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Oracle SQL Developer 4.0 Enhances Support for Oracle Database 12c
Streamlines database adoption to Oracle Database 12c
To effectively manage today's evolving data requirements, developers and database administrators need user-friendly tools to speed and simplify development and data management activities. The latest version of Oracle's integrated development environment, Oracle SQL Developer 4.0, streamlines database adoption to Oracle Database 12c and helps increase productivity for a broad list of database development tasks so organizations can fully capitalize on the power of enterprise data.

Oracle announced the release of Oracle SQL Developer 4.0, enhanced with new functionality to simplify the development and management of Oracle Database environments.

Supporting new innovations in Oracle Database 12c, including its multitenant architecture and data redaction, Oracle SQL Developer 4.0 helps developers and database administrators increase productivity and performance.

The latest generation of the world's #1 database, Oracle Database 12c is designed for the cloud with an innovative, multitenant architecture.

By leveraging the migration tooling included in Oracle SQL Developer 4.0, customers can realize a significant decrease in the cost of migrating legacy systems and applications as less custom coding and database development is required.

Oracle DW-Big Data Monthly Roundup Magazine
Oracle's new monthly Flipboard magazine
Oracle product management asks, "Are you interested in learning how Oracle customers are taking advantage of Oracle's Data Warehousing and Big Data Platform? Want to keep up on the latest product releases and how they might impact your organization? Looking for best practices that describe how to most effectively apply Oracle DW-Big Data technology?

Check out Oracle's new monthly magazine - Oracle DW-Big Data Monthly Roundup. Powered by Flipboard - you can now view all this content on your favorite device..."

Flash Options for SPARC Servers
800 Gb Sun Flash Accelerator F80 PCIe Card
Increase performance with new Flash options for SPARC Servers:

  • 800 GB Flash Accelerator Now Available for SPARC T5 Rackmount Servers and SPARC M6-32/M5-32 Servers

  • SSD Update for SPARC T4, T5, M5 and M6 Servers

Datasheet for the Sun Flash Accelerator F80 PCIe Card

Sold State Drives

14-Page Overview of Oracle's Full Line of Integrated Servers

Oracle SuperCluster M6-32 - Most Powerful Oracle Engineered System
Product Introduction Video
Take a look at the webcacast introducing the SuperCluster M6-32, Oracle's most powerful engineered system. Hosted by Oracle's Michael Palmeter, Senior Director of Product Management; Ganesh Ramamurthy, Vice President, Software Development; and Juan Loaiza, Senior Vice President, Systems Technology, this Webcast will further outline why SuperCluster M6-32 is ideally suited for in-memory applications and consolidation of mission-critical workloads.
Oracle Exadata Database Machine X4
Oracle's Fifth Generation Database Machine Dramatically Increases Performance and Capacity;
Oracle's fifth-generation flagship database machine, Oracle Exadata Database Machine X4, introduces new hardware and software to accelerate performance, increase capacity, and improve efficiency and quality of service for database deployments.

The new release focuses on Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), Database as a Service (DBaaS), and Data Warehousing and is also designed to help enterprises simplify their biggest database challenges. It includes performance increases between 50 and 100 percent and storage capacity increases between 33 and 100 percent.

Quality of service in complex and varying Database as a Service deployments or database consolidation deployments is ensured end-to-end from database servers, through network adapters and network switches, to storage. Oracle Exadata Database Machine X4 is the foundation for modern database cloud environments.

IaaS with Oracle VM and Oracle Enterprise Manager
Reap the Benefits of IaaS with Oracle Virtualization
Reap the Benefits of IaaS with Oracle Virtualization

Monica Kumar writes, "IT customers are looking to reap the benefits of cloud computing, including at the Infrastructure layer. Their role is viewed as data center service providers. To them, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), is internalized as Integration of 'astonishing' applications and systems...

For an insightful perspective of IaaS from Oracle, join VP of Product Management for Oracle Enterprise Manager, Sudip Datta, in his chalk talk..."

IT - Storage
SMR, the stealth drive revolution
StorageMojo, December 13th, 2013
"WD is sampling SMR - Shingled Magnetic Recording - disk drives to several cloud vendors including Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Amazon. Seagate announced sales of a million SMR drives in September. HGST likely has a similar program under way.

Disk drive tracks are separated by a gap. In SMR drives, this gap is removed to roughly double density, says a paper from CMU's Parallel Data Lab..."

Enterprise Drives: Fact or Fiction?
Storage Newsletter, December 10th, 2013
"Last month I dug into drive failure rates based on the 25,000+ consumer drives we have and found that consumer drives actually performed quite well. Over 100,000 people read that blog post and one of the most common questions asked was: "OK, so the consumer drives don't fail that often. But aren't enterprise drives so much more reliable that they would be worth the extra cost?"

Well, I decided to try to find out..."

    Five Questions to Ask When Choosing a Data Archiving Technology
    SearchStorage, December 9th, 2012
    "Next time you're meeting with your storage vendor sales rep, try bringing up the topic of archiving. You'll likely see an immediate reaction. The sales rep should be delighted that you recognize the need for archiving (so you do not need to be 'educated') and that you are open to discussing a prefabricated 'solution.' Unfortunately, while it may be tempting to envision a department store aisle filled with pre-integrated, ready-to-use archiving technologies from competing vendors, it's beyond unlikely..."
      IT - Technology
      The Mother of All Demos: The 1968 Presentation that Sparked a Tech Revolution
      ComputerWorld, December 9th, 2013
      "On December 9, 1968, Dr. Douglas Engelbart addressed a packed theater at the Joint Computer Conference in San Francisco, demonstrating a new computing platform that heralded advancements from the computer mouse to videoconferencing. Forty-five years later, we're still reaping the benefits of his vision..."
      How the 'Modern Man' Will Wear Technology
      CIO, December 11th, 2013
      "Forrester Research's riff on Leonardo da Vinci's famous Vitruvian Man drawing, in 1490, of a naked male with ideal human proportions is downright clever. In Forrester's version, a male dressed in a business suit shows how a variety of wearable devices might became part of the modern man.

