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Oracle Buys TOA Technologies
Adds Leading Field Service SaaS to Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle ERP Cloud Solutions
Oracle announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire TOA Technologies (TOA), a leading provider of cloud-based field service solutions that manage and optimize the last mile of customer service for enterprises by coordinating activities between dispatchers, mobile employees and their customers.

TOA's Field Service SaaS enables modern enterprises to continuously monitor real-time field service requests coming in from contact centers, to schedule the right field service representative to dispatch, and to use sophisticated business analytics to monitor and view current inventories, accurately predict service windows, and optimize field service operations. TOA's customers have more efficient field service operations, lower costs of delivering field service, and deliver a superior customer experience.

Oracle Customers Plug into the Cloud with Oracle Database 12c
Latest version of world's #1 database is available now

"In today's fast-paced, technology-driven business environment, organizations face an ever-growing volume of enterprise data to manage and analyze. To effectively deliver enhanced customer experiences, analytical insights, and efficient operations, companies around the world are adopting Oracle Database 12c, including key options such as Oracle Multitenant and Oracle Database In-Memory.

Oracle Multitenant is helping customers to more easily consolidate and manage multiple databases as one, resulting in improved efficiency and simplified management with maximum availability.

Additionally, the newly available Oracle Database In-Memory option transparently extends the power of Oracle Database 12c to enable organizations to discover business insights in real-time while simultaneously increasing transactional performance..."

IDC's Business Analytics Market Share Update Shows Oracle In The Lead

Louis Columbus writes in Forbes, "The worldwide business analytics software market generated $37.7B in sales during 2013, and is forecast to grow a 9.4% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) through 2018 reaching $59.2B.

These and other key insights can be found in a recent IDC forecast and market share analysis, IDC's Worldwide Business Analytics Software 2014-2018 Forecast and 2013 Vendor Shares by Dan Vesset, Brian McDonough, David Schubmehl, Alys Woodward , Mary Wardley and Carl W. Olofson published in July. Please see IDC's Business Analytics Taxonomy at the end of this post to see how the research firm is defining business analytics.

Oracle led 2013 worldwide business analytics software sales with 17.9%, or $6.7B in sales, growing 4.2% between 2012 and 2013. SAP sold $5.6B in business analytics software, attaining a 14.9% market share, and IBM sold $4.6B, resulting in 12.3% worldwide market share..."

What's the role of an Oracle VM refresh server?
By Gregory King, Principal Technical Consultant with Oracle VM Product Management
Gregory writes, "In order to understand how to effectively manage NFS file systems within the Oracle VM Manager, we must first understand the underlying assumption that each NFS server being accessed by Oracle VM servers are for the exclusive use of Oracle VM. It is assumed that no non-Oracle file systems are being shared/exported from a storage array that is part of an Oracle VM environment.

Prior to Oracle VM 3.2, it was assumed that NFS servers in the data center would export all NFS file systems with full read-write access to all Oracle VM servers across multiple server pools. In other words, all NFS file systems would be uniformly exported to all Oracle VM servers even if some file systems were for the exclusive use by Oracle VM servers in different server pools..."

IT - Storage
Adding Deduplication and Compression without Impacting Performance
Storage Switzerland, July 28th, 2014
"IT professionals expect a lot from their storage systems; they want volume management, thin provisioning, snapshot, clones, automated tiering, replication etc. Increasingly today, they want deduplication and compression as well, so they can squeeze every ounce of capacity out of their storage investment. While all of these capabilities can make the life of the storage administrator easier and reduce the cost of storage system ownership, they can also negatively impact performance..."
3 Signs You're Overspending on Data Storage
Network Computing, July 24th, 2014
"If you worry increasingly about escalating data storage costs, you're not alone. As data grows exponentially, organizations are eager to find more cost-effective and efficient ways to store this avalanche of information.

It's enough to keep storage managers awake at night. They must locate places to store mountains of data, ensure users can gain access to it, and make sure it's secure, even in the case of unusual events..."

    Will the All-Flash Array Market Go Away?
    Storage Switzerland, July 29th, 2014
    "Recently HDS's Hu Yoshida wrote in his blog that he thinks the all-flash array market will go away. I very often find myself agreeing with Hu, he's a sharp guy and I respect his point of view. As an example, later in that same blog he predicts that file sync and share will become a component of object storage; I agree with that. But as for the disappearance of the all-flash array market I have to disagree. Not only will the all-flash array market not go away but I believe that over the next 5-6 years it will become the only way that production data is stored..."
    How CIOs Are Sizing Up their Storage-as-a-Service Options
    IT World Canada, July 23rd, 2014
    "Not all of the biggest issues around big data storage revolve around technology.

    Questions about sovereignty, compliance and security practices loomed large at CanadianCIO's executive roundtable on storage-as-a-service. As one participant put it at the Toronto event, effective storage is really about strategy, not just capacity.

    'Storage is out of control, not only from a space perspective but also from a governance and management perspective. We're probably keeping things way longer than we need to. And we don't even know what (data) we have.'

    Another guest explained how security, sovereignty and regulatory questions all combine to weigh heavily on his current data storage program..."

    IT - Technology
    7 AMAZING Experiments Set for Mars Rover 2020 - Including Oxygen Generation
    The Register, July 31st, 2014
    "NASA's next Mars rover will convert the Red Planet's atmosphere into oxygen - and collect rocks for return to Earth, see half a kilometre under the surface, and use stereo cameras to send back unprecedented snaps of the bleak world.

    At a press conference on Thursday, the NASA team gave the first details of seven instruments onboard the new rover, which is set to land by 2020.

    The droid will be an improved version of Curiosity, and the instrument packages will be tasked with finding evidence of past life on the planet and setting up systems that could allow humans to land and survive..."

