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Oracle News
Oracle Enhances Retail Suite, Adds New Retail Cloud Services to Largest Portfolio of Enterprise SaaS Applications
Comprehensive new release of cloud services, hardware, and software solutions enable retailers to enhance engagement with consumers online, in stores and via mobile
"To help retailers deliver a consistent experience anywhere customers choose to shop, Oracle today introduced a comprehensive suite of cloud and on-premise solutions embedded with the industry-leading analytics that retailers worldwide can use to personalize offers, streamline operations, and increase sales and margins..."
Database Insider - January 2016 issue now available
By Javier Puerta
The January issue of the Database Insider newsletter is now available.

Articles include:

  • Oracle Magazine: The Undisputed Database Champ
  • Oracle Database Community: New Blogs to Watch and New Year's Resolutions to Ponder
  • Oracle Database Users Kick Off 2016 with Live and Online Events
  • Oracle CIO Mark Sunday Predicts That Security Will Go from Inhibitor to Enabler in 2016

'url "" "(Full newsletter here)"'.

Big Data For All? Oracle's 2016 Top 10 Predictions
By Peter Schutt
"It's time for Oracle's annual predictions in big data for the year to identify the key areas of change. This is the year the big data adoption trend will begin to make the leap from 3,000 organizations that Hadoop and Spark vendors count as paying customers with most in only in development to tens of thousands of organizations in production. The industry will finally begin to shift gears into more mainstream applications, affecting thousands more businesses. We are making 10 predictions for 2016 that have three trend categories: a big expansion to the big data user base, major technology advances, and growing effects on society, politics, and business process..."
Data isn't going big, but AI is
GIGAOM, January 13th, 2016
"Sometimes a chance mention in an otherwise plain-vanilla technology article can open your eyes to something foundational going on in our economy.

Today, I had that experience when reading about a new startup, Textio, raising $8 million to build out its text analysis solution. At present the technology is focused on the language used in human resources, to help improve job descriptions, for example.

The firm is applying artificial intelligence (AI) to 'understand' what goes on in job descriptions, and to guide those writing the descriptions to better achieve the company's hiring goals. In the example above, the phrase is geared to attracting higher-quality female candidates, based on the qualities we associate with 'love' and 'passion for learning'..."

    Godel Machines, deep learning and the limits of AI
    StorageMojo, January 13th, 2016
    "If, like me, you're interested in AI and deep learning, you'll like this. Neural networks are all the rage in AI, but there is a newer technology - Godel machines - that is now a standard part of the AI toolset.

    What is a Godel machine? From the abstract of the paper A Family of Godel Machine Implementations by Bas R. Steunebrink and Jürgen Schmidhuber of the IDSIA & University of Lugano:.."

      Informatica Analytics on Oracle SPARC: Up-to 9X Faster with In-Memory DB
      By Claudia Nastase
      Claudia Nastase blogs, "Oracle and Informatica have a very close working relationship and one of the recent results of this collaboration is the joint project done by Informatica and our Oracle ISV Engineering team to test the performance of Informatica software with Oracle Database 12c In-memory on Oracle SPARC systems..."
      Friday Spotlight: Using Oracle Clusterware to Protect Oracle VM Manager
      By Honglin Su
      Honglin Su blogs, "Oracle VM Manager provides an easy-to-use and centralized management environment for configuring and operating your Oracle VM server, network, and storage infrastructure from a browser-based interface, and it is accessible from just about anywhere. Oracle VM Manager 3 is an Oracle Fusion Middleware application, based on the Oracle Weblogic application server. Oracle VM Manager uses the bundled MySQL Database Enterprise Edition as the management repository beginning with Oracle VM Manager 3.2 release. The Oracle VM Manager 3 runs on 64-bit Oracle Linux..."
      IT - Storage
      5 Open Source Big Data File Systems and Programming Languages (Slideshow)
      Datamation, January 14th, 2016
      "The file system is, in many ways, the very center of the Big Data universe. It's the tools provided by the file system that enables an overall structure to a data set, that helps turns it from a vast pool of information to something that can be held and mined for insights. And if there's a file system that is clearly the star of the show in the Big Data world, it's HDFS, the key to Hadoop - the open source platform that, for many users, is all but synonymous with Big Data itself. Hadoop is one of the greatest success stories from the open source community. But as you'll see on the following pages, there are other file systems and languages that are central to the Big Data world that are also open source. In fact, this list of file systems and programming languages demonstrates that importance of open source to today's rapidly evolving Big Data toolset..."
      Panasonic Intros Cold Storage Tech Born at Facebook Data Centers
      Data Center Knowledge, January 11th, 2016
      "Panasonic and Facebook have created a commercial cold-storage technology for storing rarely accessed data for prolonged periods of time cheaply.

      The storage system, based on technology Facebook created to address the ballooning costs of storing all of the photos its users upload to the social network, uses a new type of optical disc Panasonic calls Archival Disc. It is the second-generation medium to the Blu-ray discs Facebook currently has in its cold-storage data centers..."

      Seagate Following HGST With Same 10TB Helium HDD
      Storage Newsletter, January 14th, 2016
      "Seagate Technology plc launched its first 10TB enterprise capacity HDD, merging high capacity with the industry's lowest power and weight available in a 10TB drive, to meet the growing storage requirements for private and public cloud-based data centers.

      The Enterprise 3.5 Capacity HDD has been selected by enterprise market leaders globally for its ability to address storage demands unlike any other technology in the industry..."

        SCSI Trade Association Unveils Updated SAS Roadmap
        Storage Newsletter, January 14th, 2016
        "Highlighting continued innovation and increased performance in the SCSI storage interface protocol, the SCSI Trade Association (STA) unveiled its latest SAS technology roadmaps at the fifteenth annual Storage Visions Conference in Las Vegas, NE.

        Showing the availability of prototypes and end-user products for each generation of SAS, the roadmaps include a schedule for the next generation 24Gb SAS, SAS external and internal cabling solutions and a look at SAS device-to-mid-plane interconnects..."

        Seagate Announces First 10TB Enterprise HDD
        Storage Review, January 13th, 2016
        "Seagate Technology has unveiled their first 10TB enterprise HDD, combining high capacity with low power consumption and low weight. Designed to meet the constantly growing storage requirements for both private and public cloud-based data centers, the Seagate Enterprise 3.5 Capacity HDD offers maximum storage capacity for easy system integration by using the standard 3.5-inch CMR design. The new drive also features an increased 2.5 MTBF and is available in both a 6Gb/s SATA and 12Gb/s SAS interfaces..."
        Why the future of storage is software-defined
        Information Age, January 11th, 2016
        "The way organisations do business has transformed dramatically over the past few years - now it's time the way they use and store data changes with it...

        Anyone starting a company today is unlikely to buy a server, or fill a shopping cart with boxes of Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint, and Exchange DVDs.

        They would be far more likely to sign up for online accounting, website management, cloud HR, and online customer database tools. They would almost certainly get a laptop with a big hard drive, store files there, and start sharing the content with Gmail, Dropbox, or Slack..."

        Silent Data Corruption, the Backup Killer
        Enterprise Storage Forum, January 14th, 2016
        "Data corruption is simply an unintentional change to a bit. An occasional bad bit or unrecoverable read error is unlikely to take down an application or render a restore useless. However, corrupted data is not uncommon.

        When data corruption goes undetected, it becomes silent data corruption and is a high risk for applications. And when they creep into backup and remain undetected, you have a real data integrity and restore problem on your hands..."

