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Oracle Fiscal Q1 Earning
fiscal 2014 Q1 GAAP and non-GAAP total revenues were up 2% to $8.4B
Oracle announced that both fiscal 2014 Q1 GAAP and non-GAAP total revenues were up 2% to $8.4B.

"Non-GAAP earnings per share increased 12% to $0.59, the best ever result for the first quarter of our fiscal year," said Oracle President and CFO, Safra Catz. "Those record level earnings were enabled by an operating margin of 45% for the quarter. We also set a free cash flow record of over $6B in Q1, and then we returned half of that to our stockholders by repurchasing $3B of our shares in the quarter."

"Engineered systems had its best ever Q1 in terms of unit sales, growing over 60% compared with the same quarter last year," said Oracle President Mark Hurd. "New software license results were especially strong in the Americas, which saw 15% growth in constant currency."

Unpack Software-Defined Storage at OpenStorage Summit (@openstorage)
October 22-24, 2013; Santa Clara Convention Center; $100 Off Registration
This Summit, hosted by Nexenta, focuses on innovation developments in open-source storage-related solutions. There is an opportunity to network, explore innovations, cloud platforms, technical solutions and so much more. Individuals from companies leveraging open-source storage will present case studies, lessons learned, and financial impact.

Reasons to attend:

  • Hear how cloud service providers are using open storage at scale

  • Pick the brain of an expert - Hear subject-matter experts present in Sessions, lead Group Discussions and then meet them one-on-one to cover topics that relate specifically to your organization

  • Arm yourself with knowledge - Create your conference agenda from the conference sessions

  • Show and share - The Solutions Exchange is the perfect place to network, learn and explore the latest in infrastructure products, services and solutions for cloud services and data centers

  • Network, network, network - Meet, connect, and share your experiences with peers from across the industry

Two of the speakers on the agenda may be familiar, Matt Ahrens and George Wilson, from Delphix. They are giving a presentation on "OpenZFS: The Future of Open-Source ZFS Deployment".

OpenZFS: the truly open source successor to the ZFS project
OpenZFS launch announcement, September 17th, 2013
ZFS is the world's most advanced filesystem, in active development for over a decade. Recent development has continued in the open, and OpenZFS is the new formal name for this open community of developers, users, and companies improving, using, and building on ZFS. Founded by members of the Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, and illumos communities, including Matt Ahrens, one of the two original authors of ZFS, the OpenZFS community brings together over a hundred software developers from these platforms.

You can read more about OpenZFS at: (don't forget the dash!)

MySQL 5.7 Development Milestone Release
Provides Improved Manageability, Scalability and Record Performance
Oracle announced the immediate availability of the latest Development Milestone Release (DMR) for MySQL 5.7. The new release further extends the performance, reliability, scalability, and manageability of the world's most popular open source database, allowing developers and database administrators to build modern web, cloud-based and embedded applications capable of processing ever increasing volumes of data.

Kicking-off its second MySQL Connect conference at Oracle OpenWorld 2013, Oracle announced the availability of the second Development Milestone Release (DMR) for MySQL 5.7, continuing to drive MySQL technology innovation.

MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0
Enhancements Improve Manageability and Monitoring for Modern Web, Cloud and Embedded Applications
Oracle announced the availability MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0 at the MySQL Connect conference at Oracle OpenWorld 2013.

Database professionals are increasing their use of MySQL to power business-critical web, cloud, and embedded applications and continue to look for ways to reduce the risk, cost and time to develop, deploy and manage those applications. The latest release of MySQL Enterprise Monitor, a vital component of MySQL Enterprise Edition, addresses these challenges by enabling developers and DBAs to more efficiently deliver applications.

Part of MySQL Enterprise Edition, MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0 features improved manageability while delivering new real-time monitoring and alerts capabilities, visual analysis tools, and better remote monitoring of MySQL databases in the cloud.

MySQL Enterprise Monitor continuously monitors MySQL databases and improves productivity by warning developers, database administrators (DBAs) and system administrators of potential problems before they impact the infrastructure and recommends best practices to improve performance, security and reliability.

MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0 is available for immediate download.

Cloud Computing
Cloud Building with Oracle Solaris 11
Three resources to help you build clouds with Oracle Solaris 11
Rick Ramsey offers three resources to help you build clouds with Oracle Solaris 11:

  • Training Class - How to Build a Private Cloud with Oracle Solaris 11
  • Tech Article - How to Build a Web-Based Storage Solution Using Oracle Solaris 11.1
  • Tech Article - How to Put Oracle Solaris Zones on Shared Storage for Easy Cloning

Read on for details.

Take a quick tour of Oracle Database X3-2
Oracle Database Appliance: Simple. Reliable. Affordable.
See a 4 minute tour of the Oracle Database Appliance: "Oracle Database Appliance delivers a high-availability database solution in a single box with remarkable affordability. It's a complete package of software, server, storage, and networking based on Intel Xeon processors to ensure high performance."
Intel and Oracle: 21 Years Of Partnering to Deliver Innovation
See Oracle's commitment to the x86 architecture
Kelvin Gee writes, "As this year is heading to a close, it will complete 21 years of partnership between Intel and Oracle. For over two decades, both firms have worked together to drive increased performance for Oracle Database on Intel's CPU architecture. In addition, Oracle and Intel have worked together to deliver innovation and hardened reliability for Oracle Solaris. However, what may get overlooked is Oracle's commitment to the x86 architecture and Intel's family of processors, through the continued development of Oracle's x86 servers..." Read on for details.
Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3-2 Beats Comparable NetApp
on SPECsfs2008 NFSv3
Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3-2 storage system delivered outstanding performance on the SPECsfs2008 NFSv3 benchmark, beating results published on NetApp's fastest midrange platform, the NetApp FAS3270, the NetApp FAS6240 and the EMC Gateway NS-G8 Server Failover Cluster.

The Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3-2 storage system, on the SPECsfs2008 NFSv3 benchmark:

  • delivered 210,535 SPECsfs2008_nfs.v3 Ops/sec with an Overall Response Time (ORT) of 1.12 msecrk
  • delivered 10% higher throughput than the NetApp FAS6240
  • has 52% higher throughput than the NetApp FAS3270
  • has 5% better Overall Response Time than the NetApp FAS6240
  • has 33% better Overall Response Time than the NetApp FAS3270

Complete SPECsfs2008 benchmark results

Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Vol 187 Issues 1 and 2 ; Vol 186 Issues 1, 2,3 and 4; Vol 185 Issues 4 and 5
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

  • Oracle ZFS Storage Outperforms IBM and HP
  • Sun Server X4-2
  • Oracle ZS3 Storage Appliances: Tier-1 Performance at Tier-3 Prices
  • ZS3 Storage
  • Advanced Network Monitoring Using Oracle Solaris 11 Tools
  • Happy 10th Birthday, DTrace!
  • Sun Server X4-2L
  • StorageTek T10000D Tape Drive
  • Java Spotlight Episode 144: Danny Coward on his Java WebSocket Programming Book
  • Podcast of Oracle Cloud Computing experts

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    Free and Open Source S/W
    The best open-source application development tools
    Bossie Awards 2013
    "Did you notice there's a lot going on with JavaScript? Node.js continues to pop up in more and more places, and then there's the explosion of JavaScript frameworks on the client side. Many of these client-side frameworks are aimed at making Web development more like "real" application development, while others tackle the challenges posed by mobile devices. Still others bring 3D and sophisticated data visualizations to the browser (without plug-ins!).

    But JavaScript wasn't the only programming language to have a good year. Among our 30 winners, there are plenty of tools here for those who build real real applications..."

    Bootstrap LESS AngularJS Backbone.js Enyo jQuery Ember.js Emscripten D3 X3DOM PhoneGap/Cordova Modo Labs Kurogo Node.js OpenShift Cloud Foundry XAMPP Adobe Brackets Notepad++ Apache Shiro Jenkins Enalean Tuleap Scala Ruby Python Django IPython Raspberry Pi Arduino

    Top Tips for Updating Solaris 11 Systems
    By Gerry Haskins
    Gerry Haskins writes, "We now have quite a bit of experience of IPS and Repositories under our belt.

