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OTech Magazine
Summer 2014
The fourth issue of OTech Magazine, the independent magazine for Oracle professionals

  • Sten Vesterli - The Spiritual Programmer
  • Scott Wesley - APEX 5.0 New Features
  • Patrick Barel - Dear Patrick
  • Emma Groomes & Crystal Walton - KScope 2014
  • Anar Godjaev - How to protect your sensitive data using Oracle Data Vault
  • Debra Lilley - Women in ITnitiative
  • Lonneke Dikmans - What's new in Oracle Case Management 12c?
  • Mahir M Quluzade - Oracle Database 12c: Cross platform transport non-CDB to PDB using RMAN Backup Sets
  • Lucas Jellema - The Next Generation: Oracle SOA Suite 12c
  • Ric Van Dyke - Adaptive Query Optimization: Will the real plan please stand up!
  • Simon Haslam & Ronald van Luttikhuizen - Provisioning Using Chef and Puppet, Part II
  • Kim Berg Hansen - External Data From Within
  • Bertrand Drouvot - Graphing ASM Metrics
  • Osama Mustafa Hussein - Upgrade OBIEE and Enable Mobile Designer

You can download the Summer 2014 issue of OTech Magazine here.

Video: Oracle and Intel Collaboration
By Cinzia Mascanzoni
Cinzia writes, "We just published a webcast discussing the technical collaboration between Oracle and Intel. The panel highlights the recent collaborations on elastic computing, Oracle Database In-Memory, and the newly announced products Exadata Database Machine X4-8 and Sun Server X4-8. In addition, panelists reflect on the specific technical advances that have resulted from over twenty years of partnership...


Oracle Virtualization Newsletter
August 2014 issue now available
Chris writes, "The August 2014 edition of the Oracle Virtualization Newsletter is now available! You can catch up on what's been going on with Oracle VM, Oracle Secure Global Desktop, and Oracle VM VirtualBox by reading the latest issue. Here are some highlights:

  • Oracle Announces Oracle VM 3.3 Release
  • Technology Preview of OpenStack Icehouse with Oracle Linux and Oracle VM Now Available
  • Getting Started with Oracle VM, Oracle Linux, and OpenStack
  • Oracle VM Test Drive Workshop on Cisco UCS
  • Updated Oracle VM Storage Connect Plug-in for Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Now Available
  • Controlled Remote Access with Oracle Secure Global Desktop and amitego VISULOX
  • And much more!

You can read the latest edition online right now or sign up to get it automatically delivered to your inbox..."

IT - Storage
Data Erasure Technology: Ensuring Security, Savings and Compliance
Data Center Knowledge, August 26th, 2014
"In data centers, swapping failed drives from a host system with new ones is a standard process for optimal operation of storage arrays and servers. Failed drives are typically stored, physically destroyed or sent back to OEMs with data intact, but these approaches present problems.

Stored or shipped drives are vulnerable to data breaches if a drive is lost or stolen. Physical destruction may not provide tamper-proof reports for regulatory compliance and can accumulate costs from not exercising OEM drive warranties..."

The Rise of White-Box Storage
Network Computing, August 27th, 2014
"When EMC announced its ViPR storage gateway last year, its list of supported hardware included "white-box storage." In many ways, this is a tacit recognition of the changes the industry faces in storage hardware platforms. The implication of white box is low-cost, generic gear.

To understand the white-box storage trend better, let's examine traditional storage arrays. They all use similar components..."

Nexenta explains the economics behind Software-Defined Storage
Storage Switzerland, August 29th, 2014
"Nexenta is a software-only, software-defined storage (SDS) solution that enables users to create storage systems with the x86-based hardware of their choice and disk or flash-based arrays, with support recently added for all-flash arrays. Based on the ZFS file system, NexentaStor runs on VMware, Windows, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) or Citrix, in a scale-up architecture supporting the NFS, CIFS, iSCSI and Fibre Channel protocols.

During our meeting at VMWorld 2014, Nexenta made the distinction that most other products calling themselves 'software-defined' are really 'software-based' According to the company, true software-defined storage solutions don't include hardware but they must actually store data..."

Java Technology
Java EE 8 Takes Off!
officially launched as JSR 366
A big day for Java EE - Java EE 8 is now officially launched as JSR 366 via the JCP process. As you might have expected the primary focus areas are HTTP 2/HTML 5 support, CDI/managed bean alignment, cloud support and Java SE alignment.

Here is some of the very high level content: ...

IT - Technology
5 Engineering Lessons from Star Trek
TechOnline India, August 27th, 2014
"Since its premiere in 1966, the television program Star Trek has inspired multiple generations of young people to pursue careers in science and engineering. The iconic science fiction series followed the crew members of the star ship Enterprise as they travel the galaxy on a five-year mission to "explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, and boldly go where no man has gone before." Star Trek provided its viewers with a vision of the future that was both optimistic and exciting, and suggested that scientific thinking and technological know-how are keys to realizing such a bright future. Why learn math and science? Well, how else are you going to fly a star ship and explore the universe?..."
    Drones a Challenge to Law, Possible Boon to Alabama Law Enforcement
    Government Technology, August 25th, 2014
    "On Friday, Aug. 22, Gov. Robert Bentley announced the appointment of an Alabama Drone Task Force to develop a plan for use of drones by state agencies. The task force's first meeting was announced on a state open-meetings website a week earlier.

    'Based on the research we've done, I'd say there's very little regulation at the state or federal level,' said Shirrell Roberts, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency's deputy director for homeland security..."

    FINDER Senses Heartbeats Amid Rubble
    Emergency Management, August 20th, 2014
    "In the next large-scale disaster, a new people-finding device could save lives.

    Now under development by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, Calif., the Finding Individuals for Disaster and Emergency Response (FINDER) device is ready for commercial deployment, said JPL Engineer Jim Lux..."

