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Oracle Reports Gaap EPS Up 8% To 56 Cents, Non-GAAP GPS Up 5% To 68 Cents
Q3 total revenues were up 4% to $9.3 billion
Oracle announced that fiscal 2014 Q3 total revenues were up 4% to $9.3 billion. New software licenses and cloud software subscriptions revenues were up 4% to $2.4 billion. Software license updates and product support revenues were up 5% to $4.6 billion.

Hardware systems products revenues were up 8% to $725 million. GAAP operating income was up 7% to $3.6 billion and the GAAP operating margin was 38%. Non-GAAP operating income was up 5% to $4.4 billion, and the non-GAAP operating margin was 47%.

GAAP net income was up 2% to $2.6 billion, while non-GAAP net income was unchanged at $3.1 billion. GAAP earnings per share were up 8% to $0.56, while non-GAAP earnings per share were up 5% to $0.68. GAAP operating cash flow on a trailing twelve-month basis was up 10% to $15 billion.

Oracle Introduces Oracle Innovation Management
New Solution Helps Organizations Make Faster and Better Product Investment Decisions
Innovation is a top priority for many CEOs, who look to new products as the engines to implement their corporate strategy for growth and transformation. However, translating these aspirations into reality requires treating product innovation as a key business process, and providing solutions to support that process - linking this upstream to overall portfolio management, and downstream to product development and commercialization.

It is precisely to address this challenge that Oracle has introduced Oracle Innovation Management. This new solution helps organizations increase revenue growth from new products and achieve a competitive advantage by introducing a systematic approach to capturing, selecting and investing in the right ideas and product concepts.

Oracle and Accenture Study Declares the CFO a Technology Evangelist
New Oracle and Accenture Study Declares the CFO a Technology Evangelist
To define and benchmark the key attributes of modern, technology-enabled finance, Oracle and Accenture co-sponsored a global study with Longitude Research, entitled Empowering Modern Finance: The CFO as Technology Evangelist.

Respondents included 1,275 CFOs, senior finance executives and line business executives from organizations around the world of varying sizes and industries -- 300 of whom were senior non-finance executives -- and found that the modern CFO is a technology evangelist who recognizes the value of digital and cloud technologies for the finance function and the business as a whole, but a gap remains between CFO ambitions and reality ...

SMARTSOFT OCEAN 7.6 Achieves 5 Times Faster Processing
With Oracle Exadata Database Machine
"The first company of the Group, SmartSoft, based in Istanbul, was founded in 2001 as a service provider for Turkish banking sector. After continuous success, SmartSoft was accredited by MasterCard in 2010, making the company an accredited consultancy and training provider in EMV card Technologies. With its professional network, extremely specialized staff and relentless R&D processes SmartSoft achieved international success and created some of the first projects designed in the payment systems industry, making the company a leader in its industry.

In order to offer better services and product quality, Cardtek Group founded CordisNetwork and CredoWork in 2009, offering solutions for payment systems, loyalty cards and city banking solutions, processing services, projects for public sector as well as hardware solutions..."

    Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.1.1
    Improves Fibre Channel Spport, Adds network bandwidth controls

    The latest Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.1.1 release:

    • Adds support for Fibre Channel SR-IOV. See Creating an I/O Domain by Assigning PCIe SR-IOV Virtual Functions, in Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.1 Administration Guide.

    • Adds network bandwidth controls. See Controlling the Amount of Physical Network Bandwidth That Is Consumed by a Virtual Network Device, in Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.1 Administration Guide.

    • Adds ability to create or destroy multiple virtual functions simultaneously. See the ldm(1M) man page.

    For information about the hardware and software requirements for the Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.1.1 release, see the Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.1.1 and 3.1 Release Notes.

    IT - Storage
    Data Storage -- Then and Now
    Computerworld, March 14th, 2014
    "This year, the amount of data will grow to 2.16 zettabytes worldwide, according to IDC. By 2016, it will have grown to 3.77 zettabytes. As remarkable as we are at creating data, storage technology has kept up.

    Data storage is the fastest growing semiconductor technology. Tape storage, hard disk drives and solid state storage have doubled about every 12 to 18 months.

    Desktop drives today come in storage capacities of as much as 4TB (5TB later this year). That's enough to hold 1 million photos or 562 hours of HD video. By 2020, Seagate said heat-assisted magnetic recording will lead to a 60TB desktop hard drive, enough storage for 12 million photos or 6,750 hours of HD video..."

    Flashy, Storage-Happy Supercomputers Due in 2015
    NetworldWorld, March 13th, 2014
    "Supercomputing speed is typically boosted by adding more processors, but two new systems funded by the National Science Foundation due to go live next January will take an unconventional approach to speed up calculations and data analysis.

    Arrays of memory and flash storage -- totaling up to petabytes in storage -- will be loaded on the Wrangler supercomputer at Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) at the University of Texas at Austin and the Comet supercomputer at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) at the University of California, San Diego..."

    IT - Technology
    Laser makes Internet Backbone Speeds Four-Times Faster
    NetworkWorld, March 18th, 2014
    "Researchers at the California Institute of Technology have developed a laser that could quadruple internet speeds on the existing internet backbone.