    Feedback from customers has been extremely positive. I recently met a customer with 1000+ Solaris servers who told me that with Solaris 10 it took them 2 months to roll out a new patchset across their enterprise. With Solaris 11, it takes 10 days.

    That really helps lower TCO.

    As with anything, experience teaches us how to optimize things. Here's a few Top Tips around IPS / Repo management which I'd like to share with you from my experience with SuperCluster:..."

    Airbus Selects Oracle Secure Global Desktop
    To Increase Efficiency and Accelerate Time to Market
    To improve time-to-market for new aircraft, Airbus, a world leader in the civil air transport industry, deployed Oracle Secure Global Desktop to provide secure, real-time access to its test flight performance data, as part of its telemetry applications and flight testing processes.

    With an increasingly dispersed workforce across sixteen sites around Europe and a global supply chain network spanning 30 countries, Airbus needed a secure, scalable, and flexible remote access solution for its centralized telemetry applications.

    Airbus' telemetry applications provide real-time information about status, and pertinent values of physical or avionic parameters, allowing critical flight data from a test flight maneuver to be evaluated in as fast as milliseconds.

    Oracle Secure Global Desktop enabled Airbus aircraft designers, structural engineers, and other essential staff to access test data from server-hosted environments via a Web browser, allowing Airbus experts to provide nearly instant feedback from their off-site locations and reduce test-flight cycles.

    Java Technology
    Java Spotlight Episode 145: Marcus Hirt on Java Mission Control @hirt
    Weekly Podcast
    Roger Brinkley writes about this week's Feature Interview: "Marcus is one of the founders of Appeal Virtual Machines, the company that created the JRockit JVM. He is currently working as Team Lead for the JRockit Mission Control team. In his spare time he enjoys coding on his many pet projects, composing music, and scuba diving. Marcus has contributed JRockit related articles, whitepapers, tutorials, and webinars to the JRockit community, and has been an appreciated speaker at various conferences, such as Oracle Open World and Java One. He is also one of the two authors behind a popular book about JVM technology..."
    NetBeans IDE 7.4 Release Candidate 1
    Extends the advanced HTML5 development support introduced in NetBeans IDE 7.3
    The complete list of new features is available in the New and Noteworthy document. Please test it and report all the issues or enhancements you find in NetBeans Bugzilla.

    NetBeans IDE 7.4 extends the advanced HTML5 development support introduced in NetBeans IDE 7.3 to Java EE and PHP application development, while offering new support for hybrid HTML5 application development on the Android and iOS platforms. In addition, this release provides support for working with preview versions of JDK 8, and includes continued enhancements to JavaFX, C/C++ and more.

    NetBeans IDE 7.4 Release Candidate is available in English, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, and Simplified Chinese.

    JavaFX 8 Developer Preview Documents Released
    Getting Started with JavaFX 3D Graphics, Adding HTML Content to JavaFX Applications, and Embedding Swing Content in JavaFX Applications.
    Irina Fedortsova, writes "JavaFX 8 Developer Preview Documents were published today on They comprise Getting Started with JavaFX 3D Graphics, Adding HTML Content to JavaFX Applications, and Embedding Swing Content in JavaFX Applications.

    3D Graphics

    A new document, Getting Started with JavaFX 3D Graphics, introduces the 3D graphics features that are included in the upcoming JavaFX 8 APIs. The features include 3D shapes, camera, lights, subscene, materials, and picking. The document also steps you through the creation of a simple 3D sample application, MoleculeSampleApp, that uses some of the 3D features discussed in the document...

    The JavaFX WebView tutorial was extended to highlight the new features and improvements in the JavaFX 8 Web component. Review Supported Features of HTML5 for more information about additional HTML5 features including Web Sockets, Web Workers, and Web Fonts. Make the most of your WebView based applications with the new printing capabilities covered in Printing HTML Content. Embedding Swing Content..."

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