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Is Database-as-a-Service in your IT Services Catalog?
Are You Ahead or Behind the Curve?
Peter Heller asks, "Are You Ahead or Behind the Curve?"

He then writes, "Private Database Cloud Services or Database as a Service (DBaaS) is no longer a new idea. In fact, it is quickly becoming the de facto standard for development and testing environments both on premises and in the public cloud. And while there are many use cases and deployment options, overall database total cost of ownership and business agility have benefited from a standardized approach to workload management..."

"The Connected Customer" Oracle Roadmap To Modern
by Dave Lanning, Senior Strategy Consultant
"Omni-channel?" "Cross-Channel?" "Multi-Channel?" What does it all mean? Isn't it just about the customer's engagement with the brand, and the experience that they will have along the way? There has been a fundamental shift in behavior driven by the velocity of technology adoption. Like you, your customer is now more connected than ever. These "Connected Customers" are more informed, more demanding and have higher service expectations. They say:...
    Faster adoption of engineered systems in India than in West
    says John Fowler of Oracle
    Ivor Soans writes, "In 2010, when software giant Oracle acquired the respected but rapidly floundering hardware maker Sun Microsystems for $7.4 billion, many saw it as Oracle throwing a lifeline to a friend, but which made little business sense. In hindsight though, as Oracle tightly integrated hardware and software to create engineered systems and with good results in the market, the marriage now seems like one made in heaven.

    John Fowler, Executive Vice President of Systems for Oracle was the man who drove the integration and continues to lead it..."

    How Engineered Systems Became The iPhones Of The Data Center
    John Foley writes, "Just over five years ago, Oracle completed one of the tech industry's boldest acquisitions with its purchase of Sun Microsystems for $7.4 billion. At the time, skeptics questioned whether the pairing of companies would work, given their unique corporate cultures and product lines.

    But Oracle founder Larry Ellison saw huge potential in bringing together the technologies of Oracle and Sun to create integrated computer systems that were greater than the sum of their parts. In that, Ellison shared a design philosophy with his friend, the late Steve Jobs, cofounder of Apple, based on the idea that highly integrated systems were superior to those cobbled together with non-optimized software and hardware. For Jobs, the manifestation of that integrated design philosophy was the Apple iPhone. For Ellison, it was Oracle engineered systems..."

    Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.0 BETA 1 Released
    Major improvement which include a large number of enhancement and bug fixes
    Oracle is proud to announce the availability of VirtualBox 5.0 BETA 1.

    This release is a major improvement which include a large number of enhancement and bug fixes.

    See all the details here with a complete list of enhancements, bug fixes and links to download the software.

    Please do _NOT_ use this VirtualBox Beta release on production machines. A VirtualBox Beta release should be considered a bleeding-edge release meant for early evaluation and testing purposes.

    Deploying Oracle RAC using Oracle VM Templates
    An Economic Impact Assessment
    Honglin Su writes, "Oracle VM application driven architecture is designed to enable rapid application deployment. With the use of Oracle VM Templates, sophisticated applications such as Oracle Database or Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) can be deployed in minutes - 10x faster than with other solutions.

    We are pleased to share the report performed by Evaluator Group:

    Evaluate Group Technology Insight Paper - Deploying Oracle RAC using Oracle VM Templates - An Economic Impact Assessment (PDF)

    They studied the creation and use of virtualized server templates as an administrative process for server deployments in an Oracle RAC environment - a process that can be surprisingly complex if done manually within any database environment..."

    IT - Storage
    10TB SSD Drives Inch Closer to Reality
    IT World, March 30, 2015
    "The concept of 3D memory stacking has been all talk and no silicon, but the silicon is getting much closer. Both Toshiba and the Micron/Intel alliance are preparing to sample densely-stacked 3D memory chips in the next 12 months.

    3D stacking means just that. Traditionally, silicon chips are one plane; everything is flat, a 2D design. If you want to make a denser chip, you have to make it bigger because everything needs to be spread out. In a 3D memory design, the cells and interconnects are stacked up like Legos..."

    Anarchy In the Storage Frame: No Future for Sans
    ZDnet, March 29, 2015
    "I read with some amusement several weeks ago Robin Harris' article "Why SSDs are obsolete". He makes a few valid points, as the predominantly used storage bus technologies (SAS and SATA) need a desperate make-over.

    After all, current generation SAS and SATA bus interfaces are simply evolutionary improvements from the SCSI and ATA interface technologies that proceeded them decades earlier. The server technology since then has eclipsed them, as has our ever increasing need for data-driven applications.

    As Robin posits, should the industry be thinking about modernizing our fundamental storage bus/backplane technology? Heck yes.

    But these are purely academic issues when the real problems facing enterprises aren't so much getting those IOPS out of the spindles and SSDs for the most demanding of data-driven applications, but the total cost of ownership of that storage..."

    Bit By Bit, Intel Looks To Quadruple SSD Storage
    ComputerWorld, March 30, 2015
    "With all the photos, videos, apps and tunes you have, the storage on your smartphone may not be enough. With that in mind, Intel is researching new ways to up the storage capacity in mobile devices and PCs without hurting the size or price of devices.

    One effort underway at is to stuff more bits in a single cell, which could increase data storage capacity in mobile devices and PCs by as much as fourfold. Intel is trying to cram four bits in a storage cell, an improvement over the three bits that can be put in a single storage cell currently..."

    How Hard Is It to Permanently Delete Data?
    GCN, March 31, 2015
    "The controversy surrounding former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's email has brought data destruction to the forefront of the national conversation. Clinton used a server housed at her New York residence for her personal and official emails and online communications while she was at Foggy Bottom Lawmakers investigating the 2012 death of an ambassador in Libya have been concerned that official government emails from Clinton that might assist in the investigation were deleted despite assurances from Clinton that she turned over all emails pertaining to government work to the State Department..."
      USB Type-C Peripherals Are On The Way, And Storage Devices Are First Up
      PCWorld, March 27, 2015
      "With Apple's latest MacBook and Google's newest Chromebook just out and featuring the new USB Type-C connector, we're on the lookout for peripherals that use the interface, and storage devices appear to be first out of the gate.

      Because the Type-C connector can be used to recharge laptops, it may ultimately do away with the need to carry bulky power adapters. Like older USB technology, Type-C will also connect monitors, external storage drives, printers, cameras and other peripherals. One beauty of the system is that cables have the same connector on both ends, and can be inserted into ports without worries about which side is up or down..."

      Why (Most) Disk Drives Need to Breathe
      ZDnet, March 30, 2015
      "It isn't commonly known, but air-based disk drives need to breathe. But wait! Won't atmospheric crud crash the drive? Here's why drives need it and how it works.