    In an interview with the Washington Post, Amnon Yariv, one of the developers and a former winner of the National Medal of Science, said the quadrupling of bandwidth is just the beginning for the technology..."

      Technology and Expectations are Changing - Don't Ignore Support Requirements
      Business 2 Community, March 20th, 2014
      "Forget everything you once thought you knew about delivering tech support. Technology has changed and consumers' needs and expectations have evolved right along with it. If your organization doesn't adjust accordingly to deliver on those demands, your brand loyalty will start circling the drain.

      According to the NPD Group's Connected Intelligence Report, the number of Internet connected devices per U.S. household has grown to 5.7. The 'Internet of Things' can now be interpreted as The 'Internet of You' as the consumer is becoming the hub of a personal technology environment that can be as expansive as their increasingly connected home or small business, or as narrow as the smart device on which they depend while they are on-the-go..."

        Big Data, Bioinformatics, and Blurring the Human-Robot Battle Lines
        Busines 2 Community, March 15th, 2014
        "If there was any consolation for humanity's wounded pride in the face of defeats by machines in brainy arenas like chess, in which Deep Blue beat world champion Gary Kasparov in 1997, and Jeopardy, in which Watson outshone the prodigy Ken Jennings in 2011, it was that we organic beings could count on dominating the more physically demanding sports into the foreseeable future. For instance, robot soccer is almost as ridiculous, and not nearly as cute, as the puppy bowl - for now at least..."
          Self-Driving Cars, Amazon, and Networking
          Busines 2 Community, March 15th, 2014
          "Google's pursuit of self-driving cars has been well documented over the years. The promise of fleets of self-driving vehicles that could potentially make driving safer while simultaneously shortening commute times makes it one of the most attractive futures technologies around. But where would self-driving cars be adopted first? ..."
          Free and Open Source S/W
          Vert.x: A Project to Watch
          For modern mobile, web, and enterprise apps
          Vert.x is one of the most popular Java projects on GitHub. Sometimes called "Node.js for the JVM," it is a ployglot event-drive app platform. It is 100% open source, under the Apache Software License 2.0.

          Vert.x is designed for modern mobile, web, and enterprise applications. "Modern applications are reactive (event-driven) and must be scalable," says Vert.x creater Tim Fox.

          IT - Bitcoin
          Enter The Blockchain: How Bitcoin Can Turn The Cloud Inside Out
          techcrunch, May 22nd, 2014
          "Drop whatever you're doing and go read Maciej Ceg&#322;owski's absolutely magnificent essay Our Comrade The Electron, an astonishing history of the amazing Russian engineer Lev Sergeyevich Termen. Make sure you read right down to its punchline, 'the most badass answer imaginable' But if time is short, or you struggle to read English, please at least read its angry rant..."
            Marc Andreessen Is Going To Invest 'Hundreds Of Millions' More Dollars In Bitcoin
            Business Insider, March 23rd, 2014
            "The Wall Street Journal's Gregory Zuckerman reports Andreessen Horowitz plans to invest "hundreds of millions" more dollars in Bitcoin-related businesses, on top of the $50 million they have already dropped, mostly on Coinbase.

            Bitcoin prices have lost nearly 50% of their value over the past four months or so, and now trade at around $570. Analysts from Goldman Sachs recently cast doubt on the viability of the digital currency itself, though added its underlying technology may yet prove useful.

            Andreessen says he's unfazed..."

            Mt. Gox Says It Has Found Missing Bitcoin Worth About $116 Million
            NY Times, March 21st, 2014
            "The seemingly miraculous discovery of about $116 million in missing Bitcoin, or 200,000 coins, late Thursday underscored the rickety early infrastructure that the digital currency is still trying to overcome.

            In a posting on its website in both Japanese and English, the now-defunct Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox announced that it had found the coins in an 'old-format wallets' the virtual currency equivalent of finding money in another pair of pants..."

            Enterprise Computing with Oracle Solaris For Dummies
            Download the eBook
            • Why choosing the right OS is essential
            • How to plan and deliver an OS deployment
            • How to take advantage of unique Oracle Solaris features

            Chapter 1: Your Operating System and Why You Should Care about It

            Chapter 2: Introducing Oracle Solaris

            Chapter 3: Putting Oracle Solaris to Work

            Chapter 4: Ten (Okay, Eight) Great Resources for Learning More about Oracle Solaris

            Justplayer Increases System Response Rates up to 100x
            Provides Access to 100x More Storage and Server Capacity
            Based in Japan's Shizuoka Prefecture, Justplayer Co., Ltd. provides a variety of web services, including planning and creating websites and cloud-based software. The company focuses on developing leisure-time software and cloud services that are available to customers as needed, based on the company's concept When you want IS when you play. One of these products is Wikiplus, which is available to customers as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering and enables users to create and update websites using wiki software. Justplayer implemented Oracle Solaris 11 to create a cost-effective cloud stack with a high resource-sharing rate for a new WikiPlus 2 service...
            MySQL for Excel Main Features Video
            On You Tube

            Javier Rivera blogs, "We are proud to announce our first MySQL for Excel video is now available at the MySQL youtube channel.

