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More SPARC T5 Performance Results
Blog by Jeff Victor
Jeff Victor has posted a blog with performance results for the new SPARC T5 systems.

"Last week, SPEC published the most recent result for the SPECjbb013-MultiJVM benchmark. This benchmark "is relevant to all audiences who are interested in Java server performance, including JVM vendors, hardware developers, Java application developers, researchers and members of the academic community" according to SPEC."

Oracle VM 3.2.3 and Oracle VM Server for SPARC updates
Patch updates include all the accumulative bug fixes that have been integrated since 3.2.1 release
Oracle has released the latest Oracle VM 3.2.3 patch updates, which are available for download from My Oracle Support. Oracle VM Server packages are also available from Oracle Unbreakable Linux Network (Oracle VM Sever 3.2.1 Patch Channel or Oracle VM 3 Latest Channel). The patch updates include all the accumulative bug fixes that have been integrated since 3.2.1 release.
IT - Storage
Automated Caching for the Virtualized Data Center
Storage Switzerland, April 29th, 2013
"Many industry observers estimate that the server infrastructure in a typical data center environment is approximately 50% virtualized. As virtual machine (VM) density increases, conventional storage platforms are wilting under the pressure of managing highly randomized storage IO patterns. Indeed, the 'storage blender' effect, of unpredictable, high volume read and write IO activity emanating from VMs, threatens application quality of service (QOS) levels. As a result, server administrators are increasingly turning to server side caching or SSD solutions to meet performance objectives.

Solid state disk (SSD) and flash memory based storage technologies, offer business application owners a safety valve for responding to the storage IO pressure experienced in highly dense VM environments..."

Is SSD Enough To Stop Active Data Onslaught?
Storage Switzerland, April 30th, 2013
"While hard drives can provide quick access to data they cannot instantly process all of the required information. In other words, access is merely how fast the starting point can be reached. From that initial starting point, data still needs to be read so it can be processed. The time it takes to load a map image, 100 restaurant reviews, historical traffic patterns and current traffic conditions, disrupts the real-time value of the request. Finding out that traffic is at a stand-still when you are already stuck in traffic is ironic but not amusing. Clearly, something more robust than spinning hard drives are needed to serve active data..."
    SSDs to Complement, Not Replace HDDs in Data Centers - Gartner
    Storage Newsletter, April 30th, 2013
    "Valdis Filks, Joseph Unsworth, John Monroe, Stanley Zaffos, analysts from Gartner, Inc., wrote the following paper, dated April 15, 2013:, 'Solid-State Drives Will Complement, Not Replace, Hard-Disk Drives in Data Centers'

    Given the enormity of future capacity needs, it will be impossible for CIOs and IT managers to completely replace HDDs with SSDs during the next five to 10 years in data centers. Although SSDs will increase hardware performance, application workloads will still require software optimization..."

    Java Technology
    Java Spotlight Episode 130: Santiago Pericas-Geertsen on JSR 339: JAX-RS 2.0 @spericas
    Features an Interview with Santiago Pericas-Geertsen on JSR 339: JAX-RS 2.0.
    Dr. Santiago Pericas-Geertsen is a Principal Member of Technical Staff in the Sun Glassfish organization at Oracle. He is an architect and technical lead in the Avatar project at Oracle. Within the JCP program, Santiago is a Spec Lead for JSR 339: JAX-RS 2.0 The Java API for RESTful Web Services. While at Sun Microsystems, Santiago was a tech lead for the Glassfish Mobility Platform, a developer and lead in the Fast Web Services project and a participant, and editor, in World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) initiatives including the XML Binary Characterization working group (WG) and the W3C Efficient XML Interchange WG. In addition, Santiago was a Project Management Committee (PMC) member at the Apache Software Foundation representing the Xalan/XSLTC project, and one of the original Sun Microsystems developers of XSLTC, the compiling version of the Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations now part of the JDK.
    IT - Technology
    IBM Video Provides Cute Showcase for Atomic-Scale Engineering
    Internet Evolution, April 29th, 2013
    "IBM today debuted a whimsical 94-second film to showcase technology that its engineers can use to move atoms. The film, magnified 100 million times to make it visible to humans, uses the same techniques that IBM is employing to build the next generation of miniaturized storage.

    The World's Smallest Movie: A Boy and His Atom has been certified as the world's smallest movie by Guiness World Records, according to IBM, which is the exclusive sponsor of Internet Evolution..."

    Mind-Controlled Tablets Are Real; No, You Can't Have One Yet
    IT Web Business, April 29th, 2013
    "In recent of years, touch control technology has completely changed the way we interact with our electronics. And you can't forget about voice-command systems and motion-based controllers like the Leap Motion and Kinect. Samsung, along with researchers at the University of Texas, are onto what could be the next step forward--controlling a tablet with our minds.

    A mind control system isn't just a thought, either--the researchers are already experimenting with an EEG cap that allows patients to select apps on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1..."

    Next-Gen USB SuperSpeed To Eliminate Power Cords
    ComputerWorld, April 29th, 2013
    "Intel has announced that the Thunderbolt and USB SuperSpeed specifications will soon double data transfer speeds, opening up peripheral pipes to greater throughput.

    But what Intel hasn't hyped much is the fact that the upgrade to the USB Super Speed 3.0 spec will also boost power transfer in both directions from 10 watts to 100 watts.

    The increase in power means that computer monitors, laptops and even high definition televisions could be powered through the use of a single USB hub, which would also allow for a bidirectional data flow..."

