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Big Data SQL for Oracle NoSQL Database (part 1)
By Anuj Aahni
Anuj writes, "We recently announced Oracle Big Data SQL support for Oracle NoSQL Database. This feature will allow Oracle Database users to connect to external data repositories like Oracle NoSQL Database, and/or Hadoop, and will enable them to fetch data from any or all of the repositories (at once) through single SQL query. We believe this a significant step forward as it streamlines the adoption of big data technologies with traditional technology stack.

If you are following big data space then you would agree that everyone likes the scalability, availability, performance at cost aspect of it but almost everyone struggles to modify their enterprise application to work with big data technologies because they don't talk the same language as traditional database systems do..."

Cloud Computing
Five Signs Cloud Is Mainstream At Your Company
By Carol Hildebrand
Carol Hildebrand writes, "Oracle Vice Chairman Jeff Henley spends a lot of time talking about cloud computing to C-level executives all over the world, drawing on his own background as a CFO to add to the conversation. Not only does this help him spot cloud trends quickly, but it also gives him a birds-eye view of cloud evolution. And according to Henley, there are some interesting signals that cloud is hitting the mainstream...

'It's early days of this transition, but it's definitely way beyond the early adopter novelty stage at this point,' he said.

Oracle Launches Modern and Secure Oracle Financial Services Cloud
New community cloud offering helps financial services companies
Financial services companies have very specific needs related to IT security, privacy, compliance, and regulatory requirements. At the same time, these enterprises need to maintain back-office processes, streamline operations, and work efficiently to stay competitive. To facilitate the adoption of cloud technologies and address these common industry requirements and challenges within the financial services industry, Oracle has unveiled Oracle Financial Services Cloud...
Altimetrik chooses Oracle HCM Cloud and Oracle ERP Cloud over Competition
Becomes an Oracle Project Resource Management Cloud Service in India
Altimetrik, a US-based Global Solutions Provider and Technology Innovation organization has chosen Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud and Oracle Project Resource Management Cloud, part of Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud, to standardize its People Experience (PE) business practices and its resource management/utilization processes.

Altimetrik is a Gold-level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork houses an experienced Capability Center for Oracle solutions which has decided to take-on the challenge of implementing the Oracle HCM and Oracle Project Resource Management Cloud with the help of its Oracle Fusion Certified workforce.

How Cloud Computing Is Revolutionizing Business
Mark V. Hurd, CEO at Oracle
Mark writes, "Cloud computing is triggering a stunning shift in how businesses operate. Modern SaaS applications for marketing, HR, and ERP are allowing companies to accelerate operations and engage more intimately with their customers thanks to heretofore unseen heroes in their ranks.

In the course of just a few years, this new generation of social/mobile SaaS applications with built-in analytics is redefining mission-critical business priorities while erasing the traditional distinctions between front-office and back-office activities.

These changes are essential for companies striving to remake themselves into smarter and faster-paced organizations that can move in lockstep with customers' rapidly shifting requirements..."

Friday Spotlight: Xen 4.5 Released
By Honglin Su
Honglin Su writes, "In today's spotlight, we are happy to share that Xen 4.5 was released. This is the latest upstream development release that continues bringing increased usability, simplicity and innovation to the leading Xen hypervisor that powers some of the world largest cloud services in the world today..."
Friday Spotlight:Incredibly Simple Conversion from RHEL to Oracle Linux
Chris writes, "This week I am very excited to share with you just a fantastic video showing the exact steps to simultaneously convert your Red Hat Enterprise Linux installation to Oracle Linux and also upgrade to a more recent version. In this very short video, Oracle's Wayne Lewis shows how it's done:..."
Increasing simplicity and agility with Oracle Engineered Systems
Tech Mahindra
"We are happy to share another customer story," writes Honglin Su. "Tech Mahindra has deployed Oracle's Virtual Compute Appliance to help it meet the requirements of one of its customers - a large Australian wealth management organization. Utilising the pre-built, pre-tested integrated platform, Tech Mahindra will be able to meet its business goals, which include achieving a return on their five-year TCO, providing a more agile IT infrastructure to meet its customer's needs and simplifying the technology that its staff manage and maintain..."
Join Larry Ellison announcing the Next Generation of Oracle Engineered Systems
January 21st - 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM PT

What happens when extreme performance meets extreme savings? Find out on January 21, 2015, as Larry Ellison, Executive Chairman of the Board and Chief Technology Officer, unveils the datacenter of the future.

