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Oracle to Showcase Modern HR in the Cloud at 17th Annual HR Technology Conference & Exposition
World's largest expo of HR technology features Oracle executives, Oracle customer success, and Oracle HCM Cloud interactive work-life competition
Further demonstrating its commitment to helping companies transform operations by modernizing HR, Oracle announced its participation at the HR Technology Conference & Exposition 2014, which takes place at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas October 7 through 10.

Bringing together more than 8,000 HR leaders and professionals to discuss the most important issues facing HR practitioners today, the HR Technology Conference & Exposition 2014 will feature more than 300 exhibitors and industry experts.

Oracle executives and customers will showcase the benefits of modern HR in the cloud and share insights into real-world HR transformation stories at the event.

M7 Promises Once in a Generation Innovation

Kevin writes, "Oracle's microprocessor received a lot of coverage at Oracle OpenWorld 2014. The extreme performance, efficiency and optimization gains will rewrite the rules for price and performance value, plus speed the time it takes to deploy technology. Masood Heydari, SVP of Hardware Development at Oracle, provided an update to the SPARC M7 roadmap, first revealed at the Hot Chips conference in August 2014..."

Certified Platinum Configurations
Engineered System, Hardware, Operating System, Oracle Database, Programs

The tables in this document describe the Certified Platinum Configurations as of the effective date of the applicable table. In order to determine which table applies to you, please note the following: (a) if you are installing Platinum Services for the first time, please refer to the most recent table noted below or (b) if you already have Platinum Services installed and/or are adding a new hardware system(s), please refer to any of the below tables...

    How-To: Lifecycle Management for Zones
    By Owen Allen

    Owen writes, "Oracle Solaris Zones are a useful too. As I've been discussing over the past few weeks, Ops Center lets you manage zones from a high level by creating them, grouping them into server pools, and migrating them. However, I haven't talked about how to use Ops Center for more day-to-day zone management.

    When a zone is managed in Ops Center, you can see its current state - running, shut down, or unreachable - in the Assets section, shown by an icon over the asset. By selecting a specific zone, you can take a number of possible actions: you can reboot or shut down a running zone, halt a zone if it's not responding to a graceful shutdown, boot a stopped zone, or delete a zone if it's no longer needed..."

    IT - Technology
    A New Generation Of Solar Cells Could Smash Current Efficiency Limits
    Business Insider, October 9th, 2014
    "A revolutionary technique developed by a team at the University of Cambridge could boost the efficiency of solar cells and accelerate the switch to renewable sources. The technique "could smash the solar efficiency ceiling," according to a statement from the university.

    The new method, published Thursday in the journal Nature Materials, lays the groundwork for building a new generation of solar cells made up of both organic and inorganic material. So far, most of solar cells are fully made of inorganic semiconductors, usually silicon, but these materials are not as energy efficient as organic semiconductors, like the pentacene used in the study..."

      The Navy's Developing Little Autonomous Boats to Defend Its Ships
      Wired, October 6th, 2014
      "Navy ships are at their most vulnerable when they're resupplying in port or navigating narrow straits or rivers because they're tricky to maneuver in tight quarters and vulnerable to attack. The attack 14 years ago on the USS Cole as it refueled while berthed in Yemen, an attack that killed 17 American sailors and reiterated the need to protect warships in port.

      To counter asymmetric attacks - the 505-foot Cole was attacked by a small craft packed with explosives that ripped 40-foot gash in the destroyer - the Navy uses small patrol craft for close-quarters defense. And that means placing sailors in the line of fire. That got the Office of Naval Research into developing autonomous technology for small 'swarmboats' that could be used for risky jobs..."

        IT - Bitcoin
        State of Bitcoin Q3 2014: Ecosystem Maturing Amid Price Pressure
        CoindDesk, October 7th, 2014
        "We are pleased to release our latest quarterly State of Bitcoin update.

        This article will run through some key findings from the new report, which focuses on data and events in the third quarter of 2014 up to the present day.

        Overall, this quarter could be characterized as a 'Tale of Two Bitcoins'

        On the one hand, significant bitcoin venture investment continued and much progress was made in furthering adoption, particularly in bitcoin's use as a medium of exchange..."

        Bitcoin Foundation to Standardise Bitcoin Symbol and Code Next Year
        CoindDesk, October 6th, 2014
        "The Bitcoin Foundation's Financial Standards Working Group has shed new light on its priorities for the next six months, announcing it will attempt to standardise bitcoin's code, currency symbol and subunits over that period.

