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Oracle Announces Latest Release of Oracle Database Appliance Software
Simple database snapshots enable rapid provisioning of development and test environments, improving quality and speeding deployment

While crucial to any business infrastructure, creating and managing high-availability database environments can often be time consuming, difficult, and costly to manage. Designed to simplify and consolidate the deployment and management of database environments, the latest release of Appliance Manager software for Oracle Database Appliance helps dramatically reduce IT complexity, enabling savings of both time and money.

With support for database and VM snapshots, the release enables rapid and efficient provisioning of full-stack testing and development environments, further promoting productivity. The complete, integrated platform also features support for the latest version of Oracle Database 12c, allowing organizations to benefit from cutting-edge functionality such as in-memory and multitenancy.

Software in Silicon Innovations for Database
Video of Juan Loaiza, Sr. VP of Technology at Oracle
Parnian Taidi writes, "Juan Loaiza, Sr. VP of Technology at Oracle gave an overview of innovative new Software in Silicon technology and its benefits to databases and applications at Oracle OpenWorld 2014.

He talked about three key ways this new revolutionary technology enhances performance, capacity and reliability:

  • Extreme performance with DB in-memory acceleration engines
  • Increased data capacity with decompression engines
  • Revolutionary change to memory architecture that stops memory corruption, be it from malicious attacks or programmer errors

Watch the video to learn details.

Oracle MAA Gold HA Reference Architecture
Part 4
MAA Best Practices define four standard reference architectures for HA and data protection: BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM. The objective of each reference architecture is to deploy an optimal set of Oracle HA capabilities that reliably achieve a given service level (SLA) at the lowest cost.

Joe Meeks, writes, "This article provides details for the Gold reference architecture.

Gold substantially raises the service level for business critical applications that cannot accept vulnerability to single points-of-failure. Gold builds upon Silver by using database replication technology to eliminate single point of failure and provide a much higher level of data protection and HA from all types of unplanned and planned outages.

An overview of Gold is provided in the figure below..."

Infosys Finacle Sets New Global Benchmark for Processing Inter-Bank Payments
Running on Oracle SPARC T5 servers
Infosys, a leader in consulting, technology, outsourcing and next generation services, announced that the Finacle Payments solution, an enterprise payment services hub, running on Oracle SPARC T5 servers with Oracle Solaris 11.2 has set a new global benchmark for the volume of inter-bank payment transactions processed.

In a test that was validated by the professional services firm EY, the solution processed over 100 million payments in 79 minutes, which translates to over 75 million payments per hour or over 21,000 payments per second. This was achieved with stable performance and near linear scalability, underlining Finacle's ability to manage continuous increases in volumes, with simple hardware additions and no changes in the underlying application.

Oracle VM.Built for Virtualizing Enterprise Applications
White Paper (10-pages)

Virtualization technologies offer well-established benefits: consolidation, improved utilization, and greater IT flexibility in applying resources to workloads. But Oracle VM is the only virtualization solution that Oracle tests extensively at extreme scale and fully certifies for Oracle Database deployments on x86 servers.

Oracle VM is designed specifically for Tier-1 applications deployed as virtual guests. Oracle continues to make design decisions in line with enterprise requirements for security, performance, scalability, stability, and supportability. The lightweight Xen hypervisor offers clear advantages for security, reliability, and performance. Open source Xen and Linux technologies enhance the product's stability, providing a strong code base to which Oracle and other community developers can contribute ongoing security, performance, and reliability improvements. And lastly, the cost model for Oracle VM helps IT managers conserve today's shrinking budgets. Oracle VM is free to download and use, and Oracle charges only a low annual fee for enterprise support...

Live Webcast on Oracle VM Built for Enterprise Applications Optimized for Oracle
Monday, November 17, 2014

The Oracle VM Application-Driven architecture is designed for massive scaling and support of large enterprise workloads such as Oracle Database. We've done the heavy lifting by ensuring rapid provisioning, simple and standardized deployment, integrated management including HA support to keep business critical function flowing uninterrupted. Whether used for testing or production, Oracle VM is the right tool for the job in deployment of Oracle Database. Join us and learn more how Oracle VM can help you achieve further efficiency, flexibility and cost savings in your virtualization journey.

Speaker: Jeff Savit, Senior Principal Technical Product Manager, Oracle


IT - Storage
10 Benefits of a Cloud-Based Storage Management System
eWeek, November 5th, 2014
"Being able to manage a storage infrastructure in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible is critical to enterprises, especially those with limited IT resources. Cloud-based applications have proven their value to IT organizations during the past few years through their ease of management and value to the business...

Cloud-based management enables businesses to take advantage of the features of cloud while being in control of the organization's most valued asset: its information. Data accessibility, real-time reporting, proactive management and easy upgrades are just some of the benefits to managing storage architecture from the cloud.

The following slide show, put together with eWEEK reporting and an industry perspective from Sean Derrington, senior director of product management for scale-out NAS provider Exablox, details the most important reasons companies should switch to a cloud-based management system..."

The four steps to Predictable Hybrid Array Performance
Storage Switzerland, November 4th, 2014
"Hybrid All-Flash Arrays drive down cost by mixing high performance flash with cost effective hard disk drives (HDD). Establishing predictable performance is the chief concern for Hybrid Array buyers. As long as data is being accessed from the flash tier, performance should be as good as an all- flash array.

But when data has to be accessed from the HDD tier there can be a noticeable decrease in performance. In our upcoming webinar, 'How To Make Hybrid Perform Like All-Flash', we will discuss the steps that IT professionals can take to make sure their hybrid array provides predictable, high performance similar to an All-Flash Array..."

What Is the Total Cost of Storage Testing?
Storage Switzerland, November 6th, 2014
"IT planners are being overwhelmed with new storage solutions to help them solve old problems. Most of these solutions leverage flash memory to help them address challenges like randomized I/O, scale and overall response time. The vendor engineers and sales people that represent these products will come and go, but the IT operations professional and the supported Business Unit managers have to live with their product selection for 3 to 5 years.

To ensure that your next storage system will have a bright future in the organization requires an accurate, real world assessment of how it will perform on the first day as well as in year five..."

SSD Storage is the Future of the Cloud
InfoStor, October 31st, 2014
"For many workloads, high-IOPS SSDs in the cloud will bring real performance benefits, with Google leading the charge...

Google has put persistent high-IOPS solid state disk (SSD) storage into open beta for Compute Engine users. That means Google Cloud Platform users can access SSDs for workloads, which provides faster I/O and less redundancy than traditional magnetic media -- and comes in handy for databases and analytics..."

IT - Technology
7 Enterprise-Grade Gadgets Built for Business
CIO, November 3rd, 2014
"The consumer technology market abounds with gadgets. Many are cool, but they won't help you get work done. However, these seven devices will.

For business users, having the right gadget can make the difference between a successful trip to a remote office or wasting time with tech snafus. tested these seven new business devices - ranging from PCs to routers to, yes, tables - to make sure they can withstand the rigors of a hectic workday..."

10 Talented Robot Arms & Hands
TechOnline India, November 3rd, 2014
"Many robot arms, though, are designed to more closely emulate human movements, as well as human size and shape, such as the German Aerospace Center's highly dexterous and talented Hand Arm System.

Since our last robot hand slideshow we've been looking at robot hands and arms, and we've found an amazing variety in medicine, space, and service robots, as well as R&D and assembly. Some of these hand/arm systems are based on industrial designs modified for speed or dexterit ..."

    Giving Robots a (Better Than) Human Touch
    GCN, November 4th, 2014
    "It's on old joke. 'What's the correct way to insert a USB cable?' Answer: 'The opposite of the way you first try.' And even when you've discovered which way is correct, it usually takes some fumbling to get the cable into the port. The point of the joke, of course, is that cable designers have not made it as easy as we might expect for humans to perform the seemingly simple task of inserting a cable.

