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Oracle Database Appliance Solution-In-A-Box
Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking on Oracle Database Appliance X3-2
Margaret Hamburger writes, "Another great example of how Oracle Database Appliance simplifies the deployment of high availability database solutions making it easy for Oracle Partners and ISVs to deliver value added solutions to customers on a simple, reliable and affordable database platform.

Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking recently announced that it runs on Oracle Database Appliance X3-2 to deliver mid-size banks a compelling banking-in-a-box solution. With this certification, banks can benefit from a low-IT-footprint, high-performance, full-scale banking technology that is engineered to support end-to-end business requirements.

In a recent performance test of Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking on Oracle Database Appliance X3-2, the system managed more than 2.6 million online transactions in 60 minutes. This equated to roughly 744 transactions per second with an average response time of 156 milliseconds for 98 percent of the transactions. Likewise, the solution completed end-of-month batch processing for 10 million customer accounts in 123 minutes during the performance test..."

Report from Oracle's Innovation Forum
Don Sheppard, IT World Canada
Don Sheppard reports that he "attended the Oracle Innovation Forum in Toronto on Nov. 6, a full day seminar billed as an opportunity to 'see innovation in practice.' There were two keynotes and three parallel presenter tracks:

  • Track 1: Pathway to your cloud
  • Track 2: Transform the enterprise: Simplify. differentiate. Innovate
  • Track 3: The modern data center

The basic question (from the website) being posed was: Cloud. Mobile. Social. Big data. The Internet of Things. The latest buzzwords, or powerful global forces?... So, what did I take away from the seminar? ..."

Focus on Oracle Solaris
Solaris Sessions from Oracle OpenWorld 2013
Solaris talks from Oracle OpenWorld 2013:

General Sessions

  • Oracle Solaris Strategy, Engineering Insights, and Roadmap
  • What's New with Oracle Engineered Systems


  • Building an Ultrafast, Scalable, Multithreaded, Multiprocess Server
  • Best Practices for Maintaining and Upgrading Oracle Solaris
  • Customer Panel: Oracle Solaris in Action
  • Getting Unbeatable App Performance on SPARC Enterprise M-Series and SPARC T-Series Servers
  • Why Oracle Solaris Is the Best UNIX for Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic
  • How to Set Up a Public Key Infrastructure for Secure Shell and PuTTY
  • Why Oracle Fusion Middleware Runs Best on Oracle Solaris
  • Oracle Solaris Panel: Insights and Directions from Oracle Solaris Engineering
  • Oracle Solaris 11 Best Practices for Software Lifecycle Management
  • ISV Panel: Oracle Solaris and ISV Insights
  • Ten Key Solaris Zones Differentiators Enhancing Cloud Platforms
  • Consolidate Databases and Provide Dynamic Quality of Services
  • Compliance and Security: Least Complexity, Lowest Risk with Oracle Solaris

See the website for links to talks and/or slides.

Cloud Computing
Success of Oracle CloudWorld Sparks Extended Roadshow with Expanded Nine City Engagement
Beijing, Bogota, Chicago, New Delhi, Paris, San Francisco, Melbourne and Moscow
Building on the tremendous success of Oracle CloudWorld and continued customer interest in leveraging cloud technologies, Oracle announced that the event series will expand to nine additional global locations.

Oracle CloudWorld brings together industry leaders, including senior Oracle executives, customers and partners, to share real-world examples of how they are using cloud technologies to transform their businesses.

Oracle Cloud supports 9 million users and 19 billion transactions each day, running on thousands of servers and 200 petabytes of storage in 17 data centers around the world.

The expanded format of the one-day conference features keynotes from industry visionaries, multiple tracks aligned to specific customer roles, hands-on demos and exhibits, and networking opportunities. Keynote sessions will highlight Oracle's strategy and roadmap for cloud and social.

The events will also include content related to the continued expansion of Oracle Cloud and the recent addition of 10 new Oracle Cloud services, announced at Oracle OpenWorld 2013.

Oracle Expands Its Investment in Global Cloud Infrastructure
Adds Four Oracle Cloud Data Centers
As cloud growth continues, Oracle is expanding the number of Oracle Cloud data centers to continue its commitment as being the industry's leading cloud service provider. Oracle Cloud offers a broad range of modern, functionally rich, and integrated services running in a secure, enterprise and standards-based cloud platform. With the new Oracle Cloud data centers scheduled to go online by Q2 2014, Oracle is helping customers and partners further capitalize on the power of cloud computing as well as supporting the demand for local data residency and regulatory requirements.

