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See How Oracle Multitenant Reduced e-DBA's Hardware Spend by 75%
By David Swanger

David writes, "Last summer we introduced Oracle Database 12c and Oracle Multitenant. Over the past several months we've shared some impressive benchmarks and reports that detail how pluggable databases allow organizations to rapidly build their own Database as a Service environments that take advantage of:

  • Rapid Provisioning
  • Simple Database Tiering
  • Managing Many Databases as One

e-DBA recently deployed Oracle Multitenant for their own Database as a Service environment and the results are nothing short of impressive. .."

Database Insider
February 2014 issue
The February issue of the Database Insider newsletter is now available. (Full newsletter here)

IOUG President Michelle Malcher: Sneak Peak of COLLABORATE 14

COLLABORATE 14, the Independent Oracle Users Group conference, will take place April 7 to 11 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Michelle Malcher, IOUG president and DBA team lead at DRW Holdings, offers a sneak preview of the conference's 1,250 panels and sessions covering the full spectrum of Oracle technology.

2014 Meetings Kick Off with Oracle-Hosted BIWA Summit

Find out what transpired at the recent BIWA Summit, where attendees enjoyed a portfolio of content spanning data management, data mining, analytics, business intelligence, visualization, and more. And find out where to be for this year's hottest upcoming special interest and user group meetings.

New E-Book: Technical Primer for Securing Oracle Database 12c

Oracle security experts have written a new book for database administrators and security professionals who want to learn how to secure Oracle Databases. Written by Oracle's Paul Needham and Scott Rotondo, along with Independent Oracle Users Group President Michelle Malcher, Securing Oracle Database 12c: A Technical Primer, is available as a free download.


illumos watch
December 2013 & January 2014
Alasdair Lumsden writes,"Hi all, welcome to my second illumos watch blog post. As I missed December due to the festive period, this January edition will include updates from December as well.

Some big news is that Nexenta have released their fork of illumos-gate to the wild, with complete history and changesets. This is great news for the community, as there are a lot of improvements, including slow drive ejection code. Looking forward to giving this a spin..."

Oracle Solaris, Pluribus Networks and OpenStack
By Larry Wake
Larry writes, "It's been a newsworthy week for Sun alumni -- first the word that Satya Nadella, who came to Microsoft from Sun, will be their new CEO, and now some interesting new technologies and other announcements from Pluribus Networks, a company founded by a few ex-Sun folk.

The Oracle Solaris news here is the agreement between Oracle and Pluribus, following Oracle Solaris 11's certification on Pluribus' Freedom Server-Switch platform. Oracle and Pluribus have announced they will be working to further integrate OpenStack management capabilities, allowing Oracle Solaris 11 compute nodes to be managed via OpenStack's Nova plug-in. This will also bring in Oracle's storage systems such as the ZS3 series, allowing them to be managed via OpenStack Cinder..."

MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0.6
By Andy Bang
Andy writes, "We are pleased to announce that MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0.6 is now available for download on the My Oracle Support (MOS) web site. It will also be available via the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud with the February update in about 1 week. This is a maintenance release that includes a few new features and fixes a number of bugs. You can find more information on the contents of this release in the change log.

You will find binaries for the new release on My Oracle Support. Choose the "Patches & Updates" tab, and then choose the "Product or Family (Advanced Search)" side tab in the "Patch Search" portlet..."

Cloud Computing
Oracle Cloud - The Modern Cloud for Your Modern Business
By Kathryn Perry
Kathryn writes," People listen to EVP Steve Miranda from Oracle Applications Development (pictured) because he's a credible thought leader. He says things that are worth repeating. Here are some nuggets from his keynote at Oracle CloudWorld in San Francisco.

Miranda says we too often talk about the cloud in technical terms; instead, we should talk about the cloud in business benefits..."

Oracle's Got Your Cloud Covered
by Jim Lein
Jim writes, "When I meet with customer decision makers, the first question I ask them is, 'Do you want Cloud?' If they say, 'Yes' my second questions is, 'Why?'

The use of the word 'Cloud' in reference to technology solutions has been around for awhile now, maybe longer than you thought. It is a metaphor, and as such, its definition is open to interpretation. From a practical, decision-maker perspective, it's a single word that doesn't tell you much of anything about what it does. For example, if a vendor tells you they have 'ERP in the Cloud' what does that really mean?..."

    OCFS2 Best Practices Guide
    By Chris Kawalek
    Chris writes, "Our spotlight this week is on a brand new white paper, "OCFS2 Best Practices Guide". In this paper, Oracle's Robert Chase describes in detail how to get the most from OCFS2 in Oracle Linux..."

    Read OCFS2 Best Practices Guide.