    And if it's difficult for humans, how much more challenging would it be for robots? ..."

      Preparing for a Quantum Leap in Transportation Technology
      Government Technology, November 3rd, 2014
      "Until recently, a world where vehicles help drivers make informed decisions, and even drive themselves, existed in the distant future. However, advanced transportation technologies and policies are being implemented today that will take effect within the next few years. To realize the opportunities offered by the deployment of connected and autonomous vehicles, agencies must prepare for their arrival right now..."
        7 Programming Languages Set To Revolutionise Software Development
        EFYTimes, November 3rd, 2014
        "Are you looking to establish yourself as a programmer? Then there are some very essential languages which you must learn. If you are very serious about the programming domain and have extensive knowledge then you must be aware of the fact that the list of essential programming languages remain the same over years. Programmers are always advised to improve skills in C, Java, Objective C, PHP and the similar types. But the exciting part is there are few new languages which are getting introduced slowly with huge potential and entering the mainstream programming too. Some of the languages are evolved from existing languages. The newer languages are helpful towards making applications simpler for programmers. Let's talk about seven such languages on the board:..."
        IT - Bitcoin
        Banks, Bitcoin & the Blockchain
        Bank Systems and Technology, November 4th, 2014
        "The Bitcoin Blockchain could offer benefits to banks that are willing to experiment with it. The modern financial system has a fundamental problem: It's not designed for the Internet. Even though money and transactions are becoming increasingly digitized, we keep using payments rails that were originally designed for paper checks. And, in some ways, the financial system is less than compatible with the online world people are shopping and transacting in.

        A good example of this conundrum is how the Internet has affected payments security. JPMorgan Chase, which suffered a data breach this past summer, will likely double its $250 million annual cyber security budget in the next five years. Our payments rails just weren't built with advanced persistent threat attacks and malware in mind..."

        HM Treasury . Digital Currencies: Call for Information
        Bitcoin Magazine, November 6th, 2014
        "The UK Government, through Her Majesty's Treasury (HM Treasury) has asked for public feedback to assist in their formation of digital currency regulations.

        'url "" ""'

        HM Treasury has been aware of the developing Bitcoin space for quite some time, yet previously (2013) they had agreed to take a 'wait and see' approach, allowing businesses in the bitcoin space to develop within the UK without any hindrance..."

        ChangeTip Introduces .Tip.Me. . the Easiest Way to Tip.
        Bitcoin Magazine, November 4th, 2014
        "At Money2020 today, San Francisco-based micropayments leader ChangeTip announced their new Tip.Me tipping platform. Tip.Me enables users to tip other users instantly, for free, and is seamlessly integrated into their current ChangeTip product. Until today, ChangeTip has leveraged popular social networks like Reddit and Twitter; with the introduction of Tip.Me, they are taking tipping to a whole new level.

        The process is simple: users login using any of their online profiles; next, they choose a unique domain; and then they can accept tips whenever, wherever, and from whomever. Tip.Me also offers an embeddable widget so you can start collecting tips on your websites and blogs. The Tip.Me widget, similar to a Twitter 'Share' or Facebook 'Like' button, will make the social tipping fast and easy..."

        6 Types of Businesses Bitcoin Will Enable for the First Time
        CoindDesk, November 2nd, 2014
        "Bitcoin is not just a new form of payment, and it isn't simply a store of value. It is, perhaps most importantly, a public ledger, and it is the part of bitcoin known as the block chain that many argue holds the true innovative potential of the technology.

        In essence, bitcoin is a new foundational technology built using the Internet, utilizing both the power of cryptography, as well as aspects of older, less disruptive forms of virtual currency.

        Because bitcoin provides a totally new infrastructure, this means there will be a number of businesses built both surrounding it and on top of it. Those built surrounding it, you may be more familiar with today, as companies like wallet providers and processors will store bitcoin and allow you to use it as payment.

        However, there is another part of the industry, one that is only in its earliest stages, that seeks to build new projects using the block chain, thereby allowing entrepreneurs to pursue ideas that did not exist at all just five years ago.

        Here are six examples of new business models that block chain technology could enable..."

        Sir Richard Branson . Bitcoin Brings Power To The People
        CryptoCoinsNews, November 5th, 2014
        "Sir Richard Branson has been in the news quite a bit lately, for all of the wrong reasons. His Virgin Galactic company suffered a major setback in their quest to send common (rich) folks into space, when their Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo spacecraft crashed during testing in the Mojave Desert, killing one of the pilots. Never one to let free publicity go to waste, he seems to be quickly turning the page towards his viewpoints on Bitcoin.

        Sir Richard Branson is now making news for other reasons as he spoke extensively about Bitcoin recently in Australia. Branson is a known Bitcoin investor as a venture capitalist, and has spoken on behalf of Bitcoin before publicly. This time his commentary was via an op-ed piece for Bitcoin lobby group Australian Digital Currency Commerce Association, which is leading up to the G20 Summit next month..."

        Bitcoin Is Inevitable, Say Israeli Politicians And Central Bankers
        CryptoCoinsNews, November 3rd, 2014
        "Writing about the recent Inside Bitcoins conference in Tel Aviv, Coinapult Director Gabriel Sukenik reports that the Israeli tech community has very clearly identified blockchain technology as a crucial tool for future development. Bitcoin was seen as a clear and obvious inevitability, by all parties including politicians and central bankers..."

        'There were speakers from Israeli Parliament as well as the Central Bank of Israel. I remember my jaw hitting the floor when I heard a Central Banker make reference to when Bitcoin becomes systematically valuable, just like the dollar or euro. Not if, but when.'

        'If Central Bankers and Politicians in Israel are this forward-thinking, Bitcoin and blockchain-technologies may have found a terrific place to continue innovating and building the decentralized future'

        U.S. Regulators Battle Bitcoin Businesses For Control
        CryptoCoinsNews, November 1st, 2014
        "When you are a government as large, powerful, and desperate as the one that controls the United States, things many of us take for granted like freedom, ethics, and privacy can be easily crushed underfoot in an ongoing quest for control. Freedom and control are strange bedfellows, and rarely the two shall meet. Governments are all about control: control of their populace. Recently, the U.S. government has created many arms of regulatory government to gain more control of an evermore complicated world and its citizens..."
          Solaris 9 exiting Extended Support period
          By Gerry Haskins

          Gerry Haskins writes, "Solaris 9 is exiting Extended Support and entering Sustaining Support.

          In accordance with the Oracle Lifetime Support Policy for Software and Operating Systems, (Page 37), and (Pages 6 and 9), all patches created during the Extended Support period will revert to "Operating System" access entitlement on MOS so they are available to all customers will a valid support contract, not just those that purchased Extended Support.

          There will be a final patch release cycle in November for both Solaris 8 and Solaris 9 to release bug fixes currently in process.

          After that, there'll be no new Solaris 8 or Solaris 9 patches created. All existing patches will remain available..."

          MySQL for Excel 1.3.3
          Manipulate MySQL data within Microsoft Excel

          Javier Trevino writes, "The MySQL Windows Experience Team is proud to announce the release of MySQL for Excel version 1.3.3. This is a maintenance release for 1.3.x. It can be used for production environments.

          MySQL for Excel is an application plug-in enabling data analysts to very easily access and manipulate MySQL data within Microsoft Excel. It enables you to directly work with a MySQL database from within Microsoft Excel so you can easily do tasks such as:

          • Importing MySQL data into Excel
          • Exporting Excel data directly into MySQL to a new or existing table
          • Editing MySQL data directly within Excel

          MySQL for Excel is installed using the MySQL Installer for Windows which comes in 2 versions..."

          MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0.16
          By Andy Bang

          Andy Bang writes, "We are pleased to announce that MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0.16 is now available for download on the My Oracle Support (MOS) web site. This is a maintenance release that includes a few new features and fixes a number of bugs. You can find more information on the contents of this release in the change log.

          You will find binaries for the new release on My Oracle Support. Choose the "Patches & Updates" tab, and then choose the "Product or Family (Advanced Search)" side tab in the "Patch Search" portlet.

          Based on feedback from our customers, MySQL Enterprise Monitor (MEM) 3.0 offers many significant improvements over previous releases. Highlights include..."

          Cloud Computing
          Traditional datacenter capabilities needed from public and private PaaS
          How your peers are approaching the adoption of public and private cloud PaaS environments
          Ruma Sanyal writes, "Cloud technology has become mainstream with its promise of infinitely expandable and low cost 'pay as you go' services. Referring back to my prior blog highlighting the the ComputerWorld cloud/PaaS survey report, almost 82% of the survey respondents expressed that they want the same mission-critical capabilities from cloud as they do from their existing in-house datacenters..."
          Spacewalk client released for Oracle Linux 7
          Spacewalk is an open source Linux systems management solution
          Spacewalk is an open source Linux systems management solution. It manages software content updates for Red Hat derived distributions such as Fedora, CentOS, and Scientific Linux, within your firewall. You can stage software content through different environments, managing the deployment of updates to systems and allowing you to view at which update level any given system is at across your deployment. A central web interface allows viewing of systems, their associated software update status, and initiating update actions.

          Avi writes, "The Oracle Linux team is pleased to announce the availability of the Spacewalk client for Oracle Linux 7. Customers who want to register Oracle Linux 7 servers with an existing Spacewalk server can install the client from the Oracle Public Yum repository. It can also be added to Spacewalk itself for local installation via Spacewalk..."

          IT - Cloud
          Cloud Contract Checklist: A Lawyer's Perspective
          SearchCIO, November 3rd, 2014
          "It can be difficult to navigate cloud contracts. There are laws to abide by, SLAs, subcontractors and more. Where to start? One lawyer lays out the six basic issues he vets when he reviews cloud contracts with his clients.

          With all the benefits that come with enterprise cloud computing, which include low costs and agility, even sophisticated IT departments are sometimes blindsided by the razzle-dazzle they get from cloud providers when striking a deal.

          But it's important to slow down and thoroughly read that cloud contract, said Daniel Masur, a lawyer and partner specializing in IT and business at Mayer Brown LLP's Washington office..."

          IT Is Losing the Battle on Security In the Cloud
          Information Week, November 3rd, 2014
          "A majority of IT organizations are kept in the dark when it comes to protecting corporate data in the cloud, putting confidential and sensitive information at risk. This is just one of the findings of a recent Ponemon Institute study commissioned by SafeNet, Inc., a global leader in data protection.

          The study, titled 'The Challenges of Cloud Information Governance: A Global Data Security Study,' surveyed more than 1800 IT and IT security professionals worldwide. Among the key findings, the research indicates that while organizations are increasingly using cloud computing resources, IT staff is having trouble controlling the management and security of data in the cloud. The survey found that only 38 percent of organizations have clearly defined roles and accountability for safeguarding confidential or sensitive information in the cloud..."

          Make or Break Your Cloud Migration
          Network Computing, November 4th, 2014
          "Using a cloud service successfully depends on more than the service itself. Be sure these crucial components within your own IT environment and other third-party providers are up to par.

          You've taken the time to research, review, and select the right cloud service provider. So you're ready to move to the cloud... right? Not so fast! Deploying a cloud service is much more than figuring out which cloud service provider to use. There are many more components involved when deploying a cloud service that really have nothing to do with the cloud service provider itself..."

            5 Mistakes that Adversely Impact Seamless Cloud Migration
            CloudTweaks, November 4th, 2014
            "There is absolutely no doubt migrating a section of your IT assets, non-core business processes or the entire spectrum of business systems to the cloud makes immense sense. There are plenty of business benefits linked to cloud computing; most astute businesses are using cloud computing in some capacity or other and if you aren't doing the same, you are missing out big time.

            However, a move to the cloud must be backed by a comprehensive understanding of cloud technology, the market, your needs and what you want to achieve with cloud adoption..."

            Did You Believe In Any of These Cloud Computing Myths?
            ComputerWeekly, October 28th, 2014
            "Myths and misunderstandings around the use and benefits of cloud computing are slowing down IT project implementations, impeding innovation, inducing fear and distracting enterprises from yielding business efficiency and innovation, analyst firm Gartner has warned.

            It has identified the top ten common misunderstandings around cloud:..."

            Live Data Used to Highlight Cloud-Based Risks
            CSO Online, November 3rd, 2014
            "Later this week, SaaS security firm Adallom will release a report based on data collected from their own customers.

            The research covers an entire year, from October 2013 to 2014, and highlights a number of risks, including some directly attributable to the spooky-sounding scenario called Shadow IT.

            The data is interesting, because it highlights a number of common issues within IT. They're small things on their own, but when combined these problems can fuel headaches and heartburn..."

            Knowing Your Exact Data Needs Key to Cloud Service Agreements
            SearchCompliance, October 30th, 2014
            "The cloud has become a common solution for organizations seeking to decrease exploding data storage costs and improve information governance efficiency. But before entering a cloud service agreement, it is vital that organizations determine exactly how their data management processes will adapt to the new environment, according to information governance expert Jeffrey Ritter.

            In this three-part SearchCompliance webcast, Ritter explains the key strategies for integrating cloud-based services that also comply with the customer's data management and e-discovery requirements. In part two, he explains why companies must be familiar with their own specific governance and e-discovery needs before entering a cloud service agreement..."

            IT - CxO
            69% of IT decision makers feel their CEOs do not take security seriously
            Information Week, October 31st, 2014
            "Mobile security breaches have affected 68% of organisations in past one year globally, says a new study done by BT. The research shows that uptake of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and COPE (Corporately Owned Personally-Enabled) devices is very high, with 93% of organizations allowing employees to use these devices for work purposes.

            However, only four in 10 organizations surveyed actively have a BYOD policy, the research points out. In this environment, device security is falling by the wayside:..."

            Number of New IT Outsourcing Deals Hits All-Time High
            CIO, November 3rd, 2014
            "The multisourcing trend continues in an increasingly competitive market while government spending on outsourcing now outpaces that of the private sector, according to a report by outsourcing consultancy Information Services Group.

            When it comes to IT services, sourcing to multiple providers continues to be the predominant trend, according to the third quarter outsourcing index compiled by outsourcing consultancy Information Services Group (ISG).

            IT outsourcing contract counts in the Americas hit an all-time high through the first nine months of 2014, according to ISG, thanks to increased multisourcing. While more mature buyers in the U.S. and U.K. show greater adoption of multi-vendor environments, less mature markets that have traditionally relied on the single provider model are moving toward and increased use of multisourcing as well, according to ISG president John Keppel..."

            CDOs Replace CIOs? I'm Not Buying It
            Information Week, November 5th, 2014
            "Marketing-minded chief digital officers aren't technical enough to lead the changes that companies need to make.

            There's nothing like a provocative analyst prediction to get people talking. Several years ago, it was Gartner's prediction that marketing organizations will outspend IT organizations on technology by 2017.

            Not to be outdone, the provocateurs at IDC last week weighed in with their own headline-grabber: By 2020, chief digital officers (CDOs) will 'supplant' 60% of CIOs at global companies 'for the delivery of IT-enabled products and digital services.'

