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Oracle Database Ajppliance - Understanding Easy
By Perley Mears
Perley writes, "If you have seen a presentation on the Oracle Database Appliance, you have likely seen the tag words Simple, Reliable, Affordable. These are right on the mark when it comes to the value of the Oracle Database Appliance. Sometimes customers want a little more quantifying information to back up these values, so let's see what I can do to help..."
Oracle Introduces In-Memory Cost Management Applications
For Process and Discrete Industries
Terri Hiskey writes, "In 2013, 'Big Data' surpassed 'Social Media' and 'Mobility' as one of the most searched concepts on the Internet. Gerd Leonhard, a noted futurist, author and CEO of the Futures Agency, stated that Big Data's economic and social importance will rival that of the oil economy by 2020. With the ever-increasing global adoption of smart phones, we are heading towards 5 billion connected devices. With the addition of other electronic devices such as sensors, wearables, and smart homes, that number is expected to grow to 50 billion by 2018. The amount of data being collected across all of these platforms is mind-boggling, and companies that realize the potential of what can be done with that data are breaking away from the pack...
Healthcare's Next Innovation?
The Answer Is In The Data
John Foley (director, strategic communications, for Oracle Corp), writes in Forbes, "As the healthcare industry goes digital, all of those doctor visits and other health-related transactions are creating terabytes of highly valuable data. In too many places, however, that data isn't shared as widely as it could be. Outdated systems and processes limit availability to the department that generated the data.

It's the data management equivalent of myopia.."

Masters of the Data
CIOs Tune in to the Importance of Data Quality, Data Governance, and Master Data Management (MDM)
David Baum writes, "Modern business applications produce ever more relevant and actionable information for decision makers, but in many cases the data sources are fragmented and inconsistent. Despite tremendous advancements at the application layer, nearly all IT initiatives succeed or fail based on the quality and consistency of the underlying data.

Why this glaring oversight? According to Mark A. Smith, CEO and Chief Research Officer at Ventana Research, CIOs are responsible for making information available to their businesses in a consistent and timely basis, but in most organizations, information management is seen as a delegated set of tasks and is not the CIO's top priority..."

Mformation Achieves Unprecedented Performance on Oracle Engineered Systems
Scalability and Performance Key to Managing the Internet of Things (IoT)
Mformation Software Technologies LLC, a leading global provider of solutions for managing wirelessly connected devices, today announced the results of performance benchmark testing of Mformation Service Manager with Oracle Engineered Systems, specifically the Oracle Exadata Database Machine. In addition, Mformation has achieved Oracle Exadata Optimized status through Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), demonstrating that Mformation Service Manager has been tested and tuned on the Oracle Exadata Database Machine to deliver speed, scalability and reliability to customers. Mformation is a Gold level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork.
Getting Started with Oracle VM VirtualBox
By Pradyumna Dash
"Getting Started with Oracle VM VirtualBox" is a step-by-step guide designed to help you understand the concepts of virtualization and start running VirtualBox on your system. This book will show you how to install, configure, and manage VirtualBox. It will also show you how to install Oracle Enterprise Linux as a guest VM and make use of the essential features of VirtualBox.

Oracle VM VirtualBox is an open source, cross-platform virtualization software package. Desktop virtualization software gives you the ability to install and run multiple operating systems on your computer in a virtual environment without disturbing the host OS. VirtualBox helps you create a completely isolated virtual environment and therefore prevents viruses, malware, or any other kinds of threats spreading from the guest-to-host machine.

Java Technology
Java 8 Launch Webcast
March 25th, 10am PST
To celebrate the launch of Java SE 8, Oracle will host a live webcast on March 25th, 10am PST. This event will feature:

  • Welcome from Mark Reinhold, Chief Architect, Java Platform Group.
  • A panel discussion look at Java SE 8 new features and enhancements by members of Java Engineering
  • Short comments from companies using Java and community members
  • A panel discussion on Java 8 and the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • A LIVE chat to answer your questions
  • Over 25 videos introducing the features of Java 8 will be available

Be a part of it as we create the future with Java 8! Register now!

IT - Technology
The world's largest aircraft can fly for three weeks (it's not cute)
CNET, March 1st, 2014
"Thanks to technology, the world is becoming a darker place. No, I'm not suggesting that we're becoming less and less enlightened, as we sacrifice our minds to the robots. Instead, I'm merely indicating that we will soon not be able to see that thing we currently call the sky.

There'll be Jeff Bezos's drones flying around all day, delivering dictionaries and diapers to the distressed. There'll be journalistic drones all around, capturing every aerial detail of multiple car crashes.

And then there'll be the HAV 304 Airlander, which is so large that it will block the view of several planets as it waddles through the heavens..."

    Ultra HD 4K TV Cheat Sheet
    CNET, February 28th, 2014
    "Ultra HD, colloquially known as "4K," is the latest buzzword, and the latest push from TV manufacturers.