            Please give it an eye and get to know about the main features of MySQL for Excel (Import, Export, Append and Edit)..."

            View the video on you tube.

            Exporting data from Excel to a new MySQL table
            How To - Guide
            Javier Trevino writes, "There may be times when you need to create a new table in MySQL and feed it with data, normally this data may come from another database, the Internet or from combined data sources.

            MS Excel is commonly used as the bridge between those data sources and a target MySQL database because of the simplicity it offers to organize the information to then just dump it into a new MySQL table. Although the last bit sounds trivial, it may actually be a cumbersome step, creating ODBC connections within Excel through Microsoft Query may not help since these are normally created to extract data from MySQL into Excel, not the opposite. What if you could do this in a few clicks from within Excel after making your data ready for export to a MySQL database?

            With MySQL for Excel you can do this and this guide will teach you how easy it is..."

            Cloud Computing
            How NAB improved customer service using the cloud
            Oracle Service Cloud Rolled out in 2012
            Hamish Barwick writes in CIO, "National Australia Bank (NAB) has reduced call centre inquiries following the implementation of Oracle Service Cloud in 2012.

            The platform combines Web, social and call centre functions. It can also be used to access information from one database.

            Speaking at Oracle's CloudWorld conference in Melbourne, NAB product knowledge manager Anthony Micomonaco said that prior to the implementation, customers were sometimes not receiving the right answers from call centre staff or branch workers..."

            IT - Cloud
            Cloud's Nightmare: A "Run on the Bank"
            NetworkWorld, March 20th, 2014
            "What's the worst case scenario for the cloud computing industry?

            Is it your service provider unexpectedly shutting down? Sure, that's probably one worst case scenario.

            Here's another one, proposed by IDC analyst Rick Villars: A so-called 'run on the bank'..."

            The Top 3 Reasons to Fire Your Public Cloud Provider
            InforWorld, March 14th, 2014
            "Most companies are now in the second phase of their relationship with cloud computing. They've done the experimental stuff, and that worked. Now, they are moving to implementation and mass migration.

            Perhaps it's no surprise then that today I find enterprises are a bit pickier about what their public cloud providers, well, provide. I'm hearing more complaints about the relationships between enterprises and public cloud providers as enterprises move from what's new and exciting to dealing with the issues that arise in any production system. When it comes to the finer details and the friction of vendor relationships, the cloud is no different than traditional IT systems..."

            IT - CxO
            How 13 Programming Languages Got Their Names
            NetworkWorld, March 19th, 2014
            "Programmers generally agree that one of the hardest tasks in software development is naming things. One of things they have to name, though not very often, are new programming languages. When a new language is designed, the name chosen for it often follows one of several formulas: it's an acronym or abbreviation based on what it is (e.g., BASIC, COBOL, TCL, LISP), the name is derived from an existing language (e.g., C++, C#, CoffeeScript) or it's named after someone famous from math or computer science (e.g., Ada, Pascal, Turing). Sometimes, though, language designers get more creative when choosing a name.

            Here are the stories behind 13 of the the more unusual programming language names..."

              CIOs Destined to Be Kings of Customer Data
              CIO, March 14th, 2014
              "CIOs who toiled in obscurity while keeping back-office operations running are about to be thrust into the spotlight and will be staring eyeball to eyeball with the all-important customer. At least, this is the main finding in an IBM survey of more than 1,600 CIOs.

              "CIOs are increasingly being called upon to help their companies build new products and services and transform front-office capabilities," says Linda Ban, global C-suite study director at IBM's institute for business value, adding, "We're starting to see CIOs move outside of IT, maybe doing a stint in marketing."..."

              CIOs to Rip Up Outsourcing Rule Book
              ComputerWeekly, March 19th, 2014
              "Almost three-quarters of CIOs will change their IT outsourcing relationships in the next three years as digital business continues to drive corporate strategies and the supplier landscape changes.

              More and more businesses are changing how they operate by adopting digital technologies, and incumbent suppliers and contracts are not always capable of enabling a digital transition..."

              The Digital CIO: How Digital Technology Will Change the Role of IT Leaders
              ComputerWeekly, March 19th, 2014
              "CIOs face both an opportunity and a threat as organisations embrace digital technology.

              The rise of cloud computing, social media, mobile technology and data analytics is disrupting existing business models and patterns of employment..."

              4 Lessons CIOs Can Learn from the Target Breach
              CIO, March 17th, 2014
              "We're all familiar with the Target payment card breach late last year. Up to 110 million payment card numbers were stolen through a huge hole in the company's network, right down to the security of the PIN pads. The breach cost Target CIO Beth Jacobs her job; it was, and still is, a serious matter.

              Target is obviously a public company, so this situation garnered a lot of attention. As a CIO or member of the executive technical staff, though, there are some observations about the situation that can apply to your company.

              Here are four key lessons from Target's very public example of a data breach..."

              Major Companies, Like Target, Often Fail to Act on Malware Alerts
              Computerworld, March 14th, 2014
              "Companies that suffer major data breaches almost always portray themselves as victims of cutting edge attack techniques and tools. The reality, though, is often much more mundane.

