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SPARC T5-2 Server Shatters Another World Record and Gets Single-Processor Configuration
SPARC T5-2 server is now offered in a single-processor configuration
Since their introduction last year, Oracle's T5 servers have topped performance metrics across enterprise workloads. The SPARC T5 server has just shattered another world record (see the latest SPECjEnterprise2010 2-socket benchmark result). In that test, the SPARC T5-2 server:

  • Showed the best performance per socket for a single system in the application tier
  • Demonstrated 1.5 times higher performance compared to Oracle's 2-socket Sun Server X4-2 systems, running Intel's E5-2600 v2 series processor (Ivy Bridge)
  • Delivered 29% better performance (1) and 20% better price performance compared to a two-socket IBM PowerLinux POWER7+ processor-based server

Another piece of good news is that Oracle is announcing that the SPARC T5-2 server is now offered in a single-processor configuration, making it easier to adopt Oracle's latest technology

See details here.

Oracle PSRM v2.3.1 Exadata Performance Benchmark Data Sheet
900k forms in 3 hours 18 minutes
Paula Speranza-Hadley reports that, "Oracle Public Sector Revenue Management is pleased to announce the exceptional results of the Oracle PSRM v2.3.1 Exadata performance benchmark. The benchmark achieved the following results:"

  • Processed an overnight batch of 900k forms in 3 hours 18 minutes

  • OLTP scaled well to over 7,000 users

-Form processing scaled up to 160 batch threads

complete data sheet

Oracle SuperCluster Optimizes IT Outsourcing Services for ATOS
ATOS is an international outsourcing provider of IT services operating in 47 countries.
ATOS, a leading international IT services outsourcing provider, has implemented Oracle SuperCluster as a complete, high-availability, multi-tenancy infrastructure, increasing performance, increasing profits, and providing higher services levels to customers.

With Oracle SuperCluster support for multi-tenancy through virtualization, and Oracle Exadata Storage engineered and performance optimized, ATOS significantly increased batch processing with more than 10x more IOPS with Oracle Exadata Storage X3-2.

IT - Storage
Flash Storage: What's Your Best Option?
Information Week, January 31st, 2014
"Consider this primer to make sure the flash storage you choose is the right one to solve your performance problem. One of the questions I hear a lot from IT professionals is: Which flash storage option should I get? Essentially, the speakers agree that flash storage is the way out of a performance problem, but they can't determine which method is the right one for them. The choices of how and where to implement flash are overwhelming. My goal in this column is to help you sift through these options and pick the right one for your datacenter and your specific problem.

About half the IT pros who ask me the what-flash-to-use question have a very specific, pressing problem. I call this triage mode..."

Java Technology
Smart Migration to JDK 8
Also: migrating with NetBeans 8 to JDK 8

Geertjan Wielenga writes, "A new slide deck for a screencast I am working on, planning to publish it tomorrow, on how to effectively migrate to JDK 8. I.e., you simply must have tools to do so, otherwise it's a nightmare.

All the slides with "Demo" on them are the points where I will switch into NetBeans IDE 8 and do a small demo.

Probably a lot of the above will change quite a bit.

The slideshare location is [url ""].

On a related note, take a look at this brilliant new article by Brett Ryan on migrating with NetBeans 8 to JDK 8.

Java EE 7 Adoption Looking Pretty Good
According to survey by editor Kevin Farnham editor Kevin Farnham is at it again - he posed yet another pretty bold opinion survey on Java EE and got some pretty surprising answers. The question this time was simple but profound - How much impact has Java EE 7 had on your work thus far?. Surprisingly, a majority of responders (55%) are already seeing Java EE 7 adoption or expect to see it soon. Keep in perspective, Java EE 7 was released June of last year - all but about half-a-year ago! Below is a rough graph representation of the results as well as the actual breakdown:
IT - Technology
3D printing, now in living color!
ComputerWorld, January 27th, 2014
"Industrial 3D printer manufacturer Stratasys today announced what it called the world's first multi-color, multi-material printer capable of making objects of hard, soft and flexible polymers.

Stratasys' Objet500 Connex3 Color Multi-material 3D Printer features a triple-jet technology that combines droplets of three base materials to produce parts with virtually unlimited combinations of rigid, flexible and transparent color materials in a single print run..."

    Artificial Intelligence - What You Really Need To Know
    Forrester, January 28th, 2014
    "It looks like the beginning of a new technology hype for artificial intelligence (AI). The media has started flooding the news with product announcements, acquisitions, and investments. The story is how AI is capturing the attention of tech firm and investor giants such as Google, Microsoft, IBM. Add to that the release of the movie 'Her' about a man falling for his virtual assistant modeled after Apple's Siri (think they got the idea from Big Bang Theory when Raj falls in love with Siri), and you know we have begun the journey of geek-dom going mainstream and cool. The buzz words are great too: cognitive computing, deep learning, AI2..."
    Android PCs and other Windows-alternative desktops are for real
    ZDNet, January 28th, 2014
    "For years, decades, you could put all of alternative desktops - Linux, Mac, whatever - together and Windows would still beat them by ten to one. That was then. This is now.

    Today, Windows 8.x's is still stalled out in the marketplace, Chromebooks sales have come out of nowhere to take a bite out of the low-end laptop market, and then there's Android..."

    MacGyver IT: 21 tools for IT heroes
    Network World, January 30th, 2014
    "When sensitive data and critical systems are on the line, the right set of tools is essential -- that was the motivation behind my original 'MacGyver IT' tool recs two years ago.