    Postcards from Tomorrow's Data Centers
    Network Computing, April 29th, 2013
    "Today's data centers are essentially the same: long rows of metal racks stocked with machines, miles of cable, and elaborate cooling systems. But just because we build data centers this way in 2013 doesn't mean that's how it will be in ten, twenty or fifty years. Here's a few glimpses of what the future might hold, from printable electronics to nanotube processors to nuclear batteries..."

    • Going Nano
    • Metamaterials Will Reshape Chips
    • Two Metamaterials Are Better Than One
    • New Power Sources - Nuclear Battery
    • Data Center Cyborgs
    • The Power of Probability - Quantum Computing
    • Magnetic Tornados for Massive Storage

    Read on for details.

    Big Fish Selects MySQL Cluster to Serve Real-Time Web Recommendations
    World's Largest Producer of Casual Games Uses World's Most Popular Open Source Database to Power Improved User Experience
    With more than 2 billion games distributed to date, Big Fish, the world's largest producer of casual games, needed a solution that would enable it to maintain its leadership in the casual game sector. Using business intelligence and predictive analytics Big Fish can segment customers based on a range of demographic and behavioural indicators.

    To deliver an increasingly personalized customer experience based on its intelligence and analytics, Big Fish selected MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition (CGE) to power its Marketing Management Service platform. Big Fish's Marketing Management Service platform is used across all of the company's customer management systems, including customer support and the company's "Game Manager", to provide a unique customer experience to each of its millions of monthly users whenever they come in contact with Big Fish.

    Cloud Computing
    Addressing the Top 5 Cloud Security Challenges
    From Identity Management Product Marketing Team Blog
    As we talk to organizations around the world, it's clear that most consider "cloud" as the biggest opportunity today to reduce cost. To any organization, cloud offers numerous advantages - business agility, reduced operational costs, scalability, improved performance and more. With cloud deployments ranging from private to hybrid to public, the scale of benefits vary but so do the risks.

    Going up the cloud continuum from on-premise to private to hybrid and then public cloud, IT's control and visibility into security policies decreases...

    IT - Cloud
    21 Tips for Supercharging Your Cloud Storage
    PCWorld, April 29th, 2013
    "Cloud storage isn't just for files and photos. With the right tools and services, you can do much more: organize data, or automate uploads and downloads. Synchronize, of course. Score extra space without paying an extra cent. Run a basic Web site from a cloud service, manage media, or even fax.

    Best of all, most of the following cloud secrets have a similar price tag: zero. Read on to learn how to leverage online storage services in ways you never dreamed possible..."

    • IFTTT is your cloud-data gofer
    • One cloud service to rule them all
    • Email attachments to your cloud drive
    • Migrate your files from one cloud service to another
    • Make the cloud your default download destination
    • Autosave Gmail attachments to the cloud
    • Sync unlimited folders among PCs
    • Sync any folder to your SkyDrive account
    • Sync browser settings across all devices
    • Get extra free space

    Read on for details and the rest of the tips...

      If You Spend THIS Much on Cloud, Perhaps You Need a Rethink
      The Register, April 29th, 2013
      "There's only so much you should spend on commodity cloud services before you consider other options like getting a discount, moving back to your own servers, or to a private managed cloud, according to cloud providers and customers.

      If you're spending more than $10,000 (£6,500) a month or so, then it's probably worth considering moving to either a dedicated server, your own data center, getting a discount from your cloud provider, or going to an externally managed "private cloud", a trio of cloud providers told The Register ..."

        In The Near Future, 'Cloud Computing' Will Just Be 'Computing'
        GCN, April 29th, 2013
        "Three years from now federal managers won't have debates about the benefits of cloud computing because most will assume that services are being delivered via some type of cloud infrastructure. Instead, they will be talking about big data; how they can get better access to data and ask more intelligent questions of the data, says Shawn Kingsberry, CIO of the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board..."
        Nine Business Drivers for Cloud Adoption
        Information Management, April 29th, 2013
        "There is always a hype word or concept in technical fields, and it is up to us as technology professionals to determine if it is really hype or if the current industry topic/discussion may be life changing for our organizations. The talk amongst the 'cool data kids on the block' right now is 'the cloud.'

        With the ever-present request of IT teams to do more with less, we can't help but turn at least one ear and one furrowed brow to the conversation. After all, our data volumes are increasing, budgets are decreasing and our teams are spread past thin..."

          IT - CxO
          MDM Is About Golden Profiles
          Forrester, April 29th, 2012
          "There is a shift underway with Master Data Management (MDM) that can't be ignored. It is no longer good enough to master domains in a silo and think of MDM as an integration tool. First generation implementations have provided success to companies seeking to manage duplication, establishing a master definition, and consolidating data into a data warehouse. All good things. However, as organizations embrace federated environments and put big data architectures into wider use, these built for purpose MDM implementations are too narrowly focused and at times as rigid as the traditional data management platforms they support..."
          5 Key Components of IT Effectiveness
          Insurance & Technology, April 29th, 2013
          "The question of IT efficiency is one most IT executives no longer mind discussing. They may tout their cost for a particular service and demonstrate their cost in relation to industry benchmarks provided by services like the Gartner Data Center or the Computer Economics Report, both of which are credible third-party assessments. Expense analysis, comparing operations to peer organizations, provides valuable insights and is a vital part of the IT dashboard. Measuring and analyzing IT efficiency demonstrates if IT is doing things right from a resource and cost perspective..."

          • Governance
          • Project Delivery
          • Support and Maintenance
          • Availability
          • Innovation

          Read on for details.