      Forrester's "wearables man" proportions are based on a survey of 4,657 online U.S. adults. Twenty-nine percent were willing to strap on a wearable device to clothing. Lots of people already do this, from clipping on tiny iPods to sensors that monitor heart rate during exercise. Also, 28 percent were willing to wear a smartwatch, which is somewhat surprising given salty predictions of smartwatch holiday sales..."

      IT - Bitcoin
      Bitcoin: Open source money whose time has come
      InfoWorld, December 13th, 2013
      "Once considered a curiosity, the digital currency bitcoin has held the mainstream media spotlight the past few weeks. Its price reached parity with that of gold at one point; then last weekend skittish speculators dumped huge quantities in response to negative news from China. Meanwhile, the financial world has been paying closer and closer attention. Don't be distracted by the Silk Road bust -- bitcoin is becoming a mainstream phenomenon..."
      Why Bitcoin Will Never Be a Currency - in 2 Charts
      The Atlantic, December 9th, 2013
      "Falling prices sound like a good thing, but they're not.

      When prices fall, people put off buying things. And when people put off buying things, companies put off investing. And then the economy slumps - and keeps slumping. Even worse, people are stuck trying to pay back debts that don't fall with wages that do. So bankruptcies pile up, and so do bank losses. That makes people too scared to borrow, and banks too scared to lend, which only makes prices fall even more..."

        3 Facinating Facts About Bitcoin You Need To Know
        Inc. , December 14th, 2013
        "Right now, everything about Bitcoin is news: Bitcoin millionaires. Bitcoin-funded drug kingpins. Bitcoin ATMs. This week the news focused on a San Francisco man who is opening a Bitcoin pawn shop, and another California man who launched a site advertising jobs that pay in Bitcoin.

        But there are plenty of aspects of the Bitcoin saga that haven't yet received breathless headlines..."

        The Bitcoin Ideology
        New York Times, December 14th, 2013
        "IF you've only recently tuned in to the seemingly endless conversation about bitcoin, you could be forgiven for thinking that the digital currency is little more than the latest Wall Street fetish or a juiced-up version of PayPal. After all, so many headlines in the last few weeks have focused on its market price and the cool stuff you can get with it:..."
        How Do Bitcoin Alternatives Stack Up?
        Lifehacker, December 14th, 2013
        "The cryptocurrency Bitcoin has been in the news lately with a sudden surge in value followed by a spectacular crash - not to mention the unfortunate tale of $US4 million in bitcoin on a hard drive that was accidentally dumped in a rubbish tip. Bitcoin was the first widely used cryptocurrency, but few people know it is not the only one. So how do the top five cryptocurrencies by capitalisation compare?..."
        Bitcoin Believers See a Role for Wall Street
        New York Times, December 14th, 2013
        "A venture capitalist, a former regulator, a lawyer and a pair of entrepreneurs - Bitcoin evangelists all - gathered on Tuesday in the private dining room of an upscale Manhattan restaurant to discuss their vision of a world in which the currency plays a role in mainstream finance.

        It may be a far-fetched notion - Bitcoin, despite the attention it has received in recent months, is still largely a plaything for speculators online, with stomach-turning price swings - but it is one that these men have bet millions of dollars can be achieved..."

        Dark money: only 35 Bitcoin dealers are compliant with US law
        The Verge, December 14th, 2013
        "Earlier this week, a Bitcoin user in Pennsylvania reportedly received a letter from his bank, Firstbank, asking him to stop sending money to Coinbase, a popular wallet for storing the virtual currency."

        "We respectfully request that you no longer perform transactions with this company or other companies of this kind," the letter says. "If there should be a reoccurrence of this type of activity, we will regretfully be forced to close your account."

        Cloud Computing
        Oracle Sponsors OpenStack Foundation
        Offers Customers Ability to Use OpenStack to Manage Oracle Cloud Products and Services
        Oracle has become a Corporate Sponsor of the OpenStack® Foundation

        Oracle is planning to integrate OpenStack cloud management components into Oracle Solaris,

        Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance, Oracle Infrastructure as a Service, Oracle's ZS3 Series, Axiom storage systems and StorageTek tape systems.

        In addition, Oracle will also be working to achieve OpenStack compatibility with Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, Oracle Compute Cloud Service and Oracle Storage Cloud Service.

        This integration is intended to enable customers to use OpenStack to manage Oracle technology-based clouds, taking full advantage of the stability, efficiency, performance, scalability and security of these Oracle products.

        Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux provide industry-leading security, performance, scalability and observability for cloud-based deployments, allowing customers to run their most demanding enterprise applications in private or public clouds. Integration with OpenStack will allow customers to integrate Oracle Solaris Zones and Oracle VM environments with other OpenStack platforms.

        Oracle Linux Friday Spotlight
        Chris Kawalek writes, "Our spotlight this week is one of my favorite videos (and one of my favorite features of Oracle Linux), Ksplice. If you're not familiar with Ksplice, it's really astounding - it allows you to update the Linux kernel while it is running and without needing to restart. It's just amazing technology, and it comes with your Oracle Linux support subscription.

