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Oracle News
Marketers Optimize the Customer Experience with New Oracle Marketing Cloud Enhancements
New innovations enhance sales enablement, improve cross-channel orchestration and demonstrate marketing's impact on business results
To help marketers deliver a more consistent customer experience across paid, owned and earned media, Oracle has introduced a series of new innovations within the Oracle Marketing Cloud. The new innovations enable marketers to orchestrate relevant mobile interactions for consumers and salespeople, clearly attribute revenue to marketing activities and optimize the experience for individual customers.

Marketers must adopt and embrace digital technologies in order to meet the skyrocketing expectations of digitally-savvy customers. For many marketers, this will require rethinking existing processes, as according to Forrester Research, more than three-quarters of marketing leaders believe that the majority of their digital customer engagements are not optimized today.To optimize digital marketing activities and successfully meet the demands of today's customer-first business environment, marketers need to be able to quickly and easily embrace data, technology and content...

The CMO Club and Oracle Deliver New Solution Guide to Help CMOs Transform Their Marketing Organization
New CMO Solution Guide provides best practices to help marketers maximize business impact of data, technology and content
To help CMOs meet skyrocketing customer and boardroom expectations, The CMO Club, along with Oracle, today released 'The CMO Solution Guide for Building a Modern Marketing Organization.' The guide, which is based on interviews with CMOs and digital marketing leaders from major brands including Dow Chemical, JetBlue Airways, MasterCard, PayPal, Quiznos, The Hershey Company and Viking River Cruises, includes insights and best practices that CMOs can apply to build customer-first marketing teams that drive measurable results.

Marketing leaders are faced with a perfect storm of business, consumer and technological change that is exponentially increasing the complexity of every single marketing activity.

Oracle Database Disaster Recovery on Public Cloud
By Okcan Yasin Saygili
Okcan blogs, "Oracle Databases are run in most, if not all, of the Fortune 500 and form the backbone of critical applications and business operations. Oracle Database High Availability was always a high priority for Oracle, as we understand that keeping business online 24/7, 365 Days a Year is vital. In any other case, the productivity would be interrupted, data could potentially be lost, but most importantly corporate image would be tarnished with unpredictable devaluation of share price.

Oracle Public Cloud is available for quite a while now, offering an extensive set of cloud services tailored to specific requirements:.."

ITPalooza 2015 - Conference Thursday Dec 3rd
Thursday December 3rd, 2015: A Day of Learning, An Evening of Networking and Celebration
ITPalooza and the South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA) announced the 4th annual ITPalooza 2015 which will be hosted at Nova Southeastern University (NSU)'s College of Engineering and Computing on Thursday December, 3rd.

SFTA, a non-profit organization which promotes the growth, success and awareness of the South Florida technology community for 20+ years, will be leading ITPalooza core organizing team.

ITPalooza is an annual gathering of South Florida's nonprofit Technology User Groups (tech groups). Anticipating more than 2,500 registrants, 60 speakers, 65 sponsors and 50 tech groups from across South Florida. The 4th Annual ITPalooza is primed to deliver unbelievable value to the South Florida Tech community.

Details @ ITPalooza Website

$10k+ Of Prizes at the ITPalooza Mobile App & IoT Hackathon powered by AT&T
Friday, December 4, 2015 at 6:00 PM - Saturday, December 5, 2015 at 9:00 PM
ITPalooza and the South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA) in conjunction with AT&T announce are hosting a Hackathon as part of the annual ITPalooza conference. Please review the details and share with your IT colleagues.

This very special IoT & Mobile App Hackathon is an event produced by, the AT&T Developer Program and ITPalooza, that is designed for attendees (technical & non-technical) to build IoT solutions and/or mobile apps, get fed, compete for prizes across different categories and most importantly: meet new people and scout for teammates to work on new or current projects. Our hackathon will introduce you to the latest prototyping hardware, tools and development frameworks.