              Case in point: Target, which last year was hit with a major data breach that exposed to hackers data on some 40 million credit and debit cards and personal data on another 70 million customers.

              The retailer on on Thursday acknowledged that it could have mitigated or even avoided the breach had it paid closer attention to alerts generated by a security monitoring tools..."

              vBeers - Miami (Wednesday, March 26th, 2014)
              After Work Hours IT Networking Event
              This will be a Sponsored event so drinks and are on us! Please join us for the Our first vBeers event in Miami and encourage your IT colleagues to attend as well.

              Join us for an evening of creating connections and building your network in a relaxed and fun environment.

              Networking is an essential aspect of your professional growth and development. Connect with an array of professionals while enjoying a drink or two. Who knows, you just may meet your next client, employer or employee!

              Location: Biscayne Tavern

              • Address: - 146 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132
              • Date: Wednesday, March 26th
              • Time: 6pm to 9pm - arrive and depart any time


              • Biscayne Tavern
              • SherlockTech Staffing
              • Vault Networks
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              • PCS

              Join the vBeers LinkedIn group. Network with fellow vBeers participants on-line.

              Please RSVP via EventBrite.

              IT - PM
              Shortage of Project Managers Sends Businesses Scrambling
              CIO, March 19th, 2014
              "Project managers are in short supply, and that will leave many organizations woefully disadvantaged as the economy rebounds, according to a recent study by project management training company ESI International.

              The ESI 2013 Project Manager Salary and Development Survey, based on data from 1,800 project managers in 12 different industries across the U.S., reports that as projects continue to increase in complexity and size, many organizations find themselves both understaffed and with underdeveloped project management professionals. And that's putting them at a competitive disadvantage..."

              IT - Networks
              8 Ways to Improve Wired Network Security
              NetworkWorld, March 17th, 2014
              "We sometimes focus more on the wireless side of the network when it comes to security because Wi-Fi has no physical fences. After all, a war-driver can detect your SSID and launch an attack while sitting out in the parking lot.

              But in a world of insider threats, targeted attacks from outside, as well as hackers who use social engineering to gain physical access to corporate networks, the security of the wired portion of the network should also be top of mind.

              So, here are some basic security precautions you can take for the wired side of the network, whether you're a small business or a large enterprise..."

              Considering SDN? Adopt Chaos Monkey
              Network Computing, March 17th, 2014
              "The way Ivan Pepelnjak sees it, every company could benefit from its own Chaos Monkey.

              What's Chaos Monkey, you ask? It's a service Netflix built -- and now relies upon --to ensure the resiliency of its applications running on Amazon Web Services. It does this by randomly shutting down servers to see what the effect is on applications, and thus the customer experience. Netflix kills thousands of virtual instances each year this way, solving any problems that arise, and each time its applications get a bit stronger and more reliable..."

              Take Back the Network
              NetworkWorld, March 6th, 2014
              "What do enterprises need from SDNs? Perhaps more than anything, control of their own networking destiny.

              That was clear from a talk Matthew Liste of Goldman Sachs gave this week at the Open Networking Summit in Santa Clara, CA. Sure, Goldman Sachs wants more cohesion and consistency in the pre-SDN piecemeal programming it's done over the past 10-15 years. Such uniformity would allow the firm to pursue common, easily extendible programmatic control planes, independent control and data planes, bare metal switches with common hardware abstraction, Linux-like operating systems for switches, commodity scale architectures and 'software-defined everything' Liste says..."

              Understanding the Differences Between Software Defined Networking, Network Virtualization and Network Functions Virtualization
              NetworkWorld, February 11th, 2014
              "The network team is being bombarded with configuration requests that can take days or weeks to handle, but luckily several approaches are emerging that promise to increase network agility, chief among them Network Virtualization (NV), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), and Software Defined Networking (SDN).

              The alphabet soup may seem overwhelming at first, but each of these approaches is trying to solve different subsets of the macro issue of network mobility. In this article we'll examine how NV, NFV and SDN differ and how each moves us down the path toward programmable networks..."

              8 ways to improve wired network security
              NetworkWorld, March 17th, 2014
              "We sometimes focus more on the wireless side of the network when it comes to security because Wi-Fi has no physical fences. After all, a war-driver can detect your SSID and launch an attack while sitting out in the parking lot.

              But in a world of insider threats, targeted attacks from outside, as well as hackers who use social engineering to gain physical access to corporate networks, the security of the wired portion of the network should also be top of mind.

              So, here are some basic security precautions you can take for the wired side of the network, whether you're a small business or a large enterprise..."

              IT - Operations
              The Joy of Data Center Automation -- And Its Hidden Dangers
              Infoworld, March 17th, 2014
              "This week I'm taking a break from railing against the impending demise of the Internet as we know it to chat about one of my favorite aspects of data center tech and IT in general: automation. In IT, and especially in data center architecture, construction, and maintenance, we derive satisfaction from building new things and watching them work..."
                What Colocation Customers Should Know about Data Center Tiers
                SeachDataCenter, March 17th, 2014
                "Call it hype, biased interpretation or outright misrepresentation, but years of marketing overload around Uptime Tier certifications has data center colocation shoppers investigating beyond the numbers.

