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Optimistic updates for Edit Data operations in MySQL for Excel
By Javier Trevino
In this blog post regarding MySQL for Excel features included since version 1.2.0, we are going to talk about a new option that is used along with Edit MySQL Data operations; very useful when editing data in a multi-user environment. If you are not familiar with editing MySQL data it is very advisable that you visit our thorough blog post about that topic: How To - Guide to editing MySQL data within Excel.

Remember you can install the latest GA or maintenance version using the MySQL Installer or optionally you can download directly any GA or non-GA version from the MySQL Developer Zone.

Cloud Computing
Questions You Should Ask Your Cloud Provider
By Mike Vilimek
Mike writes, "The shift from complex and costly on-premise business software to flexible and more cost-effective cloud solutions is not only underway, it's inevitable. The business advantages both in terms of cost and functionality are simple too great to ignore. Whether it's HCM, ERP, or CX, businesses will continue to shift away from managing on-premise versions of these systems to cloud solutions.

But are all cloud solutions the same? Certainly not. So how do you choose? Let's take a look at some of the differences and also what questions you should be asking your next potential cloud provider..."

    Oracle VM-Foundation for Private Cloud
    By Chris Kawalek
    Chris writes, "I wanted to draw your attention this week to a new resource kit entitled OracleVM-Foundation for Private Cloud. It's an easy to access one stop shop for everything related to Oracle VM and private cloud. In it, you'll find white papers, an eBook, an analyst report, cost calculator, and more. I hope you enjoy looking through it ..."
    Oracle Cloud at Cloud Expo NYC
    Gene Eun reports on Oracle's team at Cloud Expo conference
    "In case you missed it, the Oracle Cloud Solutions team had a significant presence at this month's Cloud Expo conference in New York City. As a Platinum Sponsor of this year's conference, not only did Sandra Cheevers deliver the Day Two keynote about Cloud Odyssey which chronicles a journey to private cloud, but Marty Gubar also presented a general session on Oracle's Big Data strategy. Oracle's cloud strategy and offerings were also well represented through a host of technical sessions and our demo booth..."
    A Wealth of Information on Oracle Linux
    By Chris Kawalek
    Chris Kawalek writes, "Our spotlight this week is on the large library of in-depth information about Oracle Linux on the Oracle documentation site. There is, of course, an administrator's guide, as you would expect. But there are also extremely comprehensive guides on Ksplice, DTrace, Spacewalk, security, and more. Check out the whole set for some Friday afternoon reading..."
    The Oracle Linux Newsletter
    June Issue is Available

    Chris Kawalek write, "The June 2014 edition of the Oracle Linux newsletter is now available. It contains information on Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, and OpenStack, an excellent white paper on the value of Oracle Linux, the latest release of the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel, and much more..."

    Oracle Linux 7 Release Candidate Now Available
    By Chris Kawalek

    Chris writes, "It's an exciting day for the Oracle Linux team because the Oracle Linux 7 release candidate is now available for download from Oracle Technology Network! Head on over to the OTN Oracle Linux downloads page and have a look at the Oracle Linux Beta Programs section to get it right now..."

    Atos IT Solutions and Services replaced IBM AIX with Oracle SuperCluster
    Raises Platform Profitability by 1.5x and Reduces Total Cost of Ownership for Hosting Environment
    Javier Puerta reports, "Atos IT Solutions and Services GmbH provides information technology (IT) solutions and services. It operates one of Europe's major data centers, managing the IT infrastructure for more than 100 Austrian companies in industries, including manufacturing, retail, financial services, telecommunications, and utilities. It offers IT outsourcing, business-process management, systems integration, and consulting for a variety of customer environments for business intelligence, customer relationship management, enterprise content management, enterprise resource planning, human resources, product lifecycle, and supply chain management. Atos IT Solutions and Services is a subsidiary of Atos SE, an international IT services company delivering managed operations, consulting, and systems integrations to a client base in 52 countries and multiple business sectors..."
    Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3-2 Sets World Record on SPC-2/E Benchmark, Beats IBM and HP on Price/Performance
    New World Record Demonstrates Customers Can Maximize Storage Performance and Data Center Budget Simultaneously with Oracle ZS3 Series
    Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3-2 set a new SPC-2/E world record with the best overall price/performance and the most efficient energy use with the highest performance per watt(1). These results demonstrate Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3-2 can offer customers excellent price/performance for high-throughput workloads such as data warehouse, business analytics and video on-demand applications. The ZFS Storage ZS3-2 beats IBM DS8870 by 10x and HP P9500 by 7x on price/performance.
    Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
    Vol 196 Issue 1, 2 and 3; Vol 195 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 194 Issue 5
    We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

