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Database Insider
May 2015 issue now available
Javier Puerta notes that, "The May issue of the Database Insider newsletter is now available:

Oracle Database 12c Now Certified by SAP

In March 2015, SAP announced that all SAP products based on SAP NetWeaver 7.x are now certified and supported on Oracle Database 12c - including Oracle Grid Computing 12c and Oracle Real Application Clusters 12c. Read More

Oracle Database Innovation Online Forum

The Oracle Database Innovation Forum that was broadcast on March 18, 2015 is now available on demand. Once you've registered, watch the replay of Tom Kyte's keynote, and then stay as long as you like or return at your convenience to watch another session or replay one that made an impact on you.

Read on

Gamification in the Enterprise
Trends in the Workplace
"Gaming techniques encourage employees to adopt habits that benefit the company while creating a fun atmosphere.

I used to think that gaming was something for millennials, 18- to 27-year-olds who grew up gaming on their computers, earning badges, and competing with others to progress to a more challenging level. However, I find that I'm getting caught up in these activities before I realize what's happening..."

    Big Data, Bigger Responsibility
    MIT/Oracle Paper
    "Companies of all sizes and in virtually every industry are struggling to manage the exploding amounts of data,' says Neil Mendelson, vice president for big data and advanced analytics at Oracle. 'But as both business and IT executives know all too well, managing big data involves far more than just dealing with storage and retrieval challenges - it requires addressing a variety of privacy and security issues as well.'

    Troy writes, "In a talk at the Technology Policy Institute's 2013 Aspen Forum, Federal Trade Commission chairwoman Edith Ramirez described some big data pitfalls to be avoided. Though many organizations use big data for collecting non-personal information, there are others that use it 'in ways that implicate individual privacy.'

    With big data, comes bigger responsibility. A new joint Oracle and MIT Technology Review paper drills into these pitfalls and how organizations can mitigate them using Oracle's Big Data solution.

    Get the paper, Securing the Big Data Life Cycle and learn more ..."

    Oracle VM Server for SPARC Best Practices
    White Paper Updates (30 Pages)
    Jeff Savit-Oracle, writes "The white paper Oracle VM Server for SPARC Best Practices has been updated to reflect enhancements introduced with Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.2.

    This paper shows how to configure to meet demanding performance and availability requirements. Topics include:

    • Oracle VM Server for SPARC definitions, concepts and deployment options.
    • Software, hardware, and firmware requirements.
    • Best Practices for optimal performance.
    • Best Practices for resiliency and availability.

    The paper includes specific recommendations, describes the reasons behind them, and illustrates them with examples taken from actual systems..."

    Oracle Big Data Appliance X5-2
    with Big Data SQL for the DBA
    "During January 2015, Oracle Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer Larry Ellison announced Oracle's next-generation engineered systems, the fifth generation X5. The X5 portfolio of Oracle's Engineered Systems includes among others the X5 Big Data Appliance for Hadoop and NoSQL big data jobs.

    Big data is by far the most prevalent technology trend today, according to a recent study by consulting firm Capgemini. However, almost 80 percent of organizations have not achieved full-scale production of their big data initiatives..."

    Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.0 BETA 4
    Not for Production
    The Oracle VirtualBox Team announced that, "Oracle has just released Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.0 BETA 4.

    This fourth beta release improves stability and fixes regressions from BETA 3 release.

    See all the details here with a complete list of enhancements, bug fixes and links to download the software."

    They warn, "Please do _NOT_ use this VirtualBox Beta release on production machines. A VirtualBox Beta release should be considered a bleeding-edge release meant for early evaluation and testing purposes."

    How to Start Using Docker on Oracle Linux
    By Rick Ramsey
    Rick writes, "As Ginny Henningsen puts it, 'Docker is an open source virtualization technology that creates lightweight Linux application containers.' What I think is particularly cool about Docker is the portability it derives from its open-source genes. As Ginny explains:

    'Docker containers can define an application and its dependencies using a small text file (a Dockerfile) that can be moved to different Linux releases and quickly rebuilt, simplifying application portability. In this way, "Dockerized" applications are easily migrated to different Linux servers where they can execute on bare metal, in a virtual machine, or on Linux instances in the cloud.'"...

    Docker - Take Two - Starting From Windows with Linux VM as Docker Host
    by Juergen Kress

    Juergenk writes, "My first attempt with Docker was from my Windows host machine using boot2docker, as described in this article: My First Steps with Docker - starting from Windows as the Host.

    Boot2docker is a great tool for being able to work with Docker on a Windows machine. However, I ran into limitations - such as not being able to create containers with the GUI applications running in them. Besides, Linux seems to be - for now at least - the more natural environment for Docker. So decided to create a Linux VM - actually a Virtual Box VM- that would serve as my Docker host.

    In this article I will walk through the steps I went through in order to get this Linux VM running on my Windows host and subsequently turn that VM into the Docker Server in which one or more containers will be running..."

    IT - Storage
    Looking At Software-Defined Storage From A Hardware Perspective (Video)
    ESG, May 18, 2015
    "With all the excitement around software-defined storage (SDS) lately, it can be difficult to separate reality form the noise. And from our research, it looks like a good number of organizations are struggling with just that challenge.

    Included with this blog post is the fourth in a series of seven videos that talk about the key findings from ESG's recently published research report, Next-generation Storage Architectures. I collaborated with my colleagues Scott Sinclair and Mark Peters on the research. In this segment, I talk about one of the key next-generation storage architectures: software-defined storage (SDS)..."

    NexentaStor 5 Community Preview
    Storage Newsletter, May 21, 2015
    "Nexenta Systems, Inc. announced NexentaStor 5 Community Preview making an early access version of the next generation of NexentaStor, the SDS (Software Defined Storage) solution and a building block of the Software Defined Data Center, available to the company's community.

    More than 46,000 Nexenta Community Members, who will have access to this early access version of company's next generation SDS solution, will be able to collaborate with Nexenta to further drive innovation in company's Open Source-driven Software Defined Storage architectures, solutions and software and hardware platforms..."

    5 Data Recovery Plan Considerations
    CIO, May 20, 2015
    "As an individual, you know you're living in a digital age when you're more concerned about crashing your computer than crashing your car. For businesses, it's no different: data sets are the crown jewels of any enterprise, and that means a huge emphasis on data recovery plans.

    But data recovery is hardly straightforward for any organization. There are innumerable pitfalls that can have a devastating effect on your business if you should experience a data recovery situation. So - to save you heartaches, headaches, and lost data - here are the 5 things you should know about data recovery..."

      Java Technology
      GlassFish Images on Docker Hub
      By Bruno Borges
      Bruno writes, "Great news to our fellows bleeding edge Java EE developers and GlassFish users. We are now pushing two images of the application server to Docker Hub to make it even easier to try new and upcoming releases. The GlassFish organization is under, and here are the two images we have:..."
      It's the 20th Anniversary of Java
      Are Your Java Skills Circa 1995?
      Jstiles asks, "Java has continued to evolve since launching in 1995, but have your skills kept up?

      20 years, 592,000+ Certified Java Programmers and 9 Million Java Developers later, Java Developers have never been in more demand than they are today.

      'ccording to, in January 2015, 'Java was named one of the top 10 skills hiring managers search for when in the market for cloud candidates, according to our November report.'

      Do you have the latest Java skills hiring managers are seeking?..."

      Oracle Java 8 ME Embedded + Raspberry Pi + Sensors =
      IoT World
      Yolande Poirier writes, "In Part 1 of his series on using Java ME 8 to control Internet of Things (IOT) devices--such as LEDs, relays, LCDs, sensors, motors, and switches--connected to a Raspberry Pi, Jose Cruz explained how to work with devices that use a simple general-purpose input/output (GPIO) interface. GPIO devices can be used as either a digital input or digital output, can be disabled or enabled, and can be used to drive interrupt lines. Part 1 explored how to connect and control a flame sensor, a movement sensor, and a motion sensor.

      In Part 2 of his series, Jose describes how to connect and control devices that use an inter-integrated circuit bus (I2C) interface, which is a multimaster, multislave, single-ended serial computer bus that enables you to read or write data beyond just changes in logic states..."

      Java ME Embedded 8.1 Developer Preview
      By Yolande Poirier
      "Last fall, Oracle released the Java ME Embedded 8.1 developer preview for Freescale Freedomís FRDM-K64F development platform for the ARM Cortex M based Kinetis K64, K63, and K24 microcontrollers, which was followed shortly thereafter by the release of Oracle Java ME Embedded 8.1.

      In his recent blog, Terrence Barr announced the release of the Java ME Embedded 8.1 developer preview for STMicroelectronics STM32429I-EVAL board, which is a development environment for the STM32F4xx family of ARM CortexM based microcontrollers..."

      IT - Technology
      IBM Switches On The Light For High-Speed Data Transfers
      ComputerWorld, May 12, 2015
      "BM is ready to light up data transfers over long distances between computers with a new chip that could ultimately spell the end for slower electrical wiring.

      After a decade of research, IBM has developed a new silicon photonics chip that can transfer data at aggregate speeds of 100Gbps (bits per second). In tests, the reference chip could transfer data using pulses of light over a distance of two kilometers..."

      Solar Power Road Surface Actually Works
      Network World, May 18, 2015
      "Remember that road surface being tested in the Netherlands that acted as a giant solar panel converting solar energy into electricity? Well, guess what? It actually worked.

      Six months into the test, the engineers say they've generated 3,000kwH of power from the 70-meter bike path test track. That's enough power to run a one-person household for a year, and more than expected of the project, according to SolaRoad, the company behind the experiment..."