      Future Aircraft Could Have 'Smart Skin' that Feels Injuries
      DefenseSystems, August 22nd, 2014
      "Future aircraft may be able to sense their own 'health' with surfaces that act in a way similar to human skin, according to researchers at BAE Systems. The company is investigating a 'smart skin' concept that would involve the use of thousands of micro-sensors that would be embedded into aircraft, according to a company release. Those sensors, or motes, would then detect wind speed, temperatures and physical strain..."
      IT - Bitcoin
      5 US States Poised to Promote Bitcoin-Friendly Regulation
      CoindDesk, August 25th, 2014
      "Given the recent critiques of New York and its proposed framework for bitcoin businesses, many of the law's opponents are no doubt hoping the state and its regulators will alter the bill during its now extended comment period.

      After all, New York's BitLicense proposal, once approved, could prove influential at shaping wider US bitcoin regulation, a fact recently underscored by New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) superintendent Ben Lawsky in an interview with CoinDesk..."

      GoCoin Partnership Brings Bitcoin Payment Option to More than 1,000 Businesses
      CryptoCoinsNews, August 26th, 2014
      "International altcoin and Bitcoin payment processor GoCoin has formed a new partnership with Apriva, a major point-of-sale payment processing solutions company, to bring altcoin and Bitcoin payment options to Apriva's more than 1,000 channel partners...

      Merchant acceptance is vital for the long-term growth of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. GoCoin is one of several prominent companies who hope to facilitate mass Bitcoin acceptance among merchants. The company, whose clients include online retailers such as eGifter and BitcoinShop, processes Bitcoin payments for a 1% fee..."

      Dominica to Be the First Bitcoin Nation
      Bitcoin Magazine, August 28th, 2014
      "Dominica is set to be the first nation to adopt Bitcoin following a successful collaboration between island officials, Coinapult, Aspen Assurance, Bitcoin Beauties and the College Cryptocurrency Network, who have partnered to deliver the project, officially titled The Bit Drop.

      The Bit Drop project will to send Bitcoin to every resident on Dominica, a Caribbean commonwealth island, via SMS texting. With a population of over 70,000, this project will create the world's largest and highest density Bitcoin community..."

      Bullion Dealer Drops Credit Card Payments After Bitcoin Success
      CoindDesk, August 25th, 2014
      "People who knew about bitcoin prior to 2013 tend to fall into two categories: those who had the foresight to buy the currency when it was plentiful and cheap, and those wishing they could go back in time and do the same.

      Like many others, entrepreneur Joseph Castillo initially passed the industry over for other interests..."

      The Short-Term View on Bitcoin Remittances
      CoindDesk, August 31st, 2014
      "Remittance is often cited as the one of the primary ways that bitcoin would change the global financial landscape, by virtue of the cryptocurrency's microscopic transfer fees and region-agnostic transmission.

      Advocates and enthusiasts often point to exorbitant remittance fees as a sign of an established industry that is ripe for disruption.

      A recent Business Insider study projects global savings of 90% (US$42bn) if we were to adopt bitcoin-based remittance on a worldwide scale. But what does it take for this paradise of free-flowing bytes and money to actually become a reality?.."

      70,000 Caribbean Island Residents to Receive Bitcoin in 2015
      CoindDesk, August 28th, 2014
      "All 70,000 residents living on the Caribbean nation of Dominica will be eligible to receive bitcoin as part of 'The Bit Drop' project, an upcoming collaboration between bitcoin businesses, interest groups and local government officials.

      Scheduled to take place on 14th March, 2015, The Bit Drop will feature an island-wide party boasting 'celebrities, musicians and supporters of bitcoin' as well as education booths and free giveaways. The event will also coincide with Pi Day, an annual celebration of the mathematical constant &#960; (pi)..."

      Migratory Solaris Kernel Zones
      By Jeff Victor

      Jeff writes, "Oracle Solaris 11.2 introduced Oracle Solaris Kernel Zones. Kernel Zones (KZs) offer a midpoint between traditional operating system virtualization and virtual machines. They exhibit the low overhead and low management effort of Solaris Zones, and add the best parts of the independence of virtual machines.

      A Kernel Zone is a type of Solaris Zone that runs its own Solaris kernel. This gives each Kernel Zone complete independence of software packages, as well as other benefits.

      One of the more interesting new abilities that Kernel Zones bring to Solaris Zones is the ability to "pause" a running KZ and, "resume" it on a different computer - or the same computer, if you prefer.

      Of what value is the ability to 'pause' a zone? ..."

      Multi-node Solaris 11.2 OpenStack on SPARC Servers
      By Girish Moodalbail
      Girish writes, "In this blog post we are going to look at how to partition a single Oracle SPARC server and configure multi-node OpenStack on the server running OVM Server for SPARC (or LDoms).

      If we are going to partition the server into multiple Root domains and, optionally, IO domains (not with SR-IOV VFs), then configuring Solaris OpenStack Havana on these domains is very similar to setting up OpenStack on multiple individual physical machines..."

      Building and Deploying Nagios on Oracle Solaris 11
      by Joseph Balenzano and Edward Zhang
      Joseph Balenzano and Edward Zhang write, "Nagios is a popular open source system, network, and infrastructure monitoring application. Nagios offers monitoring and alerting services for servers, switches, applications, and services.

      This article will take you through the steps of building Nagios 4.0.2 from source code on an Oracle Solaris 11 system, creating an Oracle Solaris Service Management Facility manifest for the Nagios service, and creating an Oracle Solaris 11 Image Packaging System package that can be installed using a single Oracle Solaris 11 command on any system running Oracle Solaris 11..."

      Learn All About MySQL Cluster
      Just released - the all new MySQL Cluster training course
      MySQL Cluster Ed 2

      This MySQL Cluster training teaches you how to install and configure a real-time database cluster at the core of your application. Expert instructors will teach you how to design and maintain your clusters for high availability and scalability by using MySQL Cluster's open-source and enterprise components.

      This 4-day training course is a must for those who want to learn about MySQL Cluster as you will not only learn about the concepts and features but you will get extensive hands-on experience. You can follow this training course from your own desk via a live-virtual training or by traveling to an education center to follow this course...