Oracle Cloud provides the industry's most complete suite of modern, enterprise SaaS applications including Human Capital Management, Customer Experience, and Enterprise Resource Planning with built-in business intelligence, social, and mobile capabilities.

Oracle offers customers and partners choice and flexibility in where they deploy Oracle software: in Oracle Cloud and other public clouds, at traditional on-premise data centers, private clouds and private managed clouds, meeting the most comprehensive security and compliance standards in the industry (ISO 27001, ISO 27002, HIPAA, ISAE 3402 / SSAE 16, NIST, DIACAP, PCI, CFR Part 11).

ADNOC talks about 50x increase in performance
How Exadata can revolutionise your business?
Keith Laker writes, "If you are still wondering about how Exadata can revolutionise your business then I would recommend watching this great video which was recorded at this year's OpenWorld.

First a little background...The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company for Distribution (ADNOC) is an integrated energy company that was founded in 1973. ADNOC Distribution markets and distributes petroleum products and services within the United Arab Emirates and internationally. As one of the largest and most innovative government-owned petroleum companies in the Arab Gulf, ADNOC Distribution is renowned and respected for the exceptional quality and reliability of its products and services...

ADNOC selected Oracle Exadata Database Machine after extensive research because it provided them with a single platform that can run mixed workloads in a single unified machine..."

iRacing Drives Extreme Performance with Oracle Database Appliance
Online Gaming Leader Enhances Customer Experience
With tens of thousands of players competing against each other on its online system, iRacing Motorsports Simulations, LLC, the world's premier motorsports racing simulation, determined it needed to enhance its database environment to continue delivering reliable uptime and an exceptional player experience. In the Oracle Database Appliance, the company found an easy-to-implement database infrastructure that proved a cost-effective solution for providing players peak performance, while laying the track to effectively manage future growth.

To support and improve the performance of its online racing simulation, iRacing is successfully leveraging the Oracle Database Appliance.

After evaluating multiple options, including deploying commodity hardware from Dell and launching an Amazon-hosted cloud database, iRacing selected the Oracle Database Appliance.

With the Oracle Database Appliance, iRacing is able to take advantage of a complete package of software, server, storage and networking engineered for simplicity and high availability.

Oracle Big Data Appliance X4-2
A comprehensive Big Data platform optimized for both batch and real-time processing
Oracle Big Data Appliance X4-2 is now available, providing enterprises with a comprehensive and secure engineered system optimized to run Cloudera's entire Platform for Big Data, Cloudera Enterprise, at a low overall total cost of ownership. Together, Oracle Big Data Appliance X4-2, Oracle Big Data Connectors, and Oracle Exadata form a complete and integrated platform for Big Data.

Oracle Big Data Appliance X4-2 is a pre-integrated full rack configuration with 18 of Oracle's Sun servers that include InfiniBand and Ethernet connectivity to simplify implementation and management

Oracle Big Data Appliance X4-2 Starter Rack, contains six Oracle Sun servers within a full-sized rack with redundant Infiniband switches and power distribution units. Oracle Big Data Appliance X4-2 In-Rack Expansion includes a pack of six additional servers to expand the above configuration to 12 nodes and then to a full rack of 18 nodes.

Korea Enterprise Data Consolidates 20 Servers to One Platform
Improves System Response Time by 20x, and Lowers Total Cost of Ownership
Korea Enterprise Data (KED) is a leading supplier of business credit reports on Korean midsize enterprises, including credit evaluations and ratings, financial statements, and credit history checks.

The company implemented Oracle's SPARC T4-4 server with Oracle SuperCluster T4-4 to consolidate 20 servers into a single platform, and built a next-generation credit analysis system to improve data quality and reliability. KED also deployed Oracle's Sun ZFS Storage 7420 and Sun ZFS Storage 7320 appliances to provide data storage and backup for Oracle SuperCluster. The company improved system response time by 20x, completed data backups 7x faster, achieved 10x data compression, and improved customer satisfaction.

Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Vol 189 Issue 1; Vol 188 Issues 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5; Vol 187 Issues 3 and 4
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

  • Mark Hurd On BT Win, Oracle Growth, And Investing In The Cloud
  • Oracle Linux Tips and Tricks: Using SSH
  • Oracle, ARM expand collaboration on servers, Internet of Things
  • GlassFish Announcement
  • Open Source Systems Performance
  • Overview of Process Scheduling Classes in the Oracle Solaris Kernel
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Delivers Advanced Self-Service Automation
  • Oracle White Paper about Directory Services Integration with Database Enterprise User Security (EUS)
  • MySQL Still the Right Choice for ScienceLogic's Best Network Monitoring System on the Planet"
  • Oracle Endeca Information Discovery 3.1

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    Optimizing OS performance
    With Ops Center's OS Analytics tools

    Owen Allen writes, "With the right information, there's a lot that you can do to improve the performance of an operating system. However, it can be time-consuming to gather that information in a large environment with hundreds or thousands of operating systems, Oracle Solaris Zones, or Oracle VM Servers.