        3 Technologies That Will Change the Business World
        Datamation, May 19, 2015
        "Often it takes a synergy of three things to make a revolution. The PC was big only after Apple delivered the concept, Microsoft delivered the productivity suite and IBM fully validated the concept for business. You needed the hardware, the software and a service organization that could put the result together at scale. Then the Compaqs and Dells of the world had the parts and the model to make it all successful.

        The next revolution will likely come the same way. The three parts I'm thinking about are MU-MIMO, the technology that creates gigabit wireless networks that scale; NVIDIA Grid, which can handle up to workstation class loads in the cloud; and something like Microsoft HoloLens that can put a computer display anyplace you can see..."

        Say goodbye to your clunky air conditioner
        Business Insider, May 19, 2015
        "Consisting simply of a surface and legs, the table is one piece of furniture that has remained largely the same for thousands of years.

        But now, a French design duo has come up with a way to turn the humble table into a means of climate control that doesn't use any electricity.

        Paris-based industrial designer Jean-Sébastien Lagrange teamed up with French engineer Raphaël Ménard to create the Zero Energy Furniture table, also known as the ZEF Climatic Table..."

          Blu-ray Disc Association Completes Ultra HD Blu-ray Specs
          Storage Newsletter, May 19, 2015
          "The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) announced completion of the Ultra HD Blu-ray specification and released the logo that will delineate Ultra HD Blu-ray products.

          The Ultra HD Blu-ray specification, which represents the work of global leaders from the consumer electronics, IT and content creation industries, will enable delivery of Ultra HD content via Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc to the rapidly growing number of UHD TV households..."

          "For years, Blu-ray Disc has set the standard for high definition picture and audio quality in the home. Ultra HD Blu-ray will do the same for UHD home entertainment," said Victor Matsuda, chair, BDA Promotions Committee. "The technical capabilities of Blu-ray Disc, in particular its significant storage capacity and high data transfer rates, will enable the delivery of an unparalleled, consistent and repeatable UHD experience."

            Secom security drone follows, photographs intruders
            PC World, May 22, 2015
            "If you think drones are more than slightly creepy, wait until you meet one that will autonomously follow you and record video.

            Japanese security company Secom is launching a drone that will automatically launch when an intruder is detected and follow him or her while sending video to human supervisors.

            The sleek silver quadcopter was shown off this week at the inaugural International Drone Expo held in Makuhari outside Tokyo, where about 50 companies gathered to exhibit drones and related technologies..."

            Feds want terabit-speed optical SDN-based system
            Network World, May 21, 2015
            "A branch of the US Department of Energy wants to take software-defined network technology and combine it with a high-speed underlying optical system that will be capable of supporting large scientific applications.

            Specifically the Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research in the Office of Science at the U.S. DOE said that networks are becoming too complicated to manage and control, especially as they provide critical support for sophisticated distributed extreme-scale science activities and Big Data-intensive scientific collaborations..."

            E-paper display gives payment cards a changing security code
            PC World, May 20, 2015
            "By embedding an e-paper display in the back of credit and debit cards, payment specialist Oberthur Technologies hopes to make online fraud a lot more difficult. An upcoming test in France will show if the underlying technology can cut it.

            Using payment cards with an embedded chip makes payments more secure in physical stores, but it's still relatively easy for criminals to copy card details and use them online. Oberthur's Motion Code technology replaces the printed 3-digit CVV (Card Verification Value) code, usually found on the back of the card, with a small screen, where the code changes periodically..."

              IT - Bitcoin
              Australia's Digitalbtc To Launch Disruptive Technology For US-To-Latin America Remittance Market
              Crypto Coin News, May 18, 2015
              "DigitalBTC, an Australia-based digital payments company, has agreed to form a joint venture company (JVC) to distribute and market a remittance product, AirPocket. The beta launch will begin in the second quarter of this year.

              DigitalBTC, which is trading on the Australian Securities Exchange as Digital DC Limited, described AirPocket as a disruptive new technology product targeting the significant and established remittance market. The U.S. to Latin America remittance market is estimated to be $84 billion..."

                The Bitcoin Blockchain Just Might Save The Music Industry...If Only We Could Understand It
                Forbes, May 17, 2015
                "The Bitcoin Blockchain just might save the music industry, but first we have to take the time to understand it. Admittedly, Bitcoin, generally, and the Blockchain, specifically, are not easily understood at first glance. However, the implications of the Bitcoin Blockchain not only for currency, but for intellectual property are too great not to expend the time and effort needed to see its applicability.

                The alternative is to let the technology go the way of Creative Commons; another tool with tremendous application, but equally tremendous misunderstanding - and thus underutilization..."

                World's First Bitcoin Security Launched On Regulated Exchange
                Crypto Coin News, May 18, 2015
                Monday morning was another watershed moment in Bitcoin history as the digital currency broke new ground in Sweden. Finansinspektionen, Sweden's controlling authority for finance, gave permissions for Stockholm's own Bitcoin-based tracker XBT Provider to be released in a public launch last month on the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange. Trading on the exchange began this morning..."
                New York Stock Exchange Changing For Bitcoin
                Crypto Coin News, May 19, 2015
                "For all the naysayers, all the critics, all the people who pronounced bitcoin dead based on nebulous metrics like its value against a U.S. Dollar, bitcoin is winning the war. Bitcoin continues to grow, evolve, and gain acceptance with industry leader after industry leader, much to the mainstream's chagrin. If you are a part of the financial status quo, get your frown ready..."
                NYSE to Introduce New Bitcoin Price Index
                NEWSBTC, May 19, 2015
                "The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is reportedly planning to introduce a special global price index to value Bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency-cum-technology.

                As reported by Mashable, the world's largest stock exchange is in the process to launch the Bitcoin price index through its Global Index Feed. It is further planning to make the index available free on its website, though for a limited time. The news website also managed to obtain a quote from the NYSE's President, Mr. Tom Farley, who confirmed their plans to launch the Bitcoin index..."

                Russia Lifts Bitcoin Ban
                NEWSBTC, May 22, 2015
                "Since the middle of the last year, the Russian government has been discussing the possible ban and criminalization of digital currency. Some Bitcoin related sites have even been blocked in a move that forced many of the Bitcoin Russian startups to close or go overseas.

                Last week, Russian courts overturned the ruling about blocking sites. Russian telecommunications regulator Roskomnadzor banned access to bitcoin payment systems in January this year by ordering internet service providers to restrict access to certain sites such as, and, according to Gigaom..."

                Bloomberg Special Report Highlights Current Trends and Issues in the Bitcoin Space
                Bitcoin Magazine, May 22, 2015
                "Bloomberg Brief has published a Special Report about Bitcoin. Written as an introduction for financial professionals and busy investors with little previous knowledge of Bitcoin, the report gives far too much space to marginal aspects such as price swings, scams and bankruptcies. However, while the depth of the analysis doesn't match that of recent reports by Goldman Sachs and other top financial institutions, the Bloomberg report offers interesting insights and opinions that highlight current trends and issues in the Bitcoin space..."
                Why Bitcoin's bad reputation is not deserved Q&A
                ITProPortal, May 19, 2015
                "We spoke to Dr Tom Robinson recently about the public perception of Bitcoin, and what the future may hold for the cyrptocurrency.

                Dr Robinson works for Elliptic Vault, a highly secure, insured digital asset custody service that safeguards bitcoin and other blockchain assets using proven deep cold storage techniques.

                We are seeing more and more news stories related to hacking and cybercrime in the last few years; as there is no way to recover lost or stolen bitcoins, does this scare off potential investors or users? Will there ever be a way to recover lost/stolen bitcoin?..."

                The Future for Blockchain Technology
                NEWSBTC, May 20, 2015
                "Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency associated with the use of blockchain technology, has struggled to shake of the negative reputation and skepticism for years. However, blockchain itself still holds the tremendous potential to transform, not just the financial industry, but other sectors as well.

                Blockchain refers to the public ledger of transactions, which are updated upon verification and operate under an additional layer of security. High-powered computers are programmed to solve algorithms to verify each transaction and in doing so, these cannot be amended or deleted..."

                IT - FOSS
                Myth Busting The Open-Source Cloud Part 5
                CIO, May 18, 2015
                "In this five-part series, we have busted myths around security, support, maturity and having too many cooks when it comes to open-source clouds. It's time to turn to a perception that is quite common and possibly the one most in need of shattering: that the open-source cloud is not ready to handle mission-critical business applications.

                This myth ties back to several of the previously mentioned misconceptions about open-source cloud computing..."

                Open Source Meets Telecom At NFV World Congress
                Network World, May 18, 2015
                "When Linux first became a serious challenger for enterprise-class infrastructure, traditional IT vendors had to contend and to rationalize just what exactly this open source thing was. The initial response from many vendors was to attempt to stop it, but it only grew.

                And as open source grew, many mostly younger businesses learned to leverage it for great commercial success; however, the titans of the previous era have had challenges adapting their business models to embrace open source successfully..."

                You've come a long way, Inkscape: Open-source Illustrator sneaks up
                The Register, May 19, 2015
                "Inkscape recently released version 0.91 of their eponymous open source vector graphics application... Inkscape is available on Windows, OS X and Linux, but it feels most at home on the latter where it has become the de facto vector graphics app.

                But here's the rub: Inkscape might well take a backseat to Adobe's Illustrator in terms of popularity on Windows and OS X, but, with Adobe moving to subscription pricing, the more budget-minded graphics professionals (and anyone who does not want to deal with the onerous process of installing and licensing Adobe subscriptions) might want to take a closer look at Inkscape..."