We will have a session ITPalooza on Thursday Dec. 3rd, to be announced, where you can learn more, meet other participants and form teams.

Details and registration

What Does The Internet of Things Mean To You?
By Jim Lein
Jim Lein writes, "Oracle Profit magazine's Five Ideas recently featured the perspective of five Oracle experts on The Internet of Things (IoT) which I found to be thought-provoking because I get asked to define IoT several times per week. It's a term that means different things to different people. I confess, I sometimes use the phrase as a place to park my incomplete or immature musings on a subject, especially in conversations with people outside our industry, e.g. 'the Internet of Things means doing business the way your customers want and expect you to'..."
Connector/Net joins MySQL products on Github
By MySQL Connector/Net team
"We are very pleased to announce that the MySQL Connector/Net source code has been added to GitHub. All of our versions can be found at MySQL Connector/Net repository, under the umbrella of the MySQL organization. This repository will expose the source code of the latest generally available (GA) releases. Same versions that are available in the official MySQL download site..."
Cloud Computing
New Oracle Database Hybrid Cloud e-Book
By Javier Puerta
Just released: Oracle Database Cloud e-Book!

Javier blogs, "This new Database Cloud e-book provides you with a comprehensive look at Oracle Database Cloud solutions which offers full portability between your on-premises and cloud environments. Businesses want to capitalize on new business opportunities quickly and bring new products to market faster. These 'time to market demands' are driving IT innovation and change. Database Clouds promise greater agility, lower risk and cost over traditional IT environments..."

Best Videos about Oracle Linux from OOW15
By Zeynep Koch
Zeynep writes, "There's something better about hearing a topic in a video, it is as if you have been transported to that location without interruptions from other elements. You also get to know the presenter at a different level; how he gets excited about his products, his projects or the environment around him. For this reason, we wanted to dedicate this Friday to all the Oracle OpenWorld videos that feature Oracle Linux. It will give you an amazing insight and transport you to San Francisco, to that moment!..."
Webinar replay: What happens when Software moves into Silicon
By Cinzia Mascanzoni
Cinzia blogs, "Oracle Academy is offering an exciting opportunity to learn about the design principles behind the revolutionary Software in Silicon technology which is at the core of Oracle's SPARC M7 microprocessor chip design. In a replay of a panel discussion with senior executives from the software and hardware side of Oracle's systems business, partners will gain insights into the strategy behind Oracle's dramatic computer chip redesign architecture, as well as hear the Q&A with the panel. Catch the replay..."
Amazing Results on SPARC T7 by MSC Software
By Mike Mulkey
Mike writes, "Leo Kilfoy, General Manager at MSC Software, spoke to us on video at Oracle OpenWorld 2015 about the "amazing results" his company is seeing in recent tests on the Oracle SPARC T7 processor. MSC is seeing SPARC T7 throughput peaking out at over a 2x improvement over some of the SPARC and Intel processors they have used in the past.

In recent tests with Oracle engineers, MSC Software was able to perform a remarkable 60,000 simulations in a single day by consolidating 12 instances of SimManager onto a single core of the SPARC T7 processor, which was also supporting the Oracle Database..."

Oracle Delivers 'Software on Silicon'
Doubles Down on Optimizing its Own Software with Latest Hardware
"Looking at Oracle's latest iteration of its SPARC processor technology, the new M7 CPU, it is at first blush an excellent implementation of SPARC, with 32 cores with 8 threads each implemented in an aggressive 20 nm process and promising a well-deserved performance bump for legacy SPARC/Solaris users. But the impact of the M7 goes beyond simple comparisons to previous generations of SPARC and competing products such as Intel's Xeon E7 and IBM POWER 8. The M7 is Oracle's first tangible delivery of its 'Software on Silicon' promise, with significant acceleration of key software operations enabled in the M7 hardware..."
Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Vol 213 Issues 1, 2; Vol 212 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 211 Issues 4 and 5
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

