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IT - Storage
High Performance Storage for Hyperscale Data Centers
Storage-Switzerland, May 28th, 2013
"Hyperscale architectures typically include dozens to hundreds of generic servers running either a clustered application or a hypervisor. Leveraging the cluster, these servers provide a massively scalable infrastructure ideal for all types of service providers. Hyperscale architectures are even beginning to be implemented in corporate data centers because of their cost effective, high performance nature. But these advanced architectures are restrained from their full potential by the limitations of the storage infrastructure..."
Hey, You, Dev. What Do You Mean, Storage is BORING?
The Register, May 24th, 2013
"Many years ago, as an entry-level systems programmer, I decided there were two teams that I was never going to join: the test team and the storage team - because they were boring.

A fellow blogger has a habit of referring to storage as snorage and I suspect that is the attitude of many. So why do I keep doing storage?

Well, first, I have little choice but to stick to infrastructure. I'm a pretty lousy programmer and it seems that I can do less damage in infrastructure. If you have ever received more chequebooks in the post from a certain retail bank, I can only apologise.

But storage is cool. First of all, it's BIG and EXPENSIVE - who doesn't like raising orders for millions? It is also so much more than that just the place where you store your stuff: for starters, you have to get it back..."

IT - Technology
3D Printing Saves a Life
Network World, May 25th, 2013
"A 3-month-old in Ohio couldn't breathe independently, until 3D printing created a functional splint that essentially saved his life...

For the first three months of his life, Kaiba Gionfriddo's airway collapsed repeatedly, occasionally causing his heart to stop and leaving many doctors at a loss for how to help him. Then, in the first procedure of its kind, doctors in Michigan used a 3D printing method to create an artificial splint to help Kaiba breathe without the assistance of a breathing machine for the first time..."

M2M: Rise of the Machines? Not Yet
Internet Evolution, May 22nd, 2013
"In the 1970 science fiction thriller Colossus: The Forbin Project, two giant supercomputers from the United States and Soviet Union secretly join forces to take control of the collective nuclear might of the two countries. In the film, the two machines discover each other's existence, communicate back-and-forth, share their collective data, and cut their human creators out of the process. It is the ultimate example of machine-to-machine communications, or M2M.

We're obviously a far cry from that scenario. Machine-to-machine communication is still relatively in the early stages. But technology and industry standards are starting to evolve to make it viable. Interest in M2M is also on the rise, driven largely by advances in mobile technology and wireless communication..."

    The hidden dark side of today's hottest tech trends
    ComputerWorld, May 28th, 2013
    "The tech world is a slave to innovation and the hype that surrounds it. Everything is better, shinier, and more essential than the last wave. Buy in to the latest trend or find yourself washed out.

    At least that's the sales pitch.

    Of course, not every hyped technology or IT strategy is snake oil. The main stew may very well be chock-full of awesomeosity. Alas, everything, no matter how wonderful, comes with one or more side dishes of problems, annoyances, and grief. The tech world loves to focus on the main course and forget about the helping of reality needed to balance out the meal..."

      Oracle Solaris 11 Certification Study Tips
      Covers all of the topics necessary to effectively install and administer a Solaris 11 system
      Bill Calkins writes, "For the past year and a half (beginning in Dec 2011), I have been working as a SME with Oracle on the development the Solaris 11 Certification exams. My role has been to assist in writing exam questions for the OCA and OCP exams as well as technical editing for other members of the team. At the same time, I have been working on my next book, Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration and providing Solaris training to administrators around the world..."

      Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration

      "This book covers all of the topics necessary to effectively install and administer a Solaris 11 system. When used as a study guide, this book will save you a great deal of time and effort searching for information you will need to administer Solaris 11 on SPARC and x86 based systems. This book covers each topic in enough detail for inexperienced administrators to learn about Solaris 11and apply the knowledge to real-life scenarios. Experienced readers will find the material complete and concise, making it a valuable reference for everyday tasks. Drawing from my years of experience as a senior Solaris administrator and consultant, you'll find new ideas and see some different approaches to system administration that probably were not covered in your Solaris administration training courses..."

      Cloud Computing
      Oracle Service Cloud
      Offering Robust Support for Mobile

      One in seven Oracle customer service sessions come from mobile devices, allowing customers to instantly request service whenever and wherever they are and leading to an expectation of an instant response. As a result, roaming service agents need mobile applications to increase their productivity and responsiveness to customers. The latest release of Oracle Service Cloud, which includes Oracle RightNow with Oracle RightNow Mobile Agent App, is designed specifically for the iPad and ensures that in today's busy, multifaceted world service agents, specialists, and managers can stay connected and productive, even while on-the-go. Better access, both online and offline, puts mobile business users in a prime spot for increased customer resolutions. As a result, this improves customer satisfaction and strengthens relationships.

