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Bombora CEO Erik Matlick On The Evolution Of B2B Data
Guest post by Erik Matlick, CEO of B2B intent data provider Bombora
Erik writes, "So-called 'Big Data' isn't just important; it's literally BIG. In many cases, it's too big to be useful to marketers because it cannot be analyzed and acted upon in time on a large scale. At this point in our ongoing quest to gain insight into consumers' needs and wants, very few data sources haven't been plumbed. In the B2B sphere, many marketers are accustomed to targeting based on job titles and demographics, which are important, but don't tell the whole story about prospective customers and their influencers, especially given how much information is actually available..."
Google's A.I. System Gets Its Snark From Humans
ComputerWorld, July 2nd, 2015
"A Google computer recently made headlines for appearing to become agitated and verbally lashing out at the human working with it.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning researchers say have no fear. That's not what the computer is doing.

'They're using big data for machine learning,' said Alan W Black, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University's Language Technologies Institute..."

Will A.I. Drive The Human Race Off A Cliff?
ComputerWorld, June 30th, 2015
"Artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning have the potential to help people explore space, make our lives easier and cure deadly diseases.

But we need to be thinking about policies to prevent the technology from one day killing us all.

That's the general consensus from a panel discussion in Washington D.C. today sponsored by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation..."

    Fact Verification As Easy As Spellcheck?
    GCN, June 30th, 2015
    "Computers are very good at digesting massive amounts of data, from Facebook feeds to NASA satellite data streams to medical records and insurance claims. What they're not good at is determining the accuracy of all that data.

    Not that artificial intelligence designers aren't trying. But building inference engines that can perform logical operations on new, unanticipated data sets is incredibly difficult.

    Researchers at Indiana University decided to try a different approach to the problem. Instead of trying to build complex logic into a program, researchers proposed something simpler. Why not try measure the likelihood of a statement being true by analyzing the proximity of its terms and the specificity of its connectors?..."

    The Terminator Question: Scientists Downplay The Risks Of Superintelligent Computers
    PC World, July 1st, 2015
    "Superintelligent computers could outsmart humans, but scientists largely dismiss any parallels to Terminator and a dystopian 'rise of the machines' (much like the hapless scientists in the movies, it must be noted). The struggle between the thirst for research and the anxiety over the consequences was clear from 'Are Super Intelligent Computers Really A Threat to Humanity?' a panel discussion held at the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation Tuesday morning..."
      Elon Musk-Backed Group Attempts To Avert Judgment Day With Ai Rules
      Re/code, July 2nd, 2015
      "The Terminator is back, and with him, the running quips (usually tongue-halfway-in-cheek) that the machines are getting closer and closer to taking over.

      A consortium of artificial intelligence researchers is trying to wrest that narrative away, while laying the foundation for technical and ethical ground rules in the field.

      Earlier this week, the Future of Life Institute, a Boston-based group, doled out 37 grants to researchers with projects focused on 'keeping AI robust and beneficial'..."

        MIT Uses Artificial Intelligence To Predict Online Learning Drop Outs
        ZDNet, July 1st, 2015
        "MIT said it has begun using artificial intelligence and big data techniques to better predict which students will drop out from open online courses.

        The news, which was detailed at a conference on artificial intelligence in education last week, is notable for a few reasons. First, online education is promising, but recent surveys have indicated that there are cultural issues at universities hampering online enrollment. The other issue is that some students simply aren't disciplined enough for online learning.

        MIT's techniques touch on that latter point a bit..."

        Google Made A Chatbot That Debates The Meaning Of Life
        Wired, June 26th, 2015
        "Google detailed its project earlier this month in a research paper published to Arxiv, a popular repository for academic research," reports Cade Metz in Wired.

        "Other 'chatbots' can carry on (somewhat) reasonable conversations with humans. But this one is a little different. There wasn't a team of software engineers who meticulously coded the bot to respond to certain questions in certain ways. Google researchers Oriol Vinyals and Quoc Le built a system that could analyze existing conversations - in this case, movie dialogue - and teach itself to respond..."

        Adopting Oracle VM Manager For Oracle Vm Server For SPARC Guests
        Friday Spotlight with Jeff Savit

        Jeff writes, "Customers using Oracle VM Server for SPARC (formerly called 'logical domains') are increasingly looking at Oracle VM Manager to provide a unified management platform with Oracle VM Server for x86. While most customers use Oracle VM Server for SPARC's native command line interface or Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center, Oracle VM Manager provides ..."

        Service Provider Cki: Designs Oracle Supercluster Cloud For U.S. Government
        30x workload throughput improvement over IBM Mainframe and 10x number of users
        Computer Knowledge Inc. articulates Oracle transformational engineered systems infrastructure and methodologies consult with the United States government to reduced costs and increased operational efficiencies.

        Oracle SuperCluster Solution

        • Unified backup mechanism using external ZFS storage backup appliance (ZBA)
        • Active data recovery plan consists of Active Data Guard configuration with asynchronous redo shipping between the Production site location and the disaster recovery site
        • Runs custom Java applications, IBM WebSphere, 11gR2
        • Oracle customer replaced an existing IBM mainframe circa 1990s with Oracle SuperCluster

        Oracle SuperCluster Performance Results ...

        IT - Storage
        More Than 28 Billion Gigabytes Of Storage Shipped Last Quarter
        ComputerWorld, June 30th, 2015
        "Worldwide data storage hardware sales saw a boon in the first quarter of this year, with a 41.4% leap over the same quarter in 2014.

        In all, 28.3 exabytes (or 28 billion gigabytes) of capacity shipped out during the quarter, according to IDC's Worldwide Disk Storage Systems Market Update released today.

        How much is an exabyte? It's one quintillion bytes or a one followed by 18 zeros. It's a lot.

        According to IDC, worldwide enterprise storage systems vendor revenue grew 6.8% year over year during the first quarter, to almost $8.8 billion..."

        The Storage Tipping Point
        StorageMojo, June 29th, 2015
        "Storage is at a tipping point: much of the existing investment in the software stack will be obsolete within two years. This will be the biggest change in storage since the invention of the disk drive by IBM in 1956.

        This is not to deprecate the other seismic forces of flash, object storage, cloud and the newer workloads that are driving investment in scale-out architectures and no-SQL databases. But the 50 years of I/O stack development - based on disks and, later, RAID - is essentially obsolete today, as will become obvious to all very soon..."