    That collection represented nearly three decades in the IT trenches. But like all battle-tested works-in-progress, my essential toolkit for supporting corporate, government, and academic IT has evolved. I still favor the free or inexpensive, spending a bit more on higher-quality tools in some cases to save frustration. But the past two years have found me slimming down my kit with lighter versions of the original tools and a few new items to whittle my backpack down to a less backbreaking weight.

    After all, we IT MacGyvers are always on the go!..."

      How to Remove The Hidden Personal Information Microsoft Office Adds to Your Documents
      How-To Geek, January 30th, 2014
      "Microsoft Office saves hidden metadata in your Office documents, including how long you've been working on them, the name of everyone who's worked on the document, when the document was created, and even previous versions of the document.

      Before you publish Office documents publicly or send them to someone, you'll probably want to check what hidden information the document contains and remove the sensitive data. This metadata can infringe on your privacy or be potentially embarrassing..."

      5 alternatives to LogMeIn Free for remote PC access
      PCWorld, January 28th, 2014
      "LogMeIn Free is gone, but don't panic: You can find alternative remote-access tools that cost the same low price of nothing at all. Whether you need to access a document, collaborate with a colleague, or support several PCs, try one of these free tools to get back into the game..."
        IT - Bitcoin
        New York Vying With California to Write Bitcoin Rules
        BusinessWeek, January 27th, 2014
        "California and New York, home to Silicon Valley and Wall Street, are preparing to write rules of the road for entrepreneurs driving a surge of interest in Bitcoin and other virtual currencies.

        The outcome could determine how big a threat Bitcoin poses to established payment companies including JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Visa Inc. as well as where venture capital and talent converge to form a geographic hub for U.S. startups..."

        Why Bitcoin is Here to Stay
        Forrester, January 29th, 2014
        "When I stumbled across Bitcoin (or Bit-O-Coin, as my wife likes to call it) a few years back, my spidey sense started tingling. Since that time, I've made a few off hand remarks about the future of crypto-currency and received the expected 'it's another Dutch Tulip thing' While I'm not an expert on the financial markets, I do have an excellent track record for identifying disruptive technology changes and I've concluded that crypto-currency is here to stay..."
        Bitcoin triggering more media industry buzz than expected, report suggests
        ZDNet, January 28th, 2014
        "Retailers are very slowly (but surely) starting to accept Bitcoin as a valid form of payment, and soon the media and entertainment industry might join the bandwagon.

        A new report from global consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers reveals that many entertainment, media and communications companies are already experimenting with the digital currency.

        Consumers also seem to be read, based on a survey of more than 1,000 U.S. participants, especially when it comes to paying for online gaming and video games..."

        Bitcoin's Value Lies in What It Says About New Payment Forms
        eWeek, January 27th, 2014
        "The true value of Bitcoin can be found in what it says about payment and money in today's highly connected world, a Gartner analyst maintains. The Bitcoin cryptocurrency has gained in notoriety and in U.S. dollar value in the last year. But what is the true value of Bitcoin, and who should consider adopting it?

        Bitcoin's true value today can be found in what it says about the state of money and payment in the modern connected world, said David Furlonger, vice president and Fellow at research firm Gartner..."

        The Bitcoin ATM Has a Dirty Secret: It Needs a Chaperone
        Wired, January 29th, 2014
        "When Mitchell Demeter and Jackson Warren opened the world's first bitcoin ATM at a coffee shop in Vancouver, it was an instant success. People actually lined up to use the machine, which processed about $1 million in digital currency transactions over its first month.

        But one day in November, a few weeks after launching the ATM, Demeter noticed something peculiar as he perused the machine's transaction data at his office, across town from the coffee shop. At one point, the machine had voided 15 transactions in a row, for no obvious reason. So he drove down to the cafe, and as he walked through the front door, he immediately saw the problem..."

        Bitcoin triggering more media industry buzz than expected, report suggests
        ZDNet, January 28th, 2014
        "Retailers are very slowly (but surely) starting to accept Bitcoin as a valid form of payment, and soon the media and entertainment industry might join the bandwagon.

        A new report from global consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers reveals that many entertainment, media and communications companies are already experimenting with the digital currency.

        Consumers also seem to be read, based on a survey of more than 1,000 U.S. participants, especially when it comes to paying for online gaming and video games..."

        Jeremy Allaire: Regulators, Wall Street and Bitcoin Hitting the Mainstream
        CoindDesk, January 27th, 2014
        "Last year, bitcoin was nothing more than funny-money criminals used to buy drugs and weapons. Well, that was the story that dominated mainstream coverage of the digital currency.

        No longer. The world-changing potential of this decentralised method of digitally transferring ownership is being discussed in serious, if inflammatory, terms everywhere from the US Senate to Chinese state television.

        But to make this transition, bitcoin is having to change. No longer the preserve of radical libertarians, bitcoin is beginning to be dominated by a different kind of animal: the suited businessman..."

        MySQL for Excel 1.2.0
        Plug-in enabling data analysts to very easily access and manipulate MySQL data within Microsoft Excel
        The MySQL Windows Experience Team has announced the release of MySQL for Excel version 1.2.0, the latest addition to the MySQL Installer for Windows.