                "One of the biggest mistakes is companies selecting a provider without fully reviewing and understanding the ongoing maintenance and operational plans associated with a given facility," said Rick Drescher, technical services director at Studley Inc., a commercial real estate services firm based in New York..."

                  IT - Security
                  Many Organizations Don't Go Public with Data Breaches or Share Intel
                  Dark Reading, March 18th, 2014
                  "There are likely many more breached retailers than Target, Neiman Marcus, Michaels, and Sally Beauty either unaware that they have been hit or not yet ready to go public. There also are many data breaches, even at retailers, that may never see the light of day: As a matter of fact, some 57 percent of organizations worldwide say they do not voluntarily report hacks that aren't bound by disclosure laws..."
                    7 Strategies for a Successful DLP Strategy
                    CSO Online, March 17th, 2014
                    "Data Loss Prevention can provide some powerful protection for your sensitive information. It can be used to discover Personal Information (PI) within your environment, identify various forms of PI from names and phone numbers to government identifiers and credit card numbers, assemble multiple subsets of PI to accurately identify a whole record, and even do all of this in multiple languages..."
                      6 Greatest Cybersecurity Myths and Why You Should Not Trust Them
                      Defense Systems, March 17th, 2014
                      "Cybersecurity is, without a doubt, becoming one of the dominant security topics (and concerns), not only for security professionals, but also for any executives or managers who want to protect their organizations. The Defense Department, of course, is no stranger to this feeling, whether their concerns were prompted by a malicious key drive, compromised Common Access Cards or the disclosures by Edward Snowden.

                      But, let's be honest: not many people really understand what cybersecurity is, and this lack of understanding has brought up some well-entrenched myths about cybersecurity. And, unfortunately, this wrong perception is now one of the biggest obstacles preventing companies from dealing with cybersecurity in the proper way.

                      So, here is what cybersecurity is not:..."

                      Can Data Lakes Solve Cloud Security Challenges?
                      CSO Online, March 18th, 2014
                      ""Data Lake" is a proprietary term. "We have built a series of big data platforms that enable clients to inject any type of data and to secure access to individual elements of data inside the platform. We call that architecture the data lake," says Peter Guerra, Principal, Booze, Allen, Hamilton. Yet, these methods are not exclusive to Booze, Allen, Hamilton.

                      "I have read what's available about it," says Dr. Stefan Deutscher, Principal, IT Practice, Boston Consulting Group, speaking of the data lake; "I don't see what's new. To me, it seems like re-vetting available security concepts with a name that is more appealing." Still, the approach is gaining exposure under that name..."

                      Defense Department Adopts NIST Security Standards
                      InformationWeek, March 14th, 2014
                      "DOD replaces longstanding information assurance process with NIST's holistic "built-in, not bolt-on," risk-focused security approach.

                      In a significant change in security policy, the Department of Defense (DOD) has dropped its longstanding DOD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) and adopted a risk-focused security approach developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)..."

                      Eight Cyber Security Tips I Learned from the Walking Dead
                      Help Net Security, March 18th, 2014
                      "Sometimes two things that don't seem to go together, make the most magical combinations. This article is the first in a new series of security articles I'll be writing that tries to uncover an unexpected pairing - information security and pop culture.

                      What can popular movies, TV shows, books, or video games teach us about cyber security? ..."

                      Target Breach: Where the Weak Points Were
                      Dark Reading, March 18th, 2014
                      "I've been fascinated by the information that keeps coming out about the December Target data breach. Recent revelations by some of the people who studied the actual malware code have labeled it as absolutely unsophisticated and uninteresting -- almost amateurish. Others noted that anti-malware software that easily have stopped this attack before any damage was done.

                      Too bad Target didn't have any. But it did! Six months before the attack, Target had installed and tested software from FireEye (which is also used by the CIA to protect its networks). Twenty-four-hour monitoring of the system was in place to raise an alert flag to the monitoring team who, in turn, would notify Target's Security Operations Center (SOC) in Minnesota..."

                      Target Ignored Data Breach Alarms
                      InformationWeek, March 14th, 2014
                      "Target confirmed Friday that the hack attack against the retailer's point-of-sale (POS) systems that began in late November triggered alarms, which its information security team evaluated and chose to ignore.

                      "Like any large company, each week at Target there are a vast number of technical events that take place and are logged. Through our investigation, we learned that after these criminals entered our network, a small amount of their activity was logged and surfaced to our team," said Target spokeswoman Molly Snyder via email. "That activity was evaluated and acted upon"..."

                      IT - Careers
                      5 Radical Ideas to Help You Find Focus at Work
                      Information Management, March 17th, 2014
                      "A typical day in most workplaces is one unending series of large and small distractions that combine to keep most of us from making much forward progress on our one or two real priorities that matter. Sadly, the workplace environment may be the single biggest inhibitor of effective workplace productivity.

                      In light of this, leadership and management expert Art Petty irreverently offers five radical ideas to help you find more focus in the workplace. Health warning: Applying these ideas without a bit of common sense and discretion may be harmful to your boss's view of you. On the other hand, you might just make enough progress on your priorities to earn the boss's undying gratitude..."