    While your next TV might not be Ultra HD, the one after probably will be.

    Here are the basics of what you need to know about this latest advancement in TV technology..."

      10 Technologies to Shape the IT Industry for the Rest of 2014
      eWeek, March 7th, 2014
      "It's hard to believe that it's March, and already, many of the year's big events have come and gone. The Consumer Electronics Show in January played host to some of the biggest technology announcements of the year, while Mobile World Congress in February proved that the mobile device market is as vibrant as ever. So far, those events have helped shape the kind of product launches customers can expect in 2014..."
        IT - Bitcoin
        10 Questions on the Mt. Gox Implosion
        IT World, March 6th, 2014
        "How do half a billion dollars vanish into thin air? That seems to be what happened at popular Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, which made a a bankruptcy protection filing in Japan last week.

        The staggering, unprecedented loss of about 850,000 bitcoins, worth roughly US$474 million, has prompted investors, government officials and journalists to scrutinize the Tokyo-based exchange, but clear facts are few. It seems that no one knew exactly what was going on inside Mt. Gox, even CEO Mark Karpeles..."

        Why the end of Mt. Gox won.t be the End of Bitcoin
        AmongTech, February 25th, 2014
        "Worlds biggest Bitcoin exchange Platform called Mt. Gox has been shut down and since there have been absolutely no transactions made from the Address over the past couple of days, we could declare Mt. Gox officially dead as many of us don't expect the service to be around for much more longer. The problems of Mt. Gox has caused huge commotion among the cryptocurrency community as thousands of cryptocurrency enthusiasts lost all of their BTC, the reason why these users lost their BTC is because of 'technical issues' which later turned out to be a cover up for the fact that the service got hacked. It is estimated that the company had approximately 6% of all Bitcoins available. But does the end of Mt. Gox mean the end of bitcoins? No."
        UK tax authority clarifies policy on Bitcoin
        Network World, March 3rd, 2014
        "Exchanging or mining bitcoins is exempt from value-added tax (VAT), but accepting the virtual currency for goods and services is subject to it, the U.K.'s tax authority said Monday.

        The guidance should give those handling bitcoins a bit more confidence about tax questions, as authorities around the world mull how the five-year-old virtual currency should be regulated..."

          IT - FOSS
          Open source challenges a proprietary Internet of Things
          ITWorld, March 4th, 2014
          "The only limit to the Internet of Things isn't imagination or technology. It's the vendors. Will your Whirlpool, Maytag or GE washer be able to communicate with your Samsung TV or Apple iPhone, Sears' oven or any other device?

          Without interoperability, consumer devices, electronic appliances and sensor-equipped wearables won't recognize each other and communicate. It will make scenarios, such as this one, difficult:.."

          Accelerating MySQL on Oracle Linux with Flash
          Leveraging Oracle's Sun Flash Accelerator F80 PCIe card
          Chris Kawalek writes, "Our spotlight this week is on a brand new white paper that can help you get the most out of MySQL running on Oracle Linux, with the help of Oracle's Sun Flash Accelerator F80 PCIe card. To give you an idea of the Oracle Linux part of this, here is an except from the paper's intro:..."

          "Oracle Linux with Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK) was chosen for this study for several key reasons including its upstream support for the latest hardware relevant to modern data center operations, and SSD support and performance features such as SSD detect. In addition, MySQL database workloads benefit from the platform's deep integration with the solution stack, optimizations resulting from industry collaborations and enhancements in the UEK."

          MySQL Workbench 6.1.2 BETA has been released
          Upcoming major update for the official MySQL graphical development tool
          The MySQL developer tools team is pleased to announce 6.1 Beta 2 - the start of the public beta testing phase of MySQL Workbench 6.1

          MySQL Workbench 6.1 is the upcoming major update for the official MySQL graphical development tool. Introducing over 30 new features, this version has many significant enhancement focusing on real-time performance assessment and analysis from the SQL statement level to server internals and file IO. You'll see this in additions to the SQL Editor as well as new dashboard visualization and reporting that takes advantage of MySQL Server 5.6 and 5.7 Performance Schema, and enhancements to the MySQL Explain Plans.

          IT - Cloud
          7 Truths About Data in the Cloud
          InfoWorld, March 6th, 2014
          Fresh from the IBM acquisition, Cloudant CEO Derek Schoettle offers his take on how the migration of data to the cloud is changing IT
          9 Worst Cloud Security Threats
          Information Week, March 3rd, 2014
          "Shadow IT is a great thing until it runs into the security of cloud computing. All too often line-of-business users are establishing applications and moving data into the cloud without understanding all the security implications.

          The Cloud Security Alliance has put together a list of the nine most prevalent and serious security threats in cloud computing. Many of them relate in one way or another to the weaknesses implicit in Shadow IT..."

          • Data Breaches
          • Data Loss
          • Account Or Service Traffic Hijacking
          • Insecure APIs
          • Denial Of Service
          • Malicious Insiders
          • Abuse Of Cloud Services
          • Insufficient Due Diligence
          • Shared Technology

          Read on for details.