      Oracle announced the latest release of Oracle Service Cloud that includes Oracle RightNow and the debut of Oracle RightNow Mobile Agent App for the iPad.

      It adds new robust capabilities to support servicing customers when agents are away from their desks, Oracle Service Cloud now leverages the power of Oracle Fusion Tap, a native application for iPad that redefines user productivity while on-the-go.

      It is is designed specifically for mobile agents, specialists and managers, Oracle RightNow Mobile Agent App, part of Oracle Service Cloud, helps improve productivity and resolution time.

      The May 2013 release of Oracle Service Cloud also includes enhancements to the Customer Portal by utilizing mobile device cameras, optimizing for mobile SEO and removing the dependency on CSS and Javascript, thus enabling use on a wider array of mobile devices such as hand-held game-systems and Ketai phones. These enhancements allow customers to get service from any device, find mobile content more easily, and enhance problem descriptions with images to shorten resolution time.

      The Oracle Cloud Chronicles: Simplifying IT and Driving Innovation
      Bob Evans, Forbes
      Bob Evans, senior vice-president, communications, for Oracle Corp and contributor to Forbes, writes, "Over the past several months, we've published a number of pieces in this space about Oracle's adventures in the wild, wild world of cloud computing. We've touched in the business value the cloud can create, the profound impact the cloud is having within companies and across entire industries, and the vast potential the cloud offers for liberating IT dollars to fund innovation.

      Along the way, I've tried to spell out Oracle's cloud strategy as described by Larry Ellison, Mark Hurd, and Thomas Kurian, and have also called out some ways that Oracle's unique approach to cloud computing have been misconstrued, misinterpreted, and misrepresented.

      And as our 10-city Oracle CloudWorld rolling thunder roadshow nears its end with stops in Mexico City, London, and Munich over the next 10 days, the time seems right to offer an overview of where Oracle stands with its cloud-computing approach and why it's completely unlike what any other cloud vendor is attempting to offer..."

      IT - Cloud
      3 Key Questions You Must Ask Before Choosing a Cloud Services Provider
      Business 2 Community, May 28th, 2013
      "The new cloud-based accounting system worked perfectly - until Sunday afternoon, when you tried calling tech support about errors in an important project. That's when you realized the accounting tool has limited support options, as in, limited support. The company you're relying on, it turns out, only responds to email, and only Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern time.

      Sometimes you try using a cloud service and realize it isn't a good fit for your business. But you shouldn't have to learn that at the worst possible moment. Here are three key questions a small business can ask when evaluating a new cloud service..."

        A New Realism Emerges as Enterprises Move to Cloud
        Datamation, May 24th, 2013
        "Even as enterprise adoption of cloud-based alternatives accelerates, IT and business executives are learning that fully capitalizing on these new 'on-demand' resources entails extensive systems integration, staff training and process reengineering.

        Despite these obstacles, my travels have confirmed that enterprises of all sizes across nearly every industry are moving quickly to take advantage of cloud services to achieve their corporate objectives..."

          Commodity Clouds, the 'Tuning Tax' and What Cloud Users Really Need
          IT World May 23, 2013
          "In conjunction with Interop two weeks ago, analysts Ben Kepes and Krishnan Subramanian organized Cloud2020, an attempt to move the often jejune cloud computing discussion beyond the hackneyed trope of 'Hybrid Cloud Means X,' where X is whatever product the vendor's representative is pushing that week.

          One topic became a central question of the day: Is public cloud computing a fait accompli victory for the commodity cloud providers exemplified by Amazon Web Services but also represented by Microsoft and Google?.."