                      15 Great Skype Interview Tips (Part 1)
                      IT World, March 19th, 2014
                      "Next week I have a job interview via Skype. I've done phone-based interviews, but never using Skype. Anything I should or shouldn't do?

                      There are a number of things that should be considered when doing a Skype or Google Hangout based interview. It's not just simply a phone call with video. It's much more complex than a phone call for a number of reasons. The video brings with it the need for proper lighting, computer-based sound quality, and understanding of facial and hand-based body language and other similar challenges. As you will see, the items listed are divided into five categories; Technology, Preparation, Screen Logistics, Delivery, and Post Call Activities, the first two of which will be in this week's column..."

                      I Quit! 10 Things that Drove Me Out of IT
                      TechRepublic, March 16th, 2014
                      "For what seemed like an eternity, I served as a support tech for a managed service provider (MSP). Starting the job, I had no idea what I was getting into. As the saying goes, "If I knew then what I know now…."

                      Would I have stepped foot into the world of remote support? It's hard to say. What is not so hard to say is why I eventually gave up being a support technician. In fact, I can give you 10 reasons why..."

                        Stupid User Tricks: The Most Embarrassing Flubs Yet
                        InfoWorld, March 17th, 2014
                        "Technology has made it easier than ever to communicate with colleagues and customers from all over the world. It's also made it easier than ever to make ourselves look very, very stupid.

                        Thanks to modern electronics, all it takes is a single split-second slip-up for an embarrassing error to be broadcast globally. No matter how hard you try, that kind of error can never be taken back..."

                          Top 10 Worst Resume Terms
                          IT World, March 14th, 2014
                          "Resumes are your most precious professional real estate, so don't waste valuable space on clichés and tired, old phrases that express nothing, other than the fact that you love vapid buzzwords. CareerBuilder recently asked more than 2,200 hiring managers and HR pros across the U.S. to name the worst resumes terms they see. Pull up your resume, for compare/contrast purposes, and click ahead..."
                            A Papal Lesson on How to Be a Successful Leader by Being Yourself
                            TLNT, March 18th, 2014
                            "He was once a bouncer at a nightclub. He admits to accidental cursing. And drives an old car.

                            How surprised are you that I'm talking about the Pope?

                            Yes,the leader of the Catholic Church even admitted to snagging a rosary from a dead priest. Yet he is very popular.

                            Well, it's because most people feel he is real. That he demonstrates its ok to make mistakes. We're human, right?..."

                              Ambitious IT Pros Seek COO Role
                              Computerworld, March 18th, 2014
                              "Cynthia Hamburger spent years climbing the corporate IT ladder, including a stint as a CIO at Dun & Bradstreet, yet when she was offered the CIO post at Learning Ally, she politely declined.

                              It wasn't Learning Ally's nonprofit business model or smaller stature that was the turnoff, and she clearly spied opportunity for technology-driven change at the company, which provides audiobooks and services for people with learning disabilities..."

                              IT - Database
                              Data Profiling Grows Up - Index Engines 5.1
                              Storage Swiss, March 17th, 2014
                              "Data profiling allows organizations to report and analyze file and email content in order to streamline their data center. By non-disruptively scanning NAS and server storage repositories, backup tapes and archives such as SharePoint, IT planners can gain deep insight into the relative business value of all of this stored content. Armed with this information, businesses can then make better decisions about which data sets to delete to reclaim storage assets, when to migrate aged data to more cost-effective storage tiers, more easily identify sensitive data that should be encrypted and which data sets to preserve for compliance related purposes..."
                              In-Memory Technology Finds Lane in Database Mainstream
                              SeachDataManagement, March 20th, 2014
                              "In-memory databases have a long history, but they've gained increasing prominence in recent years thanks to falling memory prices and the introduction of new technologies. SearchDataManagement spoke with data management and business intelligence consultant William McKnight to get his view of in-memory technology and processing methods as they relate to data in general and relational databases in particular..."
                              IT - Backup
                              Backup Basics: What do SLO, RPO, RTO, VRO and GRO Mean?
                              Storage Switzerland, January 22nd. 2014
                              "Being in charge of the data protection process is a thankless job. The process you create can run perfectly 99% of the time but everyone will remember the 1 time it fell short, and they will blame you. The task of protecting an organization's data is getting harder too, data is growing and users expect there to be no downtime. The key, we believe, is to manage the data protection process from a service level perspective instead of a job perspective, by setting a service level objective (SLO) for each application..."
                                IT - Big Data
                                17 Steps to Implement a Public Sector Big Data Project
                                CIO, March 18th, 2014
                                "In the private sector, companies with massive volumes of data at their disposal, like Amazon and Facebook, have made millions of dollars leveraging that data with analytics. Public sector agencies, too, are data-intensive, and increasingly agencies at every level of government are looking to leverage their data to better serve citizens.

                                In a recent report for the IBM Center for The Business of Government, Kevin C. Desouza of Arizona State University, laid out the following public sector big data implementation plan, drawing on interviews with CIOs from every level of government..."