          Flash and Trash? You Could Begin with Cache and Trash
          The Register, January 14th, 2016
          " Last year I wrote many times about object storage, flash memory, caching, and various other technologies in the storage industry. And I also coined the term 'Flash and Trash' (see video here) to describe a trend of two-tier storage built on latency-sensitive, flash-based arrays on one side and capacity-driven, scale-out systems on the other.

          At times, I used a slide you can see below (where the flash tier is collapsed into the compute layer) talking about possible scenarios with a huge distributed cache at the compute layer and object storage at the backend..."

          Java Technology
          Java EE in Practice at Lufthansa Industry Solutions
          By Reza Rahman
          "One of the most important things to do at this stage of the life-cycle of Java EE is highlight successful adoption stories at a regular cadence. We have been doing just that for a long time through our adoption stories blog, this humble blog as well as JavaOne. Indeed JavaOne 2016 was particularly good in this regard. We had a number of solid adoption stories submitted that we could select from. We will highlight all of those stories here in the coming months. A nice JavaOne 2016 session to start with is the one from Lufthansa industry solutions..."
          IT - Technology
          10 Things We Learned From CES 2016 About Future Tech
          eWeek, January 11th, 2016
          "CES 2016 has officially drawn to a close, and with the end of the show, the technology industry is going back to normal. According to the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the organization that puts on CES, it was its biggest event yet, spanning more than 3,600 companies across 2.4 million square feet of exhibits. Some of the products unveiled at the show are now available, while others will go on sale later this year. If history is our guide, still others will never find their way to store shelves, a victim of being too off-the-wall, too new or simply too unappealing for backers to get behind them. Still, CES 2016 was an event to remember. Several trends were revealed, and the products showcased were, in many cases, quite impressive. Suffice it to say that CES 2016 lived up to the hype and gave us a good look at what the technology industry will look like in the coming year. In this slide show, eWEEK looks at the future of technology and the industry as a whole, from what was gleaned from several fun days in Las Vegas..."
            US Patent Grants Slow In Wake of Supreme Court Business Methods Ruling
            ComputerWorld, January 13th, 2016
            "There are some big changes in the patent landscape hiding behind a small drop in the number of utility patents granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office last year.

            The 1 percent decline in utility patent grants -- the first since 2007 -- follows three successive years of more than 8 percent growth, according to analysis by IFI Claims Patent Services..."

              10 Best Enterprise Products at CES
              InformationWeek, January 10th, 2016
              "CES 2016 has brought an amazing number of devices to market, most aimed squarely at consumers. In with all the consumer gear, though, are many products and services that are either aimed at the enterprise IT buyer or applicable to the enterprise. If you want to see the latest in whiz-bang consumer gear, there are thousands of websites ready to show you their take. For enterprise products, though, keep reading.

              There are some products on this list that are simply great products in their own right. Others are good, but represent a larger trend in products or services. Three trends in particular stood out for me: virtual reality content creation, virtual reality sound, and USB-C devices...."

                Will Computers Ever Truly Understand what We're Saying?
                Science Daily, January 11th, 2016
                "If you think computers are quickly approaching true human communication, think again. Computers like Siri often get confused because they judge meaning by looking at a word's statistical regularity. This is unlike humans, for whom context is more important than the word or signal, according to a researcher who invented a communication game allowing only nonverbal cues, and used it to pinpoint regions of the brain where mutual understanding takes place..."
                  10 Things the Tech World Should Leave Behind
                  TechRepublic, January 13th, 2016
                  "Like many of you, I saw Star Wars this past month and thought, 'Man, it's good to be back among the lightsabers, Tie fighters, droids, and of course, the Millennium Falcon!' It didn't feel anachronistic to return to the Star Wars universe, even though it had the same elements as when I was six years old.

                  Some old-school technology (both on and off the big screen) will always remain fun and interesting. But other technological elements have worn out their welcome and need a swift kick to the curb. This article looks at 10 examples.

                  Now, this list is subjective and I can't promise all these things are headed for the dustbin of history. But I hope so. As a system administrator and technology writer, the problem wasn't finding 10 examples. The problem was narrowing the list to only 10..."

                    IT - Bitcoin
                    On Consensus, or Why Bitcoin's Block-Size Presents a Political Trade-Off
                    Bitcoin Magazine, January 15th, 2016
                    "Bitcoin's block-size dispute rages on. A proposed change to a single parameter in Bitcoin's reference implementation has spawned into a great debate, resulting in tireless discussion, multiple conferences , a growing split within the Bitcoin community and at least one prominent developer joining a bank-run alternative.

                    The subject of debate itself, moreover, started out in the technical realm, predominantly relating to the increased propagation time of larger blocks, and the level of mining centralization. Over the past year, however, the same debate mostly moved into the political domain, leading to the big question of governance, and the spawning of several competing Bitcoin implementations..."

                    The RAND Corporation Report: National Security Implications of Virtual Currency
                    Bitcoin Magazine, January 11th, 2016
                    "The RAND Corporation, an influential global policy think tank with strong defense and homeland security ties, has released a report titled 'National Security Implications of Virtual Currency .' The report, freely available online , examines the feasibility for non-state actors, including terrorist and insurgent groups, to increase their political and/or economic power by deploying a virtual currency (VC) for use in regular economic transactions..."
                    Bitcoin's Impressive Year Visualized in 9 Graphs
          , January 10th, 2016
                    "According to recent reports and journalistic findings, it's revealed that in 2016 over 50+ banks are invested in blockchain technology. Whether it's Bitcoin services or blockchain technology, nearly every one of them has their hands in the cookie jar. A stark difference from a few years ago, when most banks had horrible things to say concerning this new technology after it was released. Let's take a look at how the Bitcoin ecosystem grew and matured in the past year..."
                    Now You Can Easily Exchange Bitcoin for Gold Bullion
                    Crypto Coin News, January 12th, 2016
                    "There is no doubt Bitcoin is now one of the most popular currencies in the world now, despite being only readily accessible via digital platforms. Bitcoin has revolutionized the cryptocurrency market and this has not gone unnoticed by governments and other online payment systems providers..."
                    Why Choosing the Right Bitcoin Wallet is Important
                    Crypto Coin News, January 12th, 2016
                    "A few days ago Forbes ran a story about Olaf Carlson-Wee who has lived for three years using only bitcoin as currency. The 26 year-old works for bitcoin start-up Coinbase, so he obviously has a personal investment in proving the viability of bitcoin as a currency; even so it's an impressive achievement. Carlson-Wee began his journey before bitcoin began to achieve its 'trendy' image, and if he can do it then it's certainly achievable for others, and likely to become more so with the introduction of products like the Shift debit card which was released by Coinbase..."
                    Bitcoin Branded a Failure as Media Erupts Over Mike Hearn Exit
                    CoinDesk, January 15h, 2016
                    "Long-time bitcoin enthusiast and developer Mike Hearn officially 'left' the open-source project this week, making clear a previously quiet departure by slamming the door in the form of an impassioned if highly contentious open letter to the community.

                    The former Google employee, whose contributions to the open-source transaction network include the widely used library BitcoinJ, and crowdfunding application Lighthouse, went so far as to proclaim the bitcoin project had 'failed', a narrative that was seized by global press..."

                    IT Giant Predicts Blockchain Will Transform Tech Sector in 2016
                    NEWSBTC, January 11th, 2016
                    "In a blogpost titled Five Technology Predictions for 2016, Otto Berkes, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at CA Technologies, predicted a great year for the blockchain technology, saying that the innovative public ledger will 'find a home outside of the Bitcoin transaction ledger.'