      NASA Breakthrough Improves 3D Printing in Space
      Network World, July 29th, 2014
      "One of the limitations of 3D printing has been its inability to use different types of materials while printing one product. This has been an obstacle for 3D printing in space travel, which sometimes requires parts composed of several different materials.

      Researchers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), alongside others from Caltech and Penn State University, recently put a new solution for this problem into practice, thus bringing 3D printing closer to space travel, one of the industries that stand to benefit the most from it.

      The process allows a 3D printer to switch between different types of alloys, which could differ in density or melting temperature, while building one part..."

      Smarter Cars: 9 Tech Trends
      Information Week, July 30th, 2014
      "Can your car wake you up if you get sleepy behind the wheel? Or recommend a good Mexican restaurant? These nine technologies will soon change the way we think about cars...

      The convergence of two technological trends -- the Internet of Things and the quest for the self-driving car -- is changing the way cars are being made. New sensor technologies are driving a revolution in the way we interact with our beloved cars, how safe they are, and even how fuel efficient they can be. Pretty soon, it will be hard to tell who is smarter -- the car or the driver..."

        What to Know After the Latest Patent Ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court
        ComputerWorld, July 28th, 2014
        'In June, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously affirmed its earlier ruling on patent claims involving computers and software. In light of that decision, companies and inventors that have business methods patents, software patents or financial methods-based patents should review their portfolios to ensure that their patents are enforceable and not subject to invalidity attacks.

        In essence, the Supreme Court ruled that the software patents at issue were ineligible subject matter, not because they were implemented on a computer, but because they were not novel..."

          IT - Bitcoin
          Bitcoin to Earth: Don't Look Now, but your Paradigm is Shifting
          Bitcoin Magazine, July 22th, 2014
          "Historians may look back on these current days with fascination. We may be living through the beginning of one of the biggest paradigm shifts in modern human history. The way the world actually thinks about money and stored value might be changing in a tidal wave of recognition. This article will define what a paradigm is and what a paradigm shift looks like. Perhaps we may understand how to prepare and perhaps benefit from the embryonic beginnings of what may one day be seen as a titanic shift..."
            Apple and Bitcoin Make Peace with Blockchain
            CryptoCoinsNews, July 28th, 2014
            "Remember how Apple pulled all the cryptocurrency apps back in January? With the news that Apple would once again be allowing digital currency wallets, Blockchain has been working on re-releasing their wallet app, and it's finally here.

            Those with jailbroken Iphones were able to bypass Apple's restrictive App Store and download the Blockchain app through Cydia, the App Store-equivalent for jailbroken phones. Those without jailbroken phones were left with a choice to either be left without any bitcoin wallet or jailbreak their phone. However jailbreaking your phone comes with the risk of blocking your phone, and the hassle of having to jailbreak after every Apple update, but now Blockchain is back on the App Store..."

            The Truth About Bitcoin - Dispelling Common Myths About The Digital Currency
            Bitcoin Magazine, July 28th, 2014
            "Bitcoin has become frequently talked about in the financial media. Despite this the general public is still relatively under informed when it comes to this digital currency.

            In a January 2014 poll it was found that only 25% of US adults were familiar with Bitcoin. This means that there is still significant room to educate the general public about the advantages of using a peer-to-peer digital currency. To address some of those knowledge gaps here are some of the most common myths about Bitcoin as well some of its key benefits..."

            Can Bitcoin Deliver on its Promise to the World's Unbanked?
            CoinDesk, August 2th, 2014
            "While many relatively affluent westerners have adopted bitcoin as a political statement, a cost-saving measure or a technical curiosity, a very small portion of its users have done so as a result of the demands of their own political or socioeconomic circumstances.

            However, for those that potentially stand to gain the most from the digital currency - impoverished and unbanked people living in developing regions of the world - bitcoin remains largely inaccessible..."

            Wikipedia Begins Taking Donations in Bitcoin
            New York Times, July 30th, 2014
            "Bitcoin has found another taker.

            On Wednesday, the Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit organization that operates Wikipedia, announced that it would allow people to make donations using Bitcoin, becoming the latest adopter of the virtual currency as a payment option..."

            IT - FOSS
            LibreOffice 4.3: Today, You Can't Own A Better Office Suite
            The Document Foundation, July 30th, 2014
            The Document Foundation announced LibreOffice 4.3, the 8th major release of the free office suite since the birth of the project in September 2010. The application includes the combined effort of thousands of volunteers and hundreds of developers, and has reached a point of maturity that makes it suitable for every kind of deployment, if backed by value added services by the growing LibreOffice ecosystem.

            LibreOffice 4.3 offers a large number of improvements and new features, including:..."

            Open Source attracts ever more attention, debate and all
            GIGAOM, July 29th, 2014
            "As the acceptance and adoption of open source technology has become pervasive - some might say has reached fever pitch -for vendors and enterprises alike, the phenomenon has opened itself up to a new round of critique. Much of the coverage and commentary points to the usual trade-off of avoiding vendor lock-in versus gaining viable commercial features and support. But there is a new generation of nuance to the venerable debate, with the use of open source now a given, rather than a question, for most environments..."
            Oracle Solaris 11.2 Now Generally Available
            Complete cloud platform allows enterprises to accelerate their move to cloud
            "Now generally available, Oracle Solaris 11.2 accelerates your ability to deploy enterprise cloud computing with an efficient, secure, compliant, open, and affordable cloud platform. Engineered for cloud and deeply integrated with Oracle Database, Java, and Oracle Applications, Oracle Solaris 11.2 is more than an operating system (OS).