          6 Skills, Habits and Traits of Successful CIOs
          CIO, April 29th, 2013
          "Everybody wants to be the boss, but do you really have what it takes to be a CIO? We talked to the experts and peeked into this year's CIO Executive Council's Ones to Watch awards nominations to home in on what it takes to succeed as a CIO..."

          • IT Touches Everything
          • CIOs Are Always Learning and Growing
          • CIOs Are Masters of Network and Relationship Building
          • Have a Solid Knowledge of Your Business and Industry
          • The Ability to Market Ideas and Influence People
          • CIOs Excel at Recognizing and Growing Talent

          Read on for details

          10 Top Tips, Tools & Techniques to Attract & Recruit Top Talent
          TLNT, May 2nd, 2013
          "I cannot tell you what each applicant wants most because only the applicant knows that, but I can tell you how to find out what applicants value most: Ask them what they want or expect from their jobs..."

          • What is your UEP (Unique Employment Proposition)?
          • Ask everyone who gives you an employee referral one question
          • Do not help your competition
          • To change the results, change the sign
          • Think inside the box
          • Divvy up recruiting responsibilities
          • Get rid of "Help Wanted" signs.
          • Frustration is good as long as it is the other company's employee who is frustrated
          • Never stop looking for your next employee
          • Sell the sizzle, not the steak

          Read on for details.

            11 Profiles in Bad Leadership Behavior
            CIO, April 30th, 2013
            "Recognizing where you fall short in your management style and then developing a plan to strengthen those areas can mean the difference between being a boss and being a leader. It can also make a difference in how far you advance in your IT management career..."

            • The Lousy Listener
            • The Complacent Leader
            • The Buddy Boss
            • The Inbox Slave
            • The Unethical Boss
            • The Unfair Boss
            • The Disorganized Boss
            • The Cynical Boss
            • The Poor Communicator
            • The Know-It-All
            • The Foul-Mouthed Boss

            Read on for details.

            10 Ways to Gain Valuable Insights from Customer Feedback
            TechRepublic, April 29th, 2013
            "Most support organizations agree that customer satisfaction is one of the most important metrics, yet many don't know how to systematically measure it, wasting tremendous amounts of time and money gathering incomplete and/or inaccurate information. The cornerstone of every support organization should be an effective process for gathering, analyzing, and applying CSAT (customer satisfaction) data..."

            • Ensure the data is accurate and representative
            • Establish appropriate metrics to report performance relative to customer expectations
            • Evaluate and understand trends and systemic issues instead of individual occurrences
            • Validate and improve policies and procedures
            • Help technicians understand how to focus on what is most important to customers
            • Improve and streamline operational processes and workflow
            • Identify training opportunities
            • Properly and analytically set appropriate performance targets
            • Make better staffing decisions and optimize resources
            • Improve products and services to the end users

            Read on for details

            A CIO's First 100 Days: Seven Steps to Success
            Insurance & Technology, April 29th, 2013
            "New York Life's senior managing director and chief information officer in the company's Investments Group recommends seven stages to complete a successful first 100 days, leading to longer-term success..."

            • Dive In, But Carefully
            • Focus on the IT Organization
            • Focus on Broader IT Community
            • Business Strategy Review
            • Financial Review
            • Operational Review
            • Triage and Alignment

            Read on for details.

              Boston Hospital CIO Reflects After Bombing
              Information Week, April 29th, 2013
              "Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center was in the thick of events following this month's Boston Marathon bombing. BIDMC clinicians treated people injured in the bombing, and they treated the bombing suspects after police shootouts in the days following.

              All that activity has BIDMC CIO John Halamka thinking -- and blogging to share his thoughts on what the hospital might need to do differently..."

              The Benefits of Insourcing Data Center Operations
              SearchDataCenter, April 29th, 2013
              "Outsourcing may be in, and insourcing may be out, but before pushing data center operations entirely to the cloud, consider the parallels in other industries.

              Boeing's newest passenger plane, the 787 Dreamliner, has been in the news for equipment failures. Batteries catching fire, electrical problems and fuel leaks are among the problems that have grounded the planes, on top of the serious delivery delays that customers -- the airlines -- have experienced.

              Many analysts have blamed the extensive outsourcing. As much as 70% of the design and assembly was outsourced, unintentionally driving knowledge and profits to the suppliers and away from Boeing. The result is a product that is billions of dollars over budget, late, malfunctioning and grounded by the Federal Aviation Administration..."

              The Two Keys to Driving IT Innovation
              CIO Insight, April 29th, 2013
              "IT organizations are under an immense amount of pressure today. We are simultaneously called upon to be highly efficient organizations, managing very complex environments that need to deliver reliably and consistently. At the same time, we are asked to create game-changing innovation. Unfortunately, these two challenges are seemingly diametrically opposed to one another. On the one hand, we need rigor, discipline and standardization to create these highly functioning, highly reliable environments. On the other hand, we need creativity, insights and the freedom to explore to create meaningful innovation. As an IT leader, how are you supposed to simultaneously put these two together?..."
                Three CIOs Who Made Revenue Generation Their Business
                SearchCIO, April 29th, 2013
                "There are those CIOs who seek to align IT with the business. Then there are those who make IT an inextricable part of the business by creating or fostering projects that become vital revenue generators.

                The days of CIOs being strictly technologists are long over. And while revenue generation may not be explicitly stated in the job description for CIOs, IT departments are increasingly being looked at as centers of moneymaking innovation.