        SDS Was Already Here To Stay!
        Enterprise Strategy Group, June 30th, 2015
        "Software-defined Storage (SDS) is an inescapable term right now...and looks to become an inescapable reality soon. That is, of course, if you buy into it as being something that's brand new and not already all around us. I just posted what I hope is a fun, insightful, and intentionally somewhat provocative ESG Video Capsule on just this contention. Please take a look- as with all our Video Capsules, it's under 140 seconds ...

        Is everything about the current SDS offerings perfect? Of course not. Does it replace all "traditional" storage instantly? Of course not. But does it have the potential to genuinely and dramatically change the accepted manifestation of "the storage industry"? Emphatically, yes..."

        Java Technology
        Code Watch: What Made Java Win?
        Larry O'Brien, SD Times
        "Java's emergence 20 years ago was the last time a programming language enamored the industry. It was not the first time: It had been the rhythm of the programming community to anoint a new 'it' mainstream programming language every seven years or so. While that pattern has clearly been disrupted, I believe that it is more than possible that another language will sweep into popularity in the coming years..."
        JavaOne 2015 Java EE Track Committee: Johan Vos
        Meet some of the committee members for the JavaOne 2015 Java EE track
        This is the third in a series of interviews for you to meet some of the committee members for the JavaOne 2015 Java EE track. The committee plays the most important part in determining the content for JavaOne. These good folks really deserve recognition as most of them devote many hours of their time helping move JavaOne forward, often as volunteers. If JavaOne matters to you, these are folks you should know about.

        This interview is with Johan Vos.

        Streamline Java Development With Cloud Services
        Webinar Reply
        "Want to learn to deliver java applications to market faster? Reduce hardware and software costs for new development and testing environments? Improve DevOps efficiency? Build, test and run enterprise-grade applications in the Cloud and on premise?

        If so, you will want to listen to this webinar replay. On June 11, we hosted development expert James Governor, co-founder of RedMonk, and Daniel Pahng, President and CEO of mFrontiers, LLC, an ISV with hands-on experience developing enterprise mobility and Internet of Things (IOT) solutions, for a live webcast on developing applications in the cloud..."

        IT - Technology
        M-Disc Optical Media Reviewed: Your Data, Good For A Thousand Years
        PC World, July 2nd, 2015
        "You're done with optical discs as a means of data and media delivery, or soon will be. But when done right, as it has been with Millenniata's M-Disc, optical has a particular advantage - longevity. Hard disk mechanisms fail, and the data stored on them can be erased by magnetic fields. Tape stretches and is also magnetically vulnerable. NAND won't last forever, because cells leak and eventually fail. That leaves M-Disc looking pretty good in the media preservation, aka archiving role..."
        Going Nuclear: The Fusion Race Is Heating Up
        Re/code, July 1st, 2015
        "A growing number of private players believe they can commercialize fusion energy within a decade, promising a carbon-free energy source with near-limitless fuel, potentially in time to ease the mounting risks of climate change.

        A team at Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works revealed late last year that they're at work on a truck-sized fusion reactor. Amazon's Jeff Bezos and others have plugged money into General Fusion in Burnaby, British Columbia. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and Venrock have invested in Tri-Alpha Energy, a secretive effort near Irvine, Calif. And Peter Thiel's Mithril and Y Combinator have funded a Redmond, Wash., startup called Helion Energy..."

        Mastercard Is Trying Out Purchase Verification With Selfies
        Help Net Security, July 3rd, 2015
        "Five hundred US MasterCard users will soon be testing out the company's new system for quickly processing of digital payments, without having to input a PIN or password.

        The pilot program will last for a few months, and during that time the participants will be verifying their purchases by pressing their finger onto their smart device and taking a "selfie." The system will instruct the user to blick in order to avoid malicious actors simply using a photo of the customer..."

          Java 8 Free Online Course: Lambdas And Streams
          July 14th
          David Delabassee writes, "It is probably fair to say that Java SE 8 is the most important Java release in the last decade - if not more! With the introduction of Lambda expression, Java SE 8 introduced a fundamentally new way of programming. The new Streams API lets process data in a declarative way while leveraging the underlying in more efficient way, etc.

          During this summer, Oracle is conducting a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Java 8 Lambdas and Stream. This free online course will start soon (July 14th)..."

          IT - Bitcoin
          Financial Action Task Force Issues Bitcoin Guidelines, Warns About Money Laundering
          Bitcoin Magazine, July 1st, 2015
          "The independent intergovernmental organization FATF or The Financial Action Task Force (on Money Laundering), headquartered in Paris, has published a report as a guide for using digital currencies titled 'Guidance for a Risk-Based Approach to Virtual Currencies.' It includes benefits of digital currencies as well as potential risks of money laundering and terror financing.

          The report is essentially the conclusion to the recent meeting held at Brisbane that was participated by 34 member nations and two regional organizations - the European Union and the Gulf Co-operation Council - to discuss policies, regulations and compliance for digital currencies..."

            Citi Is Working On 'Citicoin' For Cross-Border Payments
            Bitcoin Magazine, July 1st, 2015
            "International Business Times revealed that the global bank Citi is developing blockchains within the bank and test-coins to run across them. Ken Moore, head of Citi Innovation Labs, confirmed that the bank has been looking at distributed ledger technology for the last few years and has amassed a skilled team. They have built three blockchains and a test currency to run across them.

            Headquartered in Manhattan, Citi is an American multinational banking and financial services corporation. As of January 2015, it is the third-largest bank holding company in the United States by assets and has one of the world's largest financial services networks..."

              Bitnet Partners With Computop To Offer Bitcoin Payments For Over 3000 Merchants
              Bitcoin Magazine, June 30th, 2015
              "Bitnet, a bitcoin payments processor from the developers of the largest payment gateway (CyberSource, acquired by VISA) has entered into a strategic partnership with Computop, a leading payment service provider, to allow global merchants to accept bitcoin on Computop Paygate.

              Since its launch, Bitnet has focused its services to provide an enterprise-grade digital commerce platform with security, reliability and scalability standards demanded by global businesses..."

              Blockchain Technology: The Key To Secure Online Voting
              Bitcoin Magazine, June 27h, 2015
              "Originally designed to democratize power within the financial system, Bitcoin's blockchain technology is now playing a role in the area of democracy itself.

              Despite receiving much attention, online voting adoption has yet to take off meaningfully worldwide, amid concerns that existing platforms are vulnerable to fraud, corruption and sabotage. Last year a team accredited to observe the 2013 municipal elections in Estonia - the only country to run Internet voting on a wide scale - revealed that they observed election officials downloading key software over insecure Internet connections, typing PINs and passwords in view of cameras, and preparing election software on insecure PCs..."

