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Oracle Database In-Memory Launch - Featuring Larry Ellison
June 10 - Joint the live webcast!
Javier writes, "For more than three-and-a-half decades, Oracle has defined database innovation. With our market-leading technologies, customers have been able to out-think and out-perform their competition. Soon they will be able to do that even faster. At a live launch event and simultaneous webcast, Larry Ellison will reveal the future of the database. Promote this strategic event to customers.

  • Watch Larry Ellison on Tuesday, June 10, 2014
  • 19:00 - 20:30 a.m. CET
  • 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm UK


Oracle Mobility Emerges Prepared for the Future
By Kevin Benedict
Kevin writes, "My friend Suhas Uliyar is now the VP of Mobile Strategy Product Management at Oracle, and he is eager to get the word out that Oracle mobility is real and here today. While SAP jumped big time into enterprise mobility in 2010 with the $5.8 billion acquisition of Sybase, Oracle has been quietly watching the market and practicing patience. They seemed for a long time to be content with standing on the side lines and treating mobility as just another channel or interface for their backend servers, solutions and databases..."
Oracle Data Warehouse and Big Data Magazine MAY Edition for Customers + Partners
By Keith Laker
"The latest edition of our monthly data warehouse and big data magazine for Oracle customers and partners is now available. The content for this magazine is taken from the various data warehouse and big data Oracle product management blogs, Oracle press releases, videos posted on Oracle Media Network and Oracle Facebook pages..."
The Internet of Things Is Really the Internet of People
By Mark Hurd - Originally Posted on LinkedIn
Mark writes, "As I speak with CEOs around the world, our conversations invariably come down to this central question: Can we change our corporate cultures and the ways we train and reward our people as rapidly as new technology is changing the work we do, the products we make and how we engage with customers?

It's a critical consideration given today's pace of disruption, which already is straining traditional management models and HR strategies. Winning companies will bring innovation and vision to their employees and partners by attracting people who will thrive in this emerging world of relentless data, predictive analytics and unlimited what-if scenarios..."

Oracle Introduces MySQL Fabric, Simplifying High Availability and Scalability with MySQL
Automatic Failover and Data Sharding Now Available for Web and Cloud Applications
Meeting the demands of today's web and cloud applications, Oracle announces the general availability of MySQL Fabric. MySQL Fabric provides an integrated system that makes it simpler to manage groups of MySQL databases. It delivers both high availability - via failure detection and failover - and scalability through automated data sharding.

Continuing to drive MySQL innovation, Oracle announced the general availability of MySQL Fabric, an open source framework to manage farms of MySQL servers.

Available for download this integrated and extensible system makes it easier to scale out or add high availability to MySQL applications.

For more details, join the Webcast on Thursday, June 19, 2014 at 9:00 am PT.

MySQL for Excel new features (1.2.0)
By Javier Rivera
Javier writes, "we are going to talk about another new feature included in the latest MySQL for Excel release to date (1.2.0) which can be Installed directly from our MySQL Installer downloads page.

Since the first release you were allowed to open a session to directly edit data from a MySQL table at Excel on a worksheet and see those changes reflected immediately on the database. You were also capable of opening multiple sessions to work with different tables at the same time (when they belong to the same schema). The problem was that if for any reason you were forced to close Excel or the Workbook you were working on, you had no way to save the state of those open sessions and to continue where you left off you needed to reopen them one by one..."

Cloud Computing
Oracle VM-Design Considerations For Enterprise Scale Deployment
Live Webcast Oracle - June 10
The Oracle Managed Cloud Services team serves up thousands of Oracle applications to end users on a daily basis. With nearly 20,000 Oracle VM instances powering this operation, it's imperative to maintain a highly available environment. Curious as to how this is done? Join the Oracle Managed Cloud Services expert in this live webcast to gain valuable insights into architectural design and management best practices to build and run this highly successful hosted cloud operation.


Elastic PaaS with WebLogic and OpenStack, part I
By Jernej Kaše
Jernej writes, "In my previous blog I described the steps to get OpenStack on Solaris up and running. Now we'll explore how WebLogic and OpenStack can work together to deliver truly elastic Middleware Platform as a Service.

First, let's define what PaaS should be : PaaS offerings facilitate the deployment of applications without the complexity of managing the underlying hardware and software and provisioning hosting capabilities.

To break it down:..."

