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Mark Hinke: An Overview of Cloud Computing Architectures - Thursday April 9th @NSU
Einstein's from 6:30PM to 7:30PM; Presentation at 7:30PM
This crash course is designed to give an overview of cloud computing architecture and the open source software that can be used to deploy and manage a cloud computing environment.

Speaker: Mark R. Hinkle, Senior Director, Open Source Solutions, Citrix Systems

Please RSVP at

Topics to be discussed in this session will include virtualization (KVM, LXC, and Xen Project), orchestration (Apache CloudStack, Eucalyptus, Open Nebula, and OpenStack), and storage (GlusterFS, Ceph, and others). The talk will also provide insight into how to deliver Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and what technologies can be used to compliment this evolving cloud computing paradigm.

Systems administrators and IT generalists will leave the discussion with a general overview of the options at their disposal to effectively build and manage their own cloud computing environments using free and open source software and understand the capabilities and benefits of a host of technologies.

Directions on FLUX website.

    Digital Disruption: It's Not What You Think
    Rob Preston writing in Forbes
    "The digital euphoria of 2015 is starting to smell a bit like the digital euphoria of 2000, as pundits herald exceptional business models and investors bestow massive market caps on the profit-challenged. Just as in 2000, observers are missing a critical element: Some slumbering giants can awake, and some industries are more ripe for external disruption than others," writes Rob Preston in 'url "" "Forbes."'

    "Making the social media rounds is this observation, courtesy of TechTarget's Tom Goodwin:..."

    Better ways to handle crash dumps in Solaris
    Chris Beal

    Chris W Beal writes, "For some time now we've realised that system crash dumps in Solaris are getting larger, and taking longer to preserve. A number of us have been working on projects to help speed these up, and reduce the size.

    The first of these was "Crash Dump Restructuring". Implemented by Sriman and Vlad, this went in to Solaris 11.2, and allowed the administrator to remove certain portions from the crash dump via the dumpadm(1m) command..."

    Deferred dump in Solaris
    Store dump in memory, reboot the system and extract the dump to disk

    Vlad writes, "Kernels of even most robust operating systems do crash from time to time and getting crash dump image of kernel and process memory is usually indispensable for root causing the problem. With growing memory sizes (the M6-32 SPARC server can have up to 32TB of RAM) the amount of data which needs to be written to disk in order to store a crash dump can be pretty big - for larger systems uncompressed crash dumps with tens of gigabytes in size are not exceptional... To overcome this limitation I've been working with my colleagues Sriman, Brian, Nick and Chris to store dump in memory, reboot the system and extract the dump to disk. This technology is called Deferred dump..."

    Oracle Solaris Development Initiative
    By Mike Mulkey
    Mike Mulkey blogs, "ISV developers take note, this is even better than FREE beer!

    The majority of Oracle's top enterprise customers run their most mission-critical applications on Oracle Solaris today. Solaris is the vehicle by which Oracle customers leverage the power of the SPARC microprocessor - - delivering world-record performance, maximum scalability, and continuous reliable service.

    There are 113 examples of this on the Oracle customer & partner success portal. Take a look!..."

    MySQL Workbench 6.3.3 GA
    Windows, Mac OS X 10.7+, Linux
    The MySQL developer tools team is pleased to announce 6.3.3 as our GA release for the MySQL Workbench 6.3

    Full list of changes in this revision

    For detailed information about the new features, see What's New in MySQL Workbench 6.3.

    For discussion, join the MySQL Workbench Forums.

    MySQL Newsletter
    April Edition
    The MySQL April Newsletter is posted, again bringing the latest news and technical tips and tricks to the MySQL users. In this edition, you'll read what's new in the recently-announced MySQL 5.7 Release Candidate, as well as upcoming activities such as MySQL webinars and events. Below are the highlights:

    • News: Announcing MySQL 5.7 Release Candidate
    • MySQL Central @ OpenWorld 2015 Call for Papers Open Until April 29
    • Webcast: What's New in MySQL Security on April 23
    • Webcast: MySQL Performance Tuning 101 on May 27
    • Blog: JSON Labs Release -- Effective Functional Indexes in InnoDB

    You can read it online or subscribe to it.

