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Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.0
Latest release provides increased security with encryption and improved performance
To enable organizations and developers to more easily and flexibly create and deploy on premises and cloud applications, Oracle has announced that Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.0, the latest release of the world's most popular free and open source, cross-platform virtualization software, is generally available today.

A key tool for developers and users creating cloud and local applications without the overhead of using a full server environment, Oracle VM VirtualBox runs on standard x86 desktop and laptop computers. It allows users to set up multi-platform virtual machine environments for software development, testing, and general purpose operating system (OS) virtualization, with optional runtime encryption. Software engineers can develop for cloud technologies such as Docker and OpenStack from within Oracle VM VirtualBox VMs directly on their Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Oracle Solaris machines, making it easier to create multi-tier applications with just a standard laptop.

Oracle Solaris 11.3: Securing and Simplifying the Enterprise Cloud
By Larry Wake
Larry writes, "This morning, we've opened up access to the beta release of Oracle Solaris 11.3. If you've been following along (and if not, why not?), you know there have been some big advances in Oracle Solaris 11, including lightning-fast intelligent provisioning and maintenance, and some key additions to our already highly-regarded 'defense in depth' security.

Most notable for the latter is the work we've done to simplify compliance checking and mitigation, making it possible for administrators to quickly and easily check system security configurations against industry standards, and get a 'report card' showing compliance, with guidance for any areas that may need addressing.

Oh, and did I mention fully-integrated OpenStack? ..."

10 Things You Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence
TechRepublic, July 6th, 2015
"Ever since the the dawn of modern computing technology, scientists and innovators have been trying to develop a computer that can think like a human. With the goal of making human thought and decision making a mechanical process, algorithms and networks have grown to form the basis of what is now known as artificial intelligence (AI).

Once laughed away as merely the plot of a science fiction movie, AI is now a very real, usable tool. A plethora of new startup companies are being founded on the basis of brining AI technology to the masses, and bigger corporations are joining the conversation too.

While the AI market is growing rapidly, the technology still has its challenges, like being constantly misunderstood.

Here are ten things you need to know about AI..."

    Machine Learning Helps Google Reduce Gmail Spam
    CIO Today, July 10th, 2015
    "The machines might not ultimately win in "Terminator" movies, but they are prevailing in the never-ending battle against spam. In fact, Google claims machine learning has helped reduce unwanted e-mails in Gmail inboxes to less than 0.1 percent. In the meantime, to help further reduce the odds of wanted e-mail being misidentified as spam, the search giant on Thursday launched new Gmail Postmaster Tools for legitimate, high-volume e-mail senders like banks and airlines..."
    Snap Cloning Databases on Exadata
    Using Enterprise Manager
    Subhadeep Sengupta blogs, "Historically, Exadata has mostly been deployed for heavy, production workloads, leaving cheap commodity hardware and third-party storage to perform as infrastructure for Development and Testing. From the viewpoint of Enterprise Manager, we have seen customers clone production databases running on Exadata to secondary storage such as ZFS Storage Appliance or even third-party NAS or SAN for the purpose of testing. Customers mainly used RMAN (with or without Enterprise Manager) to clone the databases. While the master clones (often referred to as Test Master) could be further cloned via storage efficient snapshots, there were significant limitations to the approach.

    First of all, the testing on non-like systems from Exadata (both compute and storage) often yielded erroneous inferences. Second, both the compute and storage on existing Exadata racks often remained underutilized. Most surveys establish that there are several Dev/Test copies for every Production database, and leaving Dev/Test outside the realm of Exadata can only yield partial usage of engineered systems. .."

    Friday Spotlight: Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.0 is out!
    By Chris Kawalek
    Chris blogs, "I know a lot of folks use Oracle VM VirtualBox to run Oracle Linux VMs. I do this myself every day. The ability to run multiple machines with different operating systems on a laptop is incredibly helpful. For example, you can do Docker development in Oracle Linux on your Macbook. Or if you're running Linux as your main OS, you could have a Windows VM, maybe for some pesky corporate apps that won't run on Linux. The possibilities are just endless.

    Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.0 was released this week, with a number of key features. Things like:

    • Runtime disk encryption
    • Drag and drop between nearly all host and guest combinations (including my typical Mac host->Oracle Linux guest setup)
    • USB 3.0 support
    • Headless launch support (say you need a local server VM running in the background!)
    • Performance improvements with paravirtualization for newer Linux and Windows guests

    And a lot more..."

    New features in Oracle Solaris Zones
    The Oracle Solaris Virtualization team has been very busy
    Listey blogs, "In case you missed it, and how could you, the Oracle Solaris 11.3 Beta was made available today. You can find the details here.

    As always the Oracle Solaris Virtualization team has been very busy and there is a great list of things that they have delivered. Here are a few highlights:.."

    IT - Storage
    Data Storage: Preferred Vendors, Demands, Challenges (Report)
    Storage Newsletter, July 7th, 2015
    PDF report from Tech Pro Research, Data Storage: Prefered Vendors, Demands, Challenges

    Key findings

    • Storage is still perceived as "commodity buy," and a non-strategic function.
    • Companies prefer to store their data in-house.
    • Tape and HDDs continue to be important but solid state and cache memory are growing in companies where speed of data access is directly related to revenue opportunities.
    • Cloud providers must convince data center decision makers that they can provide industrial strength data security and governance if they are to displace in-house storage.
    • Technical experts make storage technology selections and recommendations, but C-level executives authorize them.
    • There's a desire to optimize and better manage storage consumption and performance, with the explosion of data being the driving factor.
    • Storage virtualization will become a more active data center strategy as managers look for ways to better secure, centralize and manage their data.
    • The speed and acceleration of business is likely to increase the adoption of solid state memory over time.

    Read on for details.

    Samsung Releases World's First 2Tb Consumer SSDs
    ComputerWorld, July 6th, 2015
    "Samsung today announced what it is calling the first multi-terabyte consumer solid-state drive (SSD), which will offer 2TB of capacity in a 2.5-in. form factor for laptops and desktops.

    The new 850 Pro and 850 EVO SSDs double the maximum capacity of their predecessors..."

    What Technologies Are Currently Required For Storage?
    Storage Newsletter, July 10th, 2015
    "Storage Virtualization Technology that 'Appeals' to the Heart through Enhanced Service Continuity is an article published on June 29 by Tomohiro Kawaguchi, senior researcher, and Hideo Saito, researcher, at Hitachi Ltd.

    As the business environment changes from day to day, the required storage technologies are also changing correspondingly. To meet the expectations of customers who manage storage devices at their data centers and other venues, Hitachi, Ltd. has developed a new storage virtualization technology, called "global storage virtualization," which virtually integrates multiple storage devices. This technology, created through repeated dialogues with customers, makes storage operations easier and more convenient..."

      Software-Defined Storage: Chasm Crossing Or Tipping Point?
      Data Center Knowledge, July 6th, 2015
      "For more than 20 years, Geoffrey Moore's Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling High-Tech Products to Mainstream Customers has been the de facto standard to describe technology adoption. Even those who haven't read the book are familiar with his terms: innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority and laggards. A technology crosses the 'chasm' when it achieves a sustainable level of demand and adoption, separating technology's winners from its losers..."
        IT - Technology
        Submerge Your Supercomputer In Liquid
        TechEye, July 7th, 2015
        "A team of boffins have discovered that if you take your supercomputer and immerse it in tanks of liquid coolant you can make it super efficient.

        The Vienna Science Cluster uses immersion cooling which involves putting SuperMicro servers into a dielectric fluid similar to mineral oil.

        The servers are slid vertically into slots in the tank, which is filled with 250 gallons of ElectroSafe fluid, which transfers heat almost as well as water but doesn't conduct an electric charge..."

        What Is Second Wave Wi-Fi?
        Network World, July 6th, 2015
        "The second wave of 802.11ac is coming ashore and the new MU-MIMO technology (Multi-User, Multiple Input Multiple Output) is going to make a splash. It's one of the biggest improvements to Wi-Fi we've seen to date with the potential to greatly increase wireless network throughput and make a huge difference in dense, high capacity networks.

