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What is Oracle Mobile Suite?
By Grant Ronald
Grant writes, "You might start hearing mention of a new product/initiative from Oracle called Oracle Mobile Suite. This is a suite of products covering the development efforts for building Enterprise mobile applications; and that includes the on-device applications as well as the back-end services they consume. To help you understand a little more of the challenges, the products available, and Oracle's vision, my team put together a short video on Oracle Mobile Suite which gives you the main points to understand..."
Larry Ellison Talks Talent, Teamwork, And 'Insanely Great' Products
By John Foley
John writes, "It's not enough to 'empower' employees. If companies truly want to unleash an empowered workforce, they need a new generation of human capital management tools that are designed to enable that, Larry Ellison said at HCM World last week."

"Getting people to connect - to the company, to one another - makes for a much more satisfied and productive workforce, which is very different from how we looked at HCM before," Oracle's CEO said in a February 6 keynote presentation at HCM World in Las Vegas.

The CEO's Perfect Storm: Demographics, Data, and Devices Change Everything
By Mark V. Hurd
Mark writes, "While the business world went through some unexpected turbulence in 2013, I believe three major factors are going to make 2014 even more disruptive and challenging for CEOs.

This perfect storm for the CEO includes unprecedented shifts in workforce demographics, the ongoing surge in data volume, and the rapid emergence of the 'Internet of Things' in which tens of billions of devices will be infused with intelligence and connected to our online world.

These profound changes will provide great opportunities for forward-looking leaders who can get out in front of these disruptive forces and exploit them to create new and higher-value products and services, smarter and more-capable workforces, and more-intimate engagements with customers..."

Zyme Relies on MySQL Enterprise Edition
Delivers High Quality Global Channel Insights to Customers
Zyme selected MySQL since the launch of its products because it met all the following requirements Zyme needed for its mission-critical channel data solution:

ACID compliant Ease of use and administration Open source Cost-effective support services backed by a well-recognized company Currently MySQL stores 2.5 Terabytes data, composed by 1 billion records Zyme collects from retailers and distributors across the globe. Deploying the master-slave replication topology, Zyme makes the master MySQL database in charge of receiving incoming data and processing over 50 million transactions per month, with two layers of slave databases handling reporting and backups respectively.

Cloud Computing
Oracle Extends Industry's Most Comprehensive Marketing Cloud
Latest Release of Oracle Eloqua Introduces Innovative New Modern Marketing Execution and Reporting Capabilities
Today's modern marketer is increasingly tasked with a complex balancing act that involves helping their organization identify and understand its customers, create relevant and engaging experiences, find and nurture opportunities, deliver revenue and demonstrate marketing's impact on the bottom line. To help CMOs and their global marketing teams balance these complex objectives, Oracle today extended the Oracle Marketing Cloud. The new features and enhancements to Oracle Eloqua, a component of Oracle Marketing Cloud, help modern marketers optimize the customer experience and execute marketing campaigns that have a measurable impact on revenue.
Oracle Delivers Enterprise Financial Planning and Budgeting in the Cloud
Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service Helps Organizations Adopt World-Class Planning with the Simplicity of the Cloud
Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service Helps Organizations Adopt World-Class Planning with the Simplicity of the Cloud

Organizations that align operational resources with strategic priorities through integrated planning, budgeting and forecasting can substantially improve productivity and profitability. Yet adopting these best practice planning processes has been a challenge for businesses that rely on spreadsheets or disconnected point solutions. To help organizations harness the power of integrated financial planning and budgeting quickly and cost-effectively, Oracle has released Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service, democratizing access to world-class planning and performance management.

Eagle's Platform Runs Critical Workloads 2.6x Faster with Oracle Exadata Database Machine
Eagle Investment Systems Solution Suite V12.1 Achieves Oracle Exadata Optimized Status
Some of the world's most successful financial services firms rely on Eagle Investment Systems' innovative data management, investment accounting and performance measurement solutions to make better business decisions. From boutique firms to global powerhouses, Eagle will work closely with you to implement and maintain flexible investment solutions that streamline your investment operations, freeing you to focus on your business, not your IT.

... Eagle's technology, running with Oracle Exadata, provides one of the most scalable, on-premise investment management solutions available. The Oracle Exadata Database Machine provides unsurpassed performance to support the Eagle platform on-site.

Oracle Database Appliance 2.9
maintenance release
The Oracle Database Appliance Manager 2.9 release is now available.

This 2.9 release includes:

  • January 2014 PSU of RDBMS - and
  • Import of http based templates on ODA_BASE
  • Send Key support to the VM
  • Additional hardware monitoring on X3-2 and X4-2.
  • Out-of-place update Grid Infrastructure from to
  • Oracle Database Patch Set Update (PSU) and
  • Improved VM stack - better module level logging (TINT ID), better exception handling in oakd, mutithreading of XML rpc agent, multithreading oakd adapter, to allow parallel VM commands.

The documentation will be refreshed shortly.

Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Vol 192 Issues 1 and 2; Vol 191 Issues 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5; Vol 190 Issue 4
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

  • An Introduction to the Z File System (ZFS) for Linux
  • The Non-Beginner's Guide to Syncing Data with Rsync
  • 10 Books For Linux System Administrators
  • illumos FAQs
  • Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel
  • LibreOffice 4.1.5
  • Run Oracle Database Like a Ferrari, But Save Like a Prius with Oracle Storage
  • OCFS2 Best Practices Guide
  • Steps to Fast Track your Database Cloud implementation on Exadata
  • MySQL February Newsletter

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    LibreOffice 4.2.1 Is Already Available
    Update Will Improve The Experience Of Early Adopters
    The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 4.2.1, three weeks after the availability of LibreOffice 4.2. The first minor release - based on a shorter cycle than expected - solves over 100 problems, introduced by the larger than usual code refactoring of the LibreOffice 4.2 family. The changelog is [url "" "available."]

    'LibreOffice 4.2 was extremely ambitious, in terms of code refactoring. Because of this, we planned an extensive quality assurance cycle, based on automated tests followed by QA sprints in December and January, but we were not able to catch all the issues' says Thorsten Behrens, Chairman of The Document Foundation. 'Based on early adopters feedback, developers and QA experts have jumped in immediately, and have solved the most urgent problems in less than three weeks, showing the importance of our large community.'

    LibreOffice 4.2.1 is immediately available for download from here.

    SPARC T5-2 Produces SPECjbb2013-MultiJVM World Record
    for 2-Chip Systems
    The Oracle BestPerf blogs reports that, "The SPECjbb2013 benchmark shows modern Java application performance. Oracle's SPARC T5-2 set a two-chip world record, which is 1.8x faster than the best two-chip x86-based server. Using Oracle Solaris and Oracle Java, Oracle delivered this two-chip world record result on the MultiJVM SPECjbb2013 metric.

    The SPARC T5-2 server achieved 114,492 SPECjbb2013-MultiJVM max-jOPS and 43,963 SPECjbb2013-MultiJVM critical-jOPS on the SPECjbb2013 benchmark. This result is a two-chip world record.

    The SPARC T5-2 server running SPECjbb2013 is 1.8x faster than the Cisco UCS C240 M3 server (2.7 GHz Intel Xeon E5-2697 v2) based on both the SPECjbb2013-MultiJVM max-jOPS and SPECjbb2013-MultiJVM critical-jOPS metrics..."

    Virtual Sysadmin Day and Hands On Labs
    By Chris Kawalek
    Chris writes, "If you missed Virtual Sysadmin Day last month, it is available in replay mode. It's not quite the same as the real-time environment where you could ask questions, but you do get recorded versions of the presentations that were given to give you some extra context for working through the Hands On Labs. Also, if you are in EMEA friendly time zones, there is a second live Virtual Sysadmin Day coming up on March 18. You can register here.
    Amitego's Tools Updated for latest Oracle Secure Global Desktop
    By Chris Kawalek
    Chris writes, "Our spotlight this week is on a fantastic tool, VISOLUX Helpdesk from Amitego. If you're a user of Oracle Secure Global Desktop, you have probably heard of Amitego. They provide tools that extend the feature set of Oracle Secure Global Desktop.

    Whereas Oracle Secure Global Desktop is primarily designed for secure remote access to applications and desktops for a single user, Amitego provides extra, complementary tools to control and manage secure access for multiple users to the same session. This is really useful in situations such as where a manager needs to approve a transaction, or if two people with trusted information are needed to complete a task, or, perhaps the most common scenario, providing helpdesk services..."

    Java Technology
    Java+EE Basic Training
    with Yakov Fain
    Reza Rahman writes, "Those of us that have been around Java/Java EE for a little while sometimes tend to forget that Java is still an ever expanding ecosystem with many newcomers. Fortunately, not everyone misses this perspective, including well-respected Java veteran Yakov Fain. Yakov recently started a brand new free online video tutorial series focused on Java and Java EE beginners. The very first of these excellent videos is posted below..."
    Interview with Authors of "NetBeans Platform for Beginners" (Part 2)
    By Geertjan Wielenga
    Geertjan writes, "in part 1, Jason Wexbridge and Walter Nyland were interviewed about the book they're working on about the NetBeans Platform.

    NetBeans Platform for Beginners

    I caught up with them again, in the final stages of working on their book, to ask them some questions..."

    Oracle Advanced Security Blog
    By Todd Bottger
    Todd writes that as, "technical product manager for Oracle Advanced Security here at Oracle Corp, I extend a warm welcome to new readers and hope that you will find this blog informative and useful... By way of background, Oracle Advanced Security is a commonly used option for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition that provides two important preventive controls to protect sensitive data at the source. The first control is Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), which stops would-be attackers from bypassing the database and reading sensitive information directly from storage by enforcing data-at-rest encryption in the database layer. The second control is Data Redaction, which complements TDE by reducing the risk of unauthorized data exposure in applications, redacting sensitive data bound for application display before it leaves the database..."
    Oracle Identity Federation
    Released as part of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11gR2 Release 2 (
    Damien Carru, a member of the Oracle Identity Management organization, writes,"This new version of OIF provides Identity Provider (IdP) and Service Provider (SP), a.k.a. Relying Party (RP), support for the SAML 2.0, SAML 1.1 and OpenID 2.0 protocols.

    The admin interfaces have been revamped to provide a comprehensive and easy way for administrators to manage Federation partnership on a day-to-day basis: while the UI allows the basic administration of Federation settings, which would cover most of the daily use cases, the OIF WLST command scripting tools allow advanced configuration of the Federation servers and its partners.

    In this article, I will discuss about the features included in OIF

    • Native Integration with OAM
    • Protocols
    • Additional Features

    Read on for details..."

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