                75 Open Source Cloud Computing Apps
                Datamation, May 20, 2015
                "In one recent survey, IT managers said that the most important project their teams are working on for 2015 is cloud computing. And IDC predicts that by 2018, the worldwide market for public cloud services will be worth more than $127 billion, accounting for 'more than half of worldwide software, server and storage spending growth.'

                The open source community is heavily involved in this cloud trend. Open source technologies provide the foundation for many public cloud services, and many enterprises are using these same technologies to build private and hybrid clouds. In addition, many open source projects offer cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) versions of their applications..."

                How open source disrupted the CMS market
      , May 21, 2015
                "Open source is increasingly changing the software industry. We can see open source products gaining market share in almost every category today, and this development is continuing at a fast pace.

                Although a lot of business people still intuitively think of Linux when it comes to open source software, content management systems played a pivotal role in changing the mindset within corporations. Why? Because the CMS industry was one of the first to largely adopt open source products. Nowadays, the most corporations use open source content management systems for their web platforms. Some of them may not even realize it..."

                Open source is about more than cost savings
      , May 21, 2015
                "I recently stumbled upon this piece discussing the cost of cloud, and it made me realize that people still seem to mistakenly believe that open source is just about cost savings. Often times, when asked to explain the reasons for going open source, rarely is cost at the top of the list - it's perceived as a more long-term benefit, ultimately, but certainly not expected in the initial ramp up of open source projects..."
                How to setup a HA OpenStack environment with Oracle Solaris Cluster
                By Glynn Foster

                "The Oracle Solaris Cluster team have just released a new technical whitepaper that covers how administrators can use Oracle Solaris Cluster to set up a HA OpenStack environment on Oracle Solaris.

                In a typical multi-node environment in OpenStack it's important that administrators can set up infrastructure that is resilient to service or hardware failure. Oracle Solaris Cluster is developed in lock step with Oracle Solaris to provide additional HA capabilities and is deeply integrated into the platform. Service availability is maximized with full orchestrated disaster recovery for enterprise applications in both physical and virtual environments..."

                Cloud Computing
                The Cloud Platform Online Forum
                Now available on-demand
                Modern Business. Modern Cloud. Is Your PaaS Delivering the Agility Your Users Demand?

                View the on-demand Online Forum with keynote featuring Oracle experts and IDC analyst Robert Mahowald. Watch all the sessions to learn how to rapidly build, deploy, manage, and secure rich applications and enable business collaboration and innovation using an integrated cloud platform built on the industry's #1 Database and Application Server.

                • Access highly engaging content specifically designed for:
                • Java and Database developers
                • Database managers and administrators
                • IT operations managers
                • Lines of business managers

                Oracle also invites you to attend an upcoming event, "Oracle Cloud Day | Modern Business. Modern Cloud". Please visit the registration page for a city near you!

                Providing High Availability to the OpenStack Cloud Controller on Oracle Solaris with Oracle Solaris Cluster
                White Paper (61 Pages)
                Thorsten Früauf of Oracle Solaris Cluster Engineering, writes "Oracle Solaris delivers a complete OpenStack distribution which is integrated with its core technologies such as Oracle Solaris Zones, the ZFS file system, and its image packaging system (IPS). OpenStack in Oracle Solaris 11.2 helps IT organizations to create an enterprise-ready Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud, so that users can quickly deploy virtual networking and compute resources by using a centralized web-based portal...

                Our team has created a new white paper to specifically explain how to provide high availability to the OpenStack cloud controller on Oracle Solaris with Oracle Solaris Cluster..."

                IT - Cloud
                What's the best cloud storage for you?
                ZDNet, May 18, 2015
                "Back in 2007 when Drew Houston, Dropbox's CEO, had gotten sick and tired of misplacing his USB drive the idea of personal and small business cloud storage was a radical one. Today, everyone and their uncle seems to be offering cheap or free cloud storage.

                That's great! Except, well, how do you choose which one is right for you? It used to be that most people decided simply on the basis of how much free storage you got. That had the advantage of being simple, but it only tells part of the story.

                The real value from a cloud storage service comes from how well it works for you. As you'll see, some work much better with some operating systems and business plans than others..."

                Cloud Security - Tips for a Better Cloud Architecture
                Dark Reading, May 18, 2015
                "In our previous article, we took a look at how cloud providers are actively creating policies that ensure optimal cloud security. With so much cloud growth, it's becoming very clear that more organizations are adopting some kind of cloud model to optimize their own businesses. Still, where big cloud service providers are doing a good job around security, there are still areas for improvement within the private data center. Also, smaller cloud providers must always ensure the integrity of their client base..."
                Six 'People And Process' Tips For Migrating To A Hybrid Cloud Environment
                Information Age, May 18, 2015
                "Hybrid cloud migration requires consideration given to people and process as well as technology. That's why having a very clear idea of the plans and aims in moving to hybrid cloud are important, and that these goals are discussed with IT teams at all levels (application, storage, network, system, etc.), as building their knowledge into the preparations will prove invaluable.

                With these teams, you can develop technical requirements, answering critical questions such as whether applications need to be scalable depending on the future needs of the business, or looking at load balancing (distribution of workloads) for when the demand is greatest..:"

                  How DDoS has evolved into new threats against a data center
                  Data Center Knowledge, May 19, 2015
                  "Today's business world is becoming ever more reliant on the data center. With more workloads, more end-points, and a lot more data, demands around resources and efficient technologies continues to grow. The data center has become the heart of any modern organization. With virtualization and cloud computing at the helm, many are saying that it's great to be in the data center business. Although this may be the case from an infrastructure side, we can never forget that as more people move towards a type of platform - the bigger the target becomes..."
                  Public cloud? Two vendors float on high, says Gartner
                  The Register, May 19, 2015
                  "Gartner's latest report on Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) places just two vendors in the coveted top right 'Leaders' segment of its 'Magic Quadrant' chart.

                  The research and analyst firm presented the report at its Infrastructure, Operations and Data Center Summit in Sydney yesterday.

                  Those two are Amazon Web Services (AWS), which comes top for both Ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision in Gartner's analysis, and Microsoft, in a clear second place..."

                  OpenStack private cloud meets high IO demands
                  SearchCloudApplications, May 19, 2015
                  "While OpenStack has gained attention and popularity among cloud-savvy adopters, it is far from easy to implement and manage within the data center. When Ooyala, a media company that provides video technology to some of the largest broadcasters in the world, wanted to pull its higher-IO workloads back in-house, its team looked to OpenStack private cloud. But it didn't go it alone..."
                  OpenStack isn't just ready for enterprise adoption, it's already there
                  ZDNet, May 21, 2015
                  "Some people, like Forrester Research, still have concerns about OpenStack. That's cute.

                  While Forrester, and they're far from the only ones, worry about just how ready OpenStack is for the business, Best Buy, BMW, EBay, and WalMart are already using OpenStack for mission-critical work. Maybe it's just me, but if companies with their kind of volume of work are using OpenStack, I'd say it's not just ready, it's here.

                  Make no mistake about it. Deploying OpenStack is not easy. OpenStack is complicated..."

                  DevOps and cloud made for each other
                  SearchCloudApplications, May 22, 2015
                  "Although a transition to DevOps doesn't make sense for every IT organization today, most are adopting public cloud computing services, in which both DevOps and cloud go hand-in-hand. According to experts, the cloud facilitates DevOps, which will eventually become the modus operandi for IT.

                  DevOps is the merging of tasks done by application development and IT or systems operations teams. 'The whole DevOps thing is about building in automation as much as possible to reduce that burden on the Ops people, and I think the cloud facilitates that. It makes it easier,' said Michael Azoff, principal analyst at Ovum..."

                  Data Encryption In The Cloud: Square Pegs In Round Holes
                  Dark Reading, May 21, 2015
                  "Conventional encryption is a surefire solution for protecting sensitive data -- except when it breaks cloud applications. "Format-preserving" encryption could change all that.

                  Faced with the security concerns of storing sensitive data in the cloud, many organizations' first response is, 'let's encrypt everything.' Encryption can be necessary to satisfy data residency regulatory requirements and can help prevent disclosure of data for a blind subpoena. Even more important, for enterprises, encryption can provide peace of mind in the event of a data breach. The bad news is that traditional encryption techniques can also pose limitations to the functionality of cloud applications. I call this the 'Square-Pegs-Round-Holes' problem..."

                  Cloud threatens traditional IT jobs, forces change
                  Search Data Center, May 22, 2015
                  "Cloud computing will continue to change the modern data center in eight distinct ways, and has already resulted in enterprise IT job cuts.

                  Those changes to the data center will include connectivity, resiliency, trust, overprovisioning, speculative build out, business management, controls and automation and expansion of the data center perimeter, according to Andy Lawrence, the research vice president for data center technologies at 451 Research, who outlined the changes to traditional enterprise and colocation data centers in a session at the Uptime Institute Symposium this week..."

                  Cloud Security: Transparency Is Crucial for Service Providers
                  CIO, May 22, 2015
                  "A recent IDG Enterprise cloud study suggests that organizations are finally getting over some long-held reservations about cloud security, but they also want vendors to be more transparent about the controls they use to protect customer data in the cloud.

                  About 75 percent of the nearly 1,700 IT managers polled in the IDG survey said they were somewhat to very confident in the security of information they have in the cloud, a number roughly the same as the previous year. However, nearly 6 out of 10 of the same respondents also said they could not embrace the cloud more fully until service providers show they meet corporate compliance requirements..."

                  99 problems but the cloud ain't one: Why Hybrid Cloud?
                  ITProPortal, May 21, 2015
                  "When cloud technology started to gain traction with businesses the main concerns expressed were over data security and control. Customers questioned what compromises they would have to make with their on-premise infrastructure to reap the benefits of cloud computing.