            In other words, most CIOs -- if the position still exists at their companies in five years -- will be relegated mostly to managing and securing infrastructure and applications..."

            Knowing When to Stand Your Ground
            Federal Computer Week, November 3rd, 2014
            "Remember the old Tom Petty song, 'I Won't Back Down'? Petty croons about a hero who vows to stand his ground, who won't be pushed around, even up against the gates of hell. There's something very American about the message -- a lone, strong individual standing up for what's right.

            Interestingly, though, if you look at the academic literature about how executives should make decisions in government, the message is actually the opposite of Petty's..."

              NLRB Revisits the Definition of an Independent Contractor
              TLNT, November 3rd, 2014
              "Employees are permitted to join unions. Independent contractors are not.

              Thus, whether a particular working relationship involves an 'employee' or an 'independent contractor' is extremely important.

              Recently, the National Labor Relations Board has made it easier to establish employee status and correspondingly more difficult to establish independent contractor status..."

                IT Struggles With Control of Enterprise Data
                eWeek, November 4th, 2014
                "More than 26 percent of applications are being used by various business functions without the IT department's approval or knowledge.

                Enterprise leadership has buried its head in the sand regarding the risks of ungoverned file sharing practices among their employees, according to research conducted by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by enterprise file sharing and collaboration leader Intralinks.

                Based on a survey administered to 1,100 IT professionals across three countries (U.S., U.K. and Germany), half of these leaders said they are themselves part of the problem, admitting they engage in fundamentally poor behavior, and have failed to set up corporate policies or assign accountability for data loss..."

                  The Shift to Technology-Driven Business Strategies is Happening
                  SearchCIO, October 30th, 2014
                  "For years, CIOs have talked about aligning technology with business strategies. That is still happening, but more often now; business strategies are formed based on technology trends.

                  Are IT organizations driving business strategies? The CIO of a global insurance provider, speaking at a recent CIO-only event in Chicago put on by Global Business Events, seems to think so. Traditionally, CIOs were handed an assignment by the business, he said. They were told 'here's the product I want,' and asked 'how are you going to build it, when can you build it by and how much will it cost?'..."

                  The Principal's Doug Fick: A Customer Advocate
                  Insurance & Technology, November 5th, 2014
                  "The life insurance carrier's CIO focuses on customer and agent experience in all initiatives.

                  With customer experience at the heart of many insurance companies' technology investments and initiatives, it comes as no surprise that Doug Fick's experience heading up CRM and e-business for The Principal(Des Moines, Iowa; $483.2 billion in assets under management) has led to a distinguished career as CIO of US Insurance Solutions.

                  A longtime focus on rallying line-of-business leaders around the value of operationalizing data and analytics has helped Fick position the company for growth at a time when LIMRA and other life insurance trade groups report that there is a big potential market for life products..."

                  The Art of Storytelling
                  CIO, November 4th, 2014
                  "As CIO of JetBlue, I am more like the Chief Integration Officer. My team and I need to come to the table with a broad set of functional knowledge including commercial, regulatory and compliance. We are the connecting tissue, which is a very different role for IT than five years ago. Back then, the CIO would focus on software implementations, data centers, and security. IT still has to manage those functions, but the real question the CIO should be asking now is: How do we drive business value?..."
                  6 Ways to Attract and Retain Female IT Talent
                  CIO, October 31st, 2014
                  "While there's no magic formula that will instantly close the gender gap that still exists in the IT field today, business leaders can take these steps to help shift the male-dominated culture towards increased diversity.

                  Women are good for business. While there's no magic formula businesses can use to shrink the (still abysmal) gender gap in technology, there are some concrete steps you can take to recruit, hire and retain female tech talent..."

                    A CIO Fights to Keep His Tech Options Open
                    ComputerWorld, November 3rd, 2014
                    "In today's IT market, vendors tell users that engineered, converged and highly integrated systems deliver the greatest efficiency. But some users believe a heterogeneous environment is the best path to savings.

                    Michael Spears is one of those users.

                    Spears is the CIO of the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI), which gathers and analyzes data about the workers' compensation insurance market and offers products and services to help more than 900 insurance companies and nearly 40 state governments better understand risks, costs and industry trends. The Boca Raton, Fla.-based not-for-profit brings in about $160 million in revenue; the IT department accounts for about a third of the organization's expenses..."

                    7 Ways IT Can Do a Better Job of Listening to its End-User Customers
                    CIO, November 6th, 2014
                    "Admit it, IT doesn't always do the best job of listening to its customers. Here are 7 strategies you can use to turn things around...

                    Consider the plight of the typical automaker. Many of their customers are frustrated with their car experiences, yet this frustration can't be easily tapped due to data firewalls that surround the car buying and ownership process. As an example, your local garage might not know anything about your past service history at the dealership. Or if you have called the manufacturer's call center to report a faulty part, the dealer doesn't know about that call. Customer experiences are not tracked across who owns vs. who drives the particular car, as many of us purchase cars for our spouses or children. These names don't show up on the paperwork at the dealership.

                    You wouldn't think that an IT manager can learn many end user best practices from the car industry, but you'd be wrong. Attending the latest Teradata Partners annual conference in Nashville in October, I heard some harrowing customer interaction stories from the beleaguered car industry, among others.

                    Here are some ways to avoid similar, sub-optimal customer experiences..."

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                    Join us for vBeers @ Broward. We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month in Broward. The meetings will be at Funky Buddha which is 5 minutes east of I95.

                    This event will be a non-sponsored event so bring your wallet, your sense of humor and get ready for some great IT and virtualization conversations with some of the best people in South Florida's IT community (including YOU!).

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                    Join us for one of the three South Florida vBeers events. The South Florida vBeers events happen three times a month, once per county:

                    IT - DR
                    Differentiating Between BC and DR
                    Storage Newsletter, November 5th, 2014
                    "Despite the importance of having BC and DR plans in place in the connected world, many organisations irrespective of size and industry are still struggling to get to grips with the differences between these two implementations.

                    More importantly, the distinction needs to be clearly made that even non-technical users can easily understand the different approaches. As is the case with any technical policy or approach, the temptation is there to be too technology-focused in its composition. Instead, decision-makers need to create BC and DR plans that are accessible to the layman. In this way, business decisions can be made more effectively without enforcing a view that these are things best left to IT departments and not relevant for the rest of the organisation..."

                      Hurricane Fails to Stir Bacardi's Business Continuity Plan
                      CSO Online, October 30th, 2014
                      "As Hurricane Gonzalo bore down on Bermuda recently, IT Security Services Manager Ronald W. Stan had spirits maker Bacardi prepared for the worst. The 152-year-old company was not shaken by the Category 2 storm, despite tens of thousands on the island without power.

                      With winds reaching 110 mph and Gonzalo taking down trees and tossing around boats, Stan and his crew stuck to its operating procedure to make sure Bacardi's headquarters and network remained standing and secure (Bacardi does not manufacture its product on the British island).

                      Here is a Q&A with Stan on how the company handled operations during the storm..."

                      Differentiating Between BC and DR
                      Storage Newsletter, November 5th, 2014
                      "Despite the importance of having BC and DR plans in place in the connected world, many organisations irrespective of size and industry are still struggling to get to grips with the differences between these two implementations.

                      More importantly, the distinction needs to be clearly made that even non-technical users can easily understand the different approaches. As is the case with any technical policy or approach, the temptation is there to be too technology-focused in its composition. Instead, decision-makers need to create BC and DR plans that are accessible to the layman. In this way, business decisions can be made more effectively without enforcing a view that these are things best left to IT departments and not relevant for the rest of the organisation..."