        MySQL for Excel is an application plug-in enabling data analysts to very easily access and manipulate MySQL data within Microsoft Excel. It enables you to directly work with a MySQL database from within Microsoft Excel so you can easily do tasks such as:

        • Importing MySQL Data into Excel
        • Exporting Excel data directly into MySQL to a new or existing table
        • Editing MySQL data directly within Excel
        • MySQL for Excel is installed using the MySQL Installer for Windows.

        The MySQL installer comes in 2 versions

        • Full (150 MB) which includes a complete set of MySQL products with their binaries included in the download
        • Web (1.5 MB - a network install) which will just pull MySQL for Excel over the web and install it when run.

        You can download MySQL Installer from our official Downloads page

        Gina Tricot Scales Online Sales with MySQL Enterprise Edition
        Infrastructure outsourced to a public cloud services provider
        Gina Tricot is a family-owned, Swedish fashion chain that consists of over 180 stores across the following five markets: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Germany. Combined with growing online sales, the company reaches fashion-conscious women in 28 countries across Europe. In 2012, Gina Tricot reported sales of SEK 2.3 billion.

        Gina Tricot selected MySQL to power's their e-commerce application based on its reputation as default database for web-based transactional applications, its low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and the recommendation of the local partner in charge of the implementation.

        They also decided to outsource both the physical infrastructure to a public cloud services provider and the day-to-day database administration to Oracle partner Emineo in Sweden.

        Cloud Computing
        Oracle Extends Range of Innovative and Trusted Business Applications Available on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace
        DocuSign and Badgeville Take Advantage of Latest Cloud Technologies to Reach Oracle Cloud Customers
        The explosive growth of cloud, mobile, and social technologies is driving the need for organizations to gain faster and easier access to innovative and trusted business applications. To address this need, Oracle launched the Oracle Cloud Marketplace at Oracle OpenWorld 2013. Oracle announced that DocuSign and Badgeville have created innovative new business applications using Oracle Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) and listed them in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. The Oracle Cloud Marketplace features hundreds of business applications developed by Oracle partners such as DocuSign and Badgeville, and enables Oracle Cloud customers to easily browse, evaluate, and license trusted business applications.
        Oracle Marketing Cloud Helps Avalara Improve Engagement and Drive Revenue
        Oracle Eloqua, a Component of Oracle Marketing Cloud, Helps Sales Tax and Compliance Automation Company Attract New Customers and Improve Marketing ROI
        In order to cut through the noise and clearly articulate the benefits of product or service, organizations need to deliver marketing messages in a highly targeted, engaging and relevant way. To help improve its direct marketing campaigns, Avalara, a leading cloud-based sales tax and compliance automation service, selected Oracle Eloqua, a component of the Oracle Marketing Cloud. Since implementing Oracle Eloqua, Avalara has dramatically increased the effectiveness of its marketing content and increased webinar-driven revenue by 336 percent.
        IT - Cloud
        7 simple rules for hiring great developers
        InfoWorld, January 20th, 2014
        "The war for developer talent is hotter than ever. Whether you're trying to build mobile apps, redesign the user experience on your public website, or keep business-critical applications on the cutting edge, everyone needs code."

        "Engineers are king right now," notes Sam Schillace, senior vice president of engineering at cloud storage and collaboration company Box. "Coders are superimportant to everyone."

        "With an unemployment rate roughly half the national average, software engineers can write their tickets and demand generous salaries and legendary perks -- and big tech companies are more than happy to provide them..."

        Highlighting some lessons learned by federal cloud users
        Federal Computer Week, January 28th, 2014
        "A study released Jan. 28 by Meritalk highlights the pros and cons of federal cloud adoption since the Office of Management and Budget's 'Cloud First' policy mandated just over three years ago that agencies begin migrating services.

        The study is full of interesting tidbits from 15 federal IT leaders who have executed cloud migrations, but the general consensus is that while change is a challenge, cloud computing is the real deal in terms of savings and efficiencies improvements..."

        IT underestimates cloud app usage by 90%
        Help Net Security, January 29th, 2014
        "Cloud app adoption continues to spread across virtually every business function, from marketing to human resources. However, while enterprise app use continues to grow, Netskope found that IT is still in the dark about its usage - on average IT professionals underestimated cloud app use in their organizations by 10X, with the typical enterprise using 397 apps.

        Additionally, 77 percent of cloud apps are not enterprise-ready, leaving IT with the challenge of securing 10 times more apps than they thought they needed to secure..."

          OpenStack development projects aim to crumble adoption barriers
          SearchCloudComputing, January 21st, 2014
          "As a new year dawns, OpenStack development focuses on fixing the problems that hold the open source cloud platform back from enterprise adoption.

          OpenStack developers have created projects to mitigate usability and scalability issues, and increase enterprise production instances of OpenStack, though these projects are still either in incubation or were very recently released.

          Most prominent is a multi-project program called TripleO, or OpenStack on OpenStack. This project will automate the installation, upgrade and operation process for OpenStack by using OpenStack's own facilities running on bare metal as the foundation for the platform. OpenStack running on bare metal will require another project within TripleO that is also currently in incubation, dubbed Ironic..."

          More enterprise IT shops eye cloud brokerages
          ZDNet, January 27th, 2014
          "As more companies adopt cloud services on an ad hoc basis, more of them are looking to the brokerage model to better manage their provisioning, updating and integrating, according to a recent customer survey conducted by Seattle-based Amazon Web Services partner 2nd Watch.

