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Oracle Database Insider Newsletter
May Edition

  • Gartner: Oracle #1 in DBMS for 2013


  • New Release: Empower Developers with Oracle NoSQL Database 3.0
  • Real-World Performance Tour Now Available on Your Desktop
  • Protecting the Electric Grid in a Dangerous World

  • VIDEO-
  • Kscope Flashback Featuring Tom Kyte and Chet Justice


  • Oracle Applications in a Box on Oracle Database Appliance

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The Future of the Database Begins Soon
Watch Larry Ellison on June 11
For more than three-and-a-half decades, Oracle has defined database innovation. With our leading technologies, Oracle customers have been able to out-think and out-perform their competition. Soon organizations will be able to do that even faster.

With the introduction of the Oracle Database In-Memory Option it will be possible to perform TRUE real-time, ad-hoc, analytic queries on your organization's business data as it exists at that moment and receive the results immediately. Imagine your sales team being able to know the total sales they have made as of right now -- not last week, or even last night, but right now.

Watch Larry Ellison to find out what this and the other new features of Oracle Database 12c will do for you.

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On-Demand Webcast: Oracle Solaris 11.2 Launch
Now Available!
Roxana Babiciu writes, "Last week's launch of Oracle Solaris 11.2 offered the first glimpse of the world's premiere cloud operating system that also has the benefit of advanced virtualization, software-defined networking, and OpenStack capabilities.

Ready for a double take? The on-demand webcast is now available!"

OpenZFS European Conference - May 20, 2014
Speakers include Matt Ahrens
Michael Follett, Ryan Tyler, Yacine Kheddache are the organizers of the OpenZFS European Conference. Their invitations says: "We are holding our first OpenZFS Europe Conference from 9am to 6pm on Tuesday, 20th May 2014, in Paris, starting with a keynote from founder Matthew Ahrens, followed by discussions and workshops. We will be providing free beverages and lunch for attendees and there will be an opportunity to socialise afterwards with beer and pizzas.

OpenZFS Europe MeetUp

MySQL Workbench 6.1.6 GA
A maintenance release and contains over 30 fixes
MySQL Workbench 6.1.6 is a maintenance release and contains over 30 fixes and minor enhancements made since the original GA release.

Introducing over 30 new features, this version has many significant enhancements focusing on real-time performance assessment and analysis from the SQL statement level to server internals and file IO. You can see this from additions to the SQL Editor as well as new dashboard visualization and reporting that take advantage of MySQL Server 5.6 and 5.7 Performance Schema, and enhancements to the MySQL Explain Plans.

MySQL May Newsletter
Latest MySQL Product Releases and More
Here comes the MySQL May Newsletter! As always it's packed with latest product news, technical articles, and not-to-be missed webinars and events where you'll get first-hand information directly from the MySQL experts at Oracle.

The highlights in this edition include:

  • Join Us at MySQL Central @ OpenWorld 2014
  • Dr. Dobb's: NoSQL with MySQL
  • Live Webinar: Upgrading to MySQL 5.6 - Best Practices
  • Featured Video: MySQL for Excel Introduction
  • Blog: Why VividCortex Uses MySQL
  • Blog: Importing Raster-Based Spatial Data into MySQL 5.7

You can read it online or subscribe to it to receive the latest copy in your inbox every month. Just sign-in to your account and find the MySQL newsletter under "Technology" in the subscription center in your profile.

Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing and SOA - Part of the Industrial SOA article series
Cloud consumers find themselves at the mercy of the cloud provider
Juergen Kress writes, "Why is everyone talking about cloud computing? Drawn-out, expensive IT projects that are planned and implemented without any benefits for the business stakeholders are commonplace. In contrast, cloud computing offers business users the chance to immediately implement services with usage-based billing that are tailored to their requirements, often without the need to consult with the IT department.

However, aspects like security, architecture, availability, and standards are often not evaluated..."

Mastering the Hybrid Cloud
Notes from Richard Garsthagen, Oracle EMEA Director of Business Development

Steve Walker writes, "We recently had the chance to give Information Age magazine in the UK our perspective on their questions about Hybrid Cloud. Here are the answers that Richard Garsthagen, Oracle EMEA Director of Business Development, provided:..."

OpenStack Support for Oracle Linux and Oracle VM
Provides Customers with Greater Choice and Interoperability with Oracle Linux and Oracle VM

Oracle introduced a technology preview of an OpenStack distribution that allows Oracle Linux and Oracle VM users to work with the open source cloud software. This provides customers with additional choices and interoperability while taking advantage of the efficiency, performance, scalability, and security of Oracle Linux and Oracle VM. The distribution is delivered as part of the Oracle Linux and Oracle VM Premier Support offerings, at no additional cost. Oracle plans to work with the OpenStack community to develop and enhance its enterprise-class capabilities to meet customer demands.

A good use-case for Oracle Ksplice
no need for a reboot to install patches
Wim Coekaerts writes, "One of the advantages of Oracle Ksplice is that you can stick to a given version of a kernel for a very long time. We provide you with the security updates through our Ksplice technology for all the various kernels released so that there's no need for a reboot and also no need to install a newer kernel version that typically also contains new drivers or even new features. Zero downtime yet you are current. Ksplice updates are always based on critical bugfixes or security fixes, things you really want to apply. We do not use Ksplice to provide new driver updates or new features, it's purely focused on those patches that you really want to apply on your environment without downtime and risk of change..."
Lusitania Seguros Accesses Business Intelligence 70% Faster
Improves Decision-Making and Boosts Competitiveness
Founded in 1986, with a portfolio of more than a half-million clients, Lusitania Seguros is one of the largest insurers in Portugal. As part of the Montepio Geral banking group, it offers a diverse portfolio of insurance products, including policies for motor0-vehicle, health, accident, property, life, and maritime insurance. It has approximately 600 employees and more than 4,000 agents.