        We saw MU-MIMO technology in action at a recent Qualcomm event. Instead of increasing the speed of just one Wi-Fi client, MU-MIMO improves the entire network, even delivering better results for unsupported devices..."

        BMW Trials 40-Ton Electric Truck On German Roads
        ITProPortal, July 9th, 2015
        "The first 40-ton electric truck on European public roads has been deployed in Munich, Germany, in a partnership between German automobile manufacturer BMW and automotive service provider Scherm.

        Designed and built by Dutch truck manufacturer Terberg, the truck can run for three to four hours, exclusively using energy from renewable sources. On a full charge, the truck can travel up to 100 kilometres..."

          IBM Pushes Chip Technology With Stunning 7 NM Chip Demonstration
          Forrester, July 9th, 2015
          "In the world of CMOS semiconductor process, the fundamental heartbeat that drives the continuing evolution of all the devices and computers we use and governs at a fundamantal level hte services we can layer on top of them is the continual shrinkage of the transistors we build upon, and we are used to the regular cadence of miniaturization, generally led by Intel, as we progress from one generation to the next. 32nm logic is so old-fashioned, 22nm parts are in volume production across the entire CPU spectrum, 14 nm parts have started to appear, and the rumor mill is active with reports of initial shipments of 10 nm parts in mid-2016..."
          Silicon Photonics A Viable Technology?
          Data Center Journal, July 8th, 2015
          "Silicon photonics aims to bridge two worlds: semiconductor electronics and photonic systems that use light. This technology aims to simplify and improve devices by enabling manufacture of both types of components in the same silicon substrate.

          But as Michael P. Kassner notes at DatacenterDynamics, the wait for this ostensibly revolutionary technology has been longer than some have anticipated. Despite a number of research breakthroughs that held the promise of infiltrating the data center, 'a quick search today shows that new information about 'lighting up silicon' is almost non-existent.'

            IT - Bitcoin
            MIT Media Lab Project Enigma Enables Blockchain-Based Encrypted Data Storage
            Bitcoin Magazine, July 8th, 2015
            "Over the last few months, renowned global organizations and financial establishments have proposed designs, or at least have attempted to implement Bitcoin's blockchain technology, to encrypt sensitive data or to settle transactions without the association of third-party institutions such as banks.

            Continuing the global trend, the MIT Media Lab and two Bitcoin entrepreneurs have developed a prototype of an encryption system called Enigma..."

            Movietickets CEO: Bitcoin Has Boosted Sales And Visibility
            CoindDesk, July 8th, 2015
            "For MovieTickets CEO Joel Cohen, expanding his online movie ticketing company's payment options has been a recent top priority.

            Since 2000, MovieTickets has been one of the largest online movie ticketing websites in the US, representing an estimated 240 theater chains. MovieTickets earns revenue by sharing service fee proceeds with theater chains in exchange for managing an e-commerce process that includes accepting major credit cards as its individual theater partners allow..."

            Unchaining Innovation: Could Bitcoin's Underlying Tech Be A Powerful Tool For Government?
            Government Technology, July 10th, 2015
            "The technology, known as the blockchain, is a sort of infinite running ledger, keeping exact track of every bitcoin transaction -- and it may have far-reaching impacts in government...

            Money becomes more abstract over time. Instead of trading apples for chickens, we start trading apples for beads. Beads (pretty and useful) eventually are replaced by gold (still pretty, less useful), which is supplanted in turn by paper money. Paper money is a vast abstraction over chickens, but in time people come to accept it. It isn't 'real' in any meaningful sense, but it gets the job done, and it can be handed back and forth with little fanfare..."

            What Bitcoin Exchanges Won't Tell You About Fees
            Crypto Coin News, July 11th, 2015
            "With so many Bitcoin exchanges emerging in the last two years, it can get quite confusing knowing where to get your Bitcoins. Most people do 'the obvious thing' which is to compare the different Bitcoin exchanges based on the exchange rate and then usually go with the cheapest one.

            The problem is that the exchange rate is only part of the equation, and sometimes a very small part of it. When trying to figure out how much it will cost you to get your Bitcoin from a specific trading platform or broker, you have to take into account the total money you spend in comparison to the total Bitcoins you've received..."

            How Blockchain Tech Will Change Auditing For Good
            CoindDesk, July 11th, 2015
            "Following the Enron Scandal in October of 2001, something unprecedented happened. For the first time in its modern history, although for a short period, the global audit industry lost its most precious asset: public trust. Although the industry has since recovered, and the rules have changed to limit the risk of another scandal of similar proportions, the potential for auditor fraud, as uncovered in 2001, still remains..."
            Will Bitcoin Become A Legitimate Currency For Large Companies?
            CIO, July 7th, 2015
            "Bitcoin is on the rise, but not in the way you might think.

            The cryptocurrency, which uses strong encryption methods as a way to ensure the viability of online transactions as opposed to using a third-party bank, is starting to stabilize. Since January of this year, the price per Bitcoin has hovered right around $200 (according to CoinBase). That stabilization is a good sign, because it means more people are using the alternative payment method.

            In fact, according to BitPay, the number of Bitcoin transactions (aka, BTC) doubled last year. And, North America accounts for 57 percent of all Bitcoin payments: You can now buy everything from beef jerky to flowers using BTC..."

            Nasdaq Dives Deeper Into Bitcoin Research And Blockchain Partnerships
            Bitcoin Magazine, July 10th, 2015
            "In May, Bitcoin Magazine reported that the leading stock exchange Nasdaq would begin experimenting with the blockchain technology that powers Bitcoin. In June, Nasdaq announced a partnership with San Francisco-based Bitcoin API startup Chain to implement the first blockchain technology pilot projects in Nasdaq Private Market, a recently launched marketplace that handles pre-IPO trading among private companies..."
            IT - FOSS
            Why We Changed Our Software From Proprietary To Open Source
            The Enterprisers Project, July 6th, 2015
            "Why would a software company choose to change its product from proprietary to open source? It turns out there are many good reasons, says Dan Mihai Dumitriu, CEO and CTO of networking software company Midokura. In this interview with The Enterprisers Project, Dumitriu explains the benefits.

            The Enterprisers Project (TEP): Tell us a little bit about your company..."

            Linux Foundation'S CII Now Assessing Open-Source Project Risk
            eWeek, July 9th, 2015
            "The Linux Foundation's Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) is creating a risk score for open-source projects to help identify those in need of funding and additional support.

            In the aftermath of the Heartbleed security vulnerability in April 2014, the Linux Foundation set up the Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) to help fund and support critical open-source projects. Now more than a year later, CII is funding the Census Project to better identify and score potentially vulnerable open-source projects that could benefit from CII's support..."

            Release of Oracle Solaris 11.3 Beta
            Making Solaris the most advanced enterprise cloud platform
            Markus Flierl blogs, that Oracle released, "a beta for Solaris 11.3, less than a year after we released Solaris 11.2.

            With Solaris 11.2 we turned Solaris into a comprehensive cloud platform which includes virtualization, SDN and OpenStack. Since the release of Solaris 11.2 we've seen a rapid uptake of these new capabilities: A lot of customers a using Unified Archives for deploying their images, are taking advantage of the immutable root-file system, have started to deploy Kernel Zones and OpenStack and take advantage of the automated compliance reporting. The latter has become a lot easier since we are tracking the CVE meta data with IPS..."

            Selected FOSS Evaluation Packages
            Evaluation copies of new and updated versions of selected FOSS components

            "Oracle announced a new program to provide customers with evaluation copies of new and updated versions of selected FOSS components ahead of officially supported Oracle Solaris product releases.

            The first set of packages -- utilities, services, productivity tools, and developer tools -- will be available today at the Oracle Solaris product release repository for customers running Oracle Solaris 11.2 GA. The source code used to build the components is available at the Solaris Userland Project on The packages are not supported through any Oracle support channels. Customers can use the software at their own risk..."

            IT - DevOps
            Cloud Disrupts The Development-Operations Divide
            ZDNet, July 10th, 2015
            "A popular term that popped up in the age of lightweight, NoSQL databases was "accidental DBAs," in which developers took charge of running the databases underneath their applications. Now, cloud may be turning developers into ops people as well.

