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Sun, Cisco Internet Home Gateway
Alliance to develop open, standards-based architecture for Internet home gateway
January 6, 2000,
Volume 21, Issue 1

Sun and Cisco have formed a consumer market alliance to develop an open, standards-based architecture for Internet home gateway systems and technologies.

Sun and Cisco will market the jointly developed architecture to consumer electronic and appliance manufacturers for use in networked devices and products. The architecture, which will support the Open Service Gateway Initiative (OSGi) standard and Sun's Java technology, will be integrated into Cisco's new Internet Home Gateway series of products.

A prototype of Cisco's Internet Home Gateway product using Java technology was showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in the Sun, GTE, Cisco "Connected Family Demonstration Suite". The "Connected Family Suite" showed how Cisco's offerings, using Java technology, provide consumers with high-speed Internet access and the ability to connect several computers, phones, printers, faxes and other Internet-ready devices in their home. In addition, the Cisco offerings will give consumers the flexibility to remotely manage their home while at work, set Internet usage guidelines for their children, and deploy integrated data, voice and video services such as video-on-demand in their home.

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