          Approximately 43 percent of the 133 IT operations professionals (ranging from CIOs to developers) surveyed plan to develop brokerages before 2014 to manage between 75 percent to 100 percent of the cloud services that their company is adopting, the data found..."

          IT - CxO
          Identifying and Protecting Sensitive Data
          Dark Reading, January 31st, 2014
          "The following security insights were provided to Dark Reading by Intel Corporation as part of a sponsored content program. The information and opinions expressed in this content are those of Tom Quillin, Director of Cyber Security Technology & Initiatives, Intel Corporation and not InformationWeek or its parent, UBM Tech..."
          CMOs vs. CIOs: The Fight For Mobile Web Strategy
          IDG Connect, January 28th, 2014
          "When it comes to mobile web strategies, there's a war going on. The CIO's focus on the technology layer and desire for process standardization, paired against the CMO's bias towards the customer experience is a perfect storm, creating a need now more than ever for both disciplines to collaborate. So how does the full picture pan out? Featuring a survey of 300 C-level executives, this infographic from NetBiscuit looks at internal tensions between CMOs and CIOs over which function should be responsible for mobile web strategies..."
          Inside the Minds (and Personalities) of CIOs and CMOs
          CIO, January 29th, 2014
          "The fight between CIOs and CMO for control of IT dollars is well-documented. The battles are real and heated, but how different are CIOs and CMOs? For a deeper look inside the personalities of these tech and marketing leaders, we turned to the definitive source -- Myers-Briggs -- for a detailed breakdown of their traits and tendencies..."
            6 dirty secrets of the IT industry
            InfoWorld, January 27th, 2014
            "IT pros usually know where the bodies are buried. Sometimes that's because they're the ones holding the shovel.

            We asked InfoWorld readers to reveal the dirtiest secrets of IT -- the less-than-white lies and dark sides of technology that others may not be aware of. We then ran those "secrets" through a BS detector, fact-checking them with experts in the relevant field. In some cases the experts concurred, in other cases they did not..."

            CIOs' next nightmare: legacy ERP
            ZDNet, January 29th, 2014
            "For more than two decades, large-scale and highly customized ERP implementations were as routine as they were expensive and cumbersome. In the end - if they were lucky - enterprises managed to use Oracle or SAP to keep tabs on internal transactions and maybe facilities reporting and that was about it.

            Anything more exciting and useful often required more and more customization, which cost more money and complicated more employees' lives as overlapping applications and business units were marched - often at gunpoint - into the fray..."

            CIOs assess the value of managing employee performance
            SearchCIO, January 28th, 2014
            "Hard times or flush, it doesn't seem to matter: Retaining and attracting the right mix of IT talent is a challenge for CIOs. Lately, however, the perennial quest seems, if anything, more urgent as organizations of all kinds morph their business models to take advantage of new technologies, from cloud and mobile computing to predictive and prescriptive analytics..."
            Is It Time For An IT Reorg?
            Wall Street & Technology, January 29th, 2014
            "The pursuit of big data has led to an increase of companies keeping older files they would have previously discarded, confirms Scott Gillespie, expert on regulations and compliance and senior VP of business analysis at Quadron Data Solutions.

            There is a six-year retention requirement of client account data, he explains. Account records, trades, holdings, profile information, goals and objectives and so on fall into this category. There are three reasons these records, which have historically been discarded with regularity, are now starting to stick around..."

            How the CIO's Role Will Change by 2018
            CIO Insight, January 31st, 2014
            "A recent IDC study, "Worldwide CIO Agenda 2014 Top 10 Predictions," describes the challenges that CIOs face with the advent of mobile, social, big data and cloud services, which it calls the Third Platform. This platform will require an entirely different set of IT skills and roles, according to the IDC report. It suggests how CIOs can adapt and transform their enterprises during the next four years and offers insights for next-generation CIOs. It makes 10 predictions, based on information and data from IDC customers, surveys, public data and anecdotal evidence gathered by interviewing IDC clients..."
            Totally Bizarre, Real-Life Interview Mistakes
            CIO Insight, January 28th, 2014
            "We realize that, while conducting a job interview, you may be seeing too much ill-conceived behavior from candidates lately. In addition to arriving unprepared or dressing inappropriately, some may think nothing of multitasking during the session. Well, there's "bad interview etiquette" and then there's these totally off-the-charts, oddball job interview incidents, compiled from a recent survey from CareerBuilder..."
              New CIOs need at least two years to take charge, research finds
              ComputerWorld UK, January 14th, 2014
              "Some CIOs are not given enough time to fully take control of their role when they start a new job, research has found.

              According to a report, 'How Newly Appointed Chief Information Officers (CIOs) Take Charge' anecdotal data suggests that while CIOs have average tenures comparable to other executive roles, the rate of involuntary job termination is higher than other executives at approximately 23 percent.

              The report's researchers, who conducted in-depth interviews with 21 CIOs, believe that this is because too much is expected of the new CIO..."

              IT - DR
              Executive Viewpoint 2014 Prediction: Neverfail - Trends in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
              Virtual Strategy Magazine, January 29th, 2014
              "There's more at stake today than ever before. 2013 has seen some massive outages; and as companies become ever-more dependent on both internal IT systems and the cloud, outages will have a bigger impact on the business, affecting internal users, customers and partners alike -- and impact revenue, credibility, trust, reputation and productivity. Companies need to be prepared to deal with not just the outage itself, but the threat of the outage. And that means looking beyond IT..."
                IT - PM
                Four Project Management Lessons You Can Learn From Software Engineers
                Forbes, January 31st, 2014
                "You're probably familiar with Steve Jobs' legendary vision and relentless management style. Some managers mistake his abrasive, difficult disposition for the key to his success, not a byproduct of it. They replicate the least important aspects of his management style because they were the most visible. Consequently, they miss the real reasons Apple AAPL +0.16% succeeded under his control.