                  However, the cloud has developed significantly over the past few years, and the emergence of hybrid cloud has allowed businesses to reap the benefits of lower cost public cloud offerings whilst keeping control of their most prized and sensitive data on-premise..."

                  IT - CxO
                  Industry 4.0: It's all about information technology this time
                  ZDNet, May 19, 2015
                  "A favorite theme many speakers -- especially futurists -- like to invoke is that we've passed the industrial revolution, or even the information revolution that superseded it, and we're now in some kind of "post-information" revolution. Some people, especially on the European side of the pond, have another name for it, calling it 'Industry 4.0.'

                  Just to clarify this phenomenon, the numbering wasn't meant to align with any of the information technology waves of the past few decades -- Web 2.0, et. al. But the transformation promised with Industry 4.0 has everything to do with IT..."

                  Should Central It Butt Out Of Information Management?
                  Information Age, May 18, 2015
                  "A worker's ability to find information quickly and efficiently is a key element of modern business, delivering advances in productivity, effectiveness and compliance.

                  Information may be stored in email archives, content systems, social media or potentially anywhere across the enterprise, and it may come in many forms - from office files, PDFs and emails, to tweets, photography, video and sound files..."

                    Is Your Company A Place Where Employees Grow And Thrive, Or Wither And Leave?
                    Forrester, May 18, 2015
                    "As Forrester's Customer Experience Index (CX Index) proves, the key determiner of a company's success is customer satisfaction. We can also prove that there is a strong correlation between employee satisfaction and customer perception and opinion, which is more pronounced with those employees who have a greater impact on your customers. To improve customer satisfaction, these employees have to feel that they can succeed..."
                      Communication Between It And Non-It Workers In A State Of Crisis
                      CIO, May 18, 2015
                      "Results from the CIO Executive Council's 'Power of Effective IT Communication' benchmark survey indicate that IT teams lack the talent to communicate. This results in a state of crisis between IT and non-IT employees, which could prove disastrous in this era of unparalleled digital disruption.

                      Communication between IT and non-IT employees is in a state of crisis - across job titles, across verticals, across regions. Four out of five IT leaders claim that building trust and credibility is highly important. However, only four out of one hundred believe that they are highly effective in communicating with their non-IT colleagues..."

                      Disruptive CIOs Change The Conversation
                      The Enterprisers Project, May 18, 2015
                      "The most effective CIOs demonstrate leadership by being proactive 'Disruptors' who introduce new technologies, workflows and business processes. That was the theme of a roundtable at a previous CIO 100 conference.

                      Being disruptive in today's environment means moving away from the norms of expected actions and finding new ways to accomplish redefined objectives that don't follow the existing methods..."

                      CIOs Get Clever About Finding Needed Skills as IT Talent Shortage Grows
                      Wall St. Journal, May 19, 2015
                      "A shortage of qualified IT talent challenges CIOs trying to respond to the tech demands of business.

                      Fifty-nine percent of CIOs and other IT executives face a skills shortage, according to a survey released Tuesday by Harvey Nash Group and KPMG LLP. Closer to home, more than 20% of technology executives said they are actively looking for new jobs. The report polled 3,691 technology leaders worldwide.

                      The skills shortage comes as changes in technology continue to outpace technology education. Hardest to find are professionals with experience in analytics, change management and app development - key skills for transforming companies to better compete in digital business, said Bob Miano, president and CEO of professional recruiting firm Harvey Nash USA...."

                      The enterprise technologies to watch in 2015
                      ZDNet, May 19, 2015
                      "As business and IT leaders prepare for their next budget cycle this year, more emerging and not-yet-adopted technologies must be considered as candidates than ever before. Yet despite the seemingly endless flow of new applications, devices, and services, it's always important to sort the latest digital innovations into the strategic and tactical, into what is merely incremental, and the can't-miss digital trains leaving the station that could create all new markets, new channels, and vital future growth opportunities for the business..."
                        CIOs should make sure their teams are as strong as their networks
                        The Enterprisers Project, May 22, 2015
                        "Technology and enterprise IT are going through dramatic and rapid changes. What does that mean to the role of the CIO? It means taking a second look at both your team and your relationship to your business counterparts, according to Joel Dolisy, CIO of the infrastructure management software company SolarWinds. In an interview, he explains how today's CIOs must evolve to keep pace with their organizations.

                        The Enterprisers Project (TEP): As technology becomes more of an enabler, how is the CIO role evolving?..."

                        18 enterprise software selection risks and how to avoid them
                        CIO, May 22, 2015
                        "Buying enterprise software can be a risky proposition. Having an idea of the risks faced when selecting such software helps organizations to develop mitigation strategies.

                        Organizations always seek a return on enterprise software investments. All too often, that planned ROI doesn't materialize because the best-fit software is not selected. This article examines the more common software selection risks, along with suggestions to alleviate those risks..."

                          10 Ways to Optimize IT Operations
                          eWeek, May 21, 2015
                          "As data volumes and larger workloads continue to increase, virtualization has become the standard environment and cloud computing is a go-to approach for many functions. As the result of all these additional IT layers, the complexity and scale of IT application infrastructures necessarily rise. There are more powerful servers, more capacious storage arrays, faster networking equipment, bigger pipes for connecting it all and a lot more apps running outside the firewall serving the enterprise. IT needs to plan for and manage these changes carefully and provide accessibility, flexibility and privacy for their employees and customers without adding significant dollars to their IT budgets..."
                          How Drivers Of Disruption Are Impacting Business
                          CIO Insight, May 18, 2015
                          "CIOs today are frequently under pressure to come up with new, disruptive technologies. But how many have a map to pursue such efforts? A recent paper from The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) promises to deliver such a resource by pinpointing four critical drivers of disruption: the rise of big data; the deconstruction of value chains; the polarization of economies of mass (which refers to the pushing of business advantage simultaneously to the very big and the very small); and the rise of holistic, stacked architectures..."
                          Making the first 100 days count: How a new CIO sets the right priorities
                          ZDNet, May 19, 2015
                          "Mark Bramwell has recently taken on the role of CIO at the Said Business School, part of the University of Oxford...

                          Bramwell explains to ZDNet how he will support the technology and the business to achieve the Said school's growth aspirations. As well as outlining his initial objectives, Bramwell offers five best practice tips for newly appointed CIOs and outlines his long-term vision for both IT at Said and his own position in the organisation..."

                          Wed May 27th - vBeers @ Miami - Mike's at Venetian
                          6pm - 9pm (Sponsored Food and Beer)
                          Join us for the next vBeers @ Miami. We meet on the 4th Wednesday of each month in Miami, Florida, USA. Come out and connect with other professionals in your industry! vBeers is a great event meant to promote growth of the IT industry here in South Florida. Please RSVP at the vBeers South Florida page.

                          Register today so you can be a part of this great monthly event! Feel free to invite your friends and co workers who work in the IT industry! The South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA) is managing sponsorships. Please contact Douglas Saenz for details.

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                          Join us for one of the four South Florida vBeers events. Details @

                          vBeers @ Palm Beach Gardens
                          Wednesday June 4th, 6pm to 9pm
                          Come out and connect with other professionals in your industry! vBeers is a great event meant to promote growth of the IT industry here in South Florida. Register today so you can be a part of this great monthly event! Feel free to invite all of your friends and co workers who work in the IT industry!

                          This event is sponsored with and through the South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA)


                          • Twisted Trunk Brewing
                          • 2000 PGA Boulevard, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33408 Date and Time

                          • Wednesday, June 4th, 2015 - 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

                          Please RSVP at

                          IT - DR
                          Demystifying disaster recovery in the cloud
                          Information Age, May 19, 2015
                          "The words 'cloud' and 'security' are most often found in the same sentence when concerns about the latter are holding back adoption of the former. However, developments in disaster recovery are making cloud a friend to business continuity.

                          By having disaster recovery delivered as a service by a cloud provider, organisations are offered faster recovery of critical IT systems and data with centralised, scalable management - and without the hefty costs of another physical backup site.

                          But like most new solutions pitched to the market, both IT and business stakeholders are finding themselves confused by a degree of ambiguity and conflicting information..."

                          What IT can learn from the Holborn outage about dealing with disaster
                          Information Age, May 20, 2015
                          "We all like to complain about services going down just when we need them most. The wrong kind of weather - extremes of hot and cold - can wreak havoc with trains, and the road network can get snarled up fast.

                          Utilities - especially energy and telecoms - have more downtime than you might expect, as interruptions are often local, such as the recent fire in Holborn, central London, which wiped out telephone and Internet connections for several days. As you try to get from A to B or keep on working in these scenarios, you ask, 'Where are the backup and recovery plans?'..."

                            Dump DR in favor of high-availability features? Not so fast
                            SearchStorage, May 22, 2015
                            "Looking at the latest marketing materials from the hypervisor vendors, you'd think high-availability features had become so reliable and powerful that you no longer needed any disaster recovery strategies. Not so fast, I say.

                            First off, let's hear the argument put forth by the vendors: Considering that 95% of interruption events do not involve catastrophic facility failures (fires, for example) or broad geography disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes, nuclear plant catastrophes,) HA clustering is all you need to cope with most interruption events. So, high-availability features trump DR, right?..."