          Beware the Perils Of Dealing with a 'Nested Cloud' Solution
          TechRepublic, March 4th, 2014
          "Cloud will continue its expansion as an IT solution, propagating an ecosystem that could turn into a "cloud upon cloud" architecture. I call this "nested cloud," because every time you peel away one layer of cloud, you're likely to find another cloud layer nested under it.

          The best way to illustrate this is with an example of a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider that delivers a specific business solution for a targeted industry vertical..."

          Inside Cisco's private cloud
          Network World, March 5th, 2014
          "Do private clouds work?

          You bet they do, says Cisco, which has more than two years of experience under its belt with its Cisco IT Elastic Infrastructure Services (CITEIS) cloud.

          Today, 90% of the company's 30,000 operating system instances are virtualized, including all 15,000 virtual machines in CITEIS, which is supported by Cisco Unified Computing System blade servers tied together with Nexus switches..."

          Why Data Management is Cool Again
          Storage Switzerland, March 7th, 2014
          "Our top read article, by far, recently is 'What is Data Profiling' My colleagues Eric Slack and Colm Keegan also just hosted a well attended webinar, 'How To Attain Sustainable Storage Savings' now available on demand. At the core of both the article and the webinar is the subject of data management. All of a sudden data management is cool again..."
          IT - CxO
          Up-and-Coming IT Leaders Focus on Business Customers
          CIO, March 3rd, 2014
          "Nick Sewell sounds more like a marketing manager than an IT leader. He talks about the need to understand what customers want, to deliver products that fulfill customer needs, to stand up for the customer.

          But Sewell, director of IT programs for Western Union Business Solutions, knows that technology plays a vital role in keeping customers happy as they use Western Union to move their money around the world. "Technology," he says, "is absolutely a differentiator in the market."

            A CIO who masters disasters
            Computerworld, March 3rd, 2014
            "On his 50th birthday, John Halamka, the CIO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, was eating cake, surrounded by his senior staff. Then his second-in-command came in with 'some' news.

            A physician had gone to the Apple Store and returned with a MacBook. He used the laptop to download email and then left the office. When he returned, the new MacBook was gone. On it was a spreadsheet embedded in a PowerPoint presentation with information on 3,900 patients -- data for which the hospital was responsible..."

            CIOs grappling with software bloat, survey finds
            Network World, March 4th, 2014
            "More and more corporate IT departments around the world are straining under the weight of unnecessary software applications, according to a survey by systems integrator Capgemini.

            Some 48 percent of 1,116 CIOs and senior IT executives said their companies have more applications than required to run the business, according to Capgemini. That's up from 34 percent in a previous survey by the systems integrator..."

              Nine Fascinating Facts About Today's CIOs
              CIO Insight, February 27th, 2014
              "Have you ever wondered about how many CIOs are promoted internally and how many are recruited outside their organization? Or whether companies are making progress in appointing women and ethnically diverse executives as CIOs? Or if it's common for CIOs to have not majored in a tech-related field while an undergraduate? ..."
                10 Things That Digital Business Leaders Do
                CIO Insight, March 3rd, 2014
                "The entire world is creating endless volumes of valuable information and data every single second. Much of this is credited to social media, which is projected to consume more than 4 trillion minutes of the population's time over the next year. But it's also driven by the vast amount of data that is generated by companies which create highly personalized, online interactions with customers to find out more about them, as well as advancements in cloud computing, agile software development and content creation. With the digital universe projected to double every two years, CIOs can't afford to allow their organization to fall behind..."
                CIOs and the Metrics of Business Agility
                CIO & Leader, March 3rd, 2014
                "Several CIOs claim they have an agile enterprise. But how are they measuring agility? How many of them are adhering to any specific framework to measure it?...

                An agile enterprise, as the phrase pre-supposes, connotes an organization structure that's nimble and quick to react to changes in the external environment. It has its roots in the world of software development, where the software project management community got weary with the inefficiencies and theocracy of the Waterfall Model, which presupposes a fixed, unchanging scope, monolithic development and, finally, one-shot user acceptance testing, where it's inevitable that there be rejects, negotiations, leading to a badly compromised product being shipped out into the marketplace..."

                How to Build Trust as a New IT Executive
                CIO, March 4th, 2014
                "Making the move to a management position or the executive level isn't easy. You've got to get the job done, but you don't want to alienate the coworkers and friends that you've built relationships with over the years.

                It's a tricky transition with many pitfalls that have sent many good IT pros back to the drawing board. To help you make the transition we spoke with leadership experts, career consultants and CIOs to find out what it takes to build trust while moving forward to meet overall business objectives..."