        In the video below, Oracle's Tim Hill described a few different scenarios of how Ksplice can be used (click the image to hop over to the Oracle Linux YouTube channel and play the video)."

        IT - Cloud
        Cloud File Sharing: 3 Big Trends to Watch for in 2014
        MSPmentor, December 9th, 2013
        "This week has been all about next year. First we wrote about the coming increase in HIPAA audits, then highlighted some major cloud events to consider attending in the next calendar year. In this post, we're going back to the future by taking a look at 3 big trends in the cloud-based file sharing space to watch out for in 2014..."
        Are You Choosing the Right Enterprise Cloud Model?
        Business 2 Community, December 9th, 2013
        "The cloud has had a significant impact on the IT market over the past few years. From its beginnings as a niche term that few people had even heard of - much less understood - the rapid rise of the technology from initial hype to mainstream acceptance has been extraordinary.

        The interest in these tools means growth in this sector is far outpacing the IT industry as a whole. Gartner estimates that by 2016, the bulk of new IT spending will go into this area. Meanwhile, IDC has observed that the technology is now 'business as usual' for Chief Information Officers and line-of-business managers..."

        Cloud Pricing: It's (Really) Complicated
        Network World, December 9th, 2013
        "In theory, cloud computing offers a fairly straightforward model for consuming compute and storage resources. Customers request capacity, it is provided by a vendor and it is paid for. Customers should be able to spin up and down resources as they need to and only pay for what they use.

        Unfortunately, cloud pricing models are complicated, which makes purchasing decisions for consumers difficult and comparing across providers a challenge as well, a new report from the 451 Research Group shows..."

        Experts Offer Advice for Developing Secure Cloud Applications
        Dark Reading, December 6th, 2013
        "Building security into the application development process has always been a challenge. The reality of cloud computing, however, introduces new hurdles that need to be identified and overcome.

        In a new paper, the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and the Software Assurance Forum for Excellence in Code (SAFECode) joined forces to help developers navigate the sometimes troubled waters of application security. The report focuses on security considerations for platform-as-a-service (PaaS), though the authors say their advice is relevant to software-as-a-service (SaaS) and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) as well..."

        One in Four Cloud Providers will be Gone by 2015
        ComputerWorld, December 11th, 2013
        "Cloud adopters face serious risk in the next two years because of the strong possibility that their provider will be acquired or forced out of business, according to Gartner.

        The research firm is predicting a major consolidation in cloud services and estimates that about 25% of the top 100 IT service providers in the infrastructure space won't be around by 2015. 'One in four vendors will be gone for whatever reason -- acquisition, bankruptcy,' said William Maurer, a Gartner analyst. Most of the time, the changes will come through acquisition..."

        Tech Pros Beat Business Users in Shadow SaaS Use
        IT World Canada, December 4th, 2013
        "As many as 80 per cent of IT and line of business decision makers admit to using non-authorized software-as-a-service apps in the workplace.

        Among the top users of software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps not authorized by the IT department are tech pros themselves, according to a recent survey commissioned by security software company McAfee Inc..."

        Transforming the Hungry IT Caterpillar to an Elegant Butterfly
        Yahoo! Small Business Advisor, December 12th, 2013
        "Amazon, Inc. is a remarkable business. Not only has it transformed the internet shopping experience for most of us but their hosting business, AWS, has also thrown down the gauntlet to commercial IT shops by showing how much can be done to dramatically lower the cost of IT operations. Indeed, there's a parallel with adoption behavior during the early phases of the virtualization market, as customers test out potential benefits by migrating some non-critical workloads, such as test/dev, that remain under IT's direct control, into the public cloud. In parallel, the lessons of public cloud are being learned in earnest within corporate IT, with the twin goal of driving down the delivery costs whilst at the same time transforming a technology-driven culture into one of flexible, agile, service delivery. Welcome to the private cloud!"
        IT - CxO
        CIOs need to get their house in order, CFO panel says
        CIO, December 9th, 2013
        "CIOs need to get their house in order before they get a seat at the top table, a panel of finance executives said.

        Speaking at the Maximising the Value of Information Technology briefing hosted by the Financial Times and following an enlightening presentation by Telefonica UK CFO Mark Evans on innovation and leveraging new technologies to drive their business forward, CFOs at Dixons and business events organiser UBM suggested the CIO was still overwhelmingly a technology-focused role.

        "My relationship with my CIO can be confrontational," Dixons CFO Humphrey Singer said.

        "It's a pain for me that we spend so much on keeping these monolithic systems going, while being told if we don't spend on them we are all going to die."

        CIO Priorities for 2014 & Beyond
        Enterprise Efficiency, December 9th, 2013
        "What does 2014 hold for CIOs? It depends on who you ask.

        Two recent surveys show distinctly different priorities for CIOs. One survey, 'IDC 2014 Predictions: CIO Agenda - Embracing 3rd Platform Leadership Challenges as IT Transitions from Technology and Service Delivery,' takes a far-reaching look at how the roles of CIOs and IT organizations will undergo dramatic reinvention in the next five years. The second survey, '2014 State CIO Top 10,' from the US National Association of State CIOs (NASCIO), focuses on frontline tactical priorities for IT leaders in the year ahead..."

        Distracted Computing
        Enterprise Efficiency, December 11th, 2013
        "Most CIOs spend their time on the problem of how employees can use technology more effectively. Have you ever thought about how they might use technology less?