Diving into OpenStack Network Architecture - Part 1
By Ronen Kofman
Ronen writes, "OpenStack networking has very powerful capabilities but at the same time it is quite complicated. In this blog series we will review an existing OpenStack setup using the Oracle OpenStack Tech Preview and explain the different network components through use cases and examples. The goal is to show how the different pieces come together and provide a bigger picture view of the network architecture in OpenStack. This can be very helpful to users making their first steps in OpenStack or anyone wishes to understand how networking works in this environment. We will go through the basics first and build the examples as we go..."
There are Cloud Heroes Among Us: download the ebook
By Javier Puerta
Javier writes, "Given the importance of information systems in today's business world, database administrators (DBAs) and other technology professionals often perform heroic deeds for their organizations. While many of these IT pros are too humble to acknowledge their worth, we profiled five real-world IT heroes to demonstrate their value to their organizations-and the industry at large.

Many of our heroes are bloggers who share new ideas and developments with their colleagues. Our heroes are creative individuals who can accurately assess a situation and rally their colleagues to address pressing issues.

These heroes are authors and known Oracle technology user group leaders..."

The Value of Oracle Linux
By Chris Kawalek
Chris writes, "Our spotlight this week is on a brand new white paper, chock full of fantastic information about Oracle Linux. From the intro to Oracle Linux - Maximize Value, Minimize Cost:

'This paper describes the savings and efficiencies that an IT department can realize by choosing Oracle Linux as their enterprise standard. It highlights sample deployments and explains how deploying Oracle Linux can reduce operational costs and result in less downtime, improved productivity, and greater opportunities for revenue generation.&#8233;'

The paper explains exactly how Oracle Linux can reduce costs, and goes into some of the features of Oracle Linux that can make it more valuable for your organization. Read the paper now.

MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0.11 has been released
By Andy Bang

Andy writes, "We are pleased to announce that MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0.11 is now available for download on the My Oracle Support (MOS) web site. It will also be available via the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud in about 1 week. This is a maintenance release that includes a few new features and fixes a number of bugs. You can find more information on the contents of this release in the change log.

You will find binaries for the new release on My Oracle Support. Choose the 'Patches & Updates' tab, and then choose the 'Product or Family (Advanced Search)' side tab in the "Patch Search" portlet..."

vBeers South Florida
3 Separate Monthly Events - @ Boca; @ Miamia; @ Broward
Networking is an essential aspect of your professional growth and development. Connect with an array of professionals while enjoying a drink or two. Who knows, you just may meet your next client, business partner, employer or employee...!

Fancy meeting up every month with other IT/virtualization enthusiasts to socialise and chat over a cold beer, wine or soft-drink? If so, then vBeers is for you!

Look out for event annoucements on the LinkedIn SF vBeers group and at

South Florida vBeers Monthly Schedule

  • vBeers @ Broward: 2nd Wednesday of Month
  • vBeers @ Boca: 3rd Wednesday of Month
  • vBeers @ Miami: 4th Wednesday of Month

ZFS Storage Appliance Videos
By Roxana Babiciu
Check out part one of a new video series for ZFS Storage Appliance. In video #1, you'll learn about the advantages built into Oracle's ZS3 Storage Appliance that come from the unique position that Oracle holds in the market. In video #2, you'll learn how best to monitor large ZS3 installations as well as the use of Enterprise Manager as a complement to dtrace analytics at the ZFS Storage Appliance device level.
Sun Tape
Validating Petabytes of Data with Regularity and Thoroughness
by Brian Zents

Brian writes, "When former Intel CEO Andy Grove said 'only the paranoid survive,' he wasn't necessarily talking about tape storage administrators, but it's a lesson they've learned well. After all, tape storage is the last line of defense to prevent data loss, so tape administrators are extra cautious in making sure their data is secure. Not surprisingly, we are often asked for ways to validate tape media and the files on them.

In the past, an administrator could validate the media, but doing so was often tedious or disruptive or both. The debut of the Data Integrity Validation (DIV) and Library Media Validation (LMV) features in the Oracle T10000C drive helped eliminate many of these pains. Also available with the Oracle T10000D drive, these features use hardware-assisted CRC checks that not only ensure the data is written correctly the first time, but also do so much more efficiently..."

Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Vol 195 Issues 1, 2 and 3; Vol 194 Issues 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5;
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

  • 7 Facts About The Industry's Newest Cloud Platform
  • Less known Solaris features: ptime
  • Improved vDisk Performance for LDoms
  • Oracle VM 3: Overview of Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Overview of Solaris Zones Security Models
  • Oracle announces plans for Java on MIPS
  • Oracle Managed Cloud Services Earns Elite Status for Federal Deployments
  • GlassFish 4.0.1 Update
  • How to Set Up a Hadoop 2.2 Cluster From the Unified Archive
  • MySQL Enterprise Backup Improved Compression Algorithm for 3.10

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    Free and Open Source S/W
    Top 4 open source LDAP implementations
    Emidio Stani

    Emidio writes, "When you want to set up an application, most likely you will need to create an administrative account and add users with different privileges. This scenario happens frequently with content management, wiki, file sharing, and mailing lists as well as code versioning and continuous integration tools. When thinking about user and group centralization, you will need to select an application that fits your needs.