  • SPECjbb2015
  • When is the next Java update?
  • Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.0.10
  • Virtual HBA in Oracle VM Server for SPARC
  • SPARC M7 Software In Silicon
  • Learn About Using DTrace with Oracle Linux
  • Webcast replays: SuperCluster M7 & T7/M7
  • Oracle Solaris Cluster Manager
  • Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 3 Quarterly Update 7
  • NetBeans IDE 8.1 Plugins

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    SPARC T7-2 World Record Performance for Two- and Four-Chip Systems
    SPECvirt_2013 Result
    Oracle's SPARC T7-2 server delivered a world record SPECvirt_sc2013 result for systems with two to four chips.

    • The SPARC T7-2 server produced a result of 3198 @ 179 VMs SPECvirt_sc2013.

    • The two-chip SPARC T7-2 server beat the best four-chip x86 Intel E7-8890 v3 server (HP ProLiant DL580 Gen9), demonstrating that the SPARC M7 processor is 2.1 times faster than the Intel Xeon Processor E7-8890 v3 (chip-to-chip comparison).

    • The two-chip SPARC T7-2 server beat the best two-chip x86 Intel E5-2699 v3 server results by nearly 2 times (Huawei FusionServer RH2288H V3, HP ProLiant DL360 Gen9).

    • The two-chip SPARC T7-2 server delivered nearly 2.2 times the performance of the four-chip IBM Power System S824 server solution which used 3.5 GHz POWER8 six core chips.

    • The SPARC T7-2 server running Oracle Solaris 11.3 operating system, utilizes embedded virtualization products as the Oracle Solaris 11 zones, which in turn provide a low overhead, flexible, scalable and manageable virtualization environment.

    • The SPARC T7-2 server result used Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.3 and Oracle Solaris Zones providing a flexible, scalable and manageable virtualization environment.

    Performance Landscape ...

    Java Technology
    Deploying Java EE 7 Applications to Partitions from Eclipse
    By Steve Button
    Steve writes, "The new WebLogic Server 12.2.1 Multi-tenant feature enables partitions to be created in a domain that are isolated from one another and able to be managed independently of one another. From a development perspective, this isolation opens up some interesting opportunities - for instance it enables the use of a single domain to be shared by multiple developers, working on the same application, without them needing to worry about collisions of URLs or cross accessing of resources..."
    Catch the Java 9 Train
    By Yolande Poirier
    Yolande blogs. 'The goal of Java 9 is to increase developer productivity while retaining Java's key values of readability, simplicity, universality and compatibility' explains Mark Reinhold. In this video, he describes the Java 9 release that will introduce modules, addressing the complexity of class path and the monolithic JDK..."
    2015 JCP Award Winners Announced
    By Reza Rahman
    "An open standard like Java EE involves a lot of hard work from a lot of different groups of people. The hard work of these people, largely selflessly, benefit countless Java developers. For specification leads the work in the JCP is often far beyond just a job. I have seen the same to be true of many vendor experts on a specification. Especially admirable are the independents that contribute to specifications largely on their own time as well as Adopt-a-JSR participants. The annual Java Community Process awards is a small way of recognizing some of these great people and their work. There are four different awards:.."
    Modularity in Java 9
    By Yolande Poirier
    Yolande Poirier blogs, "Learn about Java 9 with four presentations from Alan Bateman and Mark Reinhold! In the 'Prepare for JDK 9' presentation, Alan describes JDK 9 changes and their implications in existing code and future development..."
    NetBeans IDE 8.1 Integrates with Chrome Browser
    By Geertjan Wielenga
    Geertjan writes, "With the release of NetBeans IDE 8.1, the NetBeans Connector plugin for Chrome has been updated. A frequently observed problem, whereby the plugin needed to be reinstalled whenever you deployed an app to Chrome, has been fixed. Everything works seamlessly now..."
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