                            IT - PM
                            5 More Tips For Remote Project Managers
                            CIO, May 18, 2015
                            "Awhile back I discussed some of my top tips for remote project managers. I've been managing projects and consulting engagements remotely, virtually and with distributed teams for over 7 years now. While it is very rewarding and I've saved countless hours of my life by not commuting in a car and saved the ozone a bit by not polluting the environment further - keeping my carbon footprint to a minimum (is that still a thing?) - there are still many things you need to consider. It's not for everyone and it is certainly not without challenges..."
                              10 tips to get the most out of your project management system
                              CIO, May 19, 2015
                              "Just about everyone who manages projects will agree that having a simple way to do so is a great idea. And there are many software systems out there that promise to do just that. Yet ask organizations about project management software adoption and many will complain about workers refusing or being hesitant to use the software or certain (often crucial) features.

                              We asked dozens of project management professionals why project management software often fails to live up to expectations. Here are their top 10 tips for how to get the most out of your project management system - and ensure teams are properly using it..."

                              5 things I would tell my project manager self from 15 years ago
                              CIO, May 20, 2015
                              "If I could go back in time and talk to my project manager self 15 years ago, I think I could probably convince myself of a few things, offer some key insights, and make myself an even better and more empowered project manager and consultant than I am today.

                              Here are the top 5 things I would discuss with myself of 15 years back if I had the chance to do so. These are areas that started out tough or caused me grief from time to time and I can look back and say, 'if I had taken charge of this then I would be that much further ahead now' ..."

                                This one PMO approach is obscuring the truth from your stakeholders
                                CIO, May 22, 2015
                                "Some years ago, a local builder here in Seattle was taking me through the project plan for my new house. This plan was a work of art, as its structure supported the conversation between client and project manager extremely well. I was fascinated by their approach and the clarity it brought to the process for three reasons. First, I actually understood all of the major steps in the project without needing a quick reference guide, color key or training. Roof, drywall, flooring were all readily understandable and verifiable steps..."
                                  OTN Virtual Technology Summit
                                  Now Available OnDemand

                                  "In case you missed our live day event, the latest OTN Virtual Technology Summit is now available OnDemand. Learn first hand from Oracle ACEs, Java Champions, and Oracle product experts, as they share their insight and expertise on using Oracle technologies to meet today's IT challenges. Learn through Hands on Labs and Technical Presentations / Demo's.

                                  Register Now to view the following sessions in each track..."

                                  IT - Networks
                                  CIOs Put The Internet Of Things In Perspective
                                  Network World, May 18, 2015
                                  "When you hear the phrase Internet of Things (IoT), you are probably excited, confused, concerned or tired of hearing the buzzphrase -- or maybe all of those things plus a few more. After all, the reality of digital devices acting on their own to capture, transmit and, in some cases, act on data affects everything from home appliances to telehealth is attention-getting..."
                                  4 new access points deliver super-fast Wi-Fi
                                  Network World, May 19, 2015
                                  "We put four new access points to the test, from Linksys, Xclaim, Amped and ZyXel, using the same test-bed and methods as our last review. The Linksys LAPAC1750PRO performed best in the throughput tests and was a feature-rich product. The Amped Wireless AP was a close second in the speed tests and is a solid business-class access point. The Xclaim unit did well given it's only a two stream (2x2) AP. The ZyXEL unit was last in throughput, but has a number of advanced features in the areas of configuration, management and security..."
                                  Network Shifts to Support Video Distribution
                                  TechZone360, May 21, 2015
                                  "Network strategies are underpinned by many aspects. It starts with consumer adoption of online and mobile video in droves. It continues with local caching and content delivery network initiatives meant to offload stress from metro loops. And it continues with accommodating what happens after all of that traffic is aggregated back to the core network. It's safe to say that video distribution is the single-most pressing driver when it comes to upgrading networks of all arenas for the digital age..."
                                    IT - IoT
                                    Overcoming the massive friction slowing the Internet of Things
                                    ComputerWorld, May 22, 2015
                                    "Just stating that the Internet of Things needs to be standardized is too simplistic. So let's get specific: Standardization must occur in the middle networking layer, and the quickest way to get there is to extend the Internet Protocol (IP) all the way to the end devices that are the "things" of the IoT.

                                    Even before the IoT had a name, it was evolving separately in different industries and was solving different problems. And the technology involved -- whether for a consumer home automation system or an industrial SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system -- followed its own evolutionary path..."

                                    IoT will force CIOs to enter the realm of operational technology
                                    SearchCIO, May 22, 2015
                                    "The Internet of Things is now sufficiently mature for CIOs to adopt, but they must be prepared to deal with a number of deployment roadblocks.

                                    That's the view of panelists discussing the much-hyped technology at this week's MIT Sloan CIO Symposium. The Internet of Things (IoT) describes a range of scenarios, from industrial manufacturing to dairy farm management, that aim to harness information gathered from Internet Protocol-connected physical objects equipped with sensors. The objective: Use the sensor data, once collected and analyzed, to inform human decision-making or, skipping human intervention entirely, to trigger actuators that operate other systems. The familiar consumer example of a smartphone-controlled thermostat provides one example of the latter approach..."

                                    IT - Linux
                                    How to get started with Linux: A beginner's guide
                                    PC World, May 18, 2015
                                    "The world of Linux is ready to welcome you, with a shower of free open-source software you can use on any PC: hundreds of active Linux distributions, and dozens of different desktop environments you could run on them. It's a far cry from the one-size-fits-all, this-is-just-what-comes-with-your-PC vision of Windows.

                                    Everything from software installation to hardware drivers works differently on Linux, though, which can be daunting. Take heart - you don't even need to install Linux on your PC to get started. Here's everything you need to know..."

                                    Is Linux Better than OS X? GNU, Open Source and Apple in History
                                    The VAR Guy, May 18, 2015
                                    "Open source fans have long had a rocky relationship with Microsoft. Everyone knows that. But, in many ways, the tension between Apple and supporters of free or open source software is even starker - even if it receives much less attention in the press.

                                    To be sure, not all open source advocates have an aversion to Apple..."

                                    Linux Container Operating Systems: Thin Is In
                                    InformationWeek, May 19, 2015
                                    "When is less really more? When it's a Linux operating system designed to run containers, such as Red Hat Atomic Host, Ubuntu Snappy, or CoreOS. As developers increasingly embrace containers for building and running apps, these small footprint systems could change the operating system's long-standing role as a catch-all for historic but less-important functions, like fax servers.

                                    The small size is all about speed -- an inactive container operating system at rest in solid state memory can be called up and running in 1.5 seconds..."

                                    IT - Operations
                                    How Green is your Data Center?
                                    Data Center Knowledge, May 18, 2015
                                    "The demand for data center operations and energy costs are rising. Global data center traffic is estimated to grow threefold from 2012 to 2017 and power requirements will increase as well according to Devva Bodas, lead architect for The Green Grid Association.

                                    Many organizations are announcing green initiatives. Apple announced that its massive data centers in Ireland and Denmark will be powered entirely by renewable energy, and Amazon is investing in an Indiana wind farm. But it's not just the huge enterprises that feel the pressure to be energy efficient..."

                                    The Data Center Of The Future? It's The One CIOs Don't Operate
                                    SearchCIO, May 18, 2015
                                    "IT leaders need to make tough choices on where to focus their efforts. Running the data center of the future won't be on Niel Nickolaisen's agenda.

                                    Technology is ubiquitous and it is constantly changing. Because of that, IT leaders must become really good at deciding which technology battles they should fight. For a while, the really interesting technology innovations came from the non-infrastructure side of life with things like advanced analytics, mobile apps, social, digital marketing, micro-services, data privacy, collaboration, and all manner of compelling things worth fighting for in the corporate corridors of power..."

                                    The Evolution of the Data Center: Shifting from the 'Model T'
                                    Data Center Knowledge, May 19, 2015
                                    "The evolution of the data center is under acceleration. The standard builds and designs of 10 or 15 years ago are rapidly giving way to more flexible models that can match an increasingly sophisticated customer base. This change is not unlike the trajectory of the Model T Ford and its cookie cutter design, which was revolutionary in its era, but eventually could not keep up with the pace of society or provide consumers the full spectrum of what they wanted in a vehicle. What does this mean for the data center industry?..."
                                      Performance Monitoring, another view
                            , May 20, 2015
                                      "This is my first post to, for those who haven't read my other writings, I currently work as the VP of Market Development and Insights at AppDynamics. I joined in February 2015 after being at Gartner for 4 years as a Research VP covering all things monitoring. During my time as a Gartner analyst I would help buyers make decisions about purchasing monitoring software. When I read articles on the internet which blatantly disregard best practices I either smell that something is fishy (sponsorship) or they just didn't follow a process. Conversely some people do follow a proper process. I specifically wrote this up due to reading a really fishy article..."
                                      IT - Security
                                      Forrester's Security & Risk Research Spotlight - The IAM Playbook For 2015
                                      Forrester, May 18, 2015
                                      "Once a month I use my blog to highlight some of S&R's most recent and trending research. When I first became research director of the S&R team more than 5 years ago, I was amazed to discover that 30% to 35% of the thousands of client questions the team fielded each year were related to IAM (Identity and Access Management). And it's still true today. Even though no individual technology within IAM has reached the dizzying heights of other buzz inducing trends (e.g. DLP circa 2010 and actionable threat intelligence circa 2014), IAM has remained a consistent problem/opportunity within security. Why? ..."
                                      It's Time Security Pros Shake Their Devops Fear, Uncertainly, And Doubt
                            , May 18, 2015
                                      "There's been considerable discussion recently about how to make certain good security practices remain integrated within DevOps-driven environments. To get the scoop from a security pro who is experienced working on delivering security programs in development environments, I turned to Andrew Storms for some insight. Storms has been leading IT, security and compliance teams for the past 20 years and his multidisciplinary background includes product management, quality assurance, and software engineering..."
                                      Experts Urge InfoSec Info Sharing At Columbia-GCIG Conference
                                      Dark Reading, May 18, 2015
                                      "The necessity for greater cybersecurity information sharing was stressed by speakers from academia, government and finance, Friday, at the Conference on Internet Governance and Cyber-Security, held by the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs, in collaboration with the Global Commission on Internet Governance (GCIG)..."
                                      What Every CSO Should Be Doing Now About The Starbucks Potential Hack
                                      CSO Online, May 18, 2015
                                      "The potential hack of the Starbucks' app is now a major news story. Whether or not the stories are correct, that criminals have used the automatic reload feature of the Starbucks' app to steal money from a consumer's account, it is an incredible opportunity to demonstrate the relevance of your security efforts, as well to demonstrate that you provide value to the employee base..."
                                      Malicious Adware More Than Doubled Last Year
                                      CSO Online, May 18, 2015
                                      "The amount of malicious adware more than doubled last year as cybercriminals adjust their strategy in the wake of better security elsewhere, according to a new malware report from G Data Software.