              IT - FOSS
              6 Things Technical Leaders Should Consider Around Open-Source Software
              Information Age, June 30th, 2015
              "Organisations are increasingly moving to an open-source-first model to quickly develop solutions for business or technical problems

              Many organisations have a wide array of open-source applications and code in use today - whether it be at the infrastructure and application layers, or in development frameworks and GitHub repositories..."

              House Gets Green Light For Open Source
              GCN, June 29th, 2015
              "The House of Representatives has officially jumped on the open source bandwagon. A June 25 announcement declared that U.S. representatives, committees and staff would be able to procure open source software, participate in open source software communities and contribute code developed with taxpayer dollars to open source repositories..."
              Open Source Technologies Become Kingmakers In Enterprise
              ZDNet, June 28th, 2015
              "Open source has become the new fast track to enterprise credibility both for incumbents and any vendor playing in the space. And that reality is going to reorder the vendor pecking order.

              This past week highlighted the momentum in enterprise open source technologies.

              Red Hat at its user conference outlined a series of announcements ranging from its container-based OpenShift platform to a mobile software deal with Samsung to security and analytics offerings..."

              The Document Foundation Announces Libreoffice 4.4.4
              Linux Today, July 2nd, 2015
              "The Document Foundation (TDF) announces LibreOffice 4.4.4, the fourth minor release of the LibreOffice 4.4 family, with over 70 fixes over LibreOffice 4.4.3. New features introduced by LibreOffice 4.4 are listed on this wiki page.

              The Document Foundation suggests to deploy LibreOffice in enterprises and large organizations with the backing of professional support by certified people.."

              Open Source History: What We've Learned So Far
              VAR Guy, July 1st, 2015
              "The history of open source is long and storied, and fascinating enough to be a book. Which is what The VAR Guy contributing editor Christopher Tozzi is doing. And while he's been plugging away at his trusty Smith-Corona (not really - he's definitely an open source stalwart), The VAR Guy has been lucky enough to be the recipient of the byproducts of his research.

              And so, without further ado, here's a collection of the Open Source History lessons we've learned thus far..."

              IT - DevOps
              How To Combine ITIL and DevOps To Modernize Your It Service Management
              Virtual-Strategy Magazine, July 1st, 2015
              "As the world of IT continues to advance, new technologies and working practices such as ITOA (IT Operations Analytics) tools and DevOps are having an impact on ITSM (IT Service Management) process frameworks like ITIL. Fortunately, these practices can easily adapt with ITIL, as long as organizations understand the value provided by each. In fact, some of the smartest organizations tend to use these new approaches in combination with ITIL to more closely align IT services with particular business needs..."
              Bringing Devops To The Legacy Side Of The Business
              Information Age, July 2nd, 2015
              "It sometimes feels like DevOps is the master and commander of innovation. Almost every article you read focuses on how DevOps can help you run faster, quickly innovate that killer new service, or deliver new features that keep you one step ahead of the competition.

              You read less about the legacy side of the business though. About how DevOps can help enterprises incorporate new ways of developing and delivering applications into their long-established, standard IT processes.

              Enterprises like these are often complex and constrained by existing legacy infrastructure, and need to think about new ways to transition 'brown field' applications to an agile approach..."

              MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0.22
              By Andy Bang
              Andy Bang writes, "We are pleased to announce that MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0.22 is now available for download on the My Oracle Support (MOS) web site. It will also be available via the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud in a few weeks. This is a maintenance release that includes a few new features and fixes a number of bugs. You can find more information on the contents of this release in the change log.

              You will find binaries for the new release on My Oracle Support..."

              MySQL Partner Jumpstart Webinar
              MySQL Enterprise Edition

              Claudia Nastase writes, "Learn why MySQL is the #1 most popular Open source relational database and how to leverage MySQL Enterprise Edition to maximize performance with reduced cost, lower than any other competitor.

              This video includes the latest features included in MySQL Enterprise Edition, partner opportunities, management tools and technical support and certifications..."

              Cloud Computing
              Oracle Cloud Platform Launch Wrap-Up
              Addition of 24 new platform and infrastructure services to the Oracle Cloud
              Gene Eun writes, "Oracle held a live event at its headquarters in Redwood Shores, announcing the addition of 24 new platform and infrastructure services to the Oracle Cloud. The launch event was headlined by none other than Oracle's Executive Chairman and CTO, Larry Ellison. I was lucky enough to attend in person and thought I'd share some of the highlights of the day.

              The day got off to an early start with a full lineup of executive interviews..."

              Cloud Momentum
              By David Dorf
              David writes, "You likely have heard that Oracle is undergoing a massive business transformation to embrace cloud solutions. According to reports, cloud sales are going better than expected and this part of Oracle's business is growing fast. The retail business unit is, of course, on-board and picking up momentum. Recall back in April we released a set of cloud services based on assets acquired from Micros. They are:

              • Oracle Retail Brand Compliance -- tracks supply chain during product development
              • Oracle Retail Customer Engagement -- CRM including loyalty, gift cards, and campaigns
              • Oracle Retail XBRi -- loss prevention analytics
              • Oracle Retail Open Commerce Platform -- e-commerce platform
              • Oracle Retail Order Broker -- rule-based inventory sourcing
              • Oracle Retail Order Management System -- order management

              Then earlier this week we released Oracle Commerce Cloud, a SaaS solution for online retailers..."

              Are You Cloud Curious?
              New videos to help you building your strategy

              Richard writes, "The cloud has revolutionized how organizations are building and leveraging systems and applications to run their businesses.

              We've added two new videos to our informative webcast series on channel opportunities in the Oracle public cloud, where we'll explore key components of our PaaS strategy and offerings, and how partners can elevate their business with Oracle Cloud solutions..."

              Oracle Linux 6 Administration Professional Certification Now Released
              By Antoinette O'Sullivan

              The Oracle Certified Professional, Oracle Linux 6 Advanced System Administration (1Z0-105) has been released and you can now book your exam date.

              Oracle certification exams are a real proof of your expertise and well recognized in the industry.

              Prior to taking this certification you should have passed one of the following certifications

              • Oracle Certified Associate, Oracle Linux 5 and 6 System Administrator
              • Oracle Linux Administrator Certified Associate

              Here are some steps you can use as you prepare...

              IT - Cloud
              IT Firms' Cloud Appetite Strong As Gear Sales Surge 25 Percent
              CIO, July 3rd, 2015
              "In another sign of the movement of more and more data into cloud services, global first-quarter sales of cloud-related hardware rose 25.1 percent year on year, to nearly US$6.3 billion, according to an IDC survey.