TheCube will be joining us, so tune in early for live interviews. After the announcement, expert - led sessions and a panel will address engineered systems, converged infrastructure, and Big Data.

Register today

vBeers @ Boca - Biergarten - Wed January 21st
6pm - 9pm: First vBeers@Boca of 2015
Join us for vBeers @ Boca. We meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month in Boca Raton, FL. The next meeting will be at Biergarten Boca, which is located in on US 1, just South of Palmetto Park and East of I-95.

Biergarten Boca Raton

  • 309 Via De Palmas #90
  • Boca Raton, FL 33432

This event will be sponsored by Volico Hosting. Bring your sense of humor and get ready for some great IT and virtualization conversations with some of the best people in South Florida's IT community.

Please encourage to IT friends and colleagues to attend!

Please register at EventBrite or

Join us for one of the three South Florida vBeers events. The South Florida vBeers events happen three times a month, once per county:

Details posted to vBeers South Florida LinkedIN Group.

vBeers @ Miami - Biscayne Tavern - Wed Jan 28th
6pm - 9pm:
Come out and connect with other professionals in your industry! vBeers is a great event meant to promote growth of the IT industry here in South Florida. Register today so you can be a part of this great monthly event! Feel free to invite all of your friends and co workers who work in the IT industry!

This will be a Sponsored event so beers are on us. Join us for an evening of creating connections and building your network in a relaxed and fun environment.

There is absolutely NO SALES PITCH, just FREE ice cold beers and tech talk!

"Meet-Ups" are an essential aspect of your professional growth and development. Connect with an array of professionals while enjoying a drink or two.

  • Location: Biscayne Tavern
  • Address: 146 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132
  • Date: Wednesday, January 28th
  • Time: 6pm to 8pm - arrive and depart any time

Join us for one of the three South Florida vBeers events. The South Florida vBeers events happen three times a month, once per county:

Please register at EventBrite.

Details posted to vBeers South Florida LinkedIN Group.

Future of Information Development Design Jam
February 5th at Oracle Headquarters
Mindi Cummins writes, "The events just keep on coming! Next stop - Future of Information Development Design Jam. On February 5th at Oracle Headquarters, we will host an all day design jam to explore how we can be better positioned for information consumption for the future user.

Long gone are the big, dust-collecting manuals that filled desks and bookshelves. Marketing and training collateral are pushed to the user in the form of text or videos based on subscriptions and interests. People are listening to information in podcasts at the gym or on their commute. Information now is built into the application with inline messaging or online help. There's no shortage of content, but finding it or getting it into the right user's hands is a challenge. What is the expectation for the future?..."

Webcast: Zero to Manageability in One Hour - Jan 21st 10am PST
Build a Solid Foundation for Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c
"The goal in every Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c rollout is to take it from zero to manageability in the shortest possible time. This presentation will show you how to accomplish this feat. Oracle experts will demonstrate how to properly architect and deploy Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, including designing a highly available and scalable environment. Through this demonstration a list of essential techniques and tips compiled from Oracle Enterprise Manager Development's Strategic Customer Programs team will also be shared. Topics such as; users, roles, groups, templates, and incidents will be discussed, plus key architectural decisions...'
Java 8 Parallel Streams on SPARC T5
By Amit Hurvitz

Amit Hurvitz blogs, "I showed on this previous post how a parallel word search implemented by Java 7 fork/join (based on this article) scales on a T5-4 server. Java 8 new features let the code needed for the same parallelism become much more simple, compact, and readable. Parallel streams and lambda expressions spare us from many helping classes and methods definitions we needed to create before.