      Cloud Computing
      Five Reasons Why CEOs Should Love the Cloud
      By Mark V. Hurd, President at Oracle
      Mark writes, "Business leaders today face a daunting challenge: finding ways to invest in powerful new customer-facing technologies and engagement models while also, on balance, stripping unproductive costs out of their businesses.

      I believe the increasingly capable and proven approach of cloud computing can play a huge role in helping CEOs strike that delicate balance because the cloud has fully evolved from a tech-industry phenomenon to a mainstream and strategic business opportunity. The proof is in rapid customer adoption for everything from HR to Marketing to Sales to Financials and other essential applications.

      What has changed from a few years ago, when the cloud wouldn't have been even considered for mission-critical parts of the business? I'd point to three major factors:.."

      New Oracle Program Eases Common Pains of Cloud Migration
      By Alison Weiss
      Alison writes, "Cloud computing has forever changed the economics of enterprise IT - but for many, the savings of cost and time are not being fully realized. According to Rod Johnson, group vice president, Oracle Applications and Industries Solutions Group, the rush to move to the cloud left many line-of-business managers spending IT budget on new cloud features, while the IT team still had to run and maintain (and pay for) traditional on-premises applications while also trying to integrate these systems.

      Facts bear this out: according to the Oracle-sponsored study Cloud for Business Managers: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, 75 percent of business managers report they have not been able to fully realize the benefits of cloud applications - and the main hindrance is a lack of integration with existing systems..."

      Ahoy! Cast off with Docker on Oracle Linux
      By Avi Miller

      Avi Miller writes, "There's no need to upgrade to Oracle Linux 7 to start playing with Docker: we've built it for Oracle Linux 6 and the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 3 and released it into the addons channel on This release of Docker uses the native libcontainers engine by default as well as supporting btrfs as the storage engine.

      If you've already got Oracle Linux 7 installed, don't worry we have you covered: we've released Docker for Oracle Linux 7 as well...."

      Brendan Gregg's Quick Reference Page for Linux Performance
      By Rick Ramsey
      Rick writes, "You may know about Brendan Gregg because of his contributions to DTrace and other Oracle Solaris technologies. Here are two resources to refresh your memory.

      Recently, Brendan turned his high-performance spectacles on Linux:

      Linux Performance Quick Reference

      In his own words, "This page links to various Linux performance material I've created, including the tools maps on the right, which show: Linux observability tools, Linux benchmarking tools, Linux tuning tools, and Linux observability sar. For more diagrams, see my slide decks below."

      Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 3 Quarterly Update 3 is now available
      By Michele Casey

      Michele writes, "We are pleased to announce the availability of Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 3 Quarterly Update 3 (UEKR3U3) for Oracle Linux 6 and Oracle Linux 7. This is the third quarterly update release for UEK Release 3 (Version 3.8.13-44) and includes driver updates and a consolidation of fixes for bugs and security issues.

      Some notable highlights include:

      • Added support for Intel Avoton and Haswell-EX processors.
      • Added support for XFS extended attributes
      • Enhancements to the Huge Translation Lookaside Buffer (HugeTLB) for improved page-fault scalability
      • Improvements for supporting Oracle Linux guests running on Microsoft Azure and Hyper-V Device driver updates (e.g. storage devices, network cards) from key partners, such as: Intel, LSI, Qlogic

      For more details, please review the release notes..."

      IT - Cloud
      Dark Skies Hang over Midtier Cloud Providers
      InfoWorld, August 22nd, 2014
      "We now have three major cloud leaders: Amazon Web Services, Google, and Microsoft. As the cloud market continues to mature, I predict that the runners-up will have an increasingly hard time keeping pace. Even if they are more innovative and creative, some aspects of being a cloud leader come down to the money you can spend -- and market leaders have more to spend.

      Let's take IaaS. I'm starting to categorize it by tiers. The first tier includes multi-billion-dollar companies like AWS, Google, and Microsoft, which command most of the market. (AWS has a huge lead, even within this tier.)..."

      3 Ways Hybrid Cloud is Going Mainstream
      Network Computing, August 22nd, 2014
      "We're seeing a change in the way the modern organization computes. Driven by end-user and market demands, companies have found the need to extend beyond their own data centers. Even though new external cloud resources offer ways for organizations to extend themselves and become more agile, there is almost always a connection to some kind of private data center.

      The overarching, dominant cloud model is quickly becoming the hybrid cloud. Think about it: Any company extending its private data center capabilities into the cloud (backup, replication, email, productivity, desktops, and applications) is using some element of a hybrid cloud architecture..."

      Data Ownership & Encryption in the Cloud
      Bank Systems and Technology, August 28th, 2014
      "New advancements in encryption technology can help businesses keep their data secure and private even when it is stored with a cloud provider.

      A US federal court recently ruled that Microsoft had to give up a client's data stored in one of its databases in Ireland. The decision adds a new element to putting data in the cloud: Cloud providers could be forced to give up their clients' data, even if the data is stored in another country, and they have no obligation to notify the client. If that's the case, then clients putting their data in the cloud are essentially giving up control of their data and trusting the cloud provider to advocate for the protection and privacy of that data, says Elad Yoran, the CEO of Vaultive, a provider of data encryption solutions for cloud adopters..."

      NASA Launches Massive Cloud Migration
      ComputerWorld, August 28th, 2014
      "NASA migrated 65 software applications, including its flagship website, to the cloud in 22 weeks, and the space agency is still in the midst of a massive deployment to the cloud.

      That initial migration was completed at what analysts called a breakneck pace, and now the fun has just begun, said the head of NASA's Web services..."

        Shadow Cloud Services Pose a Growing Risk to Enterprises
        InfoWorld, August 25th, 2014
        "A growing tendency by business units and workgroups to sign up for cloud services without any involvement from their IT organization creates serious risks for enterprises.

        The risks from shadow cloud services include issues with data security, transaction integrity, business continuity and regulatory compliance, technology consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) warned last week..."