            It combines a complete OpenStack distribution, application-driven software-defined networking (SDN), zero-overhead virtualization, enterprise-grade disaster recovery, and high availability with an enterprise-class OS to simplify and secure the delivery of mission-critical cloud services. Oracle Solaris is a strategic element in Oracle's growing systems business..."

            Your Oracle Solaris 11 Learning Path: for Newbies and Experts
            By Karen Sutherland, Oracle University Senior Practice Manager
            Oracle Solaris 11.2 has certainly been the talk of the town over the past few months.

            Karen writes, "You may now be thinking about how to get more hands-on experience with Oracle Solaris 11.

            Whether you've been working with Solaris for many years or you have minimal experience and are just getting started, Oracle University has the hands-on training you need to develop your skill set.

            Learn To:

            • Perform introductory system administration tasks.
            • Configure zones and virtual networks.
            • Use various troubleshooting techniques and tools to analyze and resolve system faults.
            • Plan for and deploy a private Infrastructure as a Service cloud.
            • Develop plans for deploying Oracle Solaris Zones server virtualization technology.
            • Practice server virtualization.

            Start by finding the learning path that's right for you:..."

            Secure, compliant application deployment with Oracle Solaris 11
            By Glynn Foster
            Glynn writes, "One of the really exciting features that was introduced in Oracle Solaris 11.2 is called Unified Archives. Unified Archives provide system cloning and disaster recovery capabilities for the platform. Built on the foundations of Oracle Solaris ZFS, an archive can quickly be taken on a live running system thanks to snapshot and cloning. A single archive can be created for a complete system that includes a number of virtual environments. Once captured, it can be deployed using Automated Installer..."
            Oracle Solaris 11 - Engineered for Cloud
            By esaxe

            esaxe writes, "Today's release of Oracle Solaris 11.2 is especially meaningful for many of us in Solaris Engineering that have been hard at work over the last few years making OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure a first class Solaris technology. Today we release not only one of the most significant, complete, and solid versions of Solaris ever, with many new cloud virtualization features, but also included is the fully integrated cloud infrastructure software itself....everything needed (from a software perspective anyway ;)) to stand up a fully functional, OpenStack cloud system providing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Cloud block/object storage on both SPARC and x86 based systems..."

            OpenStack 101 - How to get started on Oracle Solaris 11
            By Glynn Foster
            Glynn writes, "with Oracle Solaris 11.2 we've included a complete, enterprise-ready distribution of OpenStack based on the "Havana" release of the upstream project. We've talked to many customers who have expressed an interest in OpenStack generally, but also being able to have Oracle Solaris participate in a heterogeneous mix of technologies that you'd typically see in a data center environment. We're absolutely thrilled to be providing this functionality to our customers as part of the core Oracle Solaris platform and support offering, so they can set up agile, self-service private clouds with Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), or develop Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions on top of this infrastructure..."
            Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.2 is out!
            offers maximized availability and orchestrated disaster recovery for enterprise applications

            Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.2 has been released today, together with Oracle Solaris 11.2, Oracle's flagship operating system! This latest version offers maximized availability and orchestrated disaster recovery for enterprise applications, leveraging Oracle Solaris 11.2's latest virtualization and software life-cycle technologies.

            It delivers:...

            MySQL 5.6.20-4
            With Oracle Linux DTrace Probes

            Wim writes, "The MySQL team just released MySQL 5.6.20. One of the cool new things for Oracle Linux users is the addition of MySQL DTrace probes. When you use Oracle Linux 6, or 7 with UEKr3 (3.8.x) and the latest DTrace utils/tools, then you can make use of this. MySQL 5.6 is available for install through ULN or from public-yum. You can just install it using yum..."

            IT - Cloud
            Is Cloud Profitability An Oxymoron?
            Business Solutions, July 14th, 2014
            "The IT channel exists because businesses - especially SMBs - have a difficult time keeping up with the demands of IT. Yet with the growing adoption of cloud computing, some industry pundits are questioning where the channel fits. To successfully ride this shifting IT environment, channel companies must move their focus from technology provider to service provider. In this way, channel companies can remain relevant and become even more valuable to their overloaded SMB customers..."
            Is Networking Infrastructure the Achilles' Heel of Cloud Computing?
            SearchCloudComputing, July 28th, 2014
            "Regardless of whether you choose Software as a Service, Platform as a Service or Infrastructure as a Service, one thing is unavoidable: You need a good, reliable network to connect to the cloud. The network can easily become a stumbling block, since the cloud drastically alters the role of the network -- and its accompanying hardware and software.

            The real Achilles' heel of cloud computing is that many in IT fail to consider the deeper challenges of building a reliable network and only unearth network problems after a migration has been completed..."

            Public Cloud Technology: A Primer for Businesses
            Business 2 Community, July 27th, 2014
            "In the last several years, few technologies have revolutionized enterprise IT the way cloud technology has. A vast ecosystem of cloud-based infrastructure, platform, and application providers have made it easier and more cost-effective than ever before for businesses to consolidate and streamline their operations, mobilize their workforces, and scale up - or scale out - their computing initiatives. But the rapid growth and incredible diversity of the cloud technology marketplace can cause confusion. In today's post we'll cover the basics of the public cloud and its pros and cons..."
            Who's Managing your Managed Services? You, Ultimately
            InfoWorld, July 28th, 2014
            "With all of the hubbub surrounding cloud services, application hosting, managed services, and the like, the reality of offloading the management and administrative burden of applications and business services is often overlooked. It's easy to say you're covered because you're paying a company to handle all the administration of the hardware and software underlying your app, but in many cases, that support is extremely limited in scope..."
            IT - CxO
            In Praise of Mistakes Made for the Right Reasons
            Information Management, July 29th, 2014
            'The true test of your leadership character isn't measured by the absence of mistakes, but rather by the mistakes made in pursuit of growth and learning AND how you conduct yourself once you've made a mistake.

