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Oracle News
Oracle Utilities Leverages the Cloud to Deliver Advanced Metering Capabilities and Enables Utilities to Reduce IT Cost and Risk, Meet Evolving Business and Technology Goals
Oracle, February 9th, 2016
As advanced metering and device technology continues to transform the industry, utilities need meter solutions that prepare them to take advantage of the additional benefits of this technology and optimize investments in it. To assist in this effort, Oracle Utilities announced a new utilities solution delivered through Oracle Cloud to empower utilities with advanced metering capabilities. This new cloud service enables utilities to meet evolving business and technology trends faster and with less risk, while reducing IT cost and workload. With the new solution, utilities can support grid and customer service optimization with robust metering capabilities that scale and flex as needs change.
New Network Management Solution Enables Water Utilities to Improve Customer Satisfaction with Effective Network Analysis
Oracle, February 9th, 2016
Globally, water utilities are facing rising water demands and energy costs, shrinking resources, and deteriorating infrastructure. And, water loss and leakage are still rampant across water distribution networks even as large parts of the world are coping with severe drought. Tasked with addressing this array of challenges on shrinking or flat budgets, water utilities must implement smarter processes and control systems across their water distribution networks. To meet this need, Oracle introduced a new solution designed to help water utilities increase their speed and accuracy of response, reduce water loss and its impact on customers, and improve customer satisfaction with effective network analysis.
Oracle Empowers Utilities to Identify and Implement New Asset Maintenance Strategies with Asset Management Solution
Oracle, February 9th, 2016
As utilities continue to juggle changing customer expectations and tighter budgets, they are increasingly reliant on maximizing the investment they have made in their existing assets. Oracle Utilities announced a management software solution to help electric, gas, and water utilities better manage asset performance. This new release provides utilities with the capacity to identify and implement effective asset maintenance strategies which enable utilities to achieve mission-critical business objectives - reducing operating costs, increasing reliability, and minimizing risk.
Swisscom Delivers Higher Service Quality to Customers on New All-IP Network with Oracle Solutions
Oracle, February 9th, 2016
As the largest telecommunications operator in Switzerland, more than 2 million consumers count on Swisscom to deliver communications services. So when it decided to transition them from fixed line telephony to Voice over IP (VoIP)-based services, Swisscom needed a better view into its network performance-both so that it could maintain service quality through the transition, and so that it could understand the limits of its network and position it for growth. Swisscom has deployed the Oracle Communications Operations Monitor to get this complete, real-time view of the network, enabling it to be proactive in how it uses its network and identify potential issues before services are affected.
Utilities are Embracing Cloud, Almost All Currently Use or Plan to Use Cloud Technologies
Oracle, February 9th, 2016
People talk about the cloud in terms of the distant future and many think utilities are slow to get on board - but new research shows 45 percent of utilities currently use the cloud, and 52 percent plan to use the cloud. What's more, 69 percent of utilities already use or plan to use cloud technologies for their customer information systems in the next three years.
    Oracle Health Sciences to Provide Clinical E-Monitoring Solution to Bayer HealthCare
    Oracle, February 10th, 2016
    Boosting clinical development productivity and efficiency is a top priority for life sciences organizations. To that end, Oracle today announced that two of its core Health Sciences offerings - Oracle Siebel Clinical Trial Management System and Oracle Health Sciences Clinical Development Analytics - have been selected by Bayer HealthCare, to oversee and manage the company's clinical monitoring processes. Bayer HealthCare, a subgroup of Bayer AG researches, develops, manufactures, and markets pharmaceutical and medical products.
    Oracle Empowers MKB Bank to Offer Customers More Personalized Banking Services at a Reduced Time to Market
    Oracle, February 10th, 2016
    MKB Bank, one of Hungary's leading banks is migrating its core banking system to Oracle FLEXCUBE to improve its go-to-market time for new products, reduce operational costs and drive growth. MKB chose Oracle FLEXCUBE to achieve faster processing times in key areas such as loan origination, account opening and account processing, as well as due to the flexibility of responding to customers new product needs.
    Oracle Enables Leading Global Transfer Agency to Launch New Retirement & Life Products to Meet Strategic Customer Demands in South Africa
    Oracle, February 10th, 2016
    Maitland, a global independent third-party fund administrator has launched its new investor servicing Retirement and Life products to the South African market with the help of Oracle FLEXCUBE Investor Servicing.

