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Hurd Around The World: Five Things You Need To Know About Your Business
Forbes, December 22nd, 2014
Michael Hickins writes in Forbes, "The world may be flat, but regional differences are still important to people.

The business landscape varies widely from one country to another for political and economic reasons, as well as because of long-cherished cultural traditions. Nevertheless, there are a number of issues that rise above the others, and connect us all (even when they seem to be dividing us). This was never more apparent to me than over the past few weeks, as I shadowed Oracle CEO Mark Hurd around the globe, from London to Paris to Sao Paulo, Brazil, where businesspeople expressed a number of concerns:..."

What Does Complete Look Like for Oracle?
IDC White Paper - Total Cloud
Robert P. Mahowald writes, "Even a tech-savvy visitor from 1990 would be confused and amazed by a visit to a typical business office in 2014. With more than 6 billion mobile subscribers and more than 10 billion Internet-capable devices in use worldwide, employee access to data, colleagues, and files is almost seamless, whether in the office or at the beach. An IT operations staffer visiting from 1990 might view the business environment differently given that there are billions of personal microcomputers that also make phone calls..."
    OCommerce certified by Oracle on Engineered systems
    Is latest addition to the Capgemini portfolio of Capgemini products certified
    Converged infrastructure and engineered systems are playing more and more a role within the IT landscapes of Enterprises and large organizations. Due to their very nature that they commonly lower the total cost of ownership and easy the maintenance while providing extreme optimized performance makes it for a lot of companies the choice to go for. Oracle provides a range of engineered systems like for example the Exadata and Exalogic platforms designed specifically for running Oracle databases and Oracle Weblogic installation in demanding environments. To be able to use the full potential of Oracle engineered systems Capgemini is working closely with Oracle product management and products development and is also aligning internal Capgemini product management and product development teams to use the full potential of Oracle engineered systems. The latest addition to the Capgemini portfolio of Capgemini products certified for Oracle Engineered systems is Capgemini OCommerce...
    Running E-Business Suite on Exalogic and Exadata
    What EBS combinations can you run on Exalogic and Exadata?

    Steven Chan writes, "Prior articles have noted that you can run the E-Business Suite on Oracle Engineered Systems such as Exalogic Elastic Cloud and Exadata Database Machine.

    What EBS combinations can you run on Exalogic and Exadata?

    We certify E-Business Suite releases on operating systems and database releases (e.g. EBS 12.1.3 is certified on Database on Linux 6 x86-64), not specific configurations of hardware such as Exadata or Exalogic. This means that you can run the E-Business Suite on Exadata and Exalogic with any of the certified combinations listed in the Certifications database on My Oracle Support..."

    How Linux containers can solve a problem for defense virtualization, December 18th, 2014
    David Egts writes, "As the virtualization of U.S. defense agencies commences, the technology's many attributes - and drawbacks - are becoming apparent.

    Virtualization has enabled users to pack more computing power in a smaller space than ever before. It has also created an abstraction layer between the operating system and hardware, which gives users choice, flexibility, vendor competition and best value for their requirements. But there is a price to be paid..."

      IT - Storage
      Storage Security Comes of Age
      Storage Newsletter, December 22nd, 2014
      "Many organizations face the challenge of implementing data protection and security measures to meet a wide range of requirements, including statutory and regulatory compliance. All too often, the implemented measures fail to address the security associated with storage systems and infrastructure (i.e., storage security) because of misconceptions and limited familiarity with the storage technology, or in the case of storage managers and administrators, a limited understanding of the inherent risks or basic security concepts. The net result of this situation is that digital assets are needlessly placed at risk of compromise due to data breaches, intentional corruption, being held hostage, or other malicious events..."
      Evolution of All-Flash Array Architectures
      Wikibon, December 20th, 2014
      "In 2009, Wikibon projected that flash would be the lower cost alternative for active data. Figure 1 shows Wikibon's technology projection for pure capacity data. It shows that flash (the blue line) will become a lower cost media than disk (the red line) for almost all storage between 2015 and 2016, as scale-out storage technologies enable higher levels of data sharing, and lower storage costs.

      The keys to achieving the lower costs of flash are:

      • Consumer demand for flash that will continue to drive down flash costs;
      • New scale-out flash array architectures that allow physical data to be shared across many applications without performance impacts;
      • New data center deployment philosophies that allow data to be shared across the enterprise rather than stove-piped in storage pools dedicated to particular types of applications.