            Show me a mistake-free leader, and I'll show you someone hiding from the real issues confronting the business: people and strategy..."

              Top Leadership Quality Isn't what You'd Expect
              CIO, July 28th, 2014
              "What's the most important quality leaders should have? Discipline? Drive? Obsession? The ability to motivate others? No, no, no and no. The answer is emotional IQ - or what's referred to in laymen's terms as empathy.

              Over his 30-year career, Kevin Allen, an author and PR professional who's been behind campaigns such as MasterCard's 'Priceless,' for example, says he has seen a shift in the way companies approach their leadership mindset. They have moved away from one of command-and-control to a softer, more customer-focused approach..."

                Chief Customer Officers (CCOs) Flex Growing Clout, Study Finds
                CIO Today, July 28th, 2014
                "The position of chief customer Relevant Products/Services officer (CCO) is becoming 'a staple of modern business Relevant Products/Services' as companies look for new ways to sell, increase revenues and beat the competition, according to the latest Chief Customer Officer Study from the CCO Council.

                Now in its third year, the study finds that the CCO role is taking on increasing importance, particularly in the technology industry. In fact, there are more CCOs working in the technology sector than in any other industry, the report noted. Among the reasons for this are increasingly tech-savvy customers, accelerating innovation and long sales processes with lots of opportunities for missteps..."

                  CIOs and CMOs See More Eye to Eye On Technology Initiatives, Sort Of
                  ZDNet, July 28th, 2014
                  "In recent times, there's been plenty of talk about the shift of IT spending to chief marketing officers (CMOs), especially as they subscribe to cloud-based resources for CRM and other marketing solutions, as well as initiate mobile app development. This is the foundation of the rise of so-called 'shadow IT.'

                  Increasingly, this kind of work is being coordinated with IT departments..."

                    Secrets to CIO Longevity
                    ComputerWorld, July 28th, 2014
                    "Most CIOs stay in their positions only about five years, but others manage to stick around longer. Here's a look at what it takes to remain effective when you hunker down in one place...
                      Seven Signs your Rockstar Employee is Eyeing the Door
                      Information Management, July 29th, 2014
                      "Time and money have gone into hiring the right employee for your business. Mindflash notes several signs that might be noticeable at first, and it is imperative not to miss them, because 'even if they're looking around, it's not a sure thing that they're ready to leave you just yet.'

                      Talking to your employee before the decision is made gives you a higher advantage of retention..."

                        vBeers South Florida - August Schedule
                        3 Separate Monthly Events - @ Boca; @ Miami; @ Broward
                        Join us for one of the three South Florida vBeers events. The South Florida vBeers events happen three times a month, once per county:

                        Wednesday August 13th

                        Wednesday August 20th

                        -Wednesday August 27th -

                        Details @

                        IT - PM
                        Delivering Constructive Criticism
                        Project Management Advisor, July 29th, 2014
                        "Over the years I have been on both ends of constructive (and not so constructive) criticism. Quite frankly, I still struggle with doing this flawlessly every time, but I've put together some guiding principles that I try to work under and thought might be helpful to you:..."
                          IT - Networks
                          Do You Really Need to Understand the Guts of an Ethernet Switch?
                          Business 2 Community, July 31st, 2014
                          "This week I read a perfectly reasonable article by Tom Hollingsworth, which then deteriorated in the comments section to a 'you don't know how a switch works' exchange.

                          Both participating parties miss the boat on several of their comments, but the far more interesting question is why we all of sudden need to understand the ins and the outs of how a switch is constructed, how exactly packets are moved, the impact of VOQs, queue thresholds, buffer allocation schemes, hash distribution, jitter, you name it. As consumers, why do we feel the need to understand all this?..."

                            Testbed Will Help Clouds and Networks Shake Hands
                            InfoWorld, July 29th, 2014
                            "A network testbed being constructed just south of San Francisco will help carriers and vendors develop standards for better cloud services, the CloudEthernet Forum says.

                            The group's OpenCloud Project, announced on Monday, will combine commonly used networking and computing equipment with live traffic from service providers' commercial networks. It's the first place researchers will be able to test new technologies designed to make cloud services more reliable and easier to set up and manage..."

                            Understanding IPv6: Link-Local 'Magic'
                            Network World, July 24th, 2014
                            "For those of you new to IPv6, what I am about to show you is going to look a lot like a magic trick. I'm going to bring up an IPv6 IGP neighbor relationship (OSPFv3) between two routers. This doesn't sound like a magic trick, I know. But what if I told you I am going to do this without putting any IPv6 addresses into the configurations of either routers?..."
                            What You Should Know about SDN and Wi-Fi
                            Network World, July 25th, 2014
                            "Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is coming to Wi-Fi to give IT end-to-end control of the unified (wired and wireless) network. SDN will deliver numerous additional benefits, ranging from cost saving to increased productivity. Here are three of the most important things you should know about SDN-enabled Wi-Fi:..."
                            White-Box Switches: Are You Ready?
                            Network Computing, July 28th, 2014
                            "White-box switching is an idea that is starting to gain more traction in today's networking environments. Network administrators are beginning to see the value represented by decoupled hardware and software. But is it time for your network to make the change? Let's take a closer look at this technology trend and whether it can help your network..."
                              Why TCP/IP Is On the Way Out
                              Network World, July 30th, 2014
                              "If there's one protocol that networkers are saturated with on a daily, if not minute-by-minute basis, it's TCP/IP.

                              Well guess what? The now-aging TCP/IP might not be around for much longer.

                              Researchers at Aalborg University in Denmark, in association with MIT and Caltech, reckon that the Internet can be made faster, and more secure, by abandoning the whole concept of packets and error correction. Error correction slows down traffic because the chunks of data, in many cases, have to be sent more than once.