                The Four Pillars: The Secret to IT Transformation
                CIO Insight. March 4th, 2014
                "Changing organizations is hard work. That's why our second Catalyst Experience event focuses on the Four Pillars of Transformation. Our aim in this two-day intensive event is to help participants understand two things. First, we want them to understand that change does not just happen. It takes work. And a lot of it. People have to deliberately and consistently work to create organizational change. Second, we want them to understand that to drive meaningful organizational change within IT organizations, they need to operate across a number of different dimensions. That's where the Four Pillars come in to play..."
                  vBeers - South Florida (Wednesday, March 12th, 2014)
                  Wednesday, March 12th, 2014
                  Join us for the next vBeers South Florida. We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at Murphy's Law at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

                  This will be a non-sponsored event so bring your wallet, your sense of humor and get ready for some great IT and virtualization conversations with some of the best people in South Florida's IT community (including YOU!).

                  Location: Murphy's Law Irish Bar

                  • Address:1 Seminole Way, Hollywood, FL 33314 USA
                  • Date: Wednesday, March 12th
                  • Time: 6pm to 9pm - arrive and depart any time

                  Parking is free. I recommend using the lot off 441. Park on the 4th floor and the elevator will drop you off right next to Murphy's.

                  Join the vBeers LinkedIn group. Network with fellow vBeers participants on-line.

                  vBeers - Miami (Wednesday, March 26th, 2014)
                  After Work Hours IT Networking Event
                  This will be a Sponsored event so drinks and are on us! Please join us for the Our first vBeers event in Miami and encourage your IT colleagues to attend as well.

                  Join us for an evening of creating connections and building your network in a relaxed and fun environment.

                  Networking is an essential aspect of your professional growth and development. Connect with an array of professionals while enjoying a drink or two. Who knows, you just may meet your next client, employer or employee!

                  Location: Biscayne Tavern

                  • Address: - 146 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132
                  • Date: Wednesday, March 26th
                  • Time: 6pm to 9pm - arrive and depart any time


                  • Biscayne Tavern
                  • SherlockTech Staffing
                  • Vault Networks
                  • Nexenta Systems
                  • PCS

                  Join the vBeers LinkedIn group. Network with fellow vBeers participants on-line.

                  Please RSVP via EventBrite.

                  IT - DR
                  IT Infrastructure Outsourcing for Business Continuity
                  Enterprise Efficiency, March 7th, 2014
                  "Any CIO worth his salt would have contemplated IT infrastructure outsourcing to ensure enterprise efficiency at least once. Blame the rising capital expenditure and shrinking budgets if you will, but the fact is that with the rapid change in technology, maintaining IT infrastructure on premises is far less attractive given the plethora of choices one has in outsourcing it..."
                  73% Of Companies are Unprepared for Disaster Recovery
                  Help Net Security, March 5th, 2014
                  "The Disaster Recovery Preparedness (DRP) Council announced findings from its benchmark study which show that 73% of respondent organizations worldwide are not taking adequate steps to protect their data and IT systems.

                  Poor planning, testing and technological deficiencies have led to more than $5M worth of critical applications failure, data center outages and data loss.

                  The study polled more than 1,000 organizations, from small businesses to large enterprises, to help them benchmark readiness for critical IT systems recovery in virtual environments. Key findings include:.."

                  IT - Networks
                  Is SDN Your Next Security Nightmare?
                  Network World, February 28th, 2014
                  "The big buzzword in networking these days is Software-Defined Networking (SDN), a de-coupling of the data plane and the control plane that allows you to manage physical devices via a software-based controller sitting on a general purpose server.

                  There are numerous benefits associated with SDN. Instead of having to touch every switch and router, the controller enforces policies by using the OpenFlow standard to talk to the physical networking devices. Also, customers can theoretically use any OpenFlow enabled hardware, meaning you no longer have to buy all of your networking gear from the same vendor.

                  But before you jump into SDN, be aware that there might be some security risks..."

                  SDNs Move from Theory to Reality
                  Network World, March 5th, 2014
                  "SDNs have gone from concept to reality.

                  Users that were listening to vendor and researcher pitches on the benefits of software-defined networking at Open Networking Summit just a few years ago have taken over the dais and are now sharing their initial implementation experiences.

                  Virtually all of those virtualization experiences are from service providers that have urgent requirements to make their networks more agile and automated in order to turn up new services that are the lifeblood of their business.."

                    Ethernet Boffins Get Ready to Kick Off 400G Development
                    The Register, March 3rd, 2014
                    "After a year of discussion and setting of baseline specifications, the hard work of creating 400G bps Ethernet is about to begin.

                    This month, according to the acting chair of the IEEE's 400G Ethernet study group, Dell's John D'Ambrosia, the group will be seeking approval of the project documentation it's been developing since the April 2013 launch of the project.

                    The study group stated in 2013 that the 400G standard 'will address, but is not limited to, aggregation and high-bandwidth interconnect in these key application areas: cloud-scale data centres, internet exchanges, co-location services, wireless infrastructure, service provider and operator networks, and video distribution infrastructure.'