      Maybe you've seen a disk drive spec: Operating altitude: -1,000 to +10,000 feet (-305 to +3,048 meters). Disk drives - with one notable exception - require air to operate, and the air pressure inside the drive needs to vary with outside altitude..."

        IT - Technology
        5 Ways to Use Virtual Reality In the Enterprise
        ComputerWorld, March 27, 2015
        "With Facebook executives focusing so much of their annual F8 developers conference on virtual reality, people are wondering how the technology will affect gaming and social networking.

        But good virtual reality -- the kind that makes you feel like you're really part of an experience -- will have a huge impact on business.

        For enterprises trying to differentiate themselves from their competitors, trying to connect with customers, trying to better show off their products and even make potential customers feel like they're trying out everything from a new car to a new iPhone before they buy it, virtual reality is likely to be a game changer for the enterprise..."

        Graphene is Hot, Hot, Hot
        Network World, April 1, 2015
        "The question is becoming what can't graphene do? The material, which is a form of carbon (what's known as an allotrope of carbon), was recently described by the National Physical Laboratory as having many extraordinary properties including superior mechanical stiffness, strength and elasticity, electrical and thermal conductivity while being optically active, chemically inert and impermeable to gases..."
          IT - Bitcoin
          30 Ways Bitcoin Changes The Future Of Money Forever
          Crypto Coin News, April 2, 2015
          "Money may be digital all over the Western world, but it now has some real competition, and competition always helps the consumer. Bitcoin is not going to become the primary global currency, but it will force the rest of the world to catch up to what Bitcoin can do for every person who uses it. Bitcoin provides many unique features that the world is just starting to get a taste of, and will soon come to expect in all other currencies. Here's a list of just 30 ways Bitcoin innovations are changing the way people will see, and use, money from now on..."
          Australian Treasury: Bitcoin a Threat to Tax Collection
          Coindesk, March 30, 2015
          "The Australian Department of the Treasury is claiming bitcoin and digital currencies are a potential threat to its tax collection efforts.

          In a new report, the government agency outlines areas in which it hopes to change the structure of its tax revenue system, citing the emergence of new financial technologies, including bitcoin and other digital currencies, as challenges it has yet to adapt to.

          The report notes:..."

          Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Keeps Its Options Open on Bitcoin
          Bitcoin Magazine, April 1, 2015
          "Being one of the richest couples in the world has allowed Bill and Melinda Gates the freedom to help alleviate world poverty in the ways that they think work best.

          In their view, shifting financial payments for the world's poorest from cash to digital, can only make their lives easier and help bring them into the formal economy.

          According to its 2013 annual report, the Gates Foundation distributed almost $1.8 billion in funding in the 2013 calendar year to global development programs, with 5 percent, approximately $90 million, going to the Financial Services for the Poor program..."

            How Bitcoin Will End World Poverty
            Forbes, April 2, 2015
            "William Blair partner Brian Singer explains how Bitcoin and blockchain encryption has a greater ability to bring more of the world's population out of poverty than anything we've seen in decades.

            FORBES: And is bitcoin the currency of the future? Or is it the payment system they're developing?

            SINGER: Bingo. It's the payment system. It's the blockchain encryption. And there are interesting things. I think bitcoin, or the, really, blockchain encryption that's behind it, has a greater ability to bring more of the world's population out of poverty than anything we've seen in ...."

            UBS to Open Blockchain Innovation Lab in London
            Bitcoin Magazine, April 3, 2015
            "Giant Swiss bank UBS is planning to investigate blockchain technology in a new innovation lab based in London, FInextra reports. The innovation lab, located in Level39's high growth space, HighGrowth:42, will explore the role of blockchain technology in financial services..."
              IT - FOSS
              Why open source and enterprise users are natural allies
    , April 1, 2015
              "Open source software and enterprise users are natural allies. For example, at HotWax Systems, enterprise users are our focus customers, and open source software is at the core of the capabilities we deliver.

              Even though enterprise users are our customers, HotWax Systems benefits by nurturing and supporting the Apache Software Foundation and by sharing our product development efforts with the open source community. We support, and our CTO chairs, the project management committee for Apache OFBiz, and we employ a large number of core committers to the OFBiz project..."

              5 questions to determine if open source is a good fit for a software project
              The Enterprisers Project, March 31, 2015
              "When evaluating whether to adopt an open source solution in a software project for the first time, here are some basic questions you should ask:

              1. What business problem are you trying to solve, or what business opportunity are you trying to address?

              This is the fundamental question for any software project. If you don't know the answer, your project is at risk..."

              Apache Software Foundation to celebrate 15 years of Open Source innovation at ApacheCon
              Apache Software Foundation, March 30, 2015
              The Apache Software Foundation (ASF), the all-volunteer developers, stewards, and incubators of more than 350 Open Source projects and initiatives, announced today its ongoing role in driving innovation over the past 15 years.

              Apache products power half the Internet, manage exabytes of data, execute teraflops of operations, store billions of objects in virtually every industry, enhance the lives of countless users and developers worldwide, and can be found in nearly every end-user computing device, from laptops to tablets to mobile phones. Mission-critical applications in financial services, aerospace, publishing, Big Data, Cloud computing, mobile, government, healthcare, research, infrastructure, development frameworks, foundational libraries, and many other categories, depend on Apache software..."

              How open source software builds strong roots for better governance
    , April 3, 2015
              "Open data and going digital are subjects high on the international agenda for global development, particularly when it comes to financing improved services and infrastructure for the poorest people in the world. Young people from Laos to Lagos aspire to become software developers, and smartphones are set to put unprecedented computing power into every corner of the earth. But the paradox is that many governments still only have rudimentary information technology infrastructure and often can't find trained and skilled staff to design and run it..."
              Indian government mandates use of open source software
              ZDnet, March 31, 2015
              "The Indian government has decreed the use of open source software across all systems used by the public sector, mandating that all Request for Proposals (RFPs) to instruct suppliers to consider the use of such applications.

              In its policy unveiled this week, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology said open source adoption was necessary to support the government's goal to transform India into a "digitally empowered society and a knowledge economy". It added that the country had always advocated the use of open standards and open source technologies in the public sector to tap the touted economic benefits of doing so..."

              Open-source eats open-source: Why the innovation will never stop
              SiliconANGLE , April 3, 2015
              "Technology only exists thanks to innovation. If nobody was pushing the boundaries with fresh ideas, then technology, and the people who depend on it, would have died out with the neanderthals. But while many people might believe the big tech vendors are the ones responsible for driving most of the innovation in computing today, that assumption couldn't be further from the truth..."
                Locality Group Observability on Solaris
                Modern multi-socket servers exhibit NUMA characteristics
                Giri Mandalika writes, "Modern multi-socket servers exhibit NUMA characteristics that may hurt application performance if ignored. On a NUMA system (Non-uniform Memory Access), all memory is shared between/among processors. Each processor has access to its own memory - local memory - as well as memory that is local to another processor -- remote memory. However the memory access time (latency) depends on the memory location relative to the processor. A processor can access its local memory faster than the remote memory, and these varying memory latencies play a big role in application performance..."
                Cloud Computing
                Cloudera Hive client on Solaris
                From an Oracle Solaris server, access Hive data that is stored in a Cloudera Hadoop cluster
                Jeff Taylor has a detailed blog with this goal, "From an Oracle Solaris server, access Hive data that is stored in a Cloudera Hadoop cluster, for example, access Hive data in an Oracle Big Data Appliance from a Solaris SPARC RDBMS server."