    If the application can connect to a Single Sign On server, users happy will be happy to remember only one password.

    In the proprietary landscape of directory servers, Active Directory is the dominant tool, but there are directory servers that can also satisfy your needs..."

    The true value of open source is people
    By David Hurley
    David writes, "Open source is valuable. Very few people would argue that point. There is most definitely a sense of intrinsic worth. But where does this value exist? Is it in the code produced or in something else?

    By the very nature of open source (read more about the standard four freedoms here), the ability to view and access the source code is a powerful, driving factor. Because the code is so freely accessible and a prominent focus of open source it can easily be considered to be the value of open source..."

    DNS client configuration steps in Oracle Solaris 11
    By Gurubalan Thangapandian
    This guide covers Quick how to configure DNS client on Solaris 11.

    DNS client configuration in Solaris 11 is based on SMF service rather than file based. When you configure a system as DNS client, you will be performing the following two configurations.

    I. DNS client setup

    II. Configure Name service switch to use DNS

    Read on.

    Solaris 11.2: Time based access limitations
    Lesser known facts about Solaris

    "Let's assume you want to limit ssh login for user junior to a certain timespan, let's say weekdays between 13:10 and 17:00. With Solaris 11.2 it's really easy to limit access to certain services based on times.

    To enforce this, you can set access_time for certain PAM services for the use junior like this. The limitation is done by the module and the man page states: ..."

    Java Technology
    Java Magazine: Developer Tools and More
    May/June issue
    The May/June issue of Java Magazine explores the tools and techniques that can help you bring your ideas to fruition and make you more productive.

    In 'Seven Open Source Tools for Java Deployment,' Bruno Souza and Edson Yanaga present a set of tools that you can use now to drastically improve the deployment process on projects big or small-enabling you and your team to focus on building better and more-innovative software in a less stressful environment.

    We explore the future of application development tools at Oracle in our interview with Oracle's Chris Tonas, who discusses plans for NetBeans IDE 9, Oracle's support for Eclipse, and key trends in the software development space. For more on NetBeans IDE, don't miss 'Quick and Easy Conversion to Java SE 8 with NetBeans IDE 8' and 'Build with NetBeans IDE, Deploy to Oracle Java Cloud Service....

    YouTube: 14 NetBeans Web Development Tips in 7 Minutes
    Geertjan Wielenga
    Geertjan writes, "Are you sure you're getting everything out of NetBeans IDE? Here, especially for HTML5 developers, i.e., you're using some kind of combination of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, is a slightly-HTML focused series of tips for NetBeans usage. Several secrets included, i.e., features that don't have much UI and that are a question of needing to know that they're there, otherwise you'll never know about them..."
    Security Access Control With Solaris Virtualization
    By Thierry Manfe

    Numerous Solaris customers consolidate multiple applications or servers on a single platform. The resulting configuration consists of many environments hosted on a single infrastructure and security constraints sometimes exist between these environments. Recently, a customer consolidated many virtual machines belonging to both their Intranet and Extranet on a pair of SPARC Solaris servers interconnected through Infiniband. Virtual Machines were mapped to Solaris Zones and one security constraint was to prevent SSH connections between the Intranet and the Extranet. This case study gives us the opportunity to understand how the Oracle Solaris Network Virtualization Technology - a.k.a. Project Crossbow - can be used to control outbound traffic from Solaris Zones.

    Oracle Sun Solaris 11.1 Completes EAL4+ Common Criteria Evaluation
    By Joshua Brickman
    "Oracle is pleased to announce that the Oracle Solaris 11.1 operating system has achieved a Common Criteria certification at Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) 4 augmented by Flaw Remediation under the Canadian Communications Security Establishment's (CSEC) Canadian Common Criteria Scheme (CCCS). EAL4 is the highest level achievable for commercial software, and is the highest level mutually recognized by 26 countries under the current Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement (CCRA).

    Oracle Solaris 11.1 is conformant to the BSI Operating System Protection Profile v2.0 with the following four extended packages. (1) Advanced Management, (2) Extended Identification and Authentication, (3) Labeled Security, and (4) Virtualization..."

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