          Deploying Cloud, Virtual Systems: 10 Surprises You'll Have to Deal With
          eWeek, May 24th, 2013
          "Research has shown time and time again that the biggest driver for most organizations in the process of moving to a virtual or cloud environment is—you guessed it—cost savings. However, to unlock the full return-on-investment value of virtual or cloud environments, IT operations management needs to be fundamentally modified. To achieve software-defined data center efficiencies, the approach must be shifted from bottom-up to top-down management, and the emphasis must be transitioned from manual intervention by staff in a reactive fashion to automated controls. Automation is the key change here..."
          Making Hybrids Work
          InformationWeek, May 28th, 2013
          "When the phenomenon called cloud made appearance on the IT landscape, it promised to disrupt many existing paradigms. You don't need to buy any server hardware and storage, capacity is available on demand and you pay for what you use. Applications with licencing models that can adapt to business cycles, Everything-As-A-Service (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and many more), no capital investments, only operating expense. It was touted to be the silver bullet to solve all the budgeting challenges of the CIO including getting rid of the CIO..."
          The Curse of Cloudwashing Lives On
          TechRepublic. May 29th, 2013
          "Cloud computing, like any other new and growing market, attracts companies of all sorts and sizes. While there are plenty of serious and competent players in all layers of the cloud space (infrastructure, platform, and software), unfortunately there are also many companies that simply want to ride the wave of popularity, getting the press that the 'cloud' is enjoying, and use that to improve their own sales, regardless of actually offering cloud services or products. This practice, which I've written about before, of slapping the cloud label on to old products, or even on to new products that aren't cloud-related, is called 'cloudwashing' ..."
          Why Selling Hybrid Storage is the Better Decision
          Business Solutions, May 20th, 2013
          "For nearly all VARs and MSPs selling networking infrastructure solutions, data-backup solutions are a core part of their overall offering. The vast majority of solutions providers sell on-premise backup solutions, which often entails replacing traditional tape libraries with disk-based backup solutions. A small percentage of solutions providers forgo the on-site backup altogether and are moving their customers' businesses, including data backups, to the cloud. While on-premise backups and cloud-based backups are superior to having no backup, they each have weaknesses that leave your customers vulnerable. The better option you should consider is a hybrid backup solution, which includes both on-site and off-site data backups."
          IT - CxO
          Five Big New Responsibilities for Today's CIO
          eWeek, May 27th, 2013
          "Here's the profile of the modern CIO. He or she is an expert at doing more with less and is adroit at whittling down the traditional costs associated with keeping the lights on. But the CIO is also absolutely ahead of the rest of the company in implementing cloud computing, mobility, social networks and big data.

          The CIO is also a security expert, as well as a department-to-department ambassador, and is always ready to listen to even the most out there technology idea. The CIO knows more about business than the CEO and more about digital marketing than the CMO, and takes the lead in retraining the current IT staff and nurturing the kid in the mailroom, who is the social network wizard. And, oh yeah, the email system never goes down, the data is always real time, and the data center is all virtualized..."

          Five Tough Job Interview Questions
          CIO Insight, May 29th, 2013
          "In a recent feature, we presented eight job-interview techniques to better assess a promising job candidate's genuine traits and values. As indicated, much is on the line as bad hire will cost organizations at least $25,000, according to research from CareerBuilder. And since you can never equip yourself with enough resources to weed out true professionals from those who are good at 'faking it,' we're following up with these five tough questions to ask during an interview...

          • What Are You Most Proud of in Your Career?
          • Why Do You Want to Work Here?
          • Why Are You Asking for That Salary?
          • Which Past Manager Liked You the Least, and What Would He or She Say About You?
          • What Was Unfair About Your Last Job?

          Read on for details.

            Oracle Database Appliance X3-2
            Launch Webcast: Now on Demand
            "You're invited to watch Oracle executives, including President Mark Hurd, in a replay of the launch Webcast introducing the latest release of Oracle Database Appliance. You'll also hear customers discuss how Oracle Database Appliance has revolutionized the way they deploy, manage, and support a database platform.

            View the Webcast to learn how the latest release offers midsize businesses and enterprise departments a simple, reliable, affordable, and virtualized appliance that:

            • Increases performance up to 2x and expands storage capacity up to 4x
            • Hosts both databases and application workloads for a variety of complete solutions in a box
            • Extends capacity on-demand licensing to all Oracle software

            Register Here

            IT - PM
            10 Tips for Project Management Prosperity
            Accelerating IT Success, May 23rd, 2013
            "Being a project team member can be tricky, and trying to manage a project based on set rules can be even more challenging. The truth is, as one project differs from the next, the standards for completing the project differ as well. However, no matter how different your projects may be from each other, there are still some tips that can help you manage what is in front of you.

            Keep in mind these are not absolute solutions for every project, but they are helpful hints when you find yourself in a challenging situation. Villanova University has compiled a list of '10 tips for project management prosperity:'"

            • Nail down project details
            • Identify project and team requirements
            • Be the project leader
            • Define critical project milestones
            • Keep the communication lines open
            • Attain pertinent documentation
            • Avoid scope creep
            • Test deliverables
            • Evaluate the project

            Read on for details.