                He writes, "This blog assumes that the Cloudera Hadoop cluster is already up and running. To test, I started with Oracle Big Data Lite Virtual Machine that was installed using the process documented at Big Data Lite with a static IP address on Oracle Linux 6 / EL6..."

                IT - Cloud
                Choosing the Cloud That's Right for You
                ComputerWorld, March 31, 2015
                "Not every organization has moved its IT operations to the cloud, nor should we expect that to be the case. There are legitimate reasons to adhere to the on-premises IT approach, not the least of which is the fact that it assures that your IT infrastructure and all the data in it is under your control.

                Nonetheless, no IT leader today can reject the cloud out of hand. The benefits of increased functionality, flexibility and cost and process efficiencies simply can't be ignored. That said, though, there are degrees of commitment to the cloud, and there's more than one cloud model to consider. You should familiarize yourself with all the variables before making any decision..."

                Cloud Data Integration Tasks Require new IT Approaches, Tools
                Search Data Management, April 3, 2015
                "With the corporate use of cloud applications increasing, the integration points that IT and data management teams are responsible for are growing as well. More and more companies are opening up to the idea of going to the cloud, particularly for sales and marketing applications -- "and now they need to get the data integrated with their on-premises applications," consultant Rick Sherman said in an interview with SearchDataManagement..."
                Compliance Biggest Cloud Security Challenge
                CSO Online, March 26, 2015
                "According to a new report by cloud security company CipherCloud, compliance is the single biggest concern for large organizations looking at cloud adoption.

                The company surveyed its 100-plus large global customers and found that, for 64 percent, compliance was their top cloud security obstacle, followed by unprotected data for 32 percent.

                Of those concerned most about compliance, 58 percent said that cloud services violated data protection laws in their country, 31 percent said they violated internal security policies, and 11 percent said they violated laws against moving sensitive data out of a country..."

                Google Nearline Vs. Amazon Glacier
                Storage Newsletter, April 2, 2015
                "Few weeks ago, Google announced a new product, Nearline, to compete with Amazon's storage services, especially Glacier, for archiving big amount of data online.

                Nearline is a low-cost, secure, fast service with 3s to access stored files, downloading at 4MB/s per terabyte, a speeed increasing linearly for each terabyte stored, and furthermore with the advantage of using the same interface that everyone gets from Google's other services, like Gmail and Google Drive.

                But is it really cheaper and faster? ..."

                iPaaS: A New Approach to Cloud Integration
                Network World, March 31, 2015
                "Application integration has often been an exercise in frustration - long delays, high costs and over promises by vendors. How many ERP projects have you heard of that were canceled or shelved due to complex customization and integration challenges?

                Integration though, is coming to a new place. Cloud technologies and open APIs are helping enterprises merge on-premise and off-premise systems without considerable coding and re-architecting. Instead of requiring specialists in SOA, enterprise service bus (ESB), extract transform and load (ETL) and data warehousing, organizations are hoping the concept of Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) can be used to integrate systems in half the time using technically-savvy generalists and increased involvement from lines of business..."

                IT - CxO
                How to design the right blueprint for your IT project
                Information Age, April 2, 2015
                IT projects are a central part of today's business world, and it's vital IT managers use the most efficient methods available to develop high quality business solutions, while managing costs and the level of risk involved.

                Previously, some companies have tended to focus too heavily on a rigidly defined set of objectives identified at the beginning of the project, and have used processes which don't permit the degree of flexibility required to succeed in rapidly evolving business environments..."

                  Taking IT Reorgs To the Extreme
                  CIO, March 30, 2015
                  "IT departments are constantly reorganizing, but a few companies have gone so far as to break the traditional IT department into pieces

                  Get ready for the disappearing IT department. Companies including Zappos, GameStop, Aetna and AccuWeather have restructured IT, sometimes radically, to respond to some harsh economic and technologic forces bearing down on CIOs..."

                    Chief Data Officers aren't Created Overnight
                    Information Management, March 27, 2015
                    "Like a digital wildfire spreading across the globe, more companies and organizations continue to hire or promote executives into newly created chief data officer (CDO) positions. But that doesn't mean it's quick work to grab the CDO title.

                    A case in point: The United Kingdom named Mike Bracken as its CDO this week. But take a look at Bracken's background -- deep with digital technology and data expertise -- and it's clear he's been a CDO-in-waiting for quite some time..."

                    CIOs Are Concerned Over Employees' Cloud Misuse
                    CIO Insight, April 3, 2015
                    "The dominant cloud security concerns for IT leaders are misuse of employee credentials and improper access to control, not malware and hacking, according to a new report. The first two are at the top list for IT executives and managers in enterprise despite the many breaches of 2014. The No. 1 way to secure the cloud is the ability to set and enforce consistent client security policies by encrypting data, states the new report, which was conducted by Bitglass, the cloud access security broker. Its "Cloud Security Spotlight Report" is based on a survey of 1,010 professionals from a broad range of industries..."
                    Security Crashes the Boardroom Party
                    CIO, March 30, 2015
                    "Given the recent spate of headline-grabbing data breaches, CIOs need to be prepared to answer a lot of board questions about risk.

                    This will be the year when cybersecurity concerns crash the boardroom party and take a seat at the head of the table. The aftershocks of significant data breaches at Anthem, Sony, Home Depot, eBay, JPMorgan Chase, Target and many more have caused headline-grabbing business upheavals that worry customers, affect profit margins and derail corporate careers..."

                      The CIO-CEO partnership: what CIOs need to do to be heard
                      Information Age, April 2, 2015
                      "Recently, data has taken a leading role in driving business success. According to Forbes, 2014 was the year that leveraging analytics went mainstream in the enterprise. Figures from Gartner suggest that over $44 billion was spent on it last year alone. Naturally, CEOs have relied heavily on their Chief Information Officers (CIO) to make this work for them.

                      However, 2015 marks a move from the information economy to the innovation economy...

                      What CIOs need to move up or over
                      The Enterprisers Project, April 3, 2015
                      "CIOs who are aspiring to new levels in the C-Suite need to understand more than computing. In fact some talk about a new role for technologists - the Technology Business Manager (TBM) as becoming a bridge between IT and line of business.