                    He stressed that the technology could be further incorporated within the existing Internet-of-Things framework, believing it has has the potential to become a transformative tool in improving the ways through which data is collected and exchanged between physical objects..."

                    IT - FOSS
                    9 Ways Elasticsearch Helps Us, From Dawn to Dusk (Slideshow)
                    eWeek, January 12th, 2016
                    "Elasticsearch is a distributed, open-source search and analytics engine built on Apache Lucene and designed for horizontal scalability, reliability and easy management. Apache Lucene is an open-source, high-performance, full-featured text search engine library written entirely in Java. The technology is suitable for nearly any application that requires full-text search - especially cross-platform applications..."
                    IT - DevOps
                    3 Ways to Develop the Perfect DevOps Culture
          , January 15th, 2016
                    "DevOps is not a new concept, but it is still maturing.

                    In the seven years since the first 'DevOps Day' took place in Europe, DevOps' influence has spread to every corner of the world. Many organizations have embraced the concept, and it's changed the way business is done. These companies have benefited from removing the gulf between development and operation teams - we have seen companies consistently churn out better software, in shorter time periods, to achieve new levels of efficiency.

                    However, this success has not been replicated for all sectors. Federal agencies, for example, have been slow to adapt to DevOps. For other companies, a rush to implement DevOps has led to ongoing issues that prevent them from realizing the true benefits of DevOps..."

                    How do you ensure success with DevOps?
                    Help Net Security, January 12th, 2016
                    "Only 20 percent of organizations that have attempted to implement DevOps have fully deployed it, according to CA Technologies. Research also found that these 'advanced' DevOps adopters were more likely to report that their digital initiatives contributed to competitiveness, customer retention and top- and bottom-line results..."
                    Best Practices Using Oracle Solaris Compliance Tool for SAP
                    By Parnian Taidi
                    Parnian Taidi writes, "In a recent blogs we talked about end-to-end security with Oracle Solaris 11, SPARC M7 and the ISV Ecosystem and one of the main elements: the built-in Solaris 11 compliance tools.

                    Organizations such as banks, hospitals, and governments have specialized compliance requirements. Auditors, who are unfamiliar with an operating system, can struggle to match security controls with requirements. Therefore, tools that map security controls to requirements can reduce time and costs by assisting auditors..."

                    Cloud Computing
                    Understanding Metered vs Non-metered Java Cloud Service by M Kapur
                    By Jurgen Kress
                    Juergen blogs, "The core Oracle Public Cloud Services including Java Cloud Service, Database Cloud Service, and Storage Cloud Service offerings are available in two ways: Metered and Non-metered. In this post, I will attempt to explain the Metered and Non-metered cloud services using Java Cloud Service as an example..."
                    FRIDAY SPOTLIGHT: Customers that Benefit from using Oracle Linux
                    By Zeynep Koch
                    Zeynep blogs, "This Friday spotlight is about customers that implemented Oracle Engineered Systems and used Oracle Linux as their operating system. Oracle Linux is used in all x86 based engineered systems that Oracle offers and optimized for the hardware to provide enhanced performance.

                    Main benefits listed in the case studies were:

                    • Increased performance
                    • High availability
                    • Reduced cost

                    Here's just a few selection of the latest customers that implemented Oracle Linux with Oracle Engineered systems:"

                    IT - Cloud
                    Climbing the Hybrid Cloud on-Ramp
                    InfoWorld, January 11th, 2016
                    "To go hybrid, you can build a bridge between public and private clouds yourself -- or try your luck with new, ready-made hybrid plays...

                    hen I mentioned in a recent post that, unlike Microsoft Azure, AWS lacks a 'hybrid play,' an Amazon representative took umbrage. He emailed me to observe that many enterprise customers were using AWS as part of a hybrid cloud deployment.

                    Well, of course they are..."

                    The Cloud and the Internet of Things are Inseparable
                    InfoWorld, January 12th, 2016
                    "The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last week featured plenty of cloud-related announcements from a wide variety of companies. Indeed, most new devices, from refrigerators to cars, have a massive cloud-based back end. The cloud components of these technologies are becoming more systemic. Indeed, the cloud is assumed.

                    More and more, people expect everything to be connected...."

                      Can You Do It Better? A Balanced Approach to Cloud Storage
                      Storage-Switzerland, January 11th, 2016
                      "Using the cloud for the long term storage of data seems like the perfect plan. An organization can buy Petabytes (PB) of capacity on a periodic basis and eliminate the upfront costs associated with buying a storage system that can support that type of capacity. They can also eliminate the power and cooling costs associated with storing that much data on-premises. Cloud storage isn't perfect however. There are concerns with cloud storage that organizations are still trying to rationalize. While most organizations focus on data security, a legitimate concern, they should also pay attention to the cumulative impact of periodic storage costs. A balanced approach, one that leverages on-premises and off-site storage, may be the best for most data centers..."
                      IT - CxO
                      Why CIOs should change their minds (and their organizations) once a year
                      The Enterprisers Project, January 11th, 2016
                      "Flexibility is paramount. That is our mantra and our discipline throughout the Red Hat IT organization. It has to be, because it allows us to change rapidly when needed. And with the pace of technology change, we run into that need quite often.

                      At Red Hat, we've committed to changing our IT organization annually to ensure that our focus remains on the biggest business opportunities at the time. Each year, we review our priorities, centralize some functions, disperse some functions, add new organizations, remove organizations, and adjust elsewhere. And by setting that expectation with everyone on the team, they know that their responsibilities and the services they are accountable for may change over time..."

                      10 Reasons to Encourage Workplace Distractions (Slideshow)
                      CIO, January 13th, 2016
                      "Why IT leadership shouldn't be that concerned about workplace distractions

                      In today's digital world, face-to-face interactions often take a backseat to texts, messaging and app-enabled communication (think Slack or Hipchat). But encouraging employees to make small talk, chat around the water cooler or in the break room, and swap celebrity gossip over their cubicle walls can actually benefit your business. Here's how..."

                        How Managing Change Delivers Satisfied Customers
                        ComputerWorld, January 11th, 2016
                        "Do you accept or resist change? Successful IT shops are more effective and efficient when they pay attention to detail...

                        Just like that, it's a new year! For those few fleeting moments, we make personal commitments to be somewhat different or successful in our daily routines. Sadly, studies indicate that less than half of us will actually achieve our goals before the end of the year. But within IT, if we can keep to our goals, we'll be more effective and efficient..."

                          9 Key Questions to Ask of Your Next Digital Business Initiative
                          ComputerWorld, January 14th, 2016
                          "In my last article, '5 digital business predictions for 2016,' I highlighted that this year we'll see digital disruptions in the form of innovative industry business models, processes, products and services hitting the marketplace in full force. Much like a seismic event, market activity will become stronger and more frequent this year with ever more digital services -- with compelling new value propositions -- entering the market..."
                            Why the Sound of Silence May Be Deafening To CISOs
                            IT World Canada, January 11th, 2016
                            "From time to time aviation lingo slips into the world of infosec pros, with administrators boasting they were 'flying' as they rushed to deal with a crisis. At last fall's SecTor 2015 a security consultant and private pilot urged the IT security industry to follow the aviation sector's model in commissioning and releasing detailed incident reports to spread knowledge and lessons learned.

                            Security expert Bruce Schneier has found another aviation-related insight CISOs should consider in a recent article about what should have been a preventable plane crash..."