              The Worldwide Quarterly Cloud IT Infrastructure Tracker survey results marked the second-highest increase for total revenue in five quarters, and growth for the segment continued to outperform that of the overall IT infrastructure market..."

              The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of A Multi-Cloud Provider Strategy
              Information Age, June 30th, 2015
              "Not all cloud technology is created equal, so businesses are therefore taking a wider, hybrid approach to cloud adoption, selecting the services they need from different providers - but this has carries a number of challenges...

              There is a lot going for a multi-cloud provider strategy, but understanding where the natural application/workload 'firebreaks' are is key, so that integration and operational challenges don't turn ugly..."

                For NOAA, Flexible Cloud Enables Mammoth Computing
                FCW, July 2nd, 2015
                "Sometimes less is more. Sometimes more is more.

                Sometimes you just don't know which will be which ahead of time - and flexibility is king.

                Producing 20 terabytes of data every day, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is a prime example of the need for flexibility. And through its Big Data Project, NOAA's bringing private-sector ingenuity to bear on the age-old problem: How can government get its work into the hands of the people who want it?..."

                New Guides And Tips For OpenStack
      , June 30th, 2015
                "Looking to learn something about OpenStack? You're not alone. Fortunately, there are a ton of resources out there to get started. Hands on training courses, books, and of course the official documentation are great resources for learning more, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a seasoned IT professional. Even for OpenStack contributors, there's still plenty to be learned.

                To augment some of the other great resources out there, every month, gathers together the best how-tos, guides, tutorials, and tips into a single bundle to help you learn what you need to know..."

                IT - CxO
                As Big Data Hype Increases, CIOs Will Need To Manage Expectations
                CIO, June 30th, 2015
                "Business executives see value in projects that seek to leverage enterprise data in new and innovative ways. That's why data-driven initiatives are enjoying a rise in management support.

                IDG's 2015 Big Data and Analytics survey found that just 16 percent of respondents from large organizations said lack of management support was an impediment. Which might explain why the number of organizations that have deployed or implemented data-driven projects increased by 125 percent over the past year.

                Now that the management ranks are excited about big data, it's up to IT to temper expectations a bit. Overpromising and under-delivering could kill the momentum that data-driven projects currently enjoy..."

                CIOs Need To Address Growing Cyber-Crime Threats
                CIO Insight, July 1st, 2015
                "Organizations face serious risks associated with cyber-crime over the next three years, according to a study commissioned by Raytheon in conjunction with Ponemon Institute.

                Among some of the more troubling findings: A lack of resources and a disconnect between security leaders and top business leadership are preventing companies from addressing growing cyber-security threats, and a majority of respondents (78 percent) said their organization's top officials have not been briefed on a cyber-security strategy in the last 12 months. In addition, 66 percent of respondents believe senior leaders in their organization do not perceive cyber-security as a strategic priority..."

                CIOs Question Their Ability To Drive Business Growth
                CIO Insight, July 3rd, 2015
                "While most CIOs look forward to the opportunity to use tech to help the business strategically, several obstacles are getting in the way, according to a recent survey. The majority of surveyed CIOs revealed doubts in their ability to provide fitting new IT services to drive business growth.

                The Brocade report, "Global CIO Study 2015: Taking Up the Task of Business Transformation," indicates even more CIOs question whether they are getting the most that they can out of analytics and data mining.

                The report also shows employees are creating more challenges for CIOs with their appetite for accessing numerous apps from multiple devices..."

                The Role Of CIO In The Internet Of Everything - Chief Strategy Officer?
                The Enterprisers Project, July 1st, 2015
                "In Part 1 of The Enterprisers Project interview with Dr. David A. Bray, an Eisenhower Fellow who recently traveled to Taiwan and Australia to discuss the Internet of Everything with industry and government leaders, Dr. Bray discussed how a hyper-connected, Internet-enabled future may impact the role of both the CIO and the CEO.

                While his 2015 travels abroad as an Eisenhower Fellow were in a personal capacity only, Dr. Bray is also chief information officer for the U.S. Federal Communications Commission. Here he dives deeper into what CIOs can do now to lead their organizations into an Internet of Everything era..."

                CIO Strategy And Planning: 4 Principles For High-Performing IT
                CIO, July 2nd, 2015
                "CIOs and their teams should focus on four key areas to develop a high performing IT organization. Key delivery technologies and processes include private, public and hybrid cloud delivery models, mobile, analytics, security, devops, automation, software-defined data centers, converged fabrics and containers..."
                vBeers - Broward - Funky Buddha
                Wednesday, June 10th. 2015: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
                Funky Buddha - Oakland Park

                Come out and connect with other professionals in your industry! vBeers is a great event meant to promote growth of the IT industry here in South Florida. Register today so you can be a part of this great monthly event! Feel free to invite all of your friends and co workers who work in the IT industry! This event is sponsored by the South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA)

                IT - DR
                Questions You Need To Be Asking About Your Disaster Recovery Plan
                Information Age, June 30th, 2015
                "If you don't have a dedicated person looking after disaster and business continuity planning then it might be time to check out the details - and if you perform tests on a subset of your environment maybe think about some non-technical issues too.

                Some of us will get around to it tomorrow. Some of us did it a while back and think it's probably still up-to-date. A small number of us checked it today and know it's up-to-date..."

                How Business Continuity Planning Can Help Your Business Cope With Incidents Such As The Kennington Flood
                Information Age, July 1st, 2015
                "Incidents like fires and burst watermains are always a risk to business's digital assets, but business continuity planning can help minimise the interruption to services ... a burst water main in Kennington put many companies' business continuity plans to the test as buildings flooded, roads closed and bus routes were diverted.

                Businesses in the direct path of the flood - particularly those on Kennington Park Road, where the water main break occurred - have been forced to deal with the aftermath of the disaster: waterlogged facilities, damaged equipment, disrupted staff work arrangements, communications challenges and potentially lost data. The flood even impacted businesses untouched by the water flow, as commuters struggled to make it to work...

                Defining The Future Of DR Storage
                Enterprise Storage Forum, July 1st, 2015
                "More and more workloads are being shunted off to the cloud. It appears that the days of having an arsenal of in-house hardware are over. Gone, too, will be expensive offsite mirror Disaster Recovery (DR) facilities - at least for all but the largest, richest and highest-end businesses. So what does this mean to the storage manager?

                The future of DR appears to be moving steadily away from the primary site and recovery site concept. It is being gradually replaced with the ability to migrate or burst workloads seamlessly from site to site..."