            In a new article over at The Register, Trevor Pott, talks about the new skillsets required for cloud. Or, perhaps this would more appropriately called converged skillsets..."

            The Next Wave Of Software Delivery - Integrating Agile And DevOps For The Digital Enterprise
  , July 9th, 2015
            "In the past five years business cycles have greatly accelerated, forcing companies to respond faster to customer needs and competitive demands. This trend has been driven by business adoption of consumer-oriented technologies like social media, smart phones, b2c internet services. We all expect to have a constant stream of new services and capabilities delivered to us quickly and with little disruption.

            There is currently intense competition across all industries, creating a digital 'survival of the fittest' business environment. If a business function can be enhanced by a digital solution, it will be. Most enterprises are now dependent on the rapid implementation of new digital technology and the software solutions to remain competitive..."

              The MySQL Central @ OpenWorld Content Catalog is Live
              San Francisco October 25-29
              Bertrand Mattheli writes, "Taking place in San Francisco October 25-29, MySQL Central @ OpenWorld offers you the chance to attend MySQL keynotes, conference sessions, tutorials, Hands-On Labs and Birds-of-a-Feather sessions. In addition, you get access to all the Oracle OpenWorld content, receptions and Appreciation Event!

              The content catalog listing MySQL sessions is available ..."

              Cloud Computing
              Best Practices to Adopting a Successful Cloud Integration Strategy
              With Gartner Research Vice President Massimo Pezzini
              Juergen writes, "The challenge of integration is certainly not a new one for IT, but the cloud adds a new twist. In today's hybrid computing environments - which must incorporate public and private clouds, on-premises systems, mobile, and IoT - Cloud integration is a much more complex problem. Cloud Integration can be complicated by many factors, including standards and protocols, gateways and firewalls, multi-tenancy, and especially the need for security...

              In this program, we answer those questions and more with the industry leading expert in IPaaS - Gartner Research Vice President Massimo Pezzini..."

              IT - Cloud
              Nearly One-Third Of All IT Infrastructure Spending Now Devoted To Cloud
              Network World, July 6th, 2015
              "Need more proof that cloud computing is taking over? Just before the Independence Day holiday, research firm IDC released its assessment of the Worldwide Cloud IT Infrastructure Market - and the numbers were astonishing. According to the firm's Worldwide Quarterly Cloud IT Infrastructure Tracker, server, storage, and Ethernet switch revenue for public and private cloud systems grew by 25.1% year over year to nearly $6.3 billion in the first quarter of 2015..."
              Escaping Cloud Cuckoo Land: 5 Tips For Success In The Cloud
              Information Age, July 6th, 2015
              "Organisations that think moving to the cloud will be a smooth process - a delightful deluge of cost savings, elated elasticity and seamless integrations - guaranteed to be unsuccessful.

              Here are five tips for how to avoid such a fate and escape cloud cuckoo land..."

                Cloud Computing Means Vendor Lock-In, But It's Not All Bad
                eWeek, July 9th, 2015
                "The allure of cloud systems, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, is unmistakable. Companies can stop investing in expensive, hard-to-maintain data centers and move to the cloud where they only pay for the resources (compute power and storage) they need, and the vendor maintains the infrastructure.

                The value proposition is unmistakable and a growing number of cloud vendors are cashing in. But panelists here July 9 at the wrap-up of the two-day AlwaysOn Silicon Valley Innovation Summit said customers shouldn't have any illusions that by moving online to the cloud they are freer to move between competitive offerings - from AWS to Azure, for example..."

                How To Enable Modern Cloud Management And Visibility
                Data Center Knowledge, July 6th, 2015
                "Before any cloud environment is even deployed, it's important to know what type of tools will be used to manage it. In virtualization, native hypervisor tools already come with many great features that help with cloud-based visibility. Also, using third-party tools can help align management of distributed data centers into one single pane of glass. When working with a distributed cloud environment it's very important to proactively keep it in check..."
                Lessons Learned From Cloud World
                CIO, July 8th, 2015
                "Two snapshots of real-world enterprise IT progress in a world dominated by cloud computing group-think show that the cloud is now an essential part of today's IT strategy.

                It's easy to despair about the cloud computing industry and its seemingly endless navel-gazing. It often seems that the cloud crowd is more interested in internecine warfare than actually helping customers realize the benefits of this emerging platform. The prime example of this tech narcissism is the ongoing industry slugfest regarding private/public/hybrid cloud and what the 'right' solution is...."

                IT - CxO
                Viewing IT As A Profitable Business Unit
                CIO Insight, July 8th, 2015
                "In the big picture, Nick Carr is right. IT eventually won't matter, at least in this sense: we'll one day think about IT infrastructure as much as we think about the power plants that make the electricity for our juicers when we plug it into the socket. It will still be important; but it will be simple and expected.

                But what will that world look like? And what role should today's IT function play in getting us there? A truly IT-as-a-service (ITaaS) landscape will be made up of services that create value: applications and data. Over time, the resource-intensive, cost-laden back-end infrastructure will dissolve into the background..."

                Rebuilding Trust In IT
                CIO, July 8th, 2015
                "When Jay Ferro became CIO of American Cancer Society in 2012, he went to work on the difficult jobs of improving the IT function and rebuilding trust and credibility for the department.

                At the same time, the American Cancer Society was embarking on a global transformation to consolidate department and processes, and IT was slated to be the first to transform..."

                Years Of Tech Mismanagement Led To OPM Breach, Resignation Of Chief
                Wall Street Journal, July 10th, 2015
                "The massive cyberattacks that led Friday to the resignation of Katherine Archuleta as head of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management followed years of audits that identified deficient systems and processes for managing technology.

                Some of the problems shocked IT experts. 'Reading now, jaw on the floor,' Zeynep Tufekci, assistant professor at the University of North Carolina's school of information and library science, said in email, in response to a 2014 security audit by OPM's inspector general's office of audits..."

                Don't Settle For Anything Less Than Authenticity In IT Leadership
                The Enterprisers Project, July 8th, 2015
                "If anything has stayed with me over the past several years of IT leadership, it's the importance of authenticity. When I took over a new organization at my company, I had to step back and reintroduce myself to my team so they had a handle on why I think and act the way I do.

                In my first staff meeting at the time, I took the opportunity to say, "This is who I am." For me, it was almost a relief setting the table for them and saying, for example, 'I can't stand escalation, so if you come and escalate to me it's going to frustrate me. So here is the way I'd rather have you handle it. I'd rather have you guys try to work it out, and when you can't we can discuss.'

                  Att: CIO: Stop Doing, Start Listening
                  IT World Canada, July 8th, 2015
                  "There's nobody like you. What sets you apart from all the others is that you have a unique set of skills and knowledge and experiences that nobody else has. You've used all of these to rise to an IT Leadership role. You've seen it all, and have had lots of successes.

                  When a client approaches you for a solution to a problem or to help them find a way to meet their needs, you have the drive and energy to turn all that skill, knowledge and experience into an optimal solution for them. You got this..."

                    The Five 'Other' Disruptors About To Define IT In The Second Machine Age
                    Information Age, July 7th, 2015
                    "Almost a decade ago, Redmonk analyst Stephen O'Grady said 'The future is already here; it's just unevenly distributed.' He was right, and there's now evidence of this everywhere within IT, especially as the headline IT megatrends such as social, mobile, analytics (Big Data), and cloud continue to influence the future of IT, albeit at different speeds across different geographies and industry sectors.

                    There are also five other trends predicted to play a big part in IT in the near future..."

                    The Role Of The Board In Cybersecurity: 'Learn, Ensure, Inspect'
                    Dark Reading, July 8th, 2015
                    "Board members of the most forward-thinking U.S. companies are not just throwing money at the mounting problem of managing cyber risk.

                    It wasn't long ago that cybersecurity was considered the exclusive domain of IT departments, a matter of purchasing and deploying the right technology to defend against intrusions into the network. In case you haven't heard, those days are over. In the wake of devastating and embarrassing incidents at Target, JPMorgan Chase, Home Depot and dozens of other established and widely respected brands, executive management and boards of directors are now acutely aware that the responsibility for safety, security and integrity of their networks and data sits squarely on their shoulders..."