                      I asked Steven Hall, partner, global A&D lead for Information Services Group, about his experience working with C-Suite executives and how CIOs can transition to wider sets of responsibility in the enterprise. In particular, what skills do you see as necessary to progress from CIO to CEO, CFO, CTO, or other position?..."

                      Why Do Digital Business Transformations Fail?
                      Forrester, April 1, 2015
                      "Digital transformation is undeniably complex and often misunderstood. To look at why things go wrong for some firms, lets take a quick look at three high-profile examples of transformation - two failures and one new initiative. These highlight some common mistakes that senior executives make:..."
                        Collaborative innovation - April 16th - 5pm - 8:30pm
                        South Florida Technology Alliance Monthly Meeting - Nova Southeastern University
                        In today's hypercompetitive business environment the speed by which a company is able to innovate is critical to success. This means that many organizations can't afford to rely solely on their own innovative capabilities or "reinvent the wheel" by duplicating existing technologies if they want to keep pace with their competitors with respect to innovation. This problem is made even more complex by the need to manage the tremendous risks associated with innovative activities. Because of this, more and more companies are turning to collaborative innovation.

                        Collaborative innovation is built upon the premise that companies should not "go it alone" when it comes to innovation, but instead should license intellectual property from other companies, academic institutions, customers, and even competitors. This form collaboration allows companies to innovate by sharing both the risks and the rewards of innovation while also shortening the innovation cycle.

                        This month's SFTA event dives more deeply into the issues and benefits related to collaborative innovation by bringing together a panel discussion featuring representatives from all spectrums of the collaborative innovation ecosystem.


                        vBeers @ Broward - Funky Buddha - Wed April 8th
                        6pm - 9pm (Sponsored Pizza and Beer)
                        Please join us for the next vBeers @ Broward. We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month in Broward County, Florida, USA.

                        The next Broward meeting will be at the Funky Buddha Brewery, which is located in Oakland Park, just a few minutes East of I-95.

                        Event sponsorship is now managed by the South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA). Sponsors for this event include Volico and Nexenta. Volico Hosting will be buying the beers and Nexenta will provide pizza! Bring your sense of humor and get ready for some great IT and virtualization conversations with some of the best people in South Florida's IT community. Please encourage to IT friends and colleagues to attend!

                        • Funky Buddha Brewery
                        • 1201 NE 38th St
                        • Oakland Park, FL 33334

                        Please RSVP at the vBeers South Florida page.

                        The South Florida vBeers events happen four times a month (Palm Beach Gardens, Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton and Miami).

                        Details @ ...

                        IT - DR
                        The People Side of Disaster Recovery: 10 Things Managers Should Do
                        TechRepublic, March 30, 2015
                        "A solid DR plan can help you recover systems and fix technical problems in a crisis. But you should also be ready to deal with nontechnical issues--like panic, misinformation, and damaging rumors.

                        Disaster recovery plans test systems performance and recovery--but there is no scientific way to test the resilience of employees (or yourself) under disastrous conditions. This can leave your company exposed to human error, risks of danger, and miscommunication. Here are 10 questions managers should ask to make sure they're addressing the nontechnical side of DR..."

                        Virtual Technology Summit
                        Oracle Technology Network (OTN) Invitation
                        The Oracle Technology Network (OTN) is excited to invite you to the next Virtual Technology Summit coming in May:

                        • May 5th, 2015 (9:00 am PT to 12:30pm PT*)
                        • May 12th, 2015 (09:00 - 12:00 BST / 10:00 - 13:00 CEST / 12:00 - 15:00 GST*)
                        • May 19th, 2015 (2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. AU-NSW-SYD / 12:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. SGT / 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. IST*

                        *Middleware Track last an extra hour

                        As always, this free online event offers four technical tracks, each with a unique focus on specific tools, technologies, and tips...

                        IT - Networks
                        Could SDN Revolutionize Network Security?
                        Network World, April 2, 2015
                        "Network security grows more and more difficult all the time. According to recent ESG research, 79% of security professionals working at enterprise organizations (i.e. more than 1,000 employees) believe that network security is more difficult than it was two years ago (note: I am an ESG employee). Why? Threats are getting more targeted, voluminous, and sophisticated while networks grow more complex with the addition of more users, devices, traffic, etc..."
                        NAC Is Back. And Better than Ever
                        Network World, March 30, 2015
                        "For this review, we were able to bring the following five vendors together: Enterasys/Extreme Networks Mobile IAM, Hexis Cyber Solutions NetBeat NAC, Impulse Point SafeConnect NAC, Pulse Policy Secure, and Portnox NAC. Overall Portnox was the best NAC unit we tested, with Extreme coming in a close second. Portnox had better reporting than Extreme, while Extreme had better device detection capabilities..."
                        SDN Interest Shifts Toward the WAN
                        NetworkComputing, March 27, 2015
                        "Software-defined networking improves network utilization and efficiency, and as the technology matures, enterprises are looking to apply those benefits to their WAN and campus networks.

                        Even though it seems we have been talking about software-defined networking (SDN) for a long time, only a small number of companies have actually implemented it. That could produce cynicism among networking professionals about the likelihood of SDN ever being widely deployed..."

                        SDN Management Battle: Taps vs. Network Packet Brokers
                        Network World, March 30, 2015
                        "Network management is a sticky issue when it comes to implementing software-defined networks and network virtualization.

                        Lack of visibility into the underlying infrastructure has been cited by vendors and consultants as an inhibitor of SDN adoption. Traditional tools were designed for legacy networks, not the software overlay abstraction that SDN critics say shields operators from network behavior and anomalies..."

                        Where SDN Falls Down
                        Network World, April 1, 2015
                        "Software Defined Networking (SDN) promises faster network deployment times and increased agility. Unfortunately, early SDN architectures focused only on solving connectivity challenges at layers 2 through 4 of the OSI model and largely ignored application-centric challenges at layer 4 to layer 7. Yet, layers 4 - 7 are where many of the services reside that ensure applications are fast, highly available and secure..."
                        IT - Linux
                        Linux job market booms even as the server market disappears
                        TechRepublic, April 1, 2015
                        "According to a new Dice report, the Linux job market remains sizzling hot. Nearly every single hiring manager surveyed (97%) expects to hire more Linux talent relative to other skills areas in the next six months.

                        In fact, Linux jobs growth outpaces Linux server growth.

                        While IDC pegs Linux server market share at 28.5% in early 2014, a climb of 4.5% over the previous year, market share doesn't tell the whole story behind Linux jobs growth. To understand the continued rise in demand for Linux professionals, it's important to look beyond revenue-based market share..."

