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Oracle Buys MICROS Systems
Adds Innovative Hospitality and Retail Technology Vendor to Expand Oracle into More Industries
Oracle announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire MICROS Systems, Inc., a provider of integrated software and hardware solutions to the Hospitality and Retail industries, for $68.00 per share in cash. The transaction is valued at approximately $5.3 billion, or $4.6 billion net of MICROS' cash.

Cloud, mobile, social, big data and the internet of things are impacting every industry, encouraging companies to modernize in order to compete effectively. The addition of MICROS extends Oracle's offerings in industries by combining MICROS' industry specific applications with Oracle's business applications, technologies and cloud portfolio. Together, Oracle and MICROS will help hotels, food & beverage facilities, and retailers to accelerate innovation, transform their businesses, and delight customers with complete, open and integrated solutions.

Atos IT Solutions and Services replaced IBM AIX with Oracle SuperCluster
Raises Platform Profitability by 1.5x and Reduces Total Cost of Ownership for Hosting Environment
Javier Puerta reports, "Atos IT Solutions and Services GmbH provides information technology (IT) solutions and services. It operates one of Europe's major data centers, managing the IT infrastructure for more than 100 Austrian companies in industries, including manufacturing, retail, financial services, telecommunications, and utilities. It offers IT outsourcing, business-process management, systems integration, and consulting for a variety of customer environments for business intelligence, customer relationship management, enterprise content management, enterprise resource planning, human resources, product lifecycle, and supply chain management. Atos IT Solutions and Services is a subsidiary of Atos SE, an international IT services company delivering managed operations, consulting, and systems integrations to a client base in 52 countries and multiple business sectors..."
Oracle Boosts Virtualization and Cloud Capabilities in Latest ZFS Storage ZS3 Series Release
Enhancements Include Leading Virtual Machine Storage Performance and Simplified VM Deployment and Monitoring
Enhancements to Oracle's ZFS Storage ZS3 Series provide a fast, efficient way to accelerate virtual machine (VM) deployment and monitoring, while virtually eliminating boot storms. The midrange ZFS Storage ZS3-2 can boot over 16,000 simultaneous VMs in under seven minutes.

Cloud capabilities have been extended in Oracle ZFS Storage OS 8.2, adding the OpenStack Cinder driver for simplified cloud provisioning and orchestration, and integrated RESTful management APIs to enable customers to use common methods to deploy public and private clouds and provide IT as a service.

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliances provide over 200 PB of storage for Oracle's public and private cloud offerings.

Oracle Unveils Next Generation Virtual Compute Appliance
Latest Engineered System Offers Turnkey Converged Infrastructure Solution for Private Clouds and Virtually Any Application
To succeed in today's fast-moving business environment, modern businesses must be able to deploy innovative new applications and react to marketplace changes at a moment's notice. Often, integrating compute, network and storage infrastructure from several vendors, then provisioning and configuring these systems becomes a central impediment to the responsiveness required. Oracle's Virtual Compute Appliance allows companies to streamline these critical tasks with a single, integrated system designed to run virtually any application and support cloud services.

With the Virtual Compute Appliance, customers get a converged infrastructure solution that can consolidate nearly all of data center workloads into a powerful, fault tolerant platform that is easy to use, grow and manage.

Oracle Virtualization Newsletter
June 2014 Issue Available

The June 2014 edition of the Oracle Virtualization newsletter is now available! Learn about Oracle VM, Oracle Linux, and OpenStack, new Oracle VM Templates, a fantastic webcast on enterprise-scale deployments, content from Oracle partners, and much more.

Read the latest edition online

IT - Technology
10 Evil Supercomputers -- and Their Bloodthirsty Plans for Our Demise
IT World, June 19th, 2014
"Anyone who works with technology knows that at some point or another, all computers behave as if they are evil supercomputers. But in the annals of science fiction, a very specific sort of villain has gradually emerged -- the sentient and usually hostile supercomputer that bedevils mankind with its inhuman motives and sinister agendas. Science fiction specializes in taking our cultural anxieties and flipping them into stories. As computers entered our lives, stories of out-of-control supercomputers soon followed. Here we take a look at some of the more infamous evil supercomputers in the history of science-fiction books, movies, television, and video games..."
    New Technology Promises Rewards, Poses Risk
    Information Management, June 23rd, 2014
    "With the goal of improving profitability through better decision-making and greater efficiencies in core functions, property/casualty insurance executives are counting on advanced technology to help them get the job done. Improvement initiatives range from data integration to investing in new technology for pricing, underwriting and claims, according to a survey by The Nolan Company..."
      8 Technologies That Are on the Way Out -- and One that We'll Never Be Rid Of
      IT Web, June 20th, 2014
      "In the blink of an eye, a technology that's on top today can be made obsolete by the next big thing. Six futurists predict which of today's common technologies are headed for the scrap heap, and what will replace them...

      We asked a panel of experts to peer into the future and identify some business and consumer technologies that are on their way out -- and what will replace them. Here are eight technologies they say we'll soon see the back of, plus one that it looks like we'll be stuck with forever..."

        10 Future Technologies You Need to Understand Now
        CRN, June 25th, 2014
        "Stay on top or be left behind. That's been the rallying cry for coaches in business, sports and life in general. Technologies have a way of catching up on businesses, which often focus more on keeping up with day-to-day activities and less on staying abreast of what the future might have in store. Take General Electric for a recent cautionary tale. Once the world's biggest, the company recently announced a $1 billion investment in its software business to play catch-up with the likes of IBM..."
        What's Machine Learning? It Depends on Who You Ask
        InfoWorld, June 23rd, 2014
        "As interest in machine learning has grown, its definition has expanded to include a panoply of techniques for automating knowledge and pattern discovery from fresh data ...