                        Oracle Virtual Technology Summit Kicks Off November 18
                        Featured at the Summit: Securing Mobile apps and data in a BYOD world
                        The Oracle Technology Network (OTN) invites you to the next Virtual Technology Summit, on November 18th. Learn first hand from Oracle and community experts about Oracle Middleware, Mobile Architectures and more. Participate in hands-on labs and technical presentations, and chat with other developers. Register here!

                        • North America - November 18th / 10am PT to 12:30pm PT
                        • APAC English - November 19th / 10am IST to 1:30pm IST
                        • EMEA - November 26th / 9am-12:30pm GMT / 10:00am CET / 1:00pm

                        Featured at the Summit: Securing Mobile apps and data in a BYOD world

                        IT - Networks
                        Five Reasons IT Pros are Not Ready for SDN Investment
                        SearchSDN, November 3rd, 2014
                        "Vendors will tell you all the reasons you should buy SDN, but we talked to a group of IT leaders who explain why they can't yet recommend SDN investment. (Think: security!)

                        SDN is slowly becoming a reality in supersized enterprises that need high performance networks at any cost, but the landscape is quite different among large and medium-sized organizations.

                        While vendors are actively productizing SDN, and analysts predict solid uptake by 2016, most enterprise network engineers say they won't be ready for SDN investment until a few key concerns are addressed..."

                        SIP Trunking Explained: Choosing SIP vs. PRI
                        SearchUnifiedCommunications, November 3rd, 2014
                        "Part one of this series, SIP Trunking Explained, looks at SIP vs. PRI and explains the differences between packet-switched SIP trunking for your UC and VoIP needs and circuit-switched PRI.

                        Editor's note: Part one of our SIP Trunking Explained series looks at the differences between packet-switched SIP and circuit-switched PRI. Check out the rest of the series (see box below) for essentials on how to select a SIP trunking provider, enabling SIP trunking in your legacy equipment, calculating how much bandwidth you'll need for SIP trunking, the SIP trunking advantages over circuit-switched option, and the security implications of SIP trunking..."

                        Record-Breaking Terahertz Circuit Could Open New Bands of the Spectrum
                        DefenseSystems, October 29th, 2014
                        "Engineers backed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency have achieved a significant electronics breakthrough with a solid-state amplifier integrated circuit clocked at 1 terahertz, or 1 trillion cycles per second, making it the fastest circuit ever measured. And it has the official recognition of Guinness World Records to prove it.

                        The Terahertz Monolithic Integrated Circuit, developed by Northrop Grumman under DARPA's Terahertz Electronics program, broke the previous record of 850 gigahertz, set in 2012, also by Northrop engineers..."

                          IT - Operations
                          So You Plan to Buy a Core System . Now What?
                          Insurance Networking News, October 27th, 2014
                          "Deciding to buy a core system - whether policy, billing, claims or some combination of the three - is often a once-in-a-career event. It's also a critical point in what should be both an IT and business transformation process. This is the first in a series of three articles that look at three major milestones in a carrier's core systems transformation: deciding to buy, selecting the vendor and completing the implementation..."
                            The MSP Myth That is Holding Your Business Back
                            Business 2 Community, November 4th, 2014
                            "If you think a managed service provider (MSP) is just 'the guys who fix computers,' you may be missing out on significant opportunities to support your company's growth. Sure, an MSP can operate that way, but most also offer a large breadth of additional services such as help desk, virtual CIO, email security, cloud backup and disaster recovery.

                            At one extreme, the MSP can come in and fix problems as you have them. At the other end, it can function as a complete, proactive outsourced IT team including your CIO. Partnering with the right MSP provides the flexibility to choose the level that best meets your needs..."

                            IT - Security
                            Your 2015 IT Security Plan: What You Need to Know
                            Information Management, October 31st, 2014
                            "Information technology security has been a frequent topic in business this year. Not a month goes by without a major security event (BASH, Home Depot, etc.) entering the news cycle. However, the focus on security needs to shift from the technology side of the house to the user, administration and training sides. By deploying best practices, policies and procedures for security measures, your firm can be proactive versus reactive to a security threat..."
                            Preparing for a Data Breach: Think .Stop, Drop & Roll'
                            Dark Reading, November 3rd, 2014
                            "Breaches are going to happen, which is why we need to treat incident response readiness like fire drills, practicing time and time again until the response is practically instinctive.

                            When there's a fire, most of us know what to do. We have practiced for decades -- at school, home, and work -- because if we immediately know how to respond, we can significantly minimize the damage..."

                              6 Things We Learned from this Year's Security Breaches
                              CSO Online, November 3rd, 2014
                              "According to the Open Security Foundation, three out of 10 of the all-time worst security breaches happened this year. That includes 173 million records from the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission, 145 million records at Ebay, and 104 million records from the Korea Credit Bureau. And that's not counting the 1.2 billion user names and passwords reportedly stolen by Russian hackers, or the 220 million records recently discovered stolen from gaming sites in South Korea.

                              2014 is well on its way to replace 2013 as the highest year on record for exposed records, according to the Open Security Foundation and Richmond, Vir.-based Risk Based Security Inc..."

                              Building Top-Notch Information Security Teams
                              FCA Blog, October 31st, 2014
                              "The increased importance and complexity of securing the government's data have resulted in a steady expansion of the influence and scope of the information security function. In reaction, most federal information security leaders have changed their focus from security operations to risk reduction.

                              The most progressive of them, however, no longer try to eliminate information risk. Instead, they adopt a position on risk management that is characterized by three behaviors: identifying and communicating risk in business terms, presenting risk owners with useful risk trade-offs and supporting risk decisions by those who own the risk..."

                              How to Figure Out if a Data Breach Is a Hoax
                              Network World, October 29th, 2014
                              "The notoriety that comes with taking credit for a data breach is alluring. Declaring a successful data breach can suddenly bring a lot of attention, which is why posting bogus data is attractive.

                              For companies and organizations, it's a real headache, since an allegation of a breach can immediately pose public relations challenges.

                              'The speed of the news cycle is a lot faster than the speed of the incident response process,' said Allison Nixon, a threat researcher with consultancy Deloitte.

                              Nixon wrote a paper describing some non-intrusive techniques for figuring out if a data breach is legitimate. The paper, she said in a phone interview on Wednesday, is intended to allow third parties to get a sense whether a leak is real..."

                                Why IoT Security & Privacy Are Critical
                                Network Computing, October 31st, 2014
                                "Security and privacy concerns about smart meters and other Internet of Things deployments must be addressed in order for the IoT to succeed.

                                If the proper balance is not struck between the benefits of the Internet of Things and individual privacy and security, the evolution of the IoT is likely to be seriously compromised. The ongoing deployment of IoT devices is already creating serious issues and discussions about the privacy of users, IoT security, and the potential threat of cyber criminals taking control of sensors and smart devices connected to the Internet..."

                                The View from a High-Value Data Breach Target
                                Dark Reading, November 3rd, 2014
                                "Financial services, retail, media, and healthcare industry representatives share their biggest threats and strategies for combating them.

                                2014 PRIVACY XCHANGE FORUM - Scottsdale, Ariz. - Members of some of the juiciest targets of cybercrime -- financial services, retail, media, and healthcare -- here today shared what they consider the biggest cyberthreats to their industries and how they are fighting back.

                                Michael Young, vice president and product team manager for financial services firm EverBank, says the biggest threat to his industry is less about direct cyberattacks on banks than it is on customer account theft, identity theft, and payment card fraud..."

                                "Account takeover is the number one threat the financial services industry" faces, Young said. "People get in and steal your user ID and password and transfer money out of your account."

                                IT - Careers
                                IT Resume Makeover: Position Your Accomplishments for Maximum Impact
                                CIO, November 5th, 2014
                                "This IT and operations executive had a detailed and well-organized resume, but his job search was stalling. However, with the help of our resume expert, he learned how to better position himself for the job he desires...