                Phil Shelley, Rick Roy and Brent Leland are three examples of IT leaders who have taken the extra steps -- and put in the extra hours -- to foster innovations that have made their IT organizations indispensable sources of revenue generation for their enterprises..."

                  Workers Are Stressed, Overworked, Underappreciated
                  Baseline, May 1st, 2013
                  "A significant number of American workers are feeling constant—even chronic—stress at work. They say they're underappreciated and underpaid for all that they do, and they believe that managers aren't listening to their input. These and other recent survey findings from the American Psychological Association's Center for Organizational Excellence suggest that modern corporations are at risk for encountering major employee disengagement issues. And that's bad for the bottom line, as research indicates that engaged employees are more productive, produce better work and remain more loyal to their companies than unhappy workers..."

                  • Underpaid
                  • Underappreciated
                  • Gender Equation
                  • Stuck in Neutral
                  • Glass Ceiling
                  • Suggestion Box
                  • Deaf Ears
                  • Bad Diagnosis
                  • Balancing Act

                  Read on for details.

                    Outsourcing Wobbles: Blip or Something More Telling?
                    TechRepublic, April 29th, 2013
                    "Outsourcing is apparently going through a tough period, with spending and new contract numbers down and a sizeable proportion of IT leaders unhappy with existing deals.

                    But experts say outsourcing still offers a number of benefits to business and will continue to grow, despite the present issues.

                    Figures from the ISG Outsourcing Index, covering contracts worth more than €4m annually, show that EMEA deals in the first quarter of 2013 totalled €1.5bn, a 20 percent decline over the same period in 2012 and a 30 percent fall on the previous quarter..."

                    How to Get IT, Security and the Business on the Same Risk Page
                    IT Business Edge, April 29th, 2013
                    See "five fundamental questions that we need to answer in order to get IT, security and the business on the same page with a 360-degree view of risk, as identified by Yo Delmar, vice president of GRC solutions at MetricStream..."

                    • How much risk is too much?
                    • Who owns the risk?
                    • What's the common language of risk intelligence?
                    • How much and what kind of monitoring is required?
                    • What type of risk management does leadership need to understand?

                    Read on for details.

                    IT - Networks
                    WAN Optimization Part 1: TCP Limitations
                    Network Computing, April 29th, 2013
                    "While WAN optimization and data acceleration have existed for years, there are misconceptions around the underlying premise, the technology, and the differences between the various offerings. Understanding each of these points is important because many major IT initiatives, such as hybrid clouds, data replication for active/active data center configurations and improved disaster recovery, and data center interconnect (DCI), place even greater emphasis on the WAN.

                    To help clarify the issues, I'm going to look at data acceleration technologies in a series of blogs. I'll examine the problem and the approaches to improving WAN performance. I'll also examine some of the deployment issues and options around this technology, such as its role within a software defined data center, appliances or services, and the value of virtual vs. physical implementations..."

                    IT - Operations
                    10 Stupid Things People Do In Their Data Centers
                    TechRepublic, April 29th, 2013
                    "We've all done it — made that stupid mistake and hoped nobody saw it, prayed that it wouldn't have an adverse effect on the systems or the network. And it's usually okay, so long as the mistake didn't happen in the data center. .."

                    • Cable gaffes
                    • Drink disasters
                    • Electricity failures
                    • Security blunders
                    • Pigpen foibles
                    • Documentation dereliction
                    • Desktop fun
                    • Forgotten commitments
                    • Tourist traps
                    • Midnight massacre

                    Read on for details.

                    Making Data Centers' Power Usage Visible
                    CIO Insight, April 29th, 2013
                    "The things that get measured, it's said, are the things that get done. The problem with power consumption in the data center is that most IT organizations don't have a lot of visibility into how much power is being consumed by a particular product or application inside the data center.

                    Worse yet, IT organizations usually don't see the data center's electric bill because its power consumption is included in the organization's overall electric bill..."

                      Saving Money through an Energy-Efficient UPS
                      SearchDataCenter, April 29th, 2013
                      the cost of powering a data center is now a major drain on an organization's budget.

                      Beyond this, many countries are heading toward an energy deficit in the near future; for example, it has been predicted the United Kingdom will not have enough power-generation capability by 2015 to keep everything going if any part of the national grid and generation capability is out of service for any period of time. Governments also see energy usage by large organizations as being a suitable target for taxation -- carbon taxes are already in place in countries such as Australia and the U.K., and data centers are a soft target for tax revenue gains for cash-strapped governments..."

                        IT - Security
                        12 Steps That Can Help Agencies Fight DDOS Attacks
                        GCN, April 29th, 2013
                        "Distributed denial of service attacks are on the rise, and although they often are classified as more of an annoyance than a serious threat, they nevertheless can push agency websites offline and force administrators to handle the threat. And DDOS attacks can cause real trouble when used, for example, in conjunction with emergencies, so they are something agencies need to be prepared for...

                        Most organizations can't easily stop a DDOS confrontation. But they can work to overcome its effects. Here are some ideas..."

                        • Ask Internet service providers
                        • Making ISPs more responsible
                        • Business-critical systems
                        • Consider a certificate revocation
                        • Investigate installing
                        • Be aware that business continuity
                        • Conduct drills
                        • Short, low-bandwidth message
                        • E-mail and text messaging
                        • Blackholing is a temporary fix
                        • Have a secret shared message board
                        • Set firewalls

                        Read on for details

                        Companies Explore Self-Detonating Data as Security Control
                        Network World, April 29th, 2013
                        "The popular Snapchat photo-messaging app used mainly by Android and iOS mobile device owners to share images that then self-destruct after 10 seconds is the sort of security idea that businesses say can help them secure online transactions with business partners.