        Data scientists are professionals who use the most appropriate tools and methodologies to get their jobs done. The best data scientists avail themselves of the complete set of knowledge- and pattern-discovery approaches that involve statistical analysis.

        How should we refer to the sum total of data science techniques? Often, they are lumped under the term "advanced analytics." This phrase is deliberately vague in that it is intended as a catch-all for everything from statistical analysis and data mining to predictive modeling, natural language processing, support vector machines, and so on..."

        IT - Bitcoin
        Payments Industry Association: Bitcoin Has a Right to Exist
        CoindDesk, June 25th, 2014
        The CEO of the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA), which can boast giants such as MasterCard, Paypal and Amazon among its members, believes that, while the technology has yet to fully mature, bitcoin could one day offer advantages for the payments industry.

        Jason Oxman told the Wall Street Journal that the industry is undergoing profound change, with the arrival of new mobile payment systems and services that are backed by numerous technological advances in the field.

        It's David vs. Goliath in race to launch NY's first regulated bitcoin exchange
        New York Post, June 25th, 2014
        "Bitcoin's future might come down to David versus Goliath.

        Nasdaq, the stock exchange known for its high-tech stocks, and Marc Andreessen, the venture capitalist who co-founded Netscape, could soon be squaring off in a battle to become New York's first regulated exchange of the digital currency, sources told The Post.

        The push to create the exchange comes as the state's top financial watchdog is close to wrapping up new rules on bitcoin, according to four people familiar with the situation..."

        Stripe CTO: Bitcoin Could Unify the World's Financial Systems
        CoindDesk, June 29th, 2014
        "Greg Brockman, CTO of payments solutions provider Stripe, has said that rather than replacing the existing financial infrastructure per se, bitcoin holds promise as a unifying technology capable of bringing these two worlds together.

        Stripe offers businesses a suite of APIs that allow them to accept payments for products or services by a variety of means, and across many devices.

        As part of the company's vision to provide the greatest possible number of payment options, Stripe starting testing bitcoin payments in March of this year.

        Speaking in an interview with CoinDesk, Brockman said:..."

        6 Must-See Bitcoin Documentaries
        CoindDesk, June 29th, 2014
        "The story of bitcoin's journey into mainstream society seems practically made for Hollywood.

        From its introduction to the public in 2008 with Satoshi Nakamoto's white paper, up to today, bitcoin has endured dramatic highs and even more spellbinding lows as the community has matured alongside the technology.

        With all of the scandal, tales of overnight millionaires and the captivating nature of such a disruptive invention, it should come as no surprise that many filmmakers are jumping at the opportunity to tell stories about bitcoin's impact on people's lives and society as a whole..."

        California governor signs bill legalizing bitcoin
        RT, June 29th, 2014
        "California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill making alternative currencies, including bitcoin, lawful in the state.

        The bill repeals the provision of the old legislation, which banned the use of 'anything but the lawful money of the United States.'

        Authors of the amendment labeled the old regulatory regime as 'stagnant' and lagging behind Californian 'growing and innovative payments market'..."

        5 things you should know about Bitcoin's competitors
        Vox, June 27th, 2014
        "Most people have heard of Bitcoin, the biggest and most successful of the 'cryptocurrencies.' But there are dozens of other online payment systems, known as 'altcoins,' that have sprung up to compete with Bitcoin. Here are some facts about them..."
        BitBeat: Bitcoin Is 'World's Largest R&D Community' - Andreessen Horowitz
        WSJ, June 26th, 2014
        "Bitcoin's army of mostly volunteer computer developers represents the largest R&D community in the world, possibly numbering 10,000 of the smartest people on the planet.

        That bold claim comes from Chris Dixon, venture-capital-firm Andreessen Horowitz's go-to partner for digital-currency investments and widely followed Silicon Valley commentator on technology trends. He spoke to MoneyBeat at length this week..."

        How To Get Bitcoins
        CoinTelegraph, June 29th, 2014
        "When talking to people about Bitcoin, after explaining to them the benefits the technology brings, as I did at my job, the next question is always 'How can I get Bitcoins?'

        It is a question that doesn't have an obvious answer. The fiat world and the digital money world are separated by barriers and technology. It is simple to send Bitcoin across the world, but the process of simply turning greenbacks into Bitcoin can be frustratingly difficult.

        The good news: it is getting easier everyday..."

        Optimistic updates for Edit Data operations in MySQL for Excel
        By Javier Trevino
        In this blog post regarding MySQL for Excel features included since version 1.2.0, we are going to talk about a new option that is used along with Edit MySQL Data operations; very useful when editing data in a multi-user environment. If you are not familiar with editing MySQL data it is very advisable that you visit our thorough blog post about that topic: How To - Guide to editing MySQL data within Excel.

        Remember you can install the latest GA or maintenance version using the MySQL Installer or optionally you can download directly any GA or non-GA version from the MySQL Developer Zone.

        Cloud Computing
        Questions You Should Ask Your Cloud Provider
        By Mike Vilimek
        Mike writes, "The shift from complex and costly on-premise business software to flexible and more cost-effective cloud solutions is not only underway, it's inevitable. The business advantages both in terms of cost and functionality are simple too great to ignore. Whether it's HCM, ERP, or CX, businesses will continue to shift away from managing on-premise versions of these systems to cloud solutions.