                IT - PM
                7 Tips To Transform Difficult Stakeholders Into Project Partners
                CIO, July 1st, 2015
                "Business projects almost always create change, which can also bring about significant disruption, stress and fear. That anxiety can translate into difficult project stakeholders - not to mention at-risk projects and unmet goals. Knowing how to turn these problematic partners into committed collaborators is essential skill all project managers should master. Here's how..."
                  Nine Benefits Of Outsourcing IT Project Management
                  CIO, July 1st, 2015
                  "In a meeting with a prospective client this week, I was asked about the advantages of hiring Project Management talent in the same way that many other elements of an organization's IT estate are now brought in...namely, 'as a Service.'

                  Before I answered, I asked what he thought good service looked like.

                  As we talked and compared our answers, it became clear that the lists were entirely compatible: his idea of what he wanted from a service matched my idea of what a project management partner could and should deliver..."

                  5 Ways To Avoid Kicking Off A Project Before Its Ready
                  CIO, June 30th, 2015
                  "Starting a project before it's really ready can be painful and expensive. Here are five tips for knowing whether or not the project you were just handed needs more prep work or is truly ready to kickoff.

                  Have you ever had the project team or customer or your own executive management that wants to start a project right now? Today. No matter what. Let's go. What are you waiting for?..."

                  IT - Networks
                  5 Free Wi-Fi Tools That Help Maximize Your Home Network
                  PC World, July 2nd, 2015
                  "Forget about sliced bread - Wi-Fi is easily one of the greatest inventions of the last few decades. Thanks to Wi-Fi every device in your home can easily get online, whether it's your iPad, desktop PC, the high-definition television in the living room, and maybe even your coffee pot or fridge.

                  But are you getting the most out of your wireless Internet connection? Is it truly as fast as your service provider claims? Are the neighbors screwing up your signal? Do you know how to connect all your various devices together to share files at home?

                  Here are five free Wi-Fi-enhancing tools that can help you answer 'yes' to all of those questions..."

                  HTG Explains: What Is A Tri-Band Router And Will It Make Your Wi-Fi Faster?
                  How-To Geek, June 30th, 2015
                  "Many modern wireless routers are already dual-band, and now router companies are launching 'tri-band' routers. These are marketed as 'AC3200'-class routers, and promise faster Wi-Fi speeds for all your devices.

                  This isn't as clear-cut as it sounds. Adding a third wireless band won't automatically speed all your devices up - it's more complicated than that..."

                  Firms Urged To Begin IPv6 Switchover As IPv4 Address Stock Dwindles
        , July 3rd, 2015
                  "Businesses and individuals are being urged to start embracing the IPv6 address space as the number of IPv4 addresses nears exhaustion.

                  The warnings come after the American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN) reported that it had been forced to reject a request for IPv4 addresses as it did not have enough. This is the first time this has happened.

                  ARIN told V3 that the situation is a clear indication that the time is right to start preparing for IPv6, especially as the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected cars start to generate more requests for internet connections..."

                  IT - IoT
                  IoT Potentially An $11 Trillion Market By 2025
                  Datamation, June 29th, 2015
                  "A new report from McKinsey Global Institute values the economic impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) at a whopping $11.1 trillion by 2025 on the high end, and nearly $4 trillion on the low-end.

                  To reach those lofty figures, technology vendors will need to be on the same page. "Interoperability between IoT systems is critically important to capturing maximum value; on average, interoperability is required for 40 percent of potential value across IoT applications and by nearly 60 percent in some settings," stated the report..."

                  In The Cyber Realm, Let's Be Knights Not Blacksmiths
                  Dark Reading, July 2nd, 2015
                  "Why the Internet of Things is our chance to finally get information security right.

                  It happens every year. I attend the major security conferences and watch them devolve into rhetoric-filled conduits void of productivity and education. In fact, many decisions-makers no longer attend. And if they do, they don't appear at many sessions and avoid venturing into the noise of the vendor exhibit floor..."

                  Securing Critical Infrastructure
                  Dark Reading, June 30th, 2015
                  "Protecting the Industrial Internet of Things from cyberthreats is a national priority.

                  Industrial automation and control systems are increasingly online, sending out information and receiving commands from local and remote control centers and corporate data systems. Technologies in this Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) have tremendous potential to improve operations, reduce costs, enhance safety, increase revenue, and transform industrial processes. We cannot let security concerns undermine this transformation; security should enable it..."

                  Not Enough Hype For The IoT?
                  FCW, June 30th, 2015
                  "What: The McKinsey Global Institute's 'The Internet of Things: Mapping the Value beyond the Hype'

                  Why: According to the report, the Internet of Things will have an economic value between $3.9 trillion and $11.1 trillion per year by 2025, or about 11 percent of the global economy.

                  The study established nine different settings across which the IoT would have an impact, including people, cities, factories, worksites and offices. Factories and cities are predicted to benefit the most from the IoT, with factory-related value estimated to be between $1.2 trillion and $3.7 trillion by 2025 and city-related value estimated to reach between $900 billion and $1.6 trillion..."

                  How Fog Computing Makes The IoT Run
                  GCN, July 2nd, 2015
                  "Fog computing describes a way of loading processing power onto devices, from smartphones to simple sensors, at the furthest edges of networks.

                  On the surface, the core concept seems to be a reversal of the trend toward the cloud because it seeks to restore computing to the periphery of the network. But instead of being a replacement, it's a complement.

                  Rather than shuttling every scrap of data back to a data center, fog computing allows analysis to take place on the network's edge, saving time and bandwidth and, ideally, optimizing decision-making..."

                    Internet Of Things Momentum Is Starting To Build
                    Re/code, July 2nd, 2015
                    "Sometimes the signs of change are more obvious than others.

                    When a spokesperson for the Linux Foundation calls to talk about an open-source contribution from Microsoft into the Qualcomm-driven AllSeen Alliance that's about bridging older industrial automation standards into the sexy new world of the Internet of Things (IoT), you know something must be happening.

                    And so it is..."

                    IT - Linux
                    When Your Linux Servers Get Audited
                    IT World, June 29th, 2015
                    "If your Unix/Linux servers are to be involved in an ISO 27001 audit, there are a lot of things you should be doing ahead of time to ensure that they won't end up generating findings. While there are many things you can do to secure the systems you manage, the key to getting a Unix system to pass an ISO 27001 audit is knowing what the auditors are likely to ask and what they will need to see..."
                    Linux Mint 17.2: If Only All Penguinista Desktops Were Done This Way
                    The Register, July 1st, 2015
                    "The underlying packages in Linux Mint 17.2, just released, are largely unchanged. What you will find are a lot of improvements and added polish in everyday tools like the update manager, login screen and the Software Sources app.