        According to Stanford researcher Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, using computers (and tablets, and smartphones, and...) less might be the key to greater productivity for your enterprise. According to Pang, the barrage of information we get every day (and, to be honest, every working minute in the case of most of us) makes us less effective, more distracted, and -- to follow the theme of this community -- less efficient..."

          How to Win the IT Infrastructure and Operations Talent War
          CIO, December 9th, 2013
          "Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) staffing is both your organization's greatest asset and greatest monetary investment, says John Rivard, research director for Infrastructure and Operations at Gartner.

          It's on the shoulders of these folks that the future of your organization rests, and if you're not doing everything you can to recruit and retain the best of the best, you could be at a competitive disadvantage, he says..."

          The IT Rich Get Richer
          CIO Insight, December 9th, 2013
          "The gap is widening between those organizations that know how to get the most business value of IT and those that don't view IT as a strategic imperative. The latest version of the annual High Performance IT survey of 202 CIOs conducted by Accenture finds that of the organizations that are high performers, when it comes to using IT to drive the business suggest, most of them are focusing their IT investments on improving customer interactions..."
          4 Ideas to Steal From IT Upstarts
          CIO, December 12th, 2013
          "Fast-growing companies like Square and MongoDB are driving IT innovation with leaner staffs, cloud-first computing, self-service everything and CTOs rather than CIOs...

          As a high-tech startup, MongoDB gave no real thought to IT as it was getting off the ground. Laptops were purchased on an as-needed basis by individual employees and expensed alongside printer paper and working lunches. Free cloud applications like Google Apps and Dropbox were the go-to productivity tools, and engineers coding the NoSQL database were certainly tech-savvy enough to spin up servers and troubleshoot problems on their own..."

          IT - PM
          The Worst IT Project Disasters of 2013
          ComputerWorld, December 10th, 2013
          "Trends come and go in the technology industry but some things, such as IT system failures, bloom eternal.

          "Nothing has changed," said analyst Michael Krigsman of consulting firm Asuret, an expert on why IT projects go off the rails. "Not a damn thing."

          "These are hard problems," he added. "People mistakenly believe that IT failures are due to a technical problem or a software problem, and in fact it has its roots into the culture, how people work together, how they share knowledge, the politics of an organization. The worse the politics, the more likely the failure."

            IT - Networks
            How (and Why) to Get Started With SDNs
            CIO, December 10th, 2013
            "The rise of software-defined networks (SDNs) is one of the big tech stories of 2013. For many IT organizations looking at deploying the technology, it's no longer a question of 'if,' but 'when,' according to Gartner's Joe Skorupa, research vice president for Data Center Convergence and Andrew Lerner, research director for Networking, at Gartner..."
            802.11ac Benefits: The Myths and the Reality
            Network Computing, December 5th, 2013
            "As the ever-ambitious wireless manufacturers rush to get their own iterations of devices supporting 802.11ac on the shelves, hype about how the average end user will benefit from this new wireless standard overshadows its real advantages.

            Like 802.11n before it, there are so many impressive and exciting features defining 802.11ac that people are having difficulty grasping the reality of the standard and how it will improve user experience..."

              How (and Why) to Get Started With SDNs
              CIO, December 10th, 2013
              "The rise of software-defined networks (SDNs) is one of the big tech stories of 2013. For many IT organizations looking at deploying the technology, it's no longer a question of 'if,' but 'when,' according to Gartner's Joe Skorupa, research vice president for Data Center Convergence and Andrew Lerner, research director for Networking, at Gartner.

              While virtualization and the cloud have increased data center agility, network provisioning remains a roadblock, says Skorupa..."

              Changes in SDN Technologies Can Improve Network Management
              SearchDataCenter, December 9th, 2013
              "SDN may not be a fit for everyone, but it's definitely going to play a big role in the networks of the future.

              Here's what to expect as you start identifying software-defined networking (SDN) technologies that can reduce headaches caused by network management and provide more options for scalability.

              While there are a few minor issues around process and SDN maturity, these are quickly being sorted out since there is so much potential for efficiency gains..."

              Identifying and Preventing Router, Switch and Firewall Vulnerabilities
              SearchSecurity, December 9th, 2013
              "Remote connectivity to network resources has become a staple for many employees of modern enterprises. Whether the connection is conducted via VPN, remote desktop or Secure Shell (SSH), it will unavoidably traverse a network path laden with routers, switches and firewalls, many of which can be easily compromised.

              Much to the dismay of administrators and organizations within the security industry, nefarious individuals are cognizant of these devices' vulnerabilities as well -- and any malicious person who has basic networking knowledge can successfully hack routers, switches and firewalls to steal corporate information and disrupt communications..."

              How SDN and NFV Simplify Network Service Chain Provisioning
              SearchSDN, December 9th, 2013
              "Service chaining is not a new concept, but the trend has taken on a new importance with the rise of SDN and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).

              A service chain simply consists of a set of network services, such as firewalls or application delivery controllers (ADCs) that are interconnected through the network to support an application. But SDN and NFV can make the service chain and application provisioning process a whole lot shorter and simpler..."

              IT - Operations
              Inadequate Electronic Disposal Protocols Can Lead to Security Leaks
              Help Net Security, December 10th, 2013
              "American IT departments' decisions could inadvertently put organizations at risk of an information security breach if they don't have sufficient protocols for the disposal of old electronic devices.

              Even those with established processes could unwittingly initiate a security leak if they rely on wiping or degaussing hard drives, or handing over their e-waste to an outsourced recycler. Worse yet, some organizations might be stockpiling old technology with no plan at all..."