        But are all cloud solutions the same? Certainly not. So how do you choose? Let's take a look at some of the differences and also what questions you should be asking your next potential cloud provider..."

          Oracle VM-Foundation for Private Cloud
          By Chris Kawalek
          Chris writes, "I wanted to draw your attention this week to a new resource kit entitled OracleVM-Foundation for Private Cloud. It's an easy to access one stop shop for everything related to Oracle VM and private cloud. In it, you'll find white papers, an eBook, an analyst report, cost calculator, and more. I hope you enjoy looking through it ..."
          Oracle Cloud at Cloud Expo NYC
          Gene Eun reports on Oracle's team at Cloud Expo conference
          "In case you missed it, the Oracle Cloud Solutions team had a significant presence at this month's Cloud Expo conference in New York City. As a Platinum Sponsor of this year's conference, not only did Sandra Cheevers deliver the Day Two keynote about Cloud Odyssey which chronicles a journey to private cloud, but Marty Gubar also presented a general session on Oracle's Big Data strategy. Oracle's cloud strategy and offerings were also well represented through a host of technical sessions and our demo booth..."
          A Wealth of Information on Oracle Linux
          By Chris Kawalek
          Chris Kawalek writes, "Our spotlight this week is on the large library of in-depth information about Oracle Linux on the Oracle documentation site. There is, of course, an administrator's guide, as you would expect. But there are also extremely comprehensive guides on Ksplice, DTrace, Spacewalk, security, and more. Check out the whole set for some Friday afternoon reading..."
          The Oracle Linux Newsletter
          June Issue is Available

          Chris Kawalek write, "The June 2014 edition of the Oracle Linux newsletter is now available. It contains information on Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, and OpenStack, an excellent white paper on the value of Oracle Linux, the latest release of the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel, and much more..."

          Oracle Linux 7 Release Candidate Now Available
          By Chris Kawalek

          Chris writes, "It's an exciting day for the Oracle Linux team because the Oracle Linux 7 release candidate is now available for download from Oracle Technology Network! Head on over to the OTN Oracle Linux downloads page and have a look at the Oracle Linux Beta Programs section to get it right now..."

          IT - Cloud
          Moving a Database to the Cloud? Wrap it in a Services Layer
          InfoWorld, June 20th, 2014
          "Most applications have some sort of database attached, and cloud-based applications are no different. In the world of cloud, you have many choices for database architecture, type of database, and number of databases to use. However, when it comes to database coupling, cloud developers often don't understand what the new rules are or how they apply.

          Typical cloud-based platforms provide services that are widely distributed. This includes database and middleware services, as well as core cloud-native interfaces such as those that provision and deprovision resources. The database should be considered as sets of services linking your application services to the data..."

            A Wakeup Call for the Cloud
            Network World, June 24th, 2014
            "Every so often something happens that should make people stop and think. That may have just happened in the cloud.

            Code Spaces is a company that hosted application development work in Amazon Web Service's cloud on behalf of its customers. On June 17 the company experienced a DDOS attack where traffic floods the company's servers. Multiple media outlets have reported that when company officials contacted the perpetrator, a ransom was demanded.

            When the money was not paid, the bad guys hacked into the Cloud Spaces administrative console for Code Space's AWS account and deleted what appears to be the entirety of the company's files. Code Spaces has since been shut down..."

            Cloud Contracts: 8 Questions to Ask
            Information Week, June 19th, 2014
            "What's a cloud service-level agreement (SLA) worth? Sometimes, not much.

            SLA language is often vague, reflecting a young industry where no one is certain just how porous provider guarantees may be. There are loopholes, like if you're notified of pending downtime due to regular maintenance that makes your service unavailable, that won't count toward the guaranteed amount of uptime promised each year..."

              Cloud Migration Turbulence Continues, Survey Says
              Information Week, June 24th, 2014
              "Many enterprise users are reporting unexpected challenges in their move to the cloud and would like more visibility into their workloads there, according to a survey of more than 400 IT professionals in the US, Europe, and Asia Pacific by Enterprise Management Associates.

              The 415 survey participants reported using an average of three cloud vendors. Early customers of cloud services have found that the realities of operating a cloud footprint can include unpleasant surprises, Enterprise Management Associates said in a report based on its survey..."

              Cloud Security: Think Today's Reality, not Yesterday's Policy
              Dark Reading, June 25th, 2014
              "SaaS, BYOD, and mobility are inseparable, yet time and time again companies attempt to compartmentalize the three when they make a move to the cloud. That's a big mistake.

              When an enterprise sanctions or whitelists a SaaS application, promoting it out of "Shadow IT" without allowing for that application to be accessed from any device in any location, it further establishes a dichotomy between the old guard IT way of thinking (users can be persuaded to access data only over the WAN) and the new guard that embraces cloud, mobility, and the idea of accessing data anywhere, any time, and from any device..."

              Cloud Security for Rational Leaders: A Practical Approach for the C-Suite
              Business 2 Community, June 25th, 2014
              "News headlines are filled with enough stories about compromised data security, potentially driving executives away from networked and cloud solutions and back to the proverbial days of stuffing cash in a mattress. However, effective leaders recognize that threats to a computing environment are always present, and believe a more fruitful approach to operate a secure organization is to direct their IT teams to manage against real - not simply perceived - threats..."
              How To Choose Between Custom And Commodity Clouds
              InfoWorld, June 26th, 2014
              "Not all cloud infrastructures are built the same way, and not all applications, services, and frameworks are built for cloud computing.