        The group's formal plan of action follows its first emergence as an unnamed standards committee this June, when a post on the Bitcoin Foundation community forum called for volunteers for the initiative..."

        The Future Of Bitcoin: It's Not What You Think
        CryptoCoinsNews, October 8th, 2014
        "Before I even mentioned Bitcoin - like I just did - take a stroll with me down memory lane and let's look at past technologies for a moment. Remember when you got your first AOL account when you had to dial-in? What about your first email address, which was more than likely a combination of your name and the year you were born? How was email any different than pen and paper? Both contain messages that hold value and meaning to the reader and are both bidirectional. But an email is instant, and snail mail was just that..." Assembles Coders to Create a Bitcoin-Like Stock Market
        Wired, October 6th, 2014
        " is building software, based on the bitcoin digital currency, that could allow the big-name etailer to issue corporate stock over the internet, sidestepping traditional stock exchanges such as the NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange.

        The Salt Lake City-based company recently hired two of the developers behind CounterParty - an online project that helps individuals and businesses build all sorts of financial services atop the worldwide network of machines that drive bitcoin - and according to Overstock founder and CEO Patrick Byrne, these coders will help build 'cryptosecurity' software that any company could potentially use to issue financial securities over the net. Mirroring bitcoin - known as a 'crytocurrency' - these securities would be controlled by cryptographic algorithms running across computers spread across the globe, not by a central stock exchange..."

        As Bitcoin Grows Mainstream, Data Center Provider Opportunity Widens
        Data Center Knowledge, October 9th, 2014
        As sharp price declines wreak havoc with the economics of Bitcoin mining, some entrepreneurs see a shift to transaction fees as the future of the virtual currency. This evolution came into focus this week, as the lead developer proposed revising Bitcoin's core code to increase the volume of transactions on the network.

        A shift from mining rewards to transaction fees has implications for the data center industry

        Why Bitcoin Crowdfunding Is Better And Perhaps Revolutionary
        CryptoCoinsNews, October 6th, 2014
        "While searching for Bitcoin's 'killer app', there are a few different options to consider. Something like OpenBazaar could be perfect for bringing Bitcoin's decentralized nature to various marketplaces while a Bitcoin rewards card could offer an incentive for more people to choose Bitcoin as their preferred method of online payment.

        On the other hand, Bitcoin also offers some intriguing upgrades for the crowdfunding industry. The basic nature of how Bitcoin works means crowdfunding is more practical for certain situations, and Lighthouse allows creators and supporters to connect directly rather than through a third party..."

        Sweden: Bitcoin is wild west, but it could be a central bank's backup plan
        ZDNet, October 6th, 2014
        "According to an economist at the 'stability department' of Sweden's central bank, the Riksbank, Bitcoin could be used to strengthen financial systems in the face of disruption to a main payment processing network.

        The fact that Bitcoin was designed to function beyond the reach of central banks and regulators has often seen it cast as a risk to consumers and those dealing in virtual currencies. As the European Banking Authority (EBA) has previously warned, Bitcoin exchange rates are volatile, exchange platforms and wallets can be hacked, and holders may face tax liabilities..."

        Applications Certified on Oracle Solaris 11
        By John Shell
        John writes, "Whether you're planning a consolidation project or the implementation of a new application for a customer, if your target is a SPARC-based system you'll need to know if the application is supported on Solaris 11.

        Oracle's Solaris ISV Engineering organization maintains a list of certified applications on Solaris 11. Since it's impossible to track the universe of enterprise applications, this is only a quick reference list. Always check the vendor's support site..."

