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Oracle Completes Initial Tender Offer for MICROS Systems, Inc. with approximately 82.8% of Shares Tendered
Announces Subsequent Offering Period to Permit Additional Shares to be Tendered
Oracle issued a statement, "that the initial tender offer, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Rocket Acquisition Corporation, for all outstanding shares of common stock of MICROS Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MCRS) ('MICROS') expired at midnight (New York City time) at the end of September 2, 2014.

The depositary for the tender offer has advised Oracle that, as of the expiration of the initial tender offer period, approximately 62,093,103 shares of MICROS common stock (including approximately 2,096,274 shares subject to guaranteed delivery procedures) were properly tendered and not withdrawn in the tender offer, representing approximately 82.8% of the MICROS shares outstanding. All properly tendered shares have been accepted for payment, which will be made in accordance with the terms of the tender offer..."

Database-as-a-Service Reaches New Heights of Efficiency
Building private database-as-a-service solutions is finally something any enterprise can do
For newcomers to corporate IT, life before virtualization is hard to imagine. Ask any grizzled data center veteran about the old days, though, and that person will tell you all about the time, effort, and money he or she once spent standing up new servers.

Today, of course, provisioning servers can be as easy as launching new virtual machines. Yet for all the advantages virtualization can offer elsewhere in the stack, database professionals young and old alike know all too well that it does nothing to make provisioning, operating, and administering databases any less expensive, hands-on, or time-consuming than it's always been...

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    Oracle Database at Oracle OpenWorld: Keynotes, Sessions, and Product Demos

    Oracle OpenWorld 2014 attendees have the opportunity to hear about the latest developments and future directions of Oracle Database solutions from Oracle executives and database experts. Find out what keynotes you should add to your agenda and how to access session and keynote highlights on demand...

    Two Ways IBM Has Over-promised and Under-delivered with POWER8 to Date
    By Kelvin Gee
    Kelvin writes, "IBM launched its first POWER8 systems in April 2014. So now that the dust has settled and the first systems have started shipping, let's take stock of what IBM actually delivered with POWER8.

    IBM has shown on previous roadmaps that it has a 3-year release cycle for new POWER generations. Following that cadence, IBM clearly missed its POWER8 release by more than a year, given that POWER7 systems started shipping the Spring of 2010 and the first POWER8 systems started shipping June 2014..."

    MySQL as your Embedded Database
    White Paper by Diana Gray, Principal Curriculum Product Manager, Oracle University
    Diana Gray, notes that "Over 3,000 ISVs, OEMs and VARs choose MySQL for this purpose and benefit from significant cost savings when compared to using a competing database product. MySQL enables the cost-effective delivery of reliable, high-performance and scalable web-based and embedded database applications.

    Now you can benefit from targeted training that will cover advanced features, management tools and technical knowledge needed to develop, deploy and manage your MySQL applications..."

    MySQL Workbench 6.2.2 RC has been released
    final release candidate for MySQL Workbench 6.2.

    Balasubramanian writes, "MySQL Workbench 6.2 is the upcoming major update for the official MySQL graphical development tool.

    MySQL Workbench 6.2 focuses on support for innovations released in MySQL 5.6 and MySQL 5.7 DMR (Development Release) as well as MySQL Fabric 1.5, with features such as:

    • A new spatial data viewer, allowing graphical views of result sets containing GEOMETRY data and taking advantage of the new GIS capabilities in MySQL 5.7.
    • Support for new MySQL 5.7.4 SQL syntax and configuration options.
    • Metadata Locks View shows the locks connections are blocked or waiting on.
    • MySQL Fabric cluster connectivity - Browsing, view status, and connect to any MySQL instance in a Fabric Cluster.
    • MS Access migration Wizard - easily move to MySQL Databases.

    Other significant usability improvements were made...

    MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0.14 has been released
    Provides real-time visibility into the performance and availability of all your MySQL databases

    Andy Bang writes, "We are pleased to announce that MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0.14 is now available for download on the My Oracle Support (MOS) web site. It will also be available via the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud in a few weeks. This is a maintenance release that includes a few new features and fixes a number of bugs. You can find more information on the contents of this release in the change log..."

    MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.11.0
    MEB 3.11.0 focuses on enhancing backup/recovery performance

    Priya Jayakumar writes that "MEB 3.11.0 focuses on enhancing backup/recovery performance and adding new features that would help database administrators.

    This release addresses some of the challenges customers face today while taking backups of very large databases(in terrabytes). This release also provides more complete backup with all the necessary logs required to clone a server. We have also added online restore of tables in 3.11.0 to help DBAs fix corrupted tables in the server from existing backups..."

    Cloud Computing
    Cloud storage for MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB) users
    What do you need to start using MEB with Amazon S3 service?
    Sveta Smirnova blogs, "Jothir wrote great blog post, introducing MEB's "Backup to Cloud" feature. And while this blog post is great source of information for Amazon users who consider using MEB it is not so clear how to setup the cloud storage itself for those MEB users who are only considering storing backups in the Cloud. I actually was one of them and decided to share my experience.

    OK, so what do you need to start using MEB with Amazon S3 service?..."