                                Big Data Reaches Inflection Point
                                InformationWeek, March 20th, 2014
                                "Enterprises see the light on big data opportunities. It's only a matter of time before mainstream data-management environments evolve.

                                What's the status of the big data revolution? Fresh clues emerged this week with Hadoop vendor Cloudera scoring a $160 million round of venture capital funding, big data analytics company Platfora getting a $38 million capital infusion, and Allied Market Research issuing an estimate that the $2 billion Hadoop ecosystem (as measured in 2013) will quickly grow to $50 billion by 2020..."

                                Define These Two Points before Choosing Your Big Data Approach
                                TechRepublic, March 14th, 2014
                                "By drilling down on two defining points of your big data strategy, you'll be able to gain the business results you want from your project.

                                Now that organizations have their big data projects underway, it's time to review big data strategy and the types of projects that are likely to deliver the highest business value. Part of this process should include a review of what big data is, and the various approaches that companies can choose from in order to obtain the business results that they want..."

                                Realizing the Power of Small Data
                                InformationWeek, March 20th, 2014
                                "The idea of Small Data is to connect people with timely and meaningful insights which are packaged in a visually appealing form. Businesses are seeing many opportunities in combining Big and Small Data sets to enhance the results from analytics

                                While there is a lot of attention today on Big Data and justifiably so, the power of 'small data' is beginning to be perceived. Big Data has come to denote big budgets, centralized infrastructure, assessment studies and fairly large engagements. In the meantime, the need for actionable insights is driving the increased focus on small data..."

                                5 Tips for Getting a Handle on Information Growth
                                Busines 2 Business, March 20th, 2014
                                "Today's big data initiatives have given many business leaders the mistaken impression that all information is equally valuable and that you can never have too much of it. Unfortunately, companies approaching information growth this way risk a number of major problems:

                                Rising infrastructure costs - Although the unit cost of storage continues to decline, the growth of the storage infrastructure is outpacing this decline, and this doesn't account for other IT hardware, software, and administrative costs..."

                                Metadata Poses Both Risks and Rewards
                                Dark Reading, March 19th, 2014
                                "The National Security Agency's focus on metadata has raised awareness of the threat that activity tracking poses to individual privacy and has renewed debates over the level of monitoring that should be permissible by government and businesses.

                                For businesses, the lessons are more subtle. Organization can both inadvertently leak metadata -- giving adversaries a look into their operations and a potential covert communications channel -- and analyze their own metadata to gain information on anomalous activity within their network..."

                                IT - BYOD
                                BYOD is Fraught with Legal Peril, Audience Told
                                BYOD, March 18th, 2014
                                "Businesses worry most about security when it comes to bring-your-own-device programs, but the legal ramifications of letting employees use personal smartphones and tablets at work can be just as threatening, attendees of Enterprise Connect were told.

                                These issues include accidentally removing workers' personal and potentially valuable data from the devices when legitimately purging corporate data, says Michael Finneran, principal at dBrn Associates speaking at the conference on unified communications..."

                                Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                Vol 193 Issues 1 and 2; Vol 192 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 191 Issues 4 and 5
                                We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                • Oracle Launches Java 8
                                • LibreOffice 4.2.2
                                • Frequently Asked Questions about Oracle Linux
                                • Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c Release 2
                                • Oracle Solaris Binary Guarantee Program
                                • Oracle Cloud Opportunities
                                • Oracle VM Paravirtual Drivers for Microsoft Windows 3.2.2 released!
                                • MySQL Enterprise Backup (Version 3.10.0)
                                • NetBeans Platform for Beginners
                                • MySQL for Visual Studio 1.1.4

                                The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                  IT - Encryption
                                  Attorney General's New War On Encrypted Web Services
                                  itnews, March 17th, 2014
                                  "Australia's Attorney-General's department wants new laws to force users and providers of encrypted internet communications services to decode any data intercepted by authorities.

                                  The proposal is buried in a submission by the department to a Senate inquiry on revision of the Telecommunications Interception Act..."

                                    The Year of Encryption
                                    MIT Technology Review, March 18th, 2014
                                    "Last summer, the world's largest Internet companies learned they'd been hacked by the U.S. government.

                                    Their answer for 2014: encrypt everything.

                                    Over the last eight months, Yahoo encrypted its e-mail service and Google extended encryption to every search term that users enter. Microsoft said that by the end of this year it plans to encrypt all the data traveling to and from its networks..."

                                    IT - Server
                                    There's No Future in On-Premises IT -- It's Time to Move to the Cloud
                                    Infoworld, March 19th, 2014
                                    "I've been lying to myself: I thought IT would survive the next shift in technology as all infrastructure moves to the cloud. But I no longer believe IT will survive that cloud shift -- certainly not IT as we know it. Sure, there will always be on-premises dinosaurs like myself who prefer to install Exchange manually. But the shift to the cloud is coming.

                                    The debate between operating expense (aka opex, the cloud's approach) and capital expense (aka capex, the on-premises approach) is waged daily at companies...."