                            Overwhelming Evidence? It's Probably a Bad Thing
                            Science Daily, January 12th, 2016
                            "The old adage that says 'If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is' has finally been put to the test -- mathematically. A team of researchers has found that overwhelming evidence without a dissenting opinion can in fact weaken the credibility of a case, or point to a failure of the system..."
                              VBeers @ Broward (Funky Buddha)
                              Wednesday, January 20th, 2016: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
                              IT - Networks
                              The Problem with SDN
                              NetworkComputing, January 13th, 2016
                              "Software-defined networking is associated with both management and orchestration, but doesn't really address management.

                              The importance of automation and orchestration (operationalization) of the network cannot be understated. Its role in improving time to market and reducing operating costs - both priorities for today's C-level executives - is well understood at this point. Scaling a business today means scaling apps, which in turn requires scaling the infrastructure that delivers and secures those applications. This comes down to the network..."

                              WLAN Planning: 3 Essential Steps
                              NetworkComputing, January 13th, 2016
                              "Planning is crucial for a good WiFi deployment. While the wireless process is always cyclical in nature, comprehensive planning will set an optimally performing WiFi network apart from a poor one. As Abraham Lincoln said, 'Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe'..."
                                How to do secure Wi-Fi in the BYOD and IoT era
                                Information Age, January 13th, 2016
                                "As the demand for mobility continues to increase, and Wi-Fi quickly is replacing Ethernet as the primary access layer, many organisations are facing new security challenges.

                                This is especially timely with the greater demand for access from an ever-increasing number of guest and Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD). In recent years, we've seen an influx of personal devices entering the workplace.

                                It all started with personal laptops but this has grown to include smartphones, tablets and smart watches to name a few. Each of these connects to the internet and each other, placing strain on the network and the security of it..."

                                IT - IoT
                                Success of the Internet of Things depends on privacy and security
                                Help Net Security, January 15h, 2016
                                "Even as the Internet of Things (IoT) creates new usages, systems and ways to manage and store data, there is a parallel need for impermeable privacy policies and protection from security threats and data breaches.

                                Smart objects enjoy a high degree of autonomy and therefore, IoT security and privacy solutions need to exhibit similar levels of smartness/autonomy to better detect, react and remove possible attacks...."

                                CES 2016: 10 Products That Brought IoT To The Next Level
                                CRN, January 15th, 2016
                                "While the Consumer Electronics Show is a well-known showcase for vendors' newest mobile hardware and gadgets, it was the Internet of Things that stole the show at this year's conference, which took place last week in Las Vegas.

                                Intel CEO Brian Krzanich summed up the show during his CES keynote, shying away from discussing PCs and hardware and instead focusing on wearables, connected devices and IoT end user experiences to foster what he called the 'new era of consumer technology'..."

                                The era of cognitive mobile and IoT is upon us
                                CIO, January 15th, 2016
                                "Last week at CES, IBM's CEO Ginni Rometty offered a few impressive examples about how partners like Under Armour or Softbank are leveraging IBM Watson in their mobile and wearable solutions. This announcement, represents one of the latest examples of how cognitive computing is transforming mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

                                Cognitive computing is one of the most exciting developments in software technology in the past few years. Conceptually, cognitive computing focuses on enabling software models that simulate the human thought process..."

                                IT - Linux
                                Best Linux Distros For Newcomers
                                Datamation, January 11th, 2016
                                "Most of the top Linux distributions are of the "easier to use" variety. Some observers might dispute this, but the fact is that most people not working in IT or software development will gravitate toward the easiest experience when it comes to Linux.

                                In this article, I'll share my top picks for best Linux distro for newcomers. These selections are chosen based on their ease of use, not their potential for "learning Linux." I hope to put to bed once and for all that myth that all who use Linux need to have a strong familiarity with how Linux works. After many years of casual usage, I can say for certain that this will tend to itself over time..."

                                IT - Operations
                                Copper in the data centre - where does its future lie?
                                Information Age, January 13th, 2016
                                "Despite fibre overtaking copper cabling in the telecommunications industry, copper may still have some fuel in the tank yet...

                                With the advent of optical fibre, copper has become decreasingly relevant in the telecommunication industry - but there are applications where it is still widely used. One such use is very short-reach data centre interconnects.

                                A typical data centre consists of multitudes of servers, interconnected to an Ethernet switch that provides access to network resources or allows server-to-server communication...:"

                                IT - Security
                                11 Tips for Spotting Insider Threats
                                Network Computing, January 11th, 2016
                                "Security pros are constantly being warned about insider threats. We're told our companies need next-generation software, integrated threat intelligence, and the ability to correlate massive amounts of event logs and context to arm ourselves against these threats...

                                To help companies spot the insider sooner, we collected advice from security experts aimed at helping companies find an insider attack sooner rather than later..."

                                Compliance Does Not Equal Security
                                ComputerWorld, January 12th, 2016
                                "A security manager needs a philosophy about how to address security issues, and I find that many elements of mine can be reduced to a few words that almost amount to mantras: 'Obey the rule of least privilege,' 'A company is only as strong as its weakest link,' 'Security is a process, not a point solution' and 'Trust but verify.'

                                This week I added a new mantra: 'Compliance does not equal security'..."

                                The Perils of Fake Users
                                ComputerWorld, January 12th, 2016
                                "Recently privacy and information security research firm Ponemon Institute published some research that took a look at the impact of fake users on businesses and the impacts on consumers. 'The Fraud Report: How Fake Users Are Impacting Business' highlighted the average economic value of a company's user base ($117M) and the financial and brand reputation damage that can be done if fraudsters are allowed to create fake accounts..."
                                7 Criteria for Enriching Digital Evidence
                                Dark Reading, January 11th, 2016
                                "Digital forensic investigations are, for the most part, predominantly conducted in direct response to an incident. By taking a reactive approach like this, investigators are under great pressure to gather and process digital evidence before it has been modified or is no longer available.

                                There are practical and realistic scenarios where a more proactive approach to gathering digital evidence can ease tension during forensic/incident response activities. (See How 'Digital Forensic Readiness' Reduces Business Risk.) But what is often overlooked in these situations is the need to supplement the data content with relevant context.

                                Here are seven examples of criteria that can be used to enhance the relevance of digital evidence during a forensic investigation..."

                                  The Four Big Problems with Security Metrics
                                  Dark Reading, January 12th, 2016
                                  "Metrics can be very useful, but only if they track the things that matter. There's a sort of can't-live-with-'em-can't-live-without-'em quality to a lot of the metrics that are used by security organizations to report on the effectiveness of enterprise security programs.

                                  Analysts consider metrics vital not just to measuring how well a security program might be doing, but also in communicating that to executive management and the C-suite. Metrics, when used effectively, can help identify strengths and weaknesses in controls and processes in an organization's cybersecurity program and provide a sense of the value being derived from it..."

                                  Train Your Users to Beat Phone Scams
                                  InfoWorld, January 12th, 2016
                                  "As I landed in Dallas returning from my recent visit to China, I picked up my cellphone voicemails. One of them was from my bank, telling me my personal debit card was frozen and would have to be unlocked.

                                  I knew I should've let my bank and credit card companies know I was traveling, but I hadn't, mostly because I use a dedicated business card when traveling overseas on business. Still, I wondered why this particular credit card was locked. Not only had I not used it on the trip, I hadn't used it in more than a year, and I have multiple credit card security monitoring services that inform me about unusual activity..."