                        11 Ways That Linux Contributes to Tech Innovation
              , March 30, 2015
                        "We all know that Linux runs much of modern society - from data centers and mobile phones, to air traffic control and stock exchanges. But what are some of the ways that Linux continues to contribute to innovation in the tech industry?

                        Over the past six months I've asked new Linux Foundation corporate members on the cutting edge of technology to weigh in on what interesting or innovative trends they're witnessing and the role that Linux plays in them..."

                        BlackArch Linux Offers Wealth of Security Research Tools
                        eWeek, April 3, 2015
                        "There is no shortage of Linux-based operating systems focused on security research in the market today, including BackBox, Pentoo, CAINE and Kali Linux. While all of those Linux operating systems include a healthy volume of tools, BlackArch is in a category of its own in terms of the sheer number of included applications. BlackArch Linux version 2015.03.29, released March 29, provides users with more than 1,200 security tools. BlackArch is an Arch Linux-based security research operating system..."
                        GNOME 3.16 could possibly be the most polished iteration of the Linux desktop to date
                        TechRepublic, April 2, 2015
                        "Jack Wallen kicks the tires of GNOME 3.16 and concludes it could be one of the most polished desktops to cross the Linux landscape in quite some time.

                        It's been a very long time coming, but GNOME has finally hit its stride--in a big way. Since the release of GNOME 3, people have declared that this particular Linux desktop is dead. Those naysayers can now put their hatred aside and enjoy the hard work that the developers have put into making GNOME 3.16 the single most polished iteration of this open-source desktop to date... and quite possibly any Linux desktop..."

                        IT - Operations
                        How to Build Physical Security Into a Data Center
                        CSO Online, March 31, 2015
                        "There are plenty of complicated documents that can guide companies through the process of designing a secure data center - from the gold-standard specs used by the federal government to build sensitive facilities like embassies, to infrastructure standards published by industry groups like the Telecommunications Industry Association, to safety requirements from the likes of the National Fire Protection Association. But what should be the CSO's high-level goals for making sure that security for the new data center is built into the designs, instead of being an expensive or ineffectual afterthought?..."
                        Modern Data Center Cooling Systems Cut Out Energy Waste
                        Search Data Center, April 2, 2015
                        "Data center advances have led to ever-increasing energy demands, which require better cooling techniques. Limiting costs is also essential, so choosing the right approach will balance efficiency and expenditures with an optimal server environment.

                        The elevated heat levels produced in high-density cabinets have stretched the limits of conventional data center cooling systems. Some of these new, effective techniques are highly developed, while others remain in their respective infancies. All take a targeted approach to data center cooling to reduce energy use..."

                          Removing Admin Rights Would Ease 97 Percent of Critical Microsoft Flaws
                          Techworld, March 31, 2015
                          "Almost every critical vulnerability in Microsoft software published in 2014 could have been mitigated simply by removing admin rights from users, UK security firm Avecto has calculated after studying Patch Tuesday advisories for the year.

                          A year ago an Avecto analysis of the 2013 figures told a nearly identical story, with 92 percent of the most serious flaws de-clawed by removing admin rights, a figure that has now climbed to 97 percent..."

                          IT - Security
                          Cyber Hunting: 5 Tips To Bag Your Prey
                          Dark Reading, March 26, 2015
                          "Knowing the lay of the land and where attackers hide is a key element in hunting, both in nature and in the cyber realm.

                          The days when Security Operations Center analysts could sit back and wait for alerts to come to them have long passed. A year of breaches and attacks at Fortune 100 banks, retailers, and government agencies have shown that traditional measures like firewalls, IDS, and SIEMs are not enough. While these measures are still important, today's threats demand a more active role in detecting and isolating sophisticated attacks. It's hunting season, so here are five tips to make your efforts more productive..."

                          The Things End Users Do that Drive Security Teams Crazy
                          CSO Online, March 26, 2015
                          "To protect users from public embarrassment their identities have been withheld in these true stories of failures to follow security protocol...

                          There are times as a security professional you can only put your head in your hands and cry. The things people do that put the company at risk can sometimes amaze you. Here are some real-life scenarios provided by CISOs..."

                          5 Keys to Hiring Security Talent
                          CIO, March 30, 2015
                          "Recruiting IT security professionals can be tough, unless you have a great elevator pitch, says an insurance company CIO ...

                          Hiring (and retaining) data security talent is one of the toughest jobs today, especially after a slew of high-profile data breaches that have driven demand and salaries sky-high. Robert S. Allen, chief security officer at CNA, a major commercial insurance carrier, is tackling that challenge by making sure his company has an attractive story to tell job candidates. Allen has global responsibility for information security and physical security, which provides a holistic view of operational risk..."

                          6 Key Mistakes that Can Sabotage IT Security
                          HealthData Management, March 30, 2015
                          "A new report from FireHost, a data security vendor, details a proactive approach to securing protected health information. The report covers issues such as compliance vs. security; the high cost of reactive planning; risk assessment and management; and actionable tactics. It also lists six mistakes to avoid..."
                          Behavioral Biometrics: The Password You can't Forget
                          HelpNet Security, March 26, 2015
                          "This year's Mobile World Congress featured more biometrics technology than ever before, with the launch of Google's Android Pay and Samsung Pay both unveiling technology that enables payments through fingerprint verification. There can be no doubt that biometrics is creeping into the consumer conscience, but are biometrics ready for the enterprise?

                          The boundaries of what defines a bank or payment provider are blurring, with innovators such as Apple and PayPal now competing in this space..."

                          Hacking Back: Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right
                          Dark Reading, March 30, 2015
                          "Here's the critical issue: Do you want to risk engaging your company in an ego-fueled war of revenge, or do you want to cut the bad guys off at the pass?

                          If the sheer volume of alerts you face daily or the massive damage from hacks, like the ones that dominate headlines, have driven you to the point of contemplating the available hacking-back options, let's take a step back for a second. In the long-running debate about the legalities, ethics, and tactics of hacking back and its more politically correct cousin, 'active defense,' it can be easy to let anxiety and even ego fuel a passionate 'pro' viewpoint...."

                            How Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) Can Save An Organization Millions
                            Network World, April 2, 2015
                            "In my 25+ years in IT, I have seen the outsource/insource pendulum swing back and forth. One of the popular arguments in favor of outsourcing is that it can save an organization dollars in total cost of ownership. In my experience, that is not always the case. But now Forrester has completed a study that says outsourcing Security-as-a-Service could help a company save millions of dollars over a period of three years..."
                            Inside the Rickety, Vulnerable Systems that Run Just About Every Power Plant
                            IT World, April 2, 2015
                            "In 1982, at the height of the Cold War, a vast explosion, visible from space, lit up Siberia. NORAD and others in the U.S. defense establishment worried: was this a nuclear test, or a missile being launched from a region where nobody had suspected that missies were stored? But no: it turns out the explosion, one of the largest non-nuclear blasts ever created, came from a remote area of the new Trans-Siberian Pipeline. And according to Thomas C. Reed, a U.S. National Security Advisor at the time, it was an audacious act of sabotage by U.S. intelligence.

