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Oracle News
Oracle Enhances Retail Suite, Adds New Retail Cloud Services to Largest Portfolio of Enterprise SaaS Applications
Comprehensive new release of cloud services, hardware, and software solutions enable retailers to enhance engagement with consumers online, in stores and via mobile
"To help retailers deliver a consistent experience anywhere customers choose to shop, Oracle today introduced a comprehensive suite of cloud and on-premise solutions embedded with the industry-leading analytics that retailers worldwide can use to personalize offers, streamline operations, and increase sales and margins..."
Database Insider - January 2016 issue now available
By Javier Puerta
The January issue of the Database Insider newsletter is now available.

Articles include:

  • Oracle Magazine: The Undisputed Database Champ
  • Oracle Database Community: New Blogs to Watch and New Year's Resolutions to Ponder
  • Oracle Database Users Kick Off 2016 with Live and Online Events
  • Oracle CIO Mark Sunday Predicts That Security Will Go from Inhibitor to Enabler in 2016

'url "" "(Full newsletter here)"'.

Best Practices Using Oracle Solaris Compliance Tool for SAP
By Parnian Taidi
Parnian Taidi writes, "In a recent blogs we talked about end-to-end security with Oracle Solaris 11, SPARC M7 and the ISV Ecosystem and one of the main elements: the built-in Solaris 11 compliance tools.

Organizations such as banks, hospitals, and governments have specialized compliance requirements. Auditors, who are unfamiliar with an operating system, can struggle to match security controls with requirements. Therefore, tools that map security controls to requirements can reduce time and costs by assisting auditors..."

Big Data For All? Oracle's 2016 Top 10 Predictions
By Peter Schutt
"It's time for Oracle's annual predictions in big data for the year to identify the key areas of change. This is the year the big data adoption trend will begin to make the leap from 3,000 organizations that Hadoop and Spark vendors count as paying customers with most in only in development to tens of thousands of organizations in production. The industry will finally begin to shift gears into more mainstream applications, affecting thousands more businesses. We are making 10 predictions for 2016 that have three trend categories: a big expansion to the big data user base, major technology advances, and growing effects on society, politics, and business process..."
Cloud Computing
Understanding Metered vs Non-metered Java Cloud Service by M Kapur
By Jurgen Kress
Juergen blogs, "The core Oracle Public Cloud Services including Java Cloud Service, Database Cloud Service, and Storage Cloud Service offerings are available in two ways: Metered and Non-metered. In this post, I will attempt to explain the Metered and Non-metered cloud services using Java Cloud Service as an example..."
FRIDAY SPOTLIGHT: Customers that Benefit from using Oracle Linux
By Zeynep Koch
Zeynep blogs, "This Friday spotlight is about customers that implemented Oracle Engineered Systems and used Oracle Linux as their operating system. Oracle Linux is used in all x86 based engineered systems that Oracle offers and optimized for the hardware to provide enhanced performance.

Main benefits listed in the case studies were:

  • Increased performance
  • High availability
  • Reduced cost

Here's just a few selection of the latest customers that implemented Oracle Linux with Oracle Engineered systems:"

VBeers @ Broward (Funky Buddha)
Wednesday, January 20th, 2016: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Informatica Analytics on Oracle SPARC: Up-to 9X Faster with In-Memory DB
By Claudia Nastase
Claudia Nastase blogs, "Oracle and Informatica have a very close working relationship and one of the recent results of this collaboration is the joint project done by Informatica and our Oracle ISV Engineering team to test the performance of Informatica software with Oracle Database 12c In-memory on Oracle SPARC systems..."
Disk Scrub - Why and When?
By Steve Tunstall
Steve asks, "What is a "Disk Scrub" and why should you do it?

To begin with, It's a good idea to do this about once a month. Have you ever done one, ever? Maybe you don't need to. We will talk about what this is, why you would or would not do it, and how you can automate it if you wish. We're talking about this button, seen here in the Configuration-->Storage page of your ZFSSA:..."

    Enterprise Data Protection with Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance
    By Frank Wickham
    Frank Wickham writes, "Oracle has an entire family of engineered systems that are pre-integrated to reduce the cost and complexity of enterprise wide IT infrastructures while increasing productivity and performance. Only Oracle can innovate and optimize at every layer of our Red Stack to simplify data center operations, drive down costs, and accelerate business innovation. Let this serve as a quick introduction to Oracle's Engineered Systems Family; Exadata, Exalogic, SuperCluster, Exalytics, Big Data Appliance (BDA), Database Appliance, and now the Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance (ZDLRA)..."
    Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
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      SysAdmin and Systems Developer Newsletter
      OTN Systems Hub
      The January "SysAdmin and Systems Developer Newsletter" is now available. Articles include:

      • Oracle Technology Network - Virtual Technology Summit Replay Library
      • How to Build a Cassandra Multinode Database Cluster on Oracle Solaris 11.3 with LUN Mirroring and IP Multipathing
      • Oracle VM Performance and Tuning (Parts 1 to 6)
      • OTN Garage' is now called 'OTN Systems Hub' ...

      The full newsletter 'url "" "is available on-line."'

      Friday Spotlight: Using Oracle Clusterware to Protect Oracle VM Manager
      By Honglin Su
      Honglin Su blogs, "Oracle VM Manager provides an easy-to-use and centralized management environment for configuring and operating your Oracle VM server, network, and storage infrastructure from a browser-based interface, and it is accessible from just about anywhere. Oracle VM Manager 3 is an Oracle Fusion Middleware application, based on the Oracle Weblogic application server. Oracle VM Manager uses the bundled MySQL Database Enterprise Edition as the management repository beginning with Oracle VM Manager 3.2 release. The Oracle VM Manager 3 runs on 64-bit Oracle Linux..."
      Java Technology
      Java EE in Practice at Lufthansa Industry Solutions
      By Reza Rahman
      "One of the most important things to do at this stage of the life-cycle of Java EE is highlight successful adoption stories at a regular cadence. We have been doing just that for a long time through our adoption stories blog, this humble blog as well as JavaOne. Indeed JavaOne 2016 was particularly good in this regard. We had a number of solid adoption stories submitted that we could select from. We will highlight all of those stories here in the coming months. A nice JavaOne 2016 session to start with is the one from Lufthansa industry solutions..."
      New Look for NetBeans IDE 8.1
      By Geertjan
      Geertjan blogs, "In My Current NetBeans Look, I described a look and feel and related settings that I have been using for a while with NetBeans IDE. It's served me well, I've been very happy with it. From today, though, I'm going to be trying something completely new, Darcula for NetBeans IDE, which is completely new in the NetBeans Plugin Portal..."
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