                                  Fewer Than 60 Per Cent of Canadian Companies Surveyed Have Security Training Program
                                  IT World Canada, January 14th, 2016
                                  "Canadian organizations are taking more steps than ever to fight online attacks, but a new survey raises questions about whether they are doing enough.

                                  The 157 Canadian respondents (including infosec leaders and senior management) to a PricewaterhouseCoopers global cybersecurity survey said information security budgets in their organizations were up 82 per cent in 2015 over the previous year. On the other hand only 57 per cent said their organization offer employee security training and awareness programs. On the one hand that's better than the global average of 53 per cent. On the other hand it isn't 100 per cent..."

                                  The Incident Response 'Fab Five'
                                  Network World, January 11th, 2016
                                  "CISOs should consider and coordinate incident detection and response in five areas: hosts, networks, threat intelligence, user behavior monitoring, and process automation...

                                  I've been focused on security analytics for several years and spent a good part of 2015 investigating technologies and methodologies used for incident response. Based upon lots of discussions with cybersecurity professionals and a review of industry research, I've come up with a concept I call the incident response 'fab five.'..."

                                  IT - Careers
                                  The IT industry is about to suffer a skills crisis with the mass exodus of senior talent
                                  Information Age, January 13th, 2016
                                  "The UK IT talent shortage is set to worsen significantly as the baby boomer generation nears retirement and the number of younger workers with the right skills continues to shrink.

                                  The number of people in the workforce aged 50 to state pension age will have risen by 3.7 million to 13.8 million by 2020, and the number of 16-49 fallen by 700,000 according to a recent report by Pensions Minister Ros Altmann..."

                                    Why Top-Performing IT Pros Get Lured Away
                                    CIO Insight, January 13th, 2016
                                    "Organizational leaders say they want to significantly boost the size of their IT department this year- but they admit that they face significant challenges in retaining the tech employees they already have, according to a recent survey from Harris Allied. Many IT pros are leaving their employers for companies that offer more money. They're also tempted by opportunities to work with newer, 'hotter' technologies..."
                                      How to Get a Fair Performance Review
                                      InfoWorld, January 11th, 2016
                                      "You're killing it at work, but does anyone notice? A large percentage of IT professionals say the answer is no...

                                      Ian Raloff still remembers the sting of bad timing that sabotaged one of his performance reviews earlier in his career, when he held a job at a telecom company..."

                                      8 Reasons IT Certifications Still Matter in 2016
                                      NetworkComputing, January 12th, 2016
                                      "Five years ago, I posted the following Facebook update to friends and family: 'Passed my 20th Cisco certification exam today to recertify all my professional level certs for three more years. This may be the last time I bother.'

                                      But here were are in 2016, and I've taken four additional certification exams since that post in 2011, when I questioned whether certification was worth the effort. Over the years, I've had a love/hate relationship with the certification process. But in the end, the career benefits of having technology certifications far outweigh the amount of time and effort put in to earn them..."

                                      IT - Virtualization
                                      Comparing the Top Virtualization Systems Management Products
                                      Search Server Virtualization, January 13th, 2016
                                      "Virtualization expert Brien Posey takes an in-depth look at the leading virtualization management products on the market...

                                      This article explores which virtualization management software package is the best fit for your organization. In doing so, it will compare the strengths and weaknesses of ten leading virtualization management applications by examining several key criteria. The products that are being evaluated include:...:"

                                      Virtualize Workloads with Virtual SAN and Virtual Fibre Channel
                                      Search Server Virtualization, January 14th, 2016
                                      "Every administrator knows that storage is the key to any successful virtual data center. The real question is what options should IT departments consider when looking for storage hardware?

                                      As any virtualization administrator knows, storage can make or break your virtual data center. The storage that you use must deliver sufficient performance to ensure that VMs are able to run smoothly, and it must be fault tolerant so as to prevent an outage. When considering the various options that can be used for physical storage, many administrators eventually consider whether or not they should use a virtual storage area network..."

                                      IT - Email
                                      Best open source email security products
                                      Network Computing, January 11th, 2016
                                      "Email security is of paramount concern in any organization. A significant percentage of malware is delivered via email, on the premise that an unsuspecting user will open the message, allowing the malware payload onto the user's machine. From there, malware can worm its way into the network and wreak various kinds of havoc, often undetected, sometimes for months or even years. We decided to review four open source products to see if they could deliver enterprise-grade security. The four products were CipherMail, MailScanner Scrollout F1 and hMailServer..."
                                      Sample computer and e-mail usage policy
                                      ComputerWorld, January 12th, 2016
                                      "This one-page computer and email usage policy from a manufacturing company with fewer than 50 employees covers unauthorized access, software licenses, harassment and pornography issues, and establishes the company's right to monitor.

                                      You are free to use or adapt this sample policy, which was contributed by the security community, for use in your own organization (but not for re-publication or for-profit use)..."

                                      Disk Scrub - Why and When?
                                      By Steve Tunstall
                                      Steve asks, "What is a "Disk Scrub" and why should you do it?

                                      To begin with, It's a good idea to do this about once a month. Have you ever done one, ever? Maybe you don't need to. We will talk about what this is, why you would or would not do it, and how you can automate it if you wish. We're talking about this button, seen here in the Configuration-->Storage page of your ZFSSA:..."

                                        Enterprise Data Protection with Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance
                                        By Frank Wickham
                                        Frank Wickham writes, "Oracle has an entire family of engineered systems that are pre-integrated to reduce the cost and complexity of enterprise wide IT infrastructures while increasing productivity and performance. Only Oracle can innovate and optimize at every layer of our Red Stack to simplify data center operations, drive down costs, and accelerate business innovation. Let this serve as a quick introduction to Oracle's Engineered Systems Family; Exadata, Exalogic, SuperCluster, Exalytics, Big Data Appliance (BDA), Database Appliance, and now the Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance (ZDLRA)..."
                                        IT - Database
                                        16 Open Source Big Data Databases (Slideshow)
                                        Datamation, January 13th, 2016
                                        "The databases and data warehouses you'll find on these pages are the true workhorses of the Big Data world. They hold and help manage the vast reservoirs of structured and unstructured data that make it possible to mine for insight with Big Data. Businesses rely heavily on these open source solutions, from tools like Cassandra (originally developed by Facebook) to the well regarded MongoDB, which was designed to support the biggest of big data loads. And the tools rise to the challenge: OrientDB, for instance, can store up to 150,000 documents per second. The organizations that rely on these open source databases range from Boeing to Comcast to the Danish government. It's accurate to say that, as much as any tool set, the software listed on these pages plays a central role in today's global business marketplace..."
                                        IT - Mobile
                                        How Secure are Wearables, Anyway?
                                        CIO, January 13th, 2016
                                        "Whether you're using that new wearable for yourself or managing IT at a company where fit trackers and smart watches are becoming more popular, wearables just might be the next big bullseye for cybercriminals...

                                        Congratulations on getting that new wearable device over the holidays. You're on your way to a new, trackable, data-filled life.

                                        Or you're about to be hacked..."

                                          Don't Rush Your Company Into an IoT App Platform
                                          Network World, January 11th, 2016
                                          "Enterprises deploying Internet of Things devices and accompanying software don't have to go it alone, but choosing a platform for building your applications is a big decision that's hard to go back on.

                                          IoT analyst Dima Tokar adds that caveat when giving tips on what a company should look for in an AEP (application enablement platform), a set of middleware components that can make IoT rollouts easier. On Monday, the MachNation analyst released a report on the changing AEP landscape..."