    Ops Center's OS Analytics tools can help you gather the information that you need to tune your operating systems. For operating systems managed by Ops Center, you can view OS performance info like CPU and memory utilization, process details, and virtualization capacity. For Oracle Solaris systems, you can also view the status and details of SMF services.

    We put together a "how-to" that walks you through the process of viewing all of this information..."

    Why people don't patch and upgrade?!?
    Asks Mike Dietrich
    Mike Dietrich writes, "Discussing the topic 'Why Upgrade' or 'Why not Upgrade' is not always fun. Actually the arguments repeat from customer to customer. Typically we hear things such as:

    • A PSU or Patch Set introduces new bugs
    • A new PSU or Patch Set introduces new features which lead to risk and require application verification
    • Patching means risk
    • Patching changes the execution plans
    • Patching requires too much testing
    • Patching is too much work for our DBAs
    • Patching costs a lot of money and doesn't pay out

    And to be very honest sometimes it's hard for me to stay calm in such discussions. Let's discuss some of these points a bit more in detail..."

    The Old School Sysadmin - A Dying Breed?
    by Brian Bream
    Brian writes, "I've been involved in some fashion of IT for over thirty years now. Running a FidoNet BBS (The Twilight Zone) in 1986 was my first interaction with a human element and where I first experienced the concept of a System Administrator. Prior to that I was flipping 16 toggle switches to load stb's, rbr's and the like and reading the results on 16 LEDs keeping Navy Frigates moving through the water. What fun!

    I've been in the trenches, racking and stacking, installing the OS and Applications, backing up and restoring, and fixing broken systems and applications. And at a point in time, that was my definition of a System Administrator. It isn't any longer..."

      Video Interviews for SysAdmins
      Selected by Rick Ramsey
      Rick Ramsey offers links to videos of particular interest to SysAdmins:

      • Freeing the Sysadmin From Repetitive Tasks - Interview with Marshall Choy
      • The Oracle Database Appliance - Interview with Bob Thome
      • Why Pinellas County Chose Oracle Exalytics - Interview with Gautham
      • DTrace for System Administrator - Interview with Brendan Gregg

      See the website for links.

      Oracle VM 3.2.6
      Bring Your Oracle VM Environment Up to Date
      Honglin Su write, "We incorporate our customer's feedback and bug fixes into the regular updates. It's very beneficial to use the latest update of Oracle VM releases.

      Oracle VM 3.2 (Oracle VM Manager and Oracle VM Server for x86) is the current stable release, which has with all the advance management capabilities built-in. 3.2.6 is the latest patch update. You can review the list of bug fixes and enhancements here.

      Java Technology
      Java for LEGO Mindstorms EV3
      Run the ARMv5 port of Java SE Embedded with just a few simple steps
      Juergen Kress writes, "LEGO® Mindstorms® EV3 can run the ARMv5 port of Java SE Embedded with just a few simple steps. This page will help point you to all the resources you need to get started!

      • See a video of Java SE Embedded on LEGO® Mindstorms® EV3.
      • Guide on how to run Java on Lego NXT via leJOS wiki (not affiliated with LEGO® or Oracle).
      • More information about Java on LEGO® Mindstorms® can be found at the leJOS community site (not affiliated with LEGO® or Oracle).
      • The leJOS community is working on enabling LeJOS on MINDSTORMS EV3. Oracle is making our Java implementation available here to support their efforts. For now, please consult the leJOS forums for status and updates.

      If you're feeling adventurous after reading up some of the above links, Download the Java SE Embedded ARMv5 port.."

      Chalk Talk with John: Business Value of Identity and Access Management
      Conveying the business value of Identity and Access Management to non technologists
      Conveying the business value of Identity and Access Management to non technologists can potentially be challenging, especially considering the breadth capability supplied by these technologies.

      In this episode of Chalk Talk with John, Bob at Codeaway Valley asks Jim from Middleware Fields how they are able to manage access to buildings and facilities throughout their community. Bob and his team struggle to keep up with the needs of their community members, while ensuring the community's safety. Jim shares his creative solution to simplifying the management of access throughout their community in Middleware Fields.

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