                        'It puts controls on what people see, and I can put expiration dates on sensitive documents,' says Marc McDonald, owner of Chicago-based Midland Metal Products that a few months ago started using the software-as-a-service called VIA from Intralinks Holdings that now lets the maker of store fixtures share computer-aided design files for custom manufacturing with business partners. Midland Metal Products restricts download of sensitive information and also sets a time for the files to self-destruct. McDonald says the password-controlled VIA option is simpler and has more security controls than the Dropbox option he'd previously used..."

                        How Do You Protect Yourself In the Event of a Data Breach?
                        Help Net Security, May 1st, 2013
                        "Identity Guard warns consumers to be aware of the increased risk of identity theft and provides tips on how they can help protect themselves from becoming a victim.

                        In a recent study released this year by Javelin Strategy & Research, one in four data breach notification recipients became a victim of identity fraud. While data breaches can vary in the type of compromised information, each different data element can be used in committing particular types of fraud or the information may be sold on the black market, increasing the chance that the breached data may be misused at some point in the future..."

                          NIST Revises US Federal Cyber Security Standards
                          ComputerWeekly, May 1st, 2013
                          "The US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has revised federal cyber security standards to address threats that have emerged since the last revision in 2005.

                          The 457-page standards document now includes guidelines on addressing smartphone security vulnerabilities, advanced persistent threats (APTs), social engineering, and foreign manipulation of supply chains, according to US reports..."

                          Online Security: Your Two-Factor Authorization Checklist
                          PCWorld, April 29th, 2013
                          "Twitter reportedly is getting ready to roll out two-factor authentication in the coming weeks - a development that comes not a moment too soon as the company's current security efforts fall short.

                          Take Tuesday, when the state of Twitter's account security was on full display as hackers took over the Associated Press Twitter account and falsely reported two explosions at the White House. The AP attack came just a few days after Twitter accounts controlled by CBS News -- including ones for 60 Minutes, 48 Hours, and a network affiliate station in Denver -- were taken over.

                          The malicious attacks would have been harder, if not impossible, to pull off had these Twitter accounts been protected with two-factor authentication. Wired reports that feature will roll out to Twitter accounts gradually in the coming weeks..."

                          Poor Password Practices Put UK Businesses at Risk
                          Help Net Security, April 30th, 2013
                          "Britain is a sitting duck for cybercrime because employees couldn't care less about the security of their workplace systems, according to research by Swivel Secure.

                          Almost a fifth (19%) of employees care so little about online security that they reuse the same username and password (UNP) across every single online business and personal application which, for the majority of today's consumers, amounts to upwards of 25 different sites. Constant reuse of the same UNP greatly increases the chances of a fraudster, data thief, saboteur, friend or fellow employee obtaining and exploiting these details for criminal gain..."

                          Protect Intellectual Property with Data Breach Prep, Cost Analysis
                          Search Security, April 29th, 2013
                          "In the underground market economy, data is a valuable commodity, and much like any other market economy, principles of supply and demand drive it. As risks increase and profits decline, cybercriminals are constantly looking for the next cash cow.

                          Consider that the price for a simple Social Security number has fallen to as little as $1. The price for a medical identity in the U.S. is $20. As consumers, security professionals and law enforcement agencies step up efforts to thwart the theft of credit card and personal data, the resale value and shelf life of such data diminishes.'."

                          The 7 Elements of a Successful Security Awareness Program
                          CSO Online, May 1st, 2013
                          "When we were asked to keynote a recent CSO event, it was a pleasant surprise that the top concern of the CSOs was "security culture." From performing many security assessments and penetration tests, it is sadly obvious that even the best technical security efforts will fail if their company has a weak security culture. It is heartwarming that CSOs are now moving past straight technological solutions and moving towards instilling a strong security culture as well...

                          While there are many more lessons to be learned, what follows are the 7 most notable habits we found that lead to successful security awareness programs..."

                          • C-Level support
                          • Partnering with key departments
                          • Creativity
                          • Metrics
                          • Department of how
                          • 90-day plans
                          • Multimodal awareness materials

                          Read on for details.

                          Two-Factor Or Not Two-Factor? That Is the Security Question
                          InfoWorld, April 29th, 2013
                          "The drumbeat for stronger online authentication swelled this week, the beginnings of a death knell predicting the passing of lowly password-based security.

                          The highly visible hijacking of the Associated Press Twitter account may have been a tipping point, as it unleashed a new round of calls by security experts for wider use of two-factor authentication. This type of authentication requires two different kinds of evidence before granting users access when they log into websites and online services. Evidence typically consists of some combination of a detail known by the user (for example, a password, a PIN, or an access code sent to a second device, such as a smartphone); an item owned by the user such as an ATM card or a smart card; or a physical attribute of the user -- a biometric feature such as a fingerprint or retina scan..."

                          Understanding Business Goals Is Key to Embedding Company-Wide Security Practices
                          ComputerWorld UK, April 29th, 2013
                          "Information security managers need to better align themselves with company business goals to help embed security practices in an organisation, according to speakers at InfoSec 2013.

                          Talking to ComputerworldUK at the event in London, News International CISO Amar Singh said that security managers often fail to successfully engage with the wider organisation, and place too much faith in the latest technological innovation, viewing these security system tools as a 'panacea' in protecting against risk.