                                      In the second half of 2014, adware accounted for 31.4 percent of all new malware signatures, up from 14.1 percent during the first half of the year..."

                                      Top Security Tools In The Fight Against Cybercrime
                                      Network World, May 18, 2015
                                      "Cybercrime is a massive global threat, and U.S. businesses are the No.1 target. For tips and advice about how best to defend against cyberattacks, Network World asked security pros to name their No.1, most valuable security tool.

                                      Many of the experts we interviewed pointed out that there is no silver bullet when it comes to security..."

                                      Revenge Hacking And The It Skills Drought: An Interview With Fireeye'S Cio
                            , May 12, 2015
                                      "Few security firms have hit the headlines as regularly as FireEye over the past year.

                                      Having uncovered close to all of 2014's zero day vulnerabilities, FireEye kicked off 2015 by uncovering a number of suspected state-sponsored attacks targeting government departments and businesses involved in critical infrastructure.

                                      However, the firm's successes have been a two-edged sword and drawn the ire of many of the world's most dangerous hackers. Working as FireEye's global chief information officer (CIO), this has not been lost on Julie Cullivan..."

                                      Social Engineering: Even Shakespeare understood security's weakest link
                                      CSO Online, May 19, 2015
                                      "What do Shakespearean tragedies and security issues have in common? Both are overwhelmingly the result of human error. Othello is one Shakespeare greatest plays, and Iago is one of literature's first social engineers.

                                      The hubris of Othello and the cruelty of Iago transcend time and generation because human beings are flawed. If this is true, then regardless of how impenetrable they believe their hardware and software programs to be, CSOs and CISOs can only do so much to build barriers around their organizations. In the end the security of their organizations are not contingent upon the strength of their hardware but at the mercy of hackers and the end users..."

                                      3 'Old' Attack Trends That Dominated Q1
                                      Dark Reading, May 19, 2015
                                      "What's old is new as attackers recycle their attack patterns.

                                      Trend Micro TrendLabs released a new report today that summed up the first three months worth of malicious activity as a function of utility rather than ingenuity. As Trend's researchers explained, the high volume of attacks lobbied today against Internet targets relied very heavily on old techniques recycled in slightly new ways..."

                                        The cybersecurity domino effect
                                        Help Net Security, May 19, 2015
                                        "RedSeal unveiled its survey of high-ranking executives that illustrates widespread concern regarding the potential effects of cyberattacks in corporate America.

                                        Most of the C-level professionals surveyed readily acknowledge that a coordinated assault launched by sophisticated cybercriminals would wreak ongoing havoc on business operations, cause considerable harm to a brand, and potentially affect related companies, even entire industries..."

                                          Why IT security needs a rebrand
                                          Information Age, May 21, 2015
                                          "Most organisations, regardless of size or sector, would be hard pushed to call their IT security 'popular'. The general feeling is these tools, together with those of us that implement and maintain them, hamper technological innovation and inhibit organisational flexibility. In short, some (many?) don't see us adding value.

                                          This feeling is compounded each time cyber-criminals prove publically that they now have the financial strength and skill to beat the majority of enterprise IT security solutions..."

                                          What Is Two-Factor Authentication and Why Do I Need It?
                                          Re/code, May 21, 2015
                                          "Given the prevalence of security breaches and Internet fraud these days, you probably know the importance of having strong, unique passwords for all your various online accounts. (And no, 123456 is not a good password.) I've reviewed several solutions, like LastPass and 1Password, that can help you with this.

                                          But even if you're being smart about your passwords, hackers are still finding ways to crack them. There's one more step you should take to protect yourself, and that's a process called two-factor authentication..."

                                          Long list of devices believed to be affected by NetUSB vulnerability
                                          SC Magazine, May 19, 2015
                                          "Potentially millions of devices around the globe - notably routers - are vulnerable due to a remotely exploitable kernel stack buffer overflow (CVE-2015-3036) identified in NetUSB, a Linux kernel module developed by Taiwan-based KCodes that is used to provide USB device sharing on a home network.

                                          The issue presents itself when a client sends the computer name as part of the 'connection initiation,' a Tuesday blog post stated, explaining that the stack buffer overflows when specifying a name longer than 64 characters..."

                                          Cybercrime poses a potential existential threat to our society, and we're completely unprepared
                                          Business Insider, May 22, 2015
                                          "Whether or not Chris Roberts, the security researcher who recently claimed to have hacked into the flight control system of a plane while it was in flight, was telling the truth about his ability to hijack a plane, we've most definitely entered the era of cybercrime.

                                          The idea that a criminal group could electronically take control of a plane - or flight control system or power grid - is feasible..."

                                          5 Signs Credentials In Your Network Are Being Compromised
                                          Dark Reading, May 20, 2015
                                          "Where should you start to keep ahead of attackers using insiders to steal corporate secrets or personal identifiable information? Check out these common scenarios.

                                          As simple as it may sound, creating visibility to the status of user credentials in a network is a sure, safe first step for mitigating user-related threats, such as the 'insider threat.' Here are five basic scenarios we advise organizations to monitor, in order to identify when trusted insider credentials may have been compromised:.."

                                            IT - Careers
                                            9 LinkedIn Super Tips For Job Seekers, Brand Builders And Hiring Managers
                                            Forbes, May 18, 2015
                                            "Not only does simply having a photo get you views, but refreshing your profile photo will help boost them. According to LinkedIn data, Millennials change their profile photos more frequently than any other age group - which means they're also the most viewed demo on the site...

                                            Ramp up your writing. In the age of social media, brevity has become the new normal. But what's good for your Twitter feed isn't so great for your LinkedIn profile.

                                            'LinkedIn users who have at least 40 words in their Summary section can drive more page views,' says Fisher, explaining that it will improve the chances you'll get into search results..."

                                              5 Hot Trends In Software Development Hiring
                                              CIO, May 18, 2015
                                              "Hiring trends change as fast as technology, and it's important to keep your skills up to date. Here are 5 of the fastest growing trends in the tech industry -- and the software you need to know...

                                              Technology hasn't only changed the way we communicate, exchange information and consume media, but it has also created jobs in fields we couldn't have imagined 10 years ago. Five years ago, a software engineer might have been comfortable understanding Java and perhaps a second language, like C++. But today, the number of programming languages you can learn has grown to include Python, Ruby, Swift, and Objective-C, to name just a few.

                                              As a job seeker in the tech industry, how can you keep your resume competitive to ensure you are top of the list for new job openings? ..."

                                              Google's HR boss shares 10 secrets to running a company everyone wants to work for
                                              Business Insider, May 19, 2015
                                              "Since joining Google as its senior vice president of People Operations in 2006, Laszlo Bock has seen the company transform into a powerful global company, growing from 6,000 employees to nearly 60,000.

                                              With his team, Bock developed management strategies to make Google one of the most desirable places to work for top tech talent, he writes in his book, "Work Rules!"

                                              This approach has helped Google become one of the happiest companies in America.

                                              Here are Bock's top 10 management tips, which he's used at Google and recommends you bring to your workplace:..."

                                              IT Resume Makeover: Just the facts (and only the pertinent ones)
                                              CIO, May 20, 2015
                                              "David Thorburn-Gundlach's resume might as well have been covered by a cloak of invisibility, at least as far as recruiters and hiring managers were concerned. Though the nine-page document included a wealth of technical skills, knowledge and facts, it wasn't doing him any favors. In fact, it was hiding his true value to potential employers.

                                              But what Thorburn-Gundlach did have going for him was an awareness that his resume was more of a hindrance than a help, and that it was badly out-of-date..."

                                                Shorten the Time to Hire for Your IT Positions
                                                CIO, May 21, 2015
                                                "The IT job market has been so strong now for over 15 months, and it looks like it will continue to be strong in 2015/2016. Organizations across the country are expected to continue to increase their staff, from help desk to desktop support and especially in areas such as system administrators, network engineers, DBAs, and developers. The demand has been enormous, so the candidate pool for skilled labor is shrinking - as organizations expand the IT departments. How, then, can your organization attract the right candidates for your open positions? Read on for our five tips to meeting your growing IT requirements in a competitive hiring environment..."
                                                  8 tips for finding and managing programmers
                                                  CIO, May 22, 2015
                                                  "Demand for top software engineering talent is going through the roof, which makes recruiting and keeping exceptional developers one of a CIO's biggest challenges.. This is especially true if you happen to be in a location where you are competing for talent with a tech giant like Oracle or Google..."

                                                  Paul Graham, a co-founder of seed capital firm Y Combinator, published a blog post stating following about developers: 'The U.S. has less than 5 percent of the world's population. Which means if the qualities that make someone a great programmer are evenly distributed, 95 percent of great programmers are born outside the U.S.'