        IT - Cloud
        Nine Best Practices for Cloud Implementation
        CIO Insight, October 8th, 2014
        "More than four of five organizations now use some form of cloud computing, according to industry research, and a great number of companies are exploring new options for cloud deployment. The advantages are clear: 84 percent of CIOs say they've cut costs by moving applications to the cloud, and these applications deliver an average of 70 percent more ROI than on-premise ones. Organizations using the cloud save 25 percent on personnel, and one-third have reduced their IT costs by at least that same percent. As a result, cloud computing now represents a $150 billion industry..."
        Don't Ignore Physical Realities in Your Rush to the Cloud
        Virtual-Strategy Magazine, October 9th, 2014
        "The cloud is supposed to mean speed and agility. Cloud orchestration and automation tools promise to allow IT organizations to move significantly faster and become more competitive as service organizations. But there is a catch that not enough people are addressing head-on, which is that while orchestration tools typically do a great job of deploying applications flexibly once virtualization is in place, the underlying (or horrors - the non-virtualized and legacy) infrastructure is not very agile or automated. The challenges of automating physical infrastructure issues are often swept under the rug, but solving these challenges are critical to making the whole datacenter agile..."
        8 Reasons Not to Move to Cloud
        GIGAOM, October 8th, 2014
        "Cloud-based solutions present the largest opportunity today for the enterprise, business, IT and the Chief Information Officer (CIO). Recent conversations have posed the question about cloud adoption in the enterprise. On the whole, just about every enterprise today is leveraging cloud in some form. It may be a simple application or a complex ERP system. Overall, however, the adoption is fairly anemic. With all of the reasons that drive enterprises to leverage cloud-based solutions, there are a number of reasons that may offer the CIO a moment of pause..."
        New Post-Data-Center Model Takes Shape in the Cloud
        Data Center Journal, October 7th, 2014
        "Millions of words have been written in recent years about how the cloud revolution is changing the way that computing at almost every level is being done.

        But I was particularly struck by the analogy drawn by Nicholas Carr in his book, 'The Big Switch - Rewiring the World, from Edison to Google.'

        As Carr explains, businesses in need of electrical power in the late 1800s were required to build and manage their own power plants. But by the 1900s, most businesses had moved away from power plants and taken advantage of commercial power distribution..."

        IT - CxO
        Top CIOs All Share These 10 Traits
        CIO, October 11th, 2014
        "In their book, "Confessions of a Successful CIO: How the Best CIOs Tackle Their Toughest Business Challenges" authors Dan Roberts and Brian Watson offer nine vignettes of CIOs who have uniquely shown the skills and characteristics of natural leaders. For example, Filippo Passerini of Proctor & Gamble is "The Anticipator," Steve Bandrowczak of HP is "The Fixer" and Carol Zierhoffer of ITT is 'The Pilot'..."
        6 Daily Habits Of The World's Most Successful CEOs
        Business Insider, October 10th, 2014
        "Successful CEOs seem to have an uncanny ability to do it all, even though they're presumably allotted the same 24 hours each day as everyone else. Although there's no one-size-fits-all agenda that they follow, there are a striking number of similarities in the habits of the most successful CEOs.

        If you're looking to channel a little of their brilliance yourself, try incorporating these strategies into your daily routine to see how your efficiency and satisfaction at work and home improve.

        Here are six habits of many of the world's most successful CEOs:..."

          How have enterprises dealt with shadow IT?
          ZDNet, October 6th, 2014
          "It's not news that shadow IT is a problem. It's been a problem ever since employees started bringing Apple and Osborne computers to the office in the 1970's to do their work. But nothing has accelerated the problem like the cloud, which removes almost all constraints on employees to bypass IT.

          The Q2 Cloud Adoption and Risk Report from Skyhigh Networks looks at enterprises that attempted to address the problem of shadow IT, how they did it and how successful they were. The subjects were over 200 organizations, generally large ones in the Fortune 2000, across all major verticals - Education, Financial Services, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, High-Tech, Media, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Retail, and Utilities..."

          Smart machines, digital business may upend IT pecking order
          ZDNet, October 6th, 2014
          "Digital business transformation, smart machines, mobile and an evolving consumer experience will lead to a series of IT upheavals, said Gartner analyst Daryl Plummer.

          Plummer, presenting Gartner's top 10 strategic predictions, highlighted how every business will ultimately become digital.

          Here's a look at Gartner's top 10 strategic predictions, how they'll impact information technology, and my take..."

          Gartner Symposium/ITxpo: Top 10 Strategic Predictions
          The VAR Guy, October 6th, 2014
          "Gartner is known for many things, but perhaps the two most popular are its Magic Quadrants and its Top 10 lists. Granted, the lists aren't as light-hearted (or sometimes cutting) as David Letterman's Top 10, but they are a much better business barometer than, say, 'Top 10 Things That Sound Cool When Said by Snoop Dogg' (which is awesome, by the way).

          And so it goes that at this year's Symposium/ITxpo, Gartner is unveiling at least three separate Top 10 lists. The first, 'Top 10 Strategic Predictions: Digital Business is Driving "Big Change",' offered attendees a glimpse into the future of this digital business world, driven by customer experience as a core tenant of technology..."

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          Join us for vBeers @ Boca. We meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month in Boca Raton, FL. The next meeting will be at Biergarten Boca, which is located in on US 1, just South of Palmetto Park and East of I-95.

