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epixtech Joins Sun Education Service Provider Program
Two U.S. Libraries Become Beta Customers for epixtech's Offering
January 14, 2000,
Volume 21, Issue 1

epixtech (formerly Ameritech Library Services) is the first library automation provider to join the Sun Education Service Provider (SP) program. With its Application Service Provider (ASP) offering, epixtech will leverage Sun's Education SP program to deliver its library automation solutions to libraries worldwide. By offering these solutions as a service, epixtech will provide libraries with all of the benefits of library automation software without the necessity of maintaining and managing an in-house system. The Jesuit-Krauss-McCormick Library and Northern Baptist Library are the first epixtech customers using the ASP offering on Sun's SP technology and services.

The Sun Education SP Program, introduced last year, comprises a set of products and services designed to enable companies to deliver Web-based educational solutions to education institutions and libraries by working with them in building a scalable service-enabled infrastructure.

By offering its library automation services via a service provider model, epixtech can now make its library automation systems available to a wider range of customers than ever before. Libraries subscribing to epixtech's library application instead of procuring an in-house system, can significantly reduce their costs, and eliminate the burden of managing in-house data centers.

"epixtech is committed to providing libraries with the most effective solutions for automation," said Lana Porter, president and chief executive officer of epixtech. "Our Application Service Provider offering not only reduces the burden of managing a local system, it also provides a cost effective alternative for many libraries. We are pleased to offer this service through Sun's Education Service Provider program."

"By subscribing to epixtech's solutions using Sun technology instead of purchasing, managing and maintaining their own system, libraries that previously couldn't implement and support complex library automation software can now do so," said Kim Jones, vice president, Global Education and Research, Sun Microsystems.

Sun In Education

Sun is a leading provider of open network computing solutions to colleges and universities around the world, powering academic, research and high performance computing systems, campus administration, digital libraries and student instruction systems. In addition, Sun is committed to connecting the world's students to the Internet, beginning with primary and secondary schools and extending to all levels of higher education.

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