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Oracle Announces Latest Release of Oracle Database Appliance Software
Simple database snapshots enable rapid provisioning of development and test environments, improving quality and speeding deployment

While crucial to any business infrastructure, creating and managing high-availability database environments can often be time consuming, difficult, and costly to manage. Designed to simplify and consolidate the deployment and management of database environments, the latest release of Appliance Manager software for Oracle Database Appliance helps dramatically reduce IT complexity, enabling savings of both time and money.

With support for database and VM snapshots, the release enables rapid and efficient provisioning of full-stack testing and development environments, further promoting productivity. The complete, integrated platform also features support for the latest version of Oracle Database 12c, allowing organizations to benefit from cutting-edge functionality such as in-memory and multitenancy.

Software in Silicon Innovations for Database
Video of Juan Loaiza, Sr. VP of Technology at Oracle
Parnian Taidi writes, "Juan Loaiza, Sr. VP of Technology at Oracle gave an overview of innovative new Software in Silicon technology and its benefits to databases and applications at Oracle OpenWorld 2014.

He talked about three key ways this new revolutionary technology enhances performance, capacity and reliability:

  • Extreme performance with DB in-memory acceleration engines
  • Increased data capacity with decompression engines
  • Revolutionary change to memory architecture that stops memory corruption, be it from malicious attacks or programmer errors

Watch the video to learn details.

Oracle MAA Gold HA Reference Architecture
Part 4
MAA Best Practices define four standard reference architectures for HA and data protection: BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM. The objective of each reference architecture is to deploy an optimal set of Oracle HA capabilities that reliably achieve a given service level (SLA) at the lowest cost.

Joe Meeks, writes, "This article provides details for the Gold reference architecture.

Gold substantially raises the service level for business critical applications that cannot accept vulnerability to single points-of-failure. Gold builds upon Silver by using database replication technology to eliminate single point of failure and provide a much higher level of data protection and HA from all types of unplanned and planned outages.

An overview of Gold is provided in the figure below..."

Time to Register for ITPalooza 2014 (December 4th)
Register As An Attendee, As A Tech User Group, As A Sponsor
Please register to attend ITPalooza 2014 and encourage your IT colleagues to do the same! Many attendees chose to pay for their ticket by selecting the option of bring two unwrapped $12 toys for the "Toys for Tots" charity.

We have many excellent speakers and sponsors lined up for ITPalooza 2014. There is still time to register your Tech User Group and there are still some sponsorship opportunities available.

ITPalooza 2014 @ NSU, Thursday December 4th

  • Hackathon (8:30am to 9pm)
  • Daytime Event: Technical Sessions, Exhibitions (noon to 6pm)
  • Evening Event: IT Networking and Holiday Party (6pm to 9pm) featuring The IT Palooza Band - AKA Gee Force
  • CIO Insights - VIP CIO Pass Required for Access to this Session (noon to 5pm)
  • Hiring Fare (1pm to 5pm)

ITPalooza 2014 Pre-Conference @ NSU, Wednesday, December 3rd (9am - 5pm)

  • Full day workshop: SQL Server Enterprise Monitoring - DBA Power Up!
  • $99 Early Bird rate - ends on November 15th
  • Breakfast, lunch, and SQL scripts are included!

About ITPalooza 2014

ITPalooza is an annual gathering of South Florida's non-profit Technology User Groups (tech groups). Anticipating more than 2,000 registrants, 60 speakers, 65 sponsors and 50 tech groups from across South Florida, the 3rd Annual ITPalooza is set to deliver unbelievable value to the South Florida Tech community on Thursday December 4th at Nova Southeastern University.

As a non-profit group, ITPalooza gives attendees an option to pay for attendance by donating toys worth $25 to the US Marine Corp's 'Toys for Tots' charity. The 2012 and 2013 events raised over $75,000 in donations and cash.