          Biergarten Boca Raton

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          Choice and Citrix will be sponsoring beers and snacks

          This event will be sponsored by Citrix and Choice Solutions' to celebrate celebrate the one year anniversary of Choice Solutions' South FL office.

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          IT - Networks
          The 'Internet of Things' Will Be The World's Most Massive Device Market And Save Companies Billions Of Dollars
          Business Insider, October 11th, 2014
          "The Internet of Things (IoT) is beginning to grow significantly, as consumers, businesses, and governments recognize the benefit of connecting inert devices to the internet.

          In an all-new report from BI Intelligence, we examine what is currently driving growth in the Internet of Things and how various sectors of the economy will embrace IoT innovations..."

          First gigabit-over-COPPER chipset lands
          The Register, October 8th, 2014
          "Israeli outfit Sckipio has revealed what it claims is the world's first chipset.

 is widely seen as a successor standard to VDSL, as it delivers broadband over telcos' existing copper connections, but can do so at up to a gigabit-per-second. That's a speed comparable with that achievable over hybrid fiber coax (the medium for cable television) under the DOCSIS 3.1 standard. A gig-per-second is also often mentioned as the kind of speeds subscribers will want from fibre-to-the-premises networks, but as doesn't require the installation of a new cable of any sort to homes or businesses it is touted as a less disruptive way to improve broadband..."

            IT - Operations
            13 Steps Through a Data Breach
            CSO Online, October 10th, 2014
            "With JP Morgan Chase's data breach fresh in our minds, it is time to walk through the 13 steps toward making your way through a data breach recovery. Mimecast's director of technology marketing Orlando Scott-Cowley runs through these steps and of course the first one starts with panic. It's a natural reaction, so do it quickly and get it out of the way! ..."
              How Not to Handle a Data Breach
              Information Management, October 10th, 2014
              "There's almost no good way to tell bank customers that their personal data has been stolen. But some banks do a particularly bad job of communicating during a security incident.

              Example: one consumer came home last week to find a voicemail from his bank (one of the top five) telling him his account had been compromised by a 'midsize retailer breach.' The message raised more questions than it answered. What was midsized - the retailer or the breach? What information was stolen? What was he supposed to do about it? The consumer was left confused and fretful..."

              Top 10 IT trends that rattle data center I&O
              SearchDataCenter, October 9th, 2014
              "Emerging trends require data centers to adapt, sometimes to major disruptions.

              This might call for new systems, tools, processes and procedures to keep the business competitive or enhance user activities. Here at Gartner ITxpo 2014, Gartner's research vice president David J. Cappuccio examined the top 10 emerging IT trends that will change data center infrastructure and operations (I&O) in the near future..."

              IT - Security
              12 Tips for Responding to Rising Healthcare IT Security Threats
              CSO Online, October 10th, 2014
              "Everyone knows healthcare IT security is difficult. Not everyone knows how to make it easier. The recent Privacy & Security Forum, hosted by HIMSS Media and Healthcare IT News, aimed to change that by offering practical steps that healthcare organizations can take to avoid the negligent risks that lead to hacks, breaches, negative publicity and fines.

              These 12 tips will help HIPAA-covered entities and business associates - be they payers, providers, vendors or subcontractors - react and respond to an evolving threat landscape. Meanwhile, the event's session on how Boston Children's Hospital hit back at Anonymous offered organizations a firsthand account of responding to all-too-common attacks and provided some suggestions for trying to get ahead of hackers..."

              How to fend off data breaches
              CSO Online, October 9th, 2014
              "It's no secret that data breaches are on the rise, just look for the headlines that mention Target, eBay, JP Morgan Chase, Home Depot, etc. The 2014 Verizon PCI DSS report states that only 11% of companies were fully compliant. The JP Morgan breach was said to have been caused by an employee working from home, the VPN connection was then used to extract the data. We all know that for Target it was the HVAC vendor and a phishing email that started the extraction of millions of credit cards..."
              Fallout from the JPMorgan Chase breach
              ComputerWorld, October 11th, 2014
              "Most articles about the 76 million or so names and addresses that were stolen from JP Morgan Chase bank focus on the danger of phishing emails. But email is not the only way bad guys can abuse stolen data.

              They may also try to scam victims on the telephone.