                Part of what made Jobs so successful was his constant push to keep projects moving while communicating with his team to ensure they were working toward a shared vision..."

                Surviving Disasters in Project Management: An Interview with Dr. Harold Kerzner
                Huff Post, January 31st, 2014
                "Failure -- no matter how much we fight it, it's something we all experience in both our personal and professional lives time and time again. And while we can't go about ignoring its existence, we can surely learn to extrapolate certain lessons from a failure.

                It's true; within those regions of disappointments and fiascos, there tends to be room for learning, small takeaways used to "recover" from the failed project. But how do we apply that happy-go-lucky idea into a firm, viable course of action as we're busy biting our nails and searching out a new position in fear of possible termination?..."

                  IT - Networks
                  Mellanox Releases 40 Gigabit Card for Open Compute
                  Data Center Knowledge, January 31st, 2014
                  "Level 3 launches a cloud service for transferring large files, Mellanox contributes a 40gigabit network card based on Open Compute designs, and A10 Networks announces aCloud Service Architecture for multi-tenant cloud data centers.

                  Mellanox releases 40 Gigabit network card based on Open Compute designs. Mellanox (MLNX) announced it is offering its 40GbE network interface card as a proposed contribution to the Open Compute Project. he new 40GbE NIC is based on Mellanox's energy-efficient, high-performance ConnectX-3 Pro ICs, and is designed to meet OCP specifications..."

                  How to ruin the Internet of things: Tie up with a carrier
                  InfoWorld, January 28th, 2014
                  "The tech industry is going gaga over the Internet of things, a nebulous set of technologies that make everything from refrigerators to body sensors and wearables communicate with each other and with apps on your smartphone, tablet, PC, and Internet services. One example of the Internet of things mania is Cisco Systems chairman John Chambers' declaration that the market will be worth $19 trillion, a figure larger than the entire U.S. gross domestic product..."
                  12 Wireless Trends for 2014 Identified by Industry Executives
                  eWeek, January 28th, 2014
                  "It's a good thing the Mayans got it wrong and the world didn't end on Dec. 21, 2012, because 2013 introduced some game-changing wireless trends that incorporated network automation, cloud computing, small cells and big data. The wireless industry also has seen some pretty mind-blowing forecasts, many of which involve the software-defined networking (SDN), network function virtualization (NFV) and network virtualization markets..."
                  SDN thinking lags behind technology, VMware's Casado says
                  Network World, January 30th, 2014
                  "The last legacy systems to make the shift to software-defined networking may be network engineers' minds, but even those are changing.

                  For many enterprises that want to move from traditional hardware-based networks to infrastructure that's defined by software, the most important thing is for the new architecture to look like the old, SDN pioneer Martin Casado said Wednesday at the Open Compute Project Summit in San Jose, California.

                  Casado, who co-founded Nicira Networks in 2007 and sold it to VMware in 2012, said he used to think hardware would be the toughest thing to change in enterprise networks. It turned out that mindsets and organizational structures are the biggest hurdles, he said..."

                  IT - Operations
                  The Future is Bright: Rich Opportunities for Data Centers
                  Data Center Knowledge, January 27th, 2014
                  "Ask any data center operator what his or her top priority is and you'll likely hear the same answer: 'uptime' In other words, their primary focus is to keep IT infrastructure up and running for end users at all times' often resulting in an inefficient use of financial resources.

                  However, I believe that by expanding their focus on uptime to include energy efficiency, data center operators can actually maximize uptime and save money at the same time..."

                  Attention IT shoppers: How to find the right colocation provider
                  SearchDataCenter, January 28th, 2014
                  "Proven in outer space, fuel cells have come back down to earth and are now a very viable consideration as a data center power source.

                  We live in an energy-hungry world, and IT is an energy-voracious industry. Large generating plants and transmission lines aren't built at a rate that matches energy demand. A growing number of data center operations are adopting fuel cells to generate on-site power without reliance on the grid. This distributed generation adds new power supply and, unlike conventional generators, puts quiet, clean fuel cell generators on-site that consume relatively inexpensive fuel..."

                    10 of the world's coolest, greenest data centers
                    ComputerWorld, January 29th, 2014
                    "Power efficiency is the driver for new data centers. It has some of the world's largest providers scrambling north and toward the shore in order to take advantage of naturally cool air and water that can siphon off the enormous amounts of heat their gigantic computing centers generate.

                    They are also exploring more environmentally friendly power sources such as hydro-electric, solar and fuel cell in order to reduce their carbon footprints. Here are 10 notable examples from around the world..."