    CRN Names Oracle SuperCluster One of 10 Coolest Servers Of 2013
    By Kevin Gee
    "CRN recently gathered and reviewed computer systems of all shapes and sizes, including microservers, rack-mount servers, integrated systems, and even mainframes. The result is their list of 10 of the coolest server introductions for 2013 -- which includes the latest Oracle SuperCluster. Oracle has lead the shift from stand-alone servers to converged (or engineered, in Oracle speak) systems, starting over five years ago with the Exadata Database Machine. That accelerated four years ago with the acquisition of Sun Microsystems, as well as the introduction of the Oracle SuperCluster over two years ago. Industry analysts now recognize Oracle's leadership role in this category..."
    SPARC T5-2 server shatters another world record!
    By Claudiac Caramelli
    Claudiac writes, "Since their introduction last year, Oracle's T5 servers have topped performance metrics across enterprise workloads. Now SPARC T5 server has just shattered another world record...

    In that test, the SPARC T5-2 server:

    Showed the best performance per socket for a single system in the application tier Demonstrated 1.5 times higher performance compared to Oracle's 2-socket Sun Server X4-2 systems, running Intel's E5-2600 v2 series processor (Ivy Bridge) Delivered 29% better performance and 20% better price performance compared to a two-socket IBM PowerLinux POWER7+ processor-based server

    Further details are available HERE.

    Making The Right Hybrid Storage Array Buying Decision: Oracle Zs3 Series Stands Out As A Hybrid Enterprise Storage Solution
    By Claudiac Caramelli
    Claudiac writes, "In a new Head-to-Head Product Report on Hybrid Storage Arrays, the Data Center Infrastructure Group (DCIG) concluded that "the EMC VNX5400 is probably the most ill-equipped of these arrays to meet enterprise performance demands short and long term". The report goes on to say that "the Oracle ZS3 Series stands out in stark contrast to other offerings from enterprise storage providers. It gives enterprise organizations the features they need in a hybrid storage array without having to compromise."

    What to say more? Just review the full report HERE..."

    Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
    Vol 191 Issues 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5; Vol 190 Issues 2, 3 and 4
    We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

    • How to Get the ZFS Disks List with ZPOOLName
    • SPARC T5-2 Server Shatters Another World Record and Gets Single-Processor Configuration
    • Oracle Book: The World of Big Data
    • Revolutionizing Server Economics: Terabyte-Scale Computing Without the Premium
    • New Version of LibreOffice - 4.2
    • Java EE 7 Adoption Looking Pretty Good
    • January issue of the Enterprise Manager Indepth Newsletter
    • SaskTel to Upgrade Network Infrastructure
    • Oracle PSRM v2.3.1 Exadata Performance Benchmark Data Sheet
    • Gina Tricot Scales Online Sales with MySQL Enterprise Edition

    The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

      Benchmarking the Cloud
      By Brendan Gregg
      Brendan Gregg writes, "Benchmarking, and benchmarking the cloud, is incredibly error prone. I provided guidance though this minefield in the benchmarking chapter of my book (Systems Performance: Enterprise and the Cloud); that chapter can be read online on the InformIT site. I also gave a lightning talk about benchmarking gone wrong at Surge last year. In this post, I'm going to cut to the chase and show you the tools I commonly use for basic cloud benchmarking..."
      13 Resources To Learn The VI/VIM Text Editor
      Screencasts, Tutorials, Cheatsheets
      Making the switch from one text editor to another is not easy. Most programmers agree that the time it takes to become comfortable with the new editor becomes a major hindrance for their work. As a result, many don't make the switch.

      Still, VIM is one of the most popular text editors around. So, if you're looking to make the switch then these resources will make the transition much smoother for you. Watch the screencasts and read through the tutorials if you need. Keep the cheatsheets handy to get around the editor easily.

        Back Up a Thousand Databases Using Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c
        by Porus Homi Havewala
        Porus writes, "Oracle has long supplied a powerful utility, Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN), along with the database software install, which is used to backup and recover Oracle databases, either as a complete or incremental backup. The scripts are placed in a shell script wrapper at the Unix level, and then scheduled using the Unix cron job facility. These scripts need to be tested, verified and maintained.

        While this task is manageable for one or two databases, the same task must be repeated with every new database or every new database server that is provisioned-and the time spent on setting up such backups increases correspondingly.

        In this technical article, we will see how the DBA can set up and schedule RMAN database backups for thousands of databases using Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c more easily and efficiently than the older, more time-consuming, manual method of performing Unix shell scripting and cron jobs for each database to be backed up..."

        Java Technology
        Java EE 7 Survey
        Please take this anonymous survey

        Greetings Java Developers,

        Oracle has created a short survey that will help better understand which APIs and Java versions are the most important to you as a Java EE developer. This information will enable us to update our training material and certifications for Java EE 7 to better suit the Java community. If you can, please take the survey.

        Your answers will remain anonymous, and you won't be contacted by Oracle as a result of answering this survey.

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