                            The operation, according to Reed, went like this:..."

                            Three Ways a CSO Can Stop Being the Bad Guy
                            CSO Online, April 1, 2015
                            "Are you the Dr. No of your company, always with security-related reasons for stopping or slowing down projects?

                            When you meet with management, is it to ask for more money for security or else horrible things will happen? If so, do you say it like, "one meeeeellion dollars" while petting a white cat? You do know that one million dollars will hardly make a dent in the problem. Better make it, "one beeeeellion dollars."..."

                            Why You Should be Spending More on Security
                            CIO, April 1, 2015
                            "Many CIOs endanger their companies simply by not spending enough on security.

                            That may seem odd to posit, given that a recent Pricewaterhouse Coopers survey found that businesses now spend a higher percentage of their IT budgets on security than ever before. According to the survey, large organizations spend an average of 11 percent of their IT budgets on security while small businesses spend nearly 15 percent..."

                            Wider Use of HTTPS Could Have Protected GitHub
                            ComputerWorld, April 1, 2015
                            "The unique attack method used to disrupt the code-sharing site GitHub over the last week could have been prevented if more websites enabled encryption, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) said Wednesday.

                            The attack against GitHub was enabled by someone tampering with regular website traffic to unrelated Chinese websites, all of which used a JavaScript analytics and advertising related tool from Baidu..."

                            Anonymous Proxies Now Used in a Fifth of DDOS Attacks
                            CSO Online, March 31, 2015
                            "The number of distributed denial of service attacks using anonymous proxies has increased dramatically over the past year, according to a new research report, as attackers use these proxies to create an instant pseudo-botnet.

                            Ofer Gayer, security researcher at Redwood Shores, CA-based Incapsula Inc., said he first spotted the trend about a year ago.

                            Incapsula was working on creating a database of IP addresses spotted attempting malicious activity, and discovered that attackers were abusing anonymous proxies to turn a regular single-origin denial of service attack into a distributed denial of service attack with traffic flowing through thousands -- or tens of thousands -- different IP addresses..."

                            IT - Careers
                            10 Rules for Working With Recruiters and Search Firms
                            CIO, March 27, 2015
                            "The first rule of working with recruiters is to remember they work for the employer. For that reason, you need a strategy to ensure you're using them to your advantage...

                            There's a common misconception job seekers have about working with executive search firms, recruiters and employment agencies: They think these agencies are in business to help them land a job. It's important to remember that these firms work for employers, not for you -- and they are merely channels through which you may secure an employment opportunity, says Ford R. Myers, career coach..."

                              Is a robot about to steal your job?
                              ITProPortal, April 4, 2015
                              "Why aren't the politicians doing anything about it? Why aren't we talking about it more?

                              No it's not immigration, the economy or terrorism. It's bigger- and, readers, you created it.

                              I am talking about the idea that within the next 20 years, half of all jobs on this planet will automated. Those with routine low skilled jobs will be the first to go followed by huge swathes of white collar workers. Yes, the robots are coming..."

                                Six Surprising Facts About Who's Winning the Operating System and Browser Wars In the U.S.
                                ZDnet, March 28, 2015
                                "The United States government has given the public access to its massive analytics database, and the results are fascinating. What share does the Mac really have? Is Windows 8.1 a hit or a miss? Who's winning the browser wars? I've dug deep to get the answers..."
                                Wisdom to Code By, An Illustrated Guide to Programmer Proverbs
                                IT World, April 2, 2015
                                "Like any other occupation, the longer you do software development, the more you learn. Often, much of the wisdom one accumulates over time comes from learning the hard way, through trial and error. Other times, though, those who've come before you will save you some time (and pain) by imparting the lessons they themselves have learned over the years. One of the good ways to do that is through proverbs, that is, simple sayings that convey a truth, usually based on experience. A GitHub repository created last year called Programmer's Proverbs has been collecting these short sayings from developers. Use the arrows above to view some of their nuggets of programming truths..."
                                  IT - Social Media
                                  12 Shockingly stupid Social Media Misfires
                                  Network World, March 26, 2015
                                  "What the heck were you thinking?

                                  That's the question that came to mind during the past year after Malaysia Airlines, Starbucks, American Apparel, and other major brands and celebrities unleashed ill-conceived social media campaigns. Social media is a fast-flowing river, and navigating it can be as tricky as guiding a kayak on Class V rapids. However, the following dozen misfires, blunders and faux pas prove that organizations need to think before they act; have social media teams review proposed campaigns and tweets before posting; understand their own brand images; and simply practice good old common sense.

                                  Here are 12 of the past year's most stunning social media misfires..."

                                    In a Digital World, Your Customers Can Kill You
                                    CIO, March 30, 2015
                                    "In today's digitally driven and socially engaged world, the customer isn't just always right. An unhappy customer can destroy your business...

                                    It's a strange digital world where a sale might not be good for a company and a customer might be more valuable than the dollars they spend. We're talking about the emergence of the customer advocate who wields a mighty online bullhorn..."

                                      Virtual Compute Appliance 2.0.2 Released
                                      maintenance update
                                      Oracle announced the latest release 2.0.2 of Oracle's Virtual Compute Appliance. Oracle's Virtual Compute Appliance is an engineered system with integrated and software-defined converged infrastructure designed to radically simplify the way customers install, deploy, and manage converged infrastructures for any Linux, Oracle Solaris, or Microsoft Windows applications on Oracle VM.

                                      The 2.0.2 release is a maintenance update to provide bug fixes and add new hardware support for X5-2 Compute nodes in Virtual Compute Appliance X3-2 and X4-2.

                                      IT - Virtualization
                                      The Virtual Workload Silo-ization Syndrome
                                      Enterprise Strategy Group, April 2, 2015
                                      "Many data center environments are plagued today by what I'll call virtualized 'silo-tary confinement.' This means that virtualized application workloads are often segregated or containerized within discrete pools of compute, storage, and network resources. For example, a virtual desktop environment may be configured with server, SAN/NAS storage, and networking hardware, while an Exchange infrastructure may utilize a totally separate pool of virtualized resources. This tendency to silo virtualized workloads drives up costs, increases management complexity, and hinders business agility; flying directly in the face of why organizations virtualized their server infrastructure in the first place..."
                                      VirtualBox 5.0 Will Bring Disk Image Encryption, Paravirtualization Support for Linux and Windows Guests
                            , April 1, 2015
                                      Oracle is proud to announce the availability of VirtualBox 5.0 BETA 1.

                                      This release is a major improvement which include a large number of enhancement and bug fixes.

                                      See all the details here with a complete list of enhancements, bug fixes and links to download the software.