                              The researchers are using a mathematical equation instead. The formula figures out which parts of the data didn't make the hop. They say it works in lieu of the packet-resend..."

                                IT - Operations
                                9 Things You Should Know about Surge Protectors
                                CNET, July 30th, 2014
                                "Whether you're just looking to add more outlets, or want to add a layer of protection between your gear and the outside world, you'll eventually want to buy a surge protector.

                                With an incredible range of prices and features, not to mention a barrage of questionable marketing promises, it's hard to figure out what's worth the money, and what's nonsense.

                                To help you sort through it all, here are nine things you should know about surge protectors.

                                For a little background, check out what makes a good surge protector. This article is the spiritual successor to that piece, though we'll cover some similar ground..."

                                  Closing the UC Gap: 4 Tips
                                  Network Computing, July 30th, 2014
                                  "Making the leap from unified communications to unified interaction is possible, but it involves more than just installing new software. Here's how to make a successful transition...

                                  Unified communications software has been widely adopted in order to consolidate multiple communication channels onto a single platform. Combining phone, text, web meetings, audio conferencing, and faxing features into a single system, the software provides a centralized communications hub that makes it easier for people to stay connected on any device, from anywhere at any time..."

                                  Get the Most Out of Data Center Automation Tools
                                  SearchDataCenter, July 25th, 2014
                                  "While organizations rely on automation tools to manage workloads, the truth is these tools can also pose serious challenges.

                                  Automation tools can manage workloads between increasingly diverse environments like local data centers, remote or outsourced locations and cloud providers. But there are often too many tools to handle, which can overcrowd an enterprise and lead to errors..."

                                    IT - Security
                                    Internet of Things: 4 Security Tips from the Military
                                    Dark Reading, July 25th, 2014
                                    "The military has been connecting mobile command posts, unmanned vehicles, and wearable computers for decades. It's time to take a page from their battle plan.

                                    The Internet of today, what some are calling the Internet of Things (IoT), is a network enabled by embedded computers, unobtrusive sensors, worldwide systems, and big-data analytic environments. These systems, sensors, and devices are communicating amongst themselves and feeding a ubiquitous network seamlessly integrated with our lives..."

                                    BYOA: Bring Your own Authentication
                                    Network World, July 28th, 2014
                                    "Most people who uses IT or Internet application would agree that the current user name/password mode of authentication is cumbersome, ineffective, and obsolete. According to ESG research, 55% of information security professionals working at enterprise organizations (i.e. more than 1,000 employees) believe that user/name password authentication should be completely eliminated or relegated to non-business critical applications only.."
                                    BYOA: Bring Your Own Authentication
                                    Enterprise Strategy Group, July 28th, 2014
                                    "Most people who use IT or Internet applications would agree that the current username/password mode of authentication is cumbersome, ineffective, and obsolete. According to ESG research, 55% of information security professionals working at enterprise organizations (i.e., more than 1,000 employees) believe that username/password authentication should be completely eliminated or relegated to non-business critical applications only.

                                    Recognizing the foibles of usernames and passwords, ESG research indicates that 57% of enterprise organizations use multi-factor authentication technologies. Unfortunately, multi-factor authentication technology has been too expensive and complex to roll-out across enterprises or offer to online consumers..."

                                    Myth-Busting Machine Learning in Security
                                    Dark Reading, July 28th, 2014
                                    "Black Hat USA presentation to help quell misconceptions and confusion over machine learning methods in today's security tools.

                                    As increasingly more security tools are touted today as being backed by big data, anomaly detection, behavioral analysis, and algorithmic technology, security practitioners should be wary. According to a talk slated for Black Hat USA next week, the interest has grown among security rank and file to employ machine learning to improve how they solve tough security problems.

                                    But it's mostly the marketing arms of vendors that have caught up to this interest -- not the actual technology..."

                                    New SSL Server Rules go into Effect Nov. 1
                                    Network World, July 25th, 2014
                                    "Rules designed to thwart man-in-the-middle attacks; could mean extra work for IT shops...

                                    Public certificate authorities (CAs) are warning that as of Nov. 1 they will reject requests for internal SSL server certificates that don't conform to new internal domain naming and IP address conventions designed to safeguard networks..."

                                      Security Automation: Are Humans Still Relevant?
                                      GCN, July 25th, 2014
                                      "Cybersecurity is being pushed in two directions. On the one hand, the growing complexity of information systems and the onslaught of threats facing them are putting a premium on speed. Automation is the future of security, said Matt Dean, vice president of product strategy at FireMon. Decisions made about who and what gains access to resources need to be smarter and faster..."

                                      "We've got to get humans out of the equation," Dean said. "They can't react fast enough."

                                      The Hidden Dangers of 'Good Enough' Authentication
                                      Network World, July 25th, 2014
                                      "While it's human nature to make comparisons, not all comparisons are helpful or accurate. When comparing a Porsche and a Volkswagen, for example, the most you can say is that they are both vehicles. They have wheels and doors and engines, and will get you from Point A to Point B, but that is where the comparison ends.

                                      In a similar vein, not all multi-factor authentication approaches are the same. The variances can mean the difference between true security and susceptibility to phishing, between timeliness and late arrival of authentication codes, and between user-friendly and hard-to-use applications..."

                                      Passwords be Gone! Removing 4 Barriers to Strong Authentication
                                      Dark Reading, July 24th, 2014
                                      "Everyone knows that passwords are the weakest security for authentication, yet Internet services persist in making consumers use a password as the primary method for online access. For consumers, there are too many passwords to remember, they are difficult to type (particularly on mobile devices), and they are insecure.

                                      More secure authentication options will require users to submit one or two extra 'factors,'..."