                          'I may already be secure with what I have, so just because I have a budget doesn't mean I go out and spend it on something. I believe in tools, but the problem is tools are seen as a panacea,' Singh said..."

                          What's The Secret to a Great Password?
                          Yahoo Small Advisor, May 2nd, 2013
                          "As your neighbors leave their house one morning, you see them slip a spare house key from under their doormat, then set the key on top of the mat, where it glints in the sun. That's essentially the same as scrawling a username and password on a bright Post-it note, then sticking it on the computer monitor.

                          If the Post-it password seems foolish, it's also revealing. With every new login a person creates, the person is forced to balance competing agendas of efficiency, security and human memory..."

                          IT - Careers
                          10 Awesome Ways to Celebrate International Star Wars Day
                          IT World, April 29th, 2013
                          "May has come, so it's time for some 'Star Wars' fun. If you're not familiar, May 4 of each year is celebrated as International Star Wars Day (Get it: 'May the fourth be with you'?) With 'Star Wars' enthusiasts excited about the upcoming release of more 'Star Wars' movies, there are more ways than ever to celebrate this holiday.

                          • Get ready for more "Star Wars" movies
                          • "Vader" someone
                          • Follow your favorite "Star Wars" characters on Twitter
                          • Arts & crafts: Make lightsabers or a Death Star piñata
                          • Trick your phone out with "Star Wars" stuff
                          • Rock a "Star Wars" bow tie
                          • Get your loved one some "Star Wars" jewelry or clothing
                          • "Star Wars" decals
                          • Get down to Disney World
                          • Book your trip to Star Wars Celebration Europe

                          Read on for details

                          Does IT Have a Problem with Women?
                          TechRepublic, April 29th, 2013
                          "If we can shed some of the industry's juvenile past, while maintaining this merit-based culture, IT will attract all comers, regardless of gender.

                          You've likely heard about the kerfuffle over SendGrid's former Developer Evangelist Adria Richards. The short story is that Ms. Richards overheard comments made in poor taste at a Python developers conference, most noteworthy of which were some puns on the word 'dongle', an unfortunately-named hardware 'key' of sorts used to unlock software features by being plugged into a computer..."

                            How to Convince Your Boss That You Deserve a Raise
                            Fast Company, April 29th, 2013
                            "In this economy, count yourself as one of the lucky ones if you have a job. But what if you've had this job for some time and you feel you're overdue for a raise? How do you convince someone to give you more money when there are five other people lined up for your job who would do it for less in a heartbeat?

                            First, put yourself in your manager's shoes. Would you give yourself a raise? Do you really deserve one, or just want one? Be brutally honest with yourself and about yourself. If you ran the company, would you give your money, your hard earned profits, to you?

                            If you can honestly say "yes," then move forward with these seven steps:.."

                              Top 10 Programming Skills That Will Get You Hired
                              InfoWorld, May 3rd, 2013
                              "As a developer, you know that working in the same code day in and day out can get a little stale, to say the least. Adding new programming skills to your IT toolbox is essential in the struggle to stay relevant in the fast-paced tech world, but knowing which technology to choose isn't always obvious. Your time is limited, and with the multitude of languages and environments, picking the wrong area to focus your efforts can prove costly..."

                              • SQL
                              • Java
                              • HTML
                              • JavaScript
                              • C++
                              • C#
                              • XML
                              • C
                              • Perl
                              • Python

                              Read on for details.

                              IT - Social Media
                              9 Social Media Security Tips
                              Information Week, April 29th, 2013
                              "Two-factor authentication is coming soon to Twitter, but it's not likely to happen overnight. And it won't solve the world's online security woes when it does roll out.

                              Phishing attacks -- like the one that may have been behind the recent Twitter AP hoax -- will persist because they work. Social engineering scams will grow more creative in their efforts to con people into coughing up bank account info, network credentials and other sensitive data. And social sites -- all of which are predicated upon words like sharing and connecting -- will be a prime breeding group for such activity, even with tighter perimeter defenses such as two-factor authentication. We're still human, after all, and therefore susceptible to making mistakes..."

                              • You Guessed It: Use Strong Passwords.
                              • Review Your Apps, Add-Ons and Other Settings.
                              • Be More Cautious with Mobile.
                              • Sites Update Privacy Settings -- So Should You.
                              • Beware "Password Check" Sites.
                              • Partition Work and Personal Social Accounts.
                              • Limit Hardware and Account Access.
                              • Give IT More Control.
                              • Make Social Media Explicit in Security Policies.

                              Read on for details

                              IT - Virtualization
                              Virtual Machines Inching to Portability
                              PCWorld, April 29th, 2013
                              "While some progress has been achieved in getting virtual machines to run across different types of hypervisors, more work is still needed to bring them to the level of portability that enterprises are seeking, according to a study released by the Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA).

                              "There's the greatest intent in the industry for interoperability, but we're still a ways off," said Das Kamhout, who is the ODCA technical workgroup advisor as well as the head of Intel's cloud operations. Achieving such interoperability is vital because "IT shops want to be able to move virtual machines, between private and public clouds and between different private clouds."

                              Overall, the study concluded, VM interoperability is still at an early stage. Vendors are modifying their hypervisors to meet the specifications for VM portability, though much work still needs to be done..."