                      IT - Security
                      13 Free eBooks On Unix And Linux Security!
                      EFYYimes, December 11th, 2013
                      "For a long time security was considered as the last thing in Linux and Unix. But with more and more security threats like hacking rising every day, Linux and Unix security is becoming the hottest thing in the IT job market. Here we bring to you 13 free ebooks to help you upgrade your Unix/Linux security skills..."
                      Five tips from a CIO on dealing with massive DDoS attacks
                      Network World, January 29th, 2014
                      "LiveJournal is a social-media blogging site that attracts millions of users each month from across the globe, especially the U.S. and Russia. Owned by Moscow-based SUP Media, its website is hosted in a Montana data center, and according to Tim Turner, the firm's London-based CIO, LiveJournal regularly faces massive distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

                      DDoS attacks 'have grown in size and complexity in the last three years,' says Turner, noting that every couple of months, an attacker exploiting DDoS botnets will try to blitz LiveJournal with gigabits of malicious traffic. Here are his tips about responding..."

                      The top 5 security threats to watch for in 2014
                      PCWorld, January 30th, 2014
                      "The year's barely started, and we've already had enough data breaches at major retailers to make a barter economy seem like a good idea. Unfortunately there are yet more security threats to look forward to in 2014. Here are the biggest ones we anticipate..."
                      Security's Future: a Disruptive Collision
                      Securosis, January 31st, 2014
                      "This is the first post in a series on the future of information security, which will be the basis for a white paper. You can leave feedback here as a blog comment, or even directly submit edits over at GitHub, where we run the entire editing process in public. This is the initial draft, and I expect to trim the content by about 20%. The entire outline is available..."
                      IT pros say network security is top of 2014 security initiatives
                      SearchSecurity, January 24th, 2014
                      "A TechTarget survey of more than 4,100 IT professionals worldwide showed that priorities for 2014 include a healthy dollop of security concerns. The top security initiatives were perhaps not quite what you'd expect, though, with new deployments in network security leading the to-do list. Forty-five percent of respondents said they'd add new capacity in this area, with data loss prevention (DLP) following at 39%..."
                      An employee clicked on a phishing link - should they be punished?
                      TechWorld, January 30th, 2014
                      "Everyone agrees that employees who unthinkingly click on email links and attachments pose a security risk. But should they be punished for making a bad click?

                      Within the small circle of specialist anti-phishing training firms an interesting difference in tone has recently become apparent with the outspoken KnowBe4 founder Stu Sjouwerman arguing last week in an interview with Techworld sister title Network World that tough love was sometimes necessary for repeat offenders.

                      Within days of Sjouwerman putting his views on the record, rival training firm PhishMe published a blog explaining its opposition to the notion that punishment is a good idea without name-checking his comments directly..."

                      DDoS attacks: "the cost of doing business online"
            , January 29th, 2014
                      "Today's threat landscape is complex and increasingly sophisticated. Opportunistic attacks still occur and are a menace, but targeted attacks are a rapidly growing threat. They are often launched by sophisticated and professional criminal organisations, with motivations ranging from profit to ideological hacktivism. According to Arbor Networks in its recent annual worldwide infrastructure security report, published January 2014, there was a 36% increase in targeted attacks seen by its survey respondents in 2013..."
                      IT - Careers
                      8 Business Travel Packing Hacks
                      BusinessWeek, January 27th, 2014
                      "In the 2009 hit "Up in the Air," George Clooney plays a frequent flier who's just a few trips away from making it into the elite 10 million miles club. As a corporate "downsizer," his life revolves around airport terminals and hotel suites as he criss-crosses the country firing people and giving motivational speeches on how to rid yourself of relationships and possessions that are holding you down. In other words, how to pack light..."
                        10 Tech Skills That Will Earn You Over $100,000
                        Business Insider, January 31st, 2014
                        "A new report from tech jobs database contains a breakdown of the industry's most valuable skills. According to Dice's data, there are dozens of programming and data skills that will net you, on average, over $100,000, and some that routinely clear $110,000. Most of these skills are also quite specialized, Dice President Shravan Goli says, which helps boost their value..."
                          10 Programming Languages That Will Get You Hired In 2014
                          EFYTimes, January 28th, 2014
                          "Programmers around the world depend on programming languages to get their 'thing' going. These languages are essential tools that boost productivity while coding. However, with a host of programming languages doing the rounds there is not everything you can or should know. However, you're bound to be left behind in case you don't know of the following...

                          Programming Languages, C language, Visual Basic, C++, JavaScript, Objective-C, SQL, PHP, Python, HTML/CSS, Java

                          Here's a list of top 10 programming languages poised to make it big this year:.."

                          IT - Social Media
                          9 things you need to know before using social media at work
                          VentureBeat, February 1st, 2014
                          "Over the past few months, we've collected the thoughts, hopes, and fears of more than 600 people in a survey on social media in the workplace.

                          And increasingly, those hopes and fears are shifting. It's less likely that you'll be scared of 'getting caught' using social media at work. These days, it's much more likely that your boss will ask you to use social media - including your personal accounts - at work.

                          Sounds like a fun free-for-all. But what about your privacy and security?

                          Here's what we've learned and what we want to share with you about using social media at work..."

                          Revolutionizing Server Economics: Terabyte-Scale Computing Without the Premium
                          Revolutionary near-linear pricing removes cost premium
                          Kevin Gee writes, "Large-scale servers offer significant advantages in the areas of application performance, simplified data center operations, and higher server utilization for large, complex workloads or for consolidating smaller servers. Historically, large-scale servers have had a higher cost per unit of performance, therefore limiting large servers to specialized workloads.

                          Oracle has re-engineered server economics, enabling near-linear pricing from two-processor SPARC T5 servers to the terabyte-scale SPARC M6-32 server. Oracle customers can deploy any workload onto a larger scale server, obtaining better performance, better efficiency, and less complexity without a price premium over small servers..."