    Gartner Positions Oracle in Leaders Quadrant for Integrated Systems
    Architects, integrates, and implements the entire technology stack of hardware and software
    "Gartner, Inc. has named Oracle a Leader in its latest Magic Quadrant for Integrated Systems. Gartner's Magic Quadrant reports position vendors within a particular quadrant based on both their completeness of vision and their ability to execute.

    The authors of Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Integrated Systems define integrated systems as 'combinations of server, storage, and network infrastructure, sold with management software that facilitates the provisioning and management of the combined unit.'..."

    vBeers @ Broward - Funky Buddha - Wed Sept. 10th
    6pm - 9pm
    Join us for vBeers @ Broward. We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month in Broward. The meetings will be at Funky Buddha which is 5 minutes east of I95.

    This event will be a non-sponsored event so bring your wallet, your sense of humor and get ready for some great IT and virtualization conversations with some of the best people in South Florida's IT community (including YOU!).

    • Funky Buddha Brewery
    • 1201 NE 38th St
    • Oakland Park, FL 33334

    Please Register.

    Join us for one of the three South Florida vBeers events. The South Florida vBeers events happen three times a month, once per county:

    Oracle Claims ZFS ZS3 Storage boots 16,000 VMs in under 7 mins., outperforms NetApp's FAS6000
    Rose Meadows, SiliconANGLE, September 5th, 2014
    Rose writes, "For years, customers have reported that Oracle resisted embracing VMware, preferring to offer clients Oracle Virtual Machine (OVM) instead. Realizing that a large portion of its customers run VMware, Oracle has seemingly broadened its strategy to be more inclusive and is targeting VMware installations.

    At this year's VMworld, Oracle Corporation claimed its ZFS Storage ZS3 Series was the only storage in-memory centric architecture on the floor. According to Oracle, its system stumps NetApp, Inc.'s FAS6000, which boots 1,000 virtual machines (VMs) in under 20 minutes..."

    Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
    Vol 198 Issues 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5; Vol 197 Issues 2, 3 and 4
    We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

    • European Commission Clears Oracle's Acquisition of MICROS
    • Multi-node Solaris 11.2 OpenStack on SPARC Servers
    • How to Get the Best Performance from Oracle VM Server for SPARC
    • Video: Oracle and Intel Collaboration
    • Building and Deploying Nagios on Oracle Solaris 11
    • Brendan Gregg's Quick Reference Page for Linux Performance
    • Migratory Solaris Kernel Zones
    • Five Reasons Why CEOs Should Love the Cloud
    • Updated Oracle VM Storage Connect Plug in for NetApp is Here
    • Learn All About MySQL Cluster

    The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

      LibreOffice 4.3.1
      The Document Foundation, August 28th, 2014
      The Document Foundation announced LibreOffice 4.3.1, the first minor release of LibreOffice 4.3 'fresh' family, with over 100 fixes (including patches for two CVEs, backported to LibreOffice 4.2.6-secfix, which is also available for download now).

      All LibreOffice users are invited to update their installation as soon as possible to avoid security issues. This includes users who are running LibreOffice 4.2.6 as originally released on August, 5th 2014.

      Mobile Tornado Accelerates Product Deployment with Solaris Zones
      Leverages Zones V2V capability
      Orgad Kimchi writes, "Mobile Tornado is a long-standing partner and hardware OEM of Oracle which provides Instant Communication services for mobile devices, with a focus on enterprise workforce management.

      In our ever-changing business environment where products are outdated quickly and on-premise integration cost is sky-rocketing, Time-to-Market (TTM) is becoming the key factor for a successful technology adoption by end-customers. Mobile Tornado asked Oracle ISV Engineering to help them with the design and implementation of a new rapid provisioning environment in-house in order to improve their TTM by reducing the time it takes to deploy their solution at the customer's premises..."

      Oracle VM Manager 3.3
      Improvements on Virtual Machine Console Access

      Honglin writes, "Oracle VM 3.3 introduces the new virtual machine console access which uses JavaScript and HTML5 features. There is no longer any requirement to install or run software locally on the client computer. This change reduces complexity and provides a more reliable console tool..."

      Oracle VM 3.3 and Oracle Virtual Networking
      OVN kernel drivers are included with the Oracle VM Server

      Honglin Su writes, "In this week's Spotlight, we are talking about Oracle VM 3.3 with Oracle Virtual Networking. The topic is contributed by Daniel Ritzman, Principal Best Practices Consultant from Oracle VM product management and Satinder Nijjar, Principal Product Manager from Oracle Virtual Networking product management.

      Oracle Virtual Networking (OVN) virtualizes the data center infrastructure and enables connections from any virtual machine (VM) or server to other VMs, servers, network resources, and storage devices. With Oracle VM 3.3, the OVN kernel drivers are included with the Oracle VM Server. It's now much easier to take advantage of OVN Software Defined Network (SDN) capability in your Oracle VM environment..."

      FlexGanttFX 1.0.0 for JavaFX 8
      A commercial JavaFX 8 UI framework for creatingplanning and scheduling applications
      A first production-ready release of FlexGanttFX is available for download. Iis a commercial JavaFX 8 user interface framework for creating professional frontends for planning and scheduling applications. Typical use cases are the visualisation of project plans or the allocation of resources (trucks, airplanes).
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