                                          5 ways IT leaders should prep for the mobile future
                                          The Enterprisers Project, January 13th, 2016
                                          "As we move into the digital future, we're experiencing a significant shift in what employees and customers expect from their mobile interactions. These days they expect a highly-engaging experience that's immediate and always available. They want a responsive and attractive interface. And they want their mobile experience to be integrated into their work lives smoothly..."
                                            IT - Big Data
                                            5 Innovative and Diverse Uses of Big Data
                                            Business 2 Community, January 14th, 2016
                                            "As we ramp into 2016, it's worth looking at how people are using big data to do what they do. It's exciting. From these real-life cases you can learn a lot about what big data is up to - you're getting a peek into the workings of companies who are using this stuff in real-time, in different ways. From this peek, you can draw some conclusions about trends for 2016, about how industries are going to be using big data.

                                            But first, let's talk about data use cases. According to Appnovation, you can use big data for:.."

                                            NewVantage Releases 4th Annual Big Data Executive Survey 2016 Survey
                                            insideBIGDATA, January 16th, 2016
                                            "NewVantage Partners, a management consulting firm whose exclusive focus is the delivery of world-class expertise in Data Strategy and Big Data Execution for Fortune 1000 clients, has released the results of its 4th annual Big Data Executive Survey, entitled 'An Update on the Adoption of Big Data in the Fortune 1000'.

                                            The 2016 Big Data Executive Survey provides an executive perspective on the factors that are driving adoption of Big Data within Fortune 1000 firms..."

                                            Data Is the New Content
                                            insideBIGDATA, January 14th, 2016
                                            "In this special guest feature, Moshe Kranc, CTO at the tech consulting firm Ness, discusses how big industry players will increasingly try to corner the market on high quality one-of-a-kind data that can yield actionable insights - unseating content as king. Moshe has extensive experience in leading adoption of bleeding edge technologies, having worked for large companies as well as entrepreneurial start-ups. Moshe previously headed the Big Data Centre of Excellence at Barclays' Israel Development Centre (IDEC)..."
                                            15 Big Data and Analytics Companies To Watch (Slideshow)
                                            Network World, January 13th, 2016
                                            "Just as practically every startup these days claims to be a cloud company or an IoT company, they're all big data and analytics firms, too. Well, not really, but they at least toss the hot terms into their company descriptions. We've tried to pull out the real big data and analytics companies to highlight them here, listed alphabetically. Most focus on helping companies make sense of their oodles of data, sometimes for customer service, sometimes for IT purposes and sometimes for security reasons. And not all of them are brand new firms..."
                                            5 Open Source Big Data Tools: Transfer and Aggregate (Slideshow)
                                            Datamation, January 14th, 2016
                                            "The task of transferring and aggregating large data sets for Big Data purposes clearly requires some heavy duty tools. Efficiently indexing a massive data set, for instance, calls for a software solution that can digest hefty levels of GB per hour as if it's a light snack. And transferring data requires advanced software that can quickly interoperate between today's complex, default platforms, like Hadoop and the key RDMBSes in use. As you'll see on the following pages, many of the current leading heavyweight Big Data tools for transferring and aggregating data sets are open source. Clearly, the fact that these powerful tools are open source is testament to the growing dominance of open source in the enterprise..."
                                            IT - BYOD
                                            Windows 10, BYOD and IoT: New Strategies for Securing the Network
                                            TechZone360, January 14th, 2016
                                            "The appeal of 'free' is undeniable. Perhaps that's why Microsoft decided to offer Windows 10 as a free upgrade. Just as the free version 8.1 enjoyed higher download rates than version 8, it is estimated that Windows 10 will be downloaded to about two-thirds of all personal computers in the first 12 months. It may seem like a win for consumers, but it may create a huge gap between enterprise IT teams and employee devices..."
                                            BYOD policies are behind the times, and we haven't seen anything yet
                                            GIGAOM, January 13th, 2016
                                            "A recent study by Champion Solutions Group showed some very surprising results. While we have come to rely on mobile devices as a critical aspect of business communications, the research found glaring deficiencies underlying the administration of those devices.

                                            Champion surveyed 447 IT decision makers, from a wide variety of sectors, looking to find what is the state of the practice in mobile policy enforcement and security..."

                                            Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                            Vol 215 Issue 1; Vol 214 Issues 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5; Vol 213 Issues 2, 3 and 4
                                              IT - Encryption
                                              Most IT pros oppose government backdoor access
                                              Help Net Security, January 11th, 2016
                                              "Close to two-thirds of global IT professionals oppose giving governments backdoor access to encrypted information systems, and 59% feel that privacy is being compromised in an effort to implement stronger cybersecurity laws.

                                              The ISACA survey of 2,920 members in 121 countries also reveals marked skepticism about the likelihood of organizations sharing data breach information voluntarily as called for by the recently passed U.S. Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015..."

                                                IT - Server
                                                Server market share shows enterprise buyers aren't forgotten
                                                InfoWorld, January 15th, 2016
                                                "If there was concern that interest in the server market was waning among IT pros in a software-dominated world, the latest batch of analyst reports should ease those worries...

                                                Spending on infrastructure hardware and software by enterprises still outpaces that of cloud service providers by two to one -- but the gap is narrowing rapidly.

                                                Server vendors won't be ignoring enterprise IT buyers anytime soon, according to the most recent data from several analyst firms, with server market share data showing they still hold a majority of the infrastructure buying power even as cloud spending makes significant gains..."

                                                The Exchange Server Settings You must Get Right
                                                InfoWorld, January 11th, 2016
                                                "Microsoft has invested millions of dollars into Azure and Office 365, and their competitors are following suit with bona fide public cloud offerings of their own. But public cloud solutions are not for everyone. Organizations of many stripes have legitimate reasons for not wanting their restricted data on systems beyond their total control.

                                                For many of these entities, on-premises Exchange Server is a messaging must..."

                                                For IT Admins, Remote Doesn't Have to Mean Less Control
                                                InfoWorld, January 13th, 2016
                                                "As IT administrators, the quicker we can diagnose a problem the better. But contrary to user expectations we can't be everywhere at once. Or can we?

                                                Remote access tools have been around for a long time -- in fact, they are a dime a dozen these days -- and they are all relatively good. GoToMyPC, LogMeIn, TeamViewer, and so on all provide solid remote access, control, and support..."

                                                  Three steps to avoid server NIC teaming problems
                                                  Search Server Virtualization, January 13th, 2016
                                                  "NIC teaming can help reduce resource contention and improve VM performance, but don't fall victim to common mistakes when setting it up.

                                                  The concept of network interface card teaming has been around for quite some time, but until somewhat recently, building a NIC team required specialized hardware. In Windows Server 2012, Microsoft made it possible to build a NIC team using commodity hardware. By doing so, you can create a logical NIC that has the aggregate bandwidth of all of the included hardware NICs..."

                                                  SysAdmin and Systems Developer Newsletter
                                                  OTN Systems Hub
                                                  The January "SysAdmin and Systems Developer Newsletter" is now available. Articles include:

                                                  • Oracle Technology Network - Virtual Technology Summit Replay Library
                                                  • How to Build a Cassandra Multinode Database Cluster on Oracle Solaris 11.3 with LUN Mirroring and IP Multipathing
                                                  • Oracle VM Performance and Tuning (Parts 1 to 6)
                                                  • OTN Garage' is now called 'OTN Systems Hub' ...

                                                  The full newsletter 'url "" "is available on-line."'