                    The development will take a few years, with 400G bps product not anticipated until the 2016-2017 timeframe..."

                    Network Firewalls aren't Dead Yet
                    Computerworld, March 5th, 2014
                    "Phil Cummings says network firewalls will continue to be a critical piece of Health Information Technology Services -- Nova Scotia security portfolio for one simple reason: nothing's come along to replace them.

                    For the past 15 years, Cummings, a security administrator at HITS-NS, has been responsible for managing the enterprise firewalls that are used to protect the network for 20,000 Healthcare users in Nova Scotia.

                    Over that time, Cummings has seen firewalls evolve from relatively rudimentary tools for blocking threats at the network edge to sophisticated, policy-based, traffic filtering and intrusion prevention systems..."

                    So You Want to Adopt SDN: Where do You Start?
                    Network World, March 3rd, 2014
                    "Software Defined Networking (SDNs) has been the hottest topic in networking over the past few years, and will likely continue to be over the next couple. It's certainly dominated the traffic on this site and others.

                    Despite the high interest levels from network managers and the media, SDN adoption remains somewhat light. While the concepts of automation, centralized control, and programmability make sense to most network managers, where to deploy an SDN first isn't really that obvious. From a utopian perspective, one would want to apply the principals of SDNs to the entire network all at once..."

                    SDN Is A Marathon, Goldman Sachs Says
                    Network Computing, March 6th
                    "With a complex environment of specialized networks, Goldman Sachs is eager to reap the efficiency and cost-savings promises of software-defined networking. So far, the financial services firm has tried a variety of approaches, including both commercial and open source systems for network overlays.

                    "We haven't seen a single approach that will get us closer," Matthew Liste, managing director and technology fellow at Goldman Sachs, said in a presentation at this week's Open Networking Summit 2014 in Santa Clara, Calif..."

                    IPv6 Adoption: Here at Last
                    Network Computing, February 27th
                    "No longer is IPv6 adoption "just around the corner." It's here.

                    In the second half of 2013, many of the metrics we at Akamai use to track IPv6 adoption have doubled. This is in large part due to increased adoption by residential broadband networks in the U.S. and Germany. Over the course of a given week, we now observe more than 600 million unique IPv6 addresses per week, as opposed to 200 to 300 million in June 2013. We are also serving over 20 billion IPv6 requests per day, double the 10 billion per day delivered six months ago..."

                    IT - Operations
                    6 IT Strategies to Stay Ahead of Data Center Trend
                    CIO, March 7th, 2014
                    "Automation, virtualization, cloud computing -- these technology trends are transforming the data center and enabling companies to lower costs, increase flexibility and improve reliability. However, these shifts require IT, and their outsourcing providers, to rethink traditional strategies..."
                    IT Maintenance Work: 3 Ways To Get It Done
                    Network Computing, March 4th
                    "I don't know about you, but it seems to me that IT maintenance windows are growing increasingly smaller and more challenging to schedule...

                    If you're struggling to convince upper management that your next IT maintenance window is necessary, follow these tips I've found to work over the years:..."

                    US School Offers First-of-a-Kind Graduate Degree in Data Center Engineering
                    Network World, March 5th, 2014
                    "Plenty of people have engineering degrees but not many have one specific to data centers. A university in Dallas is offering what it says will be a first-of-its-kind graduate degree in data center engineering.

                    The program at Southern Methodist University includes five core courses covering data centers broadly, then draws on various departments so that students can specialize in areas like facilities and infrastructure, data analytics, virtualization and cloud computing..."

                    IT - Security
                    The paranoid's survival guide, part 1: How to protect your personal data
                    Computerworld, March 3rd, 2014
                    "Who says privacy is dead? While it's true that marketers, the government, data aggregators and others are gathering and analyzing more data than ever about every individual, you can still exert some control over what's out there, who's tracking you and what they do with that information.

                    From the NSA's admission that it is capturing and analyzing metadata on every American to Facebook's appropriation of users' posts, likes and images for use in product advertising endorsements, privacy concerns are now top of mind. According to a December Harris Interactive survey commissioned by privacy consultancy Truste, 74% of Internet users are more worried about privacy now than they were a year ago. Some 74% also say they are less likely to enable location tracking on the Web, 83% are less likely to click on online ads and 80% say they are less likely to use apps they don't trust..."

                    Why you need to segment your network for security
                    CSO, March 3rd, 2014
                    "My job over the last thirteen years as a penetration tester has given me a unique understanding of security from an attacker's point of view. I have conducted hundreds of penetration tests on organizations ranging from Federal government nuclear weapons labs, to banks, city governments, and practically everything in between. I know what makes an attacker's job easy, and what makes it difficult or practically impossible. I am oftentimes surprised that in 2014, I can gain access to one server or workstation, and use it to traverse the entire network, unhindered at the network layer..."
                    Everything I Know About Computer Security I Learned in Kindergarten
                    InfoWorld, March 3rd, 2014
                    "After more than 25 years as a computer security consultant, I've learned that the "secret" to good computer security is to do the simple things that we all know we should be doing better. The more I'm considered an 'expert,' the more I realize that almost any child could tell the world how to protect computers.

