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Why Mobile Apps?
By Martin Jarvis, Senior Director, Fusion Middleware Market Development
One significant difference that you'll find in mobile architectures is the preference for REST and JSON over SOAP and XML for mobile web services.We don't have time today to go into an in-depth comparison of SOAP and REST but lets take a brief look at why REST/JSON is considered best practice in Mobile...

This diagram shows a simplified but typical mobile architecture. We have a number of backend applications and data sources connected through a service bus. In typical SOA environments these will use standards based SOAP and XML as the data exchange mechanism. This has proven to be a robust and reliable solution behind the corporate firewall and on the high speed corporate LAN..."

Cloud Computing
Running OpenStack Icehouse with ZFS Storage Appliance
By Ronen Kofman
Ronen writes, "Couple of months ago Oracle announced the support for OpenStack Cinder plugin with ZFS Storage Appliance (aka ZFSSA). With our recent release of the Icehouse tech preview I thought it is a good opportunity to demonstrate the ZFSSA plugin working with Icehouse.

One thing that helps a lot to get started with ZFSSA is that it has a VirtualBox simulator. This simulator allows users to try out the appliance's features before getting to a real box. Users can test the functionality and design an environment even before they have a real appliance which makes the deployment process much more efficient. With OpenStack this is especially nice because having a simulator on the other end allows us to test the complete set of the Cinder plugin and check the entire integration on a single server or even a laptop. Let's see how this works..."

Oracle Managed Cloud Services Wins Another Prestigious Industry Award
By Dori DiMassimo
Dori writes that "Over the last 90 days, Oracle Managed Cloud Services has been the proud recipient of TWO prestigious industry awards for service excellence and customer value leadership.

The most recent award is last month's 2014 Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award - North America Managed Cloud Customer Value Leadership Award, which rated Oracle Managed Cloud Services as the clear leader versus other providers; Managed Cloud received an "exceptional" rating in 9 of 10 evaluation categories. The research report is an excellent look at our industry and what is valued by cloud customers looking for a managed solution..."

Building an OpenStack Cloud for Solaris Engineering, Part 1
By Dave Miner
Dave writes, "One of the signature features of the recently-released Solaris 11.2 is the OpenStack cloud computing platform. Over on the Solaris OpenStack blog the development team is publishing lots of details about our version of OpenStack Havana as well as some tips on specific features, and I highly recommend reading those to get a feel for how we've leveraged Solaris's features to build a top-notch cloud platform.

In this and some subsequent posts I'm going to look at it from a different perspective, which is that of the enterprise administrator deploying an OpenStack cloud. But this won't be just a theoretical perspective: I've spent the past several months putting together a deployment of OpenStack for use by the Solaris engineering organization, and now that it's in production we'll share how we built it and what we've learned so far..."

The CIO as Chief Innovation Officer: How Cloud is Changing the CIO Role
12-Page While Paper and Webcast Replay
The simple fact is this: the emergence of cloud has fundamentally changed the role of the CIO; making job descriptions obsolete, altering organizational structures and changing the benchmarks of success.

In this webcast Tom Fisher discussed how CIOs can effectively make the transition from "keepers of the technology" to "chief innovators" and how a managed cloud solution can help them regain control of this new, multi-sourced environment and all the business insight it brings.

Watch the webcast and read Tom's white paper The CIO as Chief Innovation Officer: How Cloud is Changing the CIO Role.

Oracle Linux Newsletter
August issue Available
Chris Kawalek reports that "The August 2014 edition of the Oracle Linux Newsletter is now available! Chock full of fantastic information, it's your one-stop-shop for catching up on all things Oracle Linux. In this edition:

  • Oracle Linux 7 Now Available
  • Oracle Linux and Oracle Virtualization at Oracle OpenWorld 2014
  • Technology Preview of OpenStack Icehouse with Oracle Linux and Oracle VM Now Available
  • Using Ksplice as a Diagnostic Tool with Oracle Support
  • Hands-on Lab: How to Migrate from VMware and Red Hat to Oracle Linux and Oracle VM
  • Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation Boosts Performance - Is Set to Cut Technology Ownership Costs by US$500,000 in Five Years

And much more!

You can read the latest edition online.

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Why your Netapp is so slow...
By Darius Zanganeh
Darius writes, "Have you ever wondered why your Netapp FAS box is slow and doesn't perform well at large block workloads? In this blog entry I will give you a little bit of information that will probably help you understand why it's so slow, why you shouldn't use it for applications that read and write in large blocks like 64k, 128k, 256k ++ etc.. Of course since I work for Oracle at this time, I will show you why the ZS3 storage boxes are excellent choices for these types of workloads..."
Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Vol 198 Issues 1, 2 and 3; Vol 197 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 196 Issue 4
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

  • Oracle Cranks Up The Cores To 32 With SPARC M7 Chip
  • VXLAN in Solaris 11.2
  • SPARC M7 Chip - 32 cores
  • Oracle is a Leader in the Gartner 2014 Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools
  • How to configure and install kernel zone on Solaris 11.2
  • Document Foundation Says LibreOffice Is On Its Way To Mobile Devices, Android Included
  • Mirroring IPS repositories
  • The CIO's Guide to Oracle Products and Solutions
  • Improving the Performance of Transparent Huge Pages in Linux
  • Support for Kernel Zones with the Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.2 Data Service for Oracle Solaris Zones

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    Apache OpenOffice 4.1.1
    Micro update with many useful and critical bugfixes including 2 security relevant fixes
    The Apache OpenOffice project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of OpenOffice 4.1.1. You can download it from the website.