        IT - CxO
        8 Ways to Talk Security with Executive Management
        Help Net Security, August 25th, 2014
        "The importance of information security and technology risk management continues to grow, but many risk and security professionals continue to struggle with non-IT executive communication.

        Gartner vice president and distinguished analyst Paul Proctor said one of the greatest challenges security teams face is not how to reduce risks but how to convey the benefits of risk management to leadership..."

        Chief Data Officer May Go the Way of Chief Electricity Officer
        ComputerWorld, August 25th, 2014
        "The U.S. Department of Commerce plans to hire a chief data officer, whose job it will be to make more of the department's data publicly available.

        Whoever takes the job will be part of an exclusive club.

        The number of people worldwide who hold the title of chief data officer (CDO) is relatively small, and there will likely be no more than 250 of them by the end of the year, according to David Mathison, the founder and CEO of a professional association known as the Chief Digital Officer Club..."

        CIOs: Expand Your Skills with M&A
        CIO, August 26th, 2014
        "Having CIOs involved the M&A process helps them gain business skills and helps the business identify a deal's risks and rewards, says CIO magazine Editor in Chief Maryfran Johnson...

        Few business situations are more fraught with equal measures of peril and promise than mergers and acquisitions. Billions of dollars change hands. Thousands of jobs are affected. Yet the majority of M&As never live up to the deal-makers' giddy expectations..."

        CIOs in Training: 3 Factors for Success
        Information Week, August 27th, 2014
        "T workers: If someone asked you, "Do you want to be CIO?" your answer, most likely, would be "yes." But, apart from desiring the greater salary and influence, are you willing to fulfill the job requirement of being the type of CIO that the CEO will value? And are you willing to switch gears from being a technologist, become a hybrid business-technologist, and do what it takes to be an effective CIO in the digital age? At my quickly approaching Interop New York session, I'll start exploring those questions. Here's a preview..."
        4 Outsourcing Mistakes Companies still Make
        Information Week, August 25th, 2014
        "There's still no script for the Great American IT outsourcing project. But today's most common outsourcing pitfalls have less to do with technology and everything to do with relationships and communication. Or lack thereof.

        "Both companies have to rise to the occasion to make it work," says Romi Mahajan, president of marketing consulting firm, the KKM Group, which outsources some of its IT operations..."

        IT Needs a Dose of Its Own Medicine
        Information Week, August 25th, 2014
        "At a recent CIO Summit hosted by Extreme Networks at Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots, IT executives from all four major Boston teams joined the CIO of the NFL, Michelle McKenna-Doyle, and tech leaders from major universities. The topic? Using big data in innovative ways in their organizations..."
        Should Companies Practice Data Retention or Data Destruction?
        Network World, August 21st, 2014
        "Many businesses spend a lot of time thinking about how to retain and store data, but there's another idea: Think about how to destroy your data.

        Why? According to one attorney who advocates the practice of methodical and vigorous data destruction, it's a way to avoid risk. That's because when you no longer store the data you don't really have to retain, complying with legal requests for e-mail or documents is not just easier, it means that whatever the topic of the legal inquiry of electronic discovery, the old documents are simply not there to produce, hence less legal exposure..."

          Up Close and Personal with the Chief Data Officer
          SearchCIO, August 27th, 2014
          "Chief data officers are having a moment, judging from the spate of stories about them cropping up in mainstream and industry publications. Why all the buzz? According to Gartner Inc., there are only about 100 CDOs around the world, a tiny cohort compared to other C-suite positions, including CIOs. The role, however, is growing rapidly, doubling in size from 2012 to 2013, with highly regulated industries such as banking, government and insurance leading the charge..."
          Why Should Anyone Trust You to Lead?
          Information Management, August 27th, 2014
          "The real currency of a leader is trust conferred due to credibility earned. A number of people in leadership roles neglect to understand the hard work and personal commitment required to earn credibility in the eyes of their team members. Trust is earned, and the personal credibility of a leader is the gold standard required for us to give our trust to someone in a leadership role. Adapted from Art Petty's 'Leadership Caffeine' blog and distilled from professionals' comments in Petty's workshops and courses, here are 5 Big Credibility Killers and 5 Big Credibility Builders for leaders..."
            IT - DR
            Four Requirements for adding DR-as-a-Service to VMware
            Storage Switzerland, August 26th, 2014
            "For years, organizations have struggled with maintaining functional disaster recovery capabilities for their most critical business systems. The capital investment for redundant hardware, software and data center infrastructure, along with the personnel time required to ensure that business applications are adequately protected and recoverable, can be monumental. These same concerns and challenges have persisted even though VMware has enabled data centers to dramatically simplify infrastructure management through server virtualization. As a result, DR-as-a-Service offerings are becoming an increasingly popular way to implement data protection and application recovery functionality..."
            Shared Services Agreements Aim to Keep IT Operations Afloat in the Next Big Storm
            Government Technology, August 22nd, 2014
            "Nags Head, N.C., barely skims the ocean surface, a town of about 3,000 people built on sand just 10 feet above sea level. Over the decades, hurricanes have cut a rough path here, taking down homes, roads and piers.

            As city planners look toward the inevitable next big blow, they're thinking about infrastructure. What happens when emergency phone lines no longer function or when the data center goes down? To meet that challenge, Nags Head is teaming up with other municipalities to create inter-city backup arrangements..."

            IT - Networks
            Real-World SDN, Lesson 2: Conquer The Enemy Within
            Network Computing, August 25th, 2014
            "Organizations often face internal struggles when getting started with software-defined networking (SDN). Even if an enterprise has decided to use SDN, it does not mean they have agreed on how to implement it, and this can create conflict. Microsoft has experienced many of these issues firsthand operating its own SDN for Azure, Office365, and its other cloud services, which I introduced in the first part of this series..."
            How Can The Internet Have Too Many Routes And Not Enough Addresses?
            Network World, August 20th, 2014
            "The depletion of Internet addresses would seem to spell relief for aged routers that are struggling to deal with the Internet's growth, but the complicated interplay between those trends might cause even more problems.