              In this week's New Tech Forum, Brent Bensten, CTO of custom cloud provider Carpathia, discusses the phenomenon of 'bottom dollar' cloud computing and what that means from a performance, security, and regulatory perspective -- and how to make sure the cloud resources you choose are the right tools for the job. -- Paul Venezia..."

              Net Neutrality Retreat Threatens Cloud Growth
              Network Computing, June 23rd, 2014
              "A proposal to undermine net neutrality by allowing ISPs to charge for 'fast lane' traffic would create competitive barriers for businesses and stymie cloud adoption.

              I'm about as pro-capitalism as one gets. Nevertheless, I believe there are instances when the US government must step in and impose regulation on industries with near monopolies. Our Internet carriers are one example of a near monopoly. That's why I'm very much in favor of net neutrality to protect customers from being shaken down by a handful of carriers..."

                Should You Entrust Your Systems Management to the Cloud?
                The Register, June 24th, 2014
                "Anyone who regularly reads my column knows that I am not exactly the biggest fan of the cloud, but the quality of the CSSM applications I have encountered so far is triggering reconsideration.

                The basic reasoning behind using a CSSM is that the on-premises offerings are pretty universally miserable to work with. They are old, creaky beasts with layers upon layers of features and nerd knobs. They are a pig to set up, a pig to maintain and they take crazy amounts of resources.

                Worse, the on-premises offerings either flat-out cost too much or the licensing was created by consulting the ghosts of Microsoft licensing specialists past..."

                What Does PaaS Really Mean? Let Us Know if You Find Out
                InfoWorld, June 24th, 2014
                "It's been nearly five years since the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) published what has become the standard definition of cloud computing. Both the tech industry and IT organizations have been good about following the NIST definitions for IaaS and SaaS -- not so much for PaaS, a terms that remains confusing and is used confusingly..."
                Data Distribution
                Information Management, June 23rd, 2014
                "I had a nice conversation with an old stats colleague the other day. He's a SAS analyst still, while I've mostly migrated to R, though I like SAS-clone WPS a lot as a data science platform. We reminisced about the 80's and 90's of statistics and pre-data warehouse analytics - a time when SAS was not only our statistical package of choice but also a primary data integration programming platform. The discussion evolved to the topic of data exploration, which occupies much of our DS effort today. Fortunately, the tools we have to explore data have advanced considerably over the years..."
                SEC Cybersecurity Initiative Puts Spotlight on Data Strategy
                SearchCompliance, June 25th, 2014
                "In response to recent security breaches at major retailers like Target and numerous reports of cyber espionage against financial institutions, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has made strides to improve cybersecurity for the organizations it regulates. But regardless of whether a company is subject to SEC oversight or not, the development is an important one for all businesses. The launch of the SEC cybersecurity initiative opens a new chapter in an increasing drive toward regulation of the private sector's information systems..."
                Murder in the Amazon Cloud
                InfoWorld, June 23rd, 2014
                "The demise of Code Spaces at the hands of an attacker shows that, in the cloud, off-site backups and separation of services could be key to survival

                Code Spaces was a company that offered developers source code repositories and project management services using Git or Subversion, among other options. It had been going for seven years, and it had no shortage of customers. But it's all over now -- the company was essentially murdered by an attacker..."

                IT - CxO
                How to Write a Job Description that Attracts Top IT Talent
                IT Web, June 17th, 2014
                "Developing and posting the listing for an open job is a lot like writing and submitting an online dating profile -- but for your company. Seriously. You're looking for the perfect fit -- someone who'll bring just the right skills and knowledge and also fit seamlessly into your company culture, and who'll stick around for a long-term relationship. But presenting the most accurate information and articulating the best possible face of your company in the job description is much more difficult than it seems..."
                  Maybe It Really Does Matter Who the CISO Reports To
                  CSO Online, June 20th, 2014
                  "Target's recent appointment of Brad Maiorino was received with great fanfare this past week, an indication that Target was willing to bring in the 'big guns' to address security in the wake of last Fall's massive data breach at the big box retailer. But the disclosure that the position will report to Target's CIO has rekindled the debate about what the most effective reporting structure should be for the CISO to deliver better overall security..."
                  The No. 1 Small Place to Work in IT: Noah Consulting
                  ComputerWorld, June 23rd, 2014
                  "Noah Consulting had a couple of hurdles to clear on its way to becoming the No. 1 small place to work in IT: It's an all-virtual company with employees scattered across the country, in a field that's synonymous with long hours and cutthroat competition among co-workers.

                  So how does the Houston-based information management consultancy counter those oh-so-modern problems and keep its 60 IT employees happy? With a secret weapon that's decidedly old-school: a tug-of-war..."

                  Which IT Is Really Core?
                  Information Week, June 23rd, 2014
                  "Box's Aaron Levie, GM's Randy Mott, and others weigh in on the role of outsourcing, insourcing, cloud.

                  It's a variation of the old build vs. buy decision: Which IT systems and practices are a company's core competency, and which ones should it farm out to cloud, outsourcing, and other third-party providers?

                  Those questions have gotten only more complex with new technology models and choices. At the InformationWeek Conference in Las Vegas last April..."