Large Enterprises View Business Transformation as Essential to Ability to Compete
But Struggle with Execution, According to New Oracle Study

Nearly Half of Executives Say Their Organization is Not at All or Only Somewhat Prepared to Execute a Business Transformation

Today, continual business transformation is crucial for companies to stay ahead of emerging players and maintain a competitive edge. From bringing new offerings to market to deploying IT systems to major capital expenditures, business transformation can take countless forms. Many large institutions, however, are struggling with their transformation efforts, according to 'Making the Change: Planning, Executing and Measuring a Successful Business Transformation,' a study from Oracle and Forbes. Despite strong agreement that business transformation is fundamental to success, 48% of executives surveyed say their organization is only somewhat or not at all prepared to successfully execute a business transformation today.

Come and learn how Northumbrian Water embraced Oracle's Mobile Framework
By Grant Ronal
Grant writes, "Northumbrian water are responsible for the water and sewage services of 4.5 million people in the UK, and I was fortunate enough to be engaged with them to understand how they embraced mobile to help their customers and employees. In particular their use of mobile access to Oracle's EBusiness Suite Procurement using Oracle's mobile framework showed a great return in investment by allowing products and parts to be purchased and approved in drastically reduced timescales using mobile.

To help others learn from Northumbrian Water's experience, we are running a live webcast on the 18th November, including interviews with NWs CIO, development and strategy lead, as well as hearing from Oracle's architects who were involved in the project..."

Solaris 9 exiting Extended Support period
By Gerry Haskins

Gerry Haskins writes, "Solaris 9 is exiting Extended Support and entering Sustaining Support.

In accordance with the Oracle Lifetime Support Policy for Software and Operating Systems, (Page 37), and (Pages 6 and 9), all patches created during the Extended Support period will revert to "Operating System" access entitlement on MOS so they are available to all customers will a valid support contract, not just those that purchased Extended Support.

There will be a final patch release cycle in November for both Solaris 8 and Solaris 9 to release bug fixes currently in process.

After that, there'll be no new Solaris 8 or Solaris 9 patches created. All existing patches will remain available..."

MySQL for Excel 1.3.3
Manipulate MySQL data within Microsoft Excel

Javier Trevino writes, "The MySQL Windows Experience Team is proud to announce the release of MySQL for Excel version 1.3.3. This is a maintenance release for 1.3.x. It can be used for production environments.

MySQL for Excel is an application plug-in enabling data analysts to very easily access and manipulate MySQL data within Microsoft Excel. It enables you to directly work with a MySQL database from within Microsoft Excel so you can easily do tasks such as:

  • Importing MySQL data into Excel
  • Exporting Excel data directly into MySQL to a new or existing table
  • Editing MySQL data directly within Excel

MySQL for Excel is installed using the MySQL Installer for Windows which comes in 2 versions..."

MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0.16
By Andy Bang

Andy Bang writes, "We are pleased to announce that MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0.16 is now available for download on the My Oracle Support (MOS) web site. This is a maintenance release that includes a few new features and fixes a number of bugs. You can find more information on the contents of this release in the change log.

You will find binaries for the new release on My Oracle Support. Choose the "Patches & Updates" tab, and then choose the "Product or Family (Advanced Search)" side tab in the "Patch Search" portlet.

Based on feedback from our customers, MySQL Enterprise Monitor (MEM) 3.0 offers many significant improvements over previous releases. Highlights include..."

Cloud Computing
Traditional datacenter capabilities needed from public and private PaaS
How your peers are approaching the adoption of public and private cloud PaaS environments
Ruma Sanyal writes, "Cloud technology has become mainstream with its promise of infinitely expandable and low cost 'pay as you go' services. Referring back to my prior blog highlighting the the ComputerWorld cloud/PaaS survey report, almost 82% of the survey respondents expressed that they want the same mission-critical capabilities from cloud as they do from their existing in-house datacenters..."
Spacewalk client released for Oracle Linux 7
Spacewalk is an open source Linux systems management solution
Spacewalk is an open source Linux systems management solution. It manages software content updates for Red Hat derived distributions such as Fedora, CentOS, and Scientific Linux, within your firewall. You can stage software content through different environments, managing the deployment of updates to systems and allowing you to view at which update level any given system is at across your deployment. A central web interface allows viewing of systems, their associated software update status, and initiating update actions.