                                                  New Look for NetBeans IDE 8.1
                                                  By Geertjan
                                                  Geertjan blogs, "In My Current NetBeans Look, I described a look and feel and related settings that I have been using for a while with NetBeans IDE. It's served me well, I've been very happy with it. From today, though, I'm going to be trying something completely new, Darcula for NetBeans IDE, which is completely new in the NetBeans Plugin Portal..."
                                                  Nexenta News
                                                  Nexenta Awarded 2015 InfoTech Spotlight Data Center Excellence Award for Software-Defined Storage Innovation in Partnership with ATTO Technology
                                                  Nexenta, January 12th, 2016
                                                  Nexenta, the global leader in Open Source-driven Software-Defined Storage (OpenSDS), announced that TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named NexentaStor MetroHA as a 2015 Data Center Excellence Award winner, presented by infoTECH Spotlight.

                                                  Nexenta and ATTO Technology, a leading storage connectivity and infrastructure solution company, jointly introduced NexentaStor MetroHA in July 2015, delivering unparalleled availability, scalability and performance across multiple data centers. NexentaStor MetroHA serves as a stretch cluster - a cluster configured with host systems located at multiple sites - allowing data to scale across different floors, buildings or cities, located up to 50 kilometers apart. The solution also delivers zero data loss and continuous operations in the event of site failures by synchronously mirroring data between sites.

                                                  Cisco News
                                                  80 percent of digital business opportunity still untapped by companies
                                                  Cisco, January 13th, 2016
                                                  "Companies across 16 private sector industries captured only 20 percent of the total 'Digital Value at Stake' available to them in 2015, according to a new report published by Cisco today. Digital Value at Stake is a measure of financial gain or loss based on two components: entirely new sources of revenue or savings derived from digital investments and innovations, and value shifting between players within industries based on how their respective digital capabilities equip them to steal value from rivals..."
                                                  'You Can't Manage What You Can't See': Cisco Helps Businesses Address Shadow IT
                                                  Cisco, January 13th, 2016
                                                  "Shadow IT is rampant. For years, CIOs have known that business groups were circumventing the IT department to access public cloud services they felt they needed to do their jobs. Only recently have CIOs begun to realize the full extent of the cloud sprawl across their organizations and the pitfalls for their business. To help CIOs manage their shadow IT issues, Cisco is launching Cloud Consumption as a Service - a new software-as-a-service product that discovers and monitors public cloud services an organization is using..."
                                                  Cisco Reports Rapid Rise of Unauthorized Cloud Usage
                                                  Wall St. Journal, January 13th, 2016
                                                  "It is no secret that employees supplement their employers' in-house information technology with external cloud computing services -- but even chief information officers may not realize just how often. New data from Cisco Systems Inc. suggest that employees route around corporate networks to a startling extent, posing risks for security and data governance..."
                                                  Dell News
                                                  Dell Boomi and SciQuest Partner to Simplify, Accelerate Integrations Between Cloud and Enterprise Applications
                                                  Dell, January 13th, 2016
                                                  Dell Software announced that SciQuest, Inc., the leading public provider of spend-management solutions delivering value beyond savings, has joined Dell Boomi's Partner Network. SciQuest can now simplify and accelerate the deployment and management of integrations between SciQuest's solutions and their customers' enterprise resource management (ERP) and financial applications. Dell Boomi AtomSphere equips SciQuest to offer its customers faster implementation times - days, not months - by enabling rapid integration with a customer's existing infrastructure and then allowing the customer to easily manage the API setup and maintenance process in house...
                                                  Dell Services Named a Leader in Digital Transformation Services by NelsonHall
                                                  Dell, January 13th, 2016
                                                  Dell Services announced that it has been positioned as a leader in the Digital Focus market segment in the recently released NelsonHall Digital Transformation Services NEAT evaluation. The report assesses and evaluates Dell's proposition against demand for Digital Transformation Services, which includes big data and analytics, e-commerce, IoT and cloud services.
                                                  Dell Services is a Named Leader on two Everest Group PEAK Matrix 2015 Assessments: IT Outsourcing in the Healthcare Provider Industry and IT Outsourcing in the Healthcare Payer Industry
                                                  Dell, January 12th, 2016
                                                  Dell Services announced that Everest Group has positioned Dell's Healthcare Services in the Leader quartile for two of its 2015 PEAK Matrix Assessments. This marks the fourth consecutive year for Dell as a Leader for IT outsourcing (ITO) in the healthcare provider industry and the third consecutive year as a leader for IT outsourcing in the payer industry. It was also the second time Dell Services was named a Star Performer in the payer industry report....
                                                  Microsoft News
                                                  Microsoft announces quarterly earnings release date
                                                  Microsoft, January 11th, 2016
                                                  Microsoft Corp. will publish fiscal year 2016 second-quarter financial results after the close of the market on Thursday, January 28, 2016 on the Microsoft Investor Relations website at A live webcast of the earnings conference call will be made available at 2:30 p.m. Pacific Time.

                                                  Microsoft is the leading platform and productivity company for the mobile-first, cloud-first world, and its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

                                                  Microsoft says new processors will only work with Windows 10
                                                  Microsoft, January 16h, 2016
                                                  "Soon, when you buy a new PC, it won't support Windows 7 or 8. Microsoft has announced a change to its support policy that lays out its plans for future updates to its older operating systems, and the new rules mean that future PC owners with next-generation Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm processors will need to use Windows 10..."
                                                  Symantec News
                                                  Symantec joins 2016 PCR Awards as Gold Partner
                                                  Symantec, January 13th, 2016
                                                  "Security vendor Symantec will be a Gold Partner at this year's PCR Awards.

                                                  The Awards are back with a brand new circus theme and a revised judging process (read more about the judging here).

                                                  After a period of lobbying, the finalists for the 2016 PCR Awards have now been announced. You can see the full list here.

                                                  The event takes place on Thursday March 10th 2016 at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington..."

                                                  IBM News
                                                  CSC Embraces IBM Cloud to Accelerate Hybrid Cloud Adoption
                                                  IBM, January 15h, 2016
                                                  IBM announced an expanded partnership to help global enterprise clients accelerate their transition to the cloud. This includes the modernization and development of key applications that support mobile, analytics and cognitive intelligence across hybrid cloud deployments.

                                                  Global organizations have embraced the cloud due to the increased flexibility, productivity and cost-efficiency of cloud services. Enterprise clients are now increasingly adopting cloud computing to speed development of cloud-based applications to fuel data-driven applications.

                                                  IBM Ranked #1 Hybrid Cloud Provider by Synergy Research, Again
                                                  IBM, January 15h, 2016
                                                  IBM announced that analyst firm Synergy Research acknowledges IBM as a top performer and leader in the private and hybrid cloud space for 2015.

                                                  The recent global cloud market analysis1 revealed that the total spend on infrastructure hardware and software to build cloud exceeded $60 billion worldwide, while spend on a range of public, private and hybrid cloud services exceeded $50 billion. Spend on private and hybrid cloud services are growing at 45 percent per-year.

                                                  IBM Introduces Dynamic Pricing to Help Retailers Navigate Online Price Wars
                                                  IBM, January 15h, 2016
                                                  IBM announced IBM Dynamic Pricing, a cloud-based offering that automatically recommends an online retailer's best response to changes in performance data and market conditions as well as the latest competitor pricing information.

                                                  In an age of price transparency, retailers must do more than monitor competitor prices and other market conditions--they must be able to respond accordingly or risk losing customers. IBM Dynamic Pricing combines performance data, such as cart abandonment rates and browsing history, with sales, inventory and the latest competitive pricing information and in real time applies these insights to recommend the most appropriate pricing action...