                    The CSA Is The New VIP of Information Security
                    CSO Online, July 9th, 2015
                    "In the piece I wrote in December, I noted that while a good CISO is important; great security architects are critical. While a CISO may get the glory; security architects are what most organizations need.

                    About 95 percent of the firms in the U.S. are small-to-midsize businesses. These small firms with even smaller IT departments can't afford to burn an FTE slot on a CISO. They need a security architect or engineer, who can also hopefully provide security, privacy and risk management leadership. The bottom line is that good security design goes a very long way.

                    With that, I'd like to expand on the role of the cyber security architect..."

                    Budding Role Of IT Communications Director Helps It Deliver Its Message
                    ComputerWorld, July 6th, 2015
                    "Like any marketing/communications professional, Glaston Ford is a master juggler who can keep a lot of balls in the air at once. Editing corporate strategy decks, pulling together email campaigns, coordinating a social presence and posting blogs to the corporate portal - he might do any of those things and more in a day's work at Applied Materials..."
                      Top 5 Factors Driving Domestic IT Outsourcing Growth
                      CIO, July 10th, 2015
                      "Despite insourcing efforts, the expansion of nearshore centers is not necessarily taking work away from offshore locations. Eric Simonson of the Everest Group discusses the five main drivers responsible for the rise in domestic outsourcing, why Indian providers dominate the domestic landscape and more.

                      IT service providers placed significant focus on staffing up their offshore delivery centers during the previous decade. However, over the past five years, outsourcing providers have revved their U.S. domestic delivery center activity, according to recent research by outsourcing consultancy and research firm Everest Group..."

                      Five On-The-Job Traits CIOs Should Avoid
                      CIO Insight, July 10th, 2015
                      "Here are a few of the most common pitfalls that trip up CIOs, such as a lack of collaboration and not fully understanding what really happens on the front lines of the business..."

                      • Staying with old technologies too long
                      • Embracing new technologies too quickly
                      • Putting too much faith in a hot proprietary technology
                      • A disconnect with user needs and preferences
                      • A lack of collaboration

                      Read on for details.

                        vBeers - Boca - Biergarten Boca
                        Wednesday, July 15th. 2015: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
                        Biergarten Boca - Boca Raton

                        Come out and connect with other professionals in your industry! vBeers is a great event meant to promote growth of the IT industry here in South Florida. Register today so you can be a part of this great monthly event! Feel free to invite all of your friends and co workers who work in the IT industry! This event is sponsored by the South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA)

                        IT - DR
                        What Does Disaster Recovery Have In Common With The Tour De France?
                        Information Age, July 8th, 2015
                        "As the Tour de France fever ratchets up around the world, it's clear to me that businesses can draw several parallels with professional cycling and their disaster recovery (DR) strategy. If businesses and cyclists plan ahead, it's possible for both to have a real-time support crew on hand the moment something goes wrong.

                        And, just seconds after it goes wrong, the support crew solves the problem and the cyclist, or business, gets back to what it does best..."

                        IT - PM
                        Top 10 Project Management Certifications (Slideshow)
                        CIO, July 8th, 2015
                        "No matter what your IT role is, a project management certification can add depth, breadth and value to your skills. Here are the top 10 project management certifications, their requirements and their cost.

                        Almost everything IT does can be considered a project -- from hardware and software upgrades to ongoing security patches, virus scanning and spam filtering to application development and rollout itself. Adding a project management certification to your list of IT credentials is a great way to benchmark your skills for potential employers and show that you have the know-how to plan, schedule, budget, execute, deliver and report on IT initiatives. Here, outlines the 10 most popular project management certifications..."

                        IT - Networks
                        Network Analytics: Beyond Log Files
                        NetworkComputing, July 7th, 2015
                        "Log files only tell you so much. Here is an overview of common network analytics methods used to provide security breach detection as well as business planning guidance.

                        Collecting information about network events has long been essential to providing a record of activities related to requirements such as accounting, billing, compliance, SLAs, and forensics. Systems and applications provide data in standardized forms such as syslog, as well as vendor-specific formats. These outputs are then analyzed to provide a starting point for business-related planning, security breach identification and remediation, and many other projects..."

                        25G Inching Forward
                        Network World, July 7th, 2015
                        "Twenty-five gigabit Ethernet will make up 9% of all adapter ports shipped worldwide in 2019, according to IHS Infonetics. This forecast was offered after the firm found that 2,500 25G ports will ship in the fourth quarter of 2015.

                        Proponents of 25G say it will provide a better migration path to 100G from 10G server connections because the signaling and single-lane technology for 25G was developed during the 100G Ethernet process, which is four lanes of 25G...."

                        IT - IoT
                        World Will See 2.5 Billion Devices Ship This Year
                        TechEye, July 7th, 2015
                        "A report from Gartner said that 2.5 billion devices will ship worldwide this year.

                        That's 1.5 percent more than shipments in 2014.

                        Gartner categorises these devices as including PCs, notebooks, mobile phones, tablets and others.

                        But the numbers are less than Gartner expected and the market research company said the global PC market will account for only 300 million units in 2015 - a fall of 4.5 percent compared to last year..."

                        Edge Network Key To IoT Data Collection And Transmission
                        SearchCIO, July 7th, 2015
                        "CIOs planning to provide the systems -- or form the right partnerships -- for their companies' Internet of Things (IoT) projects might want to take a few pointers from Kris Alexander, chief strategist of gaming and connected devices at Akamai Technologies Inc. The Cambridge, Mass.-based cloud services provider, which accounts for between 15% and 30% of all web traffic, is well known for delivering large content files to consumers. But as connected devices proliferate, Akamai is becoming a force in its customers' IoT projects..."
                        7 Reasons Edge Computing Is Critical To IoT
                        Information Management, July 9th, 2015
                        "As the Internet of Things (IoT) reaches a hype level not seen since the Internet-driven tech bubble in the late 90's, many pundits believe the model for IoT will be smart sensors communicating directly into machine clouds. As a friend recently said to me, 'the cost of sensor technology and SIM cards has fallen so low that it makes no sense to do anything else.' I appreciated his conviction. I just didn't buy his argument. In fact, I can think of seven reasons why edge computing is a critical element needed for the advancement of the IoT.

                        Let's take a deep dive into each reason..."

                        Rise Of The Intelligent Car - How Digital Technologies Are Creating A 'Third Wave' For Car Makers
                        Information Age, July 7th, 2015
                        "The roads will soon be full of 'smart' vehicles that understand and react to their drivers and the world around them, thanks to the convergence of digital technologies

                        Often it's the more traditional industry sectors that undergo the most drastic reimaginings in the wake of new technology. In fact, as Dieter May, senior vice president for business models at BMW Group explained at Cloud World Forum last month, the automotive industry could be face to face with its most profound shakeup since the invention of the combustion engine..."

                          Wireless IoT Forum Emerges In Crowded Standards Space
                          eWeek, July 9th, 2015
                          "The already crowded field of industry groups developing standards for the Internet of things just got another member with the launch of the Wireless IoT Forum.

                          The group, founded by Cisco Systems, BT, Accenture and others, wants to drive broad adoption of wireless wide-area networking (WAN) products for the IoT by developing a set of standards that can be used by tech vendors, application developers and network operators..."

                          The Internet Of Things: Your Worst Nightmare
                          ComputerWorld, July 7th, 2015
                          "You've heard the hype: The Internet of Things (IoT) will transform the way we live and work, bring us untold benefits like cutting our utility bills and warning us when the milk has gone sour, and be the engine for the next great economic boom. McKinsey claims, for example, that the IoT could have an impact of $11.1 trillion per year by 2025 - about 11% of the world economy, by McKinsey's estimate.

                          I'm not an economist, so I can't comment on McKinsey's estimates. But based on my recent experiences with Internet access built into a variety of 'things' in my house, the IoT could become our worst personal IT nightmare..."

