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FLUX Presentation @ NSU - Next Generation of Identity Management - Thursday March 12th
Einstein's from 6:30PM to 7:30PM; Presentation at 7:30PM
This is a topic that should be of interest to all IT professions including managers, sysadmins, and developers.

Bill Nelson, aka the "IDM Dude", Co-Founder of Identity Fusion, will talk about IRM, The Next Generation of Identity Management.

In today's internet-connected world, employees, partners, and customers all need anytime access to secure data from millions of laptops, phones, tablets, cars, and any devices with internet connections.

Identity relationship management platforms are built for IoT, scale, and contextual intelligence. No matter the device, the volume, or the circumstance, an IRM platform will adapt to understand who you are and what you can access.

In this discussion, Bill will describe the basic pillars of identity relationship management systems, how they differ from identity and access management solutions, and how you can build an identity platform to begin taking advantage of IRM.

Please RSVP at The FLUX group

About Identity Fusion, Inc.

Identity Fusion offers comprehensive services focused on ForgeRock's Open Identity Stack and includes sales, services, and education.

Directions on FLUX website.

5 Steps for Installing Oracle Database 12c on Oracle Solaris 11
By Rick Ramsey
Rick writes, "You can install and run Oracle Database 12c on different platforms, but if you install it on an Oracle Solaris 11 zone, you can take advantage of these capabilities:

  • Isolation
  • Independently Managed and Autonomous Environments
  • Distinctive Identity
  • Easy Database Instance Migration
  • Hard Partitioning

Ginny Henningsen and Glynn Foster from the Oracle Solaris product management team wrote down the simplest instructions for installing Oracle Database 12c in an Oracle Solaris 11 non-global zone, including how to implement hard partitioning.

Tech Article: 5 Steps to Installing Oracle Database 12c on Oracle Solaris 11 by Ginny Henningsen and Glynn Foster

Backing up MySQL using ZFS Snapshots and Clones
A convenient mechanism to backup, restore, and fork a MySQL database
Paul Johnson writes, "The blog post serves as a follow-up to Deploying MySQL over NFS using the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance and Deploying MySQL over Fibre Channel/iSCSI using the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance.

The snapshot and clone features of the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance provides a convenient mechanism to backup, restore, and fork a MySQL database. A ZFS snapshot is a read-only copy of a file-system that is created instantaneously while initially occupying zero additional space. As the data of a file-system changes, the differences are tracked inside the snapshot. A ZFS clone is a writeable snapshot that can be used to branch off an existing filesystem without modifying the original contents..."

Why SQL is the natural language for data analysis
87% of enterprises believe big data analytics will redefine the competitive landscape of their industries
Analytics is a must-have component of every corporate data warehousing and big data project. It is the core driver for the business: the development of new products, better targeting of customers with promotions, hiring of new talent and retention of existing key talent. Yet the analysis of especially 'big data environments', data stored and processed outside of classical relational systems, continues to be a significant challenge for the majority companies. According to Gartner, 72% of companies are planning to increase their expenditure on big data yet 55% state they don't have the necessary skills to make use of it.
MySQL Workbench 6.2.5 GA
maintenance release for MySQL Workbench 6.2

The MySQL developer tools team announces 6.2.5 as our maintenance release for MySQL Workbench 6.2.

For the full list of bugs fixed in this revision, visit

For discussion, join the MySQL Workbench Forums:

Download MySQL Workbench 6.2.5 now, for Windows, Mac OS X 10.7+, Oracle Linux 6 and 7, Fedora 20, Fedora 21, and Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 14.10 or sources, from:

MySQL Workbench 6.3.1 Beta has been released
New and enhanced features which are feature complete

The MySQL developer tools team is pleased to announce 6.3 Beta - the start of the public beta testing phase of MySQL Workbench 6.3

This release contains a number of new and enhanced features which are feature complete but might still contain bugs. So use them with care.

Exalogic Run Book
System administration procedures and operational workflows
This blog post is brought to you by Albert Leigh of the Exalogic Product Management team.

The Exalogic Runbook is a compilation of system administration procedures and operational workflows for Exalogic administrators and operators. This document provides operational guidelines and information about what needs to be done after an Exalogic rack has been successfully installed and configured. It is intended for Exalogic virtualized environments. The Runbook is available on My Oracle Support as Document ID 1930293.1 (Operations Runbook For Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software 2.0.6.x.x).

vBeers @ Broward - Funky Buddha - Wed March 11
6pm - 9pm (Sponsored Pizza and Beer)
Please join us for the next vBeers @ Broward. We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month in Broward County, Florida, USA.

The next Broward meeting will be at the Funky Buddha Brewery, which is located in Oakland Park, just a few minutes East of I-95.