                    Sticking with the Ubuntu 14.04 base has given Linux Mint developers the opportunity to focus their time and effort on the aspects of Mint that make it unique. Much of that focus has been on the project's two desktops, Cinnamon and MATE. Indeed it's the updates to both desktops that make Linux Mint 17.2 well worth the upgrade..."

                    Limit Your Linux Super Powers With su & sudo
                    FOSS Force, June 30th, 2015
                    "I recently offered some security tips aimed at new system administrators. And hey, the home users among you should take note, after all, you're the administrator of your home system! One of the tips was 'Don't run as root.' Today I would like to expand on that a bit. First, we'll take a look at why you should limit the use of your super powers. Then we'll look at the best ways to use su and sudo to help you limit your risks..."
                    Linux As A Lifestyle
          , June 30th, 2015
                    "My Linux journey began three years ago. I finished high school and started to pay more attention to the security of computers and networks. It is truly an amazing field of study and there's so many new things to learn there. I was instantly hooked.

                    First, security and Kali Linux go hand in hand. It's hard to consider being a security researcher without using Kali Linux. So, I started dual booting Kali Linux with my Windows operating system.

                    At the time, I wasn't very into GNOME..."

                    IT - Operations
                    Big Data Puts A Strain On Existing Data Centers
                    CIO Insight, June 30th, 2015
                    "With the steady growth of big data, CIOs and IT leaders expect a major increase in data center demand.

                    According to a survey from Mortenson, 'Insights into Executive Challenges: Data Center Decisions,' the majority of enterprises have boosted data center capacity over the last five years, and expect to continue doing so for the next five years.

                    Data center expansion brings about numerous challenges, including decisions over whether to build a new data center, lease from a provider or renovate an existing facility..."

                    Track Down The Right IT Asset Management System
                    Search Data Center, July 3rd, 2015
                    "Virtualization, rapid refreshes and shadow IT make it harder for IT departments to really know -- and properly license and support -- what they have. You need an IT asset management system to show you...

                    Is your organization under- or over-licensed; are you paying for maintenance against equipment that you don't have? Without rigorous asset and lifecycle management, IT teams aren't quite sure what devices reside in their dominion..."

                    IT - Security
                    How To Be A Security Policy Management Saint, Not A Sinner
                    Information Age, June 29th, 2015
                    "The path to policy righteousness demands the right processes, visibility and automation - but the rewards are improved security and better business agility.

                    When it comes to security, the devil truly is in the detail. Even the largest organisations with the resources to deploy the most advanced, next-generation, flux-capacitor powered products, are getting breached. Why? Because all too often, fundamentals of security policy management are neglected, meaning security processes are inefficient, which in turn leads to vulnerabilities..."

                    Pen Testing Tool Or Exploit? 6 Samples Of Ways Hackers Get In
                    CSO Online, June 28th, 2015
                    "How can you tell the difference between an exploit or a pen testing tool? Attackers use the same tools in attacks that pen testers use to test. Six sample vulnerabilities and exploits. In all cases, ask your vendor for a patch..."
                    Eight Practical Steps To Handling A Security Incident
                    Information Age, July 1st, 2015
                    "While other businesses fail to act properly after a hack, a properly performed incident forensics and handling may reinforce your reputation and brand value

                    Everybody tends to think that hackers will never ever target them or their company/organisation until a breach occurs. We have already published several practical examples explaining why hackers target you and your data. Here, I will try to concentrate on post-incident actions and provide some brief advice on what to do after you have been hacked..."

                      IT Pros Worried About Security Breach Reporting
                      eWeek, July 1st, 2015
                      "Almost 30 percent of those polled are not confident that their IT security staff can detect a cyber-attack attempting to breach their network.

                      The vast majority (87 percent) of IT professionals believe large financial hacks are happening more often than reported, and right under the nose of security auditors, according to a survey of nearly 150 IT professionals conducted by Lieberman Software.

                      Meanwhile, 71 percent of respondents think that an advanced persistent threat (APT) attack will attempt to breach their organization in the next six months..."

                      Looking At The Cracker Hacker Economy
                      FOSS Force, July 2nd, 2015
                      "I spent some time looking at a white paper issued by the security firm Symantec called Website Security Threat Report, which is basically a catalog of malware threats for the non-techie suits who control the purse strings for web facing server deployments - sort of a 'here boss, this is why we have to spend so much money on security' type of thing. Most of it's old news to those of us who, for whatever reason, follow tech news, but some of the trends noted by the folks at Symantec are interesting enough.

                      As a matter of fact, there's a bit of sobering news for sites like FOSS Force, as again in 2014, technology sites top the list of the type of sites most likely to be exploited by cracker hackers, with the number on the rise..."

                      Multi-Factor Authentication: When Usernames And Passwords Just Aren't Enough
                      Global Knowledge, July 2nd, 2015
                      "Using a username and password combination is a common, modern everyday activity. We use it to log into a desktop or laptop at work, we log into various application systems to perform business tasks or we log into Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications remotely. For personal endeavors we use username/password combinations for Facebook, Flickr or other social media websites. The username and password authentication is generally 'good enough' for these scenarios..."
                      Dispelling Data Security Myths
                      Data Center Knowledge, July 2nd, 2015
                      "You know that go-to story you tell at parties? It gets laughs with any crowd, and you don't even realize how often you fall back on it. Then one day, someone asks an innocent question that exposes a flaw in your memory of that story, and its foundation crumbles. You never think of that anecdote the same way again, so you mentally file it away..."
                        VPN Users, Beware: You May Not Be As Safe As You Think You Are
                        CSO Online, July 2nd, 2015
                        "It's become common practice to use virtual private networks for extra privacy and security in this era of mass surveillance, but a study published this week suggests such networks may not be as safe as they're commonly made out to be.

                        In fact, because of a vulnerability known as IPv6 leakage, many of them can expose user information to prying eyes, according to a paper from researchers at Sapienza University of Rome and Queen Mary University of London.

                        Entitled "A Glance through the VPN Looking Glass: IPv6 Leakage and DNS Hijacking in Commercial VPN clients," the report describes a study conducted late last year that examined 14 popular commercial VPN providers around the world..."