              4 Tech Innovations That Improve Data Center Scalability
              CIO, December 10th, 2013
              "Growth is normally a boon for any business. Servers hum faster when an ecommerce site attracts more customers (and more credit card transactions). When storage requirements for a new business that handles documentation for large companies suddenly escalate, executives high-five each other.

              Scaling can be so costly, though, that fast growth isn't always a positive. Fortunately, new technologies can help a company ramp up quickly and efficiently, removing some of the pain of having to expand a data center. Instead of being faced with a major capital outlay that offsets new revenue, these innovations make the impact of scaling up a data center to meet demand less of a drain..."

                8 Tips for Shaping Your Data Center Strategy
                CIO Today, December 10th, 2013
                "Gartner said data center managers must modernize the capabilities of their facilities to handle both the emerging hardware technology and the escalation in energy consumption as a result of projected growth in server volume. In addition, Gartner said data center infrastructure management tools are critical to data center management..."
                How to Win the IT Infrastructure and Operations Talent War
                CIO Today, December 10th, 2013
                "Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) staffing is both your organization's greatest asset and greatest monetary investment, says John Rivard, research director for Infrastructure and Operations at Gartner.

                It's on the shoulders of these folks that the future of your organization rests, and if you're not doing everything you can to recruit and retain the best of the best, you could be at a competitive disadvantage, he says.

                "I believe there's going to be a battle over the future of your organization, and I&O is at the crossroads," Rivard said. "Your best employees have a greater, more positive impact on your organization than your best customers," he says...

                IT - Security
                The DDoS Debate: Multi-Layered Versus Single Solution
                Help Net Security, December 9th, 2013
                "There is a DDoS debate in the cybersecurity industry about which solution is more effective - multi-layer or single. However, the argument is really more complex and must consider traditional defenses versus dedicated DDoS defenses, multi-provider (device or service) versus single provider (device or service), and layered defense in-depth versus single defender.

                Traditional defenses, such as firewalls and IPS routers, are not as effective as dedicated DDoS defense systems..."

                Holiday Security Risks are in the Real World Too, Not Just Online
                CSO Online, December 9th, 2013
                "The ubiquitous warnings about online shopping risks are well founded. As numerous experts are reminding consumers and businesses, the high season for shopping is also the high season for cybercrime.

                To paraphrase the song playing in the mall, "It's the mo-o-o-ost dangerous time of the year."

                But IT crime is not limited to the cyber world. There are real-world risks as well, from sophisticated hardware that can steal your personal information just as effectively as any online scam..."

                  Top 20 Critical Security Controls not Popular with Federal IT Pros
                  Help Net Security, December 9th, 2013
                  "The National Security Agency created a best security practices list for their customers, which was later expanded through a large-scale community project initiated by the SANS Institute and sponsored by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).

                  The outcome of this project was the Top 20 Critical Security Controls (20 CSC) - a prioritized list of security best practices that were proven to help organizations combat the most common cybersecurity issues as well as reduce the greatest number of exploitable cyberattack vectors..."

                  Banks Shouldn't Rely on Mobile SMS Passcodes, Security Firm Says
                  CIO, December 11th, 2013
                  "A widely used security feature intended to protect access to online bank accounts is becoming increasingly ineffective, as cybercriminals develop advanced malicious software for Android devices, according to a report released Wednesday.

                  Many banks offer their customers two-factor authentication, which involves sending an SMS message with a code that's entered into a Web-based form. The code expires in a few minutes and is intended to thwart cybercriminals who have a person's login credentials. But there are now multiple mobile malware suites that work in tandem with desktop malware to defeat one-time passcodes, wrote Ken Baylor, research vice president for NSS Labs..."

                  What Threats will Dominate 2014?
                  Help Net Security, December 10th, 2013
                  "Trend Micro released its annual security predictions report. The outlook cites that one major data breach will occur every month next year, and advanced mobile banking and targeted attacks will accelerate.

                  Critical infrastructure threats, as well as emerging security challenges from the Internet of Everything (IoE) and Deep Web, are also highlighted..."

                  IT - Careers
                  25 (Mostly) Tech Company Logos with Hidden Meanings
                  Network World, December 10th, 2013
                  "A company's logo serves many important functions. Over time, a well-designed logo creates familiarity, brand trust, loyalty, and can even become become an signifier of quality. Indeed, it's why Steve Jobs once paid famed designer Paul Rand $100,000 to design the NeXT logo.

                  What's really interesting is that a number of logos, both in the world of tech and out, contain hidden meanings and symbols that really take creativity to the next level. Here are some of the more interesting examples of hidden meanings within corporate logos. The majority of them are tech-related, but I've tossed in a few non-tech examples simply because they're too impressive to overlook..."

                    Tech Industry Struggling With Talent Gap
                    CIO Insight, December 11th, 2013
                    "If the tech sector is feeling optimistic about the future, that's good news for CIOs. After all, when vendors ramp up capital and product investment and boost staffing levels, it's fueled by an overall increase in demand for tech. It also translates to better products and services which CIOs will be able to acquire on the market. Fortunately, a recent survey from Technology Councils of North America (TECNA) and CompTIA, the non-profit association for the industry, indicates that positive sentiment is on the rise. However, serious concerns linger about a lack of tech talent, as well as perceived shortcomings in the quality of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) educational programs..."
                      10 Old-School IT Principles that Still Rule
                      ComputerWorld, December 9th, 2013
                      "The more things stay the same, the more they change.

                      That's not exactly how the saying goes, but it is the phrase that should be engraved over every door leading to IT. It's certainly better than “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”

                      Not a lot has changed since our early days, when IT was EDP and programmers were the high priests of the glass house. Except for everything.