            Last Wednesday, some older routers and switches stumbled when the Internet's table of routes surpassed 512,000 entries, the maximum they could hold in a special form of memory called TCAM (Ternary Content Addressable Memory). The event drew widespread attention, though it was actually the third time in this young century that the Internet had broken through such a threshold. The number of routes exceeded 128,000 around 2003 and 256,000 in 2008, each time causing problems for some outmoded gear..."

              Toss Routers with Hardcoded Passwords, Expert Says
              CSO Online, August 27th, 2014
              "Sometimes it is best to toss security-challenged technology, and that's the recommendation experts are giving to small businesses using a flawed router from a China-based manufacturer.

              Trend Micro reported this week that routers sold under the brand name of Netcore in China and Netis outside of the country contained a "backdoor" that could be easily accessed by a hacker to monitor Internet traffic..."

              Why Large Data Centers need Overlay Networks
              Network Computing, August 21st, 2014
              "If your data center requires massive scale, then overlay networking makes the most sense, according to this chapter excerpt.

              For large enterprises, the focus on the network of late has been in the data center. New networking technologies are evolving to address the huge demands of cloud computing, mobility, and big data initiatives. If your organization is using the TRILL or FabricPath protocols, you'll want to read further..."

              IT - Operations
              Data Centers are the New Polluters
              ComputerWorld, August 26th, 2014
              "U.S. data centers are using more electricity than they need. It takes 34 power plants, each capable of generating 500 megawatts of electricity, to power all the data centers in operation today. By 2020, the nation will need another 17 similarly sized power plants to meet projected data center energy demands as economic activity becomes increasingly digital..."
                The IT-Savvy 10%
                Insurance Networking News, August 27th, 2014
                "Are today's corporate IT infrastructures ready to handle all the demands that are about to be placed upon them? If the results of a new survey by the IBM Institute for Business Value are any indication, the answer is an emphatic 'no.'

                The survey of 750 business and IT executives finds that fewer than 10 percent indicate that their IT infrastructure is fully prepared to meet the demands of new capabilities. Included here are the integration of cloud technology, mobile devices, social media and business analytics..."

                The Ten Most Common Cooling Mistakes Data Center Operators Make
                Data Center Knowledge, August 20th, 2014
                "While data center operators are generally a lot better at cooling management than they were ten years ago, many facilities still face issues that prevent them from either using their full capacity or wasting energy.

                Lars Strong, senior engineer at Upsite Technologies, a data center cooling specialist, says the ultimate goal in airflow management is to have better control of cooling temperature set points for IT air intake, while minimizing the volume of air you're delivering to the data hall.

                We asked Strong and Wally Phelps, director of engineering at AdaptivCool, another company that specializes in thermal management in data centers, to list some of the most common issues they see in data centers they visit. Here is what they said:..."

                IT - Security
                Lessons Learned from UPS Store Breach
                CSO Online, August 21st, 2014
                "The security breach discovered at a few dozen franchises of the UPS Store, a subsidiary of United Parcel Service, provides a number of lessons for other retailers.

                The UPS Store reported Wednesday that malicious software was found within the in-store cash register systems of 51 franchises in 24 states, or about 1 percent of the 4,470 U.S. stores.

                The compromise exposed customer names, postal and email addresses and payment card information. How many people were affected was not disclosed..."

                Hacker or Military? Best of Both In Cyber Security
                Dark Reading, August 21st, 2014
                "Three things happened to me before BlackHat 2014 to bring the entire NSA / Edward Snowden drama back to the forefront. The media reminded us of the one-year anniversary of the original Snowden leaks. At the same time, I saw newly retired General Keith Alexander deliver a keynote at the Gartner Security and Privacy Summit where he provided an in-depth post-NSA speech, benefiting from several months of civilian life under his belt..."
                Why Our Lack of Understanding on China May Be the Biggest Risk
                CSO Online, August 25th, 2014
                "If you don't understand the capabilities and motivations of your adversaries you can't expect to be very successful in managing your relationship with them, negotiating, or defending against their advancements.

                This is especially true today when it comes to nation-state cyber threats, according to Lt. Col. (ret) William Hagestad II. Hagestad spoke as the opening keynote this week past weekend at the security conference BSides MSP, held just outside of Minneapolis..."

                10 Common Software Security Design Flaws
                Dark Reading, August 27th, 2014
                "Google, Twitter, and others identify the most common software design mistakes -- compiled from their own organizations -- that lead to security woes and how to avoid them.

                It's not all about the security bugs: Mistakes in how a software application's security is designed can lead to major breaches like that suffered by the mega-retailer Target..."

                Three Security Practices that IoT Will Disrupt
                CSO Online, August 27th, 2014
                "I made it back from DEFCON with both my phone and tablet intact, but I'm happy I didn't bring a light bulb. You see, if had brought a light bulb, and that light bulb was a smart LED bulb running Linux, it might be running someone else's software by now.

                Right now, there are hundreds of companies churning out 'Internet of Things' (IoT) devices as fast as they can. The people slapping these devices together are often doing things on a shoestring budget, with an incomplete understanding of the full potential of their components, and rarely any eye toward security..."