      This research discusses the key trends in flash and disk technologies in detail and the potential impact of new application design philosophies..."

      Java Technology
      JavaOne 2014: Roadmaps for the near future of Java
      By Lucas Jellema
      Juergen writes, "2014 is first of all a community gathering - with over 500 sessions that discuss Java related topics in tantalizing details. A meeting of minds, of kindred spirits etc. It is also the place where the roadmap for the near future of the various constituents of the Java platform is unfolded. The slides in this article are taken from the Java Keynote on Sunday 28th September 2014..."
      Run your Java Applications faster
      Oracle SPARC Servers are the ideal platform that provide a fast, multi-core and highly threaded environment for Java8 applications to execute fastest
      "The primary design tenets of Java are based on a cross-platform 'write once run anywhere' language that is agnostic of the underlying Operating System and Server that the Java applications run on. As a Java architect/developer you don't have to worry about ultimately which underlying OS/Server your application is going to execute on, as long as it is compatible. Java developers and architects however would be interested in features of the underlying OS/Server architecture which can make their Java applications execute faster, be more secure and reliable..."
      IT - Technology
      Best of open hardware in 2014, December 22nd, 2014
      "Open hardware is the physical foundation of the open movement. It is through understanding, designing, manufacturing, commercializing, and adopting open hardware, that we built the basis for a healthy and self-reliant community of open. And the year of 2014 had plenty of activities in the open hardware front. published a set of new resources on open hardware, including an accessible definition. In March, we celebrated open hardware with a full week of articles on various topics. The editorial staff had fun at their open hardware day with 3D printers, Arduinos, and quadcopters. And open hardware continued in the news throughout year in many different areas.

      Here are some of the highlights..."

        Google's first stab at control-free ROBOT car rolls off the line
        The Register, December 23rd, 2014
        "The engineering wizards in Google's workshops have unveiled the Chocolate Factory's first attempt at a completely control-free robot car, where passengers entrust themselves entirely to the machine.

        In May, Google announced it was going to start building cars without pedals or a steering wheel to test out the practicalities of such a vehicle, and this is the first of a planned 100-car production run. The car is street legal in California and denizens of Silicon Valley may see it trundling down their streets in January - and the UK is also expecting a delivery...."

        Snake Monster robot takes a spidery approach to walking
        PCWorld, December 22nd, 2014
        "It's more spider than snake, but a robot called Snake Monster can dial up the creep factor when it crawls around on six legs.

        The latest creation to come out of the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Biorobotics Laboratory, Snake Monster can scuttle across the floor and clamber over piles of loose debris. When it wriggles around quickly, it might make you reach for a fly swatter.

        But this overgrown robo-bug is an example of how machines based on a modular architecture of interconnecting parts can be put together quickly for various purposes, including possible rescue platforms..."

          Computer Vision Finally Matches Primates. Ability
          ComputerWorld, December 23rd, 2014
          "Scientists at MIT have designed a computer network that can visually recognize objects as well as a primate.

          While researchers have struggled over the years to build a computer model that can match the primate brain in terms of visual recognition, a team of university neuroscientists says it has finally done so by building what it calls deep neural networks.

          Neural networks are based on computers that are designed to work more like a brain than does a traditional computer..."

            5 Technologies That Will Blow Up My Business (And Yours) In 2015
            Forbes, December 22nd, 2014
            "There are technologies that are coming and there are technologies that are here. For example, in the next three to seven years your business (and mine) will be affected, in some way, by wearables, the Internet of Things, drones, bendable materials, and 3D printing. But not yet (at least, not for most). However, in 2015, there are at least five technologies that have all been around for a little while and will have finally reached a certain stage of maturity. They will become mainstream this year. And they will blow up my business (and yours). Here's how..."
            Free and Open Source S/W
            Linux and open source 2014: It was the best of years, it was the worst of years
            There was great news and there was awful news in the world of Linux and open-source software during 2014.
            Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols writes for ZDNet, "Linux and open-source software had many high points this year, but it also had many low ones as well. Let's just get it over with and start with the worst.

            • Heartbleed
            • Systemd wars
            • Open-source licensing not being used
            • Neither Ubuntu Touch nor Steam Machines shipped

            OK, that's the bad news. Here's the good news.