                  Why Senior Leaders Are the Front Line Against Cyberattacks
                  Information Week, June 25th, 2014
                  "Why isn't more being done to protect critical information assets? Senior executives understand that the global economy is still not sufficiently protected against cyberattacks, despite years of effort and annual spending of tens of billions of dollars. They understand that risk alone undermines trust and confidence in the digital economy, reducing its potential value by as much as $3 trillion by 2020..."
                    IT - PM
                    Why Software Builds Fail
                    IT World, June 24th, 2014
                    "Software builds - that is, compiling programs into machine executable code - is an important part of most developers' lives. When builds fail, due to compilation errors, it requires programmers to take extra time and brainpower to find and fix the problem, reducing their productivity. A better understanding of the cause of frequent software build errors, then, could help lead to new or improved development tools that would reduce these errors and increase developer output..."
                      IT - Networks
                      How Networking's "Per Port" Discussion Will Change Over the Next 3 Years
                      Business 2 Community, June 25th, 2014
                      "When people talk about pricing and switch sizes today, answers are usually framed up in some derivative of the per-port discussion. If you ask a vendor how much a switch costs, they will typically report back some price-per-port number. The term has become the de facto standard on how we talk about switches.

                      Forgetting for a moment that everyone is using more or less the same switch silicon, how companies frame up things like performance and price varies from switch to switch. You would think that with the entire world centered around Broadcom, the industry would at least settle on standard terminology and measurements..."

                      It's Time to Get Moving On IPv6 Rollout
                      ComputerWorld, June 26th, 2014
                      "As the dwindling number of IPv4 addresses starts to cause problems for organizations around the world, the time has come to roll out IPv6 on a larger scale and leave behind dead-end technologies that delay the inevitable, according to the chief of the regional Internet registry in the Asia-Pacific region.

                      The newer version of the Internet Protocol supports an almost inexhaustible number of addresses thanks to a 128-bit long address field. In comparison, Version 4 uses a 32-bit address field. Since every connected device on the Internet needs an IP address, there is increasing pressure to move to IPv6 as more non-computer devices come online in the so-called Internet of Things..."

                      Changing the Way We Configure and Provision Our Networks
                      Business 2 Community, June 26th, 2014
                      "Some people believe good or bad things always happen in 3s. I believe you will always be able to find 3 (and probably more) things that are good or bad and somewhat related, but sometimes I get surprised by the apparent coincidental appearance of several closely related 'things'. Last week the folks at posted a second installment of their 'policy in the datacenter' discussion, Cisco announced the acquisition of tail-f and internal to Plexxi we had several intense architectural discussions around Configuration, Provisioning and Policy management. Maybe we can declare June CP&P month for networking..."
                      SDN System Controls Hundreds of Cisco Routers; Saves Contractor Time, Money
                      Network World, June 23rd, 2014
                      "A global environmental engineering company is turning to software-defined networking as a way to boost productivity and save money.

                      MWH Global, a Colorado-based construction manager of wet infrastructure - water transmission and transportation systems - is deploying a software-defined WAN to automate the set up and tear down of branch router networks at remote worksites and simplify management. MWH Global provides environmental engineering, strategic planning, construction, and management for water-related projects, including the expansion of the Panama Canal, building water treatment or desalination plants, water transmission systems, and storage facilities..."

                      Network Autonomy - Feedback Defined Networking
                      Business 2 Community, June 26th, 2014
                      "About 8 years ago at my previous employer we started a project related to Autonomic Networking. Autonomic Networking is modeled after Autonomic Computing, an IBM initiative from the early 2000s, targeted at creating self managing computing elements. The network version intends to create a framework by which network elements become largely self managed. It does so by defining discovery, awareness and analytics that build some sense of state. Once a network has a sense of its expected state, anything that alters that state can be reacted to following a set of defined or even learned rules..."
                      IT - Operations
                      Automation + IT Sprawl = Failure Waiting to Happen
                      SearchDataCenter, June 20th, 2014
                      "The core of modern IT and data center operation is automation. It's the key to the five-minute virtual machine, elastic scaling, DevOps, continuous deployment and more. And it's the spark that ignites devastation when things go wrong.

                      Any time you have to perform a manual operation, the task takes longer, is more prone to errors and costs more. Do you need to improve efficiency? Automation is the way to go. Improve your server-to-admin ratio? Automate. Drive IT agility? More automation..."

                      Five Experts' Do's and Don'ts Of Building a Data Center
                      SearchDataCenter, June 24th, 2014
                      "There are certain tricks to building and maintaining a data center that only experienced professionals can tell you.

                      These tips from five experts who spoke at the AFCOM Symposium this month offer a cross-disciplinary look at how to build, manage and operate a data center successfully..."

                        IT - Security
                        Key Internet of Things Privacy and Security Issues
                        Help Net Security, June 23rd, 2014
                        "When Chris LeBeau stepped into the top IT position at Peoria, Ill.-based Advanced Technology Services (ATS) nearly two years ago, he formulated a clear objective for the IT division: putting the right technology tools and capabilities into the hands of the company's 3,000 employees to help them be more efficient and effective..."
                          3 Strategies for the New Era of Enterprise Cybersecurity
                          CIO, June 17th, 2014
                          "The pace of change for Information Technology is challenging established notions of "What is IT?" and "What is Information Security in the modern age?" For one example, the "new" data center technologies such as virtualization, Software-Defined Networking (SDN), service-oriented delivery models, and cloud computing have radically changed the typical IT infrastructure from a defined set of assets owned and controlled by the organization to a constantly fluctuating roster of resources that can come and go from IT department visibility and control..."
                          A Security Awareness Success Story
                          ComputerWorld, June 25th, 2014
                          "The problem with Security Awareness programs is that it is hard to prove their successes. As with all security countermeasures, success is usually that nothing happens. Ideally, success also means that there is a report of the attempted attack, however that is rarely the case. With technical countermeasures however, logs are usually maintained that allow people to point to all of the prevented attacks..."
                          Decoding Threat Intelligence
                          Network World, June 24th, 2014
                          "In my travels and meeting with 400 CISOs a year, I find there is much confusion around threat intelligence. Many that need it do not have the foundational elements and maturity to consume the information to make it actionable. It's critical to know what intelligence is, what kind you need, and how to build the organization to consume it.