                Why Physical Security (and Infosec!) Still Matter
                CSO Online, August 26th, 2014
                "In the current era of mega-(should I say giga-?) breaches with tens to hundreds of millions of lost customer records and the hacking-of-everything, it is safe to assume that the logical security of devices becomes almost more important than the physical protection around those assets. While it is true that the logical (in-)security of devices renders 'remote attacks' (attacks that are carried out against the system from another location than where the device is located, i.e. via a communication channel with a protocol such as TCP/IP, Ethernet, Bluetooth, or CDMA, GSM, etc.) possible, there is still an important defense layer that surrounds your device: the physical security..."
                IT - Careers
                2014's Hottest IT Certification
                CIO, August 13th, 2014
                "In the world of technology, the certifications and skills that organizations need to keep pace is constantly shifting. To help you find the most valuable certifications to advance your tech career, spoke with David Foote, Chief Analyst and Research Officer with Foote Partners, to find out what certifications are on fire in today's IT market..."
                Annoying Cubicle Behavior
                Network World, August 27th, 2014
                "In the recent news, there has become a divide among airline passengers over the tilting back of airline seats. Some airlines have banned an invention that prevents seats from being leaned back into you. It got me thinking what kind of annoyances do people have right at work in their cubicles. Read on to find out if you are the culprit of such indiscretions toward your neighbor..."
                  ITWorld Cartoons 2014: The Year in Geek Humor
                  IT World, August 29th, 2014
                  "Is it is just me or is this whole 'as a service' trend getting a little out of hand? Thanks to the cloud, we've had things like Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) for a while now. All of which is great, but new 'as a service' services seem to be cropping up like weeds. Earlier this week I was reading about Backend as a Service (BaaS), which was new to me, at least. Turns out there are also other cloud services like Network as a Service (NaaS), Monitoring as a Service and Communications as a Service (CaaS). Where will it end?..."
                  The Top 10 Hottest IT Skills Today
                  InfoWorld, August 28th, 2014
                  "It's time for a fall tune-up, not for your car, but for your career. If you're thinking about a new job or even advancing within your current workplace, now is the time to see if you have the skills that employers are seeking -- and paying the most for.

                  Scores of IT certifications now command a substantial premium in terms of pay, but you can't do much better than an Open Master Architect or a Certified Secure Software Life Cycle Professional, according to the latest survey by Foote Partners. But plenty of noncertified skills are commanding a hefty pay premium as well, with TOGAF (Enterprise Architect) the most valuable of 374 skills surveyed by Foote between April and July..."

                    Is the Open Floor Plan Trend a Data Security Headache?
                    CSO Online, August 21st, 2014
                    "Today, more and more businesses are foregoing the traditional design setup of cubicles and closed-off offices for an open floor plan. Companies like Facebook and Google market their open-office floor plans to potential employees, touting that the design allows workers to work closely together and fosters a culture of collaboration.

                    It's a trend that isn't going away anytime soon: according to the International Management Facility Association, 70 percent of American employees now work in open-office environments and Facebook is working on a Frank Gehry-designed expansion which will give the social network's Menlo Park headquarters the distinction of having the world's largest open-office floor plan when completed in Spring 2015..."

                    IT - Social Media
                    10 New Social Media Scams to Watch Out For
                    CSO Online, August 25th, 2014
                    "Given that it's one of the hottest apps out there at the moment, it should come as no surprise that there are multiple scams that have been popping up on Tinder. One such scam involves a bot messaging a user, going through a script and, eventually, inviting them to an adult webcam show. The bot then sends a link and asks the user to click through..."
                      Avoiding Social Media.s Legal Pitfalls
                      Risk Management Monitor, August 26th, 2014
                      "Social media is now a standard communications tool for businesses, with many companies regularly using Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to engage with the public. More and more businesses are hiring social media specialists whose sole responsibility is to be the company's 'voice' on these platforms. But this activity comes with risk for both the organization and the individual. The potential for any posting to be retweeted, shared or even go viral underscores the need to be aware of the rising legal risks associated with your business's social media accounts..."
                      IT - Virtualization
                      Virtual Security Remains Anathema to Many Organizations
                      Network World, August 22nd, 2014
                      "Next week, the IT industry will gather in San Francisco to discuss all things cloud and virtualization at VMworld. The discussion will center on 'software-defined data centers' which will quickly morph to 'software-defined security' in my world (Writer's note: In my humble opinion, this is a meaningless marketing term and I don't understand why an industry that should be focused on digital safety acts like its selling snake oil). So we are likely to hear about the latest virtual security widgets, VMware NSX, and OpenStack integration, virtual security orchestration, etc..."
                      IT - Email
                      3 Steps to Survive the IoT Wild, Wild West
                      Information Week, August 22nd, 2014
                      "Before you charge into the Internet of Things, focus on these policy and infrastructure considerations.

                      Despite its gold rush vibe, the Internet of Things is still in its formative stage -- a lawless frontier where IT must think strategically to protect future company interests. Here are three things you can do now to stake a claim as the IoT unfolds:.."

                      11 Internet of Things Ideas Worth Watching
                      Network World, August 26th, 2014
                      "Cisco has launched the Internet of Things (IoT) Innovation Grand Challenge 'to spearhead an industry-wide initiative to accelerate the adoption of breakthrough technologies and products that will contribute to the growth and evolution of the Internet of Things.' Awards of $250,000 will be shared among the three winners, and can be used to jump-start the ventures. Here's a sampling of the recently revealed 19 semi-finalists. Three grand winners will be announced on Oct. 14..."
                      Texas, Six Other States May Lose Ability to Tax Internet Access
                      Government Technology, August 25th, 2014
                      "For nearly 20 years, Texas has collected taxes on Internet access as a steady part of its state and local budgets, bringing in $358 million last year.

                      If the U.S. House gets its way, that would stop.

                      Last month, lawmakers voted to block Texas and six other states from collecting taxes on Internet connections. Most Texans in the House support the bill, calling it good for consumers and for innovation..."

                        ZFS Storage for Virtualization and Cloud
                        By Meghan Fritz
                        Meghan writes, "I had the good fortune over the weekend to read through a VMware Press book called Essential Virtual SAN: Administrator's Guide to VMware Virtual SAN by Cormac Hogan and Duncan Epping. Very good book.

                        First, I'd like to observe that VSAN is a very interesting idea, but based on the content of this book, it's still in it's early days. In fact, I'd even go as far as to say that things like VSAN just might be the barbarian at the gate for certain storage use cases, as they aim to get virtual machine storage to be highly integrated with the virtual machine infrastructure..."