    'This is the first critical delivery of the revitalization program for of our Transfer Agency business and it is wonderful that we can now service Retirement and Life products, a complement to our long-standing capabilities for unit trusts,' said Jim Clark, Head of Transfer Agency Services at Maitland. 'Maitland is now able to provide investor record-keeping services for South Africa pension funds, annuities, endowment and certain types of discretionary portfolios. This is the first step on the journey to offer our clients a multi-product, multi-currency, multi-domicile platform to support their distribution and investor servicing.'

    Oracle Enables Telefonica Spain to Power New Services
    Oracle, February 11th, 2016
    In a move to evolve its network to provide converged communications, leading European communications service provider (CSP) Telefónica Spain has chosen Oracle as a supplier of session border controller and will use the Oracle Communication Session Border Controller for its full portfolio of services which include residential services, mobile rich communication services (RCS), business services including SIP trunking, interconnection to support agreements with other CSPs, and Voice over LTE (VoLTE).
    Lenox Uses Oracle to Lift E-Commerce Sales 26 Percent During the Holiday Season
    Oracle, February 12th, 2016
    This holiday was a bit different for luxury dinnerware retailer Lenox, long known for its name brand as well as Dansk, Marchessa, kate spade new york and other designer lines. E-Commerce sales were up 26 percent over previous years with the help of Oracle Commerce. The company implemented new Oracle solutions earlier this year to boost sales with improved search results, recommendations, and targeted promotions.

    The true test of the rollout came at the beginning of the holiday season when Oracle enabled Lenox to target promotions for customer segments and respond faster to market demand with more complex pricing strategies.

    Oracle Big Data 2016 Implementation Boot Camp (19 Feb to 04 March)
    By Thanos Terentes
    The Oracle Big Data 2016 Implementation Boot Camp delivers detailed, in-depth information about the Oracle Big Data solution, features and best practices. It also covers the current version of the Big Data Appliance. Partners will learn how the Oracle Big Data Solution is able to deliver extreme performance through software and hardware features. It is a combination of lecture and hands-on exercises.
    NEW OTN Virtual Technlogy Summit Sessions Coming!
    Database, Middleware, Java, Systems
    Join us for free Hands-On Learning with Oracle and Community Experts! The Oracle Technology Network invites you to attend one of our latest next Virtual Technology Summits on March 8th, 15th and April 5th. Hear from Oracle ACEs, Java Champions and Oracle Product Experts, share their insights and expertise through Hands-on-Labs (HOL), highly technical presentations and demos. This interactive, online event offers four technical tracks:..
    Executive interview: Oracle's cloud chief on why suites win
    Computerweekly, February 9th, 2016
    "CEOs are looking at how consumer expectations are changing. The board of directors has approved a digital model for the business, but the IT this will require is not there.

    Shawn Price, senior vice-president of cloud at Oracle, says the challenge for many businesses is that modern applications need to be enabled for social media and mobile access.

    But, according to Price, ERP does not understand individual records, payment processing or e-commerce..."

    The Surprising Economics of Engineered Systems for Big Data.
    An ESG Whitepaper
    When to use Engineered Systems and when to follow a "do-it-yourself" approach for your Big Data Infrastructure?

    Read this ESG whitepaper: "The Surprising Economics of Engineered Systems for Big Data."

    MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.1.2
    Adds significant enhancements in the areas of security and performance tuning
    Andy Bang blogs, "We are pleased to announce that MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.1.2 is now available for download on the My Oracle Support (MOS) web site. It will also be available via the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud in a few weeks. This is a maintenance release that includes a few new features and fixes a number of bugs. You can find more information on the contents of this release in the change log.