              I ran across a couple articles on the Chase breach that mentioned telephone abuse, but each omitted an important point - you can't trust caller ID. Spoofing phone numbers that appear on caller ID has been a thing for a decade or so. If someone claiming to be from Chase calls on the phone, the safest thing to do is call them back at a known Chase phone number; one from a bank statement, credit card statement or"

                How One Criminal Hacker Group Stole Credentials for 800,000 Bank Accounts
                Dark Reading, October 8th, 2014
                "A closer peek at a Russian-speaking crime group that has lifted credentials for as many as 800,000 online banking accounts, shows more evidence of the growing sophistication of the cybercrime infrastructure. A new report from Proofpoint describes how one organization employed third-party services, used technology and services to dynamically adjust to business challenges, and even created alternate revenue streams for itself.

                The attackers began by buying lists of stolen administrator logins for WordPress sites from an underground marketplace. They then uploaded malware to those sites..."

                Leading Enterprise Organizations Have Established a Dedicated Network Security Group
                Enterprise Strategy Group, October 6th, 2014
                "When an enterprise organization wanted to buy network security equipment a few years ago, there was a pretty clear division of labor. The security team defined the requirements and the networking team purchased and operated equipment. In other words, the lines were divided. The security team could describe what was needed but didn't dare tell the networking team what to buy or get involved with day-to-day care and feeding related to 'networking' matters.

                This 'us-and-them' mentality appears to be legacy behavior..."

                IT - Careers
                Computer engineering degrees pay off big time
                IT World, October 9th, 2014
                "Computer engineering majors are some of the highest paid workers in the country, according to new data analyzed by the Brookings Institution.

                Students who graduate with engineering degrees across a variety of fields are rewarded with high-paying jobs and have strong earning potential throughout their career, according to the recently released report. The top engineering degrees are chemical, aerospace and energy while computer engineering lands as the fourth-highest earning degree..."

                  Blowing the whistle without blowing your career
                  IT World, October 7th, 2014
                  "Technology professionals are among today's most infamous whistleblowers. The list of those who have made headlines for exposing corporate or government skulduggery includes Shawn Carpenter, a network security analyst who blew the lid off a Chinese cyberespionage ring; Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning, who shared more than 250,000 classified State Department cables with WikiLeaks; and Edward Snowden, who leaked top-secret information about NSA surveillance activities.

                  But for every high-profile case, there are plenty of tales of IT professionals who have accused their employers of wrongdoing without making national headlines or feeling the need to seek asylum in foreign countries..."

                  13 Things Successful People Do In The First 10 Minutes Of The Workday
                  Business Insider, October 10th, 2014
                  "How you handle the first 10 minutes of your workday can largely determine how productive and effective you'll be the rest of the day.

                  "Getting off on the right foot isn't just important with relationships, it's important with the start of any workday, as well - particularly busy ones," says Michael Kerr, an international business speaker and author of 'You Can't Be Serious! Putting Humor to Work.'

                  "The first 10 minutes can also set the tone and your attitude for the day - so it's imperative that you start it off right, with a clean slate.."

                    How Digital Labor Reduces Business and IT Costs
                    CIO Insight, October 6th, 2014
                    "In a previous article, 'How Digital Labor Is Transforming IT,' I discussed robotic process automation (RPA) and how it will ultimately change outsourcing, hence the idiom "Shift Beyond Labor Arbitration" (SHiBLA). This impactful technology, which involves the application of software to perform high-volume business processes and IT functions, promises to change the old labor model by increasing efficiency and significantly reducing costs.

                    Here, I'll discuss the math of the cost savings and benefits that SHiBLA (pronounced Shee-Blah) supports and can't be ignored..."

                    What To Look For In New IT Employees
                    Business Solutions, October 6th, 2014
                    "When you are interviewing potential new IT employees, are you biased toward a certain personality? A new study by IDG 'Introverts vs. Extroverts: Is There an IT Personality?. researched personality types in among IT professionals and sheds light on the perception that they tend to be introverted..."
                      Five urban legends that scare a Linux beginner
                      SearchDataCenter, October 6th, 2014
                      "As more Unix systems are replaced with Linux, Unix administrators have to adjust their skills. While the two may look similar, there are some major differences.

                      Unlike a typical Unix operating system (OS) for servers, Linux is fundamentally open. In some cases, that developer-friendliness makes Linux appear as a disorganized OS, but this is offset by the additional opportunities that open source affords.

                      For the Linux beginner, here are five myths you'll hear about the server OS and why they're simply not true..."

                      The Manager's Guide to Conducting Interviews
                      O'Reilly, October 7th, 2014
                      On the other side of the table - Plan and execute excellent interviews to get the right person for the job

                      As an experienced managerial behavior consultant, Stephen Walker, co-founder of Motivation Matters, is passionate about helping to improve organizational performance in businesses. In this quick and practical book, Stephen takes you through the entire process of an interview, from getting to know the specifications of the role, to discussing the results and reaching a final decision with other stakeholders.