Avi writes, "The Oracle Linux team is pleased to announce the availability of the Spacewalk client for Oracle Linux 7. Customers who want to register Oracle Linux 7 servers with an existing Spacewalk server can install the client from the Oracle Public Yum repository. It can also be added to Spacewalk itself for local installation via Spacewalk..."

vBeers @ Broward - Funky Buddha - Wed Nov. 12th
6pm - 9pm
Join us for vBeers @ Broward. We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month in Broward. The meetings will be at Funky Buddha which is 5 minutes east of I95.

This event will be a non-sponsored event so bring your wallet, your sense of humor and get ready for some great IT and virtualization conversations with some of the best people in South Florida's IT community (including YOU!).

  • Funky Buddha Brewery
  • 1201 NE 38th St
  • Oakland Park, FL 33334

Please Register.

Join us for one of the three South Florida vBeers events. The South Florida vBeers events happen three times a month, once per county:

Oracle Virtual Technology Summit Kicks Off November 18
Featured at the Summit: Securing Mobile apps and data in a BYOD world
The Oracle Technology Network (OTN) invites you to the next Virtual Technology Summit, on November 18th. Learn first hand from Oracle and community experts about Oracle Middleware, Mobile Architectures and more. Participate in hands-on labs and technical presentations, and chat with other developers. Register here!

  • North America - November 18th / 10am PT to 12:30pm PT
  • APAC English - November 19th / 10am IST to 1:30pm IST
  • EMEA - November 26th / 9am-12:30pm GMT / 10:00am CET / 1:00pm

Featured at the Summit: Securing Mobile apps and data in a BYOD world

Infosys Finacle Sets New Global Benchmark for Processing Inter-Bank Payments
Running on Oracle SPARC T5 servers
Infosys, a leader in consulting, technology, outsourcing and next generation services, announced that the Finacle Payments solution, an enterprise payment services hub, running on Oracle SPARC T5 servers with Oracle Solaris 11.2 has set a new global benchmark for the volume of inter-bank payment transactions processed.

In a test that was validated by the professional services firm EY, the solution processed over 100 million payments in 79 minutes, which translates to over 75 million payments per hour or over 21,000 payments per second. This was achieved with stable performance and near linear scalability, underlining Finacle's ability to manage continuous increases in volumes, with simple hardware additions and no changes in the underlying application.

Oracle FS1-2 Flash Storage System
Now Generally Available
Introduced at Oracle OpenWorld 2014, the Oracle FS1-2 Flash Storage System is now generally available.

The Oracle FS1-2 flash storage system, Oracle's premier preferred SAN storage solution, delivers enterprise-grade storage capabilities that are optimized for flash media and coengineered with Oracle software. Using the Quality of Service Plus (QoS Plus) feature, the Oracle FS1-2 flash storage system places data across flash and disk storage to maximize performance, efficiency, and cost based on usage profiles and business priorities.

The Oracle FS1-2 flash storage system takes application-engineered storage to a new level by providing out-of-the-box tuned storage provisioning profiles for Oracle Database and key applications, including Microsoft SharePoint and Exchange. With the Oracle FS1-2 flash storage system, you can consolidate storage while achieving predictable performance for multiple diverse workloads in enterprise computing or multitenant environments.

New Logzilla Drives for the Oracle 7000 ZFSSA
200GB usable, up from the 73GB usable drive

Steve Tunstall says, "Yes, the new, larger Logzilla SSD drives for your ZFSSA systems are now out. They are 200GB usable, up from the 73GB usable drives.

Yes, you will sometimes see them referred to in some marketing literature as 400GB. This is because there is extra room in enterprise SSD chips to allow for cell burnout and keep their 5 years lifetime. Make no mistake, they will give you 200GB of actually capacity in the ZFSSA systems..."

Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Vol 200 Issues 1, 2, 3,4 and 5; Vol 199 Issues 1, 2,3 and 4
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

  • Hard Partitioning With Oracle Solaris Zones
  • Collected advice on Unix CLI Design & Implementation
  • How to Configure a Failover Oracle Solaris Kernel Zone
  • Oracle Linux - The Engine Behind the Modern Data Center
  • Business Value of Engineered Systems
  • Java SE 8 on
  • Oracle Virtual Technology Summit Kicks Off November 18
  • Open World Recap
  • Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Plug-in for Enterprise Manager (v2.0) Now Available
  • NTT DOCOMO Implements Oracle Communications Diameter Signaling Router

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    Unix: Catching up with Unix errors
    By Sandra Henry-Stocker

    Sandra writes, "Unix errors often seem cryptic and sometimes even obtuse, but they're actually well designed and useful. A little insight into the whys and hows of common error messages might help you appreciate not just error messages, but why you're bumping into them.

    From time to time one of my students, when asked on a quiz what a command such as ifconfig does, will answer "displays 'command not found'". "No", I have to tell them, 'the ifconfig command isn't displaying that output. Either you misspelled the command or the executable isn't in one of the directories on your search path..."

    Oracle VM.Built for Virtualizing Enterprise Applications
    White Paper (10-pages)

    Virtualization technologies offer well-established benefits: consolidation, improved utilization, and greater IT flexibility in applying resources to workloads. But Oracle VM is the only virtualization solution that Oracle tests extensively at extreme scale and fully certifies for Oracle Database deployments on x86 servers.

    Oracle VM is designed specifically for Tier-1 applications deployed as virtual guests. Oracle continues to make design decisions in line with enterprise requirements for security, performance, scalability, stability, and supportability. The lightweight Xen hypervisor offers clear advantages for security, reliability, and performance. Open source Xen and Linux technologies enhance the product's stability, providing a strong code base to which Oracle and other community developers can contribute ongoing security, performance, and reliability improvements. And lastly, the cost model for Oracle VM helps IT managers conserve today's shrinking budgets. Oracle VM is free to download and use, and Oracle charges only a low annual fee for enterprise support...

    Live Webcast on Oracle VM Built for Enterprise Applications Optimized for Oracle
    Monday, November 17, 2014

    The Oracle VM Application-Driven architecture is designed for massive scaling and support of large enterprise workloads such as Oracle Database. We've done the heavy lifting by ensuring rapid provisioning, simple and standardized deployment, integrated management including HA support to keep business critical function flowing uninterrupted. Whether used for testing or production, Oracle VM is the right tool for the job in deployment of Oracle Database. Join us and learn more how Oracle VM can help you achieve further efficiency, flexibility and cost savings in your virtualization journey.

    Speaker: Jeff Savit, Senior Principal Technical Product Manager, Oracle


    Java Technology
    Building a 3-tiered Application with Java EE
    By Tori Wieldt
    Tori Wieldt writes, "Do you want an expert to walk you through the key features of Java EE 7? At the next OTN Virtual Technology Summit (VTS), Java expert and author Josh Juneau will walk you through building a 3-tiered application with Java EE. He will take you step-by-step through the development of an application using Maven. You will learn how to add project dependencies via Maven, and perform various development tasks leveraging some new features of Java EE 7..."
    Enterprise Role Definition:
    Best Practices and Approach
    Eric Renaud writes, "Infosys Limited (NYSE:INFY) is a global leader in technology, consulting and services and an Oracle (Diamond) Partner that has graciously agreed to present on best practices garnered from experience working on Large Enterprise IDM deployments in a four part series hosted here in the Identity Management Blog.

    Role Engineering

    Today a number of organizations are considering or are in the process of moving to a Role Based Access Control (RBAC) model. Role Engineering is the process by which an organization develops, defines, enforces, and maintains role-based access control. RBAC is often seen as a way to improve security controls for access and authorization, as well as to enforce access policies such as segregation of duties (SoD) to meet regulatory compliance. It establishes effective controls and insight into 'Who has access to What'.

    RBAC Basic

    The concept of roles is defined in the ANSI RBAC standard that was first proposed by the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). The model for RBAC illustrates the mapping between users, roles, and privileges (permissions) in base RBAC. Privileges are collections of system-specific operations on objects that can be mapped to roles..."

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