                                Cameron Tate's is a seasoned IT leader. His resume was thorough, well-organized and detailed, but he wasn't getting the responses his extensive experience and impeccable credentials warranted.

                                Enter Caitlin Sampson, a career consultant and professional resume writer at Regal Resumes. When she saw Tate's resume, she identified the problem immediately..."

                                  The 4 Secrets Of An Attention-Getting Resume
                                  Forbes, November 6th, 2014
                                  "Acronyms are fun because they allow us to quickly state our reaction to something without having to explain it. Each of us probably doesn't go a full day without seeing LOL at least once. (Honestly, who's doing all this laughing out loud?)

                                  One acronym of particular usefulness is TLDR: Too Long, Didn't Read. If you're looking for a job and TLDR applies to your resume you're in big trouble.

                                  By its very nature, a resume contains plenty of detailed information. It serves as your personal sales brochure and there's plenty you have to say. The secret to saying everything while still keeping your resume readable is to organize and prioritize the information in it..."

                                    8 Scariest Comments Your Boss can Make
                                    Information Week, November 3rd, 2014
                                    "Even if you've got a great boss who cares about you, your happy life is in his or her hands. As we discovered in the slightly friendly ghost story "A Christmas Carol," your boss has the power to make your day easier or harder. He or she can treat you like a king, but we have to remember that bosses have a boss, too. And sometimes, whether or not it's intentional, your boss is going to make your life miserable. Just remember: Scares run downhill..."
                                      9 IT Job Hunt Tips for Beginners
                                      Information Week, November 3rd, 2014
                                      "While midcareer IT pros often lament lacking precisely the right skills for an IT opening, beginning IT pros have the opposite problem -- a fairly blank experience slate. How do you find your way through IT's notoriously tough maze of time-pressed recruiters and human resources screeners when your resumé is so short?

                                      We talked to recruiters and top CIOs to get their advice on how beginning IT pros can prepare to stand out in the interview process..."

                                        IT Hiring Process: 8 Survival Tips
                                        Information Week, November 6th, 2014
                                        "You got that first foot in the door. Now don't shoot yourself in that foot before you get to take the next step. The tenuous space between the early stages of a hiring process -- the first email reply or callback from HR, for example -- and an offer letter can be difficult to navigate, fraught with all manner of trials and tribulations, both real and imagined.

                                        Things sometimes happen that you can't control -- personnel changes, sudden budget freezes, bad luck, whatever. Don't fret too much over those unpredictable factors..."

                                          8 Strategies to Fund Your New Business
                                          Network World, November 3rd, 2014
                                          "As many first-time entrepreneurs know, or have found out, getting a traditional bank or even an SBA loan to start a new business isn't easy. So where else can you go to fund your dream? Fortunately, today entrepreneurs have many options than ever when it comes to funding their new business or business idea, many of which are less difficult to obtain and less expensive than a bank loan.

                                          Here are eight strategies for financing a new business, product or service..."

                                            IT - Social Media
                                            Popular Messaging Apps Fail EFF's Security Review
                                            ComputerWorld, November 4th, 2014
                                            "Some of the most widely used messaging apps in the world, including Google Hangouts, Facebook chat, Yahoo Messenger and Snapchat, flunked a best-practices security test by advocacy group the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

                                            The organization evaluated 39 messaging products based on seven criteria it believes such tools should meet in order to ensure the privacy and security of digital communications.

                                            The reviewed products included mobile texting apps, instant messaging clients, voice and video calling software and email services. The results were published Tuesday under the form of a Secure Messaging Scorecard..."

                                            IT - Email
                                            Has Email Peaked?
                                            Information Week, October 31st, 2014
                                            "This excerpt from Phil Simon's upcoming book Message Not Received discusses how email has improved but is still riddled with problems.

                                            The following is excerpted from Message Not Received: How New Technologies and Simpler Language Can Fix Your Business Communications (Wiley, March, 2015). In his seventh book, author Phil Simon examines how we communicate, use, and often misuse language and technology at work.

                                            For a long time now, email has served as the default mode of business communication, and a fair amount of research confirms as much. For instance, in 2013, the Radicati Group released its Email Statistics Report, 2013-2017. Among the study's most interesting findings:..."

                                              Email and Stress in the Workplace
                                              Risk Management Monitor, November 5th, 2014
                                              "According to a 2012 McKinsey study reported by Chui and colleagues, employees on average spend 28% of their workday reading and responding to email. Digging deeper into the amount of email usage, Jennifer Deal describes a 2013 study that surveyed a group of executives, managers and professionals (EMPs) and found that 60% of EMPs with smartphones are connected (primarily via email) for 13.5 hours or more per workday and spend about five hours connected during the weekend. This amounts to a 72-hour workweek.

                                              In response to this hyper-connectedness the German automaker Daimler (maker of Mercedes-Benz) provides vacationing employees with an unusual extension to the automatic out-of-office response. As usual, the response states the employee is on vacation and provides an alternative contact person. But then, the Daimler system goes a step further and 'poof' the sender's e-mail is automatically deleted from the vacationer's inbox. Daimler's intent is to let the employee 'come back to work with a fresh spirit.' Volkswagen and Deutsche Telekom also have policies that limit e-mails..."

                                                You're Sending too Much Email
                                                Information Week, November 4th, 2014
                                                "Myriad communications tools are available, but most of us keep falling back on email. Here's why that's a mistake.

                                                I love email, but I also hate it.

                                                Despite the alternative communications tools at my disposal that I don't use enough at work, I feel trapped in an email cage. It's a productive cage, but a cage nonetheless.

                                                There's a good argument, outlined in a survey of 250 IT managers and 750 line-of-business employees by managed services provider Softchoice, that non-email communications tools sit idle because they're deployed without knowing what employees need from them..."

                                                  Oracle FS1-2 Flash Storage System
                                                  Now Generally Available
                                                  Introduced at Oracle OpenWorld 2014, the Oracle FS1-2 Flash Storage System is now generally available.

                                                  The Oracle FS1-2 flash storage system, Oracle's premier preferred SAN storage solution, delivers enterprise-grade storage capabilities that are optimized for flash media and coengineered with Oracle software. Using the Quality of Service Plus (QoS Plus) feature, the Oracle FS1-2 flash storage system places data across flash and disk storage to maximize performance, efficiency, and cost based on usage profiles and business priorities.

                                                  The Oracle FS1-2 flash storage system takes application-engineered storage to a new level by providing out-of-the-box tuned storage provisioning profiles for Oracle Database and key applications, including Microsoft SharePoint and Exchange. With the Oracle FS1-2 flash storage system, you can consolidate storage while achieving predictable performance for multiple diverse workloads in enterprise computing or multitenant environments.

                                                  New Logzilla Drives for the Oracle 7000 ZFSSA
                                                  200GB usable, up from the 73GB usable drive

                                                  Steve Tunstall says, "Yes, the new, larger Logzilla SSD drives for your ZFSSA systems are now out. They are 200GB usable, up from the 73GB usable drives.

                                                  Yes, you will sometimes see them referred to in some marketing literature as 400GB. This is because there is extra room in enterprise SSD chips to allow for cell burnout and keep their 5 years lifetime. Make no mistake, they will give you 200GB of actually capacity in the ZFSSA systems..."

                                                  IT - Database
                                                  When it Comes To Database Security, Beware Lazy Developers
                                                  SearchSQLServer, November 3rd, 2014
                                                  "Don Jones discusses how database developers are taking the easy road for database security and going with the lowest common denominator instead of taking into account the unique security of each database platform...