    What a MySQL Developer Needs to Know
    5-day MySQL for Developers training course
    Antoinette O'Sullivan writes, "To perfect your skills as a MySQL developer, consider taking the MySQL for Developers training course. In this 5-day course, you learn to:

    • Describe the MySQL client/server architecture
    • Use MySQL client programs and common options
    • Program MySQL applications with Java and PHP connectors
    • Use a 'NoSQL' approach to store and retrieve data
    • Design efficient tables
    • Create and delete database objects
    • Use expressions in SQL statements
    • Examine database metadata
    • Use SQL statements to modify table data
    • Maintain database integrity with transactions
    • Write multiple table queries
    • Create 'virtual tables' containing specific data
    • Create user-defined variables, prepared statements, and stored routines
    • Create and manage triggers
    • identify and deal with errors and exceptions in client programs
    • Write queries that are fast and effective, even under heavy loads

    You can take this course through the following formats...

    Cloud Computing
    Want to Outperform Your Competitors? 4 Ways to Serve Up a Cloud Advantage
    By Rod Johnson, Group Vice President, Applications Business Group, Oracle
    Ethan.burton writes, "With more and more companies moving towards the cloud we wanted to find out how this cloud adoption impacted the success of these businesses. To do this, Oracle sponsored a global study, 'Cloud Computing Comes of Age,' conducted by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services.

    What did we find out?..."

    Oracle Linux 7 - Optimizing Deployment Flexibility and Increasing ROI
    Oracle White Paper (18 Pages)
    This paper describes Orale Linux 7 features that help IT organizations deploy strategic applications effectively and efficiently. It discusses the advantages of choosing Oracle Linux and how the operating system brings value to enterprise application delivery. It also explores versatile technologies that are supported with Oracle Linux (such as Linux Containers, Docker, Oracle VM, and OpenStack) that allow IT architects to choose how best to deploy and meet requirements for agile cloud and virtualized application environments.
    Capita IT delivers Private Cloud Services
    Using Oracle VM and Oracle Linux
    Capita IT Enterprise Services has launched a new service that enables businesses to migrate mission critical Oracle software deployments into a secure UK cloud. The service delivers Capita Private Cloud; a secure, private cloud platform, using Oracle VM and Oracle Linux, allowing businesses to adopt a blend of public and private cloud services without the complexity of managing multiple suppliers and contracts. Will O'Brien, VP Alliances & Channels at Oracle UK & Ireland, said: 'Oracle VM has been a key enabler to support Capita's Private Cloud for Oracle solution.'

    Capita Private Cloud for Oracle includes:...

    vBeers @ Palm Beach Gardens
    Wednesday May 6th, 6pm to 9pm
    Come out and connect with other professionals in your industry! vBeers is a great event meant to promote growth of the IT industry here in South Florida. Register today so you can be a part of this great monthly event! Feel free to invite all of your friends and co workers who work in the IT industry!

    This event is sponsored with and through the South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA)


    • Twisted Trunk Brewing
    • 2000 PGA Boulevard, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33408 Date and Time

    • Wednesday, May 6, 2015 - 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

    Please RSVP at

    eMerge Americas - May 3rd-5th
    Miami Beach Convention Center
    Just a few more days until eMerge Americas 2015. If you haven't registered yet, now is your chance! And here's why: Even the sexiest tech event of the year doesn't become sexy overnight. Every detail of every moment has been thoughtfully crafted by a talented team of incredibly smart (and sexy) people. Implementing RFID technology and curating the most stimulating content available are just a few of the smart steps they've taken to make sure this event rocks. Register today.

    eMerge Americas is a global idea exchange focusing on how technology and innovation are disrupting industries. The conference serves as a platform connecting revolutionary startups, cutting-edge ideas, and global industry leaders & investors across North America, Europe, and Latin America.

    Save 15% on your registration for a summit pass (select community partner when registering), or join as a Sponsor with our Promo Code: CBALWIS.