This event will be sponsored by Volico and Nexenta. Volico Hosting will be buying the beers and Nexenta will provide pizza! Bring your sense of humor and get ready for some great IT and virtualization conversations with some of the best people in South Florida's IT community. Please encourage to IT friends and colleagues to attend!

  • Funky Buddha Brewery
  • 1201 NE 38th St
  • Oakland Park, FL 33334

Please RSVP at the vBeers South Florida page.

Join us for one of the four South Florida vBeers events. The South Florida vBeers events happen three times a month, once per county:

Details @ ...

President's Message
Dr. James Parrish
With only one week left till our CIO/CTO Roundtable, I recommend registering here as soon as you can. We'll learn about some of the coolest work being done by local companies. Our CIO/CTO Roundtable: 2015 Outlook will cover what's hot with trending technology.

Hope to see you there.

Dr. James Parrish

President, South Florida Technology Alliance


CIO/CTO Roundtable: The 2015 Outlook
South Florida Technology Alliance Monthly Meeting - Citrix, Ft. Lauderdale
Learn from tech thought leaders who are building leading edge software products and services right here in South Florida. Join Paul Martine, Citrix CIO as he moderates a panel to include leading South Florida CIOs. Arrive early and network with your IT colleagues.


  • Paul Martine, CIO, Citrix


  • Joel Steigelfest, CIO, Cross Country Home Services
  • Alexander Sjogren, CTO, Yellow Pepper
  • Patric Edmonson, Senior Vice President, Modernizing Medicine
  • Bryan Dennstedt, CTO, MDLIVE


  • Thursday, March 19, 5:00 - 8:30 pm


  • 5:00 pm - 6:45 pm: Registration and Networking
  • 6:45 pm - 8:00 pm: Panel Discussion
  • 8:00 pm - 8:30 pm: Meet the Speakers


Webinar: Software in Silicon - Register Now
March 18, 2015
Join us on March 18, 2015 for a FREE Webinar on "Software In Silicon" hosted by Oracle experts, Angelo Rajadurai and Mike Mulkey.

Oracle ISV Engineering is offering an exciting opportunity to learn about the NEW offering for developers who want early access to the revolutionary Software in Silicon technology in the forthcoming Oracle SPARC M7 processor running Oracle Solaris 11.

What Will You Learn?

By listening to this webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Use the NEW Software in Silicon Cloud to dramatically improve reliability and security.
  • Accelerate application performance in today's market.
  • Software in Silicon implements accelerators directly into the processor to deliver a rich feature-set that enables quick development of more secure, robust, reliable, and faster databases and applications.

With the Oracle Software in Silicon Cloud, developers can have a secure environment in which to test and improve their software, as well as exploit the unique advantages of Oracle's Software in Silicon technology.

SPARC: (Still) Not Dead, Since 1989
by Larry Wake
Larry writes, "Okay, I wanted to talk about IEEE's recent event honoring SPARC; but, before I even get started, I should address a couple of points about the title.

First: when I've written before about our technology history, I've sometimes been asked, 'Should you really be talking about how old such-and-such a thing is?'

Not even a problem here. As far as current enterprise processors are concerned, SPARC's still the new kid on the block:

  • x86? 1978.
  • Mainframes? Still around, as you know. Built on an architecture announced in 1964.
  • IBM POWER? 1990.

And yes: I see that hand waving frantically in the back: 'WAIT! WAIT! But why does the title say '1989'? Wasn't SPARC introduced in 1987?!'

Well, yes. Yes, it was. Gold star for you!

But it's been not dead since 1989..."

Feature of the Week: Liquid Loop Cooling
Fujitsu has brought liquid cooling to the masses
Leveraging their supercomputing background, Fujitsu has brought liquid cooling to the masses. Embedded within the Fujitsu M10 server brochure and technical presentations is a feature called Liquid Loop Cooling.

Liquid cooling has been around for some time - used in data centers, supercomputers, and high-end gaming PCs. It's one of the most, if not the most, efficient ways to cool heat sensitive components. Unfortunately, it can be costly to implement and complex to maintain.

Liquid Loop Cooling, on the other hand, uses a hybrid cooling model. To remove heat, there are six pumps for each processor, which circulate coolant across an air-cooled radiator. The cooling system is sealed and maintenance-free...

Announcing Oracle Hierarchical Storage Manager
StorageTek Storage Archive Manager 5.4 (SAM-QFS) has been renamed
Due to recent enhancements and importance within Oracle's storage portfolio, StorageTek Storage Archive Manager 5.4 (SAM-QFS) has been renamed to Oracle Hierarchical Storage Manager (Oracle HSM) 6.0.

Key points to note:

  • The functionality of Oracle HSM 6.0 is identical to that of SAM-QFS 5.4
  • There are no changes to partner resell requirements. Oracle HSM resell rights are granted through the Tape, NAS, or SAN storage knowledge zones.