            IT - Networks
            Fibre Boosters Trip the Light Fantastic with 800G BPS LINKS
            The Register, May 26th, 2013
            "It's been quite a weekend for fans of fast fibre, with Ciena and BT demonstrating 800 Gbps superchannels, and Bell Labs offering a glimpse of higher speed submarine cables.

            Announcing the deployment at BT, Ciena noted that while laboratory speeds are far faster than 800 Gbps, the UK deployment covered an already-deployed 410 km link between BT's Adastral Park Research and Development Centre in Ipswich and BT Tower in London.

            The Ciena announcement notes that the transmission was achieved over a link with high polarisation mode dispersion (PMD), which couldn't even carry 10 Gbps using standard transceivers.

            In one trial, a 400 Gbps 16QAM channel was operated alongside 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps QPSK channels on their own wavelengths."

              9 Super Useful Subreddits Network Pros Should Follow
              Network World, May 23rd, 2013
              "Reddit is not just filled with pictures of cats and silly memes. Seriously. There's a lot of good content on the popular social news aggregator for network professionals whether you're focused on security, Windows, VoIP, IPv6 or a mixed bag.

              Here's a rundown of some of the most useful subreddits geared toward network pros (well, OK, we couldn't resist sticking in a few fun ones). If you're looking for a much broader technology picture, then the 3 million subscriber strong Technology subreddit is your place..."

              Industry Execs: Network Admins an Endangered Species
              The Register, May 24th, 2013
              "If you are a network administrator, be aware that there are a lot of industry movers and shakers who want to put you out of a job.

              Mike Banic, marketing VP for HP's networking division, exemplified that goal when speaking on a panel at the Ethernet Innovation Summit, held this week in Mountain View, California, to celebrate Ethernet's 40th birthday

              "Today, the administrative expense in networking is really high," Banic said. "It's much higher than the cost of acquiring the actual infrastructure, because it's all done by people."

              Those pesky network admins are expensive, he said, and the cost of retaining them is not going down..."

              Terabit Ethernet Is in Your Future
              eWeek, May 22nd, 2013
              "According to inventor Bill Hawe, who helped develop Ethernet when he was at Digital Equipment Corp., the things that made Ethernet a successful networking technology are the structure of the Ethernet packet frame and the addressing scheme. Ethernet's 48-bit absolute address, which gives each Ethernet device a unique identifier, was designed to provide enough addresses to last forever. Of course, forever is a long time and with that time, Ethernet must also change. Because of Ethernet's success, this protocol is now on more than 90 percent of all networked devices globally, according to a recent study by Intel. That percentage will grow as the "Internet of things" allows a huge number of additional devices to communicate with each other and with us..."
              WAN Optimization Part 2: Put Performance Second
              NetworkComputing, May 24th, 2013
              "When organizations are looking for a WAN optimization product, they often start with a simple question: Which one's fastest? My answer: Does it even matter? Performance is important, but it's not where an organization should begin when evaluating hardware and software.

              Most mature WAN optimization products deliver competitive optimization ratios on the most common office traffic, such as HTTP and file services. (See my previous blog on the factors inhibiting network throughput.) Sure, there are differences, but they will be plus or minus a few percentage points among the established competitors. Bigger differences occur in the border cases--high rates of loss, unusual protocols, and so on. Performance in these cases is a differentiator, but not nearly as much as it once was..."

              IT - Operations
              Google Puts Privacy at Top of Data Centre Location Choice
              v3 co uk, May 30th, 2013
              "Google places customer data security as its number one criteria when selecting data centre sites to try and avoid the prying eyes of governments.

              Many large technology firms, such as Google, Facebook and Apple, are rapidly growing their data centre locations to take advantage of benefits such as cool climates, access to power, and connectivity to major web hubs as user demand for their services rockets.

              However, speaking at the DataCentres Europe conference on Thursday, Google programme manager for global infrastructure, Peter Jones, explained that privacy is still the overriding factor as the firm is wary of any regions where it cannot guarantee data control..."

              The Hidden Environmental Risk of IT Asset Remarketing
              Business 2 Community, May 26th, 2013
              "When your company turns its retired IT equipment over to a vendor for asset remarketing, what happens to the equipment that vendor can't sell as a working asset? It's a more important question than you might think. As you know, the market for used IT assets is fickle and very dependent on trends.

              If too many of a certain piece of equipment flood the market -- because an upgrade has become available, for example—it can be difficult to sell that piece of equipment for a profitable price. But if it doesn't sell, something must be done with it.

              Your company, as the original owner of the equipment, may still be liable if it is disposed of improperly. Whether your company's IT assets are collected by recycler or a remarketer, it's crucial you understand their entire process through to the final disposition of your assets. The cost of environmental non-compliance is too high not to do your homework..."