Here is how to add Java 8 parallel streams support to the word search example..."

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    New Enterprise Manager Release Delivers Adaptive Private PaaS
    Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 4

    Yoav Eilat writes, "We are pleased to announce an update to Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 4. The update is now available on OTN.

    So what exactly is adaptive private PaaS?

    Recent releases of Enterprise Manager have expanded capabilities around Platform as a Service (PaaS) delivery in your private cloud. In particular, the EM Cloud Management Packs have focused on two critical areas for Oracle customers: Database as a Service (DBaaS) and Middleware as a Service (MWaaS).

    In this release, these PaaS capabilities have become more adaptive to complex, rapidly growing environments. Let's look at 3 areas where database and middleware users and managers will benefit..."

    The Internet of Things Will Be Huge, Is Your IT Infrastructure Ready to Support It?
    How can you prepare?
    "IDC predicts that the worldwide IoT market will grow from $1.3 trillion in 2013 to $3.04 trillion in 2020 (1). IDC also states that within three years, 50% of IT networks will transition from having excess capacity to handle the additional IoT devices to being network constrained. (2)

    As further evidence, analyst firm 451 Research reported an increase in M&A spending in 2014 that pushed 'Internet of Things'-related deal-making past the $14bn mark, a fortyfold increase in acquirer spending compared to 2013. (3)

    This rate of growth cannot be ignored...."

    6 excellent open source network monitoring tools
    IT World Canada, January 13th, 2015
    There is no shortage of tools that track and monitor the wellbeing of an organizations network and systems.

    The choices range from solutions that watch over the operation of applications, network equipment and servers to tools that track the performance of systems and devices.

    There are tools that notify users when problems occur as well as when problems have been solved. And others are very good at spotting just about anything out of the ordinary or providing analysis of trends. Here's a short list of some of the open sources choices out in the market:

    • Cacti
    • Collectd
    • Gaglia
    • Icinga
    • Munin
    • Nagios

    Read on for details.

    WebLogic with Docker in the Cloud
    by Frank Munz
    Juergen writes, "Docker has been without any doubt the most hyped technology this summer. Apart from incrementally and quickly creating light-weight containers that can be hooked up together it seems to become the de-facto standard for spinning up instances locally and in the cloud. In the past there was no real compatibility between cloud providers on an OS/instance-level and also import/export features were 'demanding' at best..."
    kernel zones vs. fs resources
    By Mike Gerdts
    Mike writes, "Traditionally, zones have had a way to perform loopback mounts of global zone file systems using zonecfg fs resources with fstype=lofs. Since kernel zones run a separate kernel, lofs is not really an option. Other file systems can be safely presented to kernel zones by delegating the devices, so the omission of fs resources is not as bad as it may initially sound.

    For those that really need something that works like a lofs fs resource, there's a way to simulate the functionality with NFS. Consider the following system..."

    34% of Organizations Say Data Breach 'Somewhat likely' to 'Inevitable' in 2015
    By Troy Kitch
    Troy writes, "According to the latest Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) Enterprise Data Security Survey, one third of organizations say that a data breach is "somewhat likely" to "inevitable" in the next 12 months, up from 20% in 2008.

    Are organizations coming to the realization that data breaches will happen?..."

    The Future of User Authentication
    By Prateek Mishra
    Prateek Mishra writes, "As business and citizen services, entertainment and social life all become digitized and virtualized, passwords emerge as a key piece of data to be used for stealing information and online resources. In the past, this was a possibility and an occasional occurrence but in recent years the Apple Celebrity Photo breach [1], JPMorgan [2] and Pharmaceutical Company [3] data breaches have demonstrated the increasing scale and range of password-based threats to businesses. It is interesting to observe that each of these three breaches demonstrates a *different aspect* of the "password problem": ability to guess or reset passwords, password re-use and subsequent discovery from a website with weak security controls, and last, phishing attacks targeted at executives or administrators..."
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