                          When IT Meets The IoT
                          ComputerWorld, July 6th, 2015
                          "The Internet of Things goes by many names. Cisco's preferred moniker is the Internet of Everything. Then there's the Internet of Better Things (Ikea), the Analytics of Everything (SAS), the Industrial Awakening (KPCB), the Industrial Internet (GE), Everyware (Adam Greenfield of MIT), Ubiquitous Computing, or UbiComp (Mark Weiser at PARC), Things That Think (Hiroshi Ishii of MIT) and Enchanted Objects (David Rose of MIT).

                          But whatever you call it, the embedding of rudimentary intelligence and communications capabilities into an expanding array of physical and organic 'things' is well under way. And it will materially impact modern existence. The question facing executives in general and IT professionals in particular is not so much 'What can smart things do?' as 'What can we do with smart things?' Specifically and more strategically, what do all these smart things do for us, and what do we need to do to make money with smart things?..."

                          From Cars To Cranes, Nordic Industry Is Embracing The Industrial Internet Of Things
                          ComputerWeekly, July 8th, 2015
                          "The industrial internet of things (IIoT) is a much-hyped subject. But while practical applications are still few and far between, three Nordic companies are putting sensor data, smart machines and connectivity into real-word use.

                          Automation, remote control and even machine-to-machine (M2M) communication are not new in the manufacturing industry, but IIoT is taking them to the next level by incorporating machine learning, big data technology and the internet of things (IoT)..."

                          The Internet Of Things Could Save The Honeybee From Extinction
                          ComputerWeekly, July 6th, 2015
                          "You've heard the hype: The Internet of Things (IoT) will transform the way we live and work, bring us untold benefits like cutting our utility bills and warning us when the milk has gone sour, and be the engine for the next great economic boom. McKinsey claims, for example, that the IoT could have an impact of $11.1 trillion per year by 2025 - about 11% of the world economy, by McKinsey's estimate.

                          I'm not an economist, so I can't comment on McKinsey's estimates. But based on my recent experiences with Internet access built into a variety of 'things' in my house, the IoT could become our worst personal IT nightmare..."

                          IT - Linux
                          The Five Best Desktop Environments For Linux
                          ITWorld, July 8th, 2015
                          "One of the best things about Linux is the range of choices available in terms of desktop environments. But that same blessing can sometimes be a curse for new users who might not understand the differences between each desktop. Linux and Ubuntu has a roundup of five of the best Linux desktop environments that might be helpful for anyone new to Linux..."
                          First Look: Linux Mint Mate 17.2
                          ITWorld, July 6th, 2015
                          "The latest version of MATE - 1.10 - was released recently and now you can experience it in its full glory on Linux Mint.

                          The Linux Mint team announced the release of version 17.2 last week and I wasted no time in installing it on my systems.

                          From time to time, I use MATE desktop on Arch Linux (what good is an Arch install if you can't play with different desktop environments?), but the experience of MATE that you get on LM is quite different from the one you get on Arch or even on Ubuntu MATE.

                          One of the reasons that I could think of is that Linux Mint patches, polishes and configures a lot of things that I would avoid due to laziness..."

                          IT - Operations
                          Facebook To Use All Renewable Energy In Its Next Data Center
                          PC World, July 7th, 2015
                          "Facebook is building a new data center in Fort Worth, Texas, that will be powered entirely by renewable energy.

                          The company will invest at least US$500 million in the 110-acre site, which is expected to come online late next year.

                          The new location will be the social-networking giant's fifth such facility, joining existing data centers in Altoona, Iowa; Prineville, Oregon; Forest City, North Carolina; and Luleå, Sweden. It will feature equipment based on the latest in Facebook's Open Compute Project data-center hardware designs, it said.

                          For sustainability, the Fort Worth data center will be cooled using outdoor air rather than energy-intensive air conditioners, thanks to technology it pioneered in its Oregon location. Those designs are now offered through the Open Compute Project..."

                          5 Ways IT Professionals Can Reduce Network Equipment Support And Maintenance Costs
                          ITProPortal, July 6th, 2015
                          "Maintenance costs represent 15 to 25 per cent of total enterprise IT costs each year* and IT professionals are increasingly under pressure to reduce and control these operational expenses. Related challenges include negotiating support and maintenance contracts with vendors, choosing the right level of service for various network components, and managing various vendor contracts.

                          In light of this, what can IT managers do to evaluate used-hardware resellers and third-party maintenance providers to reduce their business' network support and maintenance costs?..."

                            7 Ways To Kill Data Center Efficiency
                            InformationWeek, July 8th, 2015
                            Considering the constant pressure on IT budgets and the "green IT" push that's been going on over the past decade, you would think that IT would have its act together when it comes to identifying and resolving data center inefficiencies. But according to a report released June 3, this is far from the truth
                              Case Study: Modified Rack Design For Higher Data Center Temperature
                              Data Center Journal, July 9th, 2015
                              "Increasing the ambient temperature in data center computer rooms to 65°C (149°F) can greatly reduce cooling. Operating at this temperature poses challenges, however, not the least of which is how hostile the environment is to personnel. The fans are placed at the rack intake to prevent them from operating at a temperature higher than 70°C (158°F). With this arrangement, the fan intake has to be designed so it can accommodate a dust filter. The exhaust setup is important to prevent a large speed variation when the air approaches the card cage, because this variation makes it difficult to meet the requirement that any card can be placed in any slot in the rack..."
                                Data Center Group Tightens Certification Rules For Service Providers
                                CIO, July 7th, 2015
                                "The Uptime Institute is updating the way it certifies data centers in a move to help ensure that cloud computing customers get the level of service they think they're paying for.

                                The Institute runs a tiering system in which it certifies data centers according to their ability to remain operational during critical equipment failures. Data centers with backups for key parts of their electrical infrastructure can earn the highest ratings, known as Tier III and Tier IV..."

                                IT - Security
                                How To Prepare For And Respond To A Cyber Attack
                                Network World, July 8th, 2015
                                "Cybercriminals are constantly looking for new ways to bypass security measures. In a survey conducted by the SANS Institute on the behalf of Guidance Software, 56% of respondents assumed they have been breached or will be soon, compared with 47% last year.

                                Assistant United States Attorney and Cybercrime Coordinator with the U.S. Attorney's Office in the District of Delaware Ed McAndrew, and Guidance Software Director of Security Anthony Di Bello, have compiled best practices for preparing and responding to a cyber attack and working with law enforcement:.."

                                What To Do After The Hackers Hit: An 8-Step Guide
                                ITProPortal, July 11th, 2015
                                "Everybody tends to think that hackers will never ever target them or their company/organisation until a breach occurs. We have already published several practical examples explaining why hackers target you and your data.

                                Here, I will try to concentrate on post-incident actions and provide some brief advice on what to do after you have been hacked..."

                                  In The Security World, The Good Guys Aren't Always Good
                                  InfoWorld, July 7th, 2015
                                  "Reading about the widespread bribery and corruption of public officials supposedly hired to catch Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar reminds me of the current state of computer crime. In both instances you have criminal interests making hundreds of millions of dollars while the very entities that could easily bring them down only watch or, even worse, participate.

                                  Computer crime isn't going to diminish anytime soon. No one is taking the steps necessary to significantly decrease malicious hacking. This conclusion is strengthened by all the supposed law enforcers who could assist, but make bigger profits by allowing cyber crime to continue. No, I'm not talking about antimalware companies. I think most, if not all, antimalware players truly want to be the company that eliminates malware, though that will never happen..."

                                    How To Protect Against Insider Threats While Maintaining Employee Trust
                                    Information Age, July 7th, 2015
                                    "In January this year, the security director for the Multi-State Lottery Association in America was arrested after winning the Iowa lottery's $14.3 million jackpot. The prosecution found that he had employed a complex system of CCTV manipulation and self-deleting rootkit programs installed on a USB device and plugged it into the number-generating computer.

                                    In an entirely different industry, but with worrying areas of similarity, just last month a call centre employee of medical billing company Medical Management stole the data of patients treated in eight hospitals, including their highly coveted social security numbers, worth around ten times the amount of credit card details on the black market.

                                    Most disturbingly? The employee worked at the centre for just over two years before being fired due to the criminal investigation..."