After carrying out a comparative study of five BI solutions from various manufacturers, including MicroStrategy, Lusitania chose Oracle Business Intelligence. The company had an established Oracle footprint. "It made perfect sense to trust Oracle for our BI initiative," said Alexandre Ramos, director of information technology and organization, Lusitania Seguros.

Agilis International Achieves Oracle Exadata Ready and Oracle Exalogic Ready Status
Integrated Datawarehouse and Customer and Operational Analytics Platform
Agilis International, an innovative provider of financial risk and opportunity analytics business solutions for the Communication Service Provider (CSP) marketplace, announced that its DataMind Platform version 2.0 has achieved Oracle Exadata and Oracle Exalogic Ready status through Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN).

Agilis delivers a complete Big Data solution, integrating advanced business analytics with an enterprise-level data infrastructure. Agilis solutions utilize software-based hybrid architecture for data storage and retrieval, providing CSPs with a system sized to not only meet current requirements, but also one that can easily scale in multiple dimensions as requirements grow. Agilis offers its DataMind Analytics platform with Customer and Operational Analytics in multiple business models...

e-Project Management, Version 1.0 Achieves Oracle Exa* Ready Status
Innovation of IT Products & Services, IT Consulting & IT Reselling through Quality and Performance using Oracle Technologies
Innovate Software Consulting Inc Ltd., founded in 2013 and registered in U.K, provides the consulting and outsourcing services that envision and pioneer the adoption of the flexible global business practices that today enable companies to operate more efficiently and produce more value. Innovate Software Consulting Inc Ltd., works with its clients globally as partners to conceptualize and realize technology driven business transformation initiatives. Committed to enable swift, practical and meaningful transformation of critical business and IT functions, ensuring organization success by delivering measurable and lasting improvements in performance, productivity, quality, and cost.
vBeers @ Boca (Wednesday, May 21th, 2014, 5:30pm to 9pm)
Brewzzi Boca Raton, Glades road, just West of I-95
Join us for the first vBeers @ Boca. We meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month in Boca Raton, FL. The May meeting will be at Brewzzi Boca Raton, which is located in on Glades road, just West of I-95.

This first event will be a non-sponsored event so bring your wallet, your sense of humor and get ready for some great IT and virtualization conversations with some of the best people in South Florida's IT community (including YOU!).

Please RSVP via EventBrite.

Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Vol 195 Issue 1; Vol 194 Issues 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5; Vol 193 Issues 3 and 4
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

  • Puppet Configuration in Solaris
  • Oracle Solaris 11.2: All the Posts
  • Oracle VM 3
  • Oracle wins appeal in copyright battle with Google
  • Solaris 11.2: Immutable Global Zone
  • How to get started with OpenStack on Solaris
  • OpenSSL on Oracle Solaris 11.2
  • Solaris-specific Providers for Puppet
  • MySQL Cookbook, 3rd Edition
  • OpenZFS European Conference - May 20, 2014

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    Less known Solaris features

    Joerg writes, "This is a nifty small tool that I'm using quite often in scripts that stop something and do some tasks afterwards and I don't want to hassle around with the contract file system. It's not a cool feature, but it's useful and relatively less known. An example: As I wrote long ago, you should never use kill -9 because often the normal kill is intercepted by the application and it starts to do some clean up tasks first before really stopping the process. So just because kill has returned, it doesn't imply that the process is away. How do you wait for process to disappear?..."

      Oracle VM for x86 vs VMware vSphere
      Side by side comparison
      Lingeswaran writes, "Nowadays Linux based hypervisors are ruling the datacenters around the world. VMware vSphere and Oracle VM for x86 are two major players in this hypervisor market today. So I would like to compare these products to make the system architect clear about how each prodcut can compete each other. This article is based my experience and not to create fake impression on any of these products..."
      How to install Oracle VM server (x86)?
      Step By Step Guide
      Lingeswaran writes, "Oracle VM for X86 is a native hypervisor which is directly runs on the host's hardware. This hypervisor is based on xen technology and it requires very small footprint on the hard drive to install it. Oracle VM server is directly installed on the baremetal computer and it contains the oracle VM agent to manage the communication with oracle VM manager. By default, this hypervisor system is called dom0 (Domain zero) which also be called privileged domain since it has direct access with hardware. Virtual machines will be called as domU which is unprivileged domain and doesn't have direct control on the hardware..."
      Build a Rich Client Platform To-Do Application in NetBeans IDE
      by John N. Kostaras
      Practice using NetBeans IDE features that improve code quality and increase developer productivity.

      This article shows how to use NetBeans IDE 7.4 to develop a Swing-based "to-do" application, and it demonstrates the use of a rich client platform (RCP). It is an update of "A Complete App Using NetBeans 5" by Fernando Lozano, which was originally published in NetBeans Magazine.

      Note: NetBeans IDE 7.4 requires JDK 7, while earlier versions up through NetBeans IDE 7.3 can run with JDK 6.

      Technical Article: Build a Rich Client Platform To-Do Application in NetBeans IDE
      how to use NetBeans IDE 7.4 to develop a Swing-based 'to-do' application
      Tori Wieldt writes, "Check out the technical article 'Build a Rich Client Platform To-Do Application in NetBeans IDE' on OTN. This article shows how to use NetBeans IDE 7.4 to develop a Swing-based 'to-do' application, and it demonstrates the use of a rich client platform (RCP).

      The example application builds a to-do list, which is commonly found as part of privileged identity management (PIM) suites. The article doesn't just demo the NetBeans IDE's RCP features; it also sticks to object-oriented best practices, showing that you can develop GUI applications quickly and interactively without compromising long-term maintenance and a sound architecture..."

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