                      IT - Social Media
                      10 Ways Social Media Is Transforming Businesses
                      CIO Insight, October 9th, 2014
                      "Remember when corporations once routinely banned employees from posting comments on Facebook and other social media? That seems like an eternity, as at least four of five companies now either use social media or are planning to do so. Clearly, social media's immediacy, accessibility and flexibility - you can instantly post an industry article, best practices inquiry or company video - establish many benefits with regard to employees and customers.

                      Social media pushes collaboration to the next level, as workers initiate information and best practices-sharing with vendors, customers and, of course, each other. It's a great resource for HR, as nearly all recruiters engage in some form of social media, and roughly three-quarters of organizations have successfully hired a candidate through social media..."

                      IT - Email
                      Will we ever can the spam monster?
                      The Register, October 6th, 2014
                      "Spam may be the best known security threat in the world. Anyone with email or a Facebook account has experienced it, despite providers' best efforts to block it from their inboxes.

                      And although the world's cyber warriors have taken down large chunks of infrastructure hosting massive spam campaigns, it remains a huge problem.

                      As soon as businesses started spamming people's email accounts, it was inevitable that criminals would adopt the model and turn it to their gain. From the early 2000s, crooks figured out how to automate and spread messages designed to dupe people out of their money or their data..."

                      Oracle Brings out the Big Guns, Rolls out the FS1 Flash Storage System
                      DCIG Blog by Jerome M. Wendt
                      Jerome writes, "Dedicating a single flash-based storage array to improving the performance of a single application may be appropriate for siloed or small SAN environments. However this is NOT an architecture that enterprises want to leverage when hosting multiple applications in larger SAN environments, especially if the flash-based arrays has only a few or unproven data management services behind it. The new Oracle FS1 Series Flash Storage System addresses these concerns by providing enterprises both the levels of performance and the mature and robust data management services that they need to move flash-based arrays from the fringes of their SAN environments into their core.

                      Throwing flash memory at existing storage performance problems has been the de facto approach of most hybrid and flash memory storage arrays released to date. While these flash-based arrays deliver performance improvements of 3x to as much as 20x or more over traditional hard disk drive (HDD) based arrays, they are frequently deployed as a single array dedicated to improving the performance of a single application..."

                      IT - Big Data
                      Big data digest: Set your happiness gadget to bliss
                      ComputerWorld, October 10th, 2014
                      "Big data's origins lie not with Google or even IBM, but in a 1970's Chilean government effort to move to socialism, so we learned from the latest New Yorker ("The Money Issue").

                      The country's Marxist-leaning leader of the time, Salvador Allende, was nationalizing the country's key industries, and so naturally he wanted to build a "hyper-modern information system" that could show government officials how productive the country's factories were, and how happy the entire populace was -- all in real time..."

                      All watched over by machines of loving grace
                      GIGAOM, October 11th, 2014
                      "I recently wrote about concerns about the role of big data that arose from Facebook's research effort where the researchers sought to determine if emotional state could be manipulated by what appeared in their Facebook activity streams (see The fear of big data is growing). But directed efforts to shape our emotional state or to control our behavior are not the only ways that application of big data analysis might prove to be questionable.

                      Peter Capelli has posted a piece at the Harvard Business Review that poses some important questions about the application of big data and predictive analysis about future behavior and performance of individuals based on what big data may reveal..."

                      Eight big data myths that need busting
                      SearchCIO, October 8th, 2014
                      "Ask a dozen CIOs to define big data, and you'll likely get a dozen different responses. Gartner analyst Mark Beyer says that is because big data -- for all the hype -- is still not the norm for enterprise IT professionals.

                      "When something becomes familiar, it starts to feel normal," Beyer said during his talk at this year's Gartner Symposium/ITxpo. "Our job, as IT pros, is to make big data normal by 2020."

                      CIOs can help their enterprises inch toward normalcy by distinguishing big data facts from big data fiction. "Myths play to anxiety, not actual situations," he said.

                      Here are Beyer's eight big data myths:..."

                      Big data and cloud computing look for bigger foothold in enterprises
                      SearchDataManagement, October 9th, 2014
                      "Big data in the cloud is something like science-fiction writer William Gibson's famous description of the future: It's here -- it's just not very evenly distributed.