                              Oracle Partners Fuel Growth in Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Sales
                              Oracle PartnerNetwork Programs and Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Enable Partners to Drive Customer Success
                              Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) programs are enabling members to serve the strong customer demand for Oracle's Sun ZFS Storage Appliance. To date, Sun ZFS Storage Appliances have been sold globally across a wide range of industries by nearly 500 partners

                              Engineered together with Oracle software, Sun ZFS Storage Appliance features deep integration with Oracle Database and provides robust application data storage and backup capabilities for Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle SPARC SuperCluster and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud. It also offers immediate benefits for customers using NAS for virtualization, cloud, storage consolidation, and data protection. Sun ZFS Storage Appliances engineered together with Oracle's new SPARC T5 servers form a high throughput, high performance platform on which partners can generate new revenues by delivering significant integration and value added services.

                              Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance provides superior unified storage platform
                              Paper by Storage Strategies NOW,
                              Check out this new Storage Now paper by Storage Strategies, touting Oracle's SUN ZFS Storage Appliance and how it outperforms the competition when running Oracle software and supporting SPARC Servers.

                              "Oracle has a dominant market share in all aspects of database software. But did you know that Oracle has a massive global storage business—in excess of $1B, according to IDC—that spans NAS, SAN and tape systems that are fine-tuned to operate with its software? Did you know that Oracle has over two hundred petabytes of ZFS Storage Appliances deployed across its cloud, infrastructure hosting, internal product development and global IT operations? In these environments, the company displaced NetApp storage with ZFS Storage Appliances and achieved a 3:1 consolidation in the process..."

                              IT - Backup
                              How to Build A Bulletproof Cloud Backup System Without Spending A Dime
                              PCWorld, April 30th, 2013
                              "There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who have lost critical data, and those who will. In other words, if you use technology long enough and neglect to back up your data, you're guaranteed to have at least one extremely bad day. Whether it's theft, loss, fire, flood, corruption, or some form of malware, a single incident can destroy the lion's share of your family photos, personal documents, address books, years-in-the-making music library, and more.

                              The solution, of course, is to back up everything. You probably know how to purchase an external hard drive and plug it in to your computer to make regular full-system backups, but that can be an inconvenient, time-consuming task. What's more, that drive is vulnerable in the face of fire or burglary..."

                                IT Gambling With Backups
                                Network Computing, April 29th, 2013
                                "IT is playing dice with backups, according to InformationWeek's latest storage survey. From failing to back up remote offices to haphazard tests of data restoration, too many IT pros take backup risks...

                                While most companies (60%) use at least two backup applications, many are still ignoring key issues, such as data restoration. To wit, just 44% said they perform annual test restores for most of their applications, meaning 56% do so sporadically..."

                                  Secure Backups Require More Than Just Encrypting Data
                                  SearchDataBackup, April 29th, 2013
                                  "When it comes to secure backups, your thoughts might automatically turn to various forms of backup encryption. Although encryption can go a long way toward securing your backups, there is a lot more to backup security than just encrypting data.

                                  Some backup software products use a service account, which is a user account that is used to provide the security context under which a backup is run. Administrators should take steps to keep service accounts from becoming a potential security hole, because service accounts typically have access to the same data that the backup software is backing up..."

                                  IT - Mobile
                                  BYOD to Become the Norm for Half of Employers by 2017: Gartner
                                  Datamation, May 1st, 2013
                                  "Corporate-owned devices are losing their luster.

                                  That's the message from Gartner, whose latest forecast indicates that the bring your own device (BYOD) movement is more than just a passing fad. BYOD, which is making iPad sightings in the workplace a common occurrence, will soon become business as usual for a growing number of organizations.

                                  The research firm predicts that by 2017, employees will be required to provide their own devices at half of all workplaces. In its global survey of CIOs, Gartner also discovered that by 2016, 38 percent of companies expect that they'll no longer be issuing devices to their workers..."

                                  IT - Big Data
                                  10 Things You Should Do When Building Your Big Data Strategy
                                  TechRepublic, April 29th, 2013
                                  "Businesses have jumped on Big Data — but they quickly find themselves struggling in getting their Big Data initiatives off the ground. What 10 bases should you cover in your Big Data strategy to ensure a successful launch into this new IT area?..."

                                  • Understand your business objectives
                                  • Clean your data first
                                  • Assess the readiness of your IT staff
                                  • Revisit your IT infrastructure
                                  • Set both short- and long-term strategies
                                  • Set the right KPIs for Big Data
                                  • Spend time on your storage archiving methodology
                                  • Begin with a small and manageable project
                                  • Ask the right questions
                                  • Don't try to make do with old servers

                                  Read on for details

                                  Big Data Makes a Big Target
                                  Dark Reading, April 29th, 2013
                                  "Since the first cavemen planned their first theft of fresh meat from a rival tribe, the bad guy has always looked for the big score. From Jesse James to John Dillinger to Willie Sutton, there have always been those who hunted the big game.

                                  The world of cybercrime isn't much different. While there are plenty of hackers who make a good living cracking small business accounts or stealing individual identities, the most ambitious attackers prefer a challenge. NASA. The White House. The National Security Agency. And it's hardly a surprise to hear that hackers are taking plenty of shots at today's golden gooses of user information: Facebook, Twitter, and Google..."

                                  How to Manage Big Data through a Compartmentalized Framework
                                  Information Week, April 29th, 2013
                                  "Every company is jumping onto the bandwagon when it comes to cloud computing and big data. According to a report on technology trends released by advisory service KPMG, big data is poised to grow from USD 5.4 billion in 2012 to USD 48 billion in 2016.