            Linux and open-source software wins:

            • The top end-user operating system is probably Linux
            • Open source becomes the top programming methodology
            • Open source rules the cloud
            • Red Hat and Canonical to battle for the cloud
            • Docker redefines data-center and cloud computing

            Read on for details...

            Top 10 open source interviews in 2014
            Interviews with open source professionals
            Nitish writes, "This year on, we published a fantastic number of interviews with open source professionals. Our writers had the opportunity to talk to many talented leaders, engineers, community managers, and more - all of them stars in their fields, at their companies.

            Take these for example: CEO of Bob Young, Head of Open Source at Facebook James Pearce, and OpenStack Board of Directors member Tim Bell of CERN. Imagine for a moment all of the advice, experience, and stories that just these three people must have shared. But we did a whole lot more interviews than that, and you can comb through a large collection of them.

            Here are my favorite 10 interviews on in 2014..."

            IT - Bitcoin
            Stripe Updates Bitcoin Payments Advice, Will Go Live in January
            CoindDesk, December 24th, 2014
            "Online payments solutions provider Stripe has updated its advice on setting up its service to accept bitcoin, saying the feature is set to come out of beta in January 2015 with a fee of 0.5% per transaction.

            San Francisco-based Stripe, which allows businesses to accept credit card payments easily via the web or mobile devices, launched its beta test of bitcoin support back in March 2014..."

            Business Is Thriving At The First Bitcoin Supermarket
            CryptoCoinsNews, December 22nd, 2014
            "Weeks ago we wrote about the first supermarket where you can pay in Bitcoin in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

            Spar Arnhem Centraal, opened in March 2014, is a relatively new supermarket near Arnhem central station and the city center. It offers the usual assortment of consumer goods and groceries found in all supermarkets.

            Bitcoin enthusiasts in Arnhem call their city 'the Bitcoin City' and claim that it's the world's most Bitcoin-friendly city. The event 'Arnhem Bitcoin Metropolis' took place on November 28, and the Spar supermarket started accepting Bitcoin payments on the same day..."

            2014 - The Best And Worst Year For Bitcoin So Far
            CryptoCoinsNews, December 26th, 2014
            "As the world prepares to say goodbye to another year and Bitcoin nears its sixth birthday, we look back at one of the more memorable and eventful year of Bitcoin's history. A year in which Bitcoin began to mature and, just like a six year old child going to school for the first time, left his home to meet the world and learn how to deal with hostile strangers, authoritative teacher regulators and make many, many new friends..."
            The 10 Most Influential People in Bitcoin This Year
            Bitcoin Magazine, December 24th, 2014
            "It's safe to say that 2014 was an interesting year for bitcoin.

            As core development on the bitcoin protocol continued to strengthen the technological foundation of the digital currency, members of the bitcoin community had a significant impact on the 'front-end' of the budding industry this year too....

            We considered the year's biggest stories, contributions to the community and the companies working with digital currencies, and the answers of our reader poll - all within the broader context of the bitcoin industry and its growth in 2014.

            Here are CoinDesk's top 10 most influential people in bitcoin this year:"

            6 Charts That Show Massive Bitcoin ATM Growth in 2014
            CoindDesk, December 26th, 2014
            "Last October, the first bitcoin ATM was installed in the Waves Coffeehouse in Vancouver. It marked the start of a battle among manufacturers to control one of the few tangible interfaces with the bitcoin markets.

            Now, just over 13 months later, the number of machines, manufacturers and locations has exploded. Millions of dollars worth of machinery has already been sold, with no shortage of new ATM makers joining the competition.

            The six charts below explore the growth of the bitcoin ATM based on data from CoinDesk's Map and the excellent Coin ATM Radar, which both track deployments of machines globally..."

            Bitcoin Is (Still) Not Doomed
            Bitcoin Magazine, December 25th, 2014
            "Washington Post columnist Henry Farrell has just added himself to the Nakamoto Institute's running list of skeptics making bold assertions about the certain demise of Bitcoin. In a post entitled 'Bitcoin's financial network is doomed,' Mr. Farrell demonstrates his short-sightedness in the face of Bitcoin's subtlety and allure, perhaps as a cunning-though-not-so-original means of acquiring cheap coins for himself. Regardless of his motivations, I couldn't resist a full rebuttal, if only to reassure the weak hands among us that no, Bitcoin is still not doomed, and yes, Mr. Farrell is in for a rude awakening if he really believes the poor arguments he makes in his Post article. Without further adieu, a rebuttal to Mr. Henry Farrell, Bitcoin Skeptic:..."
            Cloud Computing
            Oracle Public Cloud - Platform as a Service (PaaS)
            January 14 Webinar

            Roxana blogs, "With the recent launch of new Oracle Cloud PaaS offerings, Oracle now enables ISVs to rapidly deploy + scale their applications in the public cloud leveraging a comprehensive portfolio of platform services.