                    With apologies to Robert Fulghum, author of the perennially best-selling book, 'All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten,' here's my attempt to share the simple truths of good computer security..."

                    HSBC Chief Fears IT Leaders will Face Jail for Cloud Breaches
          , February 28th, 2014
                    "The boss of HSBC's technology services arm fears sluggish financial services regulation will lead to IT bosses going to jail for cloud data breaches that are not their fault. Speaking at Cloud Expo Europe, head of Research and Innovation for the bank Barry Childe said the financial services industry needs to take more responsibility for bringing regulators up to speed when creating standards around cloud services...

                    "We need to lead [the regulators] to the water so they can drink. We've got a role to play as much as they have. Most definitely we need some new standards around security and standards of hosting and data centres," he said.

                    NISTs Voluntary Cybersecurity Framework May be Regarded as De Facto Mandatory
                    Homeland Security News Wire, March 3rd, 2014
                    "The National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST) voluntary cybersecurity framework issued in February establishes best practices for companies that support critical infrastructure such as banking and energy. Experts now warn that recommendations included in the framework may be used by courts, regulators, and even consumers to hold institutions accountable for failures that could have been prevented if the cybersecurity framework had been fully implemented by the respective institution..."
                    Six Things Companies do that Thwart Their IT Security Efforts
                    Network World, February 28th, 2014
                    "As I write this, some of the country's brightest developers and practitioners of IT security are at the RSA Conference in San Francisco to discuss the newest techniques and technologies that - hopefully - will keep our networks and computer systems secure.

                    For this article, though, I'd like to focus on where many organizations are falling short today in defending against current threats and especially the more dangerous advanced persistent threats. I consulted with Michael Sutton, vice president of security research for Zscaler and head of Zscaler ThreatLabz, to put together this list of common shortcomings that just might provide the opening that attackers look for..."

                    The Risk of Offshoring Security
                    CSO Online, March 4th, 2014
                    "Over the past twenty years or more, corporations in nearly all industries have been outsourcing and offshoring at hyperdrive.

                    Venture capitalist firms, public shareholders, various types of financial firms, and corporate executives are driven by the temptation of reducing labor expenses, so they're delegating accountability and responsibility to foreign parties. Often the money saved by offshoring simply goes back into the pocketbooks of executives. They also often get bonuses, sometimes in seven or eight figures, to reduce as much domestic labor as possible..."

                    IT - Careers
                    10 Attempts to Reinvent the World that Flopped
                    Network World, March 3rd, 2014
                    "Every startup founder dreams of changing the world, and sometimes it works. But more often, even the best ideas run into resistance and obstacles from unexpected sources:"

                    • French Revolutionary Calendar
                    • Artificial intelligence
                    • Manned space travel
                    • Supersonic passenger flight
                    • Virtual reality
                    • Paperless office
                    • Swatch Internet Time
                    • Segway
                    • Municipal Wi-Fi
                    • QR codes
                    • NFC and "mobile wallets"

                    Read on for details.

                    'Dilbert' Creator: Focus on Systems, Not Goals
                    CIO Insight, March 3rd, 2014
                    "The author of Dilbert says management leaders might want to thinking about replacing goals with systems as the latter are more likely to ultimately lead to success.

                    Speaking at the recent IBM Connect 2014 conference, Scott Adams, the nationally syndicated cartoonist who regularly lampoons all things IT, says leaders should be focused on creating a system that regularly increases their knowledge in a way that adds to their personal value..."

                    The Trouble with Behavioral Interviewing
                    Forbes, March 4th, 2014
                    "There are plenty of inefficient and ill-conceived business processes. Some of them are worse than the rest. These Business Worst Practices are more than badly-designed and bureaucratic; they're business practices that take simple human interactions and make them pointlessly stiff, formal and fear-based.

                    We call them Godzilla Boosters - Godzilla being our symbol for the edifice of crusty process that rules corporate and institutional life, and this being his theme song - because these Worst Practices give power to Godzilla..."

                      7 Historical Decisions that Continue to Pain Programmers
                      Network World, March 5th, 2014
                      "Some of the choices made in the design of programming languages and operating systems years ago which may have seemed inconsequential at the time continue to haunt developers today..."

                      • Unix hides dot files
                      • JavaScript uses + for string concatenation
                      • Microsoft chooses backslash as path delimiter
                      • Python uses indentation to denote blocks
                      • Tony Hoare invents the null reference
                      • JavaScript implements semicolon insertion
                      • How to represent dates

                      Read on for details.

                      IT - Social Media
                      Social Media Offers Financial Benefits for Small Businesses
                      eWeek, March 6th, 2014
                      "According to the LinkedIn survey, nearly half of small businesses use social media to learn, either from their own peers, experts, or partners.