                        Updated Oracle VM Storage Connect Plug in for NetApp is Here
                        By Chris Kawalek
                        Chris Kawalek writes, "The new NetApp plug-in version 2.0.2 is updated to support Oracle VM 3.3. Storage Connect plug-ins allow customers to be able to provision NetApp storage through the Oracle VM Manager. One more way to simply management of your virtual infrastructure..."
                        IT - Database
                        A Basic Encryption Strategy for Storing Sensitive Data
                        InfoWorld, August 20th, 2014
                        "A rule to live by with sensitive data is that at some point, your server will be compromised. With that in mind, it's a good idea to protect your data, and more importantly your customer's data, from a server breach.

                        Storing user passwords or credit card information in a database in plain text is a big problem. It sounds like common sense that you'd encrypt that information but all too often it's left wide open or weakly encrypted..."

                          IT - Mobile
                          21 Weird and Wacky Wearables You'll Actually Want
                          CIO, August 25th, 2014
                          "When most people hear the term "wearable tech," they think fitness trackers, smartwatches and smartglasses. The world of wearables encompasses so much more than these three categories. But let's face it: Some of the latest wearables are just plain weird. Just because they're weird, though, doesn't mean they're not also valuable. And quirky. And fun. And unique. The following collection of weird wearables fit all of these descriptions. Chances are you'll want at least a few of them..."
                            The Top 14 Hidden Features in Windows, iOS, And Android
                            PCWorld, August 21st, 2014
                            "You may think you're a high-tech power user who knows all the nooks and crannies of Windows, iOS, and Android, but let's be realistic: There could be at least a few undocumented (or poorly documented) commands, control panels, and apps that have slipped by you - maybe more than a few.

                            We've dived deep into each OS to uncover the best hidden tips and tricks that can make you more productive - or make common tasks easier. Got a favorite undocumented tip to share with readers? Add them in the comments section at the end of the article.

                            IT - Big Data
                            How to Survive the Data Explosion
                            InfoWorld, August 22nd, 2014
                            "IDC estimates that enterprise data doubles every 18 months. That's an astounding statistic, but somewhat difficult to wrap your head around. A simple analogy may help.

                            Let's say you're an avid movie buff, and when the American Film Institute's top 100 DVD collection came out in November 1998, you were one of the first to buy it. A collection of 100 DVDs is large enough to be impressive, but small enough to browse easily and find something you want to watch. Weighing in at around 28 pounds and taking up about four feet of space on your bookcase, even the most cramped NYC loft is likely to have space for it. Best of all, "Apocalypse Now" is only a quick 30-second visual search away from your DVD player..."

                            Analytics for All, No Data Scientists Needed
                            Information Week, August 31th, 2014
                            "Data, data everywhere, and nary a data scientist in sight. Or at least, not one you can afford. It's a classic Catch-22. To thrive, businesses need to pull financial, sales, predictive, social, and other data into a complete view of the customer. But big data practitioners with fancy degrees who can bring sophisticated analytics chops to bear on that effort start in the six figures, if you can even find one..."
                            Eight Tips For Resilient Big Data Apps
                            IT World Canada, August 25th, 2014
                            "One of the problems with big data applications is they have to handle big data - we're talking huge data sets.

                            As Supreet Oberoi, vice-president of Concurrent Inc. , a maker of the Cascading application development framework, points out in a column for GigaOM, if they aren't tough enough they may fail in production.

                            The solution is to build resilient, well-tested applications before they go out the door. 'This is a matter of philosophy and architecture as much as technology,' he says, in putting forward eight tips for building big data apps that can hold up to demanding environments:.."

                            Managing Privacy In the Age of Big Data
                            SearchBusinessAnalytics, August 17th, 2014
                            The concept of data privacy in the age of big data may seem somewhat antithetical to most commercial data-gathering operations, but organizations that don't respect their users' privacy may soon have big problems on their hands.

                            "People don't like this Big Brother thing," said Ingo Mierswa, CEO at RapidMiner, a data mining software vendor. "People freak out fast if you use data too easily."

                            When Big Data & Infants' Privacy Collide
                            Information Week, August 25th, 2014
                            "Technology allows researchers to discover newborns' genetic secrets, but the long-term repercussions worry some parents and privacy advocates.

                            For decades, hospitals have conducted blood tests on newborns, checking babies for various conditions, treatable and not. Today's less costly tests, genomic research, and technological advances, coupled with differing policies across states, worry some privacy and ethics advocates..."

                              Big Data: There's Signal in that Noise
                              InfoWorld, August 28th, 2014
                              "Fearmongers warn that capturing data means capturing noise and well-tended gardens are the only way to manage data. Well, guess what? Sometimes noise is the point.

                              Read any article by any not-very-technical journalist parroting those who sell fear -- or any comment on one of my posts from a scared cube dweller who was hoping to ride PL/SQL to retirement -- and you'll hear dire warnings that capturing all this data before you can interpret it will spell doom and disaster. Caution! Much of the data is noise! Noise is bad and you risk terrible error!.."

                              IT - BYOD
                              BYOD: California Ruling a Wakeup Call
                              Information Week, August 22nd, 2014
                              "California, the land of sun and surf, has just dealt what some are calling a death knell to BYOD plans by way of a legal ruling set down Aug. 12 by the Court of Appeals.

                              The ruling in the case of Cochran v. Schwan's Home Service has a lot of folks wondering if BYOD is dead in California, or at least severely crippled. The ruling holds that "when employees must use their personal cell phones for work-related calls... the employer [is] to reimburse them."

                              BYOD Policy: Don't Reinvent the Wheel
                              Wall Street and Technology, August 27th, 2014
                              "Financial firms still feel overwhelmed by BYOD risks and challenges. But these can be addressed by a good policy, and the guidelines are already out there. 'I am unusual in the security community because I'm pro BYOD,' says Michele Chubirka, network security engineer and blogger on information security trends for Packet Pushers. 'Mostly because I think it's inevitable. You're arguing with reality. The concept of pervasive or ubiquitous computing is here. The revolution is over, we won'...
                              BYOD takes Another Hit
                              Business 2 Community, August 24th, 2014
                              "BYOD (aka Bring Your Own Device) was a dream come true for cost conscious IT departments. Instead of having to spend lots of money to outfit workers with company-issued smartphones and cellular plans, all an IT department had to do was 'let' workers use their own smartphones and cellular plans for business use. Ka-Ching! Talk about a Win Win. You get the phone you want and I don't have to spend any of my IT budget. It's like Christmas every day!