                                                  In my book, Learn SQL Server Administration in a Month of Lunches, I tried to explain to new SQL Server administrators how SQL Server security is supposed to work. I also had to be honest with the reader, admitting that very few applications are actually written to use SQL Server security the way it's intended. I blamed the problem on lazy database developers -- an assertion I stick by..."

                                                  IT - Big Data
                                                  Defining Data Scientists & Their Tools
                                                  Information Management, November 4th, 2014
                                                  "My thoughts of the day involve reactions to two blog entries. The first is titled, 'Data Scientists Must Also Be Research Methodology Scientists.' The second is 'SAS vs. R (vs. Python) - which tool should I learn?' Here's my take on both.

                                                  The first, cited by Alex Liu from Research Methods and Data Science, references a blog posted by Informatics Professor Bill Hersh of the Oregon Health and Science University.

                                                  While Hersh is a big proponent of data science in health care, he chides clinical DS for both its bravado and its credulity - in essence scolding DS for not being scientifically rigorous in its research methods..."

                                                  Big Data and Quantified Self-Awareness
                                                  Information Management, November 4th, 2014
                                                  "Big data raises, and rightfully so, data privacy concerns. We fear big data will expose our secrets to the world. But even if big data remained private, it could still expose our secrets to ourselves. In addition to its impact on our privacy, we should be concerned about how big data will impact our self-awareness.

                                                  As Scott Berkun blogged about the self-awareness paradox, 'To become more self-aware you have to be self-aware enough to realize how self-aware you are not. Unless something happens that forces you to realize how inaccurate your view of yourself is, you can go through life never even knowing who you are'..."

                                                  IT - Mobile
                                                  MBaaS Shoot-Out: 5 Clouds for Building Mobile Apps
                                                  InfoStor, November 5th, 2014
                                                  "MBaaS (mobile back end as a service) is a fairly new product category that has largely supplanted MEAPs (mobile enterprise application platforms). Over the past two months, I've closely examined five MBaaS systems: AnyPresence, Appcelerator, FeedHenry, Kinvey, and Parse. In this article, I'll wrap up the series by summarizing all five systems, surveying their common ground and key differences, and drawing conclusions.

                                                  The general idea of MBaaS is that mobile apps need common services that can be shared among apps instead of being custom developed for each. Mobile apps using MBaaS follow a loosely coupled distributed architecture, and MBaaS systems themselves typically have more distributed architectures than MEAP systems, which tended to be unified middleware servers..."

                                                    Mobile security incidents
                                                    Enterprise AppsTech, October 29th, 2014
                                                    "A report from Check Point Software Technologies has found that 95% of IT professionals face challenges with the security of BYOD - and even more are concerned about mobile security incidents.

                                                    The survey, which spoke with over 700 IT professionals, argues the need for more robust security solutions for personal devices which are tied to the corporate network.

                                                    Two fifths (42%) executives admit a mobile security incident costs more than $250,000, with two thirds (64%) saying the cost for sorting out a security crisis is increasing..."

                                                    Mobile Security Breaches Hit 68 Percent of Firms in the Last Year
                                                    eWeek, November 7th, 2014
                                                    "The BT survey found that 60 percent of respondents believe the CEO doesn't take the threat of mobile security very seriously. Mobile security breaches have affected more than two-thirds (68 percent) of global organizations in the last 12 months, according to a study from BT.

                                                    At the same time, more than half of U.S. organizations (54 percent) are more concerned about suffering a mobile security breach in the next 12 months than in the previous year..."

                                                    Mobile Dev Divide Could be Red Flag for IT
                                                    InfoWorld, October 28th, 2014
                                                    "Developers and execs can't agree on the direction for enterprise mobile dev, with huge implications for IT departments...

                                                    Conventional wisdom tells us there's a perennial disconnect between IT and decision makers. However, the disconnect runs even deeper and wider when it comes to mobile technologies, according to a new survey conducted by mobile development firm Appcelerator and IDC. The reasons behind the disconnect appear rooted in IT's sense of its own mission..."

                                                    Selective Wipe: The Secret to Getting Users to Report Lost Mobile Devices
                                                    InfoWorld, October 31st, 2014
                                                    "Of course smartphones and tablets will contain personal data, so security policies need to protect it, too...

                                                    Every iOS and Android release seems to make our smartphones more and more into personal devices. Apple's addition of the Apple Pay mobile payment system and the Health app for aggregating data about our fitness and well-being are the most recent examples of this trend. As our smartphones contain an increasing amount of personal information, user privacy and security become increasing concerns, particularly for those of us who use them for work and personal tasks..."

                                                    Experts: Don't Use Apple Pay, CurrentC Until Crooks Get a Shot at Them
                                                    Network World, November 5th, 2014
                                                    "Despite designers' diligence, these payment systems haven't been tested by real-world criminals..

                                                    While major retailers hem and haw about whether to use Apple Pay vs CurrentC, security experts say those concerned about their safeguarding their credit data might be wise to hold off using either of the payment systems until they've really been vetted for vulnerabilities.

                                                    'The bottom line is they're about as safe as your debit card is now,' says Jason Polancich, chief architect at SurfWatch Labs, about these near-field communications (NFC) systems that let smartphones authenticate users and act as credit cards..."

                                                    4 Pillars of Successful Enterprise Mobility Strategy
                                                    Information Week, November 6th, 2014
                                                    "Enterprises need to shun prevalent need-based approaches and take a holistic approach towards mobility. Here are the four pillars that form the blueprint of any successful enterprise mobility strategy...

                                                    Enterprise mobility, widely lauded by thought leaders across the globe, offers a multitude of benefits including improved productivity, enhanced revenue & operational efficiency metrics within an organization. It is common knowledge that a number of Indian enterprises have also started focusing on enterprise mobility solutions in order to provide a flexible workspace, and increase technology penetration with a huge focus on delivering a productive, consumer-like experience for subscribers to IT business services. In addition, enterprise mobility can also be leveraged to streamline operations and improve operational efficiency in enterprises..."

                                                      Not Reading your Wireless Bill Could Cost You
                                                      CIO, October 31st, 2014
                                                      "Raise your hand if you actually read all eight pages of your monthly wireless bills. I thought so. You don't. That's exactly how your carrier wants it.

                                                      Millions of AT&T, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile customers have been cheated out of millions of dollars by carriers and third-parties that either bill them for services that are supposed to be free, or "cram" charges for services they never subscribed to.

                                                      All three of the carriers have been in hot water with federal regulators because of these practices, and they agreed to repay at least some of the questionable charges. Before I summarize the three most recent cases, I need to say this: Read your bills. It's no fun, and there's a lot of stuff in there you probably won't understand, but some charges jump right out at you..."

                                                        Trouble is Brewing in Mobile Payments
                                                        InfoWorld, November 3rd, 2014
                                                        "Now that big-box retailers have stuck their fat fingers into mobile payments, can the next major credit card breach be far behind?...

                                                        With mobile payments, it would seem that we're entering yet another new battlefront located at the corner of technology, crime, and our wallets. Forgive me if I use past as prologue and predict that this will not go well, at least for the short term..."

                                                          IT - BYOD
                                                          Why Your Workers Hate BYOD
                                                          CIO, November 7th, 2014
                                                          If CIOs and other IT leaders have any doubt that employees are down on BYOD, senior writer Tom Kaneshige clears up any confusion.

                                                          "At a New York banking firm, a couple of executives lost their jobs because they didn't report lost phones within 24 hours, in violation of a draconian BYOD policy. At a California law firm, the CIO knew every time one of its lawyers slipped away to play golf, exposed by watchful BYOD management software..."