    You will find binaries for the new release on My Oracle Support. Choose the "Patches & Updates" tab, and then choose the "Product or Family (Advanced Search)" side tab in the "Patch Search" portlet..."

    Top Exastack ISV headlines: Gruter Tajo
    By Javier Puerta
    Javier blogs, "Gruter achieves Oracle Exastack Big Data Appliance Optimized status with app Gruter Tajo Platform. Gruter Tajo, a scalable, cost-efficient SQL-on-Hadoop system for enterprise data warehousing, gains 15~50% performance increase running with Oracle Big Data Appliance..."
    vBeers @ Boca
    Wednesday, February 17th, 2016: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
    Join us for the next vBeers South Florida. vBeers events happen four times a month:

    • vBeers @ Palm Beach Gardens 1st Wednesday of Month
    • vBeers @ Broward 2nd Wednesday of Month
    • vBeers @ Boca 3rd Wednesday of Month
    • vBeers @ Miami 4th Wednesday of Month

    The South Florida Technology Alliance and vBeers South Florida invites you to join us for vBeers @ Boca.

    The meeting will be at Biergarten Boca, which is located in on US 1, just South of Palmetto Park and East of I-95.

    $5 burger/fries and $3 featured drafts during happy hour! (We may have a sponsor, so the beer may be sponsored!)

    RSVP at

    Sponsorships for the vBeers events are through the South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA).

    John Mclaughlin, SFTA

    FLUX: Linux and the Internet of Things - Jim Wildman, Redhat
    Tueaday, February 16th, 2016: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
    • NSU - Ft. Lauderdale
    • Carl DeSantis Building
    • Knight Lecture Hall Auditorium aka room 1124
    • 6:00 PM to 7:00 snacks/networking
    • 7:00 PM to 8:30 - Talk

    The Internet of Things is Coming!! Or not. A discussion of challenges and issues as industries rush to the cloud of things....

    The speaker for our February meeting will be Jim Wildman of Red Hat. Jim is a Field Engineer and a true FOSS evangelist.

    Please RSVP at

    South Florida Technology Alliance: Cracking the Code on Tech Talent
    @Citrix, W. Cypress Creek Rd
    Hear from Leading CEOs and Student Interns who have worked at Google, VMware, Modernizing Medicine and 3Cinteractive! Learn about implementing company internship programs; the hottest skill sets; companies and talent in South Florida; the real deal behind internships - and how to crack the code on tech talent.
    SAS and Oracle SPARC M7 Silicon Secured Memory
    By Parnian Taidi
    Parnian writes, "In an earlier blog we talked about Solaris /SPARC features that enable you to increase end-to end security of your applications. One of the key security risk areas in applications is memory corruption.

    Applications are vulnerable to memory corruption due to both common software programming errors as well as malicious attacks that exploit software errors. 317 million new malicious programs and 24 zero-day vulnerabilities were reported in 2014 alone*.

    Memory corruption causes unpredictable application behavior and system crashes..."

    When Should I Buy Readzilla/L2ARC?
    To L2ARC or not to L2ARC?
    Matthew blogs, "Like every page in the Storage Ops blog, my opinions do not necessarily reflect those of Oracle or its affiliates. And quite frankly, while I have plenty of operational experience with this stuff, I write in large part so I can better understand what it is I'm writing about!

    To L2ARC or not to L2ARC?

    This is one of the most challenging, data-dependent questions I receive on a routine basis. I'll try to outline a few general principles below -- and a little math -- to help one decide whether or not to buy "Read Cache SSD" (Readzilla or L2ARC SSD) for your Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance. To end up persisting very long in L2ARC, blocks have a few hurdles to overcome. Rather than re-hashing them fully here, I'll summarize two important parts of the balancing act, then refer you over to the Solaris L2ARC Eligibility Rules:.."

    Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
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    We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

    • The Best UNIX Operating System Out There
    • Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c
    • Troubleshooting I/O Load in a Solaris OpenStack Cloud
    • IBM Java Applications Taking Advantage of SPARC Hardware Encryption
    • Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service
    • Lessons Learned: IPv6 Addressing
    • Oracle Building New Cloud Partner System
    • How To Save $150 Billion: Move All App Dev And Testing To The Cloud
    • Digital Transformation Becomes Mainstream: Profit Magazine 2016 Trends
    • Focus on Oracle Solaris Security at the OTN VTS Event

    The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

      The Document Foundation Announces LibreOffice 5.1
      The Document Foundation, February 10th, 2016
      The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 5.1, a full featured open source office suite which compares head-to-head with every product in the same category, while standing out with superior interoperability features.

      LibreOffice 5.1 offers a completely reorganized user interface, and several improved features targeted at enterprise deployments: better support for ODF 1.2, interoperability with proprietary document formats and file management on remote servers.

      Java Technology
      Java SE 8 Certification:
      Answers to Your Most Common Questions
      Sheryl Domingue blogs, "We are sharing the most asked questions and answers about Java SE 8 certification.

      Q: I've been a Java Developer for years. Why should I get Java Certified?

      You're a perfect candidate to get Java certified. Your experience together with certification is a valuable combination. You're demonstrating commitment and motivation to keeping your skills current which leads to more opportunities in your professional career. You're recognized and verify to management that you're effectively validating your skills. Find out how to become Java SE certified..."

      Secure Online Voting at Scytl
      Java EE in Practice
      Reza writes. "One of the most important things to do at this stage of the life-cycle of Java EE is highlight successful adoption stories at a regular cadence. We have been doing just that for a long time through our adoption stories blog, this humble blog as well as JavaOne. Indeed JavaOne 2016 was particularly good in this regard. We had a number of solid adoption stories submitted that we could select from. We will highlight all of those stories here in the coming months. A particularly nice adoption story presented at JavaOne 2016 was from Scytl. The session was presented by Alex Soto..."
      Smart Tools 4 Oracle JET
      By Geertjan
      Geertjan blogs, "I have created a small plugin for NetBeans IDE that adds several helpful features for working with Oracle JET.

      For example, you end up with new file templates for creating different kinds of JET modules:

      The idea is that you create the folder "js/viewmodels", right-click it, call up the New File dialog, and then choose one of the Oracle JET templates that you see above, which will create a JavaScript file in "js/viewmodels" and matching HTML file in "js/views"..."

      Design of 2nd Edition of NetBeans Community T-Shirt!
      NetBeans Connects
      "The first edition of the NetBeans community t-shirt was announced prior to JavaOne 2015. Since then, more sponsors have joined, and the quality of the graphics has been enhanced, while the t-shirt itself will be better quality too.

      The front of the t-shirt will be the same as before..."

      20 JavaFX real-world applications
      jaxenter, February 11th, 2016
      Alexander Casall blogs, "In November 2015 Dirk Lemmermann (Freelancer) and I (Alexander Casall) had a JavaOne session about JavaFX Real World Applications. We showed a bunch of apps that we made for our customers or where we had contributions in development. This article summarizes the talk by showing the applications that we've talked about. In addition, I asked some other JavaFX developers if they want to contribute their apps to this blog post..."
      The Echo Chamber Talks Security
      Customers in the Know
      Jeb Dasteel writes, "Oracle is very focused on listening to our customers, building community, and taking full advantage of the collective insights of our global user base. To this end, we recently kicked off an Echo Chamber initiative, designed to assess and respond to the perspectives of user group members from around the world on critical business and technology issues and developments.

      The program works like this: We suggest a topic that we communicate across the network of Oracle user group leaders; we then encourage them to get a conversation going on social media. As the conversation develops, we see opportunities to take action and deliver something meaningful back to the community..."

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