    Apache OpenOffice 4.1.1 is a micro update with many useful and critical bugfixes including 2 security relevant fixes (details will come separately).

    Bugfixes include:

    • better compatibility with Microsoft Office files,
    • better support for Mac OS X gestures and scrolling,
    • enhanced compatibility with Linux desktop environments.

    A full list of the issues fixed in this release can be found at

    Oracle Solaris Preflight Applications Checker 11.2 now available
    Tools helps identify potential issues for applications
    The Oracle Solaris Preflight Applications Checker tool is a collection of scripts which identify potential issues for applications which may not be ready to be fully executed on Oracle Solaris 11.

    ISV Engineering announced the release of the latest version of Solaris Preflight Checker tool supporting Solaris 11.2. which is now available for download.

    The Solaris Preflight Checker enables a developer to determine the Oracle Solaris 11.2 readiness of an application by analyzing a working application on Oracle Solaris 10. A successful check with this tool will be a strong indicator that an application will run unmodified on the latest Oracle Solaris 11.

    Enterprise Manager Indepth Newsletter
    August issue Available

    This Edition's Content August 2014:

    • News, Featured Event, Videos, Customer Buzz, Demos, Blogosphere, Webcasts, White Papers, Featured Reading, E-Books, Additional Resources, Find an Oracle Partner, Featured Training, Oracle Magazine, Oracle User Groups, Oracle University at Oracle OpenWorld, and Events

    The August issue of the Enterprise Manager Indepth Newsletter is available here.

    Oracle Solaris 11.2's Virtual components
    By Lingeswaran Rangasamy
    Lingeswaran writes, "What are the virtual components available in Oracle Solaris 11.2? Since Oracle Solaris 11.2 supports openstack (for cloud deployment), what are the core components have been virtualized?

    In this article, we will see the virtual components and how it will be useful in real life. For an example, if you want to provision 10 local zones with exclusive IP, you need 11 network interface cards on the system. (1 NIC for global zone). But normally, you won't get that many NIC on the physical server and also the cost matters. In this case, if you virtualize the network, you will get N-number of virtual NICS and you can create N-number of zones with exclusive IP setup..."

    Virtual Box to VMware workstation
    Migrating a VM
    Lingeswaran writes, "This articles demonstrates that how we can migrate the virtual machine from Virtualbox to VMware workstation. Virtualbox can able to export the VM in OVA file format (Open Virtualization Archive) which can be easily imported in VMware workstation.

    I have forced to install Oracle Solaris 11.2 on Virtual box and now I just want migrate the Solaris 11.2 VM to VMware workstation since Virtualbox is not supporting the Solaris kernel zones. There may be a chance that VM guest may not recognize the new virtual hardware after the migration and you need to perform the reconfiguration reboot for the VM..."

    Java Technology
    Why developers should get excited about Java 9
    The next generation of the enterprise development platform will feature major improvements
    Paul Krill writes, "With work moving forward on the next edition of standard Java, developers can start looking forward to what they will get with the planned upgrade.

    Several JEPs (JDK Enhancement Proposals) for Java Development Kit 9 were updated this week, offering the latest perspectives on what to expect with JDK 9, which has been targeted for release in early 2016 and is based on the Java Standard Edition 9 platform. Headlining the release at this juncture is a modular source code system..."

    Release: Oracle Java Development Kit 8, Update 20
    By Tori Wieldt
    Tori reports that the, "Java Development Kit 8, Update 20 (JDK 8u20) is now available. This latest release of the Java Platform continues to improve upon the significant advances made in the JDK 8 release with new features, security and performance optimizations. These include: new enterprise-focused administration features available in Oracle Java SE Advanced; products offering greater control of Java version compatibility; security updates; and a very useful new feature, the MSI compatible installer..."
    The JCP Celebrates 15 Years in 2014
    By Heather VanCura

    Heather writes," The JCP Program is celebrating fifteen years of collaborative work from companies, academics, individual developers and not-for-profits from all over the world who have come together to develop Java technology through the JCP. In June, we held a party at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California in conjunction with the Silicon Valley Java User Group (SVJUG). You can check out the Nighthacking videos and pictures from the party:

    Video Interview with James Gosling

    Video Interview with Van Riper & Kevin Nilson

    Video Interview with Rob Gingell

    If you missed the party, we have kits for Java User Groups (JUG) to order to celebrate with your Java User Group (JUG) in 2014..."

    Securing a Cloud-Based Data Center
    How to protect and secure your cloud infrastructure using Oracle Solaris technologies such as Oracle Solaris Zones, ZFS, and network virtualization
    by Orgad Kimchi, Ron Larson, and Richard Friedman

    Table of Contents

    • Security in the Cloud
    • Oracle Solaris 11 Security Features
    • How Oracle Solaris Remote Lab Achieves Its Security Goals with Oracle Solaris 11
    • Conclusion
    • See Also
    • About the Authors

    No doubt, with all the media reports about stolen databases and private information, a major concern when committing to a public or private cloud must be preventing unauthorized access of data and applications. In this article, we discuss the security features of Oracle Solaris 11 that provide a bullet-proof cloud environment. As an example, we show how the Oracle Solaris Remote Lab implementation utilizes these features to provide a high level of security for its users.

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