                                                  IT - Social Media
                                                  How Businesses Can Get Social Media Right
                                                  Information Age, May 18, 2015
                                                  "What an organisation says publicly about itself is, of course, important - whether on its website, through advertising, or via other marketing efforts.

                                                  But the social media revolution has meant that what's even more important is what everyone else says about it - and Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the myriad of other platforms means that whatever is said by one person is easily accessible to everyone else, and almost instantaneously too..."

                                                  One Metric To Rule Them All!
                                                  Business 2 Community, May 23, 2015
                                                  Social Media Metrics

                                                  "Is it true that there's one metric to rule them all?

                                                  Yesterday, I attended an analytics session at the Modev MVP conference - which is a great group of folks and an excellent learning experience for product managers. The panel consisted of key folks from NPR, Uber, OPower, and other companies discussing how they're using metrics to run the business.

                                                  Someone suggested you should measure between one and three metrics, which makes a lot of sense if you're a time-crunched startup, but struck me as a little dangerous..."

                                                  IT - Virtualization
                                                  What is Docker?
                                                  Business 2 Community, May 19, 2015
                                                  "Unless you've been living without internet access for the last two years, it would be hard not to at least heard of Docker. But, as an emerging technology not everyone has taken the time to work out what Docker is, where it fits in and how it can benefit you.

                                                  So, what exactly is Docker? Here's what Docker themselves describe it as:..."

                                                  How can I avoid common virtualization pitfalls?
                                                  SearchServerVirtualization, May 20, 2015
                                                  "When properly implemented, server virtualization can yield a number of benefits. It can reduce hardware costs, improve availability for mission-critical workloads and allow you to scale workloads up or down as needed. These benefits, however, can be realized only if the virtualized environment has been created in a way that works with you rather than against you. When the implementation is handled poorly, virtualization pitfalls have the potential to degrade performance and, consequently, increase support costs..."
                                                  IT - Email
                                                  Introduction to email security gateways in the enterprise
                                                  SearchSecurity, May 19, 2015
                                                  "Email security gateways are products that are used to prevent emails that violate an organization's policies -- particularly emails with malicious intent -- from reaching their destinations. All email security gateways can quarantine or block emails that contain detected malware, phishing attacks, spam and other malicious content. This prevents many attacks from reaching their intended recipients, which in turn reduces the number of successful compromises of hosts, user credentials and sensitive data..."
                                                  Oracle ZFS Storage Powers the Oracle SaaS Cloud
                                                  By Bob Handlin
                                                  Bob writes, "On the plane to OpenStack Summit, I was thinking about what we on Oracle ZFS Storage team have been saying about cloud storage, and how Oracle's cloud strategy internally (building the world's most successful Software-as-a-Service company) maps to our thinking. If you haven't followed the SaaS trends, Oracle's cloud has grown well beyond the recreational stage. We're killing it, frankly, and it's built on Oracle ZFS Storage.

                                                  The cliche is that there's no clear definition for cloud (or maybe it's that there are a bunch of them). I disagree. I think that as typically happens, people have done their best to twist the definition to match whatever they already do. Watch Larry Ellison's CloudWorld Tokyo keynote (there's a highlights video/but watch the whole thing). At at 22 minutes in, he walks you through how real cloud applications work..."

                                                  Oracle ZFS Storage Intelligent Replication Compression
                                                  Intelligent Is Better
                                                  John Szlendak writes,"Remote replication ensures robust business continuity and disaster recovery protection by keeping data securely in multiple locations. It allows your business to run uninterrupted and provides quick recovery in case of a disaster such as a fire, flood, hurricane or earthquake. Unfortunately, long distance replication can often be limited by poor network performance, varying CPU workloads and WAN costs.

                                                  What's needed is intelligent replication that understands your environment and automatically optimizes for performance and efficiency, on-the-fly, before sending data over the wire. Intelligent replication that constantly monitors your network speeds, workloads and overall system performance and dynamically tunes itself for best throughput and cost with minimum impact to your production environment..."

                                                  Oracle ZFS and OpenStack: We're Ready
                                                  ... and Waiting
                                                  Bob Handlin writes, "After Day 1 of the OpenStack Summit, the ongoing debate rages as it does will all newish things: Is OpenStack ready for prime time? The heat is certainly there (the OpenStack-savvy folks will see what I did there), but is the light? Like anything in tech, it depends. The one thing that is clearly true is that the movement itself is on fire...

                                                  The "yes" side says "OpenStack is ready, but YOU aren't!!!" The case being made on that side is: 'OBVIOUSLY if you simply throw OpenStack over a bunch of existing infrastructure and "Platform 2" applications, you will fail. If instead, you build an OpenStack-proof infrastructure, and then run OpenStack on top of it, you can succeed'..."

                                                  IT - Database
                                                  MemSQL makes its in-memory database available to all
                                                  CIO, May 20, 2015
                                                  "In-memory databases have garnered attention recently because they combine transaction and analytic processing, and one of the latest developments came Wednesday from MemSQL, which announced a new release and a free new Community Edition.

                                                  MemSQL 4 offers real-time, distributed geospatial intelligence to make it easier for developers to add geolocation data into their applications. Also new is the MemSQL Spark Connector, which offers integration with Apache Spark in-memory clusters and access to Spark's rich programming environment..."

                                                    IT - Mobile
                                                    8 Android security tips for IT, corporate users
                                                    CIO, May 20, 2015
                                                    "The security pros interviewed for our article, 'Experts bust Android security myths,' offered up the following eight Android security tips for IT administrators and users..."

                                                    • Don't root that Android device
                                                    • Don't overlook Android security or focus only on malware
                                                    • Don't install Android software from unofficial app stores
                                                    • Pay attention to Android app permission requests
                                                    • Always keep Android software and firmware updated
                                                    • Install security and VPN apps
                                                    • Organizations should set and enforce clear access policies
                                                    • The four basic tenets of Android security

                                                    Read on for details.

                                                    Mobile Payments: What Will It Take For Beacons To Take The Next Step?
                                                    ComputerWorld, May 18, 2015
                                                    "Beacons - those little ad-beaming mechanisms littering storefronts today - have been heralded as the ultimate mobile app partner for retailers. But as they exist today, they do little more than make Madison Avenue come-ons, teasing shoppers with discounts and offers that the beacons (and even the beacons in conjunction with mobile apps) can't deliver. How can this loop be closed? Can beacons directly process payments?..."
                                                      10 Digital Payment Services Vie for Attention From U.S. Consumers
                                                      eWeek, May 18, 2015
                                                      "The options for digital payment services have expanded steadily over the past year. Several prominent companies have joined the market, including Apple and Samsung, while some of the old-time favorites, like PayPal and Square, continue to be major players in the space. For those who haven't tried digital payments yet, the services enable consumers to pay for products through the Web or in brick-and-mortar stores through accounts they've set up with the service provider of their choice..."
                                                      Are HTML5 Mobile Apps An Enterprise Security Concern?
                                                      Search Security, May 18, 2015
                                                      "Gartner forecasts that HTML5 will be used in half of all mobile apps by 2016, but some say HTML5 apps are more susceptible to code injection attacks. Is this a cause for concern?

                                                      HTML5 is supported by all major mobile devices, making it an obvious choice for creating and deploying apps across multiple platforms and devices. It simplifies development and maintenance as the same code base can be used across all platforms, and it also removes the need for vulnerable multimedia plugins and apps like Adobe Flash..."

                                                      Experts bust Android security myths
                                                      CIO, May 20, 2015
                                                      "Thanks to its inherent "openness," the open source Android OS is vulnerable to a variety of security risks, but how often do people you know actually fall victim to Android malware or other attacks?

                                                      Is the Android security risk overstated? Is the Android risk really greater than the risks posed by its iOS and Windows Mobile counterparts? And what can users, and the enterprise IT departments that support them, do to better protect their Android devices? ..."

                                                      Why should CIOs pay attention to the mobile payment industry?
                                                      SearchCIO, May 22, 2015
                                                      "In an increasingly mobile world where convenience reigns supreme, it's easy to see the value in mobile payment investment. No one is throwing out their wallets just yet, but the number of U.S. consumers who make at least one mobile payment a year will grow from nearly 8% in 2014 to 65% by 2019, according to Business Insider. In addition, Forrester predicts mobile-based payments in the U.S. to reach $142 billion in volume by 2019, a sign the mobile payments train isn't stopping.

                                                      Big tech players like Apple, Google, Samsung, Android and even Facebook are all on board for the ride. Joining them are newbies such as CurrentC and Venmo. All of them are looking to cash in on the trend and stake their claim on the mobile payments market.

                                                      But why should CIOs care?..."

                                                      12 core ingredients for enterprise mobility
                                                      Information Age, May 22, 2015
                                                      "As organisations mature their enterprise mobility strategies, the ever-increasing range of devices and delivery platforms creates a challenge for CIOs as they balance the need to deliver mobile apps at speed while still maintaining core IT systems.

                                                      Transitioning from developing one-off tactical apps to developing strategic mobile projects that integrate with multiple back-end systems requires a solid grasp of the methodologies and technologies available today..."

                                                        IT - Big Data
                                                        Big Data, OpenStack and object storage: Size matters, people
                                                        The Register, May 18, 2015
                                                        "I'm talking about Big Data, OpenStack and object storage. In the last two days I've come across a couple of articles (here and here), which discuss the adoption of these technologies.

                                                        Both articles start from surveys that talk about scarce adoption in the enterprise space for these technologies. When talking about them, two questions arise time after time. Is it too soon? And is real interest lacking in traditional enterprises? The short answer is 'yes' to both questions, but I think some elaboration is necessary..."