                      High-profile vendors such as Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft, IBM and Rackspace offer cloud-based Hadoop and NoSQL database platforms to support big data applications. A variety of startups have introduced managed services that run on top of the cloud platforms, freeing users from the need to deploy their own systems there. And mixing big data and cloud computing is often the first choice for Internet companies, especially software and data services vendors that are just getting started themselves..."

                      CIOs Seek Storage Solutions for Data Initiatives
                      CIO Insight, October 9th, 2014
                      "An overwhelming majority of CIOs and other IT decision-makers believe that all data has the potential for business value, especially if it can be stored and analyzed. But most organizations aren't doing this, according to a new survey from HGST. Focusing on these efforts would likely improve business performance, reduce costs and increase efficiencies, findings reveal. Data security remains a top concern, but by overcoming such issues through effective, long-term storage solutions, CIOs can help stakeholders accomplish their goals, such as deploying needed apps more quickly, with better scalability..."
                      IT - Mobile
                      Tablets, Notebooks Top Consumer Holiday Shopping Lists
                      eWeek, October 6th, 2014
                      "The 2014 holiday season will see the highest levels of consumer spending on consumer electronics (CE) since the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) began tracking holiday spending in 1994, according to the organization's holiday outlook.

                      Total tech spending during the holidays is expected to increase 2.5 percent (up from 0.9 percent growth in 2013) to reach a record $33.76 billion during the 2014 holiday season..."

                        Gartner Says Three Of Four Mobile Apps Will Fail Basic Security
                        Business Solutions, October 9th, 2014
                        "Gartner, Inc. says, through 2015, more than three-quarters of mobile applications are not expected to pass basic security tests, leaving them exposed to attacks and violations of enterprise security policies. It doesn't help that more than 90 percent of enterprise bring-your-own-device programs use third-party apps, most of which are unsecure. And organizations don't have the expertise when it comes to handling security..."
                        Managing mobility: Mobile device management tools and services
                        SearchSecurity, October 6th, 2014
                        "Before making a new software or service purchase, it is critical that your security team and organization as a whole weighs its options carefully to ensure it is making the best investment. This is especially true when it comes to mobile device management.

                        Below is a list of 12 final considerations to keep in mind when selecting and purchasing enterprise mobile device management tools and/or services..."

                        Conquer BYOD risks with mobile device management
                        SearchSecurity, October 6th, 2014
                        "The onslaught of employee-owned devices in the workplace offers numerous benefits to the modern enterprise yet it also introduces a slew of problems, namely when it comes to security. Preventing data loss, controlling access, mobile malware infections and lost or stolen devices are just a few of the worries that plague corporate IT security departments.

                        To meet these market needs, software vendors and software as a service (SaaS) providers are offering a new generation of mobile device management (MDM) products..."

                        Employees are still lax on BYOD risks, survey reveals
                        Enterprise AppsTech, October 6th, 2014
                        "Two in three employed Americans either don't have remote wipe activated on their smartphones, or are aware of its existence.

                        That was just one of the alarming statistics pulled from a Bitdefender survey of over 1000 US Internet users aged 18 or over during August 2014. The study, conducted by Millward Brown on behalf of Bitdefender, again highlights the need for security education among employees who bring their own devices to work.

                        Perhaps the most worrying aspect, however, is that even if employees get clued up on what's going on, they either forget or simply don't care about the ramifications - and that could spell disaster for your business..."

                        The effect wearable devices will have on BYOD
                        Enterprise AppsTech, October 7th, 2014
                        "IT departments had better be ready for some big changes right around the corner. A constantly evolving workplace would certainly not be unexplored territory for IT, but the approaching changes could turn the office environment on its head.

                        For years, many IT departments have had to struggle with the rise of bring your own device (BYOD) policies adopted by many organizations all over the world. As employees used their own personal devices for work, IT had to handle more complicated challenges to protect valuable business data and ensure all devices worked properly. That complex problem is likely to become much more challenging as employees start bringing wearable devices in to work..."

                        Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                        Vol 200 Issue 1; Vol 199 Issues 1, 2,3 and 4; Vol 198 Issues 2, 3, 4 and 5;
                        We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                        • Oracle Launches the Oracle FS1 Series Flash Storage System
                        • Moving Oracle Solaris to LP64 bit by bit
                        • StorageTek SAM-QFS 5.4
                        • Oracle Introduces the Latest Release of Oracle Java ME Embedded
                        • Oracle Software in Silicon Cloud
                        • Oracle Highlights Continued Java SE Momentum and Innovation at JavaOne 2014
                        • Using JVM Diagnostics (JVMD) to help tune production JVMs
                        • Oracle Reinvents Database Protection with Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance
                        • New And Updated FOSS Components In Oracle Solaris 11.2
                        • Java Magazine: What Will You Build Today?

