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Manageability with Oracle Database 12c
By Javier Puerta
Javier writes, "Modern enterprises are aggressively adopting new technology solutions to enhance their competitiveness and profitability. As a result, management challenges continue to rise. Oracle Database 12c addresses these critical challenges by enabling database administrators to maintain database performance at peak levels, adopt new technology rapidly and without risk, and increase DBA productivity and system availability by automating routine administrative tasks. Oracle Database 12c managed by Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c offers next-generation database management for the next-generation DBA..."

Download this new whitepaper: Manageability with Oracle Database 12c. An Oracle White Paper, June 2014

Oracle Announces Annual Oracle PartnerNetwork Kickoff Event
Virtual Session Will Provide Partners with Strategies for Growth and Success in Fiscal Year 2015
"Oracle's 25,000 partners play an important and strategic role in the company's success and that of its customers worldwide. Oracle is committed to providing its valued partner community with the programs, technology, and educational opportunities they need to expand and differentiate their business in the market and grow revenue. To provide partners with strategies for success in Fiscal Year 2015 (FY15), Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) and Oracle executives, including President Mark Hurd and Senior Vice President of Worldwide Alliances & Channels, Rich Gerrafo, will host the sixth annual OPN global kickoff event on June 25, 2014..."
SQL queries preview before sent to server in MySQL for Excel
MySQL for Excel 1.2.0.
Javier Trevino blogs, "we are going to cover a pretty useful piece of functionality introduced since MySQL for Excel 1.2.0. Remember you can install the latest GA or maintenance version using the MySQL Installer or optionally you can download directly any GA or non-GA version from the MySQL Developer Zone.

MySQL for Excel makes the data handling in and out of a MySQL server as friendly and simple as possible, for this reason the generation of the SQL queries needed to perform the data operations is transparent for users..."

Cloud Computing
Oracle Buys LiveLOOK
Strengthens Oracle Service Cloud with Leading Co-Browse Technology to Improve Customer Experiences through Connected Real-Time Engagements
Oracle announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire LiveLOOK, a leading provider of real-time, visual collaboration technology for co-browsing and screen sharing.

LiveLOOK's cloud-based co-browse technology enables customer service and sales agents to collaborate and visually guide consumers through web and mobile environments to resolve issues effectively and improve the quality of buying decisions. Oracle has over 100 global customers using LiveLOOK's co-browse technology as an embedded part of Oracle Service Cloud offering.

Faster Big Data Analytics
By Peter Jeffcock
Peter writes, "Oracle Exadata is our engineered system optimized to run Oracle Database as fast and efficiently as possible. There are some optimizations that Exadata uses to speed up queries. One of them is called Smart Scan.

The big bottleneck in completing a query is moving data around. Imagine that in order to complete your query, you needed sales figures for just one US state. Traditionally the database would load all the sales figures into the server and process it there. Smart Scan pushes that processing down to the storage server holding the data. Processing is done locally, and the storage server returns only the needed data from that one state. Data movement is minimized, and the query returns much faster..."

vBeers @ Miami: Wed June 25th
New Location! The DRB (Democratic Republic Of Beer)
Come out and connect with other professionals in your industry! vBeers is a great event meant to promote growth of the IT industry here in South Florida. Register today so you can be a part of this great monthly event! Feel free to invite all of your friends and co workers who work in the IT industry!

This will be a Sponsored event so beers are on us. Join us for an evening of creating connections and building your network in a relaxed and fun environment.

There is absolutely NO SALES PITCH, just FREE ice cold beers and tech talk!

'Meet-Ups' are an essential aspect of your professional growth and development. Connect with an array of professionals while enjoying a drink or two.

The DRB is also giving all of our guests 15% off all food!

Sponsors: DRB, SherlockTech Staffing, Vault Networks, Nexenta Systems and PCS

Register for Miami Event

Deploy Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Solution-in-a-Box on Oracle Database Appliance
By Ravi Sharma
Ravi writes, "The new Oracle White Paper title Solution-in-a-box: Deploying Highly Available Monitoring Infrastructure using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c and Oracle Database Appliance is now available.

This white paper outlines the process of setting up the complete stack of Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c on Oracle Database Appliance Virtualized Platform. Now you can deploy a highly available Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c configuration including Oracle Management Repository (OMR) database servers and Oracle Management Service (OMS) servers almost instantaneously..."

Why DBAs care about Storage?
Launch Webcast Replay
A web replay covering the advantages of using Oracle's ZS3 storage with the Oracle Database is now available. The webcast will cover how the unique integration features between the Oracle Database & the ZS3 storage platform simplifies many of the daily tasks of a database administrator thus making Oracle's storage the ideal choice for Oracle Databases.

Doug Chamberlain, Principal Product Manager for ZS3 is the guest speaker.

Playing with ZFS Shadow Migration
Migrate data from one system to another system

Part 3 of a series that describes the key features of ZFS in Oracle Solaris 11 and provides step-by-step procedures explaining how to use them. This article describes the Shadow Migration feature and shows how to use it to migrate data from one system to another system.

Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Vol 196 Issue 1 and 2; Vol 195 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 194 Issues 4 and 5;
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

  • ZFS RAIDZ stripe width, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love RAIDZ
  • Oracle Announces New, Highly Optimized x86 Servers
  • Oracle Corp: An Overview, And Why Investors Should Buy This Stock
  • Oracle SPARC M6-32 E-Book
  • Playing with Swap Monitoring and Increasing Swap Space Using ZFS Volumes
  • Oracle's New Memory-Optimized x86 Servers
  • Launch Webcast: Announcing the Next-Generation of Virtual Compute Appliance
  • Java EE 7 turns one today!
  • In-Memory Boosts Oracle OLTP By 2X, Analytics By 1000X
  • The Ideal Platform for Oracle Database 12c In-Memory and in-memory Applications

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    LibreOffice 4.2.5
    fifth minor release
    The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 4.2.5 'Fresh', the fifth minor release of the most feature rich version of the software, ready for enterprise deployments. For more conservative users, The Document Foundation suggests LibreOffice 4.1.6 'Stable'.

    LibreOffice 4.2.5, as well as LibreOffice 4.1.6, have been developed by over 800 contributors, who have joined the project since the launch in late September 2010 '

    "This is a wonderful achievement", said Thorsten Behrens, Chairman of The Document Foundation. "We have managed to attract at least three new contributors per month, for 46 months in a row, with an average of more than 200 new contributors per year".

    9 tools to help you with Java Performance Tuning
    By Alex Marshall
    "Previously I wrote an article about 5 tools to help you write better java code which helped to improve our code but also our productivity," writes Alex Marshall. "At IDR Solutions we are always looking at ways to improve our code and lately we have been looking at improving our java code in our PDF to HTML5 Converter and Java PDF Library and I noticed that recently one of the areas of focus as been on improving and Java Performance.

    In this article I will be taking a look at 9 tools to help you with Java Performance Tuning, some are used by us at IDR Solutions and others that we may use for personal projects..."

    Enterprise Manager Indepth Newsletter
    June Editions
    The June issue of the Enterprise Manager Indepth Newsletter is now available here.


    • Accelerate Private Cloud Adoption with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 4
    • Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 4 Introduces Groundbreaking Database Management Capabilities
    • Latest Oracle Enterprise Manager Release Includes Major Enhancements for Managing Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c

    Read on ...

    More on OpenStack Networking by Ronen Kofman
    By Chris Kawalek
    Chris writes," Our spotlight this week is on the latest entry in a series by Ronen Kofman about OpenStack networking:

    Diving into OpenStack Network Architecture - Part 3 - Routing

    The previous entries in that series are really great reads, too:

    Diving into OpenStack Network Architecture - Part 1 Diving into OpenStack Network Architecture - Part 2 - Basic Use Cases

    How to upgrade Oracle VM server
    Upgrade the Oracle VM server from 3.0.3 to 3.2.1 using OVM web console
    Lingeswaran writes, "In the last article we have seen that how to upgrade the oracle VM manager. Here we will see how we can upgrade the oracle VM servers. Once you have upgraded the VM manager, you may observed that lower version of oracle VM servers will be yellow marked in OVM console. It's always recommended to match the Oracle VM manager version with Oracle VM server. In this article we will see how we can upgrade the oracle VM server from 3.0.3 to 3.2.1 using OVM web console. We will also see how we can upgrade the server using yum update..."
    Top Five Best Practices for your Application PaaS
    By Ruma Sanyal
    Ruma writes, "Did you miss it? Last week, Oracle was the platinum sponsor for the 14th Cloud Expo. Ayalla Goldschmidt, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Oracle Fusion Middleware and Java Platform, presented the 'Top Five Best Practices for Your Application PaaS' highlighting successful application PaaS use cases. Based on data from a recent Computerworld survey of 300 IT organizations, many businesses are in the process of developing a PaaS architecture and infrastructure requirements for their cloud-based application PaaS..."
    Java Technology
    Submit Nominations for Duke's Choice Awards
    By Yolande Poirier
    Yolande writes, "The Duke's Choice Awards are nominated by members of the Java community and recognize compelling uses of Java technology or community involvement. Anyone in the Java community may submit a nomination. Innovation is the main consideration. Submit nominations at through July 11th.

    Winners will be announced at JavaOne San Francisco.

    A Perfect Match: Java and the Internet of Things
    by Timothy Beneke

    Timothy writes, "The recent MakerCon Conference, hosted by Oracle, along with the 2014 Maker Faire, made it clear that the Maker Movement - a vital source of hardware innovation - is catching fire and opening up rich possibilities for Java developers. The match between the Maker Movement's ingenious intelligent devices and embedded software technology is central to the development of the connected world, the Internet of Things (IoT), and machine-to-machine (M2M) technology. As embedded devices get cheaper, more powerful, and more connected, and as the Internet of Things grows, Java developers are receiving strong support from Oracle as they face radical new challenges and opportunities..."

    It's Time for Businesses to get Serious about BYOD
    Klaus Bergius, Director of Technology Marketing EMEA at Oracle
    Greg Jensen writes, "Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a corporate reality that is already affecting virtually every business operating today. In some ways BYOD is inevitable, with businesses having little choice but to adapt to it. Consumer smartphones, tablets and laptops may eventually end the corporate mandating of employee devices. But currently, there is widespread concern and even denial in enterprises, while embracing BYOD could create new opportunities. This is what the Oracle European BYOD Index Report, based on research carried out in January and February 2014, reveals..."
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