                      Luckily, much of the fundamental wisdom of the early days of IT still applies, just in a different, modernized guise. Here are 10 old-school principles that will guide you through next-generation IT, and the fundamental differences in the ways you should apply them..."

                      • It's never just about how good the technology is
                      • Good information security starts with good physical security
                      • Know the threats
                      • Testing software means more than just putting code into production and seeing what happens
                      • Control changes to the production environment
                      • Waterfall ought to work, but agile actually does
                      • Relationships precede process, and relationships outlive transactions
                      • Integrate, because interconnecting 'islands of automation' takes a lot of stupid out of business processes
                      • IT exists to support the business
                      • It's about business change, or else what's the point?

                      Read on for details.

                      11 New Gadgets for Fantastic Photos
                      IT World, December 6th, 2013
                      "Got a smartphone? Then you've got a camera -- and you're probably busily recording your friends, family, colleagues and life. But for many people, a quick snapshot or video with a camera phone is only the beginning.

                      While smartphone cameras are getting better all the time, regular digital cameras and camera accessories are getting more innovative as well. They are pushing the envelope as to what cameras can do -- and what both amateur and professional photographers can do with them.

                      In the following slides, we highlight some digital cameras -- as well as accessories for cameras and/or smartphones -- that are expanding our capabilities for interesting and innovative photography..."

                        18 Ways to "Tech" The Halls This Holiday Season
                        Business 2 Community, December 9th, 2013
                        "The holiday music is piping through the office and lights are twinkling throughout. It's that time of the year when we like to put together a list of our favorite gifts, not unlike Oprah! We queried the office again this year to see what everyone was hoping to receive or excited to give to friends, family and anyone else that made the 'Nice' list this holiday season.

                        The theme was tech gadgets. The feedback included some usual suspects, lots of active-lifestyle gadgets and also a few surprises. Here are our Inbound Marketing team's top picks:.."

                          The Year in Tech Quotes
                          Network World, December 10th, 2013
                          "With 2013 coming to an end, we took our annual look back at quotes from news stories over the last 12 months. Here are a handful that stuck with us through the year:

                          What she said

                          "The concept of national security does not mean that 'anything goes': States do not enjoy an unlimited right of secret surveillance."

                          -- E.U. Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding, speaking after a meeting with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder in which they discussed revelations of widespread data gathering by the U.S. National Security Agency..."

                          Watch Grace Hopper Talk About Nanoseconds and Pantyhose
                          IT Web, December 10th, 2013
                          "Yesterday marked the 107th anniversary of the birth of Grace Hopper. Hopper, you probably know, was a pioneer in the world of computers and computer programming. Her many accomplishments included programming one of the first computers, writing the first compiler, developing the pre-cursor to COBOL and doing this all, oh, by the way, while working her way up the ranks of the US Navy where she eventually became a rear admiral.

                          To celebrate her birthday, Google created a doodle in her honor and millions of kids and adults are taking part in the Hour of Code as part of Computer Science Education Week this week..."

                          IT - Social Media
                          Stop It: Things That Annoy Customers on Social Media
                , December 13th, 2013
                          You can't please everybody. But that's no reason to throw hands in the air and adopt a 'they'll take what we give them' approach to content and social strategy.

                          As customer centricity grows as a guiding mantra, brands should internalize that social followers are not obligated to us in any way. They do us a favor just connecting. So if your strategy is 'let's see how much neglect and inconsideration they'll take before they leave us,' you'll find the answer is ... not much. Some things we're doing to chase them away:"

                          • Making Them Jump Through Hoops
                          • Oops Pages
                          • No Mobile Optimization
                          • Illiteracy
                          • No Incentive
                          • Ignoring Them
                          • Going 'Used Car Salesman' - On Them Making Things Hard to Find
                          • Not Serving the Right Kind of Porridge
                          • Being Patronizing

                          Read on for details.

                            IT - Virtualization
                            Hypervisors Have Limits: What Not to Virtualize
                            SearchServerVirtualization, December 9th, 2013
                            "Many virtualization vendors today would tell you there are very few workloads that you cannot virtualize. Large, resource-hungry workloads are no longer off limits when you can have a virtual machine with 64 virtual CPUs and 1 terabyte of memory along with direct access to the storage area network. However, just because you can virtualize something doesn't mean you should..."
                              IT - Email
                              8 Ethernet Predictions for 2014
                              Network World, December 6th, 2013
                              "Among the many expectations for IT in 2014, Ethernet is projected to broaden its penetration in the metro area and the WAN. The ubiquitous technology will become further entrenched as a broadband access, cloud interconnect and wide area medium, further distancing itself from legacy TDM services. Here are eight predictions for Ethernet in the New Year, from service provider Comcast Business Services:"

                              • 10 Mbps Ethernet is the new T-1
                              • It's the beginning of the end for TDM as the primary access technology
                              • The distinction between Ethernet LAN and WAN blurs
                              • Metro Ethernet will be redefined - taking the 'metro' out of Metro Ethernet
                              • Private cloud dedicated interconnect really starts to matter
                              • A breakthrough year for carrier Ethernet interconnection - through CE 2.0
                              • SDN enables faster delivery of Ethernet services
                              • Footprint remains the Holy Grail for Ethernet providers

                              Read on for details.