            Attend this webinar to hear from Oracle Cloud strategy experts about how Oracle is delivering new, differentiated platform services, as well as related opportunities, resources and commercial models for ISVs..."

            Oracle CloudWorld New York - January 13, 2015
            Spend a Day in the Cloud
            The Cloud is not new. Yet it has ushered in a new era in business. In today's hyper-connected and fast moving world, large enterprises must move like start-ups, nimbly adapting to whatever changes come. This is a modern business. And to be a modern business, you need a modern cloud.

            • January 13, 2015
            • 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

            Join us at Oracle CloudWorld to learn how to transform your organization.Alan Lepofsky, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research, Thomas Kurian, Executive Vice President, Product Development, Oracle, Shawn Price, Senior Vice President, Global Cloud Go-to-Market, Oracle and other experts will share with you:...

            Oracle Social Cloud
            Ranks Highest in SiriusDecisions' Industry Report
            SiriusDecisions, the leading global B2B research and advisory firm, examined many social media intelligence (SMI) platforms and ranked each according to key areas like Functionality, Features, User Experience, Vision and more. Oracle Social Cloud scored highest with an overall 11.2 score, highlighting specific strengths and differentiators in the areas of Global Focus, Functionality, Vision and Vendor Strength. You can access the full report here.
            New features in ksplice uptrack
            upgrade tools for Oracle Linux
            Wim writes, "We have many, many happy Oracle Linux customers that use and rely on the Oracle Ksplice service to keep their kernels up to date with all the critical CVEs/bugfixes that we release as zero downtime patches.

            There are 2 ways to use the Ksplice service:

            • Online edition/client
            • Offline edition/client

            Read on for details.

            IT - Cloud
            Six Rules for a Modern Private Cloud
            Data Center Knowledge, December 23rd, 2014
            "To this day, a private cloud is still one of the most popular cloud delivery methods out there. Organizations looking to bring rich content to the ever-mobile end user are updating their infrastructure, creating a more scalable data center and trying to keep up with the market.

            We have a very different kind of user today. The modern user is:..."

            2014: The year the cloud killed the datacenter
            ZDNet, December 26th, 2014
            "This year more and more CxOs pulled the life support on their own datacenter infrastructure in favor of ever-maturing public and private cloud offerings.

            Back in the summer of 2013 I wrote a series of articles on what I called the "Datacenter Zombie Apocalypse."

            The first was an observation of the troubles IBM was undergoing trying to shift its very datacenter-oriented services and outsourcing business to one that was more cloud focused and how it might serve as a bellwether for the IT industry as a whole.

            The other was about how, as an IT practitioner, one might transition their skills to be more cloud-oriented.

            Where are we now with all of this, over a year later?..."

            Ten Ways to Make Your Cloud More Efficient
            Data Center Knowledge, December 24th, 2014
            "Believe it or not, we are at a very critical junction point when it comes to cloud computing. Although growth has been steady, we're about to hit a very big boom. According to the recent Cisco Global Cloud Index Report, 'while the amount of global traffic crossing the Internet and IP WAN networks is projected to reach 1.6 zettabytes per year by 2018, the amount of annual global data center traffic in 2013 is already estimated to be 3.1 ZB, and by 2018 will triple to reach 8.6 ZB per year.'

            So in the midst of this rapid growth, how can you improve cloud efficiency to keep your environment up and running in a proactively healthy state? Remember, in the technology world, anything and everything can (and will) happen. So, here are 10 ways to improve cloud efficiency:..."

            The OpenStack opportunity, the way forward, and more
  , December 22nd, 2014
            "Interested in keeping track of what's happening in the open source cloud? is your source for what's happening right now in OpenStack, the open source cloud infrastructure project.