                                      Please do _NOT_ use this VirtualBox Beta release on production machines. A VirtualBox Beta release should be considered a bleeding-edge release meant for early evaluation and testing purposes.

                                      IT - Email
                                      Internet of Things Prompts New Cybersecurity Risks
                                      Information Management, March 31, 2015
                                      "The rising number of connected devices is multiplying the probability of cyber attacks on companies across sectors, according to a new report from Frost & Sullivan. This is compelling organizations to deploy security technologies in order to protect computing resources, information, networks and applications.

                                      Innovations in security will be aimed at fortifying cloud services, big data, wireless communication and the Internet of Things (IoT)..."

                                      Oracle gets ZFS filer array spun up to near-AFA speeds
                                      Thor-like ZS4-4 soars, knocks SPC-2 score for four
                                      Chris Mellor writes in "The Register", "Oracle's ZFS filer array has virtually matched an all-flash array in the SPC-2 streaming storage benchmark and set a new SPC-2 streaming/price/performance record [PDF].

                                      It introduced its ZS4-4 array in December last year, as a refresh of the prior ZS3. That was rated at 17,244.22MB/sec on its SPC-2 run with a $22.53 price/performance score.

                                      The ZS4-4 array was rated at 31,486.23 MB/sec with a price/performance rating of $17.09, heading towards being twice as fast with a better price/performance number..."

                                      IT - Backup
                                      Backup Appliances: 5 Considerations
                                      Network Computing, March 27, 2015
                                      "Appliances in your backup infrastructure can help save you time and money. Weigh these issues to ensure you choose the right one for your business.

                                      For centuries, humans have invented tools and appliances to simplify repetitive processes. For example, think of a kitchen -- appliances such as coffee makers, microwaves and stand mixers all save users from repeating unnecessary steps, therefore saving time.

                                      When it comes to enterprise storage, IT is faced with a similar situation:..."

                                      World Backup Day
                                      Enterprise Strategy Group , March 31, 2015
                                      "Every day should be Backup Day, just like every day should be Mothers' Day. Yes, there is one day per year when we absolutely have to say 'thank you' to our moms, but they've done so much for us that we really should be that thankful and sentimental with them every day. Similarly, while our data protection infrastructure yields a variety of benefits for us throughout the year, Backup Day is our one day to be especially mindful of it - though in reality, many of us don't even think about the big picture around backups even once per year. We only think of backups when A) something breaks or B) something new comes in that the old backup solution won't cover..."
                                      IT - Mobile
                                      Monitoring More than Just Wearables
                                      Network World, March 31, 2015
                                      "From turkey hatcheries to prawn farms, users are finding unique ways to use technology to monitor their situations.

                                      When most people talk about the Internet of Things, they're talking about Nest, wearables, and other devices. But there are all sorts of 'things' that can be monitored and tracked with network monitoring software. Paessler created the list..."

                                      Should You Be Afraid of Text Messages?
                                      CSO Online, April 1, 2015
                                      "Are you worried about hackers stealing millions of your customer records? According to one security vendor, you should be more worried about your employees spilling corporate secrets via text message, 160 characters at a time.

                                      "Texting is growing faster than email on mobile devices," said PJ Gupta, CEO at Santa Clara, Calif.-based Amtel, Inc. "There are employees using WhatsApp to send information to clients. We don't know what servers that information is going through."

                                      IT - Big Data
                                      3 Big Data Opportunities that Can Help Your Customers
                                      Washington Technology, March 30, 2015
                                      "Big data and analytics are becoming increasingly important in federal IT spending. With reduced budgets and staff, government agencies have to rely more heavily on data analytics to help them accomplish their missions.

                                      As a result, big data is one of the few bright spots in federal IT spending. An average of $2.3 billion a year is spent by agencies in gathering, processing, and disseminating data, according to the Department of Commerce Economics and Statistics Administration. The market intelligence team at immixGroup estimates a 5.85 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for big data and analytics from fiscal 2014 to fiscal 2017..."

                                      Big Data Certifications: Finding the One that Works for You
                                      InformationWeek, March 30, 2015
                                      "Anyone who's worked in IT for more than a minute knows that the ability to keep up with fast-changing technologies can make or break your career. This is particularly true right now for anyone whose job involves working with applications related to big data, business intelligence, and business analysis.

                                      Tech vendors typically offer a wide range of big data certification programs to help you master your use of their products and services. Conventional wisdom has it that developing your expertise and becoming certified in certain tools will help advance your own career..."

                                      Big Data: Build it and they really will come
                                      The Enterprisers Project, April 2, 2015
                                      "For a CIO in a service provider business, it's not a foregone conclusion that you'll lead the company charge in areas such as big data. At Vanguard, however, roughly 96 percent of our client contacts come in via web and digital channels. When your technology channel essentially is your channel, there are times when IT really does have to step it up and lead the way. Big data is one of those times..."
                                      Detecting Advanced Threats with User Behavior Analytics
                                      Network World, March 31, 2015
                                      "Day after day, an employee uses legitimate credentials to access corporate systems, from a company office, during business hours. The system remains secure. But suddenly the same credentials are used after midnight to connect to a database server and run queries that this user has never performed before. Is the system still secure?..."
                                        How Big Data keeps United Healthcare Nimble
                                        Information Management, April 1, 2015
                                        "United Healthcare is big into big data. The nation's largest health insurer is using big data and advanced analytics for financial analysis, fraud and waste monitoring, cost management, pharmacy benefit management, clinical improvements and more.

                                        'The data is so interrelated across business groups, I would be hard-pressed to find an area that is not directly or indirectly touched by these initiatives,' says Ravi Shanbhag, director of data science, solutions and strategy at United Healthcare..."

                                        Is Big Data a Bubble Set to Burst?
                                        Data Center Knowledge, March 30, 2015
                                        "The term 'Big Data' has become increasingly popular over the past few years. For a while, it appeared as though you couldn't throw a stick (or a Google search) without running into someone speaking of its wondrous possibilities.

                                        Just think about all the data being generated, collected and statistically analyzed by modern organizations, and the ways it would seemingly revolutionize our everyday lives..."

                                        The Data Science Ecosystem Part 2: Data Wrangling
                                        ComputerWorld, April 1, 2015
                                        "Data scientists spend 80% of their time convert data into a usable form. There are many tools out there to help and I will go over some of the most interesting.

                                        There was a money quote from Michael Cavaretta, a data scientist at Ford Motor, in a recent article in The New York Times. The piece was about the challenges data scientists face going about their daily business..."

                                          Why Insurers are Leading on Data and Analytics
                                          Insurance Networking News, March 30, 2015
                                          "Where does your organization stand in terms of its embrace of data analytics? If you're like most enterprises, you're probably just starting to get your arms around the opportunity and challenge. In many cases, IT leaders feel their infrastructures are not ready to handle the crush of new data and accompanying analytics applications.