                          Understanding the nature of the threats to your enterprise may not involve swords and dragons, but one mistake can have dire consequences. It is for this reason the words "threat intelligence" have become associated with a growing number of security products and services..."

                          Gartner: Top Trends in IT Security Technology
                          Network World, June 23rd, 2014
                          "Gartner kicked off its annual Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit 2014 by pointing to the top threat challenges heading into next year - and added that in the future, the term IT security will give way to 'digital security' to encompass newer challenges, such as the Internet of Things...

                          Because of trends such as 'Bring Your Own Device' for employees with smartphones and tablets and the Internet of Things (IoT) in which a wide range of industrial and consumer products are expected to be networked in ways not known before, the IT security practices that might be defined today by the chief information security officer (CISO) will have to be expanded..."

                          PayPal Error Shows How NOT to Use Two-Factor Authentication
                          Network World, June 26th, 2014
                          "A PayPal error made it possible to bypass two-factor authentication on a user account, demonstrating what can go wrong in deploying a tricky security mechanism.

                          PayPal has deployed a temporary fix for the problem that was the result of what could have been a design flaw in the authentication flow between the payment service's mobile app and server..."

                          Security Skills Shortage is Real, and It's Not Going Away Anytime Soon
                          ComputerWorld, June 20th, 2014
                          "There's good news and bad on the cybersecurity skills availability front.

                          On the positive side, the current shortage of cybersecurity professionals in the U.S will likely resolve itself over the next several years as the result of recent efforts involving education, training and security awareness.

                          But for the time being, organizations will find it disturbingly difficult to recruit the skilled workers they need to defend themselves from internal and external threats, the RAND Corp. warned this week..."

                          IT - Careers
                          9 Signs You Should Jump Ship to a New Job
                          InfoWorld, June 23rd, 2014
                          "Poor teamwork, little experimentation, no clear career path -- your employer may be sending unmistakable signals of career stagnation. Don't miss them...

                          Here are some leading indicators that your IT career growth might be of little interest in your current employment and that staying where you are could mean further spinning your wheels at a time when your technology skills are in great demand..."

                            12 Characteristics of Successful IT Professionals
                            IT Web, June 24th, 2014
                            "I was at a networking meeting the other evening and was asked the typical question 'What do you do?' I answered with my normal turn of phrase 'I teach leadership and soft skills to IT people. How about you, what do you do?' The returned reply was not what I expected. Instead of the person launching off on a description of his chosen profession, he replied by saying 'Wow, my daughter just graduated college with a degree in Computer Science and landed a job with an insurance company in their IT department. What makes an IT person successful?' I answered with the expected list of characteristics such as having a deep understanding of the technology, business acumen, being a team player, etc.

                            Upon returning home two hours and a glass of wine later, his question still resonated with me. Upon deeper thought, I settled on these twelve attributes..."

                              Standing Desks: What I've Learned
                              Information Week, June 20th, 2014
                              "After a year of using one, I'm sold on the idea of the standing desk -- also known as the all-day fidget desk. I've been using a standing desk for about a year now, and I've learned some things about it, and about myself.

                              I started using a standing desk because my knee was bugging me, and sitting made it worse, and because of the general 'sitting is the new bubonic plague' kind of articles I'd been reading. I tried sitting on an exercise ball a couple of times and felt ridiculous, like I was getting punished for goofing off in gym class..."

                                IT - Virtualization
                                The Analytic Trifecta: Abstraction, the Cloud and Visualization
                                Information Management, June 20th, 2014
                                "Across almost every industry today, 21st century companies are transforming into data-driven companies. In many ways, this transformation is challenging, not just because of big data - or, data's volume, velocity and variety - but also because of the growing need for data integration agility. Complex data silos afford only an incomplete picture into data and they slow down the ability to provide access or gain timely insights. In industries such as life sciences, we must also give notice to the bevy of operational, regulatory and compliance requirements that pose additional access, governance and sharing challenges..."
                                Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3-2 Sets World Record on SPC-2/E Benchmark, Beats IBM and HP on Price/Performance
                                New World Record Demonstrates Customers Can Maximize Storage Performance and Data Center Budget Simultaneously with Oracle ZS3 Series
                                Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3-2 set a new SPC-2/E world record with the best overall price/performance and the most efficient energy use with the highest performance per watt(1). These results demonstrate Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3-2 can offer customers excellent price/performance for high-throughput workloads such as data warehouse, business analytics and video on-demand applications. The ZFS Storage ZS3-2 beats IBM DS8870 by 10x and HP P9500 by 7x on price/performance.
                                IT - Database
                                Moving a Database to the Cloud? Wrap It in a Services Layer
                                InfoWorld, June 24th, 2014
                                "Most applications have some sort of database attached, and cloud-based applications are no different. In the world of cloud, you have many choices for database architecture, type of database, and number of databases to use. However, when it comes to database coupling, cloud developers often don't understand what the new rules are or how they apply.