            There's a lot of interesting stuff being written about OpenStack. Here's a sampling:..."

            10 Things to Expect From the Cloud Hosting Sector in 2015
            eWeek, December 23rd, 2014
            "Even with such huge trends as mobility and big data analytics absorbing a ton of attention from IT buyers and the media in 2014, the cloud - meaning the development, provisioning, distribution, securing and consuming of cloud services - is still by far the largest, most impactful IT trend on the planet. But none of this building, maintaining, securing, buying and selling can happen unless cloud services providers are doing the job in a prudent and trustworthy manner..."
            The future of FedRAMP
            Federal Computer Week, December 22nd, 2014
            "The global cloud computing market is experiencing tremendous growth and is expected to reach $121 billion by 2015. However, cloud adoption in government remains sluggish, despite the Office of Management and Budget's guidance to consider cloud as the first choice whenever there is a secure, reliable and cost-effective option.

            According to a recent report from the Government Accountability Office, the average amount of IT budgets dedicated to cloud has increased from 1 percent in 2012 to 2 percent in 2014, representing approximately $529 million in IT spending. It is generally accepted that transitioning to the cloud is a critical step toward enabling innovation and effectively using limited IT funding. So what is keeping the government from making the leap to more cloud-based infrastructures?..."

            IT - CxO
            Why today is the best and worst time to be a CIO
            Enterprise AppsTech, December 22nd, 2014
            "The Charles Dickens classic A Tale of Two Cities begins with the words, 'It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.' Dickens was speaking about the era surrounding the French Revolution, but those words still resonate with every CIO as he or she looks forward to 2015.

            CIOs are facing with a range of challenges in the coming year, but those challenges also bring unique opportunities. With the right mindset and determination, every CIO can thrive and build an IT organization fit for the mobile first world that is quickly becoming the norm..."

            IT - DR
            9 Tips to Help You Create an Excellent Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan
            Business 2 Community, December 22nd, 2014j
            "In the event of a disaster, a bespoke Business Continuity strategy will help your organisation to continue operating effectively.

            The most important thing you can do to protect your organisation is to prepare properly for both business rescue and corporate recovery. Here are some general tips to help you create a solid Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plan:.."

            IT - PM
            How to Align Projects Management With Your Business Strategy
            CIO, December 22nd, 2014
            "With escalating global competition and complex operating environments, C-level executives will increasingly need to call on their project management offices to ensure all activities align with the overall strategic vision of the business...

            Project management office (PMO) professionals hold significant knowledge that can help ensure alignment for businesses focused on achieving their vision. In order for businesses of today to reach full operational effectiveness, C-suites will need to unlock the potential of their PMO resources..."

            Acorn Paper Products Company Sales Cloud Reference Forum
            January 7th, 6pm CET
            Richard Lefebvre writes, "Join us for another Oracle Customer Reference Forum on Tuesday, January 27, 2015 with Acorn Paper Products Company's Jake Weissberg, Director of IT and David Karr, Chief Operating Officer. In this session, Jake and David will be sharing why Oracle Sales Cloud was the right choice to optimize sales team productivity and effectiveness while gaining executive visibility to the pipeline while streamlining their sales to order process with EBS.

            Founded by Jack Bernstein in 1946, Acorn Paper Products Company started by selling job lot (over-run) boxes with five employees in an 11,000-square-foot warehouse. Today, Acorn, which is the end-user distribution arm of parent holding company Oak Paper Products Company, is a fourth-generation family-owned business with more than 500,000 square feet of warehouse space, operating four specialty product divisions: creative services, janitorial and sanitary products, wine packaging, and agricultural packaging..."

            IT - Operations
            Data center maps lead IT to server treasure
            SearchDataCenter, December 22nd, 2014
            "Can't find the server that needs repairs or the right reboot button when the host blue-screens? A data center map is vital when disaster hits.

            Making data center maps is usually a thankless task. Rarely viewed, the maps are often abandoned after creation -- if they're drawn up in the first place. Data center maps combine diagrams and documentation on the racks, the hardware inside, and sometimes more details. Learning how to properly create maps can be time-consuming, but it's a valuable skill to have.

            Those that look after the IT infrastructure of your company, big or small, should take care of the data center maps. Here's how to make it a worthwhile process..."