                      Outside of the more traditional measures of using social media, small and midsize businesses (SMBs) have also turned to social media platforms to gather information to make better business decisions, according to a survey by LinkedIn..."

                        IT - Email
                        Abandon Email As A Customer Service Channel At Your Peril
                        Forbes, March 2nd, 2014
                        "When it comes to customer service and the channels that businesses use to serve their customers, most of the talk in the marketplace is about self-service, smartphone apps, social media etc etc.

                        All of which, I think, are really exciting and useful and these new channels are pushing the boundaries of how customers can get and receive better customer service.

                        However, when you fight your way through all of the 'talk' and look at the data about how customers are interacting and want to interact with firms, the data tells a different story..."

                          IT - Database
                          In-Memory Databases: Do You Need the Speed?
                          Information Week, March 3rd, 2014
                          "Here are three surefire facts you need to consider about in-memory databases, along with one hard question those facts should lead you to ask.

                          First, databases that take advantage of in-memory processing really do deliver the fastest data-retrieval speeds available today, which is enticing to companies struggling with high-scale online transactions or timely forecasting and planning..."

                            IT - Backup
                            Backup Needs to Become Adaptive
                            Storage Switzerland, March 3rd, 2014
                            "The foundational component of any data protection strategy is the backup process. It is the backup system's responsibility to capture and secure data as it changes and then make sure that data can be recovered in a timely manner. But the backup process is being stretched to the breaking point thanks to rapidly changing environments and ever increasing user/business expectations. As a result the backup process in many organizations is a mash up of multiple software and hardware solutions that are inefficient and don't achieve their intended goal..."
                              Why IT Needs to Offer Data Protection As A Service
                              Storage Switzerland, March 6th, 2014
                              "Technologies like application virtualization have given end users increasingly more choice in today's IT marketplace. New business services can be rapidly spun up on-demand, either in the four walls of the data-center or out into a cloud service provider's (CSP) facility. This dynamic is making it increasingly critical for IT managers to be more flexible and offer more choices to their internal end users when it comes to providing data protection services..."
                              IT - Mobile
                              Make BYOD Work: 9 Key Considerations
                              Information Week, March 3rd, 2014
                              "More and more companies are allowing or encouraging employees to bring their own mobile devices (BYOD) to work. It's a trend that is expected to become more commonplace in the years ahead, bringing with it management challenges for organizations. This year, according to a report published by research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, some 70% of organizations in the US will tolerate or embrace BYOD activity. By 2018, that figure is expected to exceed 78%..."
                              Wearables at Work: Hello Big Brother?
                              Information Week, March 3rd, 2014
                              "Today's wearable technology -- from health and fitness wristbands to smartwatches to smartglasses -- has not created a serious consumer boom yet. But the buzz and products are ramping up, as witnessed at the CES 2014 show.

                              The "quantified self" may not be for everybody, but it's easy to get excited about wearable devices for personal use. It's the future, folks..."

                              What Disney World Teaches Us About Mobile Payments
                              InfoWorld, March 4th, 2014
                              "Recently, I was in Orlando for a conference, and I stayed in a Disney World hotel that offered conference rates. It gave me a chance to test out the new Magic Band that Disney World provides both park guests and hotel guests. The NFC-equipped wristband acts as your room key, park entrance ticket, and debit or credit card for purchases throughout Disney's central Florida empire.

                              The Magic Band is a good proxy for the notion of using your smartphone for mobile payments. After all, the first version of this vision, Google Wallet, relied on NFC-equipped smartphones. It also provides insight into the second version of this vision, in which the device communicates over an Internet connection to handle the transaction..."

                              Why BYOD Security Matters
                              Business 2 Community, March 3rd, 2014
                              "Mobile security courses, starting with certification of IT professionals on personal devices could help protect hospitals, stores, and businesses. We all see this picture daily: different stage, same scene - offices filled with people using their own mobile devices. Visitors in a hospital waiting room; employees in a mid-size company; teachers in a school building - all bringing their own devices (BYOD) to work and exposing one another and the enterprises to data breaches and viruses..."
                              Secure Smartphones are Nice, but Not Enough
                              ComputerWeekly, March 1st, 2014
                              "Smartphones are perfect targets for hacking, tracking, surveillance, industrial espionage and malware.

                              Unlike, say, desktop PCs, smartphones often connect promiscuously to many public Wi-Fi networks. They can connect to multiple types of wireless networks, including Wi-Fi, mobile data networks, Bluetooth and NFC -- all of which are potential doorways for unauthorized access..."

                              Tablets: Not Mobile Enough or Productive Enough for Many Professionals
                              ZDNet, March 2nd, 2014
                              "I'm packing for a business trip and once again the game of "do I pack the tablet?" starts anew. I need the laptop for work, need the smartphone because it's the one thing you can't leave home without and add the Kindle because the screen is easy on the eyes for reading. Does the tablet go along for the ride?