                                      Using Hollywood to Improve Your Security
                                      Help Net Security, July 29th, 2014
                                      "I spend a lot of time on airplanes, and end up watching a lot of movies. Some of my favorite movies are adventures, spy stuff, and cunning heist movies. Recently, I realized that a lot of these movies provide great lessons that we can apply to information security.

                                      Lesson 1: Be paranoid about handoffs and blind spots..."

                                      10 Dramatic Moments in Black Hat History
                                      Dark Reading, July 31st, 2014
                                      "If there is one thing there's no lack of in Las Vegas at the Black Hat conference, it's drama. Mix in big bug discoveries, shocking proofs-of-concept, and big egos with the high stakes of corporate and personal reputations at risk, and you've got a recipe for raucousness. And given the quirky, hilarious, anti-establishment nature of many within the security research community, it's no wonder that that this show continues to deliver dramatic moments year in and year out..."
                                      IT - Careers
                                      How to Be an Office Hero: 3 Myths, Busted
                                      Information Week, July 28th, 2014
                                      "You rely on a set of social assumptions to get ahead at work, but some of those assumptions don't match with science.

                                      No matter where you are on the org chart, you've always got someone to impress. The new help desk hire has to impress everyone. The CIO has to impress the CEO. Even the CEO has to impress the board and the shareholders. To do that, we all employ a series of social strategies that we hope will help us go up the corporate ladder.

                                      With each promotion we assume that we're doing the right thing, but once in a while science throws us a curve ball and teaches us what we've been doing all along might not be the best strategy. Here are three recent findings that have shown you might not being doing everything necessary to be an office hero..."

                                      IT Leaders, You're the Cavemen Who Survived
                                      Information Week, July 24th, 2014
                                      "The ability to spot an anomaly in hundreds of lines of code isn't all that different from Neanderthal man picking out the weakest wooly mammoth -- and don't let anyone tell you different...

                                      A blog post titled 'The tech utopia nobody wants: why the world nerds are creating will be awful' has caused a mild social media stir. The author complained about everything from Soylent to Google Glass and how technology is destroying the basic human experience..."

                                      IT - Social Media
                                      Do Your Employees Use Facebook? You Might Have a Problem
                                      CIO, July 25th, 2014
                                      "A recent study ties Facebook use to divorce. (Either as a cause or an effect. Or both.) Social networks could have a similar adverse effect on the relationship status of employees and your company. It might be time to keep an eye on your workers..."
                                      IT - Email
                                      9 Signs it's Time to Update Your Website and How To Fix It
                                      CIO, July 24th, 2014
                                      "Let's face it, no one likes having to constantly update or tweak their website -- or having to totally redesign it every year. It can be time-consuming and expensive. But if online sales have been slipping, and even if they haven't (yet), it behooves businesses to periodically and objectively evaluate their Web or ecommerce sites -- and make the necessary fixes..."
                                        How to Effectively Manage the Integration Of IoT/OT in the Hyper-Connected Enterprise
                                        Network World, July 25th, 2014
                                        "There has been a lot of discussion lately about the Internet of Things (IoT) and how connected endpoints can help revolutionize the way businesses collect and process information from Operational Technology (OT) systems, but there are huge challenges in accessing the information and making it accessible to your other business systems, employees and business partners..."
                                        Internet of Things: 8 pioneering ideas
                                        Information Week, July 20th, 2014
                                        "If you're figuring out how to apply the Internet of Things (IoT) in your organization, bring your imagination and get ready to do some heavy lifting. Sure, we've all seen the predictions from Gartner: 26 billion IoT units deployed by 2020, with product and service suppliers positioned to rake in revenue of more than $300 billion.

                                        But here, now, in 2014, the IoT -- and the machine-to-machine technology behind it -- is really a disparate assortment of ideas and products competing for attention. Vendors are trotting out all manner of products and applications to address specific needs..."

                                        The Data Dangers of Free Public Wi-Fi
                                        ComputerWorld, July 29th, 2014
                                        "New York City is asking vendors to take over the city's almost-universally abandoned pay phones (a transparent, glass-enclosed structure on street corners was probably never a good choice for Superman's changing room anyway) and use them to deliver free Wi-Fi to residents. What's not to love?

                                        The problem is that among the 60 vendors that attended a meeting with the hope of offering such a service were data brokers, including a funky company called Google..."

                                        IT - Database
                                        Database Performance Tuning: Five Ways for IT to Save the Day
                                        SearchDataCenter, July 28th, 2014
                                        "When database performance takes a turn for the worse, IT can play the hero.

                                        Production database performance can slow dramatically as both data and the business grow. Whenever a key database slows down, widespread business damage can result.

                                        Technically, performance can be tackled at many different levels -- applications can be optimized, databases tuned or new architectures built. However, in production, the problem often falls on IT operations to implement something fast and in a minimally disruptive manner..."

                                        IT - Backup
                                        The Evolution Of Backup And Disaster Recovery
                                        Help Net Security, July 25th, 2014
                                        "In this interview, Amanda Strassle, IT Senior Director of Data Center Service Delivery at Seagate Technology, talks about enterprise backup issues, illustrates how the cloud shaping an IT department's approach to backup and disaster recovery, and much more.

                                        The amount of data organizations deal with has increased massively in the last few years. How has this affected the way they handle backups?..."