                                                        Why Is Big Data Is So Big In Health Care?
                                                        Forbes, May 18, 2015
                                                        "Far and away, the industry that pops up the most in discussions of big data is health care. It's not surprising, if you think about it. Lots of disparate sources of data, much of it unstructured. An industry dying to become more cost-effective - or, at least, less wasteful. And an onslaught of new devices designed to automate the process of collecting data, on order to keep professionals from having to be on hand to do so.

                                                        Recently, there's been an even bigger spate of articles about the intersection of big data and health care. The question is, what's the takeaway for other industries?..."

                                                        How Open Data Is Transforming The Business Landscape
                                                        Information Age, May 18, 2015
                                                        "Despite pledges by the G7 and G20 to boost transparency by opening up government data, fewer than 8% of countries publish data sets in open formats and under open licences on public sector budgets, spending and contracts.

                                                        Realisations about the potential of open data have grown steadily in recent years as successful examples of its use have emerged..."

                                                          Eight Steps For A Successful Data Migration
                                                          Data Center Journal, May 18, 2015
                                                          "Why are migrations such a headache for IT departments? When they are not thoroughly planned and carefully executed, a migration can result in potential downtime and revenue loss. Knowing this fact, are the risks worth the reward?

                                                          According to IDC, only 60% of migrations are completed on time. One of the biggest reasons for migration delays is the hosting provider failing to conduct a detailed analysis of a client's existing infrastructure to understand the nuances and dig into the core issues. If hosting companies had a strong understanding of the intricacies of a client's architecture, they would be able to plan for any anticipated hiccups in the migration process..."

                                                          Is your organisation throwing big data down the drain?
                                                          Information Age, May 19, 2015
                                                          "Organisations need to realise there are alternatives to consumer devices when it comes to giving employees on-the-go-access to big data

                                                          Big data has undoubtedly been one of the technology world's best-known buzz phrases for many years. Organisations are finally realising that the intelligence derived from big data can significantly improve their business models and increase profit margins. With increasingly connected workplaces, employees can also now use data in real time to become more effective and efficient in their jobs and make their lives easier..."

                                                          Big data at British Gas: a new era of energy
                                                          Information Age, May 21, 2015
                                                          "In 2013, analyst firm Gartner placed big data at the top of its annual 'Hype Cycle', suggesting that over-inflated expectations of technology had peaked and that the industry was over-promising what all this data was truly capable of. It claimed, in other words, that big data was a buzzword, and little else.

                                                          Of course, it's now 2015 and we've come a long way. Since then, many big data specialists have entered the market, with numerous examples of highly sophisticated pieces of software now at the disposal of businesses. But even so, the fact remains: taking full advantage of data, and converting it into benefits for the end customer, remains a huge challenge for any industry..."

                                                          IT - BYOD
                                                          Tablet Market Continues to Shrink Around the World: Report
                                                          eWeek, May 20, 2015
                                                          "The global tablet computer market has shrunk for the second quarter in a row, with Apple and Samsung selling 23 percent and 30 percent fewer tablets respectively, according to a new report from ABI Research.

                                                          Apple's iPad shipments in the first quarter of 2015 hit 12.62 million iPads, which is a drop of 23 percent from the same quarter one year prior, according to ABI. Apple shipped 21.42 million iPads in the fourth quarter of 2014, which was an 18 percent drop from the same period one year prior..."

                                                          Chromebook craze won't abate this year
                                                          PC World, May 21, 2015
                                                          "Google's effort to add features and push Chromebooks into more hands is working, with shipments of the low-cost laptops expected to jump 27 percent this year.

                                                          Chromebook shipments worldwide will touch 7.29 million this year, research firm Gartner said Thursday. Growth will slow down in 2016, though, with Chromebook shipments reaching 7.95 million units, Gartner said.

                                                          First introduced in 2011, most computer users are still just getting used to the Chromebook concept. The low-cost laptops, which run on Google's Chrome OS, are designed for those who do most of their computing on the Internet. They are used in much the same way that tablets and smartphones are, with most applications requiring an Internet connection..."

                                                          Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                                          Vol 207 Issues 1 and 2; Vol 206 Issues 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5; Vol 205 Issue 4
                                                          We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                                          • VENOM vulnerability affects various virtualization platforms
                                                          • Oracle and Intel Engineers Share their Stories
                                                          • Oracle Collaborates with Mirantis to Bring Database as a Service
                                                          • Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.3.28
                                                          • Secrets of Storage Repositories with Oracle VM
                                                          • Harvard Business Review: Cloud Computing Comes of Age
                                                          • Reports of My Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated," said the CIO
                                                          • Oracle Exalogic-based Big Data strategy
                                                          • A Brief Chat with the Linux Foundation
                                                          • How We See Managing Millennials

                                                          The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                                            IT - Java
                                                            Java At 20: The Programming Juggernaut Rolls On
                                                            InfoWorld, May 18, 2015
                                                            "What began as an experiment in consumer electronics in the early 1990s celebrates its 20th anniversary as a staple of enterprise computing this week. Java has become a dominant platform, able to run wherever the Java Virtual Machine is supported, forging ahead despite the rise of rival languages and recent tribulations with security.

                                                            Java's road to dominance hinged on a pivot of sorts..."

                                                            IT - Developer
                                                            The New Era Of App Development - Mobile Vs. Legacy
                                                            Information Age, May 18, 2015
                                                            "Mobile applications have come a long way. Just 15 years ago you were lucky to have the game Snake installed on your phone - today, mobile apps have become so integral to both working and daily lives that it's hard to believe people were happy with such limited options.

                                                            Recent research undertaken by TechValidate, commissioned by OutSystems, shows that 43% of companies now rank mobility as their top business functionality. The research also shows that they are struggling to keep up with the speed with which mobile technology is advancing..."

                                                              8 Best Free HTML5 Frameworks
                                                              EFYTimes, May 23, 2015
                                                              "HTML5 is slowly becoming a vernacular language for IT professionals. The language is robust and the tools available in HTML 5 have increased it's usability. Web applications created in HTML5 can be optimised, to be used across all kinds of devices. Development frameworks simplify this to a greater extent. Today, we have compiled the list of 8 free responsive HTML5 frameworks that can be used..."
                                                                Enterprise Manager Indepth Newsletter
                                                                May 2015 Issue
                                                                The May 2015 issue of the Enterprise Manager Indepth Newsletter is now available.

                                                                New IOUG Survey Reveals Latest Trends in Database Manageability

                                                                Released in April 2015, a new Independent Oracle Users Group survey reveals the opportunities and challenges that database administrators face today. Find out what's on the minds of more than 300 data managers and professionals.

                                                                Top Three Challenges Driving Adoption of Database as a Service

                                                                The market for cloud databases and database as a service (DBaaS) is rapidly growing. Learn about the top three barriers to adoption, what DBaaS should look like when it's done right, and how you can manage DBaaS using Oracle Enterprise Manager.

                                                                Read on for details.

                                                                Nexenta News
                                                                Nexenta Announces General Availability of Hyper-scale Scale-Out Object Storage Management Software with Extensive Industry-wide Validation and Support
                                                                NexentaEdge Delivers Industry's First Cluster-Wide Inline Deduplication, Compression, and Enterprise Class Data Integrity at Hyper-scale
                                                                Nexenta Extends its Market Leadership with its "Total Freedom" Hardware-, Cloud Platform-, and Protocol-agnostic Open Source-Driven Software Defined Storage (OpenSDS) Platform

                                                                Scale-Out Block and Object Storage Services for OpenStack Clouds, Active Archives, and Big Data Infrastructures

                                                                Nexenta (@Nexenta), the global leader in Open Source-driven Software-Defined Storage (OpenSDS), announced the general availability (GA) of NexentaEdge.

                                                                The award-winning Block and Object Storage platform offers high-performance, simplified management of petabyte-scale repositories, and is the first software-only scale out storage solution to deliver cluster-wide inline deduplication and compression. NexentaEdge is optimized to support OpenStack clouds, object based active archives and Big Data applications...

                                                                OpenStack Leaders Nexenta and Canonical Join Forces to Support Enterprise OpenStack Customers
                                                                Companies collaborate to deliver solutions that help enterprises accelerate mainstream adoption of OpenStack and Software-Defined Storage
                                                                Nexenta (@Nexenta), the global leader of Open Source-driven Software-Defined Storage (OpenSDS) solutions and Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu and Ubuntu OpenStack, jointly announced its strategic alliance agreement. The alliance will allow Canonical's Ubuntu OpenStack customers to benefit from Nexenta's full spectrum of OpenSDS products for their large scale private and hybrid clouds.

                                                                Since its launch in 2004, the Ubuntu OS, has become the natural choice for users of all kinds, from Fortune 500 companies to hardware makers, content providers, software developers and individual technologists. With developers, support staff and engineering centers all over the world, Canonical is uniquely positioned to help its partners and enterprise customers make the most of Ubuntu. Ubuntu is the leading cloud OS and Ubuntu OpenStack is the leading distribution of OpenStack. According to the OpenStack User Survey, over 55% of production clouds today run on Ubuntu, many of whom have large requirements for enterprise quality storage...

                                                                Level3 News
                                                                Comcast and Level 3
                                                                Long-Term Interconnection Agreement
                                                                Comcast announced they have reached a new multi-year, bilateral interconnection agreement as part of a multifaceted arrangement that will help both companies meet their customer's' needs into the next decade and beyond. The new arrangement builds on the strong working relationship between Comcast and Level 3, and expands on the agreements already in place between the two companies.
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