                                Typical cloud-based platforms provide services that are widely distributed. This includes database and middleware services, as well as core cloud-native interfaces such as those that provision and deprovision resources. The database should be considered as sets of services linking your application services to the data..."

                                  IT - Backup
                                  Don't Use the Same External Drive for Backup and Storage
                                  ComputerWorld, June 19th, 2014
                                  "Marios Papadopoulos stores media files on a 1TB external hard drive. He asked about using the same drive for backup.

                                  Technically speaking, there's no reason why you couldn't use the same hard drive for backing up your internal drive and storing overflow data that don't fit on your internal drive. But doing so is a really bad idea.

                                  First of all, if there are files you're storing exclusively on the external hard drive, those files need to be backed up. Remember the two primary rules of backup:..."

                                    IT - Big Data
                                    6 tips for making predictive analytics succeed
                                    Information Week, June 24th, 2014
                                    "Predictive analytics is fast becoming a mainstream technology tied to business outcomes, so the playing field is expanding from data science labs into the business and even corner offices.

                                    According to TDWI 's Predictive Analytics for Business Advantages 2014 survey, business analysts will soon overtake statisticians and data scientists as the top users of predictive analytics tools. To prepare for this transformation, where data teams and business managers work closely together, here are six tips to help companies take advantage of predictive analytics:..."

                                    FIFA World Cup 2014: How Data Analytics Can Provide the Ultimate Edge
                                    Information Week, June 26th, 2014
                                    "In this year's World Cup, teams will benefit, not only from training, but from technology that analyzes each of those events in combination with data from sensors, video, and more to build an unbeatable strategy. Like most businesses, soccer clubs face a data explosion, which is causing them to grapple with massive amounts of information from sensors, video feeds, social media, and other sources. To make sense of all this information, clubs are using new big-data analytics technologies to improve their team personnel and on-field performance..."
                                    Seven Data Science Lessons From McGraw-Hill Education Analytics Guru
                                    SearchCIO, June 25th, 2014
                                    "Big data analytics is going to the school room. While retailers use analytics to entice buyers to purchase more products, and automobile insurers want to learn more about an individual's driving behavior, educators are also using data science to get closer to their customers.

                                    Alfred Essa, vice president of analytics and R&D at McGraw-Hill Education in New York City and a panelist at the recent Useful Business Analytics Summit in Boston, outlined how he and his team are applying analytics to some of education's most persistent challenges. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how Essa trains data scientists and how his data science team is working to build sustainable and scalable data products..."

                                    IT - Mobile
                                    Wearables at Work: Early Adopters Will Win
                                    Information Week, June 23rd, 2014
                                    "Wearable technology can improve productivity, but expect to manage more data sets, APIs, and security issues before reaping the rewards.

                                    The sun is setting on the golden age of the smartphone. And the same goes for tablets. We are entering the post-mobile world.

                                    Need to send a message to your friend? Talk to your smartwatch. Need directions? Consult your glasses. Have to contact your doctor about your latest blood pressure readings? That monitor you're wearing already did it.

                                    OK, let's not get completely ahead of ourselves. Smartphones and tablets are here to stay, but their sales have begun to level off, and the technology industry is ready for the next big thing..."

                                    Why IT's Mobility Efforts still Fall Short
                                    Information Week, June 24th, 2014
                                    "In most companies, support of mobile devices hasn't been IT's finest hour, particularly when it comes to helping employees use new devices. In fact, the process of embracing mobility for workers in many companies follows painfully close to the Kübler-Ross model of the five stages of grief -- denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. The process has been far from the warm, welcoming embrace IT has given to technologies such as virtualization or solid state storage..."
                                      IT - BYOD
                                      Why One CIO Is Saying 'No' to BYOD
                                      CIO Today, June 24th, 2014
                                      "Every six months, an employee at electrical contractor Rosendin Electric will walk into CIO Sam Lamonica's office in San Jose with a question: 'How come I can't use my own phone for work?'

                                      Rosendin Electric has thousands of employees, hundreds of smartphones, more than 400 iPads and a few Microsoft Surface tablets -- none are Bring Your Own Devices."

                                      "We would probably never have a BYOD environment here," Lamonica says.

                                      Lamonica isn't alone, either. There's a growing BYOD backlash among CIOs that threatens to derail the once-high-flying computing trend.

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                                      • Playing with ZFS Shadow Migration
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                                      • 9 tools to help you with Java Performance Tuning
                                      • More on OpenStack Networking by Ronen Kofman
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                                      • A Perfect Match: Java and the Internet of Things
                                      • Top Five Best Practices for your Application PaaS

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                                        IT - Server
                                        MIT Experimental 36-Core Chip Spurs Speed Experiments
                                        InfoWorld, June 24th, 2014
                                        "Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a 36-core processor in an effort to find new ways to eke more performance out of chips.

                                        The chip is designed to reduce the number of cycles required to execute tasks by enabling data transfers between cores and cache in a more coherent manner, said Bhavya Daya, a Ph.D. candidate in MIT's Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. With the help of mini-routers, MIT researchers have devised a novel way to reroute data packets to free up bandwidth within multicore chips, Daya said. The research could benefit highly parallel applications such as financial analytics and particle simulation studies..."