                                  Enterprises are recognizing the value of big data and the insights it can provide. In a competitive economy, customers are looking for a personalized experience that leads them directly to what they want. On the other hand, businesses understand that data based insights can help them identify problem areas, make better business decisions and improve their business processes. Data Science (the science of analyzing big data) can bring visible positive for these requirements. Big Data is probably one unexploited competitive advantage that separates the leaders in every field from the followers hence, big data is in demand.

                                  The question remains – how can your company implement an effective framework to execute Big Data Programs at your organization?"

                                  Is Big Data Big Trouble For State, Local Governments?
                                  GCN, May 1st, 2013
                                  "Although 97 percent of state and local IT professionals expect their data to grow by more than 50 percent over the next two years, more than three-quarters of them say they are just somewhat or not very familiar with the term 'big data' — and only 2 percent have a complete big data strategy, according to a recent report by MeriTalk.

                                  'Agencies still have data silos, and they are just beginning to explore how to effectively analyze this disparate data,' Regina Kunkle, vice president of state and local government for NetApp, underwriter of the report, said in a release. The report, 'The State and Local Big Data Gap,' is based on a survey of 150 state and local government CIOs and IT managers taken in November and December 2012..."

                                  Seven Hot Hadoop Startups that Will Tame Big Data
                                  Datamation, April 29th, 2013
                                  "Everyone knows that data volumes are growing exponentially. What's not so clear is how to unlock the value all of that data holds. Enterprises are struggling to figure out how to store, manage and derive any real business value from Big Data.

                                  Part of the problem is that traditional databases just aren't suited for mining Big Data insights. Legacy systems were designed decades ago, long before Big Data was a trend.

                                  Enter Apache Hadoop, an open-source framework that enables the processing of large data sets in a distributed environment. With Hadoop, applications can be run on systems composed of thousands of nodes with thousands of terabytes data..."

                                  Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                  Vol 182 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4 ; Vol 181 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4
                                  We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                  • IDC Analyst Optimistic About Effect of T5 and M5 Processors on Oracle's Market Share
                                  • Reservation & Ref Reservation - An Explanation
                                  • DoD Gives Accreditation to Use of Solaris on Its Network
                                  • Oracle VM VirtualBox: Personal Desktop Virtualization
                                  • Oracle Solaris and SPARC Performance
                                  • Solaris 11 Network Virtualization now Possible with Oracle VM Server for SPARC
                                  • SPARC M5-32 Sets Record on Two-tier SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) Standard Application Benchmark
                                  • A Few Good Reasons for Migrating from SUSE Enterprise Linux to Oracle Linux
                                  • Oracle Information InDepth Optimized Data Center newsletter
                                  • Java Spotlight Episode 128: Joe McGlynn on Java Security Dialogs

                                  The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                    IT - Tape
                                    Pros and Cons of Backup Tape Encryption
                                    SearchDataBackup, April 29th, 2013
                                    "IT security is arguably more important than it has ever been. As such, administrators have been conditioned to encrypt data whenever possible. Even so, the "encrypt everything" plan might not always be the best course of action, especially when it comes to your backups.

                                    Before I begin debating the advantages and disadvantages of backup encryption, it is important to point out that there are many different forms of backup encryption. Backup encryption could refer to disk-based storage encryption, encrypted backup tapes, network transport encryption, or a number of other encryption types. For the purposes of this article, I will focus on encrypting backup tapes..."

                                    What Will Be the Role of Tape In a Cloud-Based World?
                                    SearchDataBackup, April 29th, 2013
                                    "Although the role of tape in traditional backup operations might be diminishing, it still has a place in long-term data retention and even cloud storage services.

                                    According to the Enterprise Strategy Group's Trends in Data Protection Modernization, tape is in use in 56% of data protection strategies today. That represents a lot of tape users, suggesting tape is far from dead as some have declared. If you look at archiving solutions (not to be confused with long-term retention during backup), the use of tape would be even higher. But since our focus is on data protection instead of data management, consider the following stats derived from surveying 330 users, with a 60/40 mix of enterprise and midmarket respondents..."

                                    Become an Oracle Solaris System Administrator
                                    Stand Out from the Crowd
                                    If you're like many people in the modern day workplace, you're looking for ways to grow your knowledge, challenge yourself, become a greater asset to your company, make yourself more marketable and improve your job satisfaction. Many people are looking for ways to stand out from the crowd by possessing a unique set of valuable skills that will warrant higher pay.

                                    In the IT world, possessing Oracle Solaris System Administration skills can be that key differentiator to increase your earning potential.

                                    • Oracle Solaris System Administration Skills in High Demand
                                    • Oracle Solaris System Administrator Salary
                                    • How to Become an Oracle Solaris System Administrator
                                    • Oracle Operating Systems curriculum video

                                    Read on for details.

                                    The Most Interesting NetBeans Release is Out: 7.3
                                    Blog by Juergen Kress
                                    Juergen Kress writes, "NetBeans 7.3 - probably the most interesting release ever is out. I use 7.3 dev builds since JavaOne 2012 and completely switched all of my HTML development to NetBeans (from Koda 2, Espresso, BBEdit, TextMate etc.). NetBeans 7.3 comes with great support for CSS 3, HTML 5, JavaScript, Chrome Plugin combined with GIT, SVN and Mercurial as well as integrated issue trackers. The CSS, HTML formatting and code completions alone were worth for me to drop commercial tools in favor of NetBeans.

                                    Java EE, Java FX and Java SE are also well supported but this is nothing new :-).

                                    If you are new to NetBeans, do not be disappointed. After a single double-click you will have to start to work immediately. You would not get any extra days to download the plugins and make your IDE work :-) ..."

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