                                    How To Go From Dinosaur To Eagle - Or Risk Being The CISO That Got Hit By The Comet
                                    Forrester, July 9th, 2015
                                    "A very strange and sudden thing happened 66 million years ago. A comet crashing into the Mexican Yucatan peninsula near Chicxulub put an end to the long reign of the dinosaurs. But not so fast. We now know that some of those dinosaurs survived the massive Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction event: the smaller, faster, feathered and headed-toward-warm-blooded early ancestors of our eagles and hawks.

                                    What can we as security and risk professionals learn from those early ancestors of today's great raptors (and other birds) to make the leap required to survive the massive extinction event the business world is undergoing: the age of the customer?..."

                                    Security At The Speed Of Innovation
                          , July 9th, 2015
                                    "With the advent of the cloud and platform as a service (PaaS) offerings, developers are innovating faster than ever. But with this rapid pace comes risk. Companies quickly implement new apps to meet their business demands, but the increasing complexity of the infrastructure being used - both in the cloud, on premise, or a hybrid combination - makes it difficult to ensure vulnerabilities are not introduced or vital corporate information is not exposed. In the quest to ensure that policy and governance are in place and security risks are negated, IT often brings innovation to a screeching halt..."
                                    5 Reasons Why Newer Hires Are The Company's Biggest Data Security Risk
                                    CSO Online, July 8th, 2015
                                    "Those fresh-faced new hires and interns who have invaded the office this summer bring with them eager minds and new perspectives, but they also carry a higher data security risk.

                                    A study on U.S. mobile security by Absolute Software shows that Millennials - many of whom are now joining the workforce -- hold the greatest risk to data security over other age groups. Shorter-tenure and younger respondents tend to have lower expectations of their own responsibility for corporate security, according to the study of 762 U.S. workers..."

                                    8 Penetration Testing Tools That Will Do The Job
                                    CSO Online, July 7th, 2015
                                    "If the probability of your assets being prodded by attackers foreign and domestic doesn't scare the bejesus out of you, don't read this article. If you're operating in the same realm of reality as the rest of us, here's your shot at redemption via some solid preventive pen testing advice from a genuine pro.

                                    CSO speaks with pen test tool designer/programmer/aficionado, Evan Saez, Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst, LIFARS, about the latest and greatest of these tools and how to apply them..."

                                      Tech Leaders Enlist Analytics To Fight Cyber-Crime (Slideshow)
                                      CIO Insight, July 6th, 2015
                                      "IT professionals are using advanced security analytics to identify and mitigate cyber-crimes before they have a significant impact on their organization and customers, according to a new report. Enterprise Management Associates, an IT and data management research and consulting firm, and Prelert, which provides machine learning anomaly detection for IT security, partnered to produce the report, titled 'Data-Driven Security Reloaded'..."
                                      IT - Careers
                                      Managing Multiple Generations Is A Balancing Act
                                      CIO Insight, July 10th, 2015
                                      "For as long as people have been on this Earth there have been generational gaps where the older generation simply 'doesn't get' the younger generation. My parents grew up listening to Lawrence Welk (God help them - and me!). I grew up listening to Led Zeppelin. Once I started playing the guitar in my first band, my parents were convinced that I was listening to 'devil music' and that I would clearly grow up to be a drug addict. Every generation has their own ideals and mores, and none of them are right or wrong - they just are..."
                                        IT - Virtualization
                                        The Open Container Project: Why Standards Are Great News For Our Industry
                                        VentureBeat, July 11th, 2015
                                        "It's been an exciting couple of weeks for the container industry. At DockerCon in San Francisco the week of June 22, a lot of interesting news came out from Docker itself, and the rest of the community.

                                        One of the most meaningful announcements was the Open Container Project (OCP), a project led by Docker and CoreOS to establish an open standard for container formats. While this might sound boring, that's also the point..."

                                        Virtualization Administrator: 6 Key Skills
                                        NetworkComputing, July 7th, 2015
                                        "If you're trying to get up to speed on virtualization technology, here are six areas to focus on to accelerate your journey.

                                        Virtualization is as mature of a technology as you will find today. For the most part, the benefits of virtualization, such as high availability, virtual machine (VM) mobility and consolidation are well understood and valued accordingly. However, unfortunately for some IT administrators, virtualization is not their primary responsibility, so they are getting a late start in the virtualization game. Perhaps you fall into this category..."

                                          Hyperconverged Platforms Are Filling The Gap Between Standalone And Converged Architectures
                                          Data Center Journal, July 9th, 2015
                                          "The software-defined capabilities of hyperconverged platforms are helping customers overcome challenges related to internal IT processes and infrastructure management, according to Technology Business Research Inc.'s (TBR) inaugural semiannual Hyperconverged Platforms Customer Research. With strong budgets allocated for future hyperconverged purchases, TBR estimates a $10.6 billion U.S. addressable market over the next 12 months..."
                                          Nine Must Read Container Blog Posts
                                          Container Journal, July 8th, 2015
                                          "Don't be afraid to admit it. If you are like many folks, even in IT, you may have heard about containers, Docker and the like, but you aren't 100% up to speed on them. What are its advantages? What are the pros/cons of containers versus VMs? Are they mutually exclusive? I don't pretend to know all of the answers. In fact we hope to explore these topics and more, in depth here at Container Journal in the weeks and months to come.

                                          But where can you find some good information right now? I myself have been doing a ton of reading and research on containers leading up to the launch of Container Journal. I want to share with you what I think are 9 must read blog posts on containers in general and some of the above questions in particular. Some are a little longer than others, but I think they are all really important if you are looking to understand more about containerized computing.

                                          So here are my picks for the 9 top container blog posts:..."

                                          Oracle Unwraps VM Virtualbox 5.0 With Focus On Security
                                          CIO, July 9th, 2015
                                          "After entering beta roughly three months ago, Oracle's VM VirtualBox 5.0 virtualization software is now generally available, offering faster performance and better security.

                                          Oracle VM VirtualBox runs on standard x86 desktop and laptop computers and allows users to set up multiplatform virtual-machine environments for software development and testing. Using it, developers can create cloud and local applications without the overhead of a full server environment..."

                                          IT - Email
                                          4 Email Managers That Can Sort, Organize, Delete And End Inbox Insanity
                                          PC World, July 7th, 2015
                                          "Your email deluge is not in your imagination. According to a recent study, the average worker spends 28 percent of the workweek managing email. It's a lot like leveling up a video game, where each time you fend off an assault, another wave is on you before you've had a chance to catch your breath.

                                          But you can get the edge on your inbox. The following services take the reins of email management, highlighting, sorting, and deleting messages so you can process the daily onslaught quickly and get back to your actual full-time job. Best of all, they all take only minutes to set up, and in most cases you'll see your inbox slimming down within a week..."

                                          IT - Database
                                          5 Database Monitoring Issues That Need Your Attention Now
                                          ITProPortal, July 7th, 2015
                                          "As the old management adage goes, 'You can't manage what you don't measure.' In the fast-paced world of IT, this more accurately translates to, 'You can't improve what you don't measure.'

                                          When it comes to your database, a continuous monitoring system provides the foundation for progress: metrics. Without a monitoring system, it's impossible to determine whether changes - server configurations, software releases, new business processes, etc. - actually impact the system's performance, availability, and functionality.

                                          Think of it like a science experiment: You wouldn't trust research that didn't measure the results. So why would you settle for faulty database metrics?..."

                                          IT - Backup
                                          If You Love Backup, Don't Hate Object Storage
                                          Data Center Knowledge, July 7th, 2015
                                          "Backup is about as low as it gets on the glamor scale in IT architecture and operations. Most take backup for granted. However, for the few who are responsible for recovering from calamities and for reproducing data reactively or proactively in their enterprise, backup is an intimate affair.

                                          Many backup beholders have been turned-off to object storage for a variety of good reasons. Object storage has promised to be low cost and easy to use, but historically it has not proven to deliver these benefits. Object storage in and of itself does not make backup any better. However, the right architecture with object storage and specific properties designed for backup architectures can turn haters into lovers..."

                                            Backing Up The House: Why Archive Isn't Backup
                                            Data Center Journal, July 8th, 2015
                                            "When meeting with a data protection manager at a client site recently, they summed up the world of backup in a nutshell stating: 'In the past I was told to backup the house, now they want me to know about everything in the house, how many paintings, rugs, chairs, etc. and be able to get them out at a moment's notice.'