      Energy Efficiency in the Data Center: Fujitsu M10 Servers Lower Power Consumption
      By Carl Hill, Business Development Manager, Fujitsu-Oracle Center of Excellence
      Carl writes, "Earth Day has been celebrated widely around the globe since 1970 in support of environmental protection. Fujitsu is actively implementing innovative technologies to enable your data center to run more efficiently, providing you with significant cost savings while lowering your carbon footprint. Being 'green' becomes even more important when you consider the steady growth of our digital footprint and its impact upon our planet. It is estimated that around 2 percent of global electricity utilization goes to support IT equipment.

      Efficiently managing the electricity needed to power and cool your data center lowers your operating expenses. It also reduces the carbon emission footprint associated with your data center..."

      Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
      Vol 206 Issues 1, 2 and 3; Vol 205 Issue 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 204 Issue 4
      We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

      • Training for Oracle Linux 7 and Earlier Versions
      • Solaris Swift All In One
      • Java Magazine New Edition
      • The Power of The Ksplice Feature of Oracle Linux Video
      • Perspectives on Docker
      • Faster Processors for Fujitsu M10-1 and M10-4 Servers
      • Why the Internet of Things should matter to you
      • First Bug Hunting Session For LibreOffice 5.0
      • Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne 2015 Call for Proposals
      • Java EE 7/Bean Validation Adoption at Harvard University

      The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

        LibreOffice 4.3.7
        Suggested version of the software for large deployments
        The Document Foundation announced LibreOffice 4.3.7 "Still", the seventh minor release of the LibreOffice 4.3 family, which is now the suggested version of the software for large deployments in the enterprise and for conservative users. LibreOffice 4.3.7 contains over 100 bug fixes.

        LibreOffice 4.3.7 and LibreOffice 4.4.2, announced in early April, include a security patch for CVE-2015-1774: OpenOffice HWP Filter Remote Execution and DoS Vulnerability, where an issue in OpenOffice's Hangul Word Processor (HWP) filter allows attackers to cause a denial of service (memory corruption and application crash) or possibly the execution of arbitrary code by preparing specially crafted documents in the HWP document format in versions from 1997 or older.

        Users are invited to update their version of LibreOffice to 4.3.7 "Still" or 4.4.2 "Fresh", in order to protect their system from the potential effects of this vulnerability.

        Mobile Cloud Service - Avoiding Apphazard Mobile Delivery
        By Ian Wallis, Moble Technical Director, Oracle EMEA
        Ian writes, "IT organizations are reporting that their traditional three tier architectures are straining to support the needs of mobile users both for customers and employees. And why is this you ask? Well I believe there are many factors causing mobile to stretch and stress traditional IT, a few are listed below:..."

        Change,Innovation, Connection, Personalisation, Communication, Speed of continuous delivery, Processing and battery life, Scale, Security...

        Java Technology
        Java 8 Update 45
        Includes the IANA time zone data version 2015a
        Java SE Development Kit 8, Update 45 (JDK 8u45) includes the IANA time zone data version 2015a. This changes will affect the following timezones : the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, Chile, America/Santiago, Pacific/Easter, and Antarctica/Palmer. For more information visit Timezone Data Versions in the JDK 8u45
        Understanding Time Zone Updater 2.0
        Java needs to keep track of time zone information
        Aurelio Garcia-Ribeyro writes, "Different places in the world are in different time zones so Java needs to keep track of time zone information.

        Such information gets complicated when one considers rules for Daylight Saving Time across regions. There are some places where Daylight Saving Time changes occur multiple times per year. In Morocco, for example, changes occur in March, and October as well as around Ramadan. The rules can vary from country to country and in some cases within a country. These rules are updated from time to time. In the United States they were last updated in 2007..."

        What The Verizon Data Breach Report Means To Corporate Data Security
        Michael Hickins writing in Forbes
        Michael Hickins writes in 'url "" "Forbes"', "Network security software is only 24% effective in fighting cybercrime, according to the most recent Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report.

        Paradoxically, however, corporate victims still spend two-thirds of their security budgets defending their porous perimeters, a strategy that does nothing to stop valuable data from being stolen - if it does anything at all.

        It's a well-known aphorism that there are two kinds of companies: those who know they've been breached, and those who've been breached but don't know it.

        Not that there's no good news out there - companies can protect their data, their customer data, and their good name. But there's a big if there: They have to focus on the data..."

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