                                          That's the gist of a new survey released by State Street, which suggests that organizations are only just beginning to get a grip on their rapidly bursting data environments...."

                                          Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                          Vol 205 Issue 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 204 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4
                                          We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                          • MICROS Workstation 6 Point-of-Service Terminal
                                          • Yes, Larry Ellison's Oracle Is Now A Cloud Company
                                          • Is Your Shellshocked Poodle Freaked Over Heartbleed?
                                          • Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux and Oracle VM
                                          • The "New to Solaris Development Forum" Has Moved"]
                                          • LibreOffice To Become The Cornerstone Of The World's First Universal Productivity Solution
                                          • Web Development with Java and JSF
                                          • Oracle Learning Cloud Unveiled at Oracle HCM World
                                          • Epsilon Deploys Oracle Linux and Oracle VM to Deliver Solutions up to 20 Times Faster
                                          • Business Control Solutions Integrity is Oracle Exadata and Oracle SuperCluster Optimized

                                          The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                            IT - Encryption
                                            Encryption: The Security Market's Newest Frontier
                                            Network World, April 1, 2015
                                            "In response to the mind-numbing, never-ending reports of data breaches in the news, I am seeing a distinct move to data encryption as the latest best hope for information security. While encryption is certainly not new and is far from a panacea, the notion that my data is protected even if I am breached or compromised is appealing to many.

                                            Two companies I have spoken with recently are riding this wave in raising VC money and gathering big-name clients. While both are in the encrypted data market and both have Israeli roots, they are actually not very competitive with each other. They play in different areas of the encryption game..."

                                            IT - Server
                                            Open Compute Summit Showcases Progress in the Open Hardware Ecosystem
                                            Neuralytix, March 16, 2015
                                            "The Open Compute Project (OCP) Summit (March 10-11, 2015) that took place in Santa Clara, CA showed that substantial progress is being made in the open-source hardware movement around OCP specifications, which began with the Summit in 2011.

                                            What began as a consortium to reduce costs through the use of industry-standard interconnects and rack specifications has resulted in a wave of products that are designed to allow customers to take a plug-and-play approach to building out data center infrastructure. The aim of these designs is to create a situation in which data center operators will gain more choice, and more price-competitive products, by standardizing on OCP specifications, which are certified by OCP Lab tests..."

                                            6 Reasons Why Heat-Based Attacks Won't Happen
                                            InfoWorld, March 31, 2015
                                            "I love the computer security world. I really do. It encourages everyone to get fired up about fantastical, unlikely threats. The latest dream attack, which emerged from Israel's Ben-Gurion University, is way, way out there.

                                            I've been to Israel and met Ben-Gurion computer security students. Many of them are scary good. Last year I taught a weeklong class in Israel about honeypots, and the students almost taught me more than I taught them. In the end I felt I'd endured the mental equivalent of being arm-barred by Ronda Rousey..."

                                            IT - Tape
                                            Tape Thrives at the Margin as Shipped Capacity Breaks Record
                                            The Register, April 2, 2015
                                            "Shipped tape capacity passed 6.6 exabytes in the third 2014 quarter, a record.

                                            An HP backup, recovery and archive product manager, Simon Watkins, revealed this in a blog. As a man with lots of tape libraries in his set of products, you'd expect him to be pleased.

                                            The data came from the Santa Clara Consulting Group.

                                            Watkins also said 'LTO-6 tape media pricing fell below one cent per gigabyte' and repeated the general message that tape archives are cheap - much, much cheaper than disk. When data is in a long-term preservation state, then low-cost storage is prioritised over faster access, but more expensive (meaning disk) alternative media..."

                                            LibreOffice 4.4.2
                                            Available For Download
                                            The Document Foundation announced LibreOffice 4.4.2, the second minor release of the LibreOffice 4.4 "fresh" family, with over 50 fixes over LibreOffice 4.4.0 and 4.4.1.

                                            New features introduced by the LibreOffice 4.4 family are listed on this web page.

                                            The Document Foundation suggests to deploy LibreOffice in enterprises and large organizations when backed by professional support by certified people (a list is available here).

                                            People interested in technical details about the release can access the change log here: (fixed in RC1) and (fixed in RC2).

                                            Download LibreOffice

                                            LibreOffice 4.4.2 is immediately available for download from this link.

                                            Using the Solaris Studio IDE for remote development
                                            IDE based on features ability to do remote development
                                            Darryl blogs, "Solaris Studio has an IDE based on, one of the features of the IDE is its ability to do remote development - i.e. do your development work on a Windows laptop while doing the builds on a remote Solaris or Linux box. Vladimir has written up a nice how-to guide covering the three models that Studio supports..."

                                            The three models are: Fully remote, Mixed/shared and Simple

                                            Thoughts about Common Criteria (CC) Evaluations
                                            US Scheme of the CC run by the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP)
                                            Josh Brickman writes, "I want to share some of our thoughts about Common Criteria (CC) evaluations specifically those under the US Scheme of the CC run by the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP). NIAP is one of the leaders behind the significant evolution of the Common Criteria, resulting in ratification of a new Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement last year.

                                            In 2009, NIAP advocated for a radical change in the CC by creating Protection Profiles quickly for many technology types. As described by NIAP[i]:

                                            In this new paradigm, NIAP will only accept products into evaluation claiming exact compliance to a NIAP-approved Protection Profile. These NIAP-approved Protection Profiles (PP) produce evaluation results that are achievable, repeatable, and testable - allowing for more a more consistent and rapid evaluation process.[ii]..."

                                              Nexenta News
                                              Storage March Madness @ Dave and Busters, Hollywood, Florida With Nexenta
                                              Monday April 6th, 3pm to 6pm before the FINAL game at 7pm
                                              IT professionals involved with buying and selling storage are invited to a casual March Madness Event at Dave and Busters, Hollywood FL. Come learn about Nexenta and Software Defined Storage.

                                              You'll also have a chance to meet the Nexenta and Vault Networks Teams!

                                              Leave work a bit early, enjoy appetizers, drinks, and games with IT professionals who share your interests!

                                              Nexenta is the inventor and global leader of Software Defined Storage solutions. Nexenta delivers secure, high-performance, ultra-scalable, cloud- and virtualization-optimized storage software solutions on any hardware platform realizing the 'true' Software Defined Data Center to enable the biggest challenges in IT today; from rich media-driven Social Media to Big Data; from Internet of Things to Mobility via the Cloud. Built upon an 'open platform' and running on a broad choice of industry-standard hardware, Nexenta eliminates vendor lock-in and provides open, secure and scalable unified storage management at significantly lower total cost than legacy systems.

                                              Please Register at Eventbright.

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