laque to Board of Directors
                                        Windstream, February 11th, 2016
                                        Windstream Holdings, Inc. announced the appointments of Jeannie H. Diefenderfer and Larry Laque to the company's board of directors. The appointments are effective immediately.

                                        Diefenderfer and Laque qualify as independent board members under Nasdaq-listing requirements. Diefenderfer will serve on the board's governance committee, and Laque will serve on the audit committee.

                                        F5 News
                                        Cloud-based application services take centre stage in EMEA
                                        F5, February 10th, 2016
                                        When F5 Networks was founded 20 years ago, the world was a very different place. In February 1996, Prime Minister John Major had another year to go in office, Oasis went to number 1 with 'Don't Look Back in Anger' and Gareth Southgate was still known as a capable penalty taker.

                                        The technology world seems equally alien. Windows 95 had just become the world's first proper consumer IT interface, while the Motorola StarTAC clamshell mobile launched, selling 60 million devices. Meanwhile, business applications were still massive software programs run in vast data centres, all to enable a relatively small number of people to work more effectively.

                                        F5 Friday: How Standardization Enables a Customizable Per-App (Microservices) Approach to App Security
                                        F5, February 12th, 2016
                                        Lori MacVitte blogs, "I've talked, and talked, and talked some more about the increasing need for application-affine services to cozy up the apps they protect, scale, and optimize. Just as app developers are finding its more efficient and agile at scale to break down monoliths into more focused, granular microservices, so too does the infrastructure need to mirror this move to continue providing the same level and quality of service at scale..."
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