                IT - Security
                Target Located: The Growth of the Targeted Attack
                CSO Online, May 22nd, 2013
                "In 1971, John Draper used a whistle, found in a cereal box, to reproduce a 2,600 Hz tone able to allow phreaks to make free calls -- wire fraud was born. This was a man acting on no other motive than personal gain, but how the game has changed. Just last year, oil giant Saudi Aramco suffered a very serious and very public cyber attack, which floored 30,000 machines. This was a very sophisticated and organised act of cybercrime.

                The growth of targeted attacks has been documented in the global press, but the severity is possibly understated. Last year, the former US defence secretary, Leon Panetta, said that a "cyber Pearl Harbour" could one day take place. Others have since stated that cyber warfare is as much a priority as physical acts of terrorism..."

                  What Every Database Administrator Should Know About Security
                  Dark Reading, May 28th, 2013
                  "To say that there is friction between security professionals and database administrators (DBAs) is putting it mildly.

                  Database administrators are both the caretakers of database platforms and the managers of data. Very seldom are they also security experts. In many enterprises, the DBA and the security team find themselves at odds because the DBA is judged on availability and ease of use, not security. Yet the security team advocates controls that restrict access, add complexity and slow database performance. That's not a recipe for keeping end users happy, and DBAs tend to bear the brunt of criticism..."

                  3 Lessons from Layered Defense's Missed Attacks
                  Dark Reading, May 29th, 2013
                  "Layering security measures typically protects systems better: Research (PDF) by three University of Michigan graduate students in 2008, for example, found that using multiple antivirus engines result in much better protection than using a single program.

                  Yet recent analysis by NSS Labs highlights that layering security devices rarely catches all attacks, and the attacks that manage to dodge defenses do so with regularity. The analysis -- a survey of the company's past tests of next-generation firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, and endpoint protection software -- found that the tested products tended to fail in similar ways. While two products always performed better together than individually, their combined performances varied tremendously..."

                  Biometrics: Better Than Passwords But Not Bulletproof
                  GCN, May 24th, 2013
                  "Government has been the driving force in the adoption and use of biometrics. Law enforcement has used fingerprints for forensic identification for more than a century, and more recently the U.S. government has required biometrics for identify management through smart government ID cards. Internationally, governments around the world are adopting biometric standards for passports and border controls.

                  But a panel of government and industry experts told legislators that biometrics might be poised to take off as a consumer technology. Like so many other recent changes, it could be driven by the evolution and convergence of the laptop and smart phone..."

                  How to Secure USB Drives and Other Portable Storage Devices
                  IT World, May 28th, 2013
                  "As individuals and organizations digitize more data, they become more susceptible to major data breaches. Though convenient, inexpensive USB flash memory sticks and other portable storage devices certainly don't help the cause, beacuse workers use them transport databases and other confidential information. On top of the real danger of misused data, major data breaches also cause damaging negative publicity.

                  It may seem inherently complex, but securing portable storage devices is within reach for small businesses. Here's what organizations can do to secure their data..."

                  Is It Time to Professionalize Information Security?
                  HelpNet Security May 23rd, 2013
                  "The issue of whether or not information security professionals should be licensed to practice has already been the topic of many a passionate debate. I think it is time to examine the question again and see what we need to do (if anything) in order to provide those outside the information security field with the ability to engage with individuals to whom they can entrust the security of their data and, ultimately, their business.

                  My own views regarding this topic fall squarely into the pro side of the debate, and I will tell you why I think we need to look at this issue..."

                  Security Pros Fail In Business Lingo
                  Dark Reading, May 23rd, 2013
                  "Non-executive-level security professionals just aren't communicating well or coherently with senior executives, a new survey shows.

                  That's in contrast to their superiors on the executive side of the security house, who appear to have somewhat hacked the proper business language and perspective: While about 38 percent of non-exec security pros say they use business-oriented language when they communicate with corporate execs, nearly half of exec-level security pros say they do..."

                  University Fined $400,000 After Disabled Firewall Put Medical Records at Risk
                  TechWorld, May 29th, 2013
                  "A medical facility run by Idaho State University (ISU) has been fined $400,000 (£266,000) after thousands of patient records were left in an unprotected state when firewall monitoring was disabled.

                  According to the medical information commissioner, the US Department of Health Human Services (HHS), the records of 17,500 patients at the University's 29 Pocatello Family Medicine Clinics were left unsecured for 10 months..."