                                            Backup was never designed to provide the level of detail about the data to support today's data governance requirements..."

                                              IT - Big Data
                                              How Data Projects Drive Revenue Goals (Slideshow)
                                              CIO Insight, July 10th, 2015
                                              "The vast majority of organizations have either already implemented a big data project or plan to do so, according to a recent survey from CA Technologies. The report, titled "The State of Big Data Infrastructure: Benchmarking Global Big Data Users to Drive Future Performance," indicates that a great deal of these projects are integrated throughout the entire organization. Companies are pursuing big data and analytics primarily to improve the consumer experience while adding to their customer base. However, there are formidable challenges, including a lack of trained staffing to make data projects succeed, as well as the inherent complications of such implementations..."
                                              How R Can Supercharge Data Science
                                              VentureBeat, July 11th, 2015
                                              "One of the most popular tools in data science today is the open-source programming language R. Simply put, R is the language of data. Over the last 20 years, statisticians all over the world have contributed their innovations to open source R. These contributions mean that developers have access to a large library of cutting-edge scientific algorithms that make it possible to rapidly build intelligent analytics applications..."
                                              It's Time To Tell The Truth About Bad Data
                                              TechRepublic, July 8th, 2015
                                              "Outside of security, data management and analytics likely represents the biggest IT spend of most organizations. The thirst to gather more and more information in a world that is generating new (if not necessarily good or valid) data at an exponential rate is too great to ignore.

                                              But the frantic way in which businesses want to consume, track and trend data is outpacing the ability for most organizations to do it right. By right, I mean basic concepts of figuring out what these new data elements mean to the business. My experience is that they drive inferential rather relational understanding of what is happening..."

                                              Hadoop Security
                                              O'Reilly, July 9th, 2015
                                              As more corporations turn to Hadoop to store and process their most valuable data, the risk of a potential breach of those systems increases exponentially. This practical book not only shows Hadoop administrators and security architects how to protect Hadoop data from unauthorized access, it also shows how to limit the ability of an attacker to corrupt or modify data in the event of a security breach.

                                              Authors Ben Spivey and Joey Echeverria provide in-depth information about the security features available in Hadoop, and organize them according to common computer security concepts. You'll also get real-world examples that demonstrate how you can apply these concepts to your use cases.

                                              4 Ways To Optimise Your Existing Big Data Investments
                                              ITProPortal, July 5th, 2015
                                              "For big data, the day after tomorrow is here. Gone are the days of CIOs and CMOs talking about big data and data analytics as something they are just starting to explore or eventually plan to look into at some point in the near future. At the same time, big data is rarely, if ever, talked about as the so-called next big thing anymore by industry analysts and experts.

                                              Now, in no way does this mean big data is dead - just the opposite..."

                                              7 Common Biases That Skew Big Data Results
                                              InformationWeek, July 9th, 2015
                                              "Flawed data analysis leads to faulty conclusions and bad business outcomes. Beware of these seven types of bias that commonly challenge organizations' ability to make smart decisions..

                                              Data-driven decision-making is considered a smart move, but it can be costly or dangerous when something that appears to be true is not actually true. Even with the best of intentions, some of the world's most famous companies are challenged by skewed results because the data is biased, or the humans collecting and analyzing data are biased, or both..."

                                                One-Third Of BI Pros Spend Up To 90% Of Time Cleaning Data
                                                eWeek, July 5th, 2015
                                                "A recent survey commissioned by data integration platform provider Xplenty indicates that nearly one-third of business intelligence (BI) professionals are little more than 'data janitors,' as they spend a majority of their time cleaning raw data for analytics. The study focused on several areas of the Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) process, including preferences for on-premises or cloud-based solutions, perceived challenges, and the amount of time spent on ETL. Ninety-seven percent of those surveyed said ETL was critical for their business intelligence efforts..."
                                                Big Data Can't Fix Your Customer Service...
                                                Enterprise Strategy Group, July 8th, 2015
                                                "..Unless you are actually resolved to serve your customers well.

                                                Many businesses today are excited about the possibilities of big data and analytics to enable them to be more responsive to their clients and prospects. Some of the promised benefits are:..."

                                                Cheap Orbiting Cameras And Big-Data Software Reveal Hidden Secrets Of Life Down Below
                                                Bloomberg, July 8th, 2015
                                                "Some 250 miles above the Earth, a flock of shoebox-size Dove satellites is helping to change our understanding of economic life below.

                                                In Myanmar, night lights indicate slower growth than World Bank estimates. In Kenya, photos of homes with metal roofs can show transition from poverty. In China, trucks in factory parking lots can indicate industrial output..."

                                                  IT - Mobile
                                                  How Mobile Usage Is Changing The Way We Use The Internet
                                                  ITProPortal, July 11th, 2015
                                                  "Mobile Internet doesn't just liberate us from the constraints of a wired connection, it offers hundreds of millions around the world their only, or primary, means of getting online.

                                                  The latest Global Internet report from the Internet Society focuses on mobile usage and how it has changed, and is changing, the way we use the Web.

                                                  In addition the mobile Internet doesn't only extend the reach of the Internet as used on fixed connections, but it offers a range of new functionality in combination with the latest portable smart devices..."

                                                    7 Mobile Power Technologies To Watch
                                                    InformationWeek, July 10th, 2015
                                                    "Advances in smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and even Internet of Things devices have failed to adequately address one core problem: power. Here are seven up-and-coming technologies that may power our future.

                                                    It seems like everywhere you look, people are crazy about the idea of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the huge potential it has for our world. But beyond the difficulties of actually connecting and securing the billions of new devices and sensors that are expected to come online, there remains one huge hurdle: power...:

                                                    IT - BYOD
                                                    How IT Departments Can Make BYOD Safer: Five Top Tips
                                                    ITProPortal, July 6th, 2015
                                                    "Bring your own device (BYOD) is nothing new - employees have been using their personal IT in the workplace, or at home for work purposes, since the last millennium.

                                                    Nor is it something most IT departments can prevent - even if personal devices are barred from the corporate network, there's not much IT can do about the use of personal devices, personal mobile apps or software, and personal cloud services, while employees are working.

                                                    Instead, corporate IT organisation should look at BYOD for what it is - an employee reaction to being able to use whatever they need to use to get their work done. Some might say it's employees filling the void left by IT, as personal technology has advanced more quickly than its corporate counterpart..."

                                                    Embrace BYOD For Improved Employee Productivity
                                                    Enterprise Strategy Group, July 6th, 2015
                                                    "It's important to remember that it's not the device that is mobile, it's the employee. Employees today are using mobile devices to perform their job responsibilities and while most of what ESG witnesses today is based on employees consuming information, we are seeing more evidence that demonstrates how employees are using smartphones and tablets for productivity purposes. This is a significant shift. It's valuable for a mobile employee to view e-mail, patient records, important documents, and even videos, but there can be a significant leap in value for the business when the employee uses the device to input information and for productivity purposes..."
                                                      Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                                      Vol 209 Issue 1; Vol 208 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4 ; Vol 207 Issues 2, 3 and 4
                                                      We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                                      • Java 8 Free Online Course: Lambdas And Streams
                                                      • Adopting Oracle VM Manager For Oracle Vm Server For SPARC Guests
                                                      • Libreoffice 4.4.4
                                                      • Cloud Momentum
                                                      • Oracle Linux 6 Administration Professional Certification Now Released
                                                      • Oracle Cloud Platform Launch Wrap-Up
                                                      • Are You Cloud Curious?
                                                      • Partner Webcast - Oracle Weblogic 12C On Oracle Database Appliance X5
                                                      • Bombora CEO Erik Matlick On The Evolution Of B2B Data
                                                      • Streamline Java Development With Cloud Services

                                                      The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                                        IT - Server
                                                        IT Industry 'Woefully Prepared' For Server 2003 End-Of-Life, Customer Data At Risk
                                                        Information Age, July 9th, 2015
                                                        "With less than one week to go until Microsoft discontinues support for Windows Server 2003, 70% of businesses are expected to miss the July 14 deadline, according to migration specialist Camwood.