                                                  Fujitsu News
                                                  Fujitsu Network Communications Announced as Newest Member of CENGN Consortium
                                                  Fujitsu, January 13th, 2016
                                                  CENGN, Canada's Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks (NGN), a leader in the rapid commercialization of NGN products, applications and services, and Fujitsu Network Communications Inc., announced that Fujitsu Network Communications has joined as the consortium's newest member.

                                                  CENGN is a consortium of industry, academic and research leaders dedicated to accelerating the commercialization of next generation communications solutions...

                                                  Red Hat News
                                                  Friday Five - January 15, 2016
                                                  Red Hat, January 15h, 2016
                                                  The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat blog post with 5 of the week's top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye.

                                                  • Red Hat ranked as 2015's "Best Employer" in Argentina
                                                  • - Open source - it's the logical alternative
                                                  • NASDAQ - This Best Of Breed Stock Continues To Dominate
                                                  • - What the community has taught me about open organizations
                                                  • The New Stack - Ansible Settles into Red Hat, Debuts No-Wait Scheduling

                                                  Read on for details.

                                                  Red Hat Releases Ansible 2.0, Expanding Support for Hybrid Cloud Deployments and Introducing New Automation Capabilities
                                                  Red Hat, January 12th, 2016
                                                  Red Hat, Inc., the world's leading provider of open source solutions, today announced the general availability of Ansible 2.0. This new release of the leading simple, agentless, and powerful open source IT automation framework brings increased stability, new automation capabilities, and new integrations with a variety of services and providers, broadening support for public, private, and hybrid cloud deployments, and expanding Ansible's footprint into Microsoft Windows environments and network management.
                                                  Red Hat Survey: Mobile Investments Are Paying Off
                                                  Red Hat, January 13th, 2016
                                                  Red Hat, the world's leading provider of open source solutions, announced results from a recent mobile measurement survey, which revealed that 74 percent of respondents whose organizations use key performance indicators (KPIs) to some extent to measure mobile application success are achieving positive return on investment (ROI), demonstrating that prior investments in mobile have paid off. Red Hat's mobile measurement survey revealed that 85 percent of organizations are using KPIs to measure mobile app success, while nine percent use other means and the remainder are not measuring mobile success at all...
                                                  Level3 News
                                                  Level 3 and Google Reach Settlement-Free Interconnection Agreement
                                                  Level(3), January 15h, 2016
                                                  Level 3 Communications and Google announced they have reached a new multi-year, settlement-free interconnection agreement between their global backbone networks that will help both companies meet their customers' needs into the next decade and beyond.

                                                  The new arrangement is centered around the concept of bit mile balance, in which both parties commit to carrying equitable amounts of bit miles, taking into account both the amount of traffic and the distance over which that traffic is carried by each network. For instance, a network can improve bit mile balance by delivering traffic to the other network closer to its end users. The agreement will also facilitate the continued growth of interconnection locations between Level 3 and Google, as required to support an ever-growing demand for the Internet....

                                                  EMC News
                                                  EMC To Announce Fourth-Quarter and Full-Year 2015 Financial Results On January 27
                                                  EMC, January 13th, 2016
                                                  EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) will publish its fourth-quarter and full-year 2015 financial results on January 27, 2016 at approximately 7:00 a.m. ET. EMC will also issue an advisory news release on January 27, 2016 announcing availability of the results via the EMC Investor Relations and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission websites.

                                                  EMC will hold a conference call for investors at 8:30 a.m. ET on January 27 to review the financial results. A live webcast of that call will be available on the EMC Investor Relations website.

                                                  EMC Surveillance Review (VNX-VSS100)
                                                  Storage Review, January 15h, 2016
                                                  "Cameras seem to be everywhere now and the number is only increasing. The omnipresent surveillance can be seen as either a blessing or a curse depending on one's perspective, but it does provide information that can lead to finding answers to crimes, accidents, and mechanical failures. As camera technology is improving, with aspects such as better resolution, more and more data is being consumed. Surveillance data needs to be stored within a given time frame and with certain retention policies while at the same time video has to be accessed clearly and reliably when a request is sent. EMC sees these and coming concerns and is beefing up its own line of surveillance offerings, and products that serve the surveillance requirements or municipalities, events and large enterprises with complex needs and heavy compliance concerns..."
                                                  HP News
                                                  About Hewlett Packard Enterprise
                                                  HP, January 11th, 2016
                                                  We help customers use technology to slash the time it takes to turn ideas into value. In turn, they transform industries, markets and lives.

                                                  Some of our customers run traditional IT environments. Most are transitioning to a secure, cloud-enabled, mobile-friendly infrastructure. Many rely on a combination of both. Wherever they are in that journey, we provide the technology and solutions to help them succeed.

                                                  Brocade News
                                                  Brocade Deepens Partnership With Inspur To Support Next-Generation Storage Networking In China
                                                  Brocade, January 12th, 2016
                                                  As part of a new partnership with Inspur Group, a top cloud-based infrastructure provider in China, Brocade (NASDAQ: BRCD) announced the extension of its storage networking leadership with Inspur's new generation of Inspur 19000 blade servers. The partnership aims to address the increasing demand for mission-critical, high-performance storage networks that are required for social, mobile, and analytic deployments in China, particularly across industry verticals such as banking and finance, energy, and telecommunications...
                                                  Comcast News
                                                  Comcast Business to Bring 10 Gigabit Internet Service to Huntsville
                                                  Comcast, January 11th, 2016
                                                  Comcast Business announced it will build a multi-million dollar fiber optic network across greater Huntsville capable of delivering up to 10 gigabit speeds to local businesses. The fiber-based Ethernet network will provide businesses and government organizations with highly scalable and ultra-fast Internet connectivity and cloud-based voice solutions. 'As Huntsville continues to grow and develop a vibrant, high-tech community, Comcast recognized the need to make this important technology investment,' said Doug Guthrie, regional SVP for Comcast. 'This effort will enable businesses to expand their operations, and reinforces Huntsville as a destination of choice for organizations requiring the most advanced technology available.'
                                                  F5 News
                                                  F5 Releases 2016 'State of Application Delivery' Customer Survey Results
                                                  F5, January 14th, 2016
                                                  F5 Networks (NASDAQ: FFIV), released the results of its second annual State of Application Delivery customer survey. Expanded to include feedback from more than 3,000 customers worldwide, this year's report details how they are delivering applications successfully, how they keep data and users secure, and how hybrid cloud, software-defined networking (SDN), and DevOps are changing IT.

                                                  In addition, F5 executives will host a series of live panel sessions and a webinar that will offer attendees deeper insights into the data. The first live panel session is on January 28, 2016, and will be hosted by F5's CTO and EVP of product development, Karl Triebes.

                                                  Netapp News
                                                  Western Oregon University Improves Student, Faculty Experience with NetApp Flash Storage
                                                  NetApp, January 12th, 2016
                                                  University speeds educational, operational and financial decisions, enhances online collaboration; Register for January 19 webcast to learn more about this innovative deployment...

                                                  When it comes to technology, leading universities must deliver unsurpassed learning capabilities, such as engaging video lectures and online courses that extend beyond the classroom,' said Bill Kernan, CIO, Western Oregon University. 'For IT, that means we constantly strive to raise the bar to meet technology requirements. NetApp flash storage has allowed us to reach a capacity of more than 1,200 concurrent users while providing exceptional system performance campus-wide. People think of storage as being totally behind the scenes, but at WOU, it's front and center in defining the user experience.'

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