                              Inside the BREACH Attack: How to Avoid HTTPS Traffic Exploits
                              SearchSecurity, December 9th, 2013
                              "Cryptography was under heavy analysis long before Edward Snowden released the NSA's work undermining encryption. At the ekoparty Security Conference in 2012, Thai Duong and Juliano Rizzo discussed an attack named CRIME that did not significantly affect the security of Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS). At Black Hat 2013, Yoel Gluck, Neal Harris and Angelo Prado, who continued researching SSL/TLS cryptography, revealed a new threat, the Browser Reconnaissance & Exfiltration via Adaptive Compression of Hypertext -- otherwise known as the BREACH attack -- which could have a far more profound impact on SSL/TLS than CRIME did..."
                              Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance ZS3
                              S/W Update, 16Gb FC ATO support
                              Oracle Storage is pleased to announce the following changes to the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance family:

                              • Availability of ZFS Storage OS8 Minor 1 (2013.1.1). This software version provides additional performance enhancements that made possible our world record SPC-2 performance, as well as the SPECsfs response time of 700us.
                              • Support for the 16Gb FC HBA ATO part number. Customers now have the option to purchase the 16Gb FC HBA at the time they purchase their ZFS Storage ZS3 system. The HBA will arrive tested and installed in their system.
                              • LOD extension for 15K rpm drives, DS2-0BASE disk shelf and 73 GB Write Flash. Customers who desire the 15K rpm disk drive configurations can purchase them until December 15, 2013.
                              • LOD extension for the 512 GB Read Flash Accelerator. Customers can purchase 512 GB Read Flash Accelerator until February 28, 2014, to expand their existing system L2ARC configuration.
                              • 7420 M2 EOL plans postponed. EOL announcement for the ZFS Storage 7420 M2 has been postponed and this configuration will remain active until further notice.

                              ZSF Storage Appliance Family

                              ZFS Storage ZS3-4

                              ZFS Storage ZS3-2

                              IT - Big Data
                              Big Data Demands Nonstop Experimentation
                              InfoWorld, December 12th, 2013
                              "Predictive modeling needs the dynamic experimentation of big data to discern true, underlying correlations. Some organizations are ready for that disruption -- and some aren't..

                              The universe is an immensely tangled knot of correlations. Science is humanity's tool for identifying which correlations reveal the deep, dark, dense knots of causation at the heart of it all.

                              Scientific models -- also known as laws, theories, and hypotheses -- are highly simplified tools for untangling threads from the correlation knot and testing their causal plausibility. Data science is the art of using statistical models to identify and validate the correlative factors at work..."

                              Need an Enterprise Data Strategy? Cultivate People Untainted by Data Science
                              SearchCIO, December 9th, 2013
                              "Companies have been told they should beg, borrow and steal an enterprise data strategy from outside their industries to jumpstart their own.

                              At the 2013 MIT Sloan CFO Summit there were plenty of data strategies to ogle -- from Wal-Mart Stores Inc. to LinkedIn Corp. to the big daddy of big data, Google Inc. But economist and summit panelist Alberto Cavallo took a different tack..."

                              Next Big Things in Big Data: Visualization, Knowledge Clouds, Fast Clusters
                              GCN, December 5th, 2013
                              "A picture is worth a thousand words, but when it comes to data analytics, basic graphics or charts are not enough. Instead, users need the data to answer more complex questions and solve problems.

                              The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice is using a tool called Tableau to present a clearer picture of children in the justice system and the effectiveness of the state's innovative reform efforts. Tableau is a self-service business intelligence tool that helps people of any skill level create data visualizations, reports or dashboards from databases, spreadsheets and big data sources, according to Francois Ajenstat, director of product management for Tableau Software.

                              Sometimes a mix of data and geospatial analytics can help bring data to life..."

                              Real-Time Big Data Security Analytics for Incident Detection
                              Network World, December 9th, 2013
                              "I've spent the last year or so doing research on the burgeoning field of big data security analytics. Based upon the time I've spent on this topic, I'm convinced that CISOs are looking for immediate help with incident detection, so they will likely focus on real-time big data analytics investments in 2014.

                              What do I mean by real-time big data security analytics? Think stream processing of data packets, network flows, and Meta data looking for anomalous/suspicious network activities that provide strong indication of a security incident in progress..."

                              IT - Mobile
                              A Clear-Eyed Guide to Android's Actual Security Risks
                              InfoWorld, December 9th, 2013
                              "If you're an Android user -- or want to be -- you've likely heard about all the security risks of Google's mobile operating system. But how real are these threats, and how much damage can they do? Despite the fears, are Android devices actually a safe bet for an enterprise mobility strategy?

                              These are key questions for any organization thinking about a broad Android rollout or even simple acceptance of Android devices in a BYOD context. The answers may not be what you expect..."

                              Mobile and Cloud Computing Face Emerging Threats
                              CIO Insight, December 10th, 2013
                              "At last month's annual Georgia Tech Cyber Security Summit, security experts from academia, private industry and government gathered to discuss new technologies and strategies to ward off sophisticated cyber-attacks...

                              • Attackers are Adapting to Mobile Ecosystems
                              • Protect the Data
                              • Technology Outruns the Law
                              • Employee-Owned Devices Change the Security Model
                              • Corporate Data At Risk
                              • Locking Down or Locking Out Mobile Devices
                              • OS Vendors Play Defense
                              • Legal Use of Data More Threatening Than Attacks
                              • U.S. Courts Unclear Regarding Warrants
                              • Can Cyber Insurance Reduce Risks?
                              • Confusion Over Coverage

                              Read on for details.