                                        IT - Encryption
                                        Encrypted Web Traffic can Reveal Highly Sensitive Information
                                        InfoWorld, June 24th, 2014
                                        "Analyzing encrypted Web traffic can potentially reveal highly sensitive information such as medical conditions and sexual orientation, according to a research paper that forecasts how privacy on the Internet may erode.

                                        In a paper titled 'I Know Why You Went to the Clinic,' researchers show that by observing encrypted Web traffic and identifying patterns, it is possible to know what pages a person has visited on a website, giving clues to their personal life. The paper will be presented July 16 at the Privacy-Enhancing Technology Forum in Amsterdam..."

                                          The Quantum Cryptography Arms Race has Begun
                                          InfoWorld, June 24th, 2014
                                          "I've been fascinated by quantum computing and quantum cryptography for many years. Quantum computing promises to give us much faster computers, while quantum cryptography promises unbreakable crypto.

                                          While the theory of quantum computing has been around since the early 1980s, creating widely usable quantum computers and systems has proven devilishly difficult. Scientists make incremental improvements every year and promise usable quantum systems in a decade's time. The barriers are both technical and market-driven..."

                                          NetBeans Platform for Dummies
                                          By Geertjan Wielenga
                                          Geertjan writes, "The latest monthly update of "NetBeans Platform for Beginners" (released earlier this year, currently 379 pages) has been published. At the end of each month, everyone who has bought the book receives a notification that a new version is available for free for everyone who has bought the book. Ever since the release of the book 4 months ago, this has been the case. Today I received the notification and had a look at the book and it's, of course, slightly more awesome than it was before..."
                                          Java Cloud Service: Security
                                          By Jani Rautiainen

                                          Jani writes, "Java Cloud Service (JCS) provides a platform to develop and deploy business applications in the cloud. In Fusion Applications Cloud deployments customers do not have the option to deploy custom applications developed with JDeveloper to ensure the integrity and supportability of the hosted application service. Instead the custom applications can be deployed to the JCS and integrated to the Fusion Application Cloud instance.

                                          This series of articles will go through the features of JCS, provide end-to-end examples on how to develop and deploy applications on JCS and how to integrate them with the Fusion Applications instance..."

                                          Nexenta News
                                          Nexenta Reduce Storage Management Times by Almost 90% for European Hosting Company
                                          Nexenta announced it has reduced storage management times at Rivebit by 87.5% whilst boosting capacity and performance.

                                          Launched this year by IT and VMware specialist Roberto Bondavalli, Rivebit is a growing provider of virtualisation and consolidation, disaster recovery, cloud-based backup and cloud PBX services to SMEs in Northern Italy. With a focus on becoming the region's leading Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud provider, Rivebit already manages its customers' data across two sites and has plans to grow this footprint in the future.

                                          Nexenta Named Gold Winner in 2014 Hot Companies and Best Products Award
                                          Network Products Guide
                                          Nexenta announced that Network Products Guide, the industry's leading technology research and advisory guide, has named Nexenta's NexentaStor a Gold Winner for the 9th Annual 2014 Hot Companies and Best Products Awards in the "Hot Technologies" category.

                                          'We're honored to have been named a Gold Award winner in Network Products Guide's Best Products award program,' said Tarkan Maner, CEO and Chairman of Nexenta. 'This recognition further validates Nexenta's success as a key solution in the growing Software-Defined Storage industry.'

                                          Dell Outlines Software-Defined Storage Strategy
                                          Compellent, Nexenta Play Key Roles
                                          "Dell, which has made several acquisitions to become one of the top SMB and enterprise storage vendors, is looking to take its software-defined storage strategy to the next level...

                                          Tarkan Maner, CEO of Nexenta, told CRN his company takes a software-only approach to storage virtualization with ties to VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, and OpenStack environments.

                                          While all system vendors including Dell have their own storage platforms, customers also want choice in the cloud, which Nexenta can provide with its open source support, Maner said..."

                                          Level3 News
                                          tw telecom Wins Seven ATLANTIC-ACM 2014 North American Business Connectivity Awards
                                          Awards based on approximately 4,000 individual ratings by enterprise customers
                                          tw telecom inc. announced that ATLANTIC-ACM, a leading provider of strategic research and consulting services to the communications and information industries, selected the company as a recipient of seven best in class North American Business Connectivity Awards. The categories awarded are: Large Service Provider Brand, Sales Reps, Provisioning, Network Performance, Customer Service, Voice Value, and Data Value.
                                          tw telecom More than Doubles Network Footprint in Las Vegas
                                          to further deploy its industry-leading portfolio of data and Internet services
                                          tw telecom, a leading provider of Business Ethernet and networking solutions, announced it is extending the company's network capabilities in its Las Vegas market into North Las Vegas and south into Spring Valley and Henderson.

                                          The company will leverage this market expansion to further deploy its industry-leading portfolio of data and Internet services to more enterprises, including its innovative Business Ethernet and Intelligent Network capabilities.

                                          tw telecom is First Provider of Business Ethernet Solutions
                                          via the Equinix Cloud Exchange in Seattle Data Center
                                          tw telecom announced an agreement with Equinix, Inc., a global interconnection and data center company, to be the first company to provide customers with Business Ethernet solutions in the Seattle SE3 International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center facility; including via the Equinix Cloud Exchange.

                                          Using tw telecom's eLynksm product suite, customers can connect between any two of the company's on-net data centers or to thousands of customer locations nationwide on its network. tw telecom's network also features the company's Intelligent Network, a highly scalable solution providing real-time automation to help increase productivity and more efficiently manage costs.

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