                  Why We Won't Get International Cyberwarfare Standards
                  Internet Evolution, May 29th, 2013
                  "ASA Risk Consultants added its voice this week to the slowly growing chorus of voices demanding a coordinated international response to cyberattacks. In a research note circulated by IDG, ASA asserts that 'nations will need to come to an agreement on how cyber warfare should be handled.'

                  Nations should establish lasting peace and end world poverty, too. There's always something new for the to-do list. Don't hold your breath on any of these..."

                    Why You Need a Security Buddy (and How to Find One)
                    CSO Online, May 22nd, 2013
                    "Michael Santarcangelo explains why pairing security pros with non-security people helps each partner do their job more effectively - and reduces risk for the enterprise ...

                    It means security professionals pair up with a non-security person — a professional in some other aspect of the business. Two professionals working together allows each to learn about the other. Security shares. Security learns. As a result, each learns how to do their jobs better.

                    This forces security professionals to explain what they do in a way that makes sense to others. In the process, they establish personal, professional relationships and friendships across the organization. Real connections with real people that work to improve communication and reduce risk across the enterprise..."

                    IT - Careers
                    20 People Who Changed Tech: Irving Kahn
                    InformationWeek, May 28th, 2013
                    "Without Irving Berlin Kahn, the Internet might still be a cute scientific curiosity. You wouldn't be streaming movies, accessing YouTube or watching adorable kittens frolic with balls of wool.

                    Let me explain.

                    Irving Kahn was a friend of mine. And Irving Kahn was a corrupt SOB. But we're talking about people who changed tech, not people who are destined for sainthood. To understand Irving Kahn you must understand the heart of a true promoter, and there were few promoters as good as Irving..."

                      A Few Workplace Lessons from the Failed Chase for the Triple Crown
                      TLNT, May 23rd, 2013
                      "The legendary Triple Crown in horse racing consists of the same horse winning the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes all in the same season.

                      No horse has accomplished this feat since 1978. Once again, 2013 will not have a Triple Crown winner either.

                      But, you should still care about the process of trying to reach a Triple Crown in 2013, however, and here is why:.."

                      • Learn and move on
                      • Assemble the right team
                      • Leverage your past
                      • Ignore your own press

                      Read on for details.

                      IT - Social Media
                      17 Tips for Achieving Social CRM Success
                      ComputerWorld, May 29th, 2013
                      "In today's hyper social world, customers are likely to voice a complaint or offer a compliment about your product, service or business on Twitter or Facebook. And woe to the organization that does not acknowledge or respond to that Facebook or Twitter post promptly.

                      Indeed, today, it is difficult to separate social media management from customer relationship management (CRM)--hence the increasing number of social CRM services. But just having a social CRM offering is not enough. Just like any technology, you have to first pick a customer engagement and management solution that is right for your organization and create a strategy and guidelines around using it...

                      • Make sure you have a good platform for conducting social CRM.
                      • Make sure you have the right resources.
                      • Identify and engage your social influencers
                      • Reward loyal customers.
                      • Use list and group features
                      • Respond to customers in a timely manner
                      • Put a human face (or name) on your social media conversations
                      • Make sure your social media messaging is consistent with your brand image
                      • Monitor what your customers are saying so you can quickly respond

                      Read on for more tips and details.

                      IT - Virtualization
                      Choosing a Virtualization Strategy for General Purpose Web Hosting
                      IT World, May 24th, 2013
                      "Over the past few months my team and I have gone from evaluating co-location options to building our own rack server, going live in a new datacenter, and finally, bringing our productions sites online in our new virtualized environment. It's been quite the experience but the actual virtualization of our hardware has been the most challenging part so far.

                      The concept behind server virtualization is simple - you have a powerful piece of hardware that no single application or service can fully utilize, so you allocate many smaller servers (virtual machines) to run simultaneously on a single device. Each virtual machine runs independently from one another, and each thinks it's a real server with hardware all to itself. What's more, each VM can have it's own operatings system, processors, hard drives, network, and RAM allocated to it..."