                          IT - Virtualization
                          How to Protect Virtual Machines: 10 Best Practices
                          eWeek, January 28th, 2014
                          "Virtualization of software, hardware and networking has created new levels of flexibility in the data center. Enterprise data centers continue to evolve from an environment based on physical servers and storage to one based on converged infrastructures and virtual platforms. As a result, we now have a clearly defined shift toward the software-defined data center. It's made everything it touches more agile, although it doesn't come without a measure of complexity. While virtualization improves efficiencies, it can also introduce new challenges driven by consolidated data stores, dynamic workloads and scalable infrastructures..."
                            IT - Email
                            The Email Service The Dark Web Is Actually Using
                            Forbes, January 31st, 2014
                            "As denizens of the dark web run from law enforcement's expanding crackdown on anonymous online services, they've found a new favorite email provider: a little known Israeli company called Safe-mail. Whether they've chosen wisely remains to be seen.

                            In July last year, while investigating a hosting company known for hosting child porn sites with thousands of users, the FBI incidentally seized the entire email database of a popular anonymous webmail service called TorMail..."

                              IT - Backup
                              Backup Failures Push Businesses to Pursue Cloud Storage
                              Channel Partners Online, January 30th, 2014
                              "One in five organizations experience backup failures at least monthly. One in 10 experience them weekly.

                              That's one finding in TwinStrata's "Industry Trends: Data Backup in 2014" survey. The numbers have spurred 53 percent of businesses surveyed to make changes to their backup strategy this year, most commonly by incorporating cloud storage..."

                                Your backup drive needs a backup plan: Three ways to safeguard the data
                                PCWorld, January 27th, 2014
                                "Congratulations on backing up your PC - but you aren't as safe as you may think you are. Files on your backup drive can be just as vulnerable to disaster as files on your main system are. Most recently, CryptoLocker demonstrated that an external drive connected to a PC - a secondary hard drive, for example, or an external USB hard drive used for backup - could fall victim to ransomware just as easily as the PC on the other end of the cable..."
                                  IT - Mobile
                                  Payments made via mobile devices surge to about 20% of all transactions, processor says
                                  Network World, January 30th, 2014
                                  "Payments made with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets rose 55% over last year, reaching a total of 19.5% of all transactions processed worldwide in December by Amsterdam's Adyen.

                                  Apple iPads and iPhones were the most used devices for mobile payments, according to Adyen's tally, with the iPad accounting for 41% of mobile transactions during the busy September to December holiday shopping period. The Apple iPhone took the second spot with 31.6% of mobile-payment transactions, while Android smartphones stood at 20% and Android tablets at just 6.6%. Microsoft Windows Mobile and BlackBerry devices each accounted for less than 1%..."

                                  Designing solutions for a mobile world
                                  ComputerWorld, January 28th, 2014
                                  "Despite the fact that many of us, especially those of us in the technology industry, proclaim to be living in the era of mobile computing, most of the software solutions being developed and marketed today are not designed with a mobile-first perspective. Why is it that we, as an industry, are having such a hard time evolving our software designs to work with the new mobile form factor?..."
                                    Smartphone Shipments Top 1 Billion in 2013
                                    CIO Today, January 28th, 2014
                                    "The fact that more than 1 billion smartphones were shipped last year, according to IDC's Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, demonstrates that the manufacturing infrastructure has ramped up to the point where vendors deliver high volumes with high quality. The 1 billion milestone also shows consumer preference for smartphones over feature phones..."
                                    IT - Big Data
                                    Do the Big Data Balancing Act
                                    Big Data Republic, January 27th, 2014
                                    "You've probably heard the expression 'damned if you do, damned if you don't.' In a way, it presents a concern for the corporate decision-makers who have to take the lead on crafting a big data strategy.

                                    Move fast and recklessly into big data and you could put the company at risk. The obvious risks involve security and the privacy of people and businesses whose data you collect. However, a white paper published by the industry ISACA, Generating Value From Big Data Analytics, highlights that there are other challenges surrounding such issues as ensuring that you have the right data, that you address the right business problems, and that you provide the staff and resources to do the job right..."

                                    10 big myths about Big Data
                                    Network World, January 27th, 2014
                                    "Big Data has dominated tech news of late. It has been touted as a possible solution for everything from intrusion detection to fraud prevention to curing cancer and setting optimal product prices.

                                    But Big Data, which we're defining as data collected in large volumes, at high velocity and in a variety of formats, isn't a cure-all for every problem. In fact, if companies that believe in some of the myths surrounding Big Data, could head off in the wrong direction, waste a lot of time and money, cost a company its competitive position in the market, or damage a company's reputation.

                                    Here are some of the biggest myths surrounding Big Data..."

                                    Beware the Ugly Downside of Big Data
                                    Big Data Republic, January 29th, 2014
                                    "For all of the positives that big data analytics technology offers in terms of identifying prime market segments, increasing profitability, and controlling costs, it just might be that it also fosters discrimination.

                                    Are those discount coupons emailed to your best customers leading you to discriminate against others based on gender, age, race, or sexual preference rather than individual spending habits?..."

                                    Big Data Analytics and Storage: Going Nowhere but Up in 2014
                                    eWeek, January 30th, 2014
                                    "Mobility, the explosion of devices, the Internet of things and improved usability by enterprise line-of-business workers are driving big data analytics into a huge new market.