                              Smartphone Addiction Reaching New Heights
                              CIO Insight, December 13th, 2013
                              "Do you sometimes get the feeling that your smartphone owns you instead of the other way around? It's astonishing how that tiny screen commands an almost hypnotic effect upon society as a whole. And a recent survey report from LG Electronics reveals the extent to which Americans will go to keep pecking away at their device - frequently pulling out the smartphone in places and during events that would have been taboo in the recent past. The trend is only expected to grow as the user base increases from a current 170 Americans today to 193 million by 2016, according to industry research..."
                                The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Strategies that Work
                                InfoWorld, December 10th, 2013
                                "Businesses are finally waking up to the fact that tablets and smartphones are good for the bottom line...

                                Go to any of the dozens of conferences on mobile technology, networking, IT management, and related topics, and you'll be assaulted with security fears brought on by employee adoption of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. For several years, control issues have been the major IT focus..."

                                IT - BYOD
                                What Your Employees Need To Know About BYOD
                                Business 2 Community, December 12th, 2013
                                "When a company develops any rule, policy or best practice and communicates it to its employees, putting it into context helps the staff understand why it exists, which makes it easier to respect and observe the policy. So, as a company builds a rule for employees who use their own devices to access company-owned data and information, it should keep in mind that they don't respond well to 'thou shalt' style commandments. A good BYOD policy explains the benefits as they apply to the company and employee..."
                                Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                Vol 190 Issue 1; Vol 189 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 188 Issues 3, 4 and 5
                                We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                • Oracle Releases Oracle Linux 6.5
                                • Top 5 Reasons why Oracle VM is Best for Oracle Database
                                • Why Database As A Service (DBaaS) Will Be The Breakaway Technology of 2014
                                • Gartner Hype Cycles
                                • Securing The Cloud: How To Avoid A Greek Tragedy
                                • Oracle Key Manager 3
                                • JavaOne 2013 Sessions
                                • Database Insider
                                • ITPalooza 12/12/13 Ft. Lauderdale
                                • StorageTek T10000D FICON

                                The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                  IT - Encryption
                                  Want to Be Spy-Proof? 3 Keys to Rock-Solid Encryption
                                  InfoWorld, December 10th, 2013
                                  "How tough is it to put together relatively spy- or hacker-proof cryptography? The devil is in the details...

                                  With most everyone moving to an encrypted-by-default policy, it makes sense to take a close look at how encryption is put together from end to end. How hard is it to create encryption that's genuinely secure and not just providing the illusion of security?..."

                                  IT - Server
                                  Four Simple Steps to Better Server Security
                                  Business 2 Community, December 9th, 2013
                                  Server security is theoretically vast and intimidating; but in practice tends to be a series of simple common-sense steps that you can take to make your server progressively more secure.

                                  For the novice, it's best not to think of it as 'if I don't do x, y and z, we're all doomed'. Instead, think of the process as 'if I do x, everything will be better, and then I'll look at y as soon as I'm finished'..."

                                  Healthcare.Gov: The (Infrastructure) Fix is In
                                  InfoWorld, December 9th, 2013
                                  "Two months ago, on Oct. 1, the U.S. government rolled out, where citizens could explore new health care options and apply for new health care insurance. While states could set up their own exchanges, this site was the central point in the plan -- and it failed miserably. Delays, disruptions, errors, and complete unreachability dogged the site in the first days -- then stretched into weeks. Hearings were called in Washington. There were demands that Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius resign due to what seemed to be an abject failure of a much-ballyhooed and definitely expensive central cog in the new Affordable Care Act health care law, aka Obamacare..."
                                  Windows Server PKI Improvements Admins Should Know
                                  SearchWindowsServer, December 9th, 2012
                                  "Public key infrastructure has given rise to entire sections within the security industry devoted to the upkeep and improvement of every facet involved with PKI technology. Everything from Root Certificate Authorities to X.509 certificates spawned efforts geared toward successfully guarding server infrastructure and the data therein.

                                  This is especially true with Microsoft server infrastructure, considering the roles and services available within the modern Windows Server environment. These services and roles exist specifically for Windows Server PKI deployment -- not the least of which is the Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) role..."

                                  NetBeans support for JavaFX for iOS
                                  Targeted on MacOS environment
                                  The JavaFX team writes, "The basic NetBeans 7.4 module that allows JavaFX development for iOS is ready and out for your testing. This module is targeted on MacOS environment for now, but with the iPack tool integration it will work also on other platforms - limited only by availability of RoboVM which is used inside this project. It contains two template applications, one traditional HelloWorld and one more complex with a nice animations called GoldenFish.

                                  This module is a result of tight cooperation between our and the NetBeans teams. You can get more details about this module here.

                                  Please bear in mind that this is just basic support. There is still a lot ahead of us!"

                                  Top Database Security Trends in 2014
                                  two-thirds of organizations' sensitive and regulated data resides in their databases

                                  An article in thie month's Oracle Information InDepth, SECURITY INSIDE OUT EDITION

                                  "Analysts estimate that two-thirds of organizations' sensitive and regulated data resides in their databases - and the total amount of that sensitive data is growing fast, along with the rest of the digital universe. One analyst claims it will reach 35 zettabytes by 2020.

                                  As a result, security professionals and database administrators need to be asking two fundamental questions.

                                  • Where is all of my sensitive data?
                                  • Who has access to that data?

                                  As we look forward into 2014, the following trends highlight the importance of data security.

                                  • Trend #1: More Organizations Will Know Where Their Sensitive Data Resides
                                  • Trend #2: Data Encryption Won't Keep up with Data Growth Rates
                                  • Trend #3: Regulations and Other Forms of Compliance Will Continue to Expand

                                  See the article for details.

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