    • Playing with ZFS Shadow Migration
    • Oracle becomes the second largest Cloud SAAS Company in the World
    • Oracle Buys LiveLOOK
    • LibreOffice 4.2.5
    • How to upgrade Oracle VM server
    • 9 tools to help you with Java Performance Tuning
    • More on OpenStack Networking by Ronen Kofman
    • It's Time for Businesses to get Serious about BYOD
    • A Perfect Match: Java and the Internet of Things
    • Top Five Best Practices for your Application PaaS

    The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

      Oracle Boosts Virtualization and Cloud Capabilities in Latest ZFS Storage ZS3 Series Release
      Enhancements Include Leading Virtual Machine Storage Performance and Simplified VM Deployment and Monitoring
      Enhancements to Oracle's ZFS Storage ZS3 Series provide a fast, efficient way to accelerate virtual machine (VM) deployment and monitoring, while virtually eliminating boot storms. The midrange ZFS Storage ZS3-2 can boot over 16,000 simultaneous VMs in under seven minutes.

      Cloud capabilities have been extended in Oracle ZFS Storage OS 8.2, adding the OpenStack Cinder driver for simplified cloud provisioning and orchestration, and integrated RESTful management APIs to enable customers to use common methods to deploy public and private clouds and provide IT as a service.

      Oracle ZFS Storage Appliances provide over 200 PB of storage for Oracle's public and private cloud offerings.

      Oracle Unveils Next Generation Virtual Compute Appliance
      Latest Engineered System Offers Turnkey Converged Infrastructure Solution for Private Clouds and Virtually Any Application
      To succeed in today's fast-moving business environment, modern businesses must be able to deploy innovative new applications and react to marketplace changes at a moment's notice. Often, integrating compute, network and storage infrastructure from several vendors, then provisioning and configuring these systems becomes a central impediment to the responsiveness required. Oracle's Virtual Compute Appliance allows companies to streamline these critical tasks with a single, integrated system designed to run virtually any application and support cloud services.

      With the Virtual Compute Appliance, customers get a converged infrastructure solution that can consolidate nearly all of data center workloads into a powerful, fault tolerant platform that is easy to use, grow and manage.

      Oracle Virtualization Newsletter
      June 2014 Issue Available

      The June 2014 edition of the Oracle Virtualization newsletter is now available! Learn about Oracle VM, Oracle Linux, and OpenStack, new Oracle VM Templates, a fantastic webcast on enterprise-scale deployments, content from Oracle partners, and much more.

      Read the latest edition online

      NetBeans Platform for Dummies
      By Geertjan Wielenga
      Geertjan writes, "The latest monthly update of "NetBeans Platform for Beginners" (released earlier this year, currently 379 pages) has been published. At the end of each month, everyone who has bought the book receives a notification that a new version is available for free for everyone who has bought the book. Ever since the release of the book 4 months ago, this has been the case. Today I received the notification and had a look at the book and it's, of course, slightly more awesome than it was before..."
      Java Cloud Service: Security
      By Jani Rautiainen

      Jani writes, "Java Cloud Service (JCS) provides a platform to develop and deploy business applications in the cloud. In Fusion Applications Cloud deployments customers do not have the option to deploy custom applications developed with JDeveloper to ensure the integrity and supportability of the hosted application service. Instead the custom applications can be deployed to the JCS and integrated to the Fusion Application Cloud instance.

      This series of articles will go through the features of JCS, provide end-to-end examples on how to develop and deploy applications on JCS and how to integrate them with the Fusion Applications instance..."

      New Solution Helps Communications Service Providers Transition to Virtualized Networks
      Oracle Communications Application Orchestrator Helps Service Providers Launch Services Considerably Faster
      With the growth of digital lifestyle services, communications service providers (CSPs) need agile and flexible networks to shorten their service development lifecycle and differentiate themselves from their competitors. Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) enables CSPs to accelerate the convergence of their IT and network domains and bring new services and applications to the marketplace more quickly. Oracle Communications Application Orchestrator supports CSPs in their migration to NFV, enabling them to move away from rigid network architectures designed for a few select services to a flexible platform that can be automatically reconfigured to support current and future services.
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