                        The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                          IT - Server
                          A first look at the Windows Server 10 Technical Preview
                          ComputerWorld, October 6th, 2014
                          "On October 1, Microsoft released the technical preview of Windows 10 and, with much less fanfare, it also unleashed preview releases of Windows Server and System Center. Both server previews are available for download from the TechNet Server and Cloud blog.

                          I wanted to take a look at the Windows Server technical preview and discuss what we can glean from this release. With Microsoft being open to sharing this early build with the public -- rough edges, warts and all -- it would be improper to pass final judgment or even offer an evaluative opinion about what is currently in the software..."

                          Top 10 NetBeans Highlights at JavaOne 2014
                          By Geertjan
                          Geertjan writes that he is, "Back home in Amsterdam again after a wild and crazy week at JavaOne 2014 in San Francisco. Off the top of my head, without too much thinking, here's what I consider to be, in no particular order, the top 10 of the cool things happening over the past week in the context of NetBeans IDE...

                          • EPIK (Encouraging Programming in Kids)
                          • Full Rooms Throughout NetBeans Day
                          • James Gosling
                          • NetBeans Teachers
                          • IDR Solutions
                          • Duke's Choice Award Winners
                          • Oracle Partners
                          • Reuniting With 'Old' Friends
                          • "JavaFX Programming on the NetBeans Platform"
                          • The Many Cool Ideas For Next Year!

                          And the list goes on and on. Anyway. It was awesome! Onwards to more awesomeness..."

                          Seamlessly & Securely Managing 360k+ User Identities While Reducing IT Complexity
                          By Eric Renaud
                          Eric writes, "Following the 2013 decision to choose Oracle's PeopleSoft applications running on Oracle Exadata database machines as its new enterprise resource planning (ERP) and campus-solutions platform in 2013, Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology was also faced with another critical decision prompted by the impending end-of-life scenario of its legacy identity management solution.

                          Spurred with the overarching goal to provide secure and role-based access to all of the school's applications and online services for a growing and increasingly remote student body, Seneca chose Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite as its new platform for managing identity and access rights..."

                          Nexenta News
                          Nexenta Receives 2014 Cloud Computing Storage Excellence Award for Software-Defined Object Storage
                          NexentaEdge Scale Out Block and Object Storage Honored for Innovation
                          Nexenta announced that TMC's Cloud Computing Magazine has named NexentaEdge as a 2014 Cloud Computing Storage Excellence Award winner. NexentaEdge is the industry's first software-only scale out block and object storage solution.

                          The Cloud Storage Excellence Award recognizes companies that have introduced or improved cloud storage solutions. NexentaEdge was announced at VMworld 2014 in San Francisco, where attendees had an opportunity to view the product first hand.

                          NexentaEdge is designed to deliver high performance global inline deduplication on petabyte scale clusters. NexentaEdge is ideally suited for next-generation open source cloud infrastructures and Big Data repositories requiring performance, scale and low total cost of ownership. NexentaEdge helps enterprises store and manage the growing amount of unstructured data including film, medical images, graphic designs and cloud backup/archive. The solution allows users to store any amount of data in a single, highly available repository with industry leading TCO thanks to inline data deduplication functionality.

                          Level3 News
                          tw telecom Expands Network Reach in Minneapolis-St. Paul
                          Expansion provides choice, new capabilities for Minnesota enterprises
                          tw telecom announced it is expanding its existing footprint in Minneapolis with service into St. Paul, as well as the ever growing business communities in the western suburbs, the northern metro areas including Anoka County and south and east through Washington County including the St. Croix Valley.

                          The company currently serves numerous Minneapolis business customers and data centers including Boston Scientific, Protolabs, and Home Furniture. The network expansion also will connect tw telecom services directly to data center customers in the western suburbs.

                            tw telecom Expands Network Footprint in Phoenix
                            Part of a national multi-market effort by the company to expand its metro fiber footprint across the country

                            tw telecom announced it is expanding its existing market capabilities in Phoenix with an expansion that now extends the company's network capabilities from Phoenix east into the fast growing city of Mesa, as well as west into Glendale.

                            The company will leverage this market expansion to further deploy its industry-leading portfolio of data and Internet services to more enterprises, including its innovative Business Ethernet and Intelligent Network capabilities.

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