                        IT - Careers
                        Why Organisations Need To Invest In Continuing Professional Development For Their IT Staff
                        Information Age, June 29th, 2015
                        "Organisations who invest in continual training and development will create a skilled and motivated workforce, enhancing the IT service for the whole business

                        In every serious professional discipline, knowledge is not static - it grows and changes regularly. In law or teaching, for example, it is recognised across professional organisations and the industry that it is vital that individuals keep their skills up to date..."

                          The Ultimate Cover Letter Checklist: What To Include In A Cover Letter
                          Business 2 Community, July 1st, 2015
                          "Peanut butter and jelly. Milk and cookies. Resumes and cover letters. Some things are just better together.

                          Now, it may not be delicious or sweet - or even very good to eat - but a cover letter is still one very important half of a perfect pair - at least when it comes to applying for jobs. A cover letter is a short, one-page letter that you send along with your resume when applying for a job. It allows you to showcase your skills, interest, and intent, and it is used to expand upon the information in your resume, particularly as it relates to your work experience..."

                            The Programmer's Guide To Breaking Into Management
                            ComputerWorld, June 29th, 2015
                            "Software development, like any career, is divided into leaders and producers. You're either Steve Jobs, or you're Woz. Two completely different approaches, and yet both can lead to great success.

                            Talented engineers may see managing a team as the next step to growing their careers. So if you're moving in this direction, what tools do you need to make the transition? We'll look at some possible approaches, common pitfalls -- and offer solutions..."

                              IT Skills Gap Negatively Impacting Businesses
                              eWeek, July 1st, 2015
                              "Seventy percent of IT leaders point to a lack of skills as their biggest issue when seeking quality candidates, according to the TEKsystems survey.

                              The majority of IT leaders and IT professionals believe the IT skills gap is real, with 80 percent of leaders and 70 percent of IT pros agreeing with that statement, according to a survey of more than 1,300 IT specialists by TEKsystems. Additionally, 60 percent of IT leaders say the IT skills gap has a moderate to severe impact on their organization, compared to 45 percent of IT professionals. Only about one-third of all respondents said they believe their organization has the skills in-house to address their needs..."

                                IT - Social Media
                                Social-Media Policies: You Can't Say That!
                                ComputerWorld, June 30th, 2015
                                "Most companies' social media policies, if they exist at all, are highly inadequate, outdated or both.

                                What I am talking about are policies that lay out for employees the potential consequences they could face at work from things that they post on their personal and private social-media accounts. A lot of people are probably taken aback by that idea. They might understand why a policy would limit what employees say on behalf of the company, but personal opinions, posted on the employee's own time, that have nothing to do with the employer? That just seems as if it should be off-limits for corporate rule-makers.

                                In the real world, though, that's the way it has to be..."

                                  CIOs: Adopt Social Media For Success, Now
                                  Information Week, July 2nd, 2015
                                  "Social Media enhances learning, develops needed contacts, speeds problem-solving, and helps you create business transformation.

                                  In June, I attended and presented at a large, excellent CIO conference in New Zealand. I learned from the conference, for sure. But I also learned some conference experience lessons beyond the event's walls that I never would have if not for social media..."

                                  Partner Webcast - Oracle Weblogic 12C On Oracle Database Appliance X5
                                  Thursday, July 16th , 10am CET (9am GMT/11am EET)
                                  Thanos Terentes Printzios writes, "With data growing at unprecedented levels, application providers need a robust, scalable and high-performance infrastructure. Oracle Database Appliance is known as a simple, reliable, and complete package of software, server, storage, and networking for ISV applications that can save time and money by helping them streamline deployment, maintenance, and support of application workloads.

                                  Oracle WebLogic on ODA evolved Oracle Database Appliance to an ISV solution in a box, a complete solution for building and deploying enterprise Java EE applications in a fully integrated system that delivers highly available Database and WebLogic services..."

                                  IT - Virtualization
                                  From Coreos To Nano: Micro Oses Strip Down For Containers
                                  InfoWorld, July 1st, 2015
                                  "There's an all-out war going on to see which OS will be crowned king of the cloud. And guess what? None of the traditional operating systems is going to win!

                                  The reason none of the traditional operating systems will win is that they're just not designed for the cloud -- they're too bloated. As a result, a new breed of super-skinny, minimalist operating systems is emerging to replace them.

                                  Note: We're going to refer to these minimalist operating systems as micro operating systems. You may have also heard them described as container operating systems, as they are designed to run containers..."

                                  IT - Database
                                  NoSQL And The Next Generation Of Big Data
                        , July 1st, 2015
                                  "This year, OSCON attendees will have the opportunity to hear Henrik Ingo speak on Selling Opensource 101.

                                  Ingo is a senior solutions architect at MongoDB. He is active in many open source projects, and is the author of Open Life: The Philosophy of Open Source, a book on open source community ethics and business models.

                                  In this interview, he provides insight into MongoDB and explains why it's the platform of choice for big data analytics and for building microservices..."

                                  IT - Backup
                                  Why Are Data Backups And Disaster Recovery Converging?
                                  Search Disaster Recovery, July 3rd, 2015
                                  "Backup and disaster recovery have primarily been treated separately. Learn how server virtualization has allowed these two technologies to converge.

                                  In the past, data backup and disaster recovery (DR) were primarily treated separately. Backup was about making a recoverable copy of data or entire servers, while DR was concerned with continuity of business -- the idea of moving workloads to new hardware and remote locations in the event of a major disaster..."

                                  IT - Mobile
                                  How To Deploy Tablets To Your Mobile Workforce
                                  ComputerWorld, July 1st, 2015
                                  "When Wakefield Canada, the exclusive distributor for Castrol in Canada, set out to replace the tablets used by their sales team, it went right to the source to figure out what to buy: The people who would be using them in the field.

                                  "A big part of this was really involving our end users in the tool selection," says Kent Mills, Wakefield Canada CTO.

                                  The company landed on the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Here's why - and how they made an easy transition..."

                                  IT - Big Data
                                  Banks Have A Long Big Data Journey To Catch Up With Google And Facebook
                                  Forbes, July 1st, 2015
                                  "Major banks are sitting on troves of big data, and most don't have a clue of what to do with it, says Abhi Mehta, CEO of Tresata, a big data specialist with a strong focus on finance. Banks are willing to invest, they have Hadoop running somewhere, but they don't know what to do next.

                                  Large financial institutions have between 50-100 petabytes of data, Tresata said in an announcement. However, less than 10 percent of this data is readily accessible and less than 1 percent is actually used for any analytics..."