                              Yep, it sure was sweet while it lasted. But IT departments have been realizing that BYOD isn't quite the free ride that they thought it would be..."

                              Eight Steps for Comprehensive BYOD Governance
                              SearchCIO, August 27th, 2014
                              "BYOD governance is not a destination, but a journey. It begins with this eight step roadmap for safe and effective BYOD policies.

                              With the proliferation of mobile bring your own devices and applications; CIOs have entered into a new era of governance challenges, at the very least. Many organizations have jumped in and enthusiastically embraced these new technologies and, as many pioneers do, have the benefits and the scars to show for their efforts..."

                              Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
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                              We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                              • Why your Netapp is so slow...
                              • Building an OpenStack Cloud for Solaris Engineering, Part 1
                              • Why developers should get excited about Java 9
                              • Oracle Solaris 11.2's Virtual components
                              • Virtual Box to VMware workstation
                              • Running OpenStack Icehouse with ZFS Storage Appliance
                              • Oracle Managed Cloud Services Wins Another Prestigious Industry Award
                              • Why Mobile Apps?
                              • Securing a Cloud-Based Data Center
                              • Oracle Solaris Preflight Applications Checker 11.2 now available

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                                IT - Encryption
                                Loss of Unencrypted Back-Up Disk Costs UK Prisons Ministry £180K
                                The Channel, August 26th, 2014
                                "The UK's Ministry of Justice has been fined £180,000 following the latest in a series of failures involving how prisons handle private information.

                                The penalty (PDF) follows the loss of a back-up hard drive at HMP Erlestoke prison in Wiltshire back in May 2013. The *unencrypted* hard drive contained sensitive and confidential information about 2,935 prisoners including health information, history of drug misuse and material about victims and visitors..."

                                Nexenta News
                                UC President Janet Napolitano speaks on the benefits of pure research
                                at the Nexenta OpenSDx Summit
                                Thomas Lee writes in SGGate, "Out of the hundreds of technology executives and venture capitalists that filled the St. Regis Hotel Thursday, Janet Napolitano must have felt like the lone wolf.

                                Not because, as Napolitano humorously noted, she was perhaps the only speaker at the Nexenta OpenSDx Summit who did not bring a book to peddle. Nor because she was one of the few whose salary did not depend on a stock price.

                                Instead, the president of the University of California system was bearing a message that might seem contrary to the startup factory ethos that dominates Silicon Valley; that not all innovation leads to profit. In fact, there's plenty of research that might not lead to anything at all..."

                                OpenSDx: Hillary Clinton Encourages IT Execs to Help Share the Wealth
                                Clinton addressed about 500 tech execs, tech investors, journalists and other invited guests at storage provider Nexenta's OpenSDx summit.
                                Chris Preimesberger writes in eWeek, "Hillary Rodham Clinton, odds-on favorite at this early date to become the Democratic Party candidate for president in 2016, admittedly does not know much about the inner workings of new-gen IT, but she knows a great deal about how such innovation is impacting key social issues on a world and national level.

                                Thanks to her previous lives as U.S. Secretary of State, New York senator and wife to a former president, Clinton has an abiding global view of the machinations of world and national politics and economics, the U.S.'s culture of innovation, and how the fruits of the IT industry ideally should be helping the middle and lower classes enjoy improved lifestyles.

                                Clinton on Aug. 28 addressed an audience of about 500 tech execs, tech investors, journalists and other invited guests at OpenSDx, a one-day event hosted by new-gen storage provider Nexenta and staged across the street from VMworld at the St. Regis Hotel. She used the opportunity to applaud the tech sector's vast ability to innovate and problem-solve but also encouraged its leaders to remember to help poor and emerging communities as the IT business counts its blessings...

                                Nexenta explains the economics behind Software-Defined Storage
                                Eric Slcak, Storage Switzerland
                                Eric Slack writes in Storage Switzerland. "Nexenta is a software-only, software-defined storage (SDS) solution that enables users to create storage systems with the x86-based hardware of their choice and disk or flash-based arrays, with support recently added for all-flash arrays. Based on the ZFS file system, NexentaStor runs on VMware, Windows, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) or Citrix, in a scale-up architecture supporting the NFS, CIFS, iSCSI and Fibre Channel protocols.

                                During our meeting at VMWorld 2014, Nexenta made the distinction that most other products calling themselves “software-defined” are really “software-based”. According to the company, true software-defined storage solutions don’t include hardware but they must actually store data. In their view, SDS should change the business model of how storage is sold, not just enhance or optimize an existing storage infrastructure. In fact, they claim that most software-based storage systems really only benefit the storage vendor, not the user, and gave the following example...."

                                Level3 News
                                tw telecom Charity Invitational Raises More Than $420,000 for SungateKids
                                Event supports SungateKids' mission to aid child abuse victims and their families
                                tw telecom, a leading provider of Business Ethernet and networking solutions, announced that more than 60 local and national companies helped raise over $420,000 for SungateKids during its annual tw telecom SungateKids charity invitational golf event held this week in Castle Pines, Colo.

                                Denver-based SungateKids is a 501c3 nonprofit children's advocacy agency serving Colorado's 18th Judicial District in the Denver area which includes Arapahoe, Douglas, Elbert and Lincoln Counties.

                                tw telecom Delivers Business Ethernet Solutions to Springs Hosting Data Center in Colorado Springs
                                customers of Springs Hosting will benefit from a complete, managed network solution
                                tw telecom announced it will provide its industry-leading Business Ethernet network capabilities to Springs Hosting's SSAE 16 Type II Data Center located at 1205 Shasta Dr. in Colorado Springs. tw telecom will offer these data center customers a local option for disaster recovery and access to a wide range of IPVPN products.
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