                                                        The company today estimated that it could take as long as three years for businesses that are yet to start the transition process to complete the switch.

                                                        Approximately 11 million machines are still running Windows Server 2003 around the world, including 400,000 businesses in the UK.

                                                        One in three virtual machines in data centres are currently running Server 2003..."

                                                        Is Windows Nano Server A Data Center Game-Changer?
                                                        CIO, July 8th, 2015
                                                        "Back in April, Microsoft somewhat quietly previewed what its Windows Server engineering teams had been working on for quite some time. While it would be easy to write it off as just another iteration in a long line of never-ending releases, Windows Nano Server has the potential to reinvent your data center..."
                                                        IT - Encryption
                                                        Encryption Backdoors: A Bad Idea Then, A Bad Idea Now
                                                        InfoWorld, July 7th, 2015
                                                        "Should governments be allowed to keep the keys to encryption backdoors?

                                                        The short answer, according to a group of computer scientists who helped created modern encryption, is not only no, but resoundingly no, no, a thousand times no.

                                                        Providing encryption backdoors in any form weakens encryption across the board for everyone -- including the good guys, argue the authors of a new research paper released today..."

                                                        6 Encryption And Cryptography Pitfalls To Avoid
                                                        Information Management, July 7th, 2015
                                                        "When it comes to data security, many pundits point to cryptography and encryption as cure-alls that can safeguard structured and unstructured data.

                                                        Generally speaking, cryptography is a superset of encryption -- much in the way that Java is a superset of JDBC, notes StackExchange. Cryptography can ensure the confidentiality of data, protect data from unauthorized modification, and authenticate the source of the data, according to IEEE.

                                                        But mastering cryptography isn't easy. Here are six common pitfalls and how to avoid them, the IEEE says:..."

                                                        Cryptographers: Encryption Backdoors A Lousy Idea
                                                        Data Center Journal, July 8th, 2015
                                                        "Law-enforcement officials have sought access to encrypted communications under the claim that strong encryption thwarts their efforts to catch criminals. According to a panel of cryptographers, however, creating backdoors in encryption protocols for law-enforcement use weakens security and creates openings for hackers. Writing at Network World, Tim Greene noted, 'Issued just a day before law enforcement officials are scheduled to ask Congress for backdoors into secure communications, the report 'by the cryptographers' says that even legitimate access to results in weaknesses that will eventually be discovered and used by actors with no legal need to decrypt it.' This group also opposed a similar effort in the late 1990s to give agencies special access to encryption protocols..."
                                                        Top Global Security Exports Defend Encryption
                                                        CSO Online, July 10th, 2015
                                                        "Security experts have published a paper arguing that allowing government agents special access to communications would have detrimental effects

                                                        As government officials continue to plea the case against strong encryption, a group of high-profile international security experts have published a paper arguing that allowing government agents special access to communications would have detrimental effects on personal privacy, enterprise security, and our national economy..."

                                                        HELP!! Solaris Technical Support for Developers
                                                        Free technical HELP under the Oracle PartnerNetwork (Gold and above)
                                                        Mike Mulkey writes, "DID YOU KNOW that our Solaris developers get free technical HELP under the Oracle PartnerNetwork (Gold level members and above) for any questions regarding development of their applications on Oracle Solaris 11!?

                                                        Yes, great news. But most importantly, to coin a line from our theme song, its not just ANY body who is providing that help.

                                                        Lets be clear that this is NOT a call center in the middle east. At Oracle we have a team of senior ISV Engineers who respond directly to these questions from our OPN partners..."

                                                        IT - Developer
                                                        Here Are The 12 Most Influential Programmers Working Today
                                                        VentureBeat, July 11th, 2015
                                                        "The apps and games you use every day don't exist in a vacuum - someone, somewhere, wrote the code.

                                                        That also goes for the underlying platforms and hardware that those apps run on. And the web. And the entire Internet itself.

                                                        Even the programming languages that people use to build this stuff first had to be written by somebody else.

                                                        So who's at the top of the programming pyramid?..."

                                                          10 Great Websites For Learning Programming
                                                          InformationWeek, July 6th, 2015
                                                          "The best way to learn to program is through trial and error by working on projects that interest you. There's no substitute for solving problems mostly on your own, and for seeking out help only when necessary. The DIY approach makes concepts real and memorable because you've implemented them, rather than reading material that may be forgotten.

                                                          To do so, you need a foundation, some level of familiarity with the syntax and patterns in whatever programming language or framework you've chosen. Before you can begin making progress on your own, you need some sense of basic programing concepts and the scope of possibilities..."

                                                            OpenSSH in Solaris 11.3
                                                            By Darren Moffat
                                                            Darren reports, "Solaris 9 was the first release where we included an implementation of the IETF SSH client and server protocols, I led that project and at the time I was also the document editor for the IETF standards documents. We started with OpenSSH but for various reasons it ended up over time being a Solaris specific fork called SunSSH. We have regularly resynced for features and bug fixes with OpenSSH, but SunSSH remains a fork.

                                                            Starting with Solaris 11.3 we supply OpenSSH in addition to SunSSH. The intent is that in some future release SunSSH will be removed leaving only OpenSSH..."

                                                            OpenSSL on Oracle Solaris 11.3
                                                            EOL SSLv2 Support

                                                            Misaki Miyashita blogs, "As with Solaris 11.2, Solaris 11.3 delivers two versions of OpenSSL: the non-FIPS 140 version (default) and the FIPS 140 version. They are both based on OpenSSL 1.0.1o (as of July 7th, 2015).

                                                            There are no major features added to Solaris 11.3 OpenSSL; however, there are a couple of things that I would like to note..."

                                                            PF Firewall for Solaris
                                                            An alternative to current Ips from BSD

                                                            Sasha Nedvedicky writes in a blog is dedicated to the Solaris Firewall, "The current firewall bundled with Solaris is IPF version 4.1.9. It has been introduced in Solaris 10u3.

                                                            S11.3 brings PF firewall as an alternative to current IPF. The PF history goes back more than 10 years, when OpenBSD launched the project to replace IPF. In this first blog entry of SolarisFw blog we are going to provide you with a short tour of PF on Solaris. The tour starts with a short description of PF's limitations on Solaris, which we see as the most important piece of information for an administrator who is considering throwing IPF away and switching to PF.

                                                            The PF on Solaris is derived from PF found on OpenBSD 5.5 . The list of features missing on Solaris is as follows:.."

                                                            New Security Extensions
                                                            in Oracle Solaris 11.3

                                                            Kris Kooi writes, "In Solaris 11.3, we've expanded the security extensions framework to give you more tools to defend your installations. In addition to Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR), we now offer tools to set a non-executable stack (NXSTACK) and a non-executable heap (NXHEAP). We've also improved the sxadm(1M) utility to make it easier to manage security extension configurations..."

                                                            Nexenta News
                                                            Leading UK Virtual Desktop Provider Vesk Selects Nexenta Software-Defined Storage Solutions
                                                            Will Support Vesk's Portfolio of Cloud Services
                                                            Nexenta announced that VESK, the UK's largest provider of hosted virtual desktops, has chosen NexentaStor to support its increasing storage and IOPS requirements (Input/Output Operations per Second), and growing portfolio of cloud services.

                                                            Founded in 2009, VESK's customers range from local government organisations with more than 500 employees to small business with as few as three users. It was one of the first companies to implement and support the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) in Britain and, in recent years, it has expanded into providing cost-effective, accessible platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) capabilities from its three data centres - located in London, Singapore and the US.

                                                            July 22 Webinar: NexentaEdge Out Scales its Object Storage Competitors
                                                            Oscar Wahlberg (Nexenta), Ashish Nadkarni (IDC) - July 22, 2015 10 AM PDT (1PM EDT - 18:00 GMT)
                                                            With the first and only object and block storage solution that provides petabyte-scale cluster inline deduplication and compression, NexentaEdge leads the competitive object storage market. Join Nexenta's Oscar Wahlberg and IDC's Ashish Nadkarni to discuss and learn about the object storage landscape, its future and use cases around OpenStack clouds, object based active archives and Big Data applications.


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