                        IT - Compliance
                        A New Phase in the Evolution of Communications Oversight
                        IT Business Edge, May 30th, 2013
                        "Smarsh, a leading provider of hosted archiving and compliance solutions for email and electronic communications, recently released its third annual Electronic Communications Compliance Survey Report at FINRA's 2013 Annual Conference. While challenges surrounding the oversight and retention of electronic communications remain widespread, this year's study reveals that compliance professionals in financial services are more comfortable with the 'new normal' of greater regulatory scrutiny, evolving communications tools and more complexity in the demands around email surveillance..."
                          Wikibon Reviews Oracle ZFS Appliance
                          Gives Strong Positive Recommendation
                          "CIOs, CTOs and senior storage executives should position the Oracle ZFS appliance as an ideal strategic fit for high streaming environments such as database backups," writes Wikibon CTO David Floyer in the conclusion of his review of the new hybrid flash/disk storage appliance from Oracle. "As well, the product can be successfully integrated into high-performance Oracle database workloads. In write-intensive and heavy IO workloads, the ZFS appliance will likely prove the best-of-breed, lowest cost solution. Outside of that sweetspot, traditional midrange arrays and filers will often be a better economic fit."

                          This conclusion is based on a combination of Wikibon's in-house analysis of the product and interviews with several Wikibon members who are early adaptors of the product. Wikibon as sometimes been very critical of Oracle products and policies, which makes this recommendation all the stronger.

                          IT - Database
                          What Every Database Administrator Should Know About Security
                          Dark Reading, May 28th, 2013
                          "To say that there is friction between security professionals and database administrators (DBAs) is putting it mildly.

                          Database administrators are both the caretakers of database platforms and the managers of data. Very seldom are they also security experts. In many enterprises, the DBA and the security team find themselves at odds because the DBA is judged on availability and ease of use, not security. Yet the security team advocates controls that restrict access, add complexity and slow database performance. That's not a recipe for keeping end users happy, and DBAs tend to bear the brunt of criticism..."

                          IT - Big Data
                          Five Secrets to Kick Off an Analytic Project
                          Information Management, May 22nd, 2013
                          "The star power of analytics has burned even brighter in the last few years, as more success stories emerge.

                          But while many professionals are happy to see analytics move out of the dusty back rooms to take center stage, it's also created a new conundrum for those tasked with implementing the programs: It's still not easy to deliver analytics capabilities, and business expectations for success are at an all-time high. On one hand, the trend has given valuable exposure and funding to some programs. On the other, the data challenges of analytics - accessing, cleansing, integrating, analyzing and acting on results - are arguably greater than ever before, thanks to big data, social media data and sophisticated new analytic requirements. This is uncharted territory for many organizations, demanding new approaches and best practices..."

                          Big Data and Analytics Are an Ideal Match
                          Baseline, May 22nd, 2013
                          "Long before the concept of big data took hold at iconic clothing retailer Guess?, the company considered itself a sort of business intelligence innovator.

                          Armed with MicroStrategy's business intelligence (BI) application backed by an Oracle database, the Los Angeles-based company was collecting an abundance of sales and inventory data, and was using it to generate informative reports. But only a handful of power users were taking advantage of the tool and driving most of the reporting..."

                          Big Data ROI Still Tough To Measure
                          InformationWeek, May 29th, 2013
                          "Big data proponents are a vocal bunch, promoting sundry tools and technologies that enable enterprises to mine a steady stream of unstructured data for hard-to-reach insights. But how easy are big data projects to set up? And once implemented, are they worth the cost?

                          A recent survey by IDG Research Services and Kapow Software shows a fair amount of disillusionment among big data pioneers. But despite the negativity, businesses still see big data projects as a potential boon that's worth pursuing..."

                          Over Half of Big Data & Cloud Projects Stall Because of Security Concerns
                          Dark Reading May 23, 2013
                          "Voltage Security ... announced results of a recent industry survey in which 76% of senior-level IT and security respondents said the inability to secure data across big data initiatives gave them cause for concern. The study further showed that more than half (56%) admitted that these security concerns have kept them from starting or finishing cloud or big data projects.

                          With over half of respondents in the survey working for large enterprise organizations employing more than 5,000 people, representing financial services, retail, health care, and insurance industries, the results indicate the serious implications this has on a business' bottom line..."

                          Want Better Analytics? Fix Your Processes
                          Information Management May 23, 2013
                          "Organizations today must manage and understand a flood of information that continues to increase in volume and turn it into competitive advantage through better decision making.

                          To do that organizations need new tools, but more importantly, the analytical process knowledge to use them well. Our benchmark research into big data and business analytics found that skills and training are substantial obstacles to using big data (for 79%) and analytics (77%) in organizations..."

                          Big Data is Much More than Just Data
                          Information Management, May 28th, 2013
                          "OpenBI is just wrapping up a machine learning engagement with one of our customers. Truth be told, instead of machine learning, the work's probably more accurately pegged as consultant learning. What started out looking like an archetypical association modeling exercise quickly morphed into a data access and exploration 'challenge.'