            Top 10 Data Center Stories, December 2014
            Data Center Knowledge, December 26th, 2014
            From Amazon Web Services slashing prices to the rise of direct liquid cooling, here are the 10 most read articles on Data Center Knowledge during the month of December. Enjoy!

            • Rise of Direct Liquid Cooling in Data Centers Likely Inevitable
            • IO to Split into Two Separate Companies
            • Report: Colo Business Thrives as Enterprises Move to Cloud
            • AWS Slashes Cloud Data Transfer Prices
            • Phoenix Utility to Pilot Data Center Without Generator
            • With Open Commodity Switch, Juniper Goes After Web-Scale Data Center Market
            • Arista CEO on Cisco's Lawsuit
            • Why HP is Investing a Lot in the OpenStack Project
            • IBM adds 12 Cloud Data Centers, Endorses OpenStack Throughout
            • Dell to Ship Open Switches with Midokura's OpenStack SDN

            Read on or details.

            How to pick data center infrastructure management tools
            SearchDataCenter, December 22nd, 2014
            "The rash of ever-changing DCIM vendors, the IT/facilities rift and other roadblocks make implementing DCIM a challenge. These tips get DCIM working in a real data center.

            A DCIM implementation shakes up business processes and company organization charts. An informed project plan begets a successful DCIM data center deployment.

            Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tools see growing popularity. In the next two years, data centers worldwide will turn to DCIM tools for better troubleshooting and energy management, spending $1.8 billion on the segment in 2016, according to market research firm 451 Research. As more companies start down the DCIM deployment road, they need to avoid potential potholes..."

            10 Ways Data Center Industry Will Change in 2015
            Data Center Knowledge, December 22nd, 2014
            "As we approach the end of 2014, those in IT who like to ponder industry trends send us their predictions for next year. Here are some of the more interesting predictions we have received from folks so far. Stay tuned for more 2015 predictions on Data Center Knowledge in the coming weeks.

            Here it is, our list of data center industry trends that will dominate the conversation in 2015:..."

              IT - Security
              5 Lessons to Help Security Pros Craft a New Year.s Resolution
              CSO Online, December 22nd, 2014
              "The holiday season is often a time of reflection, a time for organizations to look back and ask themselves 'are we doing things right'.

              Judging by the continuous news stories spotlighting the latest data breach, it appears most organizations still aren't getting security right. Organizations are scared and worried about security but they are not focusing in on the areas that really matter. As we reflect upon 2014, we will look at five lessons organizations need to learn from 2014 so that they can have a better, more secure 2015..."

              Feds Warn of New NTP Hack Endangering Infrastructure
              CIO Today, December 22nd, 2014
              "Hot on the heels of accusations by the FBI that North Korea was behind the most devastating hack in U.S. history, the federal government has just issued an advisory warning that large swaths of critical industrial-control infrastructure could be vulnerable to yet another form of attack Relevant Products/Services that takes advantage of the Network Time Protocol. The danger lies in a weakness in NTP, which is widely used to synchronize the clocks in servers across networks, that can be exploited by hackers to conduct remote attacks, according to an advisory by the government on Friday. Not only that, but hacker tools targeting the exploit are widely available..."
              11 Reasons to Choose an Automated Security System
              CIO Insight, December 22nd, 2014
              "Security tools, systems and practices are too focused on management agents, periodic assessments, disparate point solutions and manual response processes, according to a whitepaper by IT security firm ForeScout Technologies. The report states that enterprises must change their security architectures in favor of continuous, automated monitoring to 'better align with today's complex, diverse, dynamic IT environments and burgeoning threat landscape.' Below we highlight the problem, as analyzed in 'A Blueprint for Pervasive Network Security'..."
              Attackers Leverage IT Tools As Cover
              Dark Reading, December 26th, 2014
              "The line between attack and defense tools has blurred.

              The task of defending enterprises against malicious intruders could become even harder for security managers with attackers beginning to increasingly leverage commonly used IT tools and services to disguise their presence on compromised networks.

              Security researchers have for some time observed attack groups using popular services like Dropbox and WordPress as cover for new advanced persistent threat attacks. The DNSCalc gang that attacked The New York Times last year, for instance, used DropBox to distribute their malware and WordPress as a command and control infrastructure for managing infected systems..."