                                                          BYOD Causing Security Headaches for Businesses
                                                          eWeek, November 5th, 2014
                                                          "Of the IT executives surveyed by Check Point, 42 percent noted that mobile security incidents cost their organizations more than $250,000.

                                                          The vast majority (95 percent) of businesses face challenges with securing and supporting bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs, strongly indicating the need for more robust security solutions for personal devices tied to the corporate network, according to a Check Point Software survey of more than 700 IT professionals.

                                                          Of the security professionals surveyed this year, 82 percent expect the number of security incidents to grow in 2015..."

                                                          Celebrating five years of BYOD with five simple phases
                                                          Enterprise AppsTech, November 5th, 2014
                                                          Although the term was first introduced in 2009, BYOD had its first full year, and became much more mainstream, in 2010:

                                                          • 2010: IT simply can't ignore personal devices anymore
                                                          • 2011: BYOD acceptance begins and is here to stay
                                                          • 2012: Data security concerns take centre stage
                                                          • 2013: The app explosion hits the workplace and changes the game
                                                          • 2014: BYOD ceases to exist, and doesn't matter anymore

                                                          David Lingenfelter asks, "Do you agree with these views?"

                                                          Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                                          Vol 200 Issues 1, 2, 3,4 and 5; Vol 199 Issues 1, 2,3 and 4
                                                          We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                                          • Hard Partitioning With Oracle Solaris Zones
                                                          • Collected advice on Unix CLI Design & Implementation
                                                          • How to Configure a Failover Oracle Solaris Kernel Zone
                                                          • Oracle Linux - The Engine Behind the Modern Data Center
                                                          • Business Value of Engineered Systems
                                                          • Java SE 8 on
                                                          • Oracle Virtual Technology Summit Kicks Off November 18
                                                          • Open World Recap
                                                          • Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Plug-in for Enterprise Manager (v2.0) Now Available
                                                          • NTT DOCOMO Implements Oracle Communications Diameter Signaling Router

                                                          The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                                            Enterprise Role Definition:
                                                            Best Practices and Approach
                                                            Eric Renaud writes, "Infosys Limited (NYSE:INFY) is a global leader in technology, consulting and services and an Oracle (Diamond) Partner that has graciously agreed to present on best practices garnered from experience working on Large Enterprise IDM deployments in a four part series hosted here in the Identity Management Blog.

                                                            Role Engineering

                                                            Today a number of organizations are considering or are in the process of moving to a Role Based Access Control (RBAC) model. Role Engineering is the process by which an organization develops, defines, enforces, and maintains role-based access control. RBAC is often seen as a way to improve security controls for access and authorization, as well as to enforce access policies such as segregation of duties (SoD) to meet regulatory compliance. It establishes effective controls and insight into 'Who has access to What'.

                                                            RBAC Basic

                                                            The concept of roles is defined in the ANSI RBAC standard that was first proposed by the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). The model for RBAC illustrates the mapping between users, roles, and privileges (permissions) in base RBAC. Privileges are collections of system-specific operations on objects that can be mapped to roles..."

                                                            Nexenta News
                                                            Nexenta Sponsors OpenZFS Developer Summit for Second Year
                                                            Software-Defined Storage Leader Key Player in OpenZFS Movement
                                                            Nexenta (@Nexenta), the global leader in Software-Defined Storage (SDS) (#softwaredefinedstorage), announced sponsorship support for the second annual OpenZFS Developer Summit in San Francisco, CA, November 10-11, 2014.

                                                            Nexenta is continuing their support as returning sponsors from the inaugural summit. Nexenta's Saso Kiselkov also will present a session on Compression on Monday, November 10, 2014 at the Children's Creativity Museum.

                                                            Nexenta is proud to sponsor lunch for both days of the event on Monday, November 10, 2014 at the Children's Creativity Museum, 221 Fourth St., San Francisco, CA, and Tuesday, November 11, 2014 at Delphix office, 604 Mission St., San Francisco, CA.

                                                            Join Nexenta & VMware for Key Insights into the Software-Defined Hyper-Convergence Story
                                                            Nov 19th Webinar: 8AM PST, 11AM EST, 4PM UK, 5PM CET
                                                            Join Nexenta & VMware on November 19, at 8 AM PST for the complete software-defined hyper-convergence story.

                                                            Learn more about how Virtual SAN & file services fit in your environment, the Nexenta & VMware partnership, the opportunities associated with Software-Defined Storage offerings, and how your business can benefit.

                                                            During this webinar, Rawlinson Rivera, Sr. Technical Marketing Architect at VMware, and Michael Letschin, Director, Product Management, Solutions at Nexenta will discuss:

                                                            • The simplified storage provisioning and management of VMware Virtual SAN's high performance hypervisor-converged storage

                                                            • The extension of VMware Virtual SAN to VMware EVO: RAIL, which combines compute, networking, and storage resources into a hyper-converged infrastructure appliance to create a simple, easy to deploy all-in-one solution

                                                            • How NexentaConnect for VMware Virtual SAN adds value by offering file services, snapshots, and self-service file recovery for VMware Virtual SAN

                                                            • How Nexenta's Software-Defined Storage solutions can serve a wide variety of workloads and business-critical situations


                                                            Hardware Certification List (HCL) for NexentaStor 4.0.x
                                                            (July 2014)
                                                            The Nexenta HCL can be found on the NexentaStor download page under Resources.

                                                            The HCL document is intended for Nexenta Partners and Nexenta customer-facing organizations. The latest version of Nexenta Hardware Certification List (HCL) is posted on Partner Portal. For NexentaConnect utilizing VMware vSphere, please refer to VMware HCL.

                                                            Partners who are looking to offer NexentaStor storage solutions have the following options:

                                                            • Reference Architecture (RA)
                                                            • Reference Architecture Plus (RA+)
                                                            • Certified Solution (CS)


                                                            Level3 News
                                                            Level 3 Now Provides Secure, Enterprise-Grade Connectivity to Google Cloud Platform
                                                            ADDS GOOGLE CLOUD PLATFORM TO ITS CLOUD CONNECT SOLUTIONS ECOSYSTEM
                                                            Level 3 Communications, Inc. announced Google Cloud Platform has joined the Level 3 Cloud Connect Solutions ecosystem. Google Cloud Platform enables developers and enterprises to build, test and deploy applications on Google's highly-scalable and reliable infrastructure. Enterprises can access Google Cloud Platform via Google Cloud Interconnect (GCI), which works with network service providers including Level 3 to provide enterprise-grade connections to Google's network edge.

                                                            Organizations are often confronted with performance challenges when moving applications and workloads from physical locations into the cloud. With Level 3 Cloud Connect Solutions and GCI, customers can move private and public workloads to Google Cloud Platform with greater reliability.

                                                            Level 3 Reports Third Quarter 2014 Results
                                                            Total revenue of $1.629 billion for the third quarter 2014
                                                            Levele 3 reported solid third quarter results for both Level 3 and tw telecom, driven primarily by continued growth from enterprise customers.

                                                            "Level 3's and tw telecom's results reflect both companies' strong focus on execution in the enterprise market," said Jeff Storey, president and CEO of Level 3. "Given the combined company's broad product portfolio, extensive network reach and customer-first mindset, we believe we are well-positioned to continue to capture enterprise market share."

                                                            Level 3 Results

                                                            Level 3 reported total revenue of $1.629 billion for the third quarter 2014, compared to $1.569 billion for the third quarter 2013.

                                                            In the third quarter 2014, the company generated net income of $85 million and $0.36 basic and $0.35 diluted net income per share, which included expenses of $7 million associated with the tw telecom transaction. For the third quarter 2013, the net loss was $0.09 per share. Included in net loss per share for the third quarter 2013 were $0.13 per share of severance charges and $0.08 per share of refinancing charges.

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