                                    Unix: Networking Basics for the Beginner
                                    ITWorld, March 16th, 2014
                                    "Need a jump start on Unix networking? Whether you're working on your home network or setting up systems at work, here are some Unix commands and insights that might prove helpful..."
                                    Solaris Studio 12.4 Beta is coming
                                    Still accepting nominations for customers and ISVs to participate
                                    The Oracle Solaris Studio team says that it is "ready to release the Oracle Solaris Studio 12.4 Beta with planned availability late March 2014, product general availability second half of 2014."

                                    Some features and functionality of Oracle Solaris Studio 12.4 Beta include:

                                    • Compiler and library optimizations for Oracle SPARC-T4/T5/M5/M6, Fujitsu M10, and Intel Ivy Bridge servers
                                    • New C++ compiler and dbx debugger that support the C++2011 language standard
                                    • Performance Analyzer improvements that include a new "Smart Start" capability to guide application performance analysis, remote data analysis, and cross-architecture support
                                    • Code Analyzer improvements that reduce the overhead and improve the accuracy of memory leak detection and 40 other typical programming errors
                                    • Support for new OpenMP 4.0 standard, including Region Cancellation, Thread Affinity, Tasking Extensions and Sequentially Consistent Atomics
                                    • Integrated Development Environment (IDE) improved response time and reduced memory footprint to efficiently handle very large source repositories

                                    The team is now accepting nominations for customers and ISVs to participate.

                                    NetBeans IDE 8.0 provides tools for Java 8 technologies
                                    Christina Mulligan writing in SD Times
                                    Christina Mulligan writes, "Following the release of Oracle's Java 8, NetBeans IDE 8.0 has been announced. The open IDE release delivers out-of-the-box code analyzers and editors for the latest Java 8 technologies (Java SE 8, Java ME Embedded 8 and Java SE Embedded 8), and also includes new HTML5 tools and support for C/C++, Java EE, Maven and PHP.

                                    Highlights of the release include:.."

                                    Hello Java 8 and NetBeans 8!
                                    By Geertjan Wielenga
                                    Geertjan writes in an article for DZone, "NetBeans IDE 8 provides out-of-the-box code analyzers and editors for working with the latest Java 8 technologies--Java SE 8, Java SE Embedded 8, and Java ME Embedded 8. The IDE also has a range of new enhancements that further improve its support for Maven and Java EE with PrimeFaces; new tools for HTML5, in particular for AngularJS; and improvements to PHP and C/C++ support.

                                    Here's an overview of what NetBeans partners and users are looking forward to in NetBeans 8 ..."

                                    Encryption of Data-at-Rest on Big Data Appliance
                                    Jean-Pierre Dijcks Blogs
                                    Jean-Pierre Dijcks writes, "With the release of Big Data Appliance software bundle 2.5, BDA completes the encryption story underneath Cloudera CDH. BDA already came with network encryption, ensuring no network sniffing can be applied in between the nodes, it now adds encryption of data-at-rest.

                                    Encryption of data-at-rest can be done in 2 modes. One mode leverages the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) on the motherboard to provide a key to encrypt the data on disk. This mode does not require a password or pass phrase but relies on the motherboard. The second mode leverages a passphrase, which in turn will be used to generate a private-public key pair generated with OpenSSL. The key pair is encrypted as well..."

                                    Nexenta News
                                    OpenSDx Summit EMEA - April 9th - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
                                    Formally known as Open-storage Summit
                                    On April 9th, the OpenSDx Summit EMEA (formally known as Open-storage Summit) will be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

                                    In it's 4th year of success, we offer insights into:

                                    • SDx Definition - Hip or hype and emerging standards
                                    • SDDC - the new reality and customer proof
                                    • Nexenta TechTalk on converged solutions, unified storage, and design considerations with IDC and 451 Group analysts
                                    • Customer Plus panel discussions
                                    • Open Source vs. Legacy Systems - Potential and Pitfalls VAR's discussion
                                    • and much more!

                                    According to IDC, Software-defined "anything" (SDx) is the latest buzzword in the industry, but it's also a buzzword with bite. It has the potential to offer end users a lot of flexibility and better economics without vendor lock-in concerns. CIOs looking for solutions that map to their goals around convergence, intelligence, hybrid architectures, agnostic platforms, and cloud would do well to look closely at SDS' potential.

                                    Come join other partners, customers and proponents of open storage at OpenSDx Summit. Nexenta will share its SDx vision and how it's redefining the Software Defined Storage and Software Defined Data Center market. Come learn how leading SDx vendors such as VMware, Citrix, Dell, Cisco, Puppet Labs and others are turning big trends into big opportunities!

                                    Level3 News
                                    tw telecom Wins ATLANTIC-ACM Wholesale Service Provider Excellence Award
                                    Based on broad industry-wide survey of wholesale customers for the 2014 U.S. Long Haul Service Provider Report Card
                                    tw telecom inc., a leading national provider of managed services, including Business Ethernet, converged and IP VPN solutions for enterprises and carriers throughout the U.S. and to their global locations, received the Wholesale Service Provider Excellence award for outstanding sales representatives from strategy and research consultancy ATLANTIC-ACM. The 2014 U.S. Long Haul Wholesale Service Provider Excellence Awards were presented at COMPTEL, a major industry event held in Las Vegas.
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