                              Increasingly, the answer is no..."

                                CIOs Battle Worker Apathy Towards Lost or Stolen Mobile Phones
                                CIO, March 5th, 2014
                                "American workers don't get too worked up about lost or stolen mobile phones -- even if those phones contain company data. A large percentage think it's not their problem and don't change their security practices afterwards. Are CIOs partly to blame for not setting stricter and clearer mobile security policies?..."
                                Target CIO Resignation Puts Retail CIOs On Alert
                                CIO, March 5th, 2014
                                "Target CIO Beth Jacob has apparently fallen on her sword in the wake of the massive security breach in mid-December that compromised 40 million debit and credit cards and swept national headlines. Her resignation was rendered this week effective immediately.

                                Fair or not, Jacob's resignation wasn't entirely surprising.

                                "If you look at the history of other large data breaches, turnover at the top of the IT shop is not unusual," says retail IT consultant Cathy Hotka..."

                                IT - Big Data
                                Big Data: Ready for Takeoff?
                                Insurance & Technology, March 4th, 2014
                                "Insurance technologists, like their peers across industries, have been tasked with untangling the concepts of big data and analytics. The buzzy terms have taken over not just tech circles, but seemingly the entire corporate enterprise, as all business units look for solutions to tap into the supposed wealth of consumer and market information that provides a competitive advantage.

                                Establishing data management standards and expertise, and understanding data warehousing, are key projects that insurers must complete before they can tap into the wealth of available data, says Susan Helm-Murtagh, VP of analytics at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina..."

                                Hadoop 2 Puts Big Data Environment on Friendlier Analytics Turf
                                SearchBusinessAnalytics, March 3rd, 2014
                                "In a recent conversation with project team members from a client, one shared an internal slide deck used to promote the benefits of big data (in general) and Hadoop (in particular) among both key management decision makers and the development and implementation groups in IT. One interesting aspect of the presentation was the comparison of Hadoop to earlier computing ecosystems and the casting of the open source distributed processing framework in the role of "operating system" for a big data environment..."
                                Tom Davenport's Guide to Big Data
                                Forbes, March 3rd, 2014
                                Big Data at Work: Dispelling the Myths, Uncovering the Opportunities, is a new book from Tom Davenport, a veteran observer of the data analysis scene. It's a required reading for managers that need a straightforward, hype-free introduction to big data, a clear and clarifying 'signal' in the incredible noise around the confusing and mislabeled term. If Viktor Mayer-Schönberger's and Kenneth Cukier's book was last year's definitive text on the subject for general audiences, Big Data at Work is the 2014 definitive guide to starting and managing the big data journey in small and large organizations.
                                IT - BYOD
                                Tablets Hit the Mainstream, Android Dominates
                                CIO Today, March 3rd, 2014
                                "The fact is the use of tablets is accelerating -- because Android is cheaper, Android tablets are accelerating, according to Gartner Inc. If there was more than one Apple iOS vendor, iOS would be on top of the tablet market -- and if Apple cared about being the tablet market leader, the company would drop its prices, said Gartner analyst Michael Disabato..."
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                                  March 18th, 2014: Virtual Sysadmin Day for Europe, Middle East, and Africa
                                  By Larry Wake

                                  Larry writes, "In case you're new to this: the Oracle Technology Network Virtual Sysadmin Days are a series of hands-on, proctored labs for systems administrators, brought to you on the web. They're free, although you do need to register, and there is some prep work you need to do beforehand.

                                  The next one in the series is coming up on Tuesday, March 16th and will start at 9 AM GMT, so we're calling this the "Europe/Middle East/Africa" edition, although we never discriminate -- jump in from wherever you are then, and we'll be there..."

                                  FIPS 140-2 Validations for Solaris Cryptographic Framework
                                  Provides assurance to government and industry purchasers
                                  Joshua Brickman blogs that, "Oracle is pleased to announce that the Oracle Solaris Cryptographic Framework has achieved a FIPS 140-2 validation with overall compliance at Level 1 of the standard. Conformance with the FIPS 140-2 standard provides assurance to government and industry purchasers that products are correctly implementing cryptographic functions as the FIPS 140-2 standard specifies.

                                  FIPS 140-2 is a public sector procurement requirement in both the United States and Canada for any products claiming or providing encryption..."

                                  Nexenta News
                                  Nexenta to Showcase Advanced Software Defined Storage Solutions at CeBI
                                  Nexenta, March 6th, 2014
                                  Nexenta and EUROstor, a leading German storage reseller, announced that they will join forces at CeBIT 2014 at the Deutsche Messe in Hannover, Germany, March 10-14, to showcase the latest trends in Software Defined Storage. Along with existing award-winning Software Defined enterprise storage solutions, Nexenta will present flash-based storage stacks, virtual SANs and discuss its longer term product vision for object storage.

                                  EUROstor and Nexenta will be in Hall 2, Booth B49-02.

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