                                    Yes, the phenomenon of so-called "big data" has clearly made it to the buzzword level. Sometimes truly important technology trends, in fact, do become buzzwords.

                                    To begin to qualify this, we can look at the projected numbers from the analysts - which, of course, are themselves computed by using big data sets..."

                                    16 Top Big Data Analytics Platforms
                                    Information Week, January 30th, 2014
                                    "Revolutionary. That pretty much describes the data analysis time in which we live. Businesses grapple with huge quantities and varieties of data on one hand, and ever-faster expectations for analysis on the other. The vendor community is responding by providing highly distributed architectures and new levels of memory and processing power. Upstarts also exploit the open-source licensing model, which is not new, but is increasingly accepted and even sought out by data-management professionals..."
                                    IT - BYOD
                                    With BYOD smartphones on the rise, IT headaches will become migraines
                                    ComputerWorld, January 27th, 2014
                                    "There's little doubt that the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend with smartphones and tablets has rattled a lot of nerves for IT managers.

                                    The situation will only get more nerve-wracking in 2014 because of the 30% annual growth through 2017 expected for smartphones purchased under a BYOD approach, and the further emergence of Windows Phone as a third platform behind Android and iOS..."

                                    Mobile malware meets BYOD
                                    Federal Computer Week, January 30th, 2014
                                    "Mobile malware is growing at an explosive rate, a trend that began in 2011 and continues to gain velocity - just as bring-your-own-device strategies are gaining greater acceptance in government offices.

                                    A new report from Alcatel-Lucent notes that infections of malicious software in mobile devices surged by 20 percent in 2013, and the tech communications company estimates that more than 11.6 million devices are infected at any given time. The majority of malware targets Android devices, which could be a serious concern for agencies as they open up their networks beyond the once-dominant Blackberry platform..."

                                      Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                      Vol 191 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 190 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4
                                      We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                      • Tutorials Introducing Big Data
                                      • Oracle Unveils Big Iron with New SPARC M6 Processors
                                      • How to Identify Solaris Processor Cores
                                      • Java Magazine: Big Data
                                      • KDDI Selects Oracle SuperCluster to Strengthen Authentication System for Mobile Core Network and Support Rapid Data Growth
                                      • SPARC T5-2 Delivers World Record 2-Socket Application Server
                                      • StorageTek T10000D Wins Industry Awards
                                      • Webcast: Oracle's Most Powerful Engineered System: Oracle SuperCluster M6-32
                                      • Friday Spotlight: Maximizing Oracle Linux Performance
                                      • Oracle Managed Cloud Services Enable Bellevue University to Cost Effectively Increase Educational Opportunities for its Students

                                      The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                        IT - Encryption
                                        "Honey Encryption" overwhelms attackers with fake results
                                        Help Net Security, January 30th, 2014
                                        "Former RSA chief scientist Ari Juels is working on an innovative approach at encryption that could make cyber crooks' like a lot more difficult.

                                        This new encryption system - dubbed "Honey Encryption" - does not rely on a more complex encryption algorithm, but on the fact that every time attackers attempt to decrypt the data or guess (brute force) the password, the system returns realistic-looking data - whether the guess is correct or not..."

                                        2014: The year of encryption and the summer of key management
                                        SC Magazine, January 29th, 2014
                                        "In the technology world, if 2013 was the year of broken trust and data leaks, 2014 will be the year of encryption.

                                        Revelations of wide spread surveillance and increasing data breaches have driven individuals and organizations to demand stronger security for critical data. Meanwhile, economic uncertainty has driven organizations of all types towards cloud-based models. In most organizations today, there is simply no excess budget to be spent on expensive, inflexible hardware and storage solutions. As such, the overall hardware IT market is flatlining..."

                                        IT - Server
                                        Open Compute Project: Converged infrastructure promise without lock-in?
                                        ZDNet, January 28th, 2014
                                        "The Open Computer Project, an open source hardware effort designed to revamp data centers and how they run, has multiple efforts revolving around efficiency to racks to networking protocols. But from a practical enterprise standpoint it's worth watching OCP's solution provider effort, which is directly aimed at revamping the supplier equation, and an attack on the converged infrastructure sales pitch..."
                                        4 ways the Open Compute Project will impact hardware design
                                        InfoWorld, January 30th, 2014
                                        "Much of the discussion about the Open Compute Project has centered on its impact on Facebook -- that is, how much money and energy it saved -- or on the contributions of the directly participating companies (such as Microsoft).

                                        But as more hardware makers start offering OCP-inspired designs, it's worth reflecting on how that might influence what and how manufacturers produce hardware for the data center. Here are four possible ways the OCP might influence what they do..."

                                        New Version of LibreOffice - 4.2
                                        Focusing On Performance And Interoperability, And Improving The Integration With Microsoft Windows
                                        The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 4.2, a new major release targeted to early adopters and another significant step forward for the best free office suite ever. LibreOffice 4.2 features a large number of performance and interoperability improvements targeted to users of all kinds, but particularly appealing for power and enterprise users. In addition, it is better integrated with Microsoft Windows.

                                        Calc has gone through the largest code refactoring ever, giving major performance wins for big data (especially when calculating cell values, and importing large and complex XLSX spreadsheets), while an optional new formula interpreter enables massively parallel calculation of formula cells using the GPU via OpenCL. The latter works best with a Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) such as the new AMD Kaveri APU.

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