                                        IT - Big Data
                                        How Companies Can Unlock the Value of Data Generated by Connected Machines
                                        Information Week, July 31st, 2014
                                        "In the original Terminator film, Kyle Reese was not very far off when he described computers of 2024 as 'new, powerful and hooked into everything.' Ironically, that which was once science fiction is a reality today. Powerful connected devices are enabling everything from aircrafts, to cars, to industrial machines, with the intelligence to operate more safely, ensure a better user experience, and save time and costs through improved operations. The key to this machine intelligence lies in advanced analytics..."
                                        11 Big Data Certifications that Will Pay Off
                                        Network World, July 31st, 2014
                                        "Data scientists and data analysts as well as engineers and developers with the skills to work with big data technologies are sought after and well-compensated. Want an extra edge looking for your next job? Get big data certified.

                                        Data and big data analytics are becoming the life's blood of business. Data scientists and analysts with expertise in the techniques required to analyze big data and engineers and developers who know their way around Hadoop clusters and other technologies, are hard to come by. If you're looking for a way to get an edge -- whether you're job hunting, angling for a promotion or just want tangible, third-party proof of your skills - big data certification is a great option..."

                                        Confusion Surfaces about the Data Lake
                                        Information Management, July 29th, 2014
                                        "The growing hype around data lakes is causing lots of confusion in the information management space, according to Gartner Inc.

                                        Several vendors are marketing data lakes - storage repositories that hold huge amounts of raw data until it's needed - as essential components to realizing big data opportunities, the firm says, but there's little alignment among vendors about what comprises a data lake or how to get value from it..."

                                        Corporate Data Guardians Must Ensure 'Value, Veracity' of Big Data
                                        eWeek, July 26th, 2014
                                        "Add two more Vs to the volume, velocity, variety bywords of big data. Speaking at the eighth annual Massachusetts Institute of Technology Chief Data Officer and Information Quality Symposium, Stuart Madnick told the audience to include value and veracity when considering how to best implement big data projects in their companies..."
                                        Data-Driven Illusions
                                        Information Management, July 31st, 2014
                                        "My previous post cautioned that while becoming data-driven is a laudable goal we should be wary of becoming too driven by data. Especially when we allow our understanding of a complex system to be driven by single metric - and then incentivize performance based on that metric. Chip and Dan Heath called this the focusing illusion. 'You don't live in a one-variable world,' the Heaths explained. 'In your complicated, squishy world, if you're dreaming up an incentive plan, you're almost certainly in the grips of a focusing illusion. You're trying to maximize or optimize or minimize something.'

                                        Of course, we do this with the best of intentions..."

                                        Deep Data Trumps Big Data
                                        Information Week, July 28th, 2014
                                        "Finding smaller, more relevant morsels of information is the key to unlocking big data's potential, says FirstFuel's CTO.

                                        You've heard of "big data," of course, but what about 'deep data?' Fear not, our goal here is not to foist another industry buzzword upon you. But given the ongoing debate over how much data a company should ingest and manage, the concept of deep data is one that every data-focused organization should know..."

                                        ICO Warns Big Data Projects Must Abide by Privacy Laws
                              , July 28th, 2014
                                        "Companies using big data tools must ensure they adhere to existing data-protection laws, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has warned.

                                        In a detailed report entitled Big data and data protection, the ICO claims that while there are many benefits of using big data, companies cannot forget their obligation to keep information secure and private. Steve Wood, the ICO's head of Policy Delivery, explained..."

                                        Nordstrom Digs into 5-Star Customer Reviews and Finds a Shipping Problem
                                        SearchCIO, July 25th, 2014
                                        'How does a retailer known for customer service get even better at it? Matt Fisher of Nordstrom uses text analytics to parse tens of thousands of online customer reviews...

                                        Who grows up dreaming they'll be in charge of user-generated content (UGC) for a large retailer? Not Matt Fisher, with an undergraduate degree in marketing and an interest in law. But the program manager for product reviews and ratings at Nordstrom Inc. recalls "falling in love with data" while working for Microsoft and Amazon. A year ago, he joined Nordstrom's product management and development organization, and is currently in charge of user-generated content created on Nordstrom websites..."

                                        What Is the Primary Driver for Data Lakes?
                                        Help Net Security, July 28th, 2014
                                        "The growing hype surrounding data lakes is causing substantial confusion in the information management space, according to Gartner. Several vendors are marketing data lakes as an essential component to capitalize on Big Data opportunities, but there is little alignment between vendors about what comprises a data lake, or how to get value from it..."

                                        "In broad terms, data lakes are marketed as enterprisewide data management platforms for analyzing disparate sources of data in its native format," said Nick Heudecker, research director at Gartner. "The idea is simple: instead of placing data in a purpose-built data store, you move it into a data lake in its original format. This eliminates the upfront costs of data ingestion, like transformation. Once data is placed into the lake, it's available for analysis by everyone in the organization."

                                        IT - Mobile
                                        6 Technologies We'll Be Wearing this Year
                                        CRN, July 28th, 2014
                                        "The Wearable Tech Expo took place in New York City last week and the CRN Test Center was there to try it on for size. With just a few hundred attendees and less than two dozen exhibitors, this year's confab was smaller than we have come to expect, but certainly not short on innovation. Here's a look at the highlights..."
                                          9 Tips for Communicating Your BYOD POLICY
                                          Help Net Security, July 28th, 2014
                                          "If an IT department creates a BYOD policy and no one at the company knows about it, does it actually make an impact? I'll spare you the suspense - the answer is no.

                                          With the majority of employees now using personal devices for work, establishing a BYOD policy is vital for companies that want to ensure productivity, security and smooth operations. But creating guidelines is only half the battle. The real challenge is making sure that employees know that the policy exists and they can easily follow it.

                                          Getting employees to pay attention to new rules is no simple task, however. Here are some ways to make sure that employees are listening to and internalizing BYOD guidelines..."

                                          Banks Need to Consider Wearable Technology Now
                                          Bank Systems and Technology, July 31st, 2014
                                          "A report from Javelin recommends that financial institutions start looking now into how they can implement wearable technology.