              Last Minute Cybersecurity Predictions for 2015
              ESG, December 22nd, 2014
              "By now, every vendor, analyst, and media outlet has already published their cybersecurity predictions for 2015. I actually described some of mine on a Co3 webinar with Bruce Schneier last week, so I thought I'd put together a quick list. Here are ten predictions in no particular order.

              • Widespread Impact from the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage
              • Expanding Attack Surface
              • Healthcare Heartache
              • Mobile Payment Popularity and Vulnerability
              • Peace Out, Passwords
              • Beyond AV
              • Washington Cybersecurity Wannabes
              • Enterprise Security Co.
              • Security Analytics Maturity
              • Cybersecurity Intelligence Intelligence

              I could go on for a while longer but these are the ten that came to mind. I hope you find them useful and entertaining..."

              Is EMV the silver bullet to credit card fraud?
              CSO Online, December 24th, 2014
              "Your holiday shopping experience will be different next year -- at least in how you pay. By October 2015, most retailers in the U.S. will have switched to accepting EMV (EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, and is already a standard worldwide).

              But EMV, which relies on a chip in a credit card instead of a magnetic strip, is not going to be the magic cure for stopping credit card fraud, experts say. It will tamp down some efforts by hackers, but fraud will still continue -- just elsewhere..."

                Why Digital Forensics In Incident Response Matter More Now
                Dark Reading, December 24th, 2014
                "By understanding what happened, when, how, and why, security teams can prevent similar breaches from occurring in the future.

                In the 1991 movie Backdraft, Robert De Niro plays the part of Donald 'Shadow' Rimgale, a fire department detective investigating a series of arsons in Chicago. As a former firefighter himself, De Niro's character works closely with firefighters to piece together events based on the available evidence, both physical and circumstantial, and relies on his years of experience as both a firefighter and arson investigator.

                Today's practice of incident response (IR) is very similar to De Niro's Backdraft character:..."

                Two-factor authentication oversight led to JPMorgan breach
                ComputerWorld, December 23rd, 2014
                "The attackers who stole information about 83 million JPMorgan Chase customers earlier this year gained a foothold on the company's network because a server reportedly lacked two-factor authentication.

                The attackers stole the login credentials of a JPMorgan employee and were able to access the server, despite the company's practice of using two-factor authentication on most of its systems, the New York Times reported citing unnamed sources familiar with the internal and external investigations at JPMorgan..."

                  Crimeware-as-a-Service offers custom targeting
                  CSO Online, December 24th, 2014
                  "Are you a criminal looking for vulnerable computers in a particular geographic area so that you can, say, attack a specific bank based in that region?

                  Or do you need some compromised computers to serve as proxies or relays?

                  The old days, where you had to go out and infect the computers yourself, are over. These days, you can rent part of an existing botnet for your nefarious purposes, using simple Web-based interfaces to commit your dastardly deeds..."

                    IT - Careers
                    10 Top Stories for Job Seekers in 2014
                    CIO, December 26th, 2014
                    "As the demand for workers with IT skills continues to rise, the past year was a good one for tech pros looking to make to move. Here, we highlight the most popular career stories for job seekers from 2014....

                    2014 saw the economy climb even further out of recession, with increases in hiring and resulting upward pressure on salaries and benefits as the unemployment rate plummeted. Job seekers were better able to negotiate and found their skills and knowledge in great demand, and employers faced with the possibility of losing key talent realized the need to double down on engagement and retention. Here, we highlight the most popular career stories for job seekers from 2014..."

                      IT - Social Media
                      10 Ways to Get More People to Read Your Content
                      Business 2 Community, December 22nd, 2014
                      "Content marketing creates brand loyalty by engaging current customers and attracting new ones. It gives your company a voice and positions your brand as the expert in your field. Producing great content increases sales and customer referrals and offers a strong ROI (return on investment). It's a time-tested marketing method that consistently increases the value of your brand.

                      Getting eyes on your content entails using a combination of SEO (search engine optimization), content curation, social media outreach, optimizing for readability, and email marketing. All of these elements work in concert to drive your target audience to your posts..."

                        IT - Virtualization
                        Why is everyone hating on operating systems?
              , December 22nd, 2014
                        "In the beginning, there were operating systems. Computers have changed, evolved, and grown ever more powerful. But the operating system is still underlying everything, and it's not going anywhere.

                        For all for all of the hype containers have received, they are still dependent on the underlying operating system to run. Containers are awesome, but they're still new, and the technology is still growing. In this talk, Brian Proffitt talks about how changes in the IT sector still require a trusted operating system sitting underneath containers, hypervisors, and all virtualization solutions..."