SAM/HSM is the critical component to the popular Tiered Storage Specialization, and has a wide variety of use cases including:

  • Cloud infrastructure using OpenStack Swift
  • Genomics data
  • Geospatial data
  • Medical images
  • Research data
  • Public transportation records
  • Content management
  • Oracle Recovery Manager (Oracle RMAN) backup

The latest release included significant enhancements...

Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Vol 204 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 203 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

  • Last Solaris 8 and 9 patches released
  • LibreOffice 4.4.1 'Fresh' and LibreOffice 4.3.6 'Still'
  • New Solaris articles on Oracle Technology Network
  • Spotlight On: Oracle Systems Learning Stream
  • Is Mobile Over-hyped?
  • Technology Preview available for the Oracle Linux software collection library
  • Open source: Oracle Linux now available as Docker image
  • MySQL Cluster 7.4 Now Generally Available
  • Establishing a Mobile Security Architecture
  • Java EE Adoption in One of the World.s Largest Online Financial Systems

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    What's your SaaS IQ?
    New eBook, SaaS for Dummies
    Just published by Oracle, a new e-book, SaaS for Dummies, examines the elements of SaaS in a light-hearted and engaging style.

    This eBook will help your line of business managers understand how they can take advantage of cloud solution to solve their business challenges in the digital world. The e-book consists of 5 chapters and an appendix:

    • Definitions, Buzz Words and Acronyms
    • Your Challenge: 'The Digital Agenda'
    • New Found Power of the Business Manager
    • The Path to SaaS
    • Ten Things to Know About the Cloud
    • Appendix: Evaluating a Cloud Provider

    Download and enjoy.

    Oracle's New Ethernet Switches and Virtual Network Services Target Software-Defined Data Centers and Cloud
    High performance, low cost networking fabric engineered for the Oracle stack enables customers to deploy network services on-demand
    Oracle addressed two major networking requirements for cloud-enabled data centers with new high performance, low cost 10Gb/40Gb Ethernet switches and the addition of virtual network services to Oracle SDN. Engineered and integrated to enhance the Oracle stack, the new networking technologies provide the flexibility and scalability for both enterprise data centers and network function virtualization infrastructure...

    Oracle Ethernet Switch ES2-72 and Oracle Ethernet Switch ES2-64 are designed to harness the full capabilities of Oracle engineered systems, servers and storage with extremely low-latency and massive scalability for all Oracle applications including Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), as well as financial and high-performance computing (HPC) applications...

    Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.3.24
    maintenance release
    Oracle has just released Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.3.24, a maintenance release of VirtualBox 4.3 which improves stability and fixes regressions.

    See the Changelog for a complete list of changes. Binaries can be downloaded here (at or here (Oracle Technology Network).

    Java Technology
    Java SE 8 Update 40
    Improved performance, scalability and administration
    Yolande Poirier writes, "Improved performance, scalability and administration in Java SE 8 Update 40 will allow Java developers to innovate faster and improve application services. Here are some features and changes including JavaFX updates:

    • JVM Reaction to Memory Pressure
    • Improvements to the native packager
    • Ability to modernize the JavaFX stack on Mac OS X
    • Nashorn Support
    • New Time Zone Date Updater Tool

    Find out more details in the release notes..."

    Establishing a Mobile Security Architecture
    Beyond Brute Force: 3 User-Friendly Strategies for BYOD Security
    Organizations of today are at a point of transition from using personal or company-issued devices with restrictive controls to using these devices to meet the personal needs of the end user. One thing most security experts agree on is the high-risk posture that comes with the adoption of mobility. This risk is present because of the practice of extending the corporate perimeter onto the mobile device. To expect that a consumer-grade $300 smartphone can replace the security layers of the enterprise (firewalls, intrusion prevention, anti-malware, access control frameworks, multifactor authentication, and more) is just not a reasonable expectation without a focused look at how enterprises should extend their enterprise security framework to the mobile platform...

    The Oracle mobile strategy is all about providing a secure and available mobile experience from any device, from anywhere, and at any time. From mobile clients to back-end enterprise systems, Oracle's mobile platform offers the reliability, scalability, availability, and portability that enterprises expect in a modern, enterprise-grade platform. With the unique capabilities of this platform, mobile devices, services, and applications can be rapidly and securely developed, creating an ever-expanding list of possibilities...

    Securing Information in the New Digital Economy
    Joint Oracle and Verizon Report
    To learn more about Securing Information in the New Digital Economy, read the joint Oracle and Verizon Report.

    We are in the midst of a data breach epidemic, fueled by a lucrative information black market. The perimeter security most IT organizations rely on has become largely ineffective. Nearly 70% of security resources are focused on perimeter controls, but most exploited vulnerabilities are internal.

    Effective modern security requires an inside-out approach with a focus on data and internal controls...

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