                                  Big Data Loses Its Zing
                                  Information Management, June 29th, 2015
                                  "I saw it coming last year. Big data isn't what it used to be. Not because firms are disillusioned with the technology, but rather because the term is no longer helpful. With nearly two-thirds of firms having implemented or planning to implement some big data capability by the end of 2015, the wave has definitely hit. People have bought in.

                                  But that doesn't mean we find many firms extolling the benefits they should be seeing by now; even early adopters still have problems across the customer lifecycle. Can your firm understand customers as individuals, not segments? ..."

                                  Chasing Big Data And The Data Scientist Unicorn
                                  Forbes, July 1st, 2015
                                  "Organizations are collecting more and more data every single minute of every day. It's no secret that Facebook, for example, processes 2.5 billion pieces of content and over 500 terabytes of data each day, pulling in 2.7 billion Likes and 300 million photos per diem. Facebook also scans a whopping 105 terabytes of data each half hour.

                                  Of course Big Data is nothing new. It was relatively enormous all the way back to the 1960's when NASA took a shot at the moon. It shouldn't have been a surprise when Google gave everyone the proverbial heart attack when they revealed they churn almost the entire Internet every couple of days to meet our search needs..."

                                  How Big Data Analytics Will Displace Net Promoter Score
                                  Information Management, July 1st, 2015
                                  "Our benchmark research into big data analytics shows that marketing in the form of cross-selling and upselling (38%) and customer understanding (32%) are the top use cases for big data analytics. Related to these uses, organizations today spend billions of dollars on programs seeking customer loyalty and satisfaction.

                                  A powerful metric that impacts this spending is net promoter score (NPS), which attempts to connect brand promotion with revenue. NPS has proven to be a popular metric among major brands and Fortune 500 companies..."

                                  Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                  Vol 208 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4 ; Vol 207 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4
                                  We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                  • The Solaris 10 Recommended patchset really does contain ALL available OS security fixes!
                                  • Virtual Compute Appliance 2.0.4 Released
                                  • Oracle Extends World's Most Comprehensive Enterprise Cloud Portfolio
                                  • Oracle FY16 Global Partner Kickoff
                                  • OTN Virtual Technology Summit
                                  • Use Oracle Storage To Your Competitive Advantage
                                  • Worldwide Integrated Infrastructure and Platforms Revenue Increases 8.3% Year Over Year in the First Quarter of 2015
                                  • PaaS Launch and Cloud File Sharing and Collaboration
                                  • New Oracle Commerce Cloud Helps Companies Quickly Build, Easily Optimize, and Nimbly Extend Selling Experiences
                                  • Take Early JDK 9 For A Spin In Early NetBeans 9

                                  The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                    IT - Server
                                    Open Hardware Movement Changing The Game For IT Vendors, Enterprises
                                    eWeek, June 30th, 2015
                                    "Facebook's Open Compute Project is helping put a focus on the trend toward systems that are designed and built through collaborations and partnerships.

                                    Multinational financial services giant Goldman Sachs had good reasons to get actively involved with the open hardware movement. Goldman Sachs has a massive, global IT footprint, with more than 118,000 systems holding more than 500,000 compute cores and running more than 4,000 applications, all housed in 68 data centers worldwide..."

                                    Libreoffice 4.4.4
                                    fourth minor release
                                    The Document Foundation (TDF) announces LibreOffice 4.4.4, the fourth minor release of the LibreOffice 4.4 family, with over 70 fixes over LibreOffice 4.4.3. New features introduced by LibreOffice 4.4 are listed on this wiki page.

                                    The Document Foundation suggests to deploy LibreOffice in enterprises and large organizations with the backing of professional support by certified people...

                                    Simplify Enterprise Mobility With Mobile Application Framework
                                    Q&A By Mitchell Palski, Oracle WebCenter Sales Consultant

                                    • How can Mobile Application Framework deliver Secure, Seamless Mobile for the Enterprise?

                                    • Is it possible to Develop Cross-Platform Mobile Applications with Mobile Application Framework?

                                    • We've been hearing a lot about Digital Experience in the market today. How can Oracle Mobile Application Framework be leveraged to deliver optimized user Experiences?

                                    • Integration is a common concern among business and IT today. Can you Integrate Data and Services across the Mobile Enterprise?

                                    • What about Connectivity? Can you Simplify Mobile Connectivity in the Cloud?

                                    • Finally, security is also a common concern when deploying anything on multiple devices. Can Mobile Application Framework deliver Secure Mobility Across All Layers?

                                    Read on

                                    Remote Development With Solaris Studio
                                    By Younseo Roh
                                    Younseo writes, "With Solaris Studio 12.4, remote development of native (C/C++/FORTRAN) and Java applications has become more convenient and streamlined. This is made possible by the feature of creating 'pure Java' desktop distribution of the IDE. Furthermore, with Studio IDE client available on most of major OSes, developers will have convenience of multiple client systems connecting to a single source repository with single copy of Studio compiler.

                                    Here's how to do remote development with Solaris Studio IDE..."

                                    IT - Developer
                                    Code Watch: What Made Java Win?
                                    SD Times, June 30th, 2015
                                    "Java's emergence 20 years ago was the last time a programming language enamored the industry. It was not the first time: It had been the rhythm of the programming community to anoint a new 'it' mainstream programming language every seven years or so. While that pattern has clearly been disrupted, I believe that it is more than possible that another language will sweep into popularity in the coming years..."
                                    Get Concurrent With The Go Language
                                    InfoWorld, July 2nd, 2015
                                    "What happens when the people behind one of the most influential operating systems of the last 50 years or so decide they don't like what's happened to the language they wrote their OS in?

                                    It turns out they decide to rebuild it their own way. That's what happened when Unix creators Rob Pike and Ken Thompson (who wrote the original B language that formed the foundation of the entire family of C-derived languages we use) felt it was time to develop a new systems-level programming language, with a focus on speeding up software development..."

                                    Nexenta News
                                    Nexenta OpenSDx Summit 2015
                                    Thursday, September 3rd - San Francisco
                                    On Thursday, September 3rd Nexenta will hold its annual, invitation-only Nexenta OpenSDx Summit 2015 in San Francisco at the St. Regis. As one of the technology industry's leading executive forums, Nexenta OpenSDx Summit will welcome an exciting keynote speaker, along with more than 500 CEOs, CIOs, investors, government agencies, and technology industry insiders.

                                    Held in conjunction with VMworld, Nexenta OpenSDx Summit will feature a full day of thought-provoking sessions and discussions - combined with stellar networking opportunities. If you'd like to be considered to attend this event, please sign up.

                                    Sign Up

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