                          The day one 'plan' of a dash of Hive, a pinch of SQL and two cups of R, turned into a stew of Hive, Pig, MapReduce, Java, Pentaho Data Integration and R. And the algorithms we ended up deploying look quite a bit less sexy than the elegant formulations we started with..."

                          IT - Mobile
                          Rude and Overworked? Blame Tech
                          Network World, May 29th, 2013
                          "IT execs say employees are getting ruder on the job, and they're blaming technology for the rise in bad manners. Specifically, mobile technology is leading to more breaches in workplace etiquette, according to survey data from Robert Half Technology.

                          The IT staffing specialist polled 2,300 CIOs from U.S. companies with at least 100 employees. The CIOs were asked what effect the increased use of mobile electronic gadgets has had on workplace etiquette, and 64% said etiquette breaches have increased. That's up from 51% who said the same thing in 2010. Nearly a third (32%) said etiquette lapses have stayed the same, and 4% noted a decrease. .."

                            An Ugly Prediction about Forced BYOD
                            Internet Evolution, May 28th, 2013
                            "A horror story could unfold if Gartner is correct that many businesses will soon be forcing their employees to bring their own devices to work. It might seem like great news to people who want to use their own gear, but the policy could turn ugly for both employees and IT departments.

                            Based on Gartner's survey of CIOs around the world, 38 percent of enterprises expect to stop providing devices to employees by 2016, and 50 percent expect to do so by 2017. Gartner says about half of businesses with bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs currently provide some reimbursement to employees. However, reimbursement for the entire cost 'will become rare'..."

                            How Limited Mobile Device Support Can Help IT Handle Consumerization
                            Search Consumerization May 28, 2013
                            "Embracing the consumerization of IT doesn't mean you have to support every new device or service that comes down the pike.

                            American Nuclear Insurers, a power insurer in Glastonbury, Conn., has had mobile workers since the mid-1990s. And Dan Antion, vice president of information services, said he understands that employees who want to be more productive are driving the consumerization trend. But his four-person IT department doesn't officially permit consumer cloud storage use or offer mobile device support for Android because of security concerns and staffing limitations.

                            Antion shared his experiences with the consumerization trend and how his company has incorporated mobility and cloud computing in secure and manageable ways..."

                            Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                            Vol 183 Issues 1, 2,3 and 4; Vol 182 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4
                            We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                            • Oracle SPARC T5--2 with Oracle Solaris 11 versus IBM Power 750 Express with AIX 7.1
                            • As The World 'Goes Software,' Oracle Has An Upside In Hardware
                            • How to go Physical to Virtual with Oracle Solaris Zones using Enterprise Manager Ops Center
                            • Non-interactive zone configuration
                            • Java EE 7 Webcast, June 12 and June 13, 2013
                            • Apache OpenOffice: One Year, 50 Million Downloads
                            • How To Protect Public Cloud Using Solaris 11 Technologies
                            • Java Spotlight Episode 133: Sivakumar Thyagarajan on JSR 322: Resource Adapters/Connectors in Java EE 7@jcp
                            • Unified Directory Goes Virtual: IdM R2 PS1
                            • Instant NetBeans IDE How-To

                            The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                              IT - Encryption
                              Real Security (As Opposed to that Theatre Stuff)
                              Blogging Idol, May 29th, 2013
                              "Any of us who fly regularly know what security theatre looks like.

                              It's removing your shoes, removing your computer, not carrying liquids in amounts over 100 ml, and a host of other nonsense designed to look like each of the problems of the past has been addressed.

                              And it does nothing. People with airport passes can bypass security, carrying anything around the barriers. Luggage that's checked isn't checked in the ways it should be. What's out of sight is far too often out of mind.

                              We in IT have our equivalent. It's elaborate security rules.."

                              Oracle Internet Directory 11g Benchmark on SPARC T5
                              LDAP Search: 1,000 clients, 944,624 ops/second, 1.05 milliseconds latency
                              Giri Mandalika writes, "Oracle Internet Directory (OID) is an LDAP v3 Directory Server that has multi-threaded, multi-process, multi-instance process architecture with Oracle database as the directory store...

                              Five test scenarios were executed in this benchmark - each test scenario performing a different type of LDAP operation. The key metrics are throughput -- the number of operations completed per second, and latency -- the time it took in milliseconds to complete an operation..."

                              • LDAP Search operation
                              • LDAP Add operation
                              • LDAP Compare operation
                              • LDAP Modify operation
                              • LDAP Authentication operation

                              Giri gives major credit for this benchmark goes to Ramaprakash Sathyanarayan.

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