                        A look back at 2014 and a look ahead to 2015
                        ZDNet, December 24th, 2014
                        Summary: Kusnetzky Group analysts spoke with over 200 different suppliers of technology and services in 2014. Here's a quick summary of what we learned and where we think the market is headed in the coming year.
                          IT - Backup
                          Selecting Enterprise Backup and Recovery Solution, 2014-2015
                          Storage Newsletter, December 22nd, 2014
                          "Vendors were invited to complete an enterprise backup and recovery features matrix, a comprehensive spreadsheet listing the product features that Ovum believes are required and desirable in an enterprise backup and recovery solution.

                          The features matrix is a comprehensive technology questionnaire developed by Ovum analysts, containing hundreds of different criteria.

                          Ovum then applied weights to these entries by individual row and section, based on the importance of each criterion. The final ranking of vendors in the Ovum Decision Matrix for Enterprise Backup and Recovery 2014-15 technology dimension is based on the scores vendors achieve from this analysis..."

                            IT - Mobile
                            Mobile Payment Security Fears Haunt Consumers
                            eWeek, December 24th, 2014
                            "The survey revealed that just 1 percent of respondents believe using a third-party mobile payment provider is a safe way to pay for in-store purchases.

                            More than 40 percent of respondents believe using a third-party payer such as PayPal or Google Wallet is the safest way to pay for goods online, according to a One Poll survey of 2,011 consumers from the United States and the United Kingdom, which was commissioned by security and compliance solutions specialist Tripwire.

                            The survey revealed that just 1 percent of respondents believe using a third-party mobile payment provider such as Apple Pay or Google Wallet is a safe way to pay for in-store purchases..."

                            Why Mobile-First is the Only Way To Go
                            Business 2 Community, December 23rd, 2014
                            "In my 2015 Marketing Trends blog, I said I believe one of the areas that will definitely become the standard is thinking 'mobile-first'. Since that blog post I have fielded questions about responsive website design and just the other day I was emphasizing to a vendor how our perspective on all digital content is mobile-first.

                            Why am I so committed to mobile? ..."

                              IT - Big Data
                              Big data architecture took on wider processing role in 2014
                              SearchDataManagement, December 22nd, 2014
                              "Big data architectures were in flux in many companies during 2014, as data professionals worked to incorporate Hadoop 2 and NoSQL technologies into existing data processing workflows.

                              The year 2014 saw progress in big data architecture development and deployment, as users gained more experience with NoSQL alternatives to relational databases, and Hadoop 2 gained traction for operational analytics uses beyond the distributed processing framework's original batch processing role..."

                              5 Big Data Technology Predictions for 2015
                              CIO, December 22nd, 2014
                              "Big data technologies have evolved at a torrid pace that shows every sign of continuing in 2015. MapR CEO and co-founder John Schroeder predicts five major developments will dominate big data technology in the new year.

                              In just a few short years, big data technologies have gone from the realm of hype to one of the core disruptors of the new digital age. 2014 saw big data initiatives inside the enterprise increasingly move from test to production..."

                              IT - BYOD
                              Your New PC Needs These 22 Free, Excellent Programs
                              PCworld, December 24th, 2014
                              "More than a mere blank slate, a new PC is a fresh opportunity - a collection of components that, with the right software installed, could accomplish anything from balancing your household budget to helping to cure cancer.

                              Yes, stocking your PC is an intensely personal task. Even still, some programs are so helpful, so handy, so useful across the board that we heartily recommend them to everybody. These are the programs you want to install on a new PC first..."

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                                  Solaris Studio : C/C++ Dynamic Analysis
                                  Code Analyzer can analyze static data, dynamic memory access data, and code coverage data
                                  Giri Mandalika writes, "First, a reminder - Oracle Solaris Studio 12.4 is now generally available. Check the Solaris Studio 12.4 Data Sheet before downloading the software from Oracle Technology Network.

                                  Code Analyzer tool in Oracle Solaris Studio compiler suite can analyze static data, dynamic memory access data, and code coverage data collected from binaries that were compiled with the C/C++ compilers in Solaris Studio 12.3 or later. Code Analyzer is supported on Solaris and Oracle Enterprise Linux..."

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