                                          Financial services companies that strive to be innovators should invest now in exploring uses for wearable technology, such as smart watches, Google Glass, and other wearables of the future that will deliver hands-free, voice-activated control, says a new report from Javelin Strategy & Research..."

                                          Insights into the FDA Regulation of Mobile Medical Apps
                                          Business 2 Community, July 28th, 2014
                                          "The widespread adoption and use of mobile technologies is opening new and innovative ways to improve health and health care delivery.

                                          The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is an agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, responsible for protecting public health by assuring the safety, effectiveness, quality, and security of human and veterinary drugs, vaccines and other biological products, and medical devices..."

                                          Looks are Everything in Wearable Tech
                                          TechRepublic, July 29th, 2014
                                          "Fashion and design increase the appeal of wearable tech devices, according to panelists at the Wearable Tech Expo in New York.

                                          Looks matter more than function in the wearable tech business, according to participants in a panel forum last week at the Wearable Tech Expo in New York.

                                          One of the first panel questions related to size. Does an oversized wearable appeal as much to the consumer as a more moderately sized one?..."

                                            Wearable Tech: 5 Healthcare Wins
                                            Information Week, July 28th, 2014
                                            "Wearable computing technology is nothing new in the movies; think James Bond watches or -- okay, this is a stretch -- the wired colander brain scanner Rick Moranis wore in Ghostbusters. But in the real world, wearable tech has not made much of a dent yet with consumers or business. The exception is the healthcare industry, where wearable devices, particularly Google Glass, seem to have found their first enthusiastic home..."
                                            Wearables will Make First Breakthrough in Enterprise, Panelists Say
                                            Network World, July 24th, 2014
                                            "Fitbits and smart watches and Google Glass are all well and good, but the most meaningful early use of wearable technology will happen in industrial and enterprise settings, according to experts on a Wednesday panel discussion at the Wearable Tech Expo in New York.

                                            Joe Fitzgerald, a senior manager at Deloitte, said that the instant breakthrough doesn't seem like it's just around the corner for wearables in the consumer market..."

                                            Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                            Vol 197 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 196 Issue 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 195 Issue 4
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                                            • Oracle Linux 7 Now Available
                                            • Mark Hurd lays out Oracle's cloud progress and its plan to be No. 1
                                            • Understanding Oracle Solaris 11 Package Versioning
                                            • New Oracle Data Cloud and Data-as-a-Service Offerings Redefine Data-Driven Enterprise
                                            • UK makes ODF its official documents format standard
                                            • Database In-Memory is Generally Available
                                            • Identity Management in the Cloud
                                            • Oracle Expands Footprint in Seattle with New Cloud Engineering Center
                                            • Migrating Oracle Databases
                                            • vBeers South Florida - August Schedule

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                                              IT - Server
                                              Unix: Controlling privileged access
                                              IT World, July 28th, 2014
                                              "If your job involves protecting the security of Unix servers, you need to know about and verify the various ways that people can exercise root (i.e., superuser) privilege. This is especially true of you find yourself inheriting the systems administrator role from other people. A quick check of a handful of issues can help you be sure your view of security on the servers is realistic..."
                                              Learning Java Programming with BlueJ
                                              By Tori Wieldt
                                              Tori Wieldt writes, "When you talk with people about learning to program, and especially learning to program in Java, the BlueJ environment is often mentioned as a good introductory environment to get started. BlueJ is a free Java Development Environment designed for beginners, used by millions worldwide. It is also is an excellent environment in which to gain a good understanding of fundamental principles of object-oriented programming..."

                                              Author Micheal Kolling explains "When asked why beginners should not just start by using Eclipse or NetBeans - environments known for their excellent toolset and great functionality - the answer typically points to the great value of BlueJ's simplicity and interactivity for gaining a thorough understanding of programming principles..."

                                              Solaris 11.2 released with security and other enhancements
                                              By Gerry Haskins

                                              Gerry writes, "There's a huge amount of new and improved features in Solaris 11.2 as well as thousands of bug fixes. In short, it's our best Solaris ever!

                                              For security conscious customers, Solaris 11.2 delivers significant compliance enhancements (see the docs) and provides the new 'solaris-minimal-server' Install group, which is an excellent basis for installing secure, minimized (hardened) systems.

                                              Hardening (minimizing) a system in Solaris 10 and earlier was as much an art form as a science. It was hard to be sure that the system was as minimized as possible..."

                                              Oracle on cyber security aspects of BYOD
                                              By Steve Walker

                                              Steve writes, "Bring your own device (BYOD) has been an unstoppable force on the crest of the consumerisation wave, and one that companies have simply had to roll with.

                                              But it is increasingly being rebranded as 'bring your own disaster' with IT departments desperately grappling for solutions that will allow them to take back some degree of control over the mobile environment, hastily assembling a raft of MDM (mobile device management) tools.

                                              It has become obvious that the utopian ideal of BYOD is more myth than a practical reality for most firms. So has the BYOD wave broken?..."

                                              Oracle Identity Management Achieves Significant Customer and Partner Adoption
                                              Complete and integrated, next-generation identity management suite helps customers and partners efficiently secure the extended enterpris

                                              "As organizations build a strategy for digital transformation, they are seeking a unified approach to enterprisewide identity management that provides consistent access controls and an optimized user experience across the extended enterprise. To help organizations offer more digital services, Oracle Identity Management provides the foundation to connect to the internet value chain and economies of scale to manage users across all channels of interaction including cloud, mobile, and social.

                                              The Oracle stack allows companies to homogenize and defragment identity information and services, which can result in faster deployment times, faster upgrades, and lower cost of ownership. Today